How Filmmaker Bryan Fogel Uncovered Russia's Doping Program

11-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1592 with Bryan Fogel.

  • Maaaascaaaw wtf

    GeorgeGeorge11 soat oldin
  • I was a strength athlete and competed against the Russians multiple times across several years. Many times I had conversations with them about this issue. It was explained it to me that they think of steroids the same way Americans think of multivitamins.

    Blah Blah BlahBlah Blah Blah19 soat oldin

  • So did he win the race???

    Austin Coleman from tomah WisconsinAustin Coleman from tomah WisconsinKun oldin
  • Bad case of deceivers delight

    METO UMETO UKun oldin
  • Bryan Callen after eye surgery and after sexual misconduct charges!

    Kevin Bryant Sr.Kevin Bryant Sr.Kun oldin
  • Missing 411 check it out

    Thomas DunstanThomas DunstanKun oldin
  • Damn. Rogan has really fallen off.

    David CarterDavid CarterKun oldin
  • Can't stand this new being in a toaster

    Andrew DenhamAndrew DenhamKun oldin
  • This is bulls..., there's not a single professional athlete in the freaking world that isn't on some kind of roids. This hypocritical crap is what makes other people hate Americans.

    Darko OkanovicDarko Okanovic2 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks

    Alexander GirlingAlexander Girling2 kun oldin
  • Lance is the GOAT

    carlos ridescarlos rides2 kun oldin
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    Greg LialiosGreg Lialios2 kun oldin
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    Greg LialiosGreg Lialios2 kun oldin
  • I hate Spotify. Wish the whole episode was on UZworld still

    taghee clarktaghee clark2 kun oldin
  • who watched the documentary after this interview?

    Nena StojovaNena Stojova2 kun oldin
  • Shout out to everyone who used to listen but cant be bothered listening on spotify

    Cormac DoyleCormac Doyle2 kun oldin
  • * Joe "catch new episodes of the JRE for free" Rogan. *

    13rown Pride13rown Pride3 kun oldin
  • Must listen to episode. Got all of it on Spotify. Bryan is an amazing artist humanitarian.

    Karen RobinsonKaren Robinson3 kun oldin
  • spotify is soooooo bad

    d robd rob3 kun oldin
  • Still dont understand why he started to help him cheat? Wasn’t he worried about his reputation? Did he think it would all be done in private? Was it just for the money?

    Johnny HernandezJohnny Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • Joe is right the documentary is well prepared and scripted, so much it could be a huge piece of propaganda with cia talking points

    ucount Countucount Count4 kun oldin
  • Who the fvcks trust this cia guy? And what happened with the other antidoping labs and agencies? So strange that although according to Fogel everybody cheat, just Russia got banned...

    ucount Countucount Count4 kun oldin
  • Anyone know what the documentary is called that they’re talking about? Need something to watch on my flight.

    _ jonnnyb__ jonnnyb_4 kun oldin
    • Icarus on Netflix

      CortezCortez3 kun oldin
  • Hey Bryan!

    Jerry MactalJerry Mactal4 kun oldin
  • An American documentary maker asks a Russian head of anti-doping organization to help him cheat the system and he unceremoniously agrees!?! And the biggest sports scandal happens simultaneously.............. Fishiest story I have ever heard. Joe is sitting there as if he was born yesterday with bobbly head going “oh really! what a crazy thing!” I want to put my head in a microwave

    PopsPops4 kun oldin
  • This dude would kill as a ventriloquist, his mouth is hardly moving.

    Brandon WalliserBrandon Walliser4 kun oldin
    • Lmao I thought there was something wrong with the audio cuz his lips looked weird 🤣

      Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez2 kun oldin
    • Didn't even notice 😂😂

      Cormac DoyleCormac Doyle2 kun oldin
    • 💀💀 can’t unsee this now

      Mung MooreMung Moore2 kun oldin
  • 2015

    Adam daltonAdam dalton4 kun oldin
  • Here’s the truth. If you don’t believe Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer, and you don’t follow Gods will, but instead you follow satans will, knowingly or unknowingly. Than go turn on your stove on high. Wait 5 minutes, then give the stove a BIG kiss. That’s the appetizer. Rebuke satan in Jesus name.

    Edward NewmanEdward Newman4 kun oldin
  • So if you don't pay for spotify do you get a million ads? Also when are they going to get the good guests back? No offense but damn Talk about a downhill spiral man

    justin crawfordjustin crawford4 kun oldin
  • Lots of pecodegeopecogiams in this guy's blood

    justin crawfordjustin crawford4 kun oldin

    Corey PeatrossCorey Peatross4 kun oldin

    Corey PeatrossCorey Peatross4 kun oldin
  • Do you guys remember when GSP was about to fight Johnny Hendricks, and it was pretty obviois Johnny was on something. So GSP requested that they utilize drug testing by USADA (which is the standard for PED testing in professional sports). Yet Hendricks kept saying over and over again that they should utilize WADA, bc they have a tougher testing system, and check for even more PED's. Sounded legit and convincing at the time, but now we all know why, and the best part is. Once the UFC partnered with USADA, Johny Hendricks's body changed, and he's lost like 6 of next 8 fights. Shocker.

    MattyIce 8aMattyIce 8a4 kun oldin
  • nice moonwatch bro

    Tomas BanićTomas Banić4 kun oldin
  • The only place to find two dudes talk about doping in an oversized toaster.

    Machine Elf on a shelfMachine Elf on a shelf4 kun oldin
    • yeah!...people are still freaked about the red room, it looks hot in there..there is probably an animal roasting in the would be a good decor for a bar actually...not too well lit, a bit dank

      Brad ModdBrad Modd3 kun oldin
  • I understand the premise but this dude sounds like he befriended a guy , took advantage of him and then ruined his liffe.

    Justin BaysJustin Bays4 kun oldin
    • damn snitch

      Orlando PadillaOrlando Padilla3 kun oldin
  • I have a hard time getting upset over doping in sport. Even if athletes are completely working within the rules it's still an endless cat and mouse game. Substance x is legal, athletes use substance x, substance x eventually is considered doping, athletes start using substance y which is similar, substance y eventually is considered doping, athletes start using substance z etc etc etc etc.

    Ratatosk80Ratatosk804 kun oldin
  • What documentary ard they talking about?

    Danny BoiDanny Boi4 kun oldin
    • Icarius doc

  • Ye gotta cheat in some way to get to the top. Hard work and talent ain't enough anymore. Everyone at the top has cheated either by drugs,brown envelopes, friend of a friend winks, technology, having a monopoly, sabotaging opponents etc etc..... Having an unfair advantage is part of the game.

    zeppirlzeppirl4 kun oldin
  • So Khabib is pissin dirty ?!

    ShowtimeThaRaptorShowtimeThaRaptor4 kun oldin
  • *Simple Game Theory - elite endurance athletes that don't microdose EPO have no chance* *Very short half life (when microdosing EPO), plus athletes can miss two tests without getting banned* *The big sponsors could care less, they serve their shareholders and their executive compensation at the end of the day*

    Finance OptimumFinance Optimum4 kun oldin
  • This is clearly a propaganda against Russia

    Ahsan WaseemAhsan Waseem4 kun oldin
  • Stop it Callen your wrinkles are still obvious

    bikibawsbikibaws4 kun oldin
  • Ok so apparently Putin puts a hit out on a "scientist" but a comedian can sneak him out of Russia. Ok sure champ

    BB4 kun oldin
  • It's funny how gsp and khabibs career is similar... Nick and Nate Diaz said it best. "All these mfs are on steroids".

    Bob BokerBob Boker4 kun oldin
  • Jordan just scared they catch him too

    Kasper SørensenKasper Sørensen4 kun oldin
  • Joe “I convinced him to watch it” Rogan

    JayJay88GAJayJay88GA5 kun oldin
  • Joe literally want to make love to the documentary

    Aliff AzharAliff Azhar5 kun oldin
  • Spotify is cool and all but some people like to watch the video part of it too!

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • No offense....but who gives a shit about russia

    corrupted peanutcorrupted peanut5 kun oldin
  • Amazing how clueless this guy is to the danger to the fact they just exposed the biggest illegal scandal since like forever in russian history...

    TheReedableTheReedable5 kun oldin
  • People complaining that joe went over to Spotify and now they’re too lazy to watch him....If I got offered $100 million, you best believe I’m ditching a platform to move to another whether or not I get the same amount of viewers. Anyone would do the exact same

    Keven NgoKeven Ngo5 kun oldin
  • Spotify Sucks... Not the same without the comment section.

    MummbaMIESTERMummbaMIESTER5 kun oldin
  • I just wanna know if his race times improved after doping...

    • Exactly, that's what I wanted to know

      jrslcjrslc2 kun oldin
  • "la-bore-ahh-tore-ee"

    R BR B5 kun oldin
  • We still beat the Russians after the The Olympics was over 💪😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 USA #1

    TheonlyonestandingTheonlyonestanding5 kun oldin
  • this show sucks so bad now.... wanna see how bad his ratings are now compared two wen he was on UZworld

    BB5 kun oldin
  • Uncovered steroid abuse from fuckin hundred years ago. Bro, like college football.

    Dean HankinDean Hankin5 kun oldin
  • I saw this on Netflix

    matthew grantmatthew grant5 kun oldin
  • Does this guy sound unhinged to anyone else?

    Cj LooklinCj Looklin5 kun oldin
  • I hate Joe Rogan

    Iker NunezIker Nunez5 kun oldin
  • people are really obsessed with being number 1. The question is at what cost? olympics is good but they obviosly don't play corruptly. They cheat lie and steal too! is anything sacred and pure and legit.

    jen amirgholijen amirgholi5 kun oldin
  • Joe really interested in steroids and also this story

    Alex PainterAlex Painter5 kun oldin
  • He should of hit up Uncle Joey. He doesn't just evade the test. His Egg roll breaks the machine. 😂😂😂

    Padge112Padge1125 kun oldin
  • That's how Khabib became unbeatable.

    Cambodian River PigCambodian River Pig5 kun oldin
  • If only juicing meant more greens and fruits you'd be a better athlete I mean human person.

    Isaac’s Classy MotorhomeIsaac’s Classy Motorhome5 kun oldin
  • If humans read books and did their own research as much as they pretend to listen to podcasts.

    Isaac’s Classy MotorhomeIsaac’s Classy Motorhome5 kun oldin
  • Hi Joe. Looking terrible as always. What is your blood pressure.

    Isaac’s Classy MotorhomeIsaac’s Classy Motorhome5 kun oldin
  • Saw the title of the video and jumped

    Ollie DeaneyOllie Deaney5 kun oldin
  • Joe stop yelling at us about Spotify at the end your numbers have to be in the dumper

    Noah ZieglerNoah Ziegler5 kun oldin
    • Probably part of an agreement with Spotify so he can still post clips to UZworld

      y3wtub3y3wtub3Kun oldin
  • The way Americans pronounce Moscow really grates my nerves. It sounds so ugly.

    AA5 kun oldin
  • It's awesome you can listen to JRE with the screen off on spoty!

    Luke DLuke D5 kun oldin
  • Where's the actual podcast?

    Nestor QuinteroNestor Quintero5 kun oldin
  • This is when Joe Rogan goes "full retard"

    VanceyVancey5 kun oldin
    • In Russia they drug test kids in school.

      Dragos PahontuDragos Pahontu5 kun oldin
  • So had Dorsey on about censorship and now that Trump has been censored and Parler forced out of business and you moved to Texas to avoid paying taxes you don't have anything to say at all about the biggest story pretty much ever? Coward!! You will never be a Texan and no matter how much growth hormone you take you will still be a tiny shell of a male both inside and out. I'll say it again.m..coward!

    John GriffithJohn Griffith5 kun oldin
  • Fucking Russsion talked, fuckin drukara, that's how.

    Nenad ИС XC ShuputNenad ИС XC Shuput5 kun oldin
  • So.. you are telling me that 90% of you guys in the comment section rather complain about spotify and it not having a comment section while you could easily use the clips for comment sections and listen to the podcast for free on spotify?? I don't understand how you guys have the endurance to constantly whine about the move to spotify and accuse Joe of almost anything (being a sellout, hypocrit, censored, etc.) and YET DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TO LISTEN ON SPOTIFY? ALRIGHT

    Davis LitDavis Lit5 kun oldin
  • Joe "I once did DMT with a Jaguar" Rogan

    Dennis GjokaDennis Gjoka5 kun oldin

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  • The amount of times ive had to uninstal spotify just so it would stip playing ads back to back to back to back to back. Fuck spotify

    McChief 1993McChief 19935 kun oldin
  • I hate watching JRE in this studio SO BAD that i cannot enjoy it the same :(

    Poppa WheeliesPoppa Wheelies5 kun oldin
  • Anti-doping is retarded let them swell up like balloons and pop who cares

    The WEEZARDThe WEEZARD5 kun oldin
  • Rocky IV all over again...

    DiaMonD FaLcoNDiaMonD FaLcoN5 kun oldin
  • I love the pointless plug for Spotify at the end of every single one of these, it’s as though they still think the population that is still on here actually watching these shitty clips is going to get Spotify for this, clearly not. Nobody watching these gives a shit and it’s pretty damn obvious.

    Young StoveYoung Stove5 kun oldin
  • why not uncover your own doping program?

    janne olssonjanne olsson5 kun oldin
  • I wish he never went to Spotify man, UZworld was just so inbedded as a main media consumption center and it had the comments section.. ffs I hope once the contract finishes he goes back to UZworld

    Bob BobBob Bob5 kun oldin
  • Hopefully Spotify will take Rogan and all his racist followers off the platform. I have lots of friends that work there and they tell me they’re actively seeking to remove him

    PTAIPPTAIP5 kun oldin
  • Fuck Spotify

    Mitch ConnerMitch Conner5 kun oldin
  • Why does the sound come in clear (louder) on UZworld than Spotify? *

    Parking Lot Treasure'sParking Lot Treasure's5 kun oldin
  • Like how was this dude sleeping at night doing all that shit? Idk maybe it’s me I take testosterone for TRT and the day of my shot I’m usually pretty jittery. I would think the amount of shit this dude was doing he would’ve had to feel some sort of side effects.

    Matthew KingMatthew King5 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan! (In Uncle Joeys voice) I watched this documentary after hearing you mention it a few times and it was so fucking good! Glad you got him on to talk about it!

    Matthew KingMatthew King5 kun oldin
  • It's just hypocrisy on the part of Americans to talk about doping. The United States ranks first in the world for the number of doping athletes. You are lying hypocrites. Look at your doping athletes, the Williams sisters, American gymnasts and wrestlers. Rodchenkov is an enemy of Russia, he just lied to the whole world for American money. The whole world knows that the USA is the world leader in the use of doping in athletes.

    Russian EmpireRussian Empire5 kun oldin
  • Failed False Flag: High Level Military Intel Source: DC Capitol Riot Was Meant To Be Much Larger ...

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski5 kun oldin
  • A Scottish journalist several years ago showed you could pass the drug passport in sports easily. He got coached and trained to his peak as an amateur triathlete and then microdosed on PEDS, he performances increased so much he had to stop training with his group. He got his stuff from China, had it tested. He had a world leading drug tester on board and he passed the passport.

    Andrew BayramAndrew Bayram5 kun oldin

    Mr CheeseMr Cheese5 kun oldin
  • Everyone is dopey I'm mean doping. Lol

    Albert AvilaAlbert Avila5 kun oldin
  • why the fuck would this Russian scientist would help this guy to dope ? he was just bored so why not to help a random American journalist.

    dusan 88dusan 885 kun oldin
  • Hm...that was a nothing

    B RADB RAD5 kun oldin