How Todd White Caught an International Art Fraud Ring

26-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1584 with Todd White.

  • At least there are clips, which can tell me if it's worth watching a podcast on spotify. In the end it's not that much of a hassle to go and watch it there. UZworld is bullshit and we should all leave it, but not for spotify ffs

    Canzandridas JoeCanzandridas Joe8 soat oldin
  • This guy's cool. This is my first ever video of seeing him and 1 minute in and it seems like a good video.

    Michael DunnMichael Dunn4 kun oldin
  • She’s a woman!

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano9 kun oldin
  • I would get a spotify account but the sound quality is terrible. Everything is so compressed it sounds like AM radio.

    Butter ChugginsButter Chuggins10 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks. Come back to UZworld!

    Imran MuneerImran Muneer12 kun oldin
  • He inspired me to be an artist. I don't have the skill yet, but i think I'm more creative and definitely will paint less gay paintings

    T ObeT Obe13 kun oldin
  • Something not credible about either of these two frankly. Feels like two liars swapping bullshit.

    Music CalgaryMusic Calgary14 kun oldin
  • China is coming after America like there running a business. And like you work for them.

    BigAvo231BigAvo23116 kun oldin
  • The show went to shit the past year anyways it’s all UFC fighters and comedians I never see around.

    Nicholas NajibiNicholas Najibi16 kun oldin
  • Spotify video playback is crap, you cannot manually re-size the window! I no longer watch because of this

    Fast EddyFast Eddy17 kun oldin
  • The Price Of Everything, watch it.

    GENZGENZ17 kun oldin
  • Todd has negative lips

    Nico SotomayorNico Sotomayor18 kun oldin
  • Anyone else sick of hearing about David Goggins? Cool, the guy runs around, so what.

    Ernie MadaErnie Mada20 kun oldin
    • I would like this 1,000 times if I could

      jfitz109jfitz10920 kun oldin
  • Fuck spotify.

    Magnus StormcrowMagnus Stormcrow20 kun oldin
  • Spotify is garbage and does not deserve the exclusivity rights to JRE. They should stick to garbage playlists and being liberal anti free speech pusscakes

    Dingo FrickerDingo Fricker21 kun oldin
  • Spotify never

    Craig StevensCraig Stevens21 kun oldin
  • Back catalogue videos that are approved by sjws

    Jim ProfitJim Profit21 kun oldin
  • Follow me on TikTok so you know when I am LIVE next ❤ . Relaxing handpan sounds, Great for Yoga/Meditation ❤ LOVE YOU ALL ❤ .

    Greg MatchettGreg Matchett22 kun oldin
  • Properly speaking this is not art this is illustration. A fine art painting "grapples" with visual problems of surfaces; visual arrangement; and content. Here we find work that has little consideration of any of these issues. The work could be said to address content or meaning in that it has an element of social commentary but only to the extent this issue is commonly addressed in illustration. For example compare this work to that of George Grosz or Otto Dix. Both of the artists I mentioned grapple with similar content as Mr. White but they do so in a fine art manner not as illustration. Make the comparison I suggest and you will agree that this is not art it is illustration.

    THINGYTHINGY22 kun oldin
  • Welp, lost 4 minutes of my time.

    Manny VManny V22 kun oldin
  • People scam people with fake art. No way Jose.

    UFOesUFOes22 kun oldin
  • The 'art world' club is even worse than what Todd white says.

    Krayzi JayKrayzi Jay22 kun oldin
  • so much money laundering in the art world.. if everyone knew how bad their heads would spin.

    Puppet PlayaNDPuppet PlayaND22 kun oldin
  • Joe that got DNA from the bite mark. They didn’t use the bite mark itself as evidence.

    hexapuma12hexapuma1222 kun oldin
  • Who the fuck would be compelled to close UZworld and open Spotify just to listen to guests like this?

    Daniel MoroniDaniel Moroni23 kun oldin
  • i have joe rogan on spotify but its weird because you can read through funny comments

    DonLeanDonLean23 kun oldin
  • UZworld simps being like I can't switch apps how do u do that. Just listen on spotify if you want to hear Joe and piss off if you're married to youtube

    iHuntBearsWithMyFistiHuntBearsWithMyFist23 kun oldin
  • Band of thugth

    moodmusic4lifemoodmusic4life23 kun oldin
  • Plz stop posting these stupid ads on my channel😠

    Cute fly xCute fly x23 kun oldin
  • Joe's figuring out his whole revenue was based on youtubes algorithm right now, dummy thought i was going to abandon my premium for this crap hes uploading

    lasthumankindlasthumankind23 kun oldin
    • Guy got a 100 million dollar paycheck he doesn't give a single fuck what any of us thinks.

      Wooly Chungus the IIIWooly Chungus the III22 kun oldin
  • and now trading cards are being used to launder money. baseball, basketball, pokemon etc are selling for insane amounts this year.

    Sport Cards Brass Trains VideoGamesSport Cards Brass Trains VideoGames23 kun oldin
  • Stay on spotify, youtube sucks they take your video down if you don't comply with there regulations.

    Ruddy HernandezRuddy Hernandez23 kun oldin
  • FREE drill Beat on the link below :

    M.D.U YardM.D.U Yard23 kun oldin
  • -pandemic puppet song

    tenderbastard tenderbastardtenderbastard tenderbastard23 kun oldin
  • Anybody stopped watching Joe as much now that he’s on spotify? I use the app daily but still can’t bring myself to watch on that platform for some weird reason.

    GG23 kun oldin
  • Anything having to do with "liberals" is fraudulent.

    A RA R23 kun oldin
  • Dude sketchy

    Kendall ClaytonKendall Clayton23 kun oldin
  • makes me think of Mickey blue eyes

    Sa MiSa Mi23 kun oldin
  • Mike Goldberg’s evil twin😂

    PipesPipes23 kun oldin
  • Watch UZworld video (Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase if the Agenda). Just cut and paste.. Communist plan for the world. They are already pulling President Trumps UZworld videos from UZworld 1st amendment is fading away.

    O XO X23 kun oldin
  • Joe tell me what you think about these gone wrong edibles! Lol fr tho

    Chett SteddmanChett Steddman23 kun oldin
  • can there be more ufo and aliens episodes? maybe a podcast with Dr.Greer??

    Pim GhijsenPim Ghijsen23 kun oldin
  • Where in the hell is Mark Normand? I need my Joe Rogan/Mark Normand right now!

    Ben KostoBen Kosto23 kun oldin
  • If anyone is interested, here is a video about the interrogation of the Art Fraud Detective that Todd mentions in the show.

    Lance LaRockLance LaRock23 kun oldin
  • There's no spotfy video on x box one app, that's very bad... People are saying that even with premium has ads on your show now, wtf did you do man, there's no subtitles for people that are not native speakers or deaf people. You Joe Rogan always says how much you are liberal and care about inclusion, wtf man!

    Alex AlvesAlex Alves23 kun oldin
  • Please go back to posting the full episodes on UZworld. PLEASE!!

    RayanRayan23 kun oldin
  • As a Spotify premium user, Joe's exclusive to Spotify annoys me. No comments, no audience involvement. It's vanilla but not the good kind. UZworld was like watching with the world. Spotify is like corona confinement, sitting in on your own, watching alone, no interaction with the outside world, it's painful.

    Arn OArn O23 kun oldin
  • I’d be interested to see you interview Ryan Cristian since you’re open minded to this vaccine.

    Andrew KauffmanAndrew Kauffman23 kun oldin
  • The new Spotify thumbnails look god awful. Bring back the white logos!

    maruzencentralmaruzencentral23 kun oldin
  • Rip JRE shit used to be the best

    Blueface JunkiesBlueface Junkies23 kun oldin
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    moon pilotmoon pilot23 kun oldin
  • I wonder how many viewers he lost. Any idea? It must be a nightmare for Joe

    XanderShillerXanderShiller23 kun oldin
  • I used to sell art to doctors offices and they'd often spend a LOT of $$$ just bc they wanted something on their walls ASAP and they don't care how much.. it was pretty lucrative for an "experimental business"

    XanderShillerXanderShiller23 kun oldin
    • they have art mills out of CHina and in Phoenix. Phoenix art press for example. They produce literally tons and tons of "make it fast art".... Properly speaking this is not really art though- it is something more akin to decorator items. You can see this stuff on Ebay

      THINGYTHINGY22 kun oldin
  • Not going to pay for premium and still get 4 ads before your podcast, I will not listen again. RIP JRE

    WrathWrath23 kun oldin
  • Look joe rogan I don't wish to tell you what to do but I have a suggestion. I would become a giddy school girl if you did a show with Jordan Belfort. this is all I have to say.

    Ggreiner85Ggreiner8523 kun oldin
  • This doesn’t have anything to do with this video but has Joe interviewed Steven Greer before?? I tend to believe some of the UFO and government stuff in his videos but Greer himself seems like a self important ego driven liar. I feel like Joe is particularly good at digging through bullshit and I’d like to see what he’d think and ask of Greer...

    Omniscient SlothOmniscient Sloth23 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin
  • Say band of thugs

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin
  • 100%

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin

    Samson JacobSamson Jacob23 kun oldin
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    Never GiveUpNever GiveUp23 kun oldin
  • Holy shit balls how fucking boring

    Steve From YellowstoneSteve From Yellowstone23 kun oldin
  • This guy reminds me of Jeremy Corbell. It's the way he speaks, his body language, mimic etc.

    Tonny HansenTonny Hansen23 kun oldin
    • Adderall

      Pascall DonnellyPascall Donnelly21 kun oldin
  • since you switched to the other platform the videos suck now bc I wont go there and support them and you dont put them on youtube now.

    DIY Disabled DadDIY Disabled Dad23 kun oldin
  • Why do I still get ads while watching the podcast on Spotify even when I have Spotify premium?

    AlexReillyAlexReilly23 kun oldin
    • You don't lmao

      Canzandridas JoeCanzandridas Joe8 soat oldin
  • Judging by all this incessant whining in the comments sections, it looks like Joe made the right move refining his audience and filtering out all the self entitled brats.

    Dan HammondsDan Hammonds23 kun oldin
    • @Deorc Horc Unfortunately too many people would rather sit around and whine rather than take action to fix a problem. Even if it's merely visiting a different website.

      Dan HammondsDan Hammonds23 kun oldin
  • There is a episode on UZworld which details that murder and how they caught her.

    Tómas ÞórarinssonTómas Þórarinsson23 kun oldin
  • Where’s the full video?

    Dylan HackerDylan Hacker23 kun oldin
  • This dude is awesome

    Fugaku UchihaFugaku Uchiha23 kun oldin
  • Dalm, by the Time I save up to move to Texas all the lands going to be bought up and rent will skyrocket. Have to get out of New York

    JumpingFoxJumpingFox23 kun oldin
  • Letters & Numbers are Characters. Humans are also Char-Acters. Char-Actors are written Symbols of Expression. Symbuls are Signs that represent the Invisible. The Invisible is The One God Source of Creation.

  • Joe " download Spotify message after my youtube clips if u want to see the full podcast " Rogan.

    Casual DreamerCasual Dreamer23 kun oldin
  • You need more guests like this Joe!

    TheString BreakerTheString Breaker23 kun oldin
  • Like to get Ben mallah on the show it’d be a blast

    sergisanz3sergisanz323 kun oldin
  • Selloit

    Andrea SparlingAndrea Sparling23 kun oldin
  • I cant watch your podcast anymore. The video stream lags my computer on Spotify. I can stream music fine but if I steam your podcast it lags. It only plays a few seconds at a time then pauses for a second then plays a few more seconds. The Spotify client is lag when playing your podcast too. If I click something it takes a few seconds to respond. My computer is a 2012 Lenovo T420. It streams 1080p video from UZworld any other video streaming sites with no issue.

    Scott LScott L23 kun oldin
  • I keep seeing the media say fans are outraged by Joe Rogan's move to spotify. What do y'all think? Any of you outraged?

    Mr. AwesomeFTWMr. AwesomeFTW23 kun oldin
  • Sub to airrack

    Kos NzKos Nz23 kun oldin
  • Get trace adkins on

    Maxim Fodor NedelcuMaxim Fodor Nedelcu23 kun oldin
  • anyone know anybody who did not sell out that has good podcast content one youtube ?

    Gudmundsson66Gudmundsson6623 kun oldin
  • Someone at Spotify is pulling their hair out right now. Lol

    Key EpicKey Epic23 kun oldin
    • @Hifty Long head you’re sad it’s okay, try living a little outside of UZworld maybe you’ll feel better about yourself

      conor qconor q14 kun oldin
    • Your kind of pathetic bro. this really hurt your feelings huh? Can’t live without UZworld self help? 🤦‍♂️

      Nicholas NajibiNicholas Najibi16 kun oldin
    • @conor q "lolol"

      Hifty Long headHifty Long head20 kun oldin
    • Hair? Hair is gender discriminatory & raaaaaacist... The ones offended by this, have cancelled hair. The only hair true feminists have is between their pits and legs...pretty much everywhere nobody sees, thank God.

      Artificially Intelligence RadioArtificially Intelligence Radio21 kun oldin
    • @brian smith true but the clips ain’t on the clips channel lolol

      conor qconor q21 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan we still love youuu! You will be back one day! money isnt everything there is soemthing in people too!

    Beskar ArmoredBeskar Armored23 kun oldin
  • Spotify wrecked this podcast. NO downloads to mp3 allowed anymore. Boo!

    whipsnade13whipsnade1323 kun oldin
  • Spotify is completely free........................................................and crap.

    MyTubeCentsMyTubeCents23 kun oldin
  • A video of myself is circling around the internet of me talking about Anthony Quinn Warner the Nashville rv bomber and People are saying it's me, my face has been used in news reports on t.v. and in print. Google Anthony's name and find the video of the guy with glasses with image search I have glasses and a mustache.

    dcrockafelladcrockafella23 kun oldin
  • 10.2 million subscribers on youtube. I HATE Spotify!

    Jerry HuscherJerry Huscher23 kun oldin
  • Anyone else not listening to the podcast as much because they hate the Spotify interface?

    Deep Fried DealsDeep Fried Deals23 kun oldin
  • i can't even use spotify ... *Spotify is currently not available in your country.* .......

    bacho brodzelibacho brodzeli23 kun oldin
  • If joe wants podcast GOLD he needs to interview SABINE HOSSENFELDER Physicist she is a one off!!.

    truth firsttruth first23 kun oldin
  • Clickbait title. It should be: artist catches gallery owner plagearizing his work

    Mr PinkMr Pink23 kun oldin
  • Make Spotify Podcasts available in Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States !!!

    Guru StronGuru Stron23 kun oldin
    • Get a VPN

      A LA L18 kun oldin
  • I’m am artist and I get pushed around by my gallery owners and they too were investigated of doing the same thing here in the states ... SK the artista on Instagram! #toddwhite

    Gods WatchwomanGods Watchwoman24 kun oldin
  • Anyone know how long rogans contract with Spotify is? I really hope he comes back to YT because I hate Spotify's UI, I use tidal because it has 10x higher audio quality, and won't install Spotify again for a single podcast.

    Akash ChopraAkash Chopra24 kun oldin