Inside the Steroid Use in Bodybuilding

9-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1576 with Mariana van Zeller.

  • Joe knows nothing. He’s talking about how big they were in the golden ara at golds. Ummm people are way bigger now then back then.

    BigDaddyCool42BigDaddyCool424 soat oldin
  • you have got to be that you describe a man who falsely claims to be a doctor who provides young adults with steroids as incredible. The amount of uninformed young adults this video will bring to Tony Huge will be so so bad

    Stefan van der WerfStefan van der Werf8 soat oldin
  • Come on joe you gotta bring Dave palumbo on to talk steroids

    Glenn BennettGlenn Bennett9 soat oldin
  • This is trash lol, 6 million american men on testosterone, they give one insane example

    Legend SpencerLegend Spencer9 soat oldin
  • They DO NOT get busted for 'trace amounts in supplements..' They get caught for the real steroids they took and just claim it was the supplements.. Let's live in the real f'ing world here.

    ColechamdicemanColechamdicemanKun oldin
  • How do you mostly not use steroids wtf lol

    Talor BTalor BKun oldin
  • Epstein paid spotify to buy JRE where is Alex Jones goddammit > Right Babe !

    Art GoldArt Gold2 kun oldin
  • Love Joe and Mariana, she is an awesome reporter.

    Ralph BabusciRalph Babusci2 kun oldin
  • I would have loved to see Rich on JRE

    Kant SleepKant Sleep2 kun oldin
  • Steroids get such a bad rep because a lot of guys abuse the fuck out of them. If you take them like you're supposed too they can make you one of the healthiest human beings on the planet

    Brennan SwansonBrennan Swanson2 kun oldin
  • Steroids are not dangerous all the other crap they take with it is! Diuretic’s Andreas munzer, mono that’s what killed them not anabolic steroids! I don’t like bodybuilding at the professional level! I liked bb in Arnold’s time maybe even lee Hanley’s time but not after Dorian Yates. Even though I respect him and he did what ever he needed to win! Side note women don’t get breast cancer and men don’t get prostate cancer! When I was researching I did not find one case! I think people run into trouble not in the pursuit of putting muscle on but in the pursuit of looking shredded!

    Ravinder SinghRavinder Singh3 kun oldin
  • Where is the line drawn between PED and just supplements? If it enhances performance with no detriment to health is it ok?

    Eugene ChengEugene Cheng3 kun oldin
  • She’s low key smashin

    b- easyb- easy3 kun oldin
  • Tonyhuge are you kidding me!!? Plz don’t get advice from that guy! He is not a bodybuilder. Definitely only a social media guy and sharing nonsense about peds in bodybuilding, he is someone that shouldn’t be promoting real bodybuilding he is a broscience.. Go see Fouad abiad podcast there’s your real information about everything in bodybuilding! That’s a guy that lives bodybuilding to the fullness and being smart about it! Lot of knowledge!

    matthias zymonmatthias zymon4 kun oldin
  • Do not listen to tony huge Jesus Christ he’s the worst person in all of bodybuilding fcking hell he does not represent bodybuilders

    Stephen CurranStephen Curran4 kun oldin
  • One of the reasons that bodybuilding has never been a "mainstream sport", is because none of the big organizations will test the competitors for PEDs. Many bodybuilders think that they're "fighting tough", until they get their asses kicked by someone who can actually fight. It's very amusing to me to see a "musclebound cheater" get badly beaten by a much smaller guy. This used to happen in pro wrestling locker rooms all the time. Guys like Harley Race and Dick Murdock beat the ever-loving sh*t out of guys that were significantly bigger and stronger than they were.

    Scorch1028Scorch10285 kun oldin
  • Tony Huge is one of the dumbest people to follow in the industry. He tricks kids into thinking he's an expert and has zero credibility. He's also not really a doctor.

    dvsn23dvsn235 kun oldin
  • shes getting so damp talking about tony huge

    Alexander KleinAlexander Klein5 kun oldin
    • Wull yeah! Wouldn't you if you looked like her, an old used up dish rag?

      Rambo MooreRambo Moore4 kun oldin
  • It’s so cringey listening to people who talk about steroids and don’t know anything about them.

    casey johnsencasey johnsen6 kun oldin
  • Joe you know you take testosterone and HGH. So don't speak about steroids in that way when you use them

    Damien RobinsonDamien Robinson6 kun oldin
  • Please let's see Tony Huge on JRE!!!

    Steve LongSteve Long6 kun oldin
  • I was made unemployed during the pandemic. I created this channel believing for better for myself and the world 🌍

    Life Is My Opportunity - ChannelLife Is My Opportunity - Channel7 kun oldin
  • Some bodybuilders have legitimate needs for anabolic steroids medically. Not all anabolic steroids are used just to build muscle in the gym.

    JakeJake7 kun oldin
  • really interesting interview podcast, am i going to make Spotify account and download the app to listen to the whole thing? nope, can't be bothered. going to keep surfing through youtube.

    ExoticGrundyExoticGrundy7 kun oldin
  • I’m confused, what does Pam from The Office know about steroids??

    DannyDDannyD7 kun oldin
  • 'Do you know Ronnie Coleman? "No". Moves quickly to the next video folks...

    asta pastaasta pasta8 kun oldin
  • Spotify is crap. podcasts available only in some countries :(

    Poul KPoul K8 kun oldin
  • She went to a bodybuilding contest with Tony Huge. Talk about the moron leading the blind.

    asta pastaasta pasta8 kun oldin
  • Rip rich piana

    ziggy Juarezziggy Juarez8 kun oldin
  • sir dont squeez my head like a zit hahaha...... you shud have shown her a pic of rich right after the lawyer tony huge

    solo kinuvasolo kinuva8 kun oldin
  • " steroid expert " ..... Doesn't know who Ronnie Coleman is 😂🤔...." And next week Terry the boxing expert who doesn't know of Mike Tyson " ...😂

    Jay ButlerJay Butler9 kun oldin
  • Mt Rushmore of bodybuilding is Sandow, Arnold, Dorian, Ronnie.

    WillJM81280WillJM812809 kun oldin
  • All of you are acting like you don’t already have Spotify and aren’t paying for it. Stop bitching, you can still listen. You’ll be fine.

    WillJM81280WillJM812809 kun oldin
  • Tony Huge mentioned on Joe's podcast means we are closer to a delray misfits/Joe Rogan cross over. That would be bigger than the avengers!

    SamSam10 kun oldin
  • Spotify is shit!

    Лазар ЦветковићЛазар Цветковић10 kun oldin
  • What does she actually know .. sounds like fuck all just opening her mouth as usual

    x Atlasx Atlas10 kun oldin
  • If your a natural bodybuilder does that mean you don't even use supplements like on Or just that you don't use steroids?

    Kevin SookooKevin Sookoo10 kun oldin
  • Don't blame the body builders, BLAME THE EFFIN JUDGES. Year after year they kept giving 1st place to the mass monster physique. Ultimately causing the classic Arnold/Greek god physique to be no longer viable. After that, everybody just went nuts with steroids. Ronnie achieved the Greek God physique at around 26 yrs old and finished nearly dead last. Dude looked amazing too. And then 3 yrs later Ronnie was effin huge, and started winning. In the end the judges killed all these bodybuilders, the judges ideal winner cannot be obtained naturally.

    Vang XiongVang Xiong11 kun oldin
  • Natural bodybuilding is a thing and there is an entire federation of it. This woman is a moron

    SonGokuSSJ3SonGokuSSJ311 kun oldin
  • I thought she is pam from the office

    SA31D SoloTVSA31D SoloTV11 kun oldin
  • Frank “The Chemist” Zane

    Ryan LaRueRyan LaRue11 kun oldin
  • Glorified drug addicts 🤔

  • Body building without steroids surely exists, same shape and symmetry, almost as lean, but....30to 70 pounds lighter in mass. A100m sprinter without steroids going sub 10 seconds doesn't exist either, same thing.

    Luc HernaertLuc Hernaert12 kun oldin
  • Pro Bodybuilders are only taken multi vitamins, protein shakes, and creatin in controlled cycles. 😂✌

    Marquis PickardMarquis Pickard12 kun oldin
  • This woman does not know shit about bodybuilding or steroids, she knows a body builder.

    Huh Would you look at thatHuh Would you look at that12 kun oldin
  • There are tested bodybuilding competitions.

    Morphyne_CowboyMorphyne_Cowboy12 kun oldin
  • Dont blame the doc. Blame the folk

    I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel sonI scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son13 kun oldin
  • Lawyers are doctors

    William StricklandWilliam Strickland13 kun oldin
  • That woman doesn't know what shes talking about. At least here. Thats not how insulin(used as a ped)works.. at all hahahah. Also, Joe is probs on trt...

    joshua lyonsjoshua lyons13 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe! Tony and I would love to come onto your podcast and talk steroids! We have all kinds of crazy stories like infected injections, insane cycles, 10 day competition preps and permanent muscle protocols. I think your listeners would have a mind melting experience listening to the actual depths of what we do. Much love- Zac Bastien the competitor

    The Retro GoodzThe Retro Goodz13 kun oldin
  • “Tony gave him an injection of insulin and all of a sudden his veins started popping out and he could feel his heart beat heavy” Uhhh, I think those were diuretics.

    Krzytof RKrzytof R13 kun oldin
  • fuck spotify

    Angel Romero AcevedoAngel Romero Acevedo13 kun oldin
  • By this logic, sports don’t exist

    Cesar ParedesCesar Paredes13 kun oldin
  • How does this woman do research on steroids and not know Ronnie , Rich and basically everyone that is important for her research

    Makh DembMakh Demb13 kun oldin
  • Fkn hell Joe, we've all heard your stories, we havent heard hers, let her get a word in.....

    davie daviedavie davie14 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is it f@cking wrong to inject a 19 year old young man with insulin and other substances without any consultation with a doctor? And the worse thing is Marina filmed this and she amazed by it!!!sorry Joe but this is f@cking wrong! Talking about this substances like they were healthy....this is just wrong...and Mariana...shame on you

    Dávid HollósiDávid Hollósi14 kun oldin
  • Testosterone/synthetic testosterone or anabolic steroids are a small piece. You gotta have the right lifestyle and eat clean, that's the main part

    prezbigeprezbige14 kun oldin

    Everyone is a hypocriteEveryone is a hypocrite15 kun oldin
  • Rich Was on steroids but that was not the main cause of his death, he was heavily addicted to hard core drugs such as coke which also played a factor in his death, he found it hard to stay clean when he could afford any drug he wanted. Rip Rich❤️🥺

    Cameron WinkersCameron Winkers15 kun oldin
    • He also died 4 years ago and joe said he died recently 😂 still love you tho joe

      Cameron WinkersCameron Winkers15 kun oldin
  • Mostly not doing steroids?🤔

    mike broadwellmike broadwell16 kun oldin

    THE WTF ChannelTHE WTF Channel16 kun oldin
  • Neither one knows what they talking about

    levan khmaladzelevan khmaladze16 kun oldin
  • I'd love to see bodybuilding go back to how it was in 1960/70. No more people full of tren and insulin

    Lew HLew H16 kun oldin
  • the lack of a comment section on spotify sucks balls, I love the comments

    pikupzpikupz17 kun oldin
  • She’s already physically attractive, but this is a perfect example of how personality can make you even more physically attractive.

    DrewVillainDrewVillain17 kun oldin
  • Pam Beasley

    Roy BeltranRoy Beltran17 kun oldin
  • For those who like research products hahaha here's a legit company that you can get you discounts Thank me later. Mk677 is a peptide that makes your body produce more hgh and igf1 naturally. It means less fat and more muscles. No side effects after stopping use

    Elias BendayanElias Bendayan18 kun oldin
  • 1:28 EYYYYY shot out to TONY HUE and the Genovaverse lol

    Eric SandovalEric Sandoval18 kun oldin
  • Joe likes her

    dan hoylanddan hoyland19 kun oldin
  • Inside Steroid use in JRE...

    Ivan123Ivan12319 kun oldin
  • ever heard of Hans and Franz? those dudes were jacked to the tits

    Robert VaughnRobert Vaughn19 kun oldin
  • Time to unsubscribe from Joe

    Jack RyanJack Ryan19 kun oldin
  • You know she got piped by Tony huge 🤣

    Brendon PatrickBrendon Patrick20 kun oldin
  • Lee Haney reference. That makes me happy. I loved his workout show in the early 90s.

    David BrownDavid Brown20 kun oldin
  • Lmaoo Columbo wouldn't be on the BB Rushmore.

    K CK C20 kun oldin
  • Mariana is one of the greatest investigative reporters of all time.

    Joel HJoel H21 kun oldin
  • Have you guys seen this old school Joe vid? Thank me later! 😂😂😂

    Virginia PayneVirginia Payne23 kun oldin
  • Steroids are regular bodybuilding

    KiTTKiTT23 kun oldin
  • Thought it was Pam from the office

    Storm seasonStorm season24 kun oldin
  • The lady from vanguard (I think?) - love her, shes the sweetest and a great journalist

    Jaie DormiJaie Dormi24 kun oldin
  • Is smoking weed a healthy lifestyle jo.

    Ahmed MohamedAhmed Mohamed25 kun oldin
  • no i am not going to spotify

    pot aspot as25 kun oldin
  • I met Mariana Van Zeller when I worked at Current TV. She really is the nicest person. She's like this in real life. She also speaks 5 languages fluently.

    Peter KimPeter Kim25 kun oldin
  • "When he got injured, he didn't give a f*ck" LMFAO I died there 💀 🤣

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoInstructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo25 kun oldin
  • How does she not know Ronnie?

    Quantum OptimistQuantum Optimist25 kun oldin
  • Y’all think joe has realized he fucked up by making that Spotify deal yet?? Let’s talk about it

    MM25 kun oldin
  • Didn’t Joe Rogan basically admit to using steroids a while back? He takes testosterone supplements.

    TooManyCooksTooManyCooksTooManyCooksTooManyCooks25 kun oldin
    • Trt, it's different. Very low dose.

      Angelo SennaAngelo Senna25 kun oldin
  • joe 'tainted supplement' rogan

    VkxableVkxable26 kun oldin
  • Joe "I have a friend Brian" Rogan

    frilinkfrilink26 kun oldin
  • If the woman don't know who's Ronnie Coleman is, she's not "Inside the Steroid Use in Bodybuilding".

    VaettraVaettra26 kun oldin
    • @asta pasta seriously this lady is insufferable, she absolutely reminds me of a high school teacher

      Robert NelsonRobert NelsonKun oldin
    • She's a portuguese reporter who has no idea what she is talking about. She did however decide to make this documentary in a valiant effort trying to revive a flagging career but ended up looking like some high school career adviser with no clue about anything ...

      asta pastaasta pasta8 kun oldin
    • Yeah she seems pretty dumb when it comes to the topic of bodybuilding

      SonGokuSSJ3SonGokuSSJ311 kun oldin
    • Why is she even talking about steroids when she doesn't know anything?

      Vas1984Vas198418 kun oldin

      VaettraVaettra21 kun oldin
  • As someone who used to be heavily into bodybuilding and was on gear for 5 years straight, listen to me when I say this: stay natural. The bodybuilding culture is toxic and draws you in, but once you see it for what it really is, it’s just a bunch of drug addicts and egotistic narcissists. My life improved dramatically once I got out of that lifestyle. My mental health improved as well, I wasn’t always consumed with eating and taking gear and training and never missing a beat. I lived like I lived in a box. Fasted cardio everyday, a completely regimented life. I hated it but was so consumed with how I looked. My life was a shit show all because of my addiction to my self image.

    NickNick27 kun oldin
    • I’m not trying to shit on your opinion... but some of that is YOUR fault. I will do a cycle every year just to add some mass and get back in a gym routine after I lose the motivation. Not only does it keep me feeling good and energetic, it improves my sex drive and makes me get the physique in half the time. Some of this stuff you’re saying you got sucked into, it’s partly due to your mindset without gear. Just because I use testosterone doesn’t change how I perceive the world and other people. You probably already were addicted to your image and the gear magnified it.

      Ryan ArtestRyan Artest23 kun oldin
    • @Aaro Silvola yes I was on at least testosterone always

      NickNick24 kun oldin
    • Do you really mean 5 years straight with no days off?😂

      Aaro SilvolaAaro Silvola24 kun oldin
    • Damn, thanks for sharing I think that's what alot of ppl try to avoid talking about in the sport

      King. NKing. N24 kun oldin
  • Tony huge is an ass

    Blaise NarciscoBlaise Narcisco27 kun oldin
  • Rich piano was the only true 5% bodyfat all natural bodybuilder. Rip in peace

    RagingRaging27 kun oldin
    • 😉😂😂😂

      Angelo SennaAngelo Senna25 kun oldin
  • Order 66 Joe Rogan!!

    Brendan WalshBrendan Walsh27 kun oldin
  • Notice REPEATING of "actually" "obviously" "basically" "a little bit" during some of these episodes & by TV trolls? Learn about the reasons & about a hate /smear campaign @ ALLEGEDLY A similar NBC News 20/20 story on UZworld- Organized Stalking in Hubbard Ohio

    Becca BunxhBecca Bunxh27 kun oldin
  • Joe takes steroid too. So what's his point?

    Muskeln-kaufen.deMuskeln-kaufen.de27 kun oldin

    RIGGSRIGGS27 kun oldin
  • Just watched a video of Tony Huge on Dave Palumbos show from June last year and he's got some young kid on, and this is just the HgH, 25ius a day. A day!!!!!!! And this is on top of a huge amount of steroids as well. I worry that this woman says so many young kids look up to this absolute bell end who is a disgrace for giving such advice. I wonder how many of these kids that follow this guy and take his advice will still be training 20-30 years from now!

    A CA C28 kun oldin
  • 60 percent r on steroid may b more than that in ufc.

    Bungdon EiffledonBungdon Eiffledon28 kun oldin
  • Respect ✊🏽

    Vum SangVum Sang28 kun oldin