Astronaut Terry Virts Spent Over 200 Days in Space

14-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1577 with Terry Virts.

  • All you youtube slaves can go draw on your face with a crayon

    Samuel HayesSamuel Hayes3 kun oldin
  • No he didnt.... Ha

    Samuel HayesSamuel Hayes3 kun oldin
  • This guy is full of shit. “Space” = NASA training facility on earth.

    SeekingAlphaSeekingAlpha3 kun oldin
  • How they Keep getting passed the van Allen belts🤔

    LOVLOV5 kun oldin
  • i listened to the full podcast on spotify and joe keeped bringing up the topic about aliens well too much, he got abit sick of it lol

    Tom SugarsTom Sugars6 kun oldin
  • JRE on Spotify is the same.....but different. But I love that Spotify doesn’t demonetize video. There’s a reason Joe isn’t here no mores🥸

    Hosbe ArandaHosbe Aranda7 kun oldin
  • One platform has a comment section. The other...

    Skate_ Or_DieSkate_ Or_Die7 kun oldin
  • The comment section on Joe's channel played a major role in the channel's success as well... Spotify somehow feels disconnected...

    Manas ChandelManas Chandel7 kun oldin
  • Imagine that news bulletin; The International Space Station has been a work out

    PresidentialWinnerPresidentialWinner7 kun oldin
  • I just tried to listen on Spotify but deleted the app after about 5 minutes of ads. I couldn't do it

    2ellas22ellas211 kun oldin
  • The Marino shirts from New Zealand he is referencing are from a company called Icebreaker. I got one for Xmas and thought it would be itchy and hot but it was amazing to wear in summer, very low odour even after several days of sweat and wear. It almost feels like the fabric breathes. Incredible.

    Tristan PhippsTristan Phipps12 kun oldin
  • i want martial art that can work in space

    ardwiardwi12 kun oldin
  • Feel like my ears snapped in half... "CATCH NEW EPISODES!!!!"

    Mo MentumMo Mentum14 kun oldin
  • Lol I bet you made a imax movie

    Loot SkywaterLoot Skywater16 kun oldin
  • Joe. Do you see anyone in these comments saying it was a good idea to switch to Spotify❓ no ok

    Anthony CassaniAnthony Cassani17 kun oldin
  • fake and gay

    Lil BatLil Bat18 kun oldin
  • He's a disinfo agent. There is no space.

    Paul DenPaul Den18 kun oldin
  • awful on spotify

    Kelly Cecil no shoes kellyKelly Cecil no shoes kelly19 kun oldin
  • Spotify isnt even available in my country🤦‍♂️

    H2O COBRAH2O COBRA19 kun oldin
  • Is Joe losing his voice ?

    Destro7000Destro700019 kun oldin
  • Fck Spotify and the fake Moon landing.

    WiseGuy GoodfellasBCNWiseGuy GoodfellasBCN20 kun oldin
  • I'm only able to listen on Spotify. Where can I watch the episodes?

    LooneyBin MusicLooneyBin Music23 kun oldin

    Jamie GregoryJamie Gregory24 kun oldin
  • Moving to spotify did exactly what the left wanted; it removed Joe from common discourse. Well done elites. We see you and you have names.

    ChristopherChristopher25 kun oldin
  • Anybody believe this guy's doing 20 pullups...on earth? Lol. Maybe outside the stratosphere, but not inside.

    J CJ C25 kun oldin
  • Sorry this guy just said you can't speak fluently russian if you are not born there because they have cases. Jeeesus christ. That might be the case for americans. I know alot of people who speak fluently russian who are not born there.

    EmökeEmöke25 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan blew up because of UZworld. Make no mistake, the PLATFORM was the catalyst. It was good free content. On UZworld. Now we have to go get an app and change habits etc etc. Na I’m good

    sharkusssharkuss25 kun oldin
  • Lovely guy this astronaut, who says he loves sience as a way to understand the universe, as you can hear him say on the spotyfy parts missing on UZworld, but he also divulges that he is basically a creationist and gives the dumbest most definately debunked creationist argument against evolution. That you cant see with half an eye. That makes me realy sad, all that education and experience and he cant be bothered to read one book about the facts of evolutionary biology before speakinghis mind about it on the world stage. Its just so sad.

    Karol UrbanskiKarol Urbanski25 kun oldin
  • Dude: After a week I scored higher on my balance test than i did before I left Joe: How long did it take for you to get back to 100%

    BumpyJonesBumpyJones25 kun oldin
  • This seems more Hollywood than when Joe was in Cali... smh

    Paris HarperParis Harper26 kun oldin
  • This new Spotify vibe sucks bro.. actornaughts are the worst guests too!! Ask the actor how a pressurized suit can be in a vacuum without exploding??? #realscience

  • Did he see any weird objects in Space?

    Erich Von MolderErich Von Molder26 kun oldin
  • Joe: "So there's no frame?" BRO, how high are you? Not even Redban would ask that.

    kpresnell45kpresnell4527 kun oldin
  • So...tell us the truth...the earth is flat...right ???

    sterling furysterling fury27 kun oldin
  • Can we just appreciate that this man left his family for Science?

    Ding DongDing Dong27 kun oldin
  • The “Space is fake” community sees shit like this and immediately dismisses it

    TeePayTeePay28 kun oldin
  • don't even know how to find spotify JRE clips all day tho

    vegansLuckovegansLucko28 kun oldin
  • done everything? so he got to bust a nut in space?

    F LF L28 kun oldin
  • spotify wont even load the episodes for me , fuck this . youtube was the way to go

    Sean EiSean Ei28 kun oldin
  • This was the mistake cutting full episodes from UZworld, what the hell were you guys thinking of.

    George JaparidzeGeorge Japaridze29 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks, Joe. Release the full episodes here.

    Justen HolderJusten Holder29 kun oldin
  • under armour shirts are now booming.

    Ron TRon T29 kun oldin

    heavyduty187heavyduty18729 kun oldin
  • The need a frame Joe.

    Mr.T BrantMr.T Brant29 kun oldin
  • i also downloaded spotify just to listen to jre and still wind up just watching clips. i don’t like it. the ads suck. no comments. not a fan.

    Jamie Della FaveJamie Della Fave29 kun oldin
  • The Neutral Bouyancy Lab is in is a giant pool/film studio. Space is fake. Look into it.

    The1Mustache3The1Mustache329 kun oldin
  • Bs.. Joe.. bs... haha😅🤔

    Enrique FrancoEnrique Franco29 kun oldin
  • They need to frame up the space station.

    breker19erbreker19er29 kun oldin
  • Wheres Eddie?

    Michael GoldsteinMichael Goldstein29 kun oldin
  • Eddie Bravo with an astronaut guest needs to happen

    BonVilainBonVilain29 kun oldin
  • Dude looks out of shape. I don't believe what he's saying

    We R Everywhere 2.0We R Everywhere 2.029 kun oldin
  • @eddybravo

    rez tvrez tv29 kun oldin
  • Btw fuck spotify I'm not switching

    The WEEZARDThe WEEZARD29 kun oldin
  • Maybe he didn't smell anything for extended periods because the base level of stench is so high. It's like if you rip a bunch of farts in a small room, after a while you don't notice it. But if you leave the room and return, it's pretty bad.

    erad67erad6729 kun oldin
  • I'm fine with clips thanks Spotify

    Richard psRichard ps29 kun oldin
  • I don't mind watching him on Spotify... but dam they need to do something about that app, not sure if others have the same problem, but that thing is slow as F**** and has one of the worst UI's around.. they really need to fix that ASAP!!

    BuuGzBuuGzOy oldin
  • 2. 50 linear PROGRESSION down, this guy is a dusche bag.

    BMA IEBMA IEOy oldin
  • Spotify i hate it we cant cast the video from the app talk to ur boys joe

    BoyNoPlayBoyNoPlayOy oldin
  • I’ll stick to the clips on UZworld.

    stoagiestoagieOy oldin
  • Joe "I was hired by the government to convince the working class that space is real" Rogan

    Rob CowRob CowOy oldin
  • Where’s Eddie bravo 👀💀

    JustsobanterJustsobanterOy oldin
  • I only watched jre because the UZworld algorithm would recommend it to me. I have no interest in watching on Spotify

    gbln_38gbln_38Oy oldin
  • I recognize that guy from his ISS videos

    NeoSilvanusNeoSilvanusOy oldin
  • When's Joe coming back to UZworld? I don't really dig the Spotify app tbh

    Paul GreyPaul GreyOy oldin
  • Refuse to even listen to this crap anymore. Just here to comment. Joe Rogan is a slimmy corrupt political sleaze ball to sit back and not even address the fraud that is being perpetrated to overthrow this republic. Joe use to get millions of viewers now he is lucky to get a quarter million. I hope California takes all your spotify money with retroactive tax laws you coward.

    Chas BurnsChas BurnsOy oldin
  • Something about this guy , is making me think he's lying 🤔

    Tony- black EM1 k24 HernandezTony- black EM1 k24 HernandezOy oldin
  • Satanic demonic host Masonic deceivers. Satan vis his human slaves are taking humans for a ride.

    Dawn Of The New Evil AgeDawn Of The New Evil AgeOy oldin
  • A treadmill in space..... Let that sink in a bit.

    Supreme FattyVLOGSupreme FattyVLOGOy oldin
  • Y’all really act like Joe cares

    John AllenJohn AllenOy oldin
  • Spotify is honestly the best music app out there. JR is just a nice bonus

    ambessa shieldambessa shieldOy oldin
  • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

    alialiOy oldin
  • Linen and wool raises body your frequency...

    k tk tOy oldin
  • C'mon joe UZworld is your home, dont be like that😑

    Sai Swaroop MSai Swaroop MOy oldin
  • Ask him about tha glactic federation

    Randomly RelatableRandomly RelatableOy oldin
  • Spotify needs to add comments asap before they lose

    Randomly RelatableRandomly RelatableOy oldin

    Harvey SpecterHarvey SpecterOy oldin
  • Podcasts need opinions and discussions on the topics being talked about. Not able to give personal feedback is lame. Not to mention tons of funny comments that just make it great.

    Zane FranklinZane FranklinOy oldin
  • Too bad you sold out and then moved to Texas 😢

    Johhny BravoJohhny BravoOy oldin
  • Who's Joe Rogan?

    DropCityDropCityOy oldin
  • Merino wool under armour: Amazing product!

    Niek te VeldhuisNiek te VeldhuisOy oldin
  • So I’ve missed nothing. Cool Fuck Spotify.

    00ABBITT0000ABBITT00Oy oldin
  • You just let him lie to your face like that?

    Sneaker ProjectsSneaker ProjectsOy oldin
  • Plot twist: The space station snapped in half from somebody farting, not doing squats.

    CornPopWasABadDudeCornPopWasABadDudeOy oldin
  • I don't like Spotify

    Andrej DrameAndrej DrameOy oldin
  • The spotify app is cumbersome and impossible to navigate when looking for episodes. Once you click on one episode you are stuck there and unable to quickly check out a different one or move around quickl., computer starts heating up. Its like spotify has no interest in creating a good user experience, It's insane how much reach you are going to lose. I downloaded and signed up specifically for this pod cast which I have watched for years and after a minute of sluggish b.s. i gave up and said fuck this. You should rename the pod cast, "the Joe Rogan shitty spotify experience. buh bye.

    Chris ConwayChris ConwayOy oldin
  • fuck spotify

    chad limestallchad limestallOy oldin
  • Joe gave u all great podcasts and great guest and u guys can't go watch on Spotify. Isn't even that bad support people man don't just turn your ass the other way

    BryanBryanOy oldin
  • Save me watching unnecessarily, does it contain any ufo discussion?

    Lee HughesLee HughesOy oldin
  • Screw Spotify, I listen sometimes but haven’t listened to JRE on it. Not on purpose, just came to the realization. Upon reflection, perhaps it’s due to the reality of (Spotify JRE) not being the JRE I’ve come to know, without the comment section It’s morphed into something else now. Happy for Rogan, he created something I used to enjoy but It’s a weird feeling knowing some dude got paid from time and attention payed from people’s lives. I miss the fleshlight Rogan.

    Leplace's DemonLeplace's DemonOy oldin
  • Damn I wanna see more

    Monkey D LuffyMonkey D LuffyOy oldin
  • We don't even have spotify in pakistan we want the full episodes on YT

    SA JidSA JidOy oldin
  • The most exiting thing to joe was his sweat of all things

    jim harleyjim harleyOy oldin
  • wow.. small changes is really tough for you guys?. Ur not even fans if u dont follow him to spotify. And it works perfektly. Even better then youtube because it lets me easily download the episodes for offline viewing,

    admir2323admir2323Oy oldin

    ChristopherChristopherOy oldin
  • I feel sad that Eddie Bravo was not there telling the Dude that space is fake. Look into it

    Daniel ErikssonDaniel ErikssonOy oldin
  • Cringeworthy

    it is what it isit is what it isOy oldin
  • Spotify ruined JRE 😪

    Isaiah EthellIsaiah EthellOy oldin
  • Fuck spotify

    Complex MusicComplex MusicOy oldin
  • I wish I could get Spotify to work consistently🥺 The video is trash for me for whatev reason and the app constantly crashes when none of my other apps do ever..but I keep trying. It bums me out this was such a great community..the comments alone lol Before I didn't miss an episode. I watched JRE grow from the starting, I buy his merch, I have a friggen JRE sticker on my Truck and his autograph on my Sport wall..and now it barely works so I can rarely watch. First world problems for sure but JRE has helped me keep my sanity for so long and opened my mind to so many people and things.. 2020 I hate you lol

    SendMeLocationSendMeLocationOy oldin
  • shoulda called eddie bravo for this one ))