Joe Rogan & Mark Normand Praise Norm Macdonald

2-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1587 with Mark Normand.

  • The thumbnail looks like Norm MacDonald is a merge between Joe and the guest

    Greg GrozdanisGreg Grozdanis15 soat oldin
  • Joe's in the podcast HOF. They won't even let him in to visit the comedy HOF

    The OmenThe OmenKun oldin
  • Just to let know everbody, in that podcast joe rogan talk about that education in canada is free like studying in medicine and w/e. Well just to get that clear I live in canada and you must pay for your scolarity it is not free at all. Residents in medecine in canada have at least 400k dollars in debt. Like my comment so everybody can see it!!

    MatMatKun oldin
  • How can you put Dave Attell in the same sentence as Norm Macdonald??? Stop sucking your friends off Joe

    Globalist ShmobilistGlobalist Shmobilist2 kun oldin
  • Norm is so funny that when Xanax gets anxious it takes a Norm.

    marccas10marccas102 kun oldin
  • this guy is like the king of off the cuff funny statements....Joe misses all of them, meanwhile I'm doing random spit takes over here from some of the shit this guy says, "retarded fat kid at a birthday party" LMAO!

    Jonathan BrazeauJonathan Brazeau3 kun oldin
  • National treasure? Isn't Norm Canadian?

    GFK GFKGFK GFK3 kun oldin
  • He's Canadian ok!

    mastermindmastermind4 kun oldin
  • Can you explain to the nice folks at home who Norm Macdonald is ?

    tyler langdontyler langdon4 kun oldin
  • Joe thinks norm doesn't know what he's doing lol, Norm is for the most part the smartest and most knowledgeable person in the room.

    Ali KhanAli Khan5 kun oldin
  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle5 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan's stand up is a national tragedy.

    dandycliff2dandycliff27 kun oldin
  • I bet Norm would lead on the convo for Joe to tell the story and go "huh? I never smoked IN MY LIFE"

    Alex KAlex K7 kun oldin
  • Norm is such a Legend.

    cemeteryhillcemeteryhill8 kun oldin
  • 03:20 when Rogan starts yelling desperately to join Spotify

    AcefaceAceface8 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is a dirty drug addict.

    Kitten BasherKitten Basher8 kun oldin
  • Get Norm on the podcast!!! JAMIE I KNOW YOURE READING THIS!!! Hello from Canada!

    Von VoltageVon Voltage8 kun oldin
  • Get him on the show

    Trix YougurtTrix Yougurt8 kun oldin
  • „Thats why he cant do interviews anymore!“ - „yeah, he‘s brilliant“

    Jacob IsaacsJacob Isaacs9 kun oldin
  • It’s weird how much comedians love talking about being comedians

    jeff kjeff k9 kun oldin
  • I used to think that Mark Normand was Norm McDonald's son

    BrainFuck10BrainFuck109 kun oldin
  • Norm needs to come on. He's my favorite.

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford9 kun oldin
  • One of the great Norm moments was when he did a joke about bombing in front of a massive audience and the joke completely bombed, little did the audience know that was the point of it

    Ethan CoffeyEthan Coffey9 kun oldin
  • 9/11 was a national tragedy though

    JohnJohn10 kun oldin
  • I saw it was Joe discussing Norm. Is there the most remote possibility Joe won’t tell the plane story? Nope.

    Roland JusticeRoland Justice10 kun oldin
  • I never heard about Mark Normand, but he looks exactly like Bard Ylvisaker, from Ylvis, the guys that made What does the fox say and Stories from Norway

    Alfonso ParradoAlfonso Parrado10 kun oldin
  • i'm not Norm

    jack mayhoffjack mayhoff10 kun oldin
  • Norm always bets on the bigger, blacker guy.

    Genesis Von KeglarGenesis Von Keglar10 kun oldin
  • how the hell did joe get a 200m deal to interview the same 30 people once a month.....

    Gilbert GrapeGilbert Grape10 kun oldin
  • U can tell mark has been influenced by norm in a comedic sense

    Jonny SmithJonny Smith10 kun oldin
  • Joe just should get Norm on the show already

    Rasmus RRasmus R10 kun oldin
  • Norm on Joe Rogan would be the best thing ever!!!

    Justin SimonelliJustin Simonelli10 kun oldin
  • Norm Macdonald is the best!

    Paul O'ConnorPaul O'Connor10 kun oldin
  • Norm does not think "down syndrome" is the "better" way of saying retarded. He says it to show the ridiculousness of PC culture and how removing "retard" does not remove the want to express something being extremely stupid. He makes it into a joke by using another "offensive" word and playing coy about not knowing it is bad. He has done this joke multiple times. He's a comedic genius.

    ScubaShneveScubaShneve10 kun oldin
  • Dave Attell is trash.

    Captain FreedomCaptain Freedom10 kun oldin
  • Tell the folks at home who norm macdonald is

    Dean MooreDean Moore10 kun oldin
  • Norm is hilarious Or so the germans would have us believe ???

    Dean MooreDean Moore10 kun oldin
  • Well atleast he's never been accused of being a Cinephile..

    x11FuckYou11xx11FuckYou11x10 kun oldin
  • This Norm guy sounds like a real jerk.

    AtlFalcon11AtlFalcon1110 kun oldin
  • If Trump and company can reject truth, science and legit votes the we can reject political correctness when it comes to comedians gosh darn it!!!

    David MathesDavid Mathes11 kun oldin
  • Greatest comedian of all time

    Max MeidaMax Meida11 kun oldin
  • Mark Normand's name is pretty much the reverse of Norm MacDonald's

    Marcel HidalgoMarcel Hidalgo11 kun oldin
  • Normand McDonald

    Ryan RangerRyan Ranger11 kun oldin
  • I haven’t watched this video yet but I swear to God if Joe tells that plane cigarette story again…

    Milk PattyMilk Patty11 kun oldin
  • Not even Joe can make me sign up to that hunk of shit website ngl.

    grtgrtgrtgrt11 kun oldin
  • Mark is a hottie

    2445 jim2445 jim11 kun oldin
  • isn't Norm an enemy of the Death Squad ??

    Hugo NongbriHugo Nongbri11 kun oldin
  • joe’s too serious to have norm on

    Maggie BMaggie B11 kun oldin
  • Norm is about the funniest man alive.

    Aron ZieglerAron Ziegler11 kun oldin
  • The Joe Rogan 4 minute videos

    TRAGICxTRAGICx11 kun oldin
    • JRE clips

      JakeJake11 kun oldin

    History HyenasHistory Hyenas11 kun oldin
    • DASSS IT!

      Luke DLuke D11 kun oldin
  • Is the Joe Rogan experience free on Spotify? Lol

    Zachary StefanowZachary Stefanow11 kun oldin
  • Miss this show on youtube.spotify is good for music.Cant even watch on my smart tv,have to chromecast it to sure not as many people watching as before.people don't like to have to search on a different platform.

    flava4uflava4u11 kun oldin
  • The example used to show his comedic prowess was when “black people” were the punchline. Very innovative and comedic genius. Some people are pedophiles and others are school shooters, mass murderers, domestic terrorists. I foresee new comics will focus on other groups for the punchlines, will the same jokes be funny when the roles are revered? Will they be used as examples of great comedy then? Time will tell

    dnbolanddnboland11 kun oldin
  • The example used to show his comedy prowess was when black people were the punchline. Good humor

    dnbolanddnboland11 kun oldin
  • This Joe Rogan, this guys a real jerk!

    igster teleigster tele11 kun oldin
  • Why isn’t there full podcasts anymore

    Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais11 kun oldin
  • Has anyone charted the plane story mentions?

    mellowedpunkermellowedpunker11 kun oldin
  • awesome story about a guy who looks up to a guy who looks like the guy- absolutely inspiring

    Rob CastelRob Castel11 kun oldin
  • 0:20 national treasure, yes a Canadian national treasure

    Ross RobertsonRoss Robertson12 kun oldin
  • Good you got Mark Normand on he proved himself funny in 2020

    D. CeeD. Cee12 kun oldin
  • Is Norm still walking through Blood and Bones in Manhattan looking for his brother?

    PressuredComedyPressuredComedy12 kun oldin
  • Missing 411, you know what im talking about, Dave is willing to be on the show.

    The DoctorThe Doctor12 kun oldin
  • It bad using Mount Rushmore as an example? Oh thats right, the take down of America into communism by China and how they influence the destruction of statues and such, people should really do their research. Sounds like Joe drinks the kool-aid now and works for China's CCP. You really should do your research on all of that, because monuments like Mouth Rushmore are not bad and the people carved into that mountain are not bad people no matter who tells you otherwise.

    The DoctorThe Doctor12 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks!!! I never missed an episode until the platform change. I hate that clunky app and everything about it. I miss The JRE!

    Tony PTony P12 kun oldin
  • Norm has ripped Joe and his crew so many times. So fuckin hilarious too

    sendittoherlihysendittoherlihy12 kun oldin
  • "That guy is a real JERK."

    WTF198WTF19812 kun oldin
  • Mark is Norm's bastard child.

    Payton HolmesPayton Holmes12 kun oldin
  • I forgot joe rogan had a podcast

    KGB KGBKGB KGB12 kun oldin
  • Dirty Work is criminally underrated

    Millennial RabbiMillennial Rabbi12 kun oldin
  • With all the absolute dog shit on the internet and Q conspiracy wackos, this is refreshing to here

    Mystic of Pioneers ParkMystic of Pioneers Park12 kun oldin
  • Get Adam sandler on please

    Connor PowerConnor Power12 kun oldin
  • Joe is so hot, i would love to sniff his seat x

    DiaMonD FaLcoNDiaMonD FaLcoN12 kun oldin
  • Norm is the greatest !!!!!!!!

    Lalo SalamancaLalo Salamanca12 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is about as useful as Tits on a Snake!

    DannoochDannooch12 kun oldin
  • It’s funny that professional comedian Joe Rogan thinks that Norm thought down syndrome was a safer alternative

    Max NelsonMax Nelson12 kun oldin
  • Please mr Joe Rogan get in touch with him. And give us an update

    Juan LouisJuan Louis12 kun oldin
  • Joes like "I'm the best comedian!" awww poor Joe

    C GC G12 kun oldin
  • Joe any chance of a bigger studio. Since you left your old one this one feels so restricted and uncomfortable to watch

    Piddy RascalPiddy Rascal12 kun oldin
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    Hanz FranzHanz Franz12 kun oldin
  • Does Norm MacDonald kinda look like Jim Jeffries or am I crazy.

    Malcolm NicollMalcolm Nicoll12 kun oldin
  • Its one thing to make people laugh, its another thing to make them smile. - Professor of Logic

    R&C plus4R&C plus412 kun oldin
  • "The future is female...tell that to Ellen Page." Haha Mark is a weapon.

    Karl MKarl M12 kun oldin
  • I wish we could see what Patrice would have to say in the current climate

    Manly and Loving ItManly and Loving It12 kun oldin
  • Bye bye joe

    salteessaltees12 kun oldin
  • Have normie on already!! Who does Joe think he is, Mars??

    Aamir HafizAamir Hafiz12 kun oldin
  • I belive that Joe Rogan has a ceirtain dislike for Norm Mcdonald that makes him underestimate what Norm is doing. It is either that, or he is simply too stupid to understand the joke.

    LIVADALIVADA12 kun oldin
  • The world needs more Norm.

    Captain AmericaCaptain America12 kun oldin
  • Bring back Jimmy Dore.. so much shit has happened since he was last on lmao

    Beorn ShelleyBeorn Shelley12 kun oldin
  • MSM and some of the Cancel culture hate the truth.

    Kenny Michael AlanyaKenny Michael Alanya12 kun oldin
  • Sam Morril would be a fun guest to interview.

    Kamran GriffinKamran Griffin12 kun oldin
  • so joe, they tell you to stop talking about epstein yet?

    SXLIMSXLIM12 kun oldin
  • Man Joe is high as fuck huh

    Matthew BishopMatthew Bishop12 kun oldin
  • gaht dang Norm makes an amazing Pigeon

    Yiminy CricketYiminy Cricket12 kun oldin
  • Yt music has every video on youtube. Spotify these nutz

    BarlosBarlos12 kun oldin
  • Norm is fucked up, his gambling stories with Artie Lang are unbelievable.

    Bud FoxBud Fox12 kun oldin
  • No more full podcast on UZworld? Fuck SPOTIFY! I want the UZworld video.

    VAUGHNVAUGHN13 kun oldin
  • Hey joe tell ur Spotify goons to spread the fucking ads apart fucking jeez I watched 10 fucking minutes of ads before I watched 1 second of the podcast

    Malcolm AlvarezMalcolm Alvarez13 kun oldin
  • Norm doesn't like Joe. He thinks he's a retard.

    kdoeonekdoeone13 kun oldin

    Branch SnapperBranch Snapper13 kun oldin