Joe Rants About LA Coronavirus Shutdowns

30-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1586 with Tony Hinchcliffe.

  • The problem when you give people the responsibility of deciding if they can be open or not is that unfortunately a hell of a lot of people aren't taking the appropriate measures and thats not just the business owners but more the public. Business owners i'm sure would do whatever it takes to be open, abiding by the guidelines etc but you'll always get those idiots that wreck it for everyone else, not wearing masks, not washing their hands, no stay 2m apart etc. Then you have to account the amount of business owners that will reject business when they're desperate to make up for financial losses on the basis that one person is adamant they wont wear a mask because they have an "Issue" with it. Basically, it takes power to enforce law and order.

    Member BerryMember Berry4 soat oldin
  • Politicians the best money can buy

    Darcy McnabbDarcy Mcnabb13 soat oldin
  • Getting caught and showing they don't care and there's nothing you can do about it is massive power trip.

    sdrc92126sdrc9212619 soat oldin
  • Joe's been on a Rant about the shutdowns for 10 months strong!!!!!

    D. CeeD. Cee21 soat oldin
  • Lol. This logic is exactly why America still behind in controlling the pandemic 😅

    D J VIDDOD J VIDDOKun oldin
    • you obviously weren't listening

      ThomasThomas3 soat oldin
  • Rogan is such a bot. Dude sounds like a 5 year old literally and thinks like one a lot too

    Sam SoltaniSam SoltaniKun oldin
  • Joes right about n95 masks. There’s mask mandates, but anyone can wear a bullshit cloth mask. And then pull it to their chin and not even use it. It’s too hard to get people to use the n95 cause it’s more of a hassle to breath/ hard to buy the best kind. So people settle for a medical mask

    D4G13D4G13Kun oldin
  • The only thing that makes me sleep at night is knowing most of those fucks voted for the people doing it.

    Daniy TyshkevichDaniy TyshkevichKun oldin
  • Politicians are useless tits, otherwise they would be doing something else that is not just spewing bullshit.

    SuperPowderpigSuperPowderpigKun oldin
  • The ratio of interesting/funny episodes compared to boring ass podcasts now-a-days is like 1 out of 6. Tony was good tho

    Jimmy FetherolfJimmy FetherolfKun oldin
  • 2020 was the worst year of my life. I'm separated from my girlfriend because of border closures and living in my mom's basement since March while working part-time hours at a temporary job. I'm 40. I just want to go home. Edit- andy lungs are fucked up from getting covid19 8 months ago! Lockdowns don't work! Masks don't work! Social distancing doesn't work! Everyone is going to get it and a few people will die just like every year. Check the stats. The death rate has increased steadily over the years. It's not covid19, it's a larger and aging population!

    Cassius StoneCassius Stone2 kun oldin
  • What a snowflake

    Randy CastonRandy Caston2 kun oldin
  • 10:52 neighborhood cats 1am

    Dee BDee B2 kun oldin
  • The whole podcast is basically a puzzle now. But with missing pieces

    Dee BDee B2 kun oldin
    • 😢Spotify sucks, no video and glitchy

      Cash4FruitCash4FruitKun oldin
  • Joe "Uneven hoodie string" Rogan Bisayawa!!

    Dee BDee B2 kun oldin
  • Good luck, Americans. Good luck.

    Ion-SHIVsIon-SHIVs2 kun oldin
  • Rogan has become a moron.

    craig rodriguezcraig rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • The amount of Views for these clips are telling! Rogan on youtube is where it should be.

    luis ramosluis ramos2 kun oldin
  • Studettes - cant say that - cancelled

    La T-RocLa T-Roc2 kun oldin
  • The governor of São Paulo shut down the city and went to Florida enjoy his vacation. Politicians are hipocrites and liers in the whole world.

    Jornada MentalJornada Mental2 kun oldin
  • I wonder what life was like in prohibition times. Would I have been a raging alcoholic? Going out to a restaurant is like going to a speak easy now? WOW public eating is so very wrong now

    Pheonix CornellPheonix Cornell2 kun oldin
  • Close wall-mart....................?......................they didnt.....................still open, .....................superspreader...😯

    Patrick MayerPatrick Mayer2 kun oldin
  • A Tornado Siren! 😆

    Sarai WiechersSarai Wiechers2 kun oldin
  • I had the virus at the end of April and had very serious symptoms, but a moment I understood what to take and in 5 minutes the situation returned to normal! let's make short ... I took 4x 20mg of Piroxicam EG and 20 tablets of spirulina for the circulation and oxygenation of the blood and the situation miraculously returned to normal quickly, so 80mg of Piroxicam EG is the help you need for those who have the severe form ... for those who have a persistent headache a single tablet of Piroxicam EG will suffice ... so after I had conquered the virus and go to sleep without problem; the next day I will see on google what it is> anti-inflammatory !!!!!!! Is that so !? at that time it was forbidden, dangerous haha ​​glad not to have been to die in the hospital ... now there is progress: they give an anti-inflammatory but which are not good ... unfortunately a few thousand additional deaths in prospect ... I know I'm not addressing the right audience but the brain is the key, piroxicam is for the brain (not medrol or anything else) and therefore the best anti-inflammatory while waiting for the vaccine. and shame to doctors for not believe and let the poeple die TY bye

    IsaiahIsaiah2 kun oldin
  • i wonder how much viewership has dropped on the pod now that its on spotify only. i bet the clips on youtube do way more numbers then spotify. a damn shame really

    Tony MontanaTony Montana2 kun oldin
  • 0:57

    Nicholas DimitrovNicholas Dimitrov3 kun oldin
  • New York Governor got a Grammy

    KingSureShotKingSureShot3 kun oldin
  • Stop asking questions as though there's not enough evidence of bullshit and tyranny. How much proof do you need? At what point is it unacceptable? They are laughing at us and you all just take it and say, "I don't understand why ...?" Maybe it's cuz we're all too afraid to make a decision.

    Ughatta VequidenUghatta Vequiden3 kun oldin
  • Stop asking questions as though there's not enough evidence of bullshit and tyranny. How much proof do you need? At what point is it unacceptable? They are laughing at us and you all just take it and say, "I don't understand why ...?" Maybe it's cuz we're all too afraid to make a decision.

    Ughatta VequidenUghatta Vequiden3 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe. Howzabout you sacrifice a few years, and run for......any office? I think you have common sense and could do big things for us all. I’m sure you would be elected. As long as the votes are counted!!

    Bob WallaceBob Wallace3 kun oldin
  • The ones who disliked this are really ass sore liberals hahaha

    Brian HessBrian Hess3 kun oldin
  • Better watch It Joe! The thought police are gonna come for you next! 🙁

    PJ EPJ E3 kun oldin
  • Drunk Joe is funny.

    Andrew 10Andrew 103 kun oldin
  • If everyone took this serious in the beginning this wouldn’t be happening so this conversation is basically just bitching and moaning.

    krabmankrabman3 kun oldin
  • Waxahachie, Tex and Ellis county as a whole is thriving and business is better than ever. Be never stopped building

    William MacombWilliam Macomb3 kun oldin
  • N95 masks need to be fit tested to make sure there's a proper seal and if you have a beard...forget it. My wife works in a hospital and failed a fit test for one brand but passed another so could only wear the one brand or a different kinda of mask that i don't really remember what it's called...papper or something

    chio987chio9873 kun oldin
  • Imagine telling someone in the 90s you were moving from LA to Texas.

    james sjames s3 kun oldin
  • Dark horse podcast goes over the "data" just released about infection from a symptomatic people. They rip into it. The "data" is filled with mistakes and assumptions.

    Shane PyeShane Pye3 kun oldin
  • I'm glad I'm in Florida and all these California's that are moving out stay the f648 away dont need you turning this state into a socialists hell hole.

    FiberopFiberop3 kun oldin
  • There's no point trying to figure it out or find solutions. This was all planned out years ago for the great reset.

    dhalsim1dhalsim14 kun oldin
  • I've been telling everyone since day one these cloth masks are absolutely useless. Anything below a n95 mask was just a complete waste of time.

    Jacques De MolayJacques De Molay4 kun oldin
  • I live in Florida you can do what ever you want nothing is shut down people everywhere just doing their thing some times with a mask and sometimes not i live close to tampa ive never been sick and neither has anyone i know even the homeless that panhandle in traffic all day and have thousands of cars go by them and all kinds of different people breathing on them are doing just fine

    Jerry StandeckerJerry Standecker4 kun oldin
  • Big problem is that people refuse to wear masks. I feel like if people would just agree to precautions then staying open would be a reasonable risk. The post office was ready to send out masks to every household in america and trump admin said no because they didn’t want things to look bad

    shae brownshae brown4 kun oldin
  • Jo get this gymn owner on !👏👏👍

    serjmusic crosstownserjmusic crosstown4 kun oldin

      serjmusic crosstownserjmusic crosstown4 kun oldin
  • Covid is a big real estate grab by the wealthy and big corporations. Blocks and blocks of family and middle class owned businesses gone

    Rick HansenRick Hansen5 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is just on a long vacation in Austin lol he’ll be back in LA when everything returns to normal 🤣🤣

    Cristian DelgadoCristian Delgado5 kun oldin
  • Government never had the power to tell people you can't go to work.See what is happening?🤔

    Rich McNickleRich McNickle5 kun oldin
  • Thanks, we're letting it happen, for we're too silent, dwelling in fear. That's been orchestrated.

    JACEJACE5 kun oldin
  • During the Spanish Influenza the government had the power to close all the industries.

    MythicalMiningMythicalMining5 kun oldin
  • One really unfortunate thing about shut down that people don't mention often is pools closing. I strongly disagree with gyms closing, especially because they implemented restrictions on gyms, which made gyms allowed to only have 10 people at a time. Relatively safe right? And it would allow people to access an important service. But no, they decided to close all gyms. Anyway, that's bad enough, but a lot of people can still lift weight at home. Very few people will have access to a home pool. And I'm in Canada, it's too cold to swim outside in winter. It's horrible. I'm a swimmer, I was swimming every day, not only for fitness, but because the pool is hands down the best back therapy I've ever had. My partner was relying on pools to help her recover from knee surgery. Now..... we're both just suffering for no reason. No one will be saved by these bullshit restrictions and we're just degrading every day. My gf can barely walk at all now, and in pain ALL THE TIME. For absolutely nothing. I don't know how they think they have the right to force us in to this bs situation. This is why freedom of choice is supposed to exist..... so people don't take it up the ass on someone elses whim. I don't want some third party with nothing to lose, and no accountability, tell me I'm not allowed to do necessary physical therapy. wtf? I'm going to be looking in to suing the government, but.... good luck with that. I actually have been going in the water with a wet suit, but it's not the same as therapeutic swimming. The water is damn cold, and it forces the body in to contraction. I don't get the therapeutic benefits from freezing water.

    Mary AntonioMary Antonio5 kun oldin
  • Meanwhile, Joe made sure to move to the most California-like city in Texas. Liberals love the ideas of liberalism when those ideas affect OTHERS.

    smashtoadsmashtoad6 kun oldin
    • @craig rodriguez brilliant

      smashtoadsmashtoad2 kun oldin
    • Zzzzz

      craig rodriguezcraig rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • im so sorry bout ur dads restaurant. 30 yrs n still woulda kept going, thats one succesful restaurant man, my family has a mexican restaurant (Reyna's Restaurant) for 28 yrs n its our whole lives . so i can definitely feel his pain. and yes Joe's right, ive been waitressing since i was 11 years old and now I am basically an award winning ACTRESS! i can change into diff personalities just like a switch to accommodate the type of costumers at each table I serve. and u have to be natural and not all robotic which can be hard to do once u get slammed but its bcuz ppl definitely pick up on that. the best is when u gotta pretend they're hilarious then i actually do start laughhing tho cuz they jokes b so corny.

    Italia FergusonItalia Ferguson6 kun oldin
  • 00:13 uhhh u could always work out at the park! I love going to the noho park. plus i get an extra seratonin boost from the nature.

    Italia FergusonItalia Ferguson6 kun oldin
  • Just less than 50% of U.K intensive worker hospital staff, have either contemplated suicide or taken up drinking in the last 3 months. The study was from mid october to this month.

    Daniel BeakeDaniel Beake6 kun oldin
  • You can't wear a mask in a restaurant.

    Daniel BeakeDaniel Beake6 kun oldin
  • It’s all about destroying the middle class, so the rest of the general population has to rely on the government. It’s fucking ridiculous.

    Nick FunkhouserNick Funkhouser6 kun oldin

    Michael daveMichael dave6 kun oldin
  • The vaccine rollout is a disaster!

    Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin
  • They should open everything the world is fucked anyways

    marco avilamarco avila6 kun oldin
  • Love joe Rogan... but how he speaks on covid is autistic

    Dawson MuellerDawson Mueller6 kun oldin
  • orlando, miami, tampa - all stayed open

    David HojDavid Hoj6 kun oldin
  • people preaching about teamwork and community while they stand there like a statue as their neighbor gets his whole life torn from him.... they scurry in their business and the next day the man comes for them too. because they are prey. they stand alone. they don't posses the power to defend their home. so for that they never had a home to begin with. shut up and deal with it. your a victim

    pc buyspc buys7 kun oldin
  • They keep getting caught yet we all keep complying with all this bull shit.

    Kara ClarkKara Clark7 kun oldin
  • Nashville has been open the whole time. Clubs, bjj, restaurants, etc.

    No ThanksNo Thanks7 kun oldin
    • @Emmanuel Zanders Well, they closed for a month back in April-May, but then reopened after everyone realized this thing isn't going away and we need to live with it. I moved from NYC to live in Nashville because of the lockdowns. All the clubs and bars are open. I think they close at 10 or 11PM rather than 2-3AM though. Example:

      No ThanksNo Thanks5 kun oldin
    • Really? Nightclubs too

      Emmanuel ZandersEmmanuel Zanders5 kun oldin
  • 10:17 I don't think they're deciding whether we can take chances or not, they are deciding that we won't be allowed to take a chance with someone else's life because disease spreads and this one does particularly easily.

    Tobo ArnaqueTobo Arnaque7 kun oldin
  • someone needs to slap joe every time he says shit like “stud x”.

    Dylan GeorgeDylan George7 kun oldin
  • More and more democrats are leaving the left everyday.

    Opinions GetYouBannedOpinions GetYouBanned8 kun oldin
    • Lol too stupid

      craig rodriguezcraig rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • Only thing he talks about anymore

    Joe SargentJoe Sargent8 kun oldin
  • what a fuckin dope

    Kieran HealyKieran Healy8 kun oldin
  • It’s because it’s all about politics.. it has nothing to do with covid! Fear mongers!

    AnnajadeAnnajade8 kun oldin
    • This is a covid con job!

      Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin
  • How has a guy who gave validity to Alex Jones been such a pussy to talk about DC? Mr Fucking texas?

    Karmic ExperimentKarmic Experiment8 kun oldin
    • This is a covid con job!

      Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin
  • With these corona numbers you have in US I think it's OK to shutdown everything. Next time listen to sense and wear masks, lower numbers = less restrictions.

    SandzuSandzu8 kun oldin
    • Wake ip sheep this is a covid con job!

      Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin
  • Dudes gotten old

    Clay SKClay SK8 kun oldin
  • Fuck big tech

    Dovah DaeDovah Dae8 kun oldin
    • This is a covid con job!

      Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin
  • Fauci just said no music until end of 2021 and we still have to wear f ing dumb masks even then....F fauci

    Deep WatersDeep Waters8 kun oldin
  • The mayor of chicago is gross and the obedient Chicagoans are tards.

    Deep WatersDeep Waters8 kun oldin
  • zero science. pritzker in Illinois is the size of an elephant and a total Dictator ahole.

    Deep WatersDeep Waters8 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan about what happened in DC last week: ".............................."

    Hugo OliveiraHugo Oliveira8 kun oldin
    • This is a covid con job!

      Lee KimberlinLee Kimberlin6 kun oldin

    SunshineSunshine8 kun oldin
  • The dummies aren't the people doing these things. The real dummies are the people who supports these people.

    TJ TanTJ Tan9 kun oldin
  • Michigan is just as bad sadly. Everyday it's like I wake up in literal hell here.

    PlaguePlague9 kun oldin
    • @Dorsey Kindler I would. The UP might not be as bad though as they're more against government control

      PlaguePlague8 kun oldin
    • Was thinking of spending July in the UP. Should I be making other plans?

      Dorsey KindlerDorsey Kindler8 kun oldin
  • coronavirus is a hoax

    Something OrotherSomething Orother9 kun oldin
  • just clicked on the most recent JRE clip with the most views to see how things are going. Booooooring! Sell out

    ii9 kun oldin
  • More record deaths today... Joe never brings that up...he lives in a wealth bubble

    JackJack ThompsonJackJack Thompson9 kun oldin
  • Go woke go broke maybe they’ll vote Republican but I doubt it lol

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano9 kun oldin
  • since moving to Texas Joe has seen the light and realized how democrats and the left wing nutjobs are destroying society

    eggsandwichificationeggsandwichification9 kun oldin
  • The only way out of this globalist dictatorship is revolution by the people.

    Nemeses JetmiryNemeses Jetmiry9 kun oldin
  • The elite WANT everyone to go broke and bankrupt where they lose their small businesses and home owners go bankrupt. No work, no income means you can't pay rent or mortgage. That way their elite buddies with money to spend can swoop in and buy off all properties at cheap prices. Then there's this "Green Deal" business going into effect of which only their buddies and children will reap the benefits, not the average American.

    theNuclearNixonstheNuclearNixons9 kun oldin
  • Has it occurred to anyone that these pple know the virus is the conspiracy theory. Media only pedals lies, propaganda n conspiracy theories. Russia gate, syrias leader used gas on his own pple, Trump is subverting democracy

    lenny Blundenlenny Blunden9 kun oldin
  • Is it republican to ignore health recommendations? Weird that anyone would think it's a political decision. Guess what, his dad's life is literally on the line, not just his business. Better PPE and cleverer actual responses is the go, if only the virus was kept out of the country and clamped from spreading at the beginning, you could be having a far more antipodean experience.

    Chuzz BotChuzz Bot10 kun oldin
  • the siren... france has that

    yan bourbonnaisyan bourbonnais10 kun oldin
  • I'll believe it is an emergency when they people who tell us there is an emergency act like there is an emergency.

    Dwayne MathesonDwayne Matheson10 kun oldin
    • Exactly, I’ll worry when politicians and medical workers start wearing full body suits like if the virus is radioactive.

      AC ZAC Z2 kun oldin
    • Good point lol

      Russell NyRussell Ny4 kun oldin
    • Meanwhile pro sports are moving right along..

      joe bob marleyjoe bob marley6 kun oldin
  • I miss being able to watch 😭

    Tracey ReedTracey Reed10 kun oldin
  • We have to stop trying to make sense of nonsense.

    Jonathan SmithJonathan Smith10 kun oldin
  • I love woke joe! He realizes that the left is fucked! Love it!

    The final solutionThe final solution10 kun oldin
    • Lol so stupid

      craig rodriguezcraig rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • Miss you joe

    Hammad JahangirHammad Jahangir10 kun oldin
  • They took my candy Joe! They took my freaking candy.

    Seth hammondSeth hammond10 kun oldin
  • Orange county, CA

    Juno CespedesJuno Cespedes11 kun oldin
  • Florida

    LocoandchoochLocoandchooch11 kun oldin