8 Years Later Phil Demers is Still Being Sued by Marineland

7-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1590 with Phil Demers.open.spotify.com/episode/6JDZgjywtlxWXO7V5NOjOg?si=0MzSW79HSUWAO4W2qCPlwg

  • This is just a video of two guys patting themselves on the back.. dickheads.

    F HF H2 soat oldin
  • Lawyers are the worst of society, total garbage

    KevinKevin6 soat oldin
  • Yeah dude they are smarter than us sure makes sense lmaooo

    KevinKevin6 soat oldin
  • He thinks an animal is as smart as a human. Stick to logic Joe...animals don't innovate or create.

    Mightbeyourfather 6969Mightbeyourfather 69698 soat oldin
  • We are all earthlings

    Gabrielle FaganGabrielle Fagan8 soat oldin
  • The hypocrisy! Crying over walruses orcas and dolphins which is great and needed while eating other animals who are treated worse? Oh yes, vegans are weird.

    Subhajit MSubhajit M19 soat oldin
  • Boohoo its a walrus. Humans were put in this planet to eat animals we've been doing it for thousands of years. Humans and animals are not the same, they are not equal. Joe crying over animals is just wrong. If I want to kill animals that's my choice. Oh sorry this is only relevant to non- walrus animals walrus are the good ones for some reason. Go vegan uzworld.info/player/video/iHqabc-MlbqUZIw

    eazyrateazyratKun oldin
  • Joe crying over dolphins whilst in the same sentence laughing at deer being killed and saying vegans are wrong. Riiiight. Go vegan. uzworld.info/player/video/iHqabc-MlbqUZIw

    eazyrateazyratKun oldin
  • Imagine the case those kids from Free Willy caught

    Kevin FosterKevin FosterKun oldin
  • Why just focus on Dolphins? What about other animals, especially the ones we eat? Joe you are right, we will look at this as slavery, but it's not just Dolphins. Think bigger.

    Li PanLi PanKun oldin
  • my mom went to highschool with phil

    OwenOwenKun oldin
  • Rogan for president. I don’t care if you don’t want to. We make you.

    Alex FerraoAlex FerraoKun oldin
  • Where can I watch the doc

    kettle shelfkettle shelfKun oldin
  • Cant agree slavery and animal cruelty is the same even tho they both are wrong

    Bj BlairBj BlairKun oldin
  • Too bad pigs are only roughly as smart as a 3-year-old, if 3-year-olds were smarter joe would not advocate for their imprisonment and death. “The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being?” - Jeremy Bentham

    Mesterjakel HansenMesterjakel Hansen2 kun oldin
  • Joe starts off this clip by explaining how having animals in captivity is akin to literal slavery, and then goes on to say that marine mammals are "just as smart as humans" #Science

    Daniel HarringtonDaniel Harrington2 kun oldin
  • Its disappointing that it looks like Phil is not vegan

    brian bbrian b2 kun oldin
  • Anyone know the hat Phil is wearing? its cool.

    Jacob LexJacob Lex2 kun oldin
  • Thanks for sharing this important story Joe, maybe one day these shitholes will be shut down. But please stop eating meat and killing animals, it’s so hypocritical to cry over one animal and kill another, how do you not see that.

    MeadowMeadow2 kun oldin
  • Everyone follow “Dolphin Project” on Facebook or Twitter if you want to know more about how dolphins are captured in Taiji, Japan. They are captured there for marine parks and meat. It’s worse than you could ever imagine 💔😭

    MeadowMeadow2 kun oldin
  • Yes, too bad Joe is a Trump supporter.....

    Janet MurdacaJanet Murdaca2 kun oldin
  • Cry about Delpins but not about abandon people of LA All the homeless

    Eldin LivaricEldin Livaric2 kun oldin
  • Damn I wish Joe would run for POTUS

    Steve SolizSteve Soliz2 kun oldin
  • I do believe that some animals need to remain in sanctuaries because not all can be re-released in the wild. However, I hate theme parks that abuse these animals and treat them like circuses for people to clap at.

    Mish375 SMish375 S3 kun oldin

    e ce c3 kun oldin
  • I applaud joe for his willingness to speak about difficult things and also giving people a voice. I also applaud his humanity, its good to see a man really feel emotions.

    Loki ThorliksonLoki Thorlikson3 kun oldin
  • people are non informed about living beings it's awful shame

    Andrej DrameAndrej Drame3 kun oldin
  • We need primates in facilities for important reasons. Lions aren’t suffering in proper zoological facilities because they’re the laziest cats. They don’t care.

    Ryan HopwoodRyan Hopwood4 kun oldin
  • Thank You Joe and Jaime !!!!

    Brian HoodBrian Hood4 kun oldin
  • Outrageous, anyone know how to donate to this guy?

    Cody RiddleCody Riddle4 kun oldin
  • Lol that was a nice bro moment when Phil was thanking Joe for always answering his calls and they were both getting a little choked up

    B GB G4 kun oldin
  • I love how Joe has Phil on every year so he'll get like the influx of donations to his GoFundMe or whatever for his MarineLand lawsuit

    B GB G4 kun oldin
  • I'm glad joe sold his podcast for a billion dollars!. I remember the first couple podcast lol didn't think it would become what it has. I miss the redban days... Lol when joe used to say what's on his mind. Nd when Joe would be intellectual but now he doesn't even bother saying what he really thinks. I think the government talked to him and told him that he's got to stop the conspiracy talks. His show was becoming way to influential for his 10 million viewers. Even though UZworld is a lot better for viewing and watching the podcast instead of Spotify.

    Eric PhillipsEric Phillips4 kun oldin
  • Damn

    Chrome PhugboiThe 3rdChrome PhugboiThe 3rd4 kun oldin
  • marine land is actually fucked lol.

    mitchell hewittmitchell hewitt5 kun oldin
  • Joe cries about people abusing dolphins but brutally murders animals on a weekly basis. The animals joe murders are also intelligent and speak a different language. They feel pain, have families and want to live. Stop being such a hypocrite joe

    Jayscrub DeepJayscrub Deep5 kun oldin
  • Sucks that I don’t have Spotify

    Matthew RobinettMatthew Robinett5 kun oldin
  • Genuinely feel ashamed for growing up going to Marineland every year as a kid. To think all that joy it brought me, just a naive kid.

    mikeallenfpvmikeallenfpv5 kun oldin
  • I’ve heard Canada’s courts are rough. any animal captivity is wrong and Joe is right when it’s slavery. I love his emotion when he’s speaking his feeling. I’ve yet to watch this documentary but man it sounds so brutal. I’ve seen enough footage and information about seaworld and it’s disgusting to me.

    CatsFerDaysCatsFerDays5 kun oldin
  • Spotify is cool and all but some people like to watch the video part of it too!

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • Which documentary are they referring to

    Rupert PupkinRupert Pupkin5 kun oldin
  • Dolphins and walruses first. Now on to the hamsters and guinea pigs! But seriously, animals dont belong in cages.

    VicosVicos5 kun oldin
  • Humans will be in the dock in the future for how we treat animals now

    Alex AlexAlex Alex5 kun oldin
  • Not gonna lie I don’t know this guy or his documentary. Definitely checking it out tonight 👍

    Gary PittelGary Pittel5 kun oldin
  • We need to hold a rally and free that damn walrus

    StarspriteStarsprite5 kun oldin
  • It's a fair Voice though. JRE is a rarity in media in which it's just honest information. Make up your own mind. Thank You Joe.

    Brian WidemanBrian Wideman5 kun oldin
  • Phil “every which way” Demmers....catch phrase

    JVig77JVig775 kun oldin
    • Everybody in Niagara uses this phrase lol I know cause I'm from Niagara and I've heard that said so many times every which way.

      Andrew ProvostAndrew Provost3 kun oldin
  • Phil is a Canadian Bryan Callen

    GunkanjimaGunkanjima5 kun oldin
  • Wow, comparing they way we treat dolphins to the treatment of African Americans. This coming from a guy who hunts for fun. The racist hypocrisy is strong in this one.

    J - FitJ - Fit6 kun oldin
    • Do you understand the difference between roaming free and being held in captivity?

      Cashis CampingCashis Camping4 kun oldin
  • Whats the name of Phil's documentary

    Dustin GuevaraDustin Guevara6 kun oldin
    • @Rebecca thanks 😊

      Dustin GuevaraDustin Guevara5 kun oldin
    • The Walrus and the Whistleblower

      RebeccaRebecca5 kun oldin
  • Joe's a vegan

    Macy FishMacy Fish6 kun oldin
  • I found this whole episode awkward af. A quarter of a way through it, I perceived an annoyed Joe. Phil kept interrupting, giving shoutouts to random brands and people and his (Phil’s) sponsors.

    pezzzado31pezzzado316 kun oldin
  • Holy crap man I paused this halfway through and went and watched the Walrus and the Whistleblower and damn it was super sad, it was hard to watch. Phil is a great person coming out about the animal cruelty I applaud you!

    SamuelSamuel6 kun oldin
  • Damn if anyone listened to the full podcast Phil’s ego really came out big time. Almost seemed like he was trying to use his time and create a “new person” out of himself and Joe smelled the bullshit. First he kept downing on himself saying “Phil fatigue” is something people say to me over and over and he would go into these almost scripted “on this long road of my first appearance I’m not just a guy who banged a walrus I want to ________ and basically says what Joe does. And then even Joe stops him when he goes into this Bitcoin pitch. Joe is like “what is this a bitcoin pitch” I’ve watched all three appearances of Phil and this was a different Phil, Phil with an agenda of trying to move on from being the walrus guy. Which I get but sometimes it came across cringy. I hope he does not read this. But there were some parts where I could tell Joe was just like “bro chill out we just talking” and Phil is doing this “I love passion, people who are passionate, that being said your next guest should be....” and he says whoever some bitcoin “genius” who evidently Jamie says is broke and gave the nod of disapproval to Joe when Joe asks Jaime if he knows him. Phil been through the wringer man. He is a good guy. People need to support him more but man he went on a couple tangents and tried to totally suck Joe off at least 13 times where Joe gets uncomfortable. “Joe you’ve changed the world” “Joe you realize you have changed the pressure in my pants” “Joe do you guys partner with a underwear at company because I just filled mine with walrus load” blah blah blah. Poor guy. Shit has taken a toll and he is older and probably like what the fuck do I do now? I think he wants a Anthony Bourdain style show. This is the first time he has distanced himself as a “animal activist”

    Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi6 kun oldin
  • Keep fighting the good fight brother. Never backing down to lunatic power tripping nonsense.

    Casper GhostCasper Ghost6 kun oldin
  • wow

    Brenda Maria FernandezBrenda Maria Fernandez6 kun oldin
  • I literally have to click through multiple adds at the beginning of the Spotify. This some lint lickin bullshit

    Chris KChris K6 kun oldin
  • Shoutout to you guys and Canada

    Dat GinngrDat Ginngr6 kun oldin
    • Thank you

      Dat GinngrDat Ginngr6 kun oldin
  • Dolphins don’t matter more than other animals including factory farms and the animals Joe hunts.

    beverley osbornebeverley osborne6 kun oldin
  • Joe may just save us all. Thank you in advance man.

    Cameron De BaetsCameron De Baets6 kun oldin
  • I've went to African Lion Safari like 30 years ago when I was 5 lol.

    Jarret StockfordJarret Stockford6 kun oldin
  • I respect what this guy has done but can't say I like him. Bit of an ass I think.

    dilly Mackdilly Mack6 kun oldin
  • Joe " I'm invested in you" Rogan

    El CorsarioEl Corsario6 kun oldin
  • Where can you watch the documentary walrus and the whistleblower??????

    666DEVILFRANK666666DEVILFRANK6666 kun oldin
    • Amazon Prime

      RebeccaRebecca5 kun oldin
  • It's weird to watch someone who is pro-choice choke up about mistreated animals.

    rivera2030rivera20306 kun oldin
    • @Khoa Truong so?

      rivera2030rivera20303 kun oldin
    • Trump lost.

      Khoa TruongKhoa Truong4 kun oldin
  • This is such a lovely conversation, two blokes just leathered down the pubs having a well good heart to heart in the corner.

    JamsJams6 kun oldin
  • Joe acting like he doesn't hunt and kill animals regularly 🙄 Guy's a parody of himself at this point.

    Zs NZs N6 kun oldin
    • @Blue Boy yeah poor guy is starving

      Zs NZs N3 kun oldin
    • For food He doesn't torture or hold them in captivity

      Blue BoyBlue Boy6 kun oldin
  • Yo where are the videos on spotify lol? I only see the audio... @intellectual black king felt that

    Mr. WellsMr. Wells6 kun oldin
  • Joe is a hypocrite, he cries about a dolphin but has no problem shooting down an innocent elk. He doesn't truly love and respect animals enough not to kill them and eat them.

    MothmanicaMothmanica6 kun oldin
    • @Blue Boy Joe is still a hypocrite and killing animals is still heartless and cruel, period. Save your crocodile tears Joe, you're only fooling yourself.

      MothmanicaMothmanica6 kun oldin
    • The innocent elk that eats all the innocent plant life lol What about the innocent oxygen Joe breathes too making all that co2 which is killing the innocent ozone layer wtf off

      Blue BoyBlue Boy6 kun oldin
  • Canada is so Far Ahead !!! True Leadership

  • 👍🏽

    Lumen LibraryLumen Library6 kun oldin
  • Now let's go out and shoot some elk!

    Dogon BackwardsDogon Backwards6 kun oldin
  • Why are you so upset about the enslavement of these animals but are okay with the enslavement of pigs, chickens, cows etc.? Sounds like speciesism

    Luke mateLuke mate6 kun oldin
  • If only Joe could extend that compassion to animals he hunts....

    ZaXXoRR GamingZaXXoRR Gaming7 kun oldin
    • You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA the amount of conservation work that hunters do. tags go towards bettering the environment. You’re a fool if you think hunting an elk that enjoyed its whole life is somehow worse than raising an animal in confined space only to slaughter it.

      Cashis CampingCashis Camping4 kun oldin
  • Your country is falling apart and your talking "porpoises" ?

    alex riquelmealex riquelme7 kun oldin
  • What’s the documentary called

    Harold MockHarold Mock7 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know what this documentary is called? I would really like to take a look. Thanks!

    Kyle CooperKyle Cooper7 kun oldin
    • Guess you didn't watch the video The walrus and the whistle-blower

      meme ememe e7 kun oldin
  • So, zoos bad, hunting good.

    Eugene SEugene S7 kun oldin
  • Love Joe, shit put me in tears too.

    Michael PettyMichael Petty7 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/hZynr9uYnNardpo I went LIVE TODAY at a BLM PEACEFUL PROTEST. Lol nothing on the news about it. How do i get Joe to see this??

    Chett SteddmanChett Steddman7 kun oldin
  • Spotify needs to make it were you can watch video on tv.

    James WalterJames Walter7 kun oldin
  • Joe's definitely been high and watched Star Trek The Voyage Home.

    xPadge112xxPadge112x7 kun oldin
  • Joe: imagine a human being forced fed China to its prison journalist: zzz

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano7 kun oldin
    • You thirsty bro? We have waterboarding?

      richie Crichie C3 soat oldin
  • The phrase "Every which way" in this context is quite interesting, intentional or not.

    Craig KoehlerCraig Koehler7 kun oldin
  • Crazy how humans are willing to treat these animals as well as each other...

    Alec RettigAlec Rettig7 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire7 kun oldin
  • Get Noam Chomsky!!! :D

    david daviddavid david7 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy that Canada made it illegal now we have to get the States to do the same. Animals were not put on this earth so some parent can see their little spoiled brat smiles.

    Nick FerdinandeNick Ferdinande7 kun oldin
  • And then he goes hunting... what a disconnect

    G CG C7 kun oldin
  • Who the F.. dislikes this video??

    Cristian IonCristian Ion7 kun oldin
  • I miss the JRE, just don't like spotify UI

    Heath SandersHeath Sanders7 kun oldin
  • Not very often you get to hear about life being rescued. Well done guy's watching this podcast briefly made my soul flicker with hope.

    jojo bigginsjojo biggins7 kun oldin
  • Joe sold out... sad day.

    theIllitistPROtheIllitistPRO7 kun oldin
  • Best pod cast in the world thank you guys rock

    Don XXX PrinceDon XXX Prince8 kun oldin
  • The maga terrorist organization is planning another attack on US soil ! Be safe my fellow Americans 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏

    Rampsonton boy aka Randalananton boy I’m gay andRampsonton boy aka Randalananton boy I’m gay and8 kun oldin
  • I 100% agree any animal cruelty is wrong, so don’t be offended when I say it’s stupid when people say any animal is as intelligent as us, when they clearly aren’t. People will say “look how they form groups and languages and hunt” etc erm well look at the humans who have built the electronic equipment to record them, and millions of people around the world can watch that on devices, sitting in houses, in cities etc we are not part of the animal kingdom at all. Be real

    J DJ D8 kun oldin
  • joe needs to calm down on the testosterone, guy can't control his emotions at all hahahha

    Gregor CarlinGregor Carlin8 kun oldin
  • Joe has a good heart

    Sean HokansonSean Hokanson8 kun oldin
  • BTW SPOTIFY is NOT available in some countries ☹️

    Sam NSam N8 kun oldin