Dr. Mark Gordon Weighs In on California COVID Lockdowns

6-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1589 with Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr. open.spotify.com/episode/63rrJQVK26FuyaMDnY7a3z?si=XOM5MtvhSKe_XqDgm7nQhg

  • It's called fascism lads

    lewis estlewis est24 daqiqa oldin
  • Eufaula Giant power grab so every one of those businesses will have to get government loans then not have the money to pay it back then the government seizes it and turns it into something else and the government is already buying up tons of farming land so they can govern the crop

    Billy QuaidBilly Quaid27 daqiqa oldin
  • You need to stop critiquing these policies as if they were implemented in good faith. Look at the results (thousands of small businesses destroyed, churches closed, people cut off from their communities, the wealth of common people wiped out with no plausible road to recovery, etc.) and assume that this was the intended goal. Why? Because they all add up to a population that will be nearly 100% reliant of the government. Look at the result, assume it was intended.

    dakotaslimdakotaslimSoat oldin
  • Jesus Christ for someone who left CA, Joe really can't stop obsessing about it.

    Joshua GossettJoshua GossettSoat oldin
  • Canadian here, considering moving to the US

    Shane BromfieldShane Bromfield3 soat oldin
  • The people of California are starting to wake up to reality of paying the high taxes to become prisoners of their politicians

    Geo MaloonGeo Maloon4 soat oldin
  • Bruh just say it. Democrat ran cities and states are where it’s fucked up. Enough beating around the bush

    Richard CraniumRichard Cranium5 soat oldin
  • spotify more like nopify!

    Alex WestAlex West9 soat oldin
  • "Some other factor negating the lockdown efforts", hmm maybe inconsistent testing availability, seven to twelve days of incubation before a positive test is shown, and the fact that many people ignore the safeguards anyways. Terrible example and weak logic there Dr. Gordon

    Stephen CarrilloStephen Carrillo18 soat oldin
  • Leaving California just to make Texas more like California. 👍 🖕

    jakejake19 soat oldin
  • Big businesses, elimination then domination$$$$$$$

    Trevor VairyTrevor Vairy22 soat oldin
  • Smug wealthy "escape to the country" types. Yuck. Good riddance. I love my city whcih is just as chaotic as LA

    JimboJimbo23 soat oldin
  • "figure out a way to staff them (ICUs)" LoL - let's just miracle some ICU nurses out of the sky. Problem solved, right?

    FilthyFilthyKun oldin
  • Remember boys and girls California is the model for the rest of the country....

    Kenneth BurkKenneth BurkKun oldin
  • FL here. We’re not paying any extra taxes and we’re not closed. We’re also not dying any more than you are

    MurphMusicMurphMusicKun oldin
  • Joe rogan sucks these days Go back to CA dude. Austin doesnt want you

    benjaminbenjaminKun oldin
  • We turned the convention center in denver into a auxiliary ER for covid and never sent a single patient there. Instead sent a bunch of drug riddled bums. Now it smells like piss. Enjoy that if you come here for any events. Oh and cost tax payers millions. Not including the cost of lost revenue

    James MJames MKun oldin
  • I stay healthy vitamins and zinc no alcohol or drugs just burn bud mask don’t work imagine wearing mask all day not breathing fresh air or gettin any sun inside all day our kids don’t even go out schools are done they ain’t goin back covid is a weapon they changed everything how they wanted we turned into China even our money goin digital just like China

    franco perrottafranco perrottaKun oldin
  • It's getting crazy here in Canada

    Ken AdamsKen AdamsKun oldin
  • Lockdowns masks and distancing is all bullshit

    Fma fg GddvhFma fg GddvhKun oldin
  • there is a huge cultural element to the California numbers that is hard for anyone to adress appropriately without being called racist.

    831lunatic831lunaticKun oldin
  • Newscam & friends want the businesses to fail so they can build new apartment complexes.

    RandyRandyKun oldin
  • That's their goal Joe. They want everyone broke and dependent on the government so they can take our freedom "for our own good". Its coming

    Baked VikingsBaked VikingsKun oldin
    • uzworld.info/player/video/gHLNoKeLhM2Sf6o

      Solomon truth loverSolomon truth lover8 soat oldin
    • That's cool but the path of a rune druid is watching the signs of the times. Learning and remembering patterns from history to predict the future baised on present signs of existence. Watch for runes in trees (ect.) can translate modernized into watch for repeating patterns (trees have rings that reflect climate history through growth)

      Baked VikingsBaked Vikings16 soat oldin
    • @Baked Vikings I don't believe till I see. That's just me. Till then the norse gods will give me a sign when its time.

      Ominiumshadow24Ominiumshadow2416 soat oldin
    • Actually working on it. Thanks for the encouragement

      Baked VikingsBaked Vikings16 soat oldin
    • @Baked Vikings Lol. If I had $10,000. Everytime keep reading the comments about deep state not Rep/Dem anymore. It still wouldn't be enough to live comfortably. How's about this. Do something about it and stop whining.

      Ominiumshadow24Ominiumshadow2416 soat oldin
  • Masks aren't working because your fellow Americans here in California believe more in their rights than to just help out and wear a mask and social distance.

    Andrew J CastanedaAndrew J CastanedaKun oldin
  • All these celebrities and musicians living there telling me Trump is the problem while their states crumble. I’m so happy that Americans can go back to worshiping their celebrities again guilt free.

    Max PowerMax PowerKun oldin
  • Wanna heal your body in the best and easiest way that`s possible ? Pick a water, that contains silica and you will be amazed..

    NoTime ToYesNoTime ToYes2 kun oldin
  • please dont ruin our Free - REd states....

    Victor Da SilvaVictor Da Silva2 kun oldin
  • California just released information that their brand of testing they were using were giving a high percentage of false negative test results. So people were given negative results and unknowingly going about their business, when they should have been quarantining.

    Shannon BarataShannon Barata2 kun oldin
  • I've watched exactly 1 full episode of JRE since moving to spotify. Downloaded the spotify app, registered and was notified that spotify isn't available in my country. Got a VPN, tried again and was able to watch one before spotify logged me out and again notified me that spotify isn't available in my country. Sincerely, fuck spotify.

    RyuRyu2 kun oldin
  • Thank you Astronaut Chris Hadfield!

    Crazy CockCrazy Cock2 kun oldin
  • I find it funny with California It reminds me of grounds keeper willie when he says "damn Scots they ruined Scotland" instead with californians

    Levi BullLevi Bull2 kun oldin
  • Ask yourself who is buying up these businesses when they go bankrupt. Could this be an exchange of wealth ? Then look at the cities that close down the tightest. Are they democrat? Hmm don't help the Trump administration buy opening and ruin businesses then swoop in and buy them up for a nice profit. Is comrad D blasio ready to open now Trump is leaving. Bet so

    JJP365 NineJJP365 Nine2 kun oldin
  • "...as soon as you make something a law and send cops out to enforce that and the cops think they are justified..." Joe Rogan accidentally with full gorilla brain emotion explaining perfectly the rationale and logic behind the A.C.A.B. (all cops are bastards) slogan

    Frank DuxFrank Dux2 kun oldin
  • Fuck... I got nothing out of watching this...

    Chris VillegasChris Villegas3 kun oldin
  • This doctor is awful... please get someone on the show that works with covid everydsy

    AGIORDANO0929AGIORDANO09293 kun oldin
  • Joe “we gotta figure out a way” Rogan

    Marlon AntoneMarlon Antone3 kun oldin
  • This is the most moronic video ever. He didn’t use any medical reasonings to back up his opinions.

    Marcus RashfordMarcus Rashford3 kun oldin
  • Everyone smart is leaving California.

    VenusianTruthsVenusianTruths3 kun oldin
  • Come to the UK,totalitarianism at it's finest,arrested for leaving you're house..nuts!!!

    Pauline BlundellPauline Blundell3 kun oldin
  • Yes! Liberal values, yes to progress! Oh what you actually gonna tax me to fund the programs I support? IM OUT! it's just human nature, I'm not mad a u Rogan

    X averiusX averius3 kun oldin
  • Total global death from everything.

    Ian HernandezIan Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • Can we get a total global death count for 2015-2021? Each year... To see how much difference there is

    Ian HernandezIan Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • Why would you call anyway on that scenario are you that fucking desperate and bored with your life

    Tristan LakeTristan Lake3 kun oldin
  • The problem is that this is a selfish country. The reason this is not working is because people are still breaking all protocols at all times.

    Christian MezaChristian Meza3 kun oldin
  • the shutdowns were used to scare people into submission and be more willing to be controlled, censored and follow orders like wearing a mask. Now few people complain about wearing a mask indefinitely into the future. The government and propogandist media use fear shame and guilt to control

    Bryan GipeBryan Gipe3 kun oldin
  • I'm just grateful that Joe's podcast is still getting to youtube.

    New BeginningsNew Beginnings3 kun oldin
  • This guys a fraud. Not a doctor

    Mink MediaMink Media3 kun oldin
  • Texans mad as hell all these people moving there.

    Tom ForbesTom Forbes3 kun oldin
  • Can they both still get taxed by CA? I know they were trying to pass a bill to still tax non-residents.

    Jared SmithJared Smith4 kun oldin

    Sheri CSheri C4 kun oldin
  • The other element that is spreading the covid is the hospitals lying about who has it wake up !

    Jankycorruptworld PlanxJankycorruptworld Planx4 kun oldin
  • California proves that it takes a lot of money to keep the rich separate from the rest of us. Money, the rich do not want to pay and government obliges.

    Thorsten DebsThorsten Debs4 kun oldin
  • California lockdowns are child’s play when compared to the UK. I’ve seen my business closed and the staff that are left refusing to leave their house for fear of death. The mental health ramifications of COVID lockdowns will be the stain that can not be removed

    David BurnsDavid Burns4 kun oldin
  • Where's Brian Dunning at to go hard against Dr. Mark Gordon again for "selling supplements"?

    BradyBrady4 kun oldin
  • We live in crazy times for sure but the people in charge only care about what money they get, they don't care about you! A revolt is the only answer

    Jim SmithJim Smith4 kun oldin
  • Those spikes don’t indicate testing ratios or indicate likelihood of time of infection. Also are those cases a compounding value or simple absolute value...

    Daniel WheelerDaniel Wheeler4 kun oldin
  • "We all know it .......but you can't say it ....but we all know it is true": the covid story is a big hoax, redistributing public money to big pharma, kill Western economies and in the same time reset the globe into an Orwellian gear ! Covid ain't no pandemic !! NO overmortality in the USA in 2020 !! Covid deaths ??? same amount of deaths in 2020 than in 2919 in the USA 2018 2,839,205 868/100k 2019 2,855.000 870/100k 2020 2,902,664 878/100k with doubling overdoses/suucides/homocides banned.video/watch?id=5ff367a135d67a2a75b90443 covid hoax 99% survive the covid-19 virus death rate of 0.016% of the general population !! 90% of the PCR tests are false positives ! (a PCR test is NOT A DIAGNOSE for covid-19 = only an indication for further lab research ... (look at the damn test prescription leaflet of the manufacturer) 99% of covid patients ...recover from covid 0.16% die from covid Covid-19 = NO PANDEMIC !! leftist authoritarian fascists say: DON'T YOU DARE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF !!! lockdowns = house arrests .

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski4 kun oldin
  • I live n California. It's a pattern. We lockdown, numbers go down, we open up, numbers go up.

    Adam StoneAdam Stone4 kun oldin
  • Wow this "doctor" said masks don't work. He didn't think that not everyone wear masks all the time.

    mehrshadvr4mehrshadvr44 kun oldin
    • The huge majority of people do and have worn masks and it doesn't make a difference to the number of "cases". Same thing with lockdowns. Why keep doing what does not work?

      Mary MacdonaldMary MacdonaldSoat oldin
    • I was thinking the same. He is an idiot. The reason the lock downs don't work is because everyone ignores them. When public places get shut down people just party with their friends instead.

      M BlairM Blair2 kun oldin
  • Give me a break. Listen to what Gordon says at 2:10, and then at 4:40. What on earth could be causing increased cases in California? I live here, and things are open. This guy knows that nothing is enforced, and people are selfish, but then turns around and says lockdown measures don't work. I hope Gordon would just sack up and say he moved to Texas purely for tax and ideological purposes, and not spread misinformation about the efficacy of lockdown measures. Just be honest about it. Covid rules work if enforced, there's plenty of evidence for that.

    hoax88hoax884 kun oldin
  • I'm not watching jre on fucking Spotify.

    Brandon LucasBrandon Lucas4 kun oldin
  • Was just me or did somebody noticed how Joe stumped the doctor on his idea that "lockdowns don't work" by bringing up the data and showing how it actually works?

    DC SDC S4 kun oldin

    Lester PalocsayLester Palocsay4 kun oldin
  • Y’all know it’s the Democrats causing this? These two better not keep voting for that in Texas

    G1bby7G1bby75 kun oldin
  • What is he talking about every movement in California is under surveillance? I’m curious if anyone knows what this is about? I live in the Bay Area and I’ve never heard of any cops coming to peoples houses. 🙄.

    2017 !2017 !5 kun oldin
  • The biggest issue I have is that they are ONLY ever talking about, "New cases" and how many people have gotten COVID. WHO CARES about how many people get it when the ONLY thing that should matter is how many people are ACTUALLY DIEING FROM IT. When its a virus with a 99.7% survivability it doesn't really matter how many people get it. That would be like freaking out every year about how many people catch a cold or the flu. Do you see people freaking out over that, NO, because its essentially non fatal except for those that are already ill or elderly, JUST LIKE COVID. So that's why I dont care if I catch it, ill be fine and so will the majority of other people. That's why I will never understand these lockdowns, they make ZERO sense.

    Chris LChris L5 kun oldin
  • Doctor everything you said in the beginning of the interview about California and those are the reasons why you moved to Texas. Remember THEM when it’s time for you to vote in Texas.

    Rick HansenRick Hansen5 kun oldin
  • Good stuff here!!! 👌👍 vitamins!!!👎b.s. masks & closings!!! We should know by now...

    Kat CortellucciKat Cortellucci5 kun oldin
  • Be careful with vitamin D. Too much can cause you to urinate frequently due to hypercalcemia.

    Jon JonezJon Jonez5 kun oldin
  • We all know the bullsh*t going on, but people are to addicted to social media and streaming platforms to do something about reality.

    Jeroen VegerJeroen Veger5 kun oldin
  • Come on Joe, don't be a covid denier.... the UK has so far spent 700 Billion on covid restrictions it has brought in... The cost to run the NHS in its normal entirety each year is 120 Billion. You would have to wonder how much better we would have gotten on if we'd simply doubled the NHS budget for the year and USED the hospitals we built for covid patients instead of leaving them empty. I reckon you'd get a massive improvement in enthusiasm from the NHS staff if you doubled their wages through the pandemic - it would certainly be better than giving money away to people on furlough who could be continuing to work as the vast majority of people of working age are at no significant risk from this virus anyway.

    skierbazskierbaz5 kun oldin
  • I’ve always suspected he’s a Trumper but now it’s confirmed. Joe Rogan is a Trumper!

    Enoch Osaji-OkaiEnoch Osaji-Okai5 kun oldin
  • They leave the part out that restrictions actually work on curving the spread of virus. Being inconvenienced isn’t a talking point, more so when you put your opinion up against a new death every few minutes in LA County.

    h0tdiceh0tdice5 kun oldin
  • Watching Joe interpret a figure is rough lol 🤣

    Anthony ColvardAnthony Colvard5 kun oldin
  • Who will staff these ICUs?

    Anthony ColvardAnthony Colvard5 kun oldin
  • Correction: Supreme Court has ruled Police forces aren't obligated to protect citizens. We have the right to protect ourselves. Police are there to protect property. They "protect and serve" property owners. The gov. owns everything. Don't come with, but the people own that gov. property because "gov. by the people". The constitution was ripped up a few decades ago and nobody blinked.

    Jeff ChristJeff Christ5 kun oldin
    • Are you sure about the covid case increases? How can you be sure. When this started, people with injuries were classified as covid cases. These same quacks are going to be believed? These bullying tactics will go the way of all bullies. Swing back, and they leave you alone, they're cowards and big talkers. There is most certainly something else is going on.

      Jeff ChristJeff Christ5 kun oldin
  • Funny how when Alex Jones brings up information about pcr test's inaccuracy and the importance of vitamin D3 it's all whacko conspiracy theories but then months later the "news" reports on the same things and now it's ok to question these things and ok to consider alternate ideas.

    brad biscuitbrad biscuit6 kun oldin
  • Im from Calgary and its -10 at the moment. Being homeless these restrictions have led to increased overdoses and a spike in crime. We need places like the library and indoor dining. The shelters are only allowed 25% capacity which means once you leave its very difficult to get back in. At this point it feels like jail is the place to be which is incredibly disgusting.

    Brennan SwansonBrennan Swanson6 kun oldin
  • "figure out a way to staff them (ICU)", how you do that? It takes years to get qualified doctors and nurses. What you do? Hire them from other countries? And the thing is, this staff is needed worldwide not just in the usa.

    Martin ProMartin Pro6 kun oldin
  • Lmfaoooo when se said is that enough? 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 welcome to Texas

    Norma LiliaNorma Lilia6 kun oldin
  • How tf everyone wearing a mask in a Restaurant you mean they walked in with one

    Makinout MakinoutMakinout Makinout6 kun oldin
  • The 2020 debate was: Should we work together to try to stop the spread of a highly contagious disease or not? The 2021 debate: Should we just independently work by ourselves to try not to catch the disease from the masses?

    Jason KnottsJason Knotts6 kun oldin
  • Joe cut him off right when he was going into the PCR tests being bullshit... i don’t like censorship joe

    No SignalNo Signal6 kun oldin
  • Tax the fucking billionaires and all this bullshit is fixed

    Vitor FerreiraVitor Ferreira6 kun oldin
  • Why are people so self important? The biggest reason to comply with lockdown restrictions is to prevent mutations that the whole world is already seeing; which could develop to be antibody immune. There is already evidence to suggest new variants may not be (current) vaccine receptive. The more it spreads the more this virus can & will mutate and the longer it will grip life as we know it: our economies, mortality rates, ‘our rights’... If he has his panties in a twist over restrictions in place in specific states (which are much like other counties) wait until we give the virus enough hosts to mutate effectively for years to come! THEN you’ll wish you stuck around for the first 12 months of restrictions back in 2020. How can someone who is a Dr be stupid enough to play the “my rights!” card. Your rights will be a worthless currency if we can’t beat Covid. And do you know the only rule to winning this fight no matter how many times the rules change? Slow it down by stopping the spread so we can get ahead of it & go offensive rather than defensive. At the moment we are defenceless and mutations can be far more dangerous despite a virus wanting to stay alive. The worse this virus gets the more restrictions you will see in your day to day life. Grow up, man up and help the whole fucking world survive instead of just your porn stash’s right to touch restaurant cuisine. Jesus

    Chris ButlerChris Butler6 kun oldin
  • Cmdr Hadfield is also a doctor? Impressive!

    deeshmonddeeshmond6 kun oldin
  • Dude just said sheriff of California lol

    CamCam6 kun oldin
  • It’s pretty funny a doctor is saying Ted Cruz is a better senator lol

    CamCam6 kun oldin
  • Joe complains about over reaching government and then proposes a tax. I’m not sure he even knows what he wants.

    jimmygleajimmyglea6 kun oldin
  • i dont know whats up but lockdown work for many countries and cities

    CALVINCALVIN6 kun oldin
  • Fix the studio man

    Erland HaslaErland Hasla6 kun oldin
  • Im from the coast of Cali and every time I watch this show Joe makes me want to move to Texas. The " Powerful JRE " fosho lol

    Suzanne CSuzanne C6 kun oldin
  • the left has left their mark on California for sure

    Mackenzie OwensMackenzie Owens6 kun oldin
  • Mask don't work? A "doctor" said this? Must be nice to be that dumb and yet privileged enough to just move across the country complaining the whole way.

    Panama RedPanama Red6 kun oldin
  • 2:50 Really Joe? Yes, people are losing businesses and money, and it's awful, but to say that you'd rather spend money to open up more ICU space? That cost is not just in money, it's in human lives.

    Ryan TRyan T6 kun oldin
  • Obviously Joe doesn't know that staffing an ICU room is not just a few month operation, it takes years to train staff to run an ICU room!

    Kris MmmKris Mmm6 kun oldin
  • Joe your so naive, taxes are never temporary, never revoked, only made larger over time.

    Cee teeCee tee6 kun oldin
  • The number case changed after the election.

    Greg DismukesGreg Dismukes6 kun oldin
  • all im saying is life as we knew it is over now. there will NEVER be another time in your life where you can walk into a building without a mask ever again. maybe thats a good thing, but we never had to wear them before and it was never a problem. they will never allow full capacity again in places, which means in many places you will just be in a long line outside of the building so it sucks if you live in a rainy/cold area. and if you dare try and have a get-together or a BBQ you could get in trouble and fined and who knows what els and how far they will go if you keep doing it. this is the new future hope everyone is gonna be happy with all the new permanent changes because i know i sure am not thrilled

    Tony MontanaTony Montana6 kun oldin
  • If you listen to this podcast at 153 - 154 minutes in you can hear someone whispering, dictating exactly what joe asks dr mark about the vaccination.

    Ian ThomsonIan Thomson6 kun oldin