J. Prince on Being Floyd Mayweather's Manager

19-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1581 with J. Prince. open.spotify.com/episode/61i9zd2aluBye0NiSf6NOh?si=UIhWLNXAT7yzv4zTkIHCgw

  • Stick to mma/ufc Joe because Floyd was hit hard more than 4 times. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Suga Bear ChiRaqSuga Bear ChiRaqKun oldin
  • RIP Diego Corrales was a beast!! Had the best fight I’ve ever seen against Castillo🔥🔥💯💯😁😱😱

    414beastmode414beastmodeKun oldin
  • What a genius this man is

    Karama chKarama ch2 kun oldin
  • People, stop saying this is unexpected. Joe is in Texas. J. Prince is a Taxes legend.

    KizersozaDamienKizersozaDamien2 kun oldin
  • He doesn't really talk like this. This is some put on composed voice, listen to the podcast with Fat Joe as little as 2 months ago...very diffrent

    Ash RAsh R3 kun oldin
    • You tripping prince sounds the same way since forever 😂😂

      Mario JudahMario JudahKun oldin

    isaac martinezisaac martinez6 kun oldin
  • If they don't give you an opportunity, then you take it.

    TheUndertakerVIITheUndertakerVII8 kun oldin
  • U ever notice joe's best guests are involved in the boxing industry? It's because MMA sucks and has zero marketable people and the sport is very unrefined. Nothing more than a step up from a wwf steel cage match.

    A TA T8 kun oldin
  • Ima be honest I'm 36. I remember back in the day in my teen years I became a floyd Mayweather fan. I remember the moment to. It was like 1998 and he beat angel Manfreddy. I kinda liked angel he would come out in his diablo devil mask and just work his opponents. But on this night manfreddy chose to change his life or something and come out and embrace this Christian angel image and he threw his diablo mask away. I didn't really even know about floyd at that time really but I did know about zab super judah who was my guy. But when floyd beat Manfreddy who I also knew and I thought was a good boxer I was like damn this guy is sharp and a beast. I remember I had a t.v. and I would record these fights on video cassette tapes everytime. When Mayweather was fighting Diego corrales that was the most scared and worried I probally was for floyd as a fan. I hit that record button and I started to watch and I seen a complete masterpiece take place. And Diego was no bum at all he was a very heartful and powerful and fast guy and all that. You can see that as he went on to be great after the floyd loss and has one of the greatest fights in history to be honest. And just watch what corrales did to angel manfreddy. All I'm saying is after that moment I didn't think anybody could touch floyd. And just imagine what if corrales actually caught floyd with some good ones and knocked him out like koysta zu did zab judah ? Than what ? Wins and losses give you diffrent perspectives on the whole sport at times. I'm just glad those guys fought. Floyd and Diego and judah.

    Eye 2 EyeEye 2 Eye9 kun oldin
    • Im going on 34 but I remember that Manfredy fight. Corrales fight put him on map tho

      A TA T8 kun oldin
  • Never really saw light weight Floyd but looking at the record that was his most aggressive

  • How the hell did I just get this in my recommends

  • When people say floyd didn't get hit. They didn't see the miguel cotton fight

    Adam DavisAdam Davis9 kun oldin
    • Or the chop chop corley, Emmanuel Augustus.. floyd had alot of tough fights when he was pretty boy

      A TA T8 kun oldin
  • 5th ward niggas🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️

    First NameFirst Name10 kun oldin
  • Why is Joe talking to this fake ass gangster that thinks he’s smart and misuses words. Dude is a clown

    Jay DellJay Dell10 kun oldin
  • Diego Corrales was 33-0 with 30 Kos when Floyd fought him. Diego was the favorite & Floyd mopped him, wasn't even close lol

    Zamad AllahZamad Allah10 kun oldin
  • He sound like Master P

    Real KubReal Kub10 kun oldin
  • Brother Joe! Diego Corrales ex wife is my cousin, they have a daughter as well and she looks just like him! Let’s get her on your podcast?!

    Rag’s 2 Rich’sRag’s 2 Rich’s11 kun oldin
  • If u crank the speed up to 1.25x it sounds rly normal haha

    Simon SilvaSimon Silva11 kun oldin
  • Read his book. Interesting.

    VicaMOORVicaMOOR11 kun oldin
  • Joe is a huge Geto boys fan no surprise.

    Jon SwartzJon Swartz12 kun oldin
  • Joe: were not going to say any names five seconds later Roberto Duran

    Rilwan HussainiRilwan Hussaini12 kun oldin
  • I think he wants us to go to Spotify y'all

    Keith StiltnerKeith Stiltner12 kun oldin
  • Suge never fucked with JPrince

    gjjl 1stgjjl 1st12 kun oldin
  • J prolly bullied his ass into the podcast

    Ron Paul 2020Ron Paul 202012 kun oldin
  • was the full version taken down from youtube?

    Rohan MusicRohan Music12 kun oldin
  • J Prince is a good guy!! Official link uzworld.info/player/video/h6a1bciMiMapkao

  • The only realest gangsta in the rap game. The dude can stop all these lame ass rap beefs on the spot, and he created Drake

    G L CG L C14 kun oldin
  • Y’all look up Mayweather vs Corales on UZworld, J. Prince in the ring.

    Cruyff1899Cruyff189914 kun oldin
  • Got the owl pendant I see....

    J PJ P14 kun oldin
  • Who's J. Prince??? Who!??

    melomusicamelomusica15 kun oldin
  • Him Rocking that OVO chain is 🔥

    Roadrunna BOBBYRoadrunna BOBBY15 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    BellboymalBellboymal16 kun oldin
  • It’s not a seamless switch JOE ROGAN !!!

    PennywisePennywise16 kun oldin
  • Where is the whole thing?

    QueenzKing1228QueenzKing122817 kun oldin
  • I used to like Joe, but now he rubs me the wrong way. All these chats with Elon, and Musk saying how it’s too late now, we’ve been building the AI network...and it’s too late. Trans humanism here we come👿. Never give up the fight to have a soul and a heart, compassion. He’s sold his soul , especially with the vaccine agenda. Put two and two together Joe. Elon and Joe are “cool” but realize what’s going on

    Morgan CambaraMorgan Cambara17 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but this podcast studio setup is just bunk af... The red was a horrible choice.... Probably Jamie

    savage capssavage caps17 kun oldin
  • Peep that ovo owl. The man that got drake on

    Damian BuntingDamian Bunting18 kun oldin
    • @J P that’s drakes label he helped fund

      Damian BuntingDamian Bunting14 kun oldin
    • Good symbolism: Bohemian grove, the little owl on the dollar bill, the US Capital Building from a aerial view....maybe my conspiracy side connecting dots that don't need be lol

      J PJ P14 kun oldin
  • I loved it when Andre Ward fought Kovalev J Prince came up at the press conference and said “ I don’t know what belts they’re talking about maybe they want some Gucci belts “ lol

    RKey KrewRKey Krew18 kun oldin
  • J Prince does what he wants to do even if it’s Joe Rogan podcast! You don’t come to Texas without checking in with J Prince

    RKey KrewRKey Krew18 kun oldin
  • Vaccination | Great Rest | Robert F Kennedy Jr | uzworld.info/player/video/kKzLesR3lJS5q2c ?fdnhg1

    Joshua LindsayJoshua Lindsay19 kun oldin
  • JRE isnt the same since that spotify buyout

    one solo bumone solo bum19 kun oldin
  • get el chapo on here next

    whats goodwhats good20 kun oldin
  • Get your corny ass son man

    Trill JTrill J20 kun oldin
  • I could watch Joe and J Prince talking for 10 hours!

    Lucas PenidoLucas Penido20 kun oldin
  • Correction Joe, greatest defense of all time goes to Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whittaker! He fought the best when they were at they’re best. He was never beat, he was robbed by the judges in all f his “defeats”. The greatest defense wizard of all time! R.I.P CHAMP.

    SkillionaireSkillionaire20 kun oldin
  • Me av riddim from ceiling to floor, come catch ah riddim from my riddim store ...uzworld.info/player/video/bKfXja6Mg63LZHQ

    finelineglobalfinelineglobal20 kun oldin
  • He should have michael francise, one of the few made members in the cosa nostra(mob) that survived to tell his story

    Ignacio GonzalezIgnacio Gonzalez21 kun oldin
  • I felt like j disrespected joe by not taking his shades off

    Ignacio GonzalezIgnacio Gonzalez21 kun oldin
  • excellent

    kingPoodieTVkingPoodieTV21 kun oldin
  • This is DOPE!!

    Marcus LosGreatMarcus LosGreat21 kun oldin
  • "I won't mention no names" I will Andy Ruiz

    Zachary HolguinZachary Holguin21 kun oldin
  • VLAD is better the fear factor guy is trashed

    oz20oz2022 kun oldin
  • I’ve been watching Mayweather since 1996. Floyd had everything they talk about here except, a desire to take on the absolute best but riskier fights where he had any real disadvantage (size, speed/power combo, reach) from the outset. If you look carefully at his career after the 2nd Castillo fight, it’s loaded with smaller, good but not great or once great fighters on the downside of their careers. The only real risk he took as “Money” Mayweather was a young Canelo Alvarez at a catch weight of 150lbs. Other than that his opponent selection and when he chose them was extremely disappointing.

    Stagmire LupertazziStagmire Lupertazzi22 kun oldin
  • As a long time boxing fan... Pretty Boy Floyd > Floyd Money Mayweather

    Stagmire LupertazziStagmire Lupertazzi22 kun oldin
  • J.Prince..."that guy"

    Robert BaileyRobert Bailey22 kun oldin
  • So you can only listen to the podcast on spotify ? You can watch the interview ?! WTF ? 🤷🏾 I dont want to "listen" to interviews, I want to WATCH them ! 😤

    Ronee NewtonRonee Newton22 kun oldin
  • Joe “they come to me for the clout” Rogan

    M VegaM Vega22 kun oldin
  • This man is a legit gangster , he can get you put in a box for real , joe acting and talking high pitched and nervous

    Khaos969Khaos96922 kun oldin
  • Ok man I'm getting spotify

    Jay 1989Jay 198922 kun oldin
  • I see Joey checked in, great idea joe!

    Masai’s GamingMasai’s Gaming23 kun oldin
  • Thank me later.😉 uzworld.info/player/video/rofIaJxmkcqtfao

    Chett SteddmanChett Steddman23 kun oldin
  • I expect J on Joe Rogan..he moved to Texas..and J holds his own in TRex

    Jim GJim G23 kun oldin
  • My name lil j if you wanna go to war I'll take you to war

    Yule TideYule Tide23 kun oldin
  • J Prince is soft Y’all faking the funk bout how he a killa He’s old n soft!

    Jay WilliamsJay Williams23 kun oldin
  • Damn Never thought I would see J Prince on the JRE podcast. I’ll have to listen to this another time when I have more time.

    Richard CisnerosRichard Cisneros24 kun oldin
  • J: "... I wasn't embraced with love." LD: "I'm a do it what it take?" Drake: "And I never been embraced"

    Thinker 4wardThinker 4ward24 kun oldin
  • Floyd got his business sense from a Texas man

    Ganjaman dailygrowsGanjaman dailygrows24 kun oldin
  • Floyd doesn’t have brittle hands, he just has too much power for the size of his hands. Floyd was bullying & knocking dudes out at 130. Joes couldn’t be any more wrong saying he’s only taken 4 clean shots in his career. Joe only watches highlights he doesn’t watch multiple complete 1 hour 30 minutes of boxing fights from late 90s early 00s. Floyd’s been hit but he’s got a hell of chin on him. There’s even sparring footage of Floyd quitting and giving up. You don’t become as good as Floyd by not going through hard times. Floyd probably has the most experience in boxing in the history of boxing that’s why he’s one of the best boxers in history. His dad was a army general to him, and his uncle was a 2 division champ. People don’t give them credit for what Floyd is today. Floyd didn’t run the streets like most kids around him did. He was boxing 24 hours a day 365 days a year cause of people around him

    Ganjaman dailygrowsGanjaman dailygrows24 kun oldin
  • Joe's reach and scope of influence is massive he has Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry wrapped around his finger because when theres a pandemic and the internet world of podcasting being the main source of media for the whole nation and world as a whole and where Joe Reigns supreme then his platform becomes the hand that lays the golden egg and everybody who wants to be seen or heard by the largest & most diverse audience in the game by an exponential magnitude needs to be on the Joe Rogan experience. This man got 100 million dollars to do the same exact thing he's been doing with full ownership of his program and creative direction with like 2 employees to worry about if that then that means that just him doing whatever he wants is worth 100 million dollars to the industry just imagine what the worth of the full scope of his influence is he could potentially get a million just for having someone on as a guest to market their ideas or product

    Captain FalconCaptain Falcon24 kun oldin
  • Hes talkin bout Diego Corales jumping and beating on his woman? What about Floyd Mayweather?? Hes 5-0 in the domestic violence charges world championship

    Captain FalconCaptain Falcon24 kun oldin
    • He just talking about that as a marketing strategy to create buzz

      James savageJames savage23 kun oldin
  • Passion is the number one thing you need to be great you dlnt even need talent if you have that work ethic as long as you dont have any disadvantageous predispositions like mental or physical disabilities then 99% of niches are open for you to dominate if you have a relentlessly passionate work ethic cause a talented naturally gifted person with no work ethic and no passion will always he dethroned by the hungry and the passionate

    Captain FalconCaptain Falcon24 kun oldin
  • Joe needed that Texas co-sign. So he can move unhindered.

    abuwadie3abuwadie325 kun oldin
  • I’d appreciate it if joe stops yelling at me at the end of these clips

    Jaden ShawJaden Shaw25 kun oldin
  • Floyd may have the best defense in boxing ever, but when it comes to his wife he's all offense.

    Dong QuixoteDong Quixote25 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up if you want Floyd on JRE

    Missile LermerMissile Lermer25 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan Was Talking About James Toney At 5:20

    Haters Have OpinionHaters Have Opinion25 kun oldin
  • Fight game has a lot more in common with Hollywood and Pro Wrestling and Drama Theater than it has with competitive sports. That’s why they refer to the entertainment biz as bread and circus - you eat it with a suspension of disbelief.

    Cognitive Dissonance CampCognitive Dissonance Camp25 kun oldin
  • That's why he murdered Corrales in public. That was the best shape he had ever been in according to Roger (RIP).

    Tori TempleTori Temple25 kun oldin
  • The shoulder roll is undefeated

    JavaBean LLCJavaBean LLC25 kun oldin
  • The reason why Floyd is The Best Ever is because he knew he had to change his style up due to injuries & age & not try to fight like he did at age 20-30. If Anderson Silva, Roy Jones jr. & other greats whom flamed out at age 34 or younger would've switched to a different style as they aged & got injuries, instead of trying to fight like they did when they were young & healthy, they too would've likely still been racking up W's & millions well after their primes, like Floyd did.

    EJK BoxingEJK Boxing25 kun oldin
    • The difference is they couldn't because they lacked a complete skillset. Roy was reflexes and speed he never had a jab, defense or could throw combinations fluidity. He relied on jumping in and out and catching opponents with ackward shots and moving out the way. Plus his chin is made is paper machete. Floyd has beard and can fight any style in the ring.

      A TA T8 kun oldin
  • can we please get mohammad hijab on this podcast. the views will def come in. you have the unintelligent islam haters waiting for joe rogan to shut hijab down and then you have the believers who will just smile throught the whole video lmao

    daddy nodaddy no26 kun oldin
  • Jebus. Tried to listen... for free on spotify. After 4 or 5 30sec ads and another one starting I gave up.

    FrozenRabbitFrozenRabbit26 kun oldin
  • Diego was the Truth!!!

    BarnYardBarnYard26 kun oldin
  • Floyd, great fighter, HORRIBLE interviewer. I almost hate his interviews, you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all, same cliches and bravado

    Cross ReferenceCross Reference26 kun oldin
    • He can’t explain his own greatness and talent. It’s the most frustrating thing ever I want to pick his brain but his words are just so bleh

      ARIEL GOLDARIEL GOLD9 kun oldin
  • damn this dude is slick as fuck

    rico suaverico suave26 kun oldin
  • And that owl around his neck means something

    Jason BittingerJason Bittinger26 kun oldin
  • Texas

    Curtis DCurtis D26 kun oldin
  • Oh no legendary boxing bandwagon

    HotHeaded GAMERSHotHeaded GAMERS26 kun oldin
  • Most randomnest rogan combo ever

    BiggietalktoemBiggietalktoem26 kun oldin
  • Joe plays with himself to much

    James RobinsonJames Robinson26 kun oldin
  • Fu

    Scott LevyScott Levy26 kun oldin
  • freemason owl neckless

    R TruthR Truth26 kun oldin

    Kevin KleinKevin Klein26 kun oldin
  • Notice how Joe let's the man speak and only interrupts with quick clarifying questions 🎯.

    AT3DAT3D26 kun oldin
  • Come on Joe ask him about trashing Floyds gym and where Bob Arum bailed Floyd out situation

    jassiel zaragozajassiel zaragoza26 kun oldin

    Rollin RonRollin Ron26 kun oldin
  • naming no names, 20 seconds later, Roberto Duran...

    Dawud BryantDawud Bryant26 kun oldin
  • Bun B would be a good guest.

    Ted PhillipsTed Phillips26 kun oldin
  • Don't understand why people worship a man.

    Med DemMed Dem27 kun oldin
    • Fear is powerful. Power is attractive

      XeroKompXeroKomp25 kun oldin
  • J Puss you think you're real big, catch me in the streets cuz im on u

    Eliyahu RazielEliyahu Raziel27 kun oldin