HBO MAX Removed "Chappelle's Show" after Dave Chappelle's Request

28-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1585 with Michael Kosta.

  • Damn that armpit stain tho😳

    Andre InventoAndre InventoSoat oldin
  • Jesus stop complaining ”buhu Spotify” deal with it😂

    Johan OlssonJohan OlssonKun oldin
  • >he doesn't have any social media >he only has one what did joe mean by this?

    Mr. CMr. C2 kun oldin
  • I completly understand Dave and I whont watch the show but more cause ive already seen them soo many Times back in the Day. And still as a reglular guy, im also like... Man Dave ur fine anywheys with or without the shows money

    Mr potatoheadMr potatohead3 kun oldin
  • *All the apple users big mad and punching air rn*

    RajveerRajveer3 kun oldin
  • Doesn't joe sound angry at the end when he is pushing Spotify?

    etischoferetischofer3 kun oldin
  • He did the same thing when it was Netflix for a whole 3 days. I think it was just because he didnt want to be associated with his black-Klansman skit again in 2020--always whipping out the N-word. So like the raging liberal he is now, he had them pull the show. Very sad.

    THE BRAINTHE BRAIN4 kun oldin
  • I never watch full episodes anymore, and I cant even find the new episodes usually on spotify and its not me because I've had several people try on my app and they cant figure it out either lol

    TheSix94TheSix945 kun oldin
  • The sell out experience.

    It is IIt is I5 kun oldin
  • How long we gona pretend this isn't cancel culture?

    Blas ChavezBlas Chavez6 kun oldin
  • I see what you're doing there Joe, waiting til your stock drops to a 2005/06 level then you're gonna offer Spotify 25mil to buy the rights back. Well played.

    bradda01bradda016 kun oldin
  • 15% of this clip is spotify AD

    Nacho BossNacho Boss6 kun oldin
  • I don't need to save on data costs...

    ButterflyButterfly7 kun oldin
  • Can't believe he wasn't being paid for his show being on streaming services

    MikeMike8 kun oldin
  • Post Spotify Joe Rogan hits different.

    T HopkinsT Hopkins9 kun oldin
  • Still waiting for you to get a solid theologian on (Dr. James White and Jeff Durbin) to correct your misrepresentations of Biblical Christianity. You’ve had Sam Harris and plenty of atheists on who misrepresent Christianity, too much of a coward to have people on to correct your presuppositions?

    Alex ObandoAlex Obando10 kun oldin
  • "Whats the matter don't you people have phones?" Fuck sake hahaha

  • If you love your children and pets then unplug your router NOW

    Ken BucketKen Bucket10 kun oldin
  • Just not worth watching this anymore...good riddance Joe "typical sellout" Rogan.

    Patriot ProudPatriot Proud11 kun oldin
  • But i can switch between audio and video right here!... i just have to scroll down to get the audio experience

    ChronoJediChronoJedi12 kun oldin
  • Chappell show is still on hbo max lol wtf are they talking about?

    bryan peacockbryan peacock13 kun oldin
  • Video mode on Spotify sick so bad. Fucking confusing.

    Remix goldRemix gold13 kun oldin
  • Fuck spotify

    Eric BraymerEric Braymer13 kun oldin
  • Also says its seamless, it wouldn't pass through the link to the desktop app, and even when done manually I click play and the video never starts.

    ChuckBleedinNorrisChuckBleedinNorris14 kun oldin
  • Remember when clips were like 16 minutes long?

    ChuckBleedinNorrisChuckBleedinNorris14 kun oldin
  • Would it be so bad for spotify if episodes were released on youtube with a delay? like a week or so? Hell I might even listen/watch some on spotify to prep for the absolute lunacy that I love about the youtube comment section...

    TheLtGoTheLtGo14 kun oldin
  • Ayyyyyy West Nyack 😎

    SumoXpandaSumoXpanda14 kun oldin
  • Levity Live West Nyack shoutout?! Nice.

    Kip CountKip Count15 kun oldin
  • Man I must be dumb, I cannot figure out how to switch between audio and video on Spotify mobile app.

    Ghost ReconGhost Recon15 kun oldin
  • Comedians turned out to be the biggest cowards. Play to the woke 20 somethings.. wow. Chappelle was always a racist, but at least we could all laugh at it and take it all over the place. But to see Bill Burr and others just put their tails between their legs and kowtow to this woke culture is sickening. Comedy needs to be edgy, needs to be offensive, needs to push limits to really remain a legitimate art form. Not all art is pleasing, it's meant to be uncomfortable. The beauty was when comedians like Carlin would drop some harsh facts on the crowd, some laughed, others didn't but EVERYONE THOUGHT! It's hearing the uncomfortable truth/points of views that lead to epiphanies, not playing to the silo.

    Joey V. DeStefanoJoey V. DeStefano15 kun oldin
    • Lenny Bruce is rolling in his urn.

      Joey V. DeStefanoJoey V. DeStefano15 kun oldin
  • HBO still exists?...🤣🤣🤣

    rdizzo1313rdizzo131315 kun oldin
  • Joe talks like all his fans are dumb kids.

    Pretty PittyPretty Pitty15 kun oldin
  • Yeah, never going to listen on spotify.

    iLLaGe ViDioTiLLaGe ViDioT15 kun oldin
  • That new studio fucking sucks. I get what they were trying to do but the futuristic thing didn't work out well.

    VasilVasil15 kun oldin
  • Live JRE was actually a thig once upon a time a long long time ago

    Assistant Of AotearoaAssistant Of Aotearoa15 kun oldin
  • I remember watching nearly every video of JRE live and then when live stopped i still watched but since the plaform move i have watched about 4 videos in total

    Assistant Of AotearoaAssistant Of Aotearoa15 kun oldin
  • Micheal kosta seems like a hater I sense hater you can tell

    flash for cashflash for cash15 kun oldin
  • the way he says "watch episodes on spotify... you can hear the anger/demand/threatening you tone" and what had me dying is "you can even watch clips" were not here cus we like clips, were here cus fuck a spotify....

    0ldbeggining0ldbeggining16 kun oldin
  • fuck spotify

    bauman921bauman92116 kun oldin

    joshb692009joshb69200916 kun oldin
  • He white faced up. Cancel culture.

    316SR316SR16 kun oldin
  • Great Vid

    Christopher M. GitongaChristopher M. Gitonga16 kun oldin
  • No Joe I will not

    Dennis EmpeyDennis Empey16 kun oldin
  • Tge Chapelle show is definitely still on HBOMAX

    Simeon HartSimeon Hart17 kun oldin
  • Nobody watching you anymore. You went away kinda like Howard Stern. What happened???

    Bo TBo T17 kun oldin
  • Won't get a Spotify account until they let you watch using a VPN. It's anti-internet security, its market segmentation, its against what Joe has said he stands for. Pity, I miss watching JRE

  • lol anyone want a link to watch the chappelle show for free? lemme know

    SEAshleySEAshley17 kun oldin
  • ain't the original Chappell dead, they got rid of him, just a washed up clone now, of course Falacio Rogan won't touch and that...

    Leaf HorseLeaf Horse17 kun oldin
  • Do people realize that spotify is free? You can still listen to him. Not sure how much he was making on UZworld but he ain't the DIY punk band Minor Threat so I don't knock him for turning a profit. People can still comment on the clips anyways. UZworld btw is not exactly a perfect platform. Their business ethics are very twisted.

    Zach HarrisZach Harris17 kun oldin
  • the pulled it cause nobody watches the show

    fraida feltcherfraida feltcher17 kun oldin
  • "Watch this entire episode on Spotify!" Me: No chance.

    James SmithJames Smith17 kun oldin
    • You're just being unnecessarily difficult

      Mr. CMr. C2 kun oldin
  • With all this stupid cancel culture it still amazes how Jimmy Kimmel is still not cancelled for doing the man show.

    michael cancinomichael cancino17 kun oldin
  • Jesus this comment section can give you hepatitis

    Jacob DavidJacob David17 kun oldin
  • Dave is a national treasure

    Zak AdamsZak Adams17 kun oldin
  • HBOMAX should’ve told him to fuck off. Boo hoo, when you signed your deal streaming didn’t exist, so you don’t get a cut. Fuck that. Too bad so sad.

    A LLegendlyA LLegendly17 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad to see I'm not the ONLY one pissed he left YT.

    Bekah DougBekah Doug18 kun oldin
  • Spotify is, without a doubt, the worst app for media that I have ever encountered! So, because of Joe's greed, there is no more jre podcast (at least for me). I tried for the last time today on Spotify, the video still won't work, but the audio would only play ads. After ten ads in a row, I refreshed and tried again. But no luck only an infinite ad loop. F*^% you Spotify, you stole an amazing program from the world!!!!

    Brett NicholsBrett Nichols18 kun oldin
  • Just venting my seething hatred for Spotify: diaper slurping, dandruff snorting, ear wax smoking worthless examples of utter scum!!!

    Brett NicholsBrett Nichols18 kun oldin
  • Put the old episodes back on UZworld, Joe. No one wanted you to remove them but Spotify executives.

    RUSE - OfficialRUSE - Official18 kun oldin
  • Homage 2016!! (A Tribute to David Bowie and Prince)🎸🎸🎸

    AR-13AR-1318 kun oldin
  • The guy really couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of “doing business with shitty companies makes people not wanna do business with you” 😂

    TortillaChip521TortillaChip52118 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe you DO know that the overwhelming majority of your fan base isn’t migrating over to Spotify right? Wish you didn’t leave UZworld.

    hidefstefhidefstef18 kun oldin
  • People harping on about not going to listen over on Spotify need to check themselves for a minute. UZworld is a platform doing major damage with regards to who is allowed to speak, and what those people are allowed to say So please, don't act like staying here is some sort of statement. I'm not saying Spotify is a great platform, I'm just pointing out the vibe of a lot of these comments.

    Noelle ColemanNoelle Coleman18 kun oldin
  • Jre is dead lol all he had to do was upload it to both but noo

    rsracrs19rsracrs1918 kun oldin
  • Joe and Dave's Friend ship is strange because they have nothing in common, one is real and one is sell out

    Drip SideDrip Side18 kun oldin
  • U can watch it on cbs all access

    jordon darnelljordon darnell18 kun oldin
  • Why is Joe wearing long John's?

    Paul WestonPaul Weston18 kun oldin
  • Dave Chappelle is not funny anymore. Why dude crying cause he made a deal that he now doesn't agree with. Weak !

    Daniel KisingerDaniel Kisinger18 kun oldin
  • Alittle pit stick would be nice, or ask Joe to turn down the heat in that space sauna.

    Leplace's DemonLeplace's Demon18 kun oldin
  • It’s bull shit chapel worried about people watching his old shit he would like to keep poor people from having access to his work haha weird how Chappell went from dick jokes to coming back years later and pretending to be prolific and culturally relevant ... he has lived as a millionaire for 20 years and plays as old wise just enough woke ...

    Joe WayneJoe Wayne18 kun oldin
  • I fucken love Dave. I will boycott anything he asks me to. If it means the past wrongs are righted for Dave, Im happy for him.

    Whaaka WhanauWhaaka Whanau18 kun oldin
  • Just because he isn’t getting paid, we don’t get to laugh. This is during the pandemic nonetheless

    PmoneyPmoney18 kun oldin
  • Fuck spotify I'm staying right here

    Joshua PhilosopherJoshua Philosopher18 kun oldin
  • I have spotify premium... still get ads on jre podcast... total scam.

    Allen750Allen75018 kun oldin
  • People are never satisfied 😒 DAVE IS THE GOAT 🐐

    David LibranDavid Libran18 kun oldin
  • I’ll cast my vote here. Spotify sucks, I will never be getting it. Sucks that Spotify decided to ruin JRE by paying him too well. Bullshit

    Leo BirdLeo Bird18 kun oldin
  • chappelle's got fuckyou money

    JanzerJanzer18 kun oldin
  • won't watch on spotify. I had premium and got ads DURING the podcast. I either pay, or get ads. NOT both.

    Robert HillRobert Hill18 kun oldin
  • Lol he still trying to get us to that app, imma pass 😂

    Jari HuhtalaJari Huhtala18 kun oldin
  • hbo was going downhill anyway. but hbo max sealed it.

    Girl AfraidGirl Afraid18 kun oldin
  • Come back to youtube rogan, just don't conform to their insane guidelines.

    dannass5dannass519 kun oldin
  • Sorry, I wont listen the Spotify podcast

    Mayte JustinoMayte Justino19 kun oldin
  • Oh, I remember this guy.... he used to be on UZworld, right?

    proxin1proxin119 kun oldin
  • If you guy's don't know already Chapelle did a stand up about this very topic. about 10-15 minutes long. Explains it all. It's called 'Dave Chappelle Unforgiven'

    Damien AlexanderDamien Alexander19 kun oldin
  • literally downloaded Spotify for rogan

    Lil TreasonLil Treason19 kun oldin
  • Oh look it's Joe the sell out to censorship for the big bucks. Let's see if I can get you to stop popping up on my feed.

    Lydia MaloneLydia Malone19 kun oldin
  • Michael Kosta finds a way to be a victim of Dave Chapelle not getting paid. Crybaby-Millennial-Liberal should be a genre I can block. I don't care about the struggles of a Daily Show employee. Wait... I mean, my heart bleeds for you and your struggles Michael, keep pretending you're fighting the power or something.

    FunnyDougyFunnyDougy19 kun oldin
  • Joe, talk about how spotify ripping off musicians.

    Nate ClaveNate Clave19 kun oldin
  • it’s still on hbomax. lol.

    PsyifinoticPsyifinotic19 kun oldin
  • I get no joy from worldly things

    田中Tanaka尚志Naoshi田中Tanaka尚志Naoshi19 kun oldin
  • Basically it's good to consume until you need to produce

    田中Tanaka尚志Naoshi田中Tanaka尚志Naoshi19 kun oldin
  • LAST 💩🤬

    Scott SimonScott Simon19 kun oldin
  • I wonder how many viewers Joe lost cause it’s super hard to stay interested in a podcast when there’s a million ad interruptions 🤔 And before you say it, yes I know you can fast forward. But it ruins the flow. Joe done gone full shill for the ad dollars.

    Teddy BAD B0YTeddy BAD B0Y19 kun oldin
  • No they didnt

    Boundless Minds ExplainBoundless Minds Explain19 kun oldin
  • Since he moved to Texas I’ve yet to see him actually fire up any weed, wonder if it’s because still illegal there lol seriously what made the show for me them getting blazed and talking shit. It was funny and educational now just educational. 😜 oh and Joe if read this move up one state it’s legal there haha 😂

    John LadnerJohn Ladner19 kun oldin
  • I must be Spotify illiterate because I cannot watch JRE videos on Spotify. Wtf

    p kokosp kokos19 kun oldin
  • Im watching Chapelle's Show on HBO Max right now. And have been for about 3 weeks now...

    John GillenwaltersJohn Gillenwalters19 kun oldin
  • Watched Joe since episode 3 . Never gonna download Spotify. I dunno why. Don't have a grudge against them. Just don't wanna and I like to read UZworld comments while listening. If I cant do that, im done.

    Ben JBen J19 kun oldin
  • The reason Chapelle pulled it off is because he talked about it instead of tweeting

    JJJJ19 kun oldin
  • Drop a L for Spotify ruining the Joe Rogan Experience on UZworld..

    Stack MoreFettiStack MoreFetti19 kun oldin