China's Economic Influence Over American Movies and Sports

3-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1573 with Matthew Yglesias.

  • The Chinese market place is dreadful. The median income in China is $4000. Why on earth would anybody want access to that market place and to go to all the effort of destroying the US home market.

    bighand69bighand69Kun oldin
  • Next Vox article is going to be how brave this "man" was for appearing and Joe Rogan was wearing a nazi jacket...

    Sam ScraplaSam Scrapla2 kun oldin
  • Someone has been warning about China for 30 years. His name is Trump

    Brandon CorellBrandon Corell5 kun oldin
  • I don’t think Volvo is Swedish anymore, correct me if I’m wrong

    Kenneth NavarroKenneth Navarro6 kun oldin
  • This guy is like dropping with estrogen.

    PnP dynamicPnP dynamic6 kun oldin
  • China is coming, they're buying up land everywhere.

    CoachNICKENSCoachNICKENS8 kun oldin
  • Chinese censorship of movies what about western censorship replacing white historical characters with black people?

    pedroSilesiapedroSilesia11 kun oldin
  • Its hard to have my volume adjusted properly because this dudes voice is all over the fucking place

    OskaryOskary12 kun oldin
  • Stay away from soy kids.

    Sam Mind Body and SoulSam Mind Body and Soul14 kun oldin
  • Defend against the leftist tyranny

    Jason JacobsJason Jacobs15 kun oldin
  • This butt pimples voice makes me want to stick red hot pokers into my ears!

    Ryan RandallRyan Randall15 kun oldin
  • If you are going to self sensor yourself to please China ... shut the fuck up on being political here at home in USA. There are are people being political oppressed there as well as here.. but for money you can over look what China is doing .. !! Sorry excuse !! Especially when you are worth over 200 million

    Randy GouletRandy Goulet15 kun oldin

    ValleyValley15 kun oldin
  • This guy has no idea what he’s talking about

    Zach BrewertonZach Brewerton15 kun oldin
  • Why are you talking to a man that’s talking like a woman!!

    BigAvo231BigAvo23115 kun oldin
    • That respects women, just back to front!!

      BigAvo231BigAvo23115 kun oldin
    • Yeah that’s in a mans world

      BigAvo231BigAvo23115 kun oldin
    • Weak as a piss trough

      BigAvo231BigAvo23115 kun oldin
  • It’s when businesses grow to businesses to countries to the globe and Christ made all man to govern the earth for Heaven, and guess what your opposed countries ruling the earth and when we should have our own independent government ruling on the inside and that’s why your so opposed. Ask yourself the question are you opposed to this question??

    BigAvo231BigAvo23115 kun oldin
  • I could tolerate his voice if what came out of his mouth wasn't complete and abject bullshit with no backing.

    Andrew MichaelAndrew Michael16 kun oldin
  • He looks like Fat Joe but fatter and gayer

    Kelly HuffakerKelly Huffaker16 kun oldin
  • This guy is the woke left

    MattMatt16 kun oldin
  • Guys, don't you think there is ton of American propaganda in American films?

    MjhavokMjhavok16 kun oldin
  • Maybe I’m lost or something but I thought @JoeRogan wasn’t to be on UZworld anymore or am I bugging out somebody help me out here

    Lamaar PLamaar P16 kun oldin
  • It’s not Chinese type A from Taiwan loool china doesn’t recognize them because the Taiwan side lost the civil war and fled to that island and announced themselves they weren’t Chinese

    Johnny HuangJohnny Huang17 kun oldin
  • Social pressure? This country has gone full retard.

    Steven GrovesSteven Groves17 kun oldin
  • Joe, long time fan, but I have never listened to a second of your voice on Spotify

    schecterschecter17 kun oldin
  • This guy is really annoying to listen to

    Villa OtreborVilla Otrebor17 kun oldin
  • Funny how this video has lower views of other jre clips

    Jake RamJake Ram17 kun oldin
  • Isnt it called the NATIONAL basketball association? Lol what kind of National representative league are you running when you need Chinese viewers?

    Mark ClementsMark Clements17 kun oldin
  • disney owns marvel and china owns 57% of disney so they have to do what the chinese say

    yesyes18 kun oldin
  • Bob Kelly's gay brother

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name18 kun oldin
  • at 3:40 this guy says "we have free speech here. its a world of difference from china." no it isn't different. in the US you can get doxxed and lose your job if you get caught using the wrong gender pronouns. or great example. a 22 yr old woman in the states accused a black teen of stealing here phone recently. his father was there to help. she tackled the kid. they want to charge her for assault, thats fair. but went and gave her name and her prior arrest records. leaving it to the mob what kind of jstice she deserves. it wont take long for people to find her. in the united states your free speech is protected from prosecution by the gov, not the mob. in china its the opposite. if the gov decides what youre saying is dangerous toward society they will suspend your social media, block it , or fine you. worst case, you'll do time. in the states the gov wont do anything but social media will block or ban you, or you will be taken to court for hate speech. then they give out your address for people to find you or your family and fuck you up. you're fucked

    myfoodisheremyfoodishere18 kun oldin
    • in the US they make excuses for why there is violence used against an individual for exercising their free speech. if what you say is deemed racist, sexist, anti lgbtqa etc letters, nazi, etc, then they feel they have the right to harm you and destroy your property. you guys saw the riots.

      myfoodisheremyfoodishere18 kun oldin
  • lol here comes the china hate again. china doesnt have an influence. money does. these people arent swayed by china's politics or ideologies. theyre influenced by cash. its really that simple. if venezuela was throwing money their way they would do the same

    myfoodisheremyfoodishere18 kun oldin
  • joe rogan rocking the ultimate dad jacket

    myfoodisheremyfoodishere18 kun oldin
  • Up-speak

    @BlaqArtist@BlaqArtist18 kun oldin
  • I'd genuinely like to know what goes through some of y'alls mind when watching a serious topic like what the title says and the only thing you can think to comment is haha he's fat or haha he talks stupid, not even considering what they're saying. Please help me

    Kyle NelsonKyle Nelson18 kun oldin
  • if marvel needs a tibetan. Im here!

    jampel tenzinjampel tenzin18 kun oldin
  • this guys voice is killing me

    How To Be A ManHow To Be A Man18 kun oldin

    otoolexotoolex18 kun oldin
  • UTTER NONSENSE! you dont need to be the No1 economy to be able to say "NO" to china! Just say no! Cut all ties! Economy is NOT AN EXCUSE! This guys ideas and logic are very wrong, very naive, dangerously dumb!

    Kay JayKay Jay18 kun oldin
  • 2:40 They do not "need" access, they "WANT" access! This guy is the problem we have in the west. People in powerful positions, but actually are very stupid, with stulid opinions and stupid ideas! The only way to deal with china is to say "no"! "no! will will not do business with you". cut all ties. plain and simple.

    Kay JayKay Jay18 kun oldin
  • China took capitalism and ran with it! The definition of capitalism, socialism, communism etc. has changed over time because it's human nature and very intelligent to make adjustments to reach the goals of a country. If you pigeon hole yourself into thinking captialism can only be one way and simply refuse to improve it while others (like China) are unashamed about discarding the things that didn't work for the OLD communism and China is not ashamed to incorporate capitalism into achieving their goals. America has to wake up before it's too late and update capitalism in a way that unites the country. Just forget about those outdated labels and what they used to mean. What kind of country do we want to be? Then just do it!! Technology = power to the people. It's about time we used that power for higher purposes than extracting advertising dollars. Totally doable - fix the math!

    Pie LogicPie Logic18 kun oldin
  • Pat Tillman got fragged

    cubeincubescubeincubes18 kun oldin
  • An extremely childish and short sighted argument and mindset

    Allen LoweAllen Lowe18 kun oldin
    • If you want to sell things to China don't offend china... if you don't care about Chinese money then fuck em.

      Allen LoweAllen Lowe18 kun oldin
  • Lol “white wash human right violations”, China is ACTIVELY COMMITTING GENOCIDE. It’s hilarious though how no one will talk about it because of Mama Susan and Mark suckaturd’s love for that creamy salty warm human rights abusing-organ harvesting-pandemic starting yen.

    Devin O'NeillDevin O'Neill19 kun oldin
  • Michael Bay be like 👀

    Eduardo Grasso TVEduardo Grasso TV19 kun oldin
  • Looks China is going to strongly support to Native Americans human rights and their free homeland.

    Indigenous VoiceIndigenous Voice19 kun oldin
  • Do you have to swear my kids hear me listening to you and start staring at me when you swear just a request

    mohammed panchbhayamohammed panchbhaya19 kun oldin
  • "Was very clever, clever little of being bitch!" Good one Joe 😁😁

    thejonesbassthejonesbass19 kun oldin
  • "its a clever little way to be a bitch"

    Del IciousDel Icious19 kun oldin
  • Sounds like China sent their eunuch for propaganda

    No NeedNo Need20 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan was made in china

    Kool StoryKool Story20 kun oldin
  • Did he just say the US carries Canada on their back ? 😂

    Celina MzirayCelina Mziray21 kun oldin
  • I never understand when people put china before their own country

    Tanner CoxTanner Cox21 kun oldin
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood was never going to get a Chinese release, cuts or no. Thirty foreign films a year make it into China and none of them is ever going to be a Tarantino flick.

    turkeykaiserturkeykaiser21 kun oldin
  • This guy has his own spectrum

    strange creations 420strange creations 42021 kun oldin
  • This is not what I would’ve thought this man voice would sound like lol

    DaBoy SheeshDaBoy Sheesh21 kun oldin
  • clicked for the comments :)

    RogerkonijntjeRogerkonijntje21 kun oldin
  • As if this guy knows anything about anything lol.

    The FrankThe Frank21 kun oldin
  • I dunno the guests way of speaking is annoying as fuck.... keeps putting emphasis on weird words in his sentences....

    Riaan van der MerweRiaan van der Merwe21 kun oldin
  • JRE the biggest coward in our history.

    RAVI CROAKRAVI CROAK22 kun oldin
  • - Vox employee vaguely concerned about "China" -Voted for Joe Biden. -Insert confused Pikachu face.

    GarrettGarrett22 kun oldin
  • This guy says a lot without actually saying anything.

    GarrettGarrett22 kun oldin
  • Marxists been on the warpath against us for almost a century and a half, now. They tried revolutions in Western Europe from the late 1800's but lost to nationalists by the 1930's, fled to Berkley forming the Frankfurt School to take over American culture beginning late '60's, while other Bolsheviks seized Russia and China murdering like 80 million there and spreading it to SE Asia ,Central Asia and Africa and then some of Americas like Cuba and Venezuela .Soviets ran a cultural war here,too which Yuri Bezmenov warned of.Now China.

    bademoxybademoxy23 kun oldin
  • Everyone that caters to china is democratic.....

    K SinghK Singh24 kun oldin
  • Leif loket Olsson had a flamboyant child it seems.

    sprowl sproutsprowl sprout24 kun oldin
  • Over 2 million CCP spies in the West. It’s part of their philosophy of “total war”. Infiltration and subversion.

    Nathan SNathan S24 kun oldin
  • King James is a fraud. He will speak about the country he makes millions of dollars for playing basketball a racist nation. On his off season go to China makes money hand over fist to a country the slaves the on people to make his shoes. He doesn't give a shit never has never will.

    Adam ThompsonAdam Thompson24 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget about China forcing Disney to bend the knee and to remove a black man from posters and minimize his role in the new trilogy.

    Arntor 1184Arntor 118425 kun oldin
  • Me: Listening intently to podcast. Joe: *says preposterous* Me: God dammit.

    David UndinDavid Undin25 kun oldin
  • Again with this fucking Bruce Lee thing. The movie is literally called fucking "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", ya know like a fantasy tale? Like fucking Sharon Tate isn't alive you know Joe!? She actually died, and Charles Manson didn't get knocked out. Just to let you know.

    SurgicalGlitchSurgicalGlitch25 kun oldin
  • Just remember it's the chinese gov not the majority of thier citizens that are evil

    comprucompru27 kun oldin
  • I'm glad these clips are still being uploaded. Makes sense he put the full episodes on Spotify since no one really watches that shit unless Johnny Bravo is on there

    StylezYungStylezYung27 kun oldin
  • Thank you Joe for identifying to the world the exact type of persona which is the biggest threat to liberty the world over. For a man that doesn't look to easily rolled over.. he sure is a role over.

    Black SwanBlack Swan27 kun oldin
  • A marvel character is one of tibet's cultural footprints? Who is this quack? 😒

    BlackTyeChiBlackTyeChi27 kun oldin
  • But America is doing that. They outlawed the online gambling, screwed over Antigua and Barbuda, LOST he case that was brought up, owe us millions, and refuse to pay. 😒

    BlackTyeChiBlackTyeChi27 kun oldin
  • Where is all that NBA's social justice energy when they arrive to play in China ?

    Charming PeasantCharming Peasant27 kun oldin
  • tried to go to Spotify for once to watch the full episode and Spotify is not working the search function isn't working at the moment at least.

    casper *casper *27 kun oldin
  • 6:18 coming from a man I would bet has called Trump a fascist.

    Joseph DelgadilloJoseph Delgadillo27 kun oldin
  • Just came here to say the Boondock Saints is a great movie!

    Dude RileyDude Riley28 kun oldin
  • China owns a third of the world economy, if businesses ignore what China is saying then it would be stupid for them. Most corporations aren’t considered American, they are now a global product.

    Zachery McClainZachery McClain28 kun oldin
  • Saying “right?” After every sentence is a bad habit.

    Brian BellBrian Bell28 kun oldin
  • Doesn't Isreal have more influence over those things?

    eduardo acostaeduardo acosta29 kun oldin
  • Guess why there's so many dislikes in to this video? CCP employees millions of people to illustrate social media.

    Gar FunkleGar FunkleOy oldin
  • America's kinda been doing what China's doing for a long time tho... it's just you guys never had to deal with it.

    Thiago OliveiraThiago OliveiraOy oldin
  • China can eat a bag of them, the fat bald guy already has...

    knuckle draggerknuckle draggerOy oldin
  • For all the American folk in the comments that are worrying about China's influence over your country, you legit have nothing to worry about. Anyone with the slightest understanding of geopolitics, knows China's power will be short term, and their economy is so fucking dependant on the USA it's crazy. The states is one of the most self sustainable countries in the world, you just need to keep your shit together as a society and stop following your political parties like they are football teams and recognise you are one people and you'll be fine.

    Jon BetaJon BetaOy oldin
  • it is all about quantity, if USA had 1,5B people, china would be less relevant

    Costa KontiCosta KontiOy oldin
  • China owns 50 to 60% of Disney

    Sunny KaySunny KayOy oldin
  • Everything the guy just said is happening in America. U want talk about censorship? How many people lost their jobs, or cancelled by these moron SJW in the last year? U don’t play by their rules, u lose ur lively hood and ur family can starve. So please, before any complain about what China is doing, just look at what the US did and is still doing.

    Yin LiuYin LiuOy oldin
  • Ya, but the US does do that. Just look at the Middle East, Contras, Vietnam....etc Also, the players want to make money. Who do u think is paying these $200 million contracts?

    Yin LiuYin LiuOy oldin
  • Lol this guy thinks America’s playing air hockey with China when China’s on some 4D chess shit already got 2 fingers up his ass and a gun in his mouth😂. Prime example of a perfectly bright American who can’t see beyond the next 2 years😂

    Will SWill SOy oldin
  • Archery also treats Taiwan as Chinese Taipei.

    PaniKontrolPaniKontrolOy oldin
  • If there were 1 billion americans walmart would get bigger and the poverty would increase. It is true that China has influence with their ultra high population, but that influence comes at a cost of child labor, lack of human rights, no diversity, no freedom of speech, ultra lpw minimum wages, fake meat, fake rice, bad environment and pollution, and many other things that americans enjoy today and would not enjoy if there were 1 bn people. This dude is a complete clown

    Andres CruzAndres CruzOy oldin
  • Its Capitalism at the end of the day for NBA and American Filmmaking. Even though I dont agree with it. They do dumb shit for China to sell more of the product. Communism is terrible, but that shit is Capatalism 101 for the corporations.

    HellbatHellbatOy oldin
  • What's up with the like to dislike ratio?

    IamPOOPIamPOOPOy oldin
  • i am pretty sure the rock and his fakeass smile sold out too.

    You ShallNotPassYou ShallNotPassOy oldin
  • Just roll over America already I’m disgusted to be apart of it

    Scyth3Scyth3Oy oldin
  • This guy sounds like that waiter guy from The Simpsons.

    PetePreneur - Entrepreneur VlogPetePreneur - Entrepreneur VlogOy oldin
  • China IS the biggest market!!! Also, free speech? What is that?

    Mr TabooMr TabooOy oldin
  • This guys voice makes me think he has the testosterone level even lower than the Try Guys.

    christopher bastaschristopher bastasOy oldin
  • Really?? This is absolutely garbage. Because doctor strange didn’t cast a Tibetan as the white chick? News flash most of America is white. I’m assuming they take the best actor/actress they can get for the role. Jesus Christ. It’s identical to the game of thrones interview. Stop making excuses. Maybe her audition tape was better....idk....not everything has to be source material. Because an actor/actress takes on the role better you shame them????

    Dingus MacGooberDingus MacGooberOy oldin