Alex Berneson Details How Coronavirus Deaths Are Counted

24-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1582 with Alex Berenson.

  • Aak a person who voluntarily wears a mask, when are you going to stop wearing the mask? They wont be able to answer because they no longer think for themselves, or they will say when the gov tells me too

    Mark MywordsMark Mywords33 daqiqa oldin
  • Alex is not a doctor. He’s very logical and persuasive, as all good journalists are, but his opinion is not qualified. The ‘dying with covid’ has been thoroughly debunked by medical experts globally. Just look at the rate of death pre-covid to now. Stop minimising this, it’s pathetic. I’m in nz and we beat covid in our community in a single six week lockdown, and have had only 25 deaths to date, because we did the logical thing. Life is normal and good now, because in the beginning when we only had 103 cases, not only did our govt present a clear and united policy, with daily updates, they supported us financially as well with a wage subsidy via our employers which saved businesses and jobs. Covid has been contained in border quarantines and only exists here in those quarantines. The only fails we have had (quickly stamped out) were caused by people recklessly breaking the quarantine rules. You have been failed by your weak leadership and mixed messages. A virus is only able to live if it has new hosts. Deny them, and it dies. Yes we are a small island nation and our borders are easy to monitor; but it’s proof that it can be done if people would cooperate. This sort of talk is what stops that. All those folks who refused to give good strong leadership (strong enough to prioritise the safety of the whole over the comfort of the individual) or in US case, actually encouraged ignoring it (‘let it sweep over them’) and secondly all those folks who consequently prioritised their own comfort defiantly over the safety of their people, are now responsible for the mess you’re in. Also ‘gonna die in a year anyway’ is precious to us. Anyone who has lost a loved one to a terminal disease knows what a blessing having a year is when compared to dying right now.

    ApacheMagicApacheMagicSoat oldin
  • Have a friend in the Border Patrol who responded to an accident where the 2 people in the car were decapitated. Doctor marked deaths as covid deaths. He refused to sign off on them.

    tjs0004tjs0004Soat oldin
  • Take this into consideration too, hospitals get more money from the state for a covid death than a non covid death.

    Drew GibsonDrew Gibson3 soat oldin
  • No, Joe! I'm not going to go listen on Spotify. Stop reminding me at the end of every video.

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  • Bring Dr Michael Mina from Harvard for a true explanation of this. He has developed the science behind rapid testing

    bumblebee34bumblebee344 soat oldin
  • Liberals having a meltdown listening to science and rational thinking.

    1fastmex1fastmex4 soat oldin
  • I tested covid positive 3 days ago I'm in quarantine w 11 others , 1 a 60 + yr old vet w bad copd and another is a 55 yr old w heart problems,we have mild to med flu like symptoms and pretty tired but no one is dieing were just sick had worse flu's to be honest and I'm a 45 yr old smoker w asthma

    Dan GrecoDan Greco5 soat oldin
  • Wow, this was so engrossing. I loved this convo. I’m going to go listen tot the whole episode now.

    VenusianTruthsVenusianTruths7 soat oldin
  • Can some verify his statement is the truth and not just skepticism

    Juju BeanzJuju Beanz9 soat oldin
  • NYS did not count anyone as dying from Covid-19 unless the Morgue so States on the Death Certificate. Nursing Homes sent the residents to hospitals where they died. The Nursing Homes didn't count those as even deaths, and hospitals didn't want to take them late because they couldn't do much, and they didn't want a death to count against them. Notice, they're worried about their reputation and money earnings, so where is the concern for the residents and their families. Covid-19 patients died alone as families were not allowed to visit for months!

    B T KB T K11 soat oldin
  • In other words, it’s being played up on purpose. Anyone that can’t see that by now are just being idiots.

    Customer ServiceCustomer Service12 soat oldin
  • The "logic" behind it is they wanted high numbers of cases and deaths in order to have a pandemic. Giving them an excuse to create 6 trillion dollars out of nothing.

    bullfranthrowbullfranthrow13 soat oldin
  • research the actual death rate in 2020 vs. previous years... don't just take sensationalists like this guys word for it. The problem is very real, and the numbers line up very well. There's been an increase in mortality the like we haven't seen since WW2. The near 300k covid deaths only account for about 75% of the increase.

    D HD H13 soat oldin
  • In October there were 100k more "extra" deaths than reported covid deaths (300k vs. 200k covid deaths)... suicides and overdoses, and other lockdown related deaths don't account for the gap, or more than the gap as this guy claims... he's quoting bad numbers. The evidence supports an underreporting of covid deaths (likely earlier in the year), not overreporting like he claims.

    D HD H13 soat oldin
  • That's why i love there JRE. Such facting. So much fact up in here with Alex "Berneson." A channel i can trust to do their homework.

    C FC F14 soat oldin
  • The Chinese communist party’s biological weapon was unleashed on all of us so they could gain power by weakening us. Mission accomplished. Good for you, commie china

    Cartman 4EverCartman 4Ever16 soat oldin
  • He’s an AUTHOR with a degree in history and economics not a scientist. 400k dead already and he’s still pushing this shit

    Rodrigo LopezRodrigo Lopez16 soat oldin
    • And while your at it you should "tell your children the truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence."

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • As a nurse who work with Covid , I see merit to his claim , lot of people died just with Covid not from Covid , or just like the straw that broke the camels back ! For heart attack and blood clots it’s been proven that Covid can increase the risk of unusual blood clots

    Hamza AlasadHamza Alasad17 soat oldin
  • the PCR tests are connecting and collecting DNA from people's noses and then running it through a crispr and having it evolve over 40 generations so basically their genetically engineering covid-19 in samples and then they're testing positive

    lee Robertslee Roberts18 soat oldin
  • A lot is being made of the fact that 400,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, more than the number of U.S. Soldiers who died in WW2. But most of those soldiers were in their 20s-30s, and some were only teenagers. Also, this was only a tiny fraction of the 75 million people who died as a result of WWII. With Covid-19, most of the people who have died were elderly, and many of them were already sick. And now we are finding out that many of the reported deaths are from people who had Covid-19, but didn’t necessarily die because of Covid-19. During WWII Great Britain 🇬🇧 was bombed on a daily basis. They didn’t stop going outside. They didn’t all leave and go somewhere else. They carried on. They took precautions, built air raid shelters, put up blackout curtains, and they fought back! Quarantining healthy people has not worked. The states with the strictest quarantine laws have had the highest number of cases, and they haven’t gone down. Quarantining is not fighting the virus, it’s giving in to the virus. It’s time to get on with our lives, while exercising common sense precautions based upon scientific evidence.

    Saxon de RohanSaxon de Rohan18 soat oldin
    • 100%! Preach my friend. The long term effects of these lockdowns are going to be devastating for the country's future. No one should be ok with it, and if you are,your rich and on the wrong side of history

      wadahfukablewadahfukable11 soat oldin
  • Guy’s spitting straight facts.

    I drink Commie tearsI drink Commie tears18 soat oldin
    • And while your at it you should "tell your children the truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence."

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • If you die in your 80s or 90s, it’s natural causes. No exceptions.

    Saxon de RohanSaxon de Rohan18 soat oldin
    • @C F Never a lady…

      Saxon de RohanSaxon de Rohan9 soat oldin
    • @C F 🤣🤣🤣

      Saxon de RohanSaxon de Rohan14 soat oldin
    • Sounds like a man who's murdered a few old ladies.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • I’d personally prefer to hear from a doctor on this, not a journalist.

    Isobel LIsobel L19 soat oldin
    • The problem with listening to the doctors that are not censored because they feed us the bullshit narrative, is that, they are 100% lying to us.

      wadahfukablewadahfukable10 soat oldin
    • He's got a lot to say about pot too. Look that up.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • Joe, where’d you get that T-shirt! It’s fresh!!

    Angel GonzalezAngel Gonzalez20 soat oldin
  • And Alex got his scientific degree from where?

    Speak UpSpeak Up20 soat oldin
  • Good job guys 🙏 indeed it is pretty concerning that such rational perspectives are so absent in the main stream? 🤔

    garret cgarret c21 soat oldin
  • Is it just coincidence that this happened in an election year? Why does fear levels increase in election years?

    dischronicdischronic21 soat oldin
    • Yes it is.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • 400000+ people die from smoking related illness, how many people that die from covid are smokers?

    dischronicdischronic21 soat oldin
  • In the UK, if you test positive, you isolate for ten days. Then, you test negative, then you are ok, go to work, meet family etc. We count Covid deaths as people who tested up to 28 days ago, however you die. So, if you're negative after ten days, why, after being run down by a bus, you will be a Covid death? It's as though they need to have high numbers to push a narrative, and maybe sell the vaccine!! And what the F is Bill doing buying farmland???? What's he doing out there???

    Jon HunterJon Hunter21 soat oldin
  • I always enjoy how people continue to speak like you can't just Google and verify the BS they speak.

    Jefe CristoJefe Cristo23 soat oldin
  • Research Iatrogenesis takes three forms: (1) polypharmacy, when too many different treatments are given at the same time; (2) drug-drug interactions, which happen when two or more drugs together produce adverse side effects; and (3) inappropriate treatments that harm instead of healing. Different forms of iatrogenesis can happen together and augment harmful effects. Patients with multiple chronic disorders are at a particularly high risk of iatrogenesis because they are consuming different medications simultaneously and for a long time. Multimorbidity exacerbates the risks of iatrogenesis. Check out the books... Virus mania and What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong

    Scott GreenwoodScott Greenwood23 soat oldin
  • At this point people dont wonna believe they have been lied to and fallen for the shit ,so they just ignore and keep it moving

    TheEverton1978TheEverton197823 soat oldin
    • Actually it seems that's ALL people want to believe. It's more fun.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • Anyone know what episode number this is? So I can look for the full version on Spotify?

    jonathan slingerlandjonathan slingerlandKun oldin
  • My father died this week after battling liver cancer for two years. He was tested the day before and has remained covid negative. I begged the doctor not to put that on his death certificate. My boyfriend had covid 10 days really sick. I never caught it. 102 temperature. I live with him. I tested negative. I have an auto immune disease.... lupus

    Ivette MattocksIvette MattocksKun oldin
  • Aren't people having heart issues after covid? So maybe covid has caused heart attack deaths. But I'm not a doctor. Lol

    Chris DavignonChris DavignonKun oldin
  • I just watch the clips from each show. I don’t have time to watch a couple hours of each show. If Spotify can change that then I will watch the new clips unless it is someone I truly like then I will watch the whole show.

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  • Well if you died two weeks before you would have that means you died from covid-19 which elevated your situation

    Troy locTroy locKun oldin
  • Rogan has jumped the shark

    Josh HempelJosh HempelKun oldin
    • Big time!

      wadahfukablewadahfukable10 soat oldin
    • Agreed 100%. If i want to watch right wing talking points i have Shapiro. He's much better at checking his facts and doesn't play the "oh, I'm just a big dummy" act.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • To address some of these ideas One death measurement is "years of life lost". People spend thousands if not millions of dollars, and endure painful toxic treatments just to live two more months with cancer. We do extreme interventions like open heart surgery, or liver transplant just for " one more year". By American standards, even dying one year early is significant.

    J LJ LKun oldin
  • Make Spotify less shit. I couldn't select this for some reason. and even though I pay for Spotify I prefer to use UZworld in most cases. Just make Ur shit better.

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  • Just look at the "excess deaths" statistics. It shows the US has been losing an extra 5 to 10,000 people per week for the last year during Covid. This verifies that Covid death stats are reasonably accurate.

    J LJ LKun oldin
  • Everyone dies with comorbidities But we never question those. no one says "he didn't really die of a heart attack because he had high blood pressure."

    J LJ LKun oldin
    • That part. Without COVID they would still be alive with their comorbidities yes? Alright then.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • I’m tired of UZworld labeling stuff... It’s so annoying, stop trying to give us YOUR scope. 3k deaths a day seemed much.... This makes allot of sense because hospitals are barely functioning so they need Covid funding.... Joe be careful of the Ministry of Truth taking you down

    cooldudecscooldudecsKun oldin
  • So much spotify hate in the comments.😂

    Dragon_of_TragedyDragon_of_TragedyKun oldin
  • I appreciate what this guy is trying to do, but that whole "probably", "may", or "maybe" that point I'm like, just shut the fuck up. Nothing in my mind changed. Practie social distancing, and wear a fucking mask. It's not alot to ask, even if it saves just one life. It's not rocket science.

    Janette AbrahamsJanette AbrahamsKun oldin
    • "But they shitdown the cooooomedy stooooore! Waaaahhhh!!!"

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • The misinformation on this topic isn't an accident

    Shannon McateeShannon McateeKun oldin
  • Covid is nothing more than the flu!!! Sorry sheeple I'm done with the media and the owners of the media feeding us this covid BS!!! Wake up there is no big bad covid!!!! Its the common flu!!!

    Mr ChicanoMr ChicanoKun oldin
  • Is this guy a doctor or does he works with virus?

    Toan LamToan LamKun oldin
  • Fuck Spotify

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  • Also the people that die with comorbidities, how do we know it was truly covid? would it not be possible to have multiple kinds of viruses in the respiratory tract at the same time? Wouldn’t it also be possible to have died from one of the other viruses? How would we know unless people were tested for many viruses? I don’t envy the scientists, but there’s so many problems when trying to accurately study seems near impossible to truly understand

    Brger GervBrger GervKun oldin
  • This is a weak argument , you can easily see if Covid-19 added to the mortality rate of a country by looking at the averages from the previous years. If the death rate during the pandemic is higher that it was last year then obviously something was killing more people than usual.

    james wolfjames wolfKun oldin
    • 100%

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • Why don't u compare with the corona deaths report from 3 years ago if graph is the same then people died with covid. if u don't know what normal death graph looks like how can u compare

    wyomingsamuraiwyomingsamuraiKun oldin
  • Why does Joe constantly have people on his show to talk about COVID who are completely unqualified and present zero factual information to back up their ridiculous claims? Alex Berenson, do you work for the CDC? Are you a doctor?

    DJ AquilaeDJ AquilaeKun oldin
    • What ever troll!

      wadahfukablewadahfukable10 soat oldin
    • Because Joe is pushing a narrative like everyone else.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • When/How did Fauci become the king of all doctors?

    arnon roynaarnon roynaKun oldin
  • What he’s saying is that the numbers are totally overblown. Fear is the great controller. When you want people to do something, or allow something to be done to them, make them afraid.

    Phil MayPhil MayKun oldin
  • This video is three weeks old (Jan. 18/2021.) This is not a new revelation that so called "medical professionals" have been fucking with the numbers between an absolute cv death and a cv death due to a car wreck . Get on the ball Joe Rogan. Your masters are definitely paying you enough to be an ignorant fuck.

    spud gspud gKun oldin
  • The over-dose deaths are just one small area of deaths on account of the lockdowns. Think about it. Can't work-can't feed family. People not going to the hospital for treatments, suicides, family abuse, etc. I heard one statistic that lockdowns were creating 20x the amount of deaths that 'covid' is. Think just about the misery it's creating for most people on this planet and you'll get some kind of idea but it probably won't hit you unless you travel to all these countries and witness it. Just look at yourself, your family and your friends, what these insane restrictions/lockdowns have caused. We have to end this Tyranny and put these so called 'authorities' on trial. It's pure agenda to take everything away from you. They will not be satisfied until they take you away from you.

    Kevin BirdKevin BirdKun oldin
    • Couldn't have said better my self, people need to fucking wake up! These lockdowns are way more scary then "covid". This nonsense must stop!

      wadahfukablewadahfukable10 soat oldin
  • And this guy is just scratching the surface as to how much bullshit and agendas are involved in the covid planed-demic. Serious bullshit that will kill us if we don't wake up to it now. Not theory.

    Kevin BirdKevin BirdKun oldin
  • Please research Fauci's history. He is incredibly evil, At the level of Bill Gates. Sacha Stone did a Focus on Fauci video you have to find and watch. Of course it's been censored. Here it is:

    Kevin BirdKevin BirdKun oldin
  • This is a money grab plain and simple. I had it and i onlylost my taste for 21/2 days. My girl works in a place for elderly ...i dont even want to get into it

    brakel8rbrakel8rKun oldin
    • @C F you are welcome

      brakel8rbrakel8r10 soat oldin
    • Well sounds like your one single anecdote overturns all the data. Guess we can go home now. Thanks.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • I hate joe since going to Spotify. He is making Alex jones look like a person of reason. His guest are boring. He thinks everything he says makes sense. 🤦. Money really does change people. Next thing we know he will quit the ufc.

    michael murillomichael murilloKun oldin
  • Wonder how aid/HIV + people did with covid.... crazy Fauci is in control of both America's worst disease

    Bret SmithBret SmithKun oldin
  • Makes you wonder about addiction overdose that have happened during this pandemic . . . Anybody else or just me?

    Bret SmithBret SmithKun oldin
  • My mother in law wasnt in an accident. Was sick, tested positive. Died after a month in the hospital, ALONE. If you think it's fake you're high and prayers you dont get it

    Bruce DayBruce DayKun oldin
  • Dang they hitting ol joe with the fact check

    Evan KeesEvan KeesKun oldin
  • Its exactly what ive been saying since day 1. Give me the ppl tht died strictly due from covid. Then and only then would you get a good estimate of its mortality rate. I mean you could get your head decapitated and have covid and itll be marked as a covid death. Yall are being played like a violin and theyre making masterpieces out of all yall 😘

    Justin ByrdJustin ByrdKun oldin
  • PCR test are not for diagnosing, the guy that created it says so. They are way too sensitive.

    iNewsTViNewsTVKun oldin
  • Oh cmon. Let’s quit pretending that there was a legitimate reason to inflate death statistics, it was a political calculation to maximize the fear porn, to justify massive government overreactions.

    Samuel TaylorSamuel Taylor2 kun oldin
  • covid is a joke

    Matt DanielsonMatt Danielson2 kun oldin
  • The method of marking deaths as COVID related I can agree. But using that data to decide if we should close whole economy is beyond me.

    Mariusz ChrobakMariusz Chrobak2 kun oldin
  • Listen to Joey the shill....he’s part of those that are helping propagate the biggest scam since 911.

    Fraud detectorFraud detector2 kun oldin
  • Asymptomatic covid 19 can spread and kill. That's a fact

    nick nagynick nagy2 kun oldin
    • @nick nagy 100%

      C FC F14 soat oldin
    • @Matt Danielson tell that to the assistant living long term care center that my mom is staying at. Adios Troll

      nick nagynick nagyKun oldin
    • no

      Matt DanielsonMatt DanielsonKun oldin
  • I believe that we are idiots . I personally have 3 friends die of covid. All under 50 and none with precondition. We are under counting it . Average age of covid death 30-50 I like rogan. But on this my friend it’s actually why we can’t get it under control. 3% of population in world. 30% of infection rate. Duh do the freaking math. Christ

    Slappy WhiteSlappy White2 kun oldin
    • Shut up you troll!

      wadahfukablewadahfukable10 soat oldin
    • @Dichotomy & Balance Anecdote × Data

      C FC F14 soat oldin
    • Anecdote.

      Dichotomy & BalanceDichotomy & BalanceKun oldin
  • Here’s why they set the cycles high but don’t tell anyone how many cycles... so that they have the case numbers to pressure for the zine and then later to prove the zine is working they can reduce the cycles... Nobody who feels well tests to see if they are sick... that’s crazy. Now look at Assembly Bill A416 of the NY senate now being pushed through which allows for people ‘suspected’ of being infectious to be ‘removed’ (from society) and tell me you want to give the Governments this level of power!

    J ConJ Con2 kun oldin
  • PCR = Politically Co-related Result

    Mr.Mister BatesMr.Mister Bates2 kun oldin
  • It cracks me up reading these feeble attempts to put this guest in a negative light. Its obviously trolls trying desperately to keep people from the truth. Thankfully, people are waking up to the nonsense thats going on. If you don't see it by now,then one should question their sense of reality. It is gross and embarrassing that the masses were fooled this easily.

    wadahfukablewadahfukable2 kun oldin
    • You should read his book on pot...

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • HMMMMMM Congress isnt effected the same way. I wonder why?

    Lucifer CLucifer C2 kun oldin
  • Nm just read his Wikipedia. Dude is trying to stay relevant spewing nonsense. Sounds like he is researching a new fiction thriller.

    Joe CJoe C2 kun oldin
  • Joe thinks we should all be jobless and isolated while he make millions working what a POS

    Charles PiroCharles Piro2 kun oldin
  • So is this guy a doctor or some kind of medical professional?

    Joe CJoe C2 kun oldin
  • Who cares, im still not wearing a mask

    Chris GallaherChris Gallaher2 kun oldin
  • Share share share!

    Staffan CarlströmStaffan Carlström2 kun oldin
  • I do t know about this guy, I feel he may be full of it.

    Curtis PingCurtis Ping2 kun oldin
  • Working hard to sell an equally damaging narrative here... The fact remains, if everyone had overreacted to this for a month back in the beginning, we wouldn't still be taking about it, it'd be gone. Under-reaction and disbelief are what have us still dealing with this shit a year later. So yea, suck it up everyone, deal with oppressively not-exact accounting and let's just get the shit gone.

    t st s2 kun oldin
    • Agreed.

      C FC F14 soat oldin
  • I used these clips to figure out where some of the conversations lead, I wouldn’t watch it until some of these topics would come up & understand some of the guest I don’t know off name value. Spotify’s search system & platform is very misinforming with things.

    Nikolas DialloNikolas Diallo2 kun oldin
  • sadly there's still too many retards that wanna believe covid is super serious

    Mike JonesMike Jones2 kun oldin
  • 9:10 broo the means their killin u wtf

    Wooly ascmeWooly ascme2 kun oldin
  • I've been a Respiratory Therapist for 18 years and I can't believe how this has been politicized.

    lucas chitwoodlucas chitwood2 kun oldin
    • @Dwayne Bruny It may sound crazy but nevertheless that is what’s happening. People spend decades researching this topic so it’s been known for a long time now. Where did you think the money comes from? It comes from private banks. These people can buy whoever they want. If you want to know the ins and outs of how the game is played and by whom then you should listen to Dutch banker Ronald Bernard in interview. He explains how things really work in the world of finance and gives you an idea of how corrupt and evil these people are.

      Molly KeaneMolly Keane5 soat oldin
    • @Molly Keane You sound crazy.

      Dwayne BrunyDwayne Bruny6 soat oldin
    • ​@Dwayne Bruny The US will be cooperating with everyone now though, that is for sure. Our last hope to break free of the plans of the deep state/world government was Trump. Unfortunately that time seems to have had its day and in the eyes of the deep state the U.S. is now back on track again and they can breathe a sigh of relief. And you thought all that hatred towards Trump for the past 4 years from the MSM was simply because he was someone who wasn’t good enough to be president when in truth it was because he posed a very real threat to them and their agenda. They needed to get rid of him as quickly as they could and by any means possible. The nonstop vitriol directed at Trump during his presidency was just a calculated tactic on the part of the deep state to get rid of him so that the plan for a world government could continue unimpeded. I guess it was fun to see him give them the finger the past 4 years though, something which hasn’t happened for a long time. We will fondly remember him for having the balls to challenge the deep state with its plans to dismantle all nation states such as the U.S by 2030. To know who the deep state is, you just have to follow the money as these individuals own the banks that nation states have to go to, to borrow money from. A handful of very old banking families in the main. They more or less are free now to pursue their agenda for world control now that the hiccup that was Trump has been removed. So give yourself a pat on the back for helping make that happen.

      Molly KeaneMolly Keane6 soat oldin
    • @Molly Keane The "world government"? How's that now? Who is heading this "world government"? You are not really paying attention if you believe the US is cooperating with the rest of the world, aside from any country working to benefit the leader. Trump has alienated the US from most allies and only plays ball with other leaders when it benefits him. There is no world government.

      Dwayne BrunyDwayne Bruny8 soat oldin
    • @Dwayne Bruny The world government calls the shots just like the Chinese government. It really isn’t any different. Tyranny at the end of the day is still tyranny, whether it’s fascism or communism. If the world gov needs all the nations of the world to close down in order to set up their cashless monetary and bio surveillance system, all the nations dutifully obey as we’ve seen with this bogus pandemic.

      Molly KeaneMolly Keane13 soat oldin
  • What most of the people in this comment section seems to not understand is, how much covid is actually affecting the overall deathtoll. Sure, some of the deaths might not have been majorly affected by covid yet marked as death by covid, but if you look at the deathtoll of 2018, 2019 and 2020, 2020 has at least 260,000 more and this is an underestimate. So, what does that tell you? Is Covid a significant factor in the difference? If you have a brain, it's an easy answer.

    SangYeob KimSangYeob Kim2 kun oldin
  • And life policy's are not paid out if you died of any covid related issues even if you were negative. Clarify please.

    Phillip RobertsPhillip Roberts2 kun oldin
  • There are reports that coronavirus, no matter how mild or severe, that the virus itself can cause severe organ damage to arteries, to the heart, to the lungs, and the pancreas. People who weren't diagnosed with diabetes are now getting diabetes diagnoses post-covid because the deterioration cause by the disease. People without heart issues are fighting heart disease and suffering from strokes causes by the virus, who had no prior predisposition to the condition pre--covid. The virus is responsible for causing further deterioration to conditions that before the disease could have been reversed and killing these people just a month or two later. This is one of the issues of what is called "long Covid." Despite the patient "getting better," the virus can hid in the body and cause further destruction. And you say that these deaths should NOT be counted as Covid-related?

    Lorelei BeatrixLorelei Beatrix2 kun oldin
  • 4:10 that’s completely false

    K11ng LoopK11ng Loop2 kun oldin
  • People say they don’t believe the media. But believe everything everyone says on his podcast

    K11ng LoopK11ng Loop2 kun oldin
  • This seems like the guy who counts the amount of dandruff in his hair,to figure out if it should be called dandruff or something else?

    bleed for musclebleed for muscle2 kun oldin
  • This is worthless guest. Cause I stead of focusing on the real issue of contagiousness,he is being anal about viral particles. The virus is contagious or not? How do you protect yourself,that is what we need a show about,pointless Rogan show

    bleed for musclebleed for muscle2 kun oldin
  • So what about the hospitalizations? Also what about the people who are symptomatic?

    bleed for musclebleed for muscle2 kun oldin
  • It's all lies the numbers everything except it is solely china's fault and the Chinese government is the most radical regime on the planet as of now. Their little experiments in battling viruses has cost more lives than all of the terrorist acts seen on this planet making the Wuhan flu the most dangerous terrorist attack the world has ever seen right behind what the U.S. did to Japan.

    Doosh BeaggeDoosh Beagge2 kun oldin
  • 95% of the Covid "deaths" are a sick political scam deliberately perpetrated to scare the public and make a very specific FEW elites a whole lotta $$$MONEY$$$. It was originally used to screw up the booming Trump economy on purpose, because every other previous scam failed to remove him from office. But this monster fraud has grown into the most grotesque and evil load of BS ever committed against the American people, just to increase the income and power of a few people in our corrupt communist government, AND as a "test run" for future totalitarian scams designed to control the human population.

    Barry HowellBarry Howell2 kun oldin
  • Anyone else find it ironic that the creator of the PCR tests DIED in August 2019? The timing is almost too perfect...

    NikkiNikki2 kun oldin
    • @Molly Keane no he didn’t.

      Issac BullardIssac BullardKun oldin
    • No seriously he died from PNEUMONIA!!!! Seriously the sketchiest set of circumstances ever... and he was only 74...

      Tate RobertsTate RobertsKun oldin
    • He definitely died from Covid.

      Molly KeaneMolly KeaneKun oldin