Joe Rogan Experience #1534 - Ron White

9-Sen, 2020
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Ron White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His special “If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up” is now streaming on Netflix.

  • 26:18 probably the funniest thing said on jre in awhile and these two didn't crack a laugh! lol funny I thought.

    Marc AlanMarc Alan14 soat oldin
  • As an alien strolls by at 1:03:41

    Levon AttarianLevon Attarian15 soat oldin
  • When you have pneumonia, you dont do dairy products. My son had infantile pneumonia at a month old and they wouldn't give him any milk. By the 3rd day my baby was starving so I had some breast milk left and massaged some out into his bottle. He started getting better. Maybe we should be giving them vitamin d in pill form so its not as thick like milk and cheese. That shit just clogs ur sinuses too.

    Rissa MattiRissa Matti22 soat oldin
  • I think we should start a thing where we all call Ron, Daddy.

    Rissa MattiRissa Matti22 soat oldin
  • I saw UZworld video Ron white was selling his house in California as he was walking around he was just beet red you could definitely tell his blood pressure was up. High cholesterol maybe.

    Casey KelleyCasey KelleyKun oldin
  • That's funny when he talks about Executive Billiards in White Plains, easy place to win money at especially if yous were at the "front" table. So many goombas there thinking they were sharks. LOL

    bdog1323bdog1323Kun oldin
  • Don't California my Texas joe

    Tanner CaddellTanner CaddellKun oldin
  • Joe keeps saying tic tok ufo tic tac

    Bradley MuroBradley Muro3 kun oldin
  • Why does googoe say ron white died in 2018

    Hayden LathamHayden Latham3 kun oldin
  • Leno, White,ect.....all these guys got really fat. Stress will do that to you. Don’t know how these guys could avoid it at this level. If you’re thankful.

    Glenn VastineGlenn Vastine4 kun oldin
  • The best segment yet!Two really top notch comedians!

    John Morgan JrJohn Morgan Jr4 kun oldin
  • Seeing Ron white made my day. Sucks entertainers can't do their job for a long while

    Chris RizerChris Rizer4 kun oldin
  • Its so crazy hearing him talk about his mom in Cocoa Beach. Grew up in cocoa and live in Rockledge, im like 10-15 mins away

    Jacob VieiraJacob Vieira5 kun oldin
  • Sbd. Please explain the nomenclature of chemical elemets to Joe

    exyhingexyhing5 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the cast Joe! F-ing love From White.

    Mike LopezMike Lopez5 kun oldin
  • As of January 2021.....capitol hill

    PESOS702LVPESOS702LV5 kun oldin
  • Rob white is god

    YEAH MANYEAH MAN5 kun oldin
  • Rogan for president 2020. I mean 2024.

    charlie .somethingcharlie .something5 kun oldin
  • Indians.. are from India of the nations

    KingConBeatzKingConBeatz5 kun oldin
  • The love between Coco n Rogan..... "Its tremendous dawg"

    Dipp Da DonDipp Da Don6 kun oldin
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    Candace DelgadoCandace Delgado6 kun oldin
  • Ll

    Bobby PendleyBobby Pendley6 kun oldin
  • Is Joe wearing his wife’s T-shirt?

    Jon ReimerJon Reimer7 kun oldin
  • Do the club!!!!! It would be historical!!

    Roderic HawkinsRoderic Hawkins7 kun oldin
  • I found Ron to be a bit condescending and annoying with Joe on this particular podcast. I also think that having $75 ticket prices for a upcoming Scottsdale show is a joke. What is $75 in 1963 worth in today's money? Adjusted for inflation, $75.00 in 1963 is equal to $633.98 in 2020. Annual inflation over this period was 3.82%. The Beatles never made that in 63!

    Nik PedegreeNik Pedegree7 kun oldin
    • He's worth every dime. I've seen him live. I was about to die laughing the entire time.

      Matthew ErwinMatthew Erwin6 kun oldin
  • Joe is responsible for catipulting countless guest's careers!

    Nik PedegreeNik Pedegree7 kun oldin
  • Hey ron if we got to wear a mask for your mom then you should give up a million to me and stop smoking cigars ron white a comic that acts like a rep but is a liberal.

    UltramindcontroL realzzUltramindcontroL realzz8 kun oldin
  • Rogan's gone from humble comfort to uninviting bollox.

    Miagi FodderMiagi Fodder9 kun oldin
  • Lol..Now Germans are responsible for Texas bbq?🤣🤣

    Courtney HowardCourtney Howard9 kun oldin
  • Ron has “fuck you money”- otherwise he’d never tempt an audit like that. 😂

    L A Ford IIIL A Ford III9 kun oldin
  • Now that was good

    Lee KnudsonLee Knudson10 kun oldin
  • They call me tater salad

    Daniel CarterDaniel Carter10 kun oldin

    Dawson96Dawson9611 kun oldin
  • Joe talks out of his ass sometimes

    On The AUXOn The AUX12 kun oldin
  • Saw Ron White live a couple times a few years ago and was one of the BEST shows I've ever seen. He's such a good lookn' man!

    Christi RowlandChristi Rowland13 kun oldin
  • I made my best to listen to this one because of Curry but it was impossible. Joe was horrible. Kept interrupting saying stupid shit at the worst moments. This one was really bad which is sad because it was a good guest

    Rene ZuletaRene Zuleta13 kun oldin
  • Never too late to detoxify.

    G NievesG Nieves13 kun oldin
  • #Hydroxychloroquine #Zinc #zithromax #vitaminD #foodgradehydrogenperoxide

    G NievesG Nieves13 kun oldin
  • White Man Icon to countless people - AMAZING! Thank you... 🏈

    JP O'KeefeJP O'Keefe13 kun oldin
  • Holy Shit! Ron White lived in Reynosa, Mexico? Awesome! Saludos Amigo! From Harlingen, Texas.

    Jose Daniel SalasJose Daniel Salas14 kun oldin
  • I hate this studio

    cookie monstercookie monster14 kun oldin
  • I think you’re smoking weed. Because you’re trying to book a flight to LA when you’re supposed to be going to Austin Ron LOL

    Steve RaySteve Ray14 kun oldin
  • Darth Maul is plotting to get his lair back, be careful Joe Rogan!!

    Tony RosalesTony Rosales15 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young15 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young16 kun oldin
  • Texas still is a sovereign nation.

    HH18 kun oldin
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    Danny mDanny m18 kun oldin
  • Ron white we want you back.

    ImpossibleImpossible18 kun oldin
  • I love Ron White but his face is right on the edge of being so old its sad the time must be soon face not looking forward to that.

    FiveDirtyCatsFiveDirtyCats19 kun oldin
  • Studios is awesome

    Mark GarveyMark Garvey20 kun oldin
  • Ron Whire is 1 of the best

    Mark GarveyMark Garvey20 kun oldin
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    Ker LozanoKer Lozano20 kun oldin
  • If guitar playing was like traveling through time then MATHEMATICALLY, it might look like what's on that napkin.

  • I poured myself a single malt on the rocks and 🔥 a cigar and watched this podcast. I recommend it 👍

    Carlos TeixeiraCarlos Teixeira21 kun oldin
    • say hi to mark for me

      Rancid CrawfishRancid Crawfish18 kun oldin
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    oren cohenoren cohen21 kun oldin
  • Sorry, but there have definitely been looters with money. They've arrested a bunch over the months.

    steve Horspoolsteve Horspool21 kun oldin
  • I could listen to these two talk all fucking day

    PoNgOhMPoNgOhM21 kun oldin
  • I don't like Joe Rogan he's smart I'd like to shoot guns with him and Taran tactical I'd like to spar with him like to lift weights with him I like a lot of the stuff that he likes to it's just that the guy that is dumb about or paid off about this subject I mean he did just get a hundred million dollar contract and all he's doing is doing a podcast if you really think about it that's kind of absurd I know he's the most popular uniradio guy out there and he's technically a radio guy it's just that you people know the Steven Greer is not full of crap the CIA is out there with him retired the Pentagon retired members all out there over the last three decades now and Counting they know he's telling the truth but we're going to sit here and listen to Linda Moulton Howe land Joe tell if he's full of it this is ridiculous at that point anybody that takes Joe Rogan's word over CIA and Pentagon people that are out there with him doing this I know what he's doing is real and that there is no threat I don't understand why people like this confusion when there is no confusion I don't understand why Joe Rogan likes confusion

    neo andersonneo anderson22 kun oldin
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    John GottusoJohn Gottuso22 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan talks out of his ass too often sometimes, he gets hard to listen to. He's better with guests who are academics in some way. It humbles him just enough to keep him from spewing too much silly garbage.

    allencraig02allencraig0222 kun oldin
  • It makes perfect sense mask only work if both people wear them. It's not like they're filtering anything out

    Lance YOXTHEIMERLance YOXTHEIMER22 kun oldin
  • 8:40 I actually have thought this through. In a nut shell, we need a mixed economy, guided by policies that create a balance so we don't fall into a nepotist class system.

    Shawn BechardShawn Bechard23 kun oldin
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    Hermy DantHermy Dant23 kun oldin
  • It's like Bill Hicks said every time Joe Rogan lies about Steven Greer it's like a turd falling into my drink when you're paid to say something we all can tell Joe

    neo andersonneo anderson23 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Joe has his weed flown in to Texas

    Ian StuartIan Stuart23 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young26 kun oldin
  • The answer is start putting bullets in people heads that dont listen

    Clayton WellsClayton Wells26 kun oldin
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    Sarany SunnySarany Sunny26 kun oldin
  • I freakin love Ron white

    carolina powellcarolina powell26 kun oldin
  • OK so, I'll admit it. I can be an overly opinionated A hole just like anyone else. I wrote a comment on a different video that I didn't like your new set. It's fine and you're good. I really like your podcast and your style. Keep up the good work and please disregard my prior comment.

    The TruthThe Truth26 kun oldin
  • Take a break you feel

    Grimm 92Grimm 9227 kun oldin
  • Drove through Tennessee yesterday and there wasn't a single place i stoped at where anyone else had a mask on.

    Drew SimsDrew Sims27 kun oldin
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    mc mc sickermc mc sicker29 kun oldin
  • Meat that's learned a microwave itself 🤣🤣🤣🤣🧐🙁

    Greg AtesGreg Ates29 kun oldin
  • 1836 Washington on the Brazos

    Greg AtesGreg Ates29 kun oldin
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    Leary 20Leary 20Oy oldin
  • The left planned all these protests Joe!!!! Wait until the summer of 2021, it will be worse

    J TJ TOy oldin
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    Oberon KyteOberon KyteOy oldin
  • Any chance Joe’s wife didn’t bust his ass after that Tera Patrick comment “who!” Lol

    punchy134punchy134Oy oldin
  • Bill Clinton was a good president. He would have been re-elected. I don’t get how people like Joe seem to think the country suffered under Bill Clinton

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIeOy oldin
  • Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' UZworld ..

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiOy oldin
  • Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' UZworld ..

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiOy oldin
  • Traitor Roberts !! Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' UZworld ...

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiOy oldin
  • Traitor Roberts !! Update: Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties' UZworld ...

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiOy oldin
  • It turned into Coast to Coast when the booze kicked in

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIeOy oldin
  • Joe Rohan called someone a bitch for wearing a mask, didn’t he?

    ATXviIIIeATXviIIIeOy oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly YoungOy oldin
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    Willieam S SandrenWillieam S SandrenOy oldin
  • Thought Joe's studio was a set for space cop 2

    Joseph LasColaJoseph LasColaOy oldin
  • Mask, sure - that's the cure. I don't need the virus, so I stay isolated on my land.

    tripops3tripops3Oy oldin
  • Ron White looks projected in like a hologram from Star Wars

    DigitalShadowDigitalShadowOy oldin
  • Your new spot is nice, congratulations on your new home and new podcast location. . Merry Christmas..

    jaime gutierrezjaime gutierrezOy oldin
  • Dr. Francis Boyle: 'Bioweapon' mRNA Vaccines Violate Nuremburg Ruling Against Nazi Cruelty' op UZworld covid patented UZworld Houston we got a problem ...too evil to fail and jail here It is ...the war in heaven all over again The Book of Revelation describes a war in heaven between angels led by the Archangel Michael against those led by "the dragon", identified as the devil or Satan, who will be defeated and thrown down to the earth.[1][2] Revelation's war in heaven is related to the idea of fallen angels, and possible parallels have been proposed in the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. War in Heaven The Fall of the Rebel Angels, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder Location Heaven Result Decisive loyal angels victory Satan and his fallen angels hurled down to Earth

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiOy oldin
  • Yeah it looks like a quanset hut in the red light district of Amsterdam. Chappelle told him to use mood lightening. He did. Stupid shit.

    User AKUser AKOy oldin
  • Rogan is a little freaked with Covid. A couple months ago he was spewing his MAGA bullshit, herd immunity horseshit and the like.

    User AKUser AKOy oldin
  • I like the fact that Ron said fuck it I'm done. Rogan is wound so tight he can't comprehend it.

    User AKUser AKOy oldin
  • When you say you listen to sets to prepare for stand up do you mean sets you’ve gave in the past ???

    TalknfastTalknfastOy oldin
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    Daniel GershonzonDaniel GershonzonOy oldin
  • I feel very uncomfortable with the fact that Ron White of all people is hanging out with a globalist Lopez.Then again what do you expect if he says you should wear masks all the time or in other words that you should follow unconstitutional forced mandates.I’m very disappointed.

    Richard CarteRichard CarteOy oldin