Alex Berneson Feels COVID Measures Have Been an Overreaction

24-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1582 with Alex Berenson.

  • If whoever is putting up these vids would stop putting 'covid' or 'coronavirus' in the header, then they could be shared without being shadow-banned. Just sayin'

    Donjuans RecklessdaughterDonjuans Recklessdaughter10 daqiqa oldin
  • Cant believe people still comparing covid to the flu

    Ben sBen sSoat oldin
  • We know they are since not that the Democrats have gotten the elections they wanted they are now all focused on opening up and saying lock downs are not effective

    Kevin ArndtKevin Arndt3 soat oldin
  • The bad thing is that even in 2021 this covid 😷 thing is still not over!

    MC CABEMC CABE3 soat oldin
  • yes the only people covids a risk to are the unhealthy and the old and guess who runs the country and the news

    nemesisnick66nemesisnick664 soat oldin
  • Covid is a WEF trojan horse .

    Lucky OneLucky One6 soat oldin
  • Bet anyone who has lost a loved one or has a loved one working in the health sector will disagree strongly with this.

    Suzanne DevereuxSuzanne Devereux8 soat oldin
  • Amazing how once Biden won, magically Cali, Ny and Chicago say they want to reopen even though we have high numbers.

    Johnny YorkJohnny York9 soat oldin
  • Fauci is a LIAR!

    Junior JamesJunior James10 soat oldin
  • It seems like with the fudging of numbers, anyone who died and just so happened to have the virus the virus was blamed. Like if someone was hit by a car but had covid the covid virus was blamed.

    Henry RollenHenry Rollen11 soat oldin
  • souled out, you are killing your brand

    Paul HinchcPaul Hinchc12 soat oldin
  • The best discussion of COVID overreaction I've seen.

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson13 soat oldin
  • If we followed deaths by the flu I wonder how many cases there would be in the same period as covid ...

    Andy GAndy G14 soat oldin
  • I Wish I knew for How Many Years Have We Endured. Of Vaccine Advertisements for Flu Vaccines

    Brian BrinkerhoffBrian Brinkerhoff15 soat oldin
  • Huh, you don't think these ventilators were intentional killing machines? That would be super fucked up, but thats kinda what it's sounding like.

    Kyle WellsKyle Wells15 soat oldin
  • Maybe we shouldnt have reacted at all. Instead of just my dad, I couldve lost uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, possibly even friends. Hell, maybe myself. Screwing over kids by keeping them safe? Gtfo

    Rob Quin24Rob Quin2415 soat oldin
  • Bottom line: life and health for the vulnerable or paychecks. No way around it. If people modified their behavior followed guidelines we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Things started opening up again and then people blew things off. It is what it is.

    MMP WMMP W15 soat oldin
  • Who else wants joe rogan to be president

    Michael ClearyMichael Cleary16 soat oldin
  • Thumbs up if you noticed UZworld unsubscribe you from TJRE

    My 2 CentsMy 2 Cents16 soat oldin
  • NOBODY is talking about the difference between dying OF Covid-19 and dying WITH Covid-19. It seems that last year was the worst year on record for Covid-19 infected bullets killing people in Chicago. And COVID-19 cancers. Covid-19 car accidents. Covid-19 suicides. Covid-19 domestic violence. Covid-19 terrorism. Covid-19 pneumonia. GOD help us and protect us from Covid-19 vaccines!!!!!!!!!

    TheHardcoreRobTheHardcoreRob17 soat oldin
  • this kind of idiots are the reason why covid isn't over yet.

    Dear LeaderDear Leader18 soat oldin
  • Weren't there like allot of articles in early 2019 saying china's older population is a threat to china's economy. I cant be the only one noticing those articles in early 2019. This creepy as heck

    Adriana AdnanAdriana Adnan18 soat oldin
  • If only qualified people could comment on how to handle a pandemic, This show would be silence and this comment section would be empty.

    g marchg march19 soat oldin
  • You also have to consider viral load, many of the older people in homes the viral load was through the roof.

    Mark NairnMark Nairn21 soat oldin
  • Whenever anyone says anything I check if they're a liberal, they killed like 100 million. No one said a word.

    james sjames s22 soat oldin
  • The pandemic has bring great for me.. I took both stimulus checks and invested in my td account, I'm at almost 12k from a $1800 start up.. thank you China

    Harlemsown NycHarlemsown NycKun oldin
  • Id love to catch this on spotify but the win app I tried is slow af and it's buggy. And let's be honest the comment section was a big part of this, beinf able to interact and weigh in...sighhh

    Mr. MattMr. MattKun oldin
  • Nobody talks about boosting the immune system, getting healthy... testing vitamin levels in the blood and dosing properly.. we could have given IV vitamin C and D to people at risk...we could have used hotels to quarantaine people that are positive and give them suplemental oxygen...rather than have them stay home sick and wait until it is too late.. we simply failed.

    om 93om 93Kun oldin
  • How about the fact the amount of mental health issues and poverty this will cause which will far outweigh the actual deaths from it.

    Derek RossDerek RossKun oldin
  • You don't need lockdowns if you practice social distancing in a decent manner. Wear your god damn masks, go out 1 out of 10 times you want to go out, and keep your hands clean. Lockdowns happen because govt doesn't see you as someone who can do the above. Don't mistake freedom with being an asshole.

    SangYeob KimSangYeob KimKun oldin
  • Iam happy that Joe his eyes are open hopefully many more people will wake up soon so we can end this shit ! Iam sick and tired of living in a prison and of the lies

    ReneReneKun oldin
  • look up bill gates mass buying land. this is be design and things will never return to normal. this is the new normal hope you all like it

    Tony MontanaTony MontanaKun oldin
  • I don’t but this shit bro

    Matthew LeeMatthew LeeKun oldin
  • How many people actually died from covid and not some co morbidity/covid complications

    Matthew LeeMatthew LeeKun oldin
  • Aight, trauma based mind control.

    Matthew LeeMatthew LeeKun oldin
  • The fuck!?!?! This is 2021, people don’t have to die in the street anymore Joe, your forefathers sought to it. This is the second dumbest group of people I’ve watched on UZworld since you had alex Jones on.

    andrew randrew rKun oldin
  • New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, Vietnam all handled the pandemic properly. Its citizens complied. Their governments acted swiftly. The death tolls in those countries is microscopic compared to USA.

    Jack DanielsJack DanielsKun oldin
  • Doctors and nurses are pleading with people to wear masks and not gather in significant numbers and to take precautions. They're literally pleading with people. Why? Because they don't want their hospitals to be over run with patients with Covid. The world didn't stop having serious diseases and accidents just because there's a pandemic. The ICU beds are for anyone needing intensive care, not just people with covid and in many places they are over capacity due to the pandemic. Don't blame the people trying to save your lives for your empty wallets. Blame the system that didn't help you but instead funneled billions to rich donors and gave huge tax breaks to corporations effectively gutting the economy. When it comes to average people they fall back on austerity and claim they can't help you. Doctors and nurses have nothing to gain by telling you to wear masks and stay safe. Their business is to treat people who are ill for money. They have zero stake in telling people to not get sick. Quite the opposite. So if they're telling you to protect yourself and stay safe it certainly isn't for their own benefit.

    XaeXaeKun oldin
  • Cowards

    Jordan PermenterJordan PermenterKun oldin
  • Would be good if they had a doctor in or other epidemiology expert to comment on some of these medical claims being made by a journalist and mma commentator

    Joshua BernieJoshua BernieKun oldin
  • I got COVID and it lasted about two weeks. I’m 65 and I was sick as hell but I survived.

    James HigginbottomJames HigginbottomKun oldin
  • No one wants to bring up the obesity correlation...

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense ConservativeKun oldin
  • Federal Tort claim people!!! Look it up jesus. Again im the only trying to use legal means and bringing things up.

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense ConservativeKun oldin
  • The 6 states that didn't shutdown prove it was stupid. And a political ploy

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense ConservativeKun oldin
  • Joe has been railing against COVID for almost a year a now and still doesn’t understand how it works to kill. More time learning less time talking bull

    bhs055bhs055Kun oldin
  • I get it that however what should we have done? Nothing and just hoped? It’s easy to say things in hindsight

    Cody IngleCody IngleKun oldin
  • I wish they would have discussed the long term affects. My Dad got Covid at 85 and survived but months later, this morning, he told me that he has no sense of taste and smell. He can only taste sweet and saltiness.

    Aumaku KrankensteinAumaku KrankensteinKun oldin
  • If mask protects you, then why social distancing? If social distancing protects you, then why mask? If mask and social distancing protects you, then why lockdown? If mask, social distancing and lockdown protects you, then why vaccine? If vaccine protects you, then why still continue with mask, social distancing and lockdown? If mask, social distancing, lockdown and vaccine protects you, then why force ME with mask, social distancing, lockdown and vaccine? After all these things, if you're still not protected then it's time to BUILD YOUR IMMUNITY and stop believing your government, doctors, media, Bill Gates, Anthony Faucci, Pharmaceutical companies, WHO, UNICEF, in short the Elite Gang with the agenda to depopulate and to enslave us. I feel 100% protected. From 9 months, I have NOT been wearing a mask, didn't maintain social distancing or never followed lockdown and will never get the poisonous vaccine. DO WATER FASTING and break fasting by eating a lot of raw vegetables, fruits, drink vegetable juice with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon sticks on empty stomach, go out in the sun and do exercise, even walking for an hour or so, it is absolutely fine. This is how you build your immunity against Covid 19(common cold/flu) and all the other lifestyle sicknesses, it's that simple. Covid 19 is not a pandemic but a SCAMdemic.

    Tel AvivTel AvivKun oldin
  • The only people that don’t think closures have been an overreaction are the ones that haven’t been affected!

    TaggsR85TaggsR85Kun oldin
    • that's just not true u cant pen everyone with a difference in opinion into the same group, mainly because almost everyone has been affected by lockdowns and plenty of people agree with them despite that

      Christopher McVeighChristopher McVeigh40 daqiqa oldin
    • That’s the truth. Everyone is stuck in this mind set of it “doesn’t matter until it affects me”. People blame the sick for the small businesses closing instead of the lawmakers that have given massive amounts of tax dollars to the companies that don’t need it. How much of the stimulus went to big businesses and how much went to the actual tax paying small businesses?

      Patrick PhamPatrick Pham19 soat oldin
  • Did rogen just said Jesuschrist 😂?

    juan johnjuan johnKun oldin
  • Overreacted? 400k dead that’s in the US .

    Mesrop MadzharyanMesrop MadzharyanKun oldin
    • And there is the fear porn...People have died. This is true. A vast majority are old people with comorbitities. If your old and have pre-existing health conditions, you are at much higher risk of death when contracting virtually any illness. The numbers of young healthy people who died from covid alone is extremely low. Like the context of this clip indicates, no one is saying covid doesn't exist or is harmless. They are saying that increasing government overreach, the destruction of the economy, and the destruction of peoples lives is an overreaction...among other things. This isn't an extremely deadly world ending virus, yet we act as though it is. Ive known a couple people who died. It's really sad. However it doesn't change the reality of what most people will face when contracting covid: Either zero symptoms at all, or one to three days of feeling sick. For many, covid is about like the flu. Perhaps covid kills more people in higher age brackets who have previous health problems. That is probably true. Much of the numbers attributed to covid are pushed as though healthy people are just dropping dead. This isn't the case by and large. The way covid is being reported is sensationalized for a reason. The middle class in America, and all over the world, are being decimated. Small businesses are forever gone and their owners lives destroyed. Meanwhile, every large corporation is deemed "necessary" and are raking in record profits. The super rich are buying up foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar and regular citizens lose everything. The government is gaining more and more power, while people almost beg them to do so. So when most of your population has their lives taken from them, you create a larger welfare state. More people have to rely on the government. When that fact is juxtaposed with the increasing authoritarian attitudes of governments across the globe, it isn't too hard to see that the way this "pandemic" is being represented, conveniently seems to be centralizing more power and wealth the rich and powerful.

      Mitchell ParksMitchell ParksKun oldin
  • This guest is a waste of breath...

    AKC 96AKC 96Kun oldin
  • They created a virus to shut the world down. It is a biological war against humanity. I had the virus already...

    vinnymarchegianovinnymarchegianoKun oldin
  • Really sick for two weeks, he nearly died. Please that has to be one of the most hyperbolic statement I’ve heard. If that’s the case I almost die every 2-3 years

    Daniel WheelerDaniel Wheeler2 kun oldin
  • It was all used to steal an election.

    nathan koroushnathan koroush2 kun oldin
  • Nah we should really be careful bout covid me as a young healthy 20 year old fucking felt suuuuper bad when i got it and my aunt actually died

    Julio ElizondoJulio Elizondo2 kun oldin
  • WTF? There have been more 2 million cases and 200k+ deaths and you still think it's an over reaction? Really?

    Van Tinh ToVan Tinh To2 kun oldin
  • I’ve read that in April the 70-80% of the people who were intubated died. Crazy. So refreshing to here this confirmed. It makes so much sense ventilators taking away the body’s natural ability to breath properly and adapt to fight.

    Joshua TorresJoshua Torres2 kun oldin
  • 2 man who are not brainwashed

    matt :-matt :-2 kun oldin
  • How can something be both a disease and a virus? Why is nobody asking that? lol

    Quintus BatiatusQuintus Batiatus2 kun oldin
  • Hindsight is 20/20, we only say it's an overaction because we now know much more about the virus and the medical community, now, knows how to address the issues related to covid... But back in feb and march, the information about covid is very limited and the hospitals and the whole medical community is getting overwhelmed.

    Arsa VitaArsa Vita2 kun oldin
  • Absolute utter bollocks, overreacted yet you've the most deaths in the world 😂👍🏻 look at Sweden, they regret their lack of action and people are being prosecuted because of it

    Joe SlaterJoe Slater2 kun oldin
    • no they don't. they don't have lockdown even now and you can dine at restaurants, businesses are open. they don't have more cases or deaths than other places who are completely locked down

      Viktorija GzibovskaViktorija Gzibovska4 soat oldin
  • My kids and I have been going to the gym since November 2020. Zero cases connected to the gym. Very clean, sanitized and I work out with a lot of old people. Absolutely zero cases.

    Mindy SnyderMindy Snyder2 kun oldin
  • Joe please DO YELL about bringing us the same antigen test you give guests so we geezers can hug our grandkids.

    Earth AngelEarth Angel2 kun oldin
  • Joe, you saying my friends got it and they feel fine and the flu has done worse is all anecdotal. I can say the same thing in the other direction saying so many friends I knew passed away from Covid-19

    Steven RamirezSteven Ramirez2 kun oldin
  • The only reason “ we are still acting this way and deep in this pandemic” is we didn’t treat this srsl at the first place. Yes we had shut down of the restaurant but at the same time, there are still crazy amount of people rolling on the street without the mask, party at home, “covid party “, huge mask-free rally, anti mask protests. You may act shock but these are not “pandemic” lock down, the government are so afraid of being called “tyrannical “ and “socialists “ they literally just can’t do real lock down. Again, look at China, the actual fking socialist evil country, they did it hardcore and srsl , and they have a life, and has way lower death count, you actually save a lot of people, other than just being a talking fighter. They save people with action and compassion. You all say “ make American great again” but all you willing to do it SAYING

    cheng zhongcheng zhong2 kun oldin
    • Have you talked to or listened to anyone from China? The CCP is notorious for misinformation, among other things. If you believe China is reporting accurate Covid numbers, I have a timeshare in the everglades I'd love to sell you. Waterfront property. Real nice place.

      Mitchell ParksMitchell ParksKun oldin
  • All this conversation is build on “ economic first, politics second and life last “ all they said valid until you have it and you have it bad

    cheng zhongcheng zhong2 kun oldin
  • I'd agree with Joe that one of the the biggest failures of the government during this time was the complete and total lack of education about how to get healthy. What a great opportunity to encourage people to lose weight, reduce hypertension, improve Type II diabetes, and a bunch more. But nope, just wear a mask and social distance. What a useless bunch of politicians and bureaucrats our government is.

    JeremyJeremy2 kun oldin
  • In order to create a socially just society the Dems realize that people and Cultures are unequal... This observation only solution is what the Soviets and Mao China did.You must flatten society, destroy private property rights and recreate society

    cooldudecscooldudecs2 kun oldin
  • nothing weird about tyrannical government control

    J MechJ Mech2 kun oldin
  • Whats that on Rogans left wrist? Please tell me it isnt one of those new Amazon Halos that listens to you in order to detect how you are feeling (and then no doubt tries to sell you something in relation to how you are feeling!)

    Rich TRich T2 kun oldin
  • Improper mask wearing is prolonging the spread. Out in public, touch, touch, adjust your mask, touch, adjust. People are contaminating and concentrating virus on to a non viral material and exposing themselves fit longer periods. Lose the mask when not in crowds, don't touch your face, wash your hands.

    Ed KruzelEd Kruzel2 kun oldin
  • I too believe we have overreacted says the guy with his own covid testing center

    David FrazierDavid Frazier2 kun oldin
  • I heard zero science here. It’s a shame to take up time and only spouting anecdotal evidence to lay judgment. The science is pretty clear on covid19. Mixing that science with the decisions politicians came up with trying to “protect” the population are two different things. Policy and science are two different things, we should be angry they blew there wad on big business to the tune of ~4 trillion. That would have saved many small business and kept many families from losing homes/apartments. We did “NOT” over react to Covid.... the problem is that we didn’t follow through after closing down!!!

    SalinasBMWSalinasBMW3 kun oldin
  • Well it turns out Biden’s actually the vaccine so now they’re lifting lockdowns here in California & also in NY

    D_Music _LifeD_Music _Life3 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      amjlucasamjlucasKun oldin
  • I remember thinking in March when they first announced the shutdown that either this was extreme overreaction or they know something they aren't telling us. After 10 months it looks clear it was an overreaction. We knew what this was in January, and nothing has really changed since then with regards to knowledge about what this virus is.

    NotMyRealNameNotMyRealName3 kun oldin
  • This guy is smart. UZworld needs to muzzle him. Otherwise people might get the wrong idea about covid and stop listening to their leaders.

    NotMyRealNameNotMyRealName3 kun oldin
  • Either I'm working way more or Spotify sucks.

    Michael OlsonMichael Olson3 kun oldin

    Nature by NatashaNature by Natasha3 kun oldin
  • Everything was okay until a reporter of NY Times started to talk about ventilations and exploding of lungs🤦‍♂️

    Sam LandersSam Landers3 kun oldin
  • “No one I know died, so I guess the 4,000 people dying everyday are getting in the way of my grocery visit!”

    DucksFanSinceBirthDucksFanSinceBirth3 kun oldin
  • Oh Michael yo caught it? One of your friends? Never heard that.

    The FairestThe Fairest3 kun oldin
  • Over reached is an understatement of the massive own goal we have inflicted upon ourselves.

    michaeltrumpermichaeltrumper3 kun oldin
  • Shit is called a “practice” for a reason...

    Uncle MikeUncle Mike3 kun oldin
  • My 7 year old have become a hypochondriac who has an OCD hand washer and it’s painful as a parent

    Purple RubePurple Rube3 kun oldin
    • Same here

      Rodger BRodger B2 kun oldin
  • Ya ya ya...where can I get that 🔥 sugar skull shirt?

    david wrightdavid wright3 kun oldin
  • My wife’s 90+ Grandparents beat covid.

    MegaCalifornia805MegaCalifornia8053 kun oldin
  • We're still reacting to it in December because Trump is/was still President. Once, he's gone. Democrats like Newsome and Cuomo will reverse course. And just like that, 1/14/2021 happens and Cuomo wants to open businesses.

    Eric HuberEric Huber3 kun oldin
  • Here in the UK, they have put a blanket DNR order on all hospital patients and Carehome residents. Once a patient or resident gets a positive covid test or shows any symptoms they are put nil by mouth and any regular medication they were previously recieving, ie anti depressants or heart medication, is stopped (the excuse is so that they can be put on a ventilator quickly if needed). With no food or drink and no medication, they quickly deteriorate. A doctor is called in at this point to asses the patient/resident. The doctor prescribes morphine to ease the patient/residents suffering. Shortly after this, end of life treatment is commenced and the patient/resident dies. This has been the story of tens of thousands of elderly and vulnerable people in care in the UK over the last 12 months. Many carehome staff have come forward to blow the whistle. Some staff have been sneaking in food and drink to the starving old people during their night shifts, just to try and keep them alive. This was a mass murder of the elderly, sick and vulnerable of society. It was/is a culling, make no mistake. That's why ALL the deaths have been in hospitals or carehomes, all of them. No-one has died at home, or on the streets. All the deaths are in hospitals and carehomes, and this is why.

    bradda01bradda013 kun oldin
  • Thank you though Joe for not being bought out by the bullshit and happy to get your honest opinion out there despite the backlash you could get. Respect!

    T BT B3 kun oldin
  • UZworld will be coming for this video soon.

    T BT B3 kun oldin
  • Someone make a compilation of all the times Rogan says what Michael yo did before getting COVID 😂

    Dan ManfredoDan Manfredo3 kun oldin
  • My father was 77, had stage 4 COPD and was given a few weeks to live. He caught Covid in the hospital and passed away a few days later. Covid is the reason on his death cert when the reality is it was COPD.

    Absolute MuppetAbsolute Muppet3 kun oldin
    • @Mitchell Parks But you're arguing as if majority of people in America are healthy...when they're not

      LinnyboyLinnyboy2 soat oldin
    • I heard somewhere that the hospitals statistics were linked to federal spending programs, so the more covid deaths the more kick back they could potentially receive

      Nicholas AndersonNicholas Anderson10 soat oldin
    • sorry for your loss, and thank you for sharing the facts

      mr facemr face17 soat oldin
    • @Linnyboy Sure maybe. But are we distinguishing these deaths with comorbitities from solely covid related ones when the media reports these numbers? Of course not. We have to promote as much fear as possible to continue to gain more control over the population. Deaths of healthy people whose only factor was Covid is extremely low. This is a fact. But apparently saying that makes you a conspiracy theorist. This is a clown show.

      Mitchell ParksMitchell ParksKun oldin
    • @Linnyboy perhaps but they’re are many things that would also cause COPD deaths to increase which doesn’t get classified as the final problem but perhaps this isn’t the best place or time for this discussion so I understand what you mean, and respect your view but for respect for everyone here and the so I don’t accidentally start a comment war on a comment that has diverged from the original meaning because of our alternate views. Sorry to the original commenter for invading their post and for your loss.

      The CEO Of Crack Cocaine And AmphetaminesThe CEO Of Crack Cocaine And AmphetaminesKun oldin
  • Probably one of the worst JRE's ever

    Rob MillerRob Miller3 kun oldin
  • Are these guys stupid? It was all planned! You think the government wants to give hand outs? They’re moving forward with their agenda to crash the dollar and go through with the reset.

    erfansvideoserfansvideos3 kun oldin
  • I 100% agree that people have been overreacting. I’ve had it and it’s no different than a flu. Sick for weeks, but you’ll recover. Same with plenty of others. Yes, there are people that die, but if you look at the stats, it’s always 1-3%. Shutting down everything, having totalitarian government control over something that affects 1-3% of the population is a bit much.

    .m..m.3 kun oldin
  • You Joe Rogan are part of the reason the attack on the capital happened, you take side you don't court the nazis. that is fact, you betrayed my dad and every veteran of the world wars... you are an idiot Joe. Now, mask up and shut up.

    LithaMoonSongLithaMoonSong3 kun oldin
  • At this point you could be murdered and be diagnosed positive for covid...its a hoax. Agenda 21, 2021

  • Old people have been dying of old age long before this scam

    bob fossumbob fossum4 kun oldin
  • Alex who? He "feels" it. He must be right. The only overreacting is the denial. Good luck.

    Wal SakalukWal Sakaluk4 kun oldin