"Going Clear" Writer Lawrence Wright Talks Scientology and Tom Cruise

5-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1588 with Lawrence Wright. open.spotify.com/episode/0qbecQfkEbDavPaDv7EzHN?si=9fExwuZ_SJe5d0yeFIZlqw

  • Scientology is part of the Illuminati Freemasons.

    iNewsTViNewsTVSoat oldin
  • Shelley says going clear is great! It gave her the power of invisibility!

    smashtoadsmashtoad11 soat oldin
  • Joe how do you feel about Spotify censoring the President? Is that what you stand for?

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez15 soat oldin
  • I hate that it's on spotify but not on youtube. Even though I hate youtube. It was a good site until it became a routine for its users and then stabbed them in the back because that's just fucking profit driving a business as usual for ya thanks to daddy capitalism. I might get spotify actually, but it's just replacing a turd with another turd

    Canzandridas JoeCanzandridas Joe18 soat oldin
  • Joe “I seriously considered being a Scientologist once” Rogan

    Patrick BakerPatrick Baker19 soat oldin
  • Whitey Lawrence sings the blues

    Maverick spaceMaverick space19 soat oldin
  • Joe should have Tony Robins on!

    Constantin BudtConstantin Budt21 soat oldin
  • Are they in a red submarine?

    nunya businessnunya businessKun oldin
  • Rastafari is another religion that is known. It started when the king of England sent his son to Selassie's coronation and there was a black king upon the throne once again ...

    Charles GichardCharles GichardKun oldin
  • It's a shame that you totally sold out - used to enjoy watching you on UZworld - won't use the Spotify platform. Shame

    Mark GolightlyMark GolightlyKun oldin
  • There’s tons of recent religions where we know the “creators” and they’re all fake - not just the new religions but all the religions ever. If y’all are looking for a god that wants you to die for him, you are brainwashed beyond repair

    anne weberanne weberKun oldin
  • It's crazy how people crap on scientology, but accept all these other bat crap crazy religions. Ooo using technology to remove bad spirits is crazy, but drinking the blood and eating the body of your savior to allow his spirit in you is a miracle. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Max MillionMax MillionKun oldin
  • i feel like scientology is like a mafia, or gov, i mean jim carrery is one and his girl friend commited suicide under weird circumstances...

    WayneWayneKun oldin
  • I don't know whos dumber Scientologist or Libtards. Imagine being both

    Raymond DowlingRaymond DowlingKun oldin
  • Never seen an upload without the mention of: matial arts, aliens or drugs.

    ROY FRROY FRKun oldin
  • That is the least chill room I've ever seen.

    Bb bBb b2 kun oldin
  • There's absolutely NO mystery as to why "celebrities" are attracted to Scientology: it reaffirms everything they think about themselves (and everything the industry has told them). That is, that they are super special people who everyone should bow down to. If you already have an inflated ego, what better but to find an organization FULL of people who believe the same thing about you???? Now add a bunch of slave-labor Sea Org. members who do your house keeping, laundry, and basically act as your personal slave and why WOULDN'T a "celebrity" want that?

    PurselmerPurselmer2 kun oldin
  • Tom busted Clear on the reckless cast & crew - a few weeks ago... "Am I clear " ? he said it.

    El Sucio FederaliEl Sucio Federali2 kun oldin
  • All religions are crazy

    K PK P2 kun oldin
  • Whose watched less since Spotify?

    Zelda SpellmanZelda Spellman2 kun oldin
  • Never going to spotify, about to leave UZworld all together. Everything is breaking.

    Brian KBrian K2 kun oldin
  • Scientology has you sign a contact for multiple life times. Who else does such a thing? The gov. The gov will give you multiple life sentences. Me thinks the gov and scientology know somethi g many others dont.

    Nicholas LashNicholas Lash2 kun oldin
  • Scientology is a ridiculous joke. I can’t believe people buy into this shit. But then again, I look at all the “great” politicians you’ve voted in to office and it all makes sense now...

    Chris HannivanChris Hannivan2 kun oldin
  • Joe lied, he said he was getting rid of the water bottles

    Justin ZerbinopoulosJustin Zerbinopoulos2 kun oldin
  • Joe is continuing his transition to a tomato. He's almost ripe.

    William ThomasWilliam Thomas2 kun oldin
    • Dana's fully ripe

      dhalsim1dhalsim117 soat oldin
  • I refuse to move to spotify.

    Alex LavertyAlex Laverty3 kun oldin
  • Fuck spiritual seeking.Drink Irish whiskey that`s the spirit

    wayne mcauliffewayne mcauliffe3 kun oldin
  • Can we please stop letting uneducated people speaking on religion considering the freedom of religion is based on Saladin and his tolerance for others religions and is ancient so stop saying our country has religious freedom when the idea of it didn't even start here so quit forgetting about those who came before you

    Cody PingCody Ping3 kun oldin
  • scientologists are modern equivalent of mormons. lol

    glen pierceglen pierce3 kun oldin
  • Have stopped listening to Joe since the move, shame as I like him but can't be bothered with Spotify

    ClaznayClaznay3 kun oldin
  • No different than Trumpism..

    Frank MarkusFrank Markus4 kun oldin
  • Joe should have willie Nelson on here

    Hagen JamesHagen James4 kun oldin
  • They really need to remodel the studio it’s awful and red

    Robert CantspellRobert Cantspell4 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks

    Nacho Man Randy SandwichNacho Man Randy Sandwich4 kun oldin
  • Why are you in Texas? We are “uneducated” assholes”

    Jay SellersJay Sellers4 kun oldin
  • I bet if Joe did become a scientologist in 94 his e meter levels would be normal. Now he has a higher profile and they realize he's wealthy he'd get a call to come in as they found that reader was faulty. Hed then end up being treated better and all his answers to their tests will be correct.

    Geraint HortonGeraint Horton4 kun oldin
    • Every $1million is a 1% increase on the e meter lol

      Dan MorganDan Morgan4 kun oldin
  • Fuck spotify

    ShindlersFistShindlersFist4 kun oldin
  • If only JRE was available worldwide, but now that's it on Spotify, only the nations that need it least have it.

    Alexander KirkoAlexander Kirko4 kun oldin
  • Joe looking healthier by the day son

    Kain ToadKain Toad4 kun oldin
  • Rogan even says you can do video or audio on Spotify podcasts - I can't with my iPhone - it has to always play the video which is shit!!!

    Stan RobinsonStan Robinson4 kun oldin
  • Joe didnt want to just come out and say they protect closeted homosexuals. It does seem that way, how long till tom cruise and jon travolta just come out?

    FintanFintan4 kun oldin
  • Dear Scientologist who’s been tasked to read these comments to keep an ear to the ground. Your life is a lie. Don’t die this way

    Daniel HintonDaniel Hinton5 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I wish Joe would talk less and let his guest talk more... when he has a good guest at least. I only watch the ones with interesting people.

    RendrocRendroc5 kun oldin
  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • I just watch clips.

    RendrocRendroc5 kun oldin
  • One of the great things about Joe Rogan is that there was never any selling. It was what it was! The pitch for Spotify at the end of every video is off putting

    Matt A RMatt A R5 kun oldin
  • Joe, why are my videos of watching your podcast 20min before and after my gaming streams being claimed by BentPixels? Im broadcasting myself watching a free video on youtube. How can you claim the entire video?

  • People cant really believe L.Ron Hubbard was any more than a scifi writer!! What I believe is that it may be a cult that uses the lower members to profit the main members!! It feels like skull an bones for Hollywood's elite that are washed up and need cash flow!!

    Ryan MorganRyan Morgan5 kun oldin
  • Commie Joe

    tsnandytsnandy5 kun oldin
  • "IN OUR COUNTRY YOU CAN BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WANT " next day people are charging to the capitol 🤣🤣🤣😂😂yeah America is sooooo great bunch of sheep's 🐑

    Marc Pavl LebenicMarc Pavl Lebenic5 kun oldin
  • Nothing better then selling out to the biggest garbage like Spotify

    Marc Pavl LebenicMarc Pavl Lebenic5 kun oldin
  • UZworld is a culture. Spotify is an app. Not so sure this Spotify gig is going to translate easily. My guess is the “viewership” will drop by half?

    JayNsilentBoomJayNsilentBoom5 kun oldin
  • Scientology is mad, but it doesn't hold a candle to trumpism.

    Cellar DwellersCellar Dwellers5 kun oldin
  • Why was this episode pulled?

    AntiSocialEeyoreAntiSocialEeyore5 kun oldin
  • 4:54 "As a reporter I think about how people have strong political beliefs, and it doesn't affect their behavior at all." 🤔🤣

    Alföðr AryanAlföðr Aryan6 kun oldin
  • Joe “my neighbour is a Scientologist” Rogan

    GodspeedGodspeed6 kun oldin
  • I think someone paid 100 million dollars to stop Joe Rogan being heard by millions of people...

    JimBeamJimBeam6 kun oldin
  • It was still legal to kill Mormons in Missouri until about the 1960s.

    SethSeth6 kun oldin
  • Download the Spotify App today! 🤠

    BULL BEARBULL BEAR6 kun oldin
    • That's great

      Devendra PatelDevendra Patel5 kun oldin
  • 8:26 Respect for Joe for immediately shutting him down when he tried to suggest Jerry Seinfeld was in it. Must be friends. Super classy too

    AA- GamerAA- Gamer6 kun oldin
    • Yea, I caught that. He shut that down quick. To imply that because someone briefly inquired about it makes them a member is BS.

      Mr. AlexanderMr. Alexander5 kun oldin
  • Still works? Haha 😂 im crying

    bobby boucherbobby boucher6 kun oldin
  • It's NOT a RELIGION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    musiclover58musiclover587 kun oldin
  • boooooooooooring

    Mathew TeagueMathew Teague7 kun oldin
  • Lawrence wright wrote the best book on 9-11 "The Looming Tower". Really hope Joe wasn't afraid to talk to Lawrence about 9-11 cause Lawrence isn't having the conspiracy bullshit.

    Stoned PoliticsStoned Politics7 kun oldin
  • Just listening the first 5 mins Thought it was Paul Stamets

    Blessed CursorBlessed Cursor7 kun oldin

    mister Knistermister Knister7 kun oldin
  • If you're still thinking Scientology please watch "Going clear"

    Ed NortonEd Norton7 kun oldin
    • cult /kəlt/ noun a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

      Ed NortonEd Norton7 kun oldin
  • Scientologist believe in Aliens...and it was founded by an Science Fiction Author who had mental problems....!!! It´s unbelievable how stupid people can be and spent thousand and Millions of Dollars to believe this shit !!! And it is NOT a RELIGION it is a DISGUSTING CULT !!!!

    Justme21021Justme210217 kun oldin
  • and soon we'll be able to get the modern media to realize there's a third group that fits in with Scientology and Mormons. Jehovah's Witnesses. We know who started it, and its just like Mormons just even stricter. One of the main things they're known for is getting their members to refuse blood transfusions on their death bed when it would save their life. Leah Remini even did an episode special on them in her show.

    Edward JekyllEdward Jekyll7 kun oldin
  • sct is like mlm

    KaterinaTalantlivaKaterinaTalantliva7 kun oldin
  • Sounds as crazy as people thinking BLM isn’t violent

    ratnickratnick7 kun oldin
  • Sense of progress is so important in everything you do

    James BrownJames Brown7 kun oldin
  • The New JRE Clips... Joe, You need to honor your word and reopen your channel. Otherwise, you look like a sell out. FULL EPISODES!!!!!

    theIllitistPROtheIllitistPRO7 kun oldin
  • Rogan is great at orchestrating the discussion

    Charles WinsteadCharles Winstead8 kun oldin
  • why are so many mormons and scientologists super successful?

    Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell8 kun oldin
  • Joe, dive into the Raelians, you would trip out on that religion, a sci fi alien religion, a modern day claim to be the last prophet, I thinks its on its decline but was pretty big.

    Kevin Smith IIKevin Smith II8 kun oldin
  • Spotify can go fornicate themselves with a wire brush. Too hard to find, and when you finally do find the one you’re looking for... it’s audio only. With a wire brush, Spotify. A wire brush. Joe got paaaaiiiid. Good on him for bleeding you out a bit. Downside... is that he’s likely lost a slew of viewers. Probably not what he was hoping for, I’d say. Too hard to find, and once found, it ain’t what you had grown to enjoy for so long. Just sad.

    Old Street DocOld Street Doc8 kun oldin
  • This might have been your best pod cast to date rates with Mr Musk and he does look like And sound like Willy, Jake E Pake. Check out Dr Gus Greenfield on UZworld if you need a laugh.

    Dr. Gus GreenfieldDr. Gus Greenfield8 kun oldin
  • The studio makes me weirdly uncomfortable and I don’t know why.

    Brady MartinBrady Martin8 kun oldin
  • How's it any more bonkers than any other religion?

    matthew smithmatthew smith8 kun oldin
  • Oh sure nothing at all weird about Islam. Gets a pass everytime

    Dick WhiteDick White8 kun oldin
  • Next Doco should be called: Going Proud Boy... the Joe Rogan story

    Chain5'9sChain5'9s8 kun oldin
  • 1:35 "Like a scene in a movie when the record skips". I'll do you one better: uzworld.info/player/video/n6uwgtCkoJXEnqI

    Enforcement Droid Series 209Enforcement Droid Series 2098 kun oldin
  • I cant view it on my spotify. What a bummer.

    Downside UpDownside Up8 kun oldin
  • The only thing crazier than Scientology is Tom Cruise's work ethic. I dont agree with him but HOLY FUCK do I ever appreciate him!

    Doey JiazDoey Jiaz8 kun oldin

      Doey JiazDoey Jiaz3 kun oldin
    • Your name is funny as fuck 😂 SLEEP IN THE GARAGE! NO DINNER!

  • Yeah - I always think it was self help as well....

    iknitbecausemurderisfrowneduponiknitbecausemurderisfrownedupon8 kun oldin
  • So i guess all we get is clips on youtube from now on??!

    xMidgeWONxMidgeWON8 kun oldin
  • It isn't free Joe if you got to pay for Spotify.

    Alice BlissAlice Bliss8 kun oldin
  • I don’t get why he changed the background from brick and Hendrix to a toaster oven.

    Jersey MusicMan333Jersey MusicMan3338 kun oldin
  • I guess one of the prizes in Scientology is a P51 Mustang. Pretty sweet deal! I'm still not downloading Spotify

    paraspective1paraspective18 kun oldin
  • The New studio looks like they're inside of an agitated pimple, lol.

    GusThePigGusThePig8 kun oldin
  • Only thing worse tham Scientology is Zionism

    Stock FadiStock Fadi8 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan makes auditioning sound like assault 🤣

    Sonic Boom Music GroupSonic Boom Music Group8 kun oldin
  • In an alien satelite ?

    Rabi DashRabi Dash8 kun oldin
  • Religion is just a sky daddy insecure people need to feel safe and sound tbh imagine reading a 2,000 year old book that says slavery is cool and the earth is both flat and young, and concluding "this is legit im definitely not brainwashed"

    Ja'Quandre JonesJa'Quandre Jones8 kun oldin
  • "All Hail Xenu"!

    The SpacedogThe Spacedog9 kun oldin
  • Joe “Welcome to my show, Mr. expert in Scientology who did a hugely successful documentary... Let me tell you what Scientology actually is” Rogan

    FreedomFTRFreedomFTR9 kun oldin
  • Does anybody here know what Tom Cruise meant when he told Matt Lauer that because he's a scientologist he knows hes the only one that truly help if he came across a car wreck??? What exactly do scientologists offer the world that nobody else can offer??

    Renee SantiagoRenee Santiago9 kun oldin
  • I have it on good source that Scientology has convinced tom cruise that one of his children will be l.ron Hubbard reborn. So he thinks that he is the father of their messiah.

    joshy the handjoshy the hand9 kun oldin
  • Funny how I watched JRE everyday like the ufc they moved platforms couldn’t wait to get my notification JRE is live It was a huge part of my life. He moves to Spotify and I just realized in my search menu Joe Rogan doesn’t even show up anymore Crazy crazy life moves on

    Matt LambertMatt Lambert9 kun oldin