Joe Rogan Talks Quantum Mechanics with Astronaut Terry Virts

14-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1577 with Terry Virts.

  • Nassim Harameins HoloFractal Universe!!.🤔 Did you finally find him!?.

    Mathew BickleMathew Bickle19 soat oldin
  • Sounds like a glitch in the matrix.

    HmoovHmoovKun oldin
  • Woah

    Salvador LucianoSalvador Luciano2 kun oldin
  • Where can you "see" it in the cosmo background radiation ???

    Thiago da CunhaThiago da Cunha2 kun oldin
  • This guy is terrible at explaining this

    forlornforlorn3 kun oldin
  • “Endless expansion and then contraction”

    Charles TuckerCharles Tucker5 kun oldin
  • i can speak russian polish lithuanian and english its easy 😐

    No ExpertNo Expert5 kun oldin
  • Typical computer can solve one problem at the time but since he is doing it really fast it looks like the computer is doing more stuff at one time .... Quantum computer can solve more problems/calculations at once , therefore some calculations that would take milions of years at normal computer can be do really quick by quantum one

    doposuddoposud6 kun oldin
  • Weirdo talk

    yahya ahmedyahya ahmed6 kun oldin
  • Pure stupidity. Listen close enough and it’s just wise foolishness. There is no cohesion and plenty of assumption on the explanation of any of this

    Khaos RydersKhaos Ryders8 kun oldin
  • Yo who is this dude? He has ABSOLUTLY no idea what he is talking about. No one in their right mind ACTAULLY believes in Boltzmann brains. It's just a thought experiment to show how much we actually DON'T know.

    Matt MichaelsMatt Michaels8 kun oldin
  • Perspective and patterns

    Ashten BahrAshten Bahr8 kun oldin
  • Lol Darwin said his theory was wrong before he died!!!

    Chris McDonaldChris McDonald9 kun oldin
  • oh geez a guy who doesnt know about quantum mechanics trying to explain quantum mechanics, yikes

    Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones10 kun oldin
  • All i hear 👂 is spotify, dude I’ll never use spotify ever 😂

    Bastian RiveroBastian Rivero10 kun oldin
  • Kinda sounds like God 🤷🏽‍♂️

    GoldenChild987GoldenChild98711 kun oldin
  • 5:38- the golden ratio?

    Justyhn AnnuarJustyhn Annuar12 kun oldin
  • How on earth can the universe exist without being designed by an omniscient and omnipotent entity? This is a dilemma that most atheist scientists don't want to think about nor try to understand. Their own physical laws explain that 1 cannot equal zero. The fact of the matter is, there is indeed a God, a single God, created this whole world from nothing, designed it perfectly and it is built upon truth

    Marwan MahmoudMarwan Mahmoud13 kun oldin
  • UZworld: Rogan talks quantum mechanics Me: uh huh

    Alex SnowAlex Snow13 kun oldin
  • I was shrooming pretty hard a few weeks ago, sitting staring at wall and partially down the hallway and I swear I could see the fabric of our universe very similar to this. But very opaque, rainbow colored, and multiple layers. Made me feel good watching it all change randomly.

    David MetcalfDavid Metcalf14 kun oldin
  • nothing comes to be all alone without some creator of some sort weather we deny it or not creation exists

    Sean FitzpatrickSean Fitzpatrick14 kun oldin
  • Smoking a bowl & listening to these podcast really get me thinking deep.

    Anthony DAnthony D14 kun oldin
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    Iesa KhanIesa Khan14 kun oldin
  • Just hear for the clips. Not going to Spotify

    J IJ I14 kun oldin
  • The universe started with a "big Bang Bus"....

    Ekhart TrollEkhart Troll15 kun oldin
  • As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.

    Jamie GrangerJamie Granger16 kun oldin
  • So, we're basically living inside Chutullu!🌌 👾🌌

    ACAC16 kun oldin
  • The astronaut is talking about ENTROPY, things in the universe can go from order to disorder.

    Stephen LamontStephen Lamont17 kun oldin
  • I wonder how long it will be before Joe decides to come back to UZworld because people aren't going to Spotify to watch his stuff?

    FellVoiceFellVoice17 kun oldin
  • We talk about the universe expanding out..What about above or what’s above if we’re able to just keep going up in space or what’s below if we’re able to just keep going down...What would we see🤔

    Moxy DaeMoxy Dae17 kun oldin
  • The most accurate thing he said was, "I'm just a fighter pilot. I'm not a physicist"

    MrGriff305MrGriff30517 kun oldin
  • 6:00 that’s exactly what I was thinking. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of that

    Nelson ValleNelson Valle17 kun oldin
  • Stick to fighter piloting bro. Haha

    bmoneybbybmoneybby18 kun oldin
  • they don't and can't know if the big bang happened. It's just a theory that they try to sell it as facts we honestly don't know nothing.

    Carlos x15Carlos x1518 kun oldin
  • Mind fucking blowing, imagine even smartest people on earth cannot understand this shit

    AdmiralAdmiral19 kun oldin
  • Are you looking into the cosmos or are you looking into your brain and seeing the patterns that are repeated throughout the universe..

    Gizzy HillGizzy Hill20 kun oldin
  • "if you say you understand quantum mechanics you don't..." proceeds to explain quantum mechanics!!! this guy is as dumb as they come, maybe the reason he was sent to space was to study the effects of space on low IQ people.

    imam Baybarsimam Baybars20 kun oldin
  • Not downloading spotify

    Grim ReeferGrim Reefer20 kun oldin
  • 07:30 "I was a math major in college" Yes yes but did you get A in physics, ah?!

    BoykaBoyka20 kun oldin
  • I love the humility in just admitting WE DONT KNOW!!! It sets us up to be teachable and to only know from that admission or confession

    life sentence sux so does playzlife sentence sux so does playz22 kun oldin
  • I listen to this on Spotify and came here just to see comment that Joe is a bit too high for this conversation

    911jaro911jaro22 kun oldin
    • Why there is no comment section on Spotify?

      911jaro911jaro22 kun oldin
  • i don't think it was Mandelbrot zoom

    Alexandre BolleAlexandre Bolle22 kun oldin
  • I heard spotty will have a comments section soon and all will be right in the world

    RoRo22 kun oldin
  • Have you guys seen this old school Joe vid? Thank me later! 😂😂😂

    Virginia PayneVirginia Payne23 kun oldin
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    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski23 kun oldin
  • who thinks Dr.Greer should come on the podcast?!?!?!?!?!?

    Pim GhijsenPim Ghijsen23 kun oldin
  • Nonsense 😆🤣

    Mr SamMr Sam23 kun oldin
  • OKAY first part super dark. THEN I feel like it gets so real for me a for a second. Because yes. That’s totally my personal theory that I hold that the universe creates itself. More levels to it that explain more though.

    Alyssa NauticaAlyssa Nautica23 kun oldin
  • Yeah the bolts man brain model, this should be well known by now! And don’t hold up Shawn carol as being great joe, he’s good but pretty reductionist and dismissive.

    Harry HHarry H23 kun oldin
  • u mean they put around us all the time we just can’t tell

    Revo DeVilleRevo DeVille24 kun oldin
  • Quantum mechanics is the coding format we exist in. Being able to modify any variables or create an experiment

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    • #line

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  • Through meditation the macro-scale and micro-scale both are perceived.

    Ryan ShahRyan Shah24 kun oldin
  • "If you understand quantum mechanics you don't understand quantum mechanic". That from a physicist. Keep up the good work.

    common sensecommon sense24 kun oldin
  • A whale and a pot of petunias suddenly appeared into the empty space

    rituaalsrituaals24 kun oldin
  • Joe is CIA. The have only been about 550 people put into space in total. A very select few are choosen, the vast majority are military personnel. They are privy to something only a select few have access There is an idea, the story we are told about space is fake. Nasa received at least 21.5 billion in 2019 to shoot firecrackers in the sky and operate a handful of telescopes? Werner Von Braun and Walt Disney were close as we're told it is, is fantasy. A lie. NASA astronauts are scuba certified in the early stages of recruiting. They "train"( and film the Fake space walks) at the Neutral Bouyancy Lab in Texas. A giant pool/film studio. Look it up. Nasa is now selling clothing at Walmart ahahaha. Wake up people.

    The1Mustache3The1Mustache324 kun oldin
    • @Diego Velazquez key word theory.

      The1Mustache3The1Mustache323 kun oldin
    • @The1Mustache3 Mathematics and theoretical physics. 🌝

      Diego VelazquezDiego Velazquez23 kun oldin
    • @Diego Velazquez I never stated the celestial bodies are not present above. Merely what we are told about the celestial heavens and the firmament is not truth...and again I will repeat NASA is not an honest institution.

      The1Mustache3The1Mustache323 kun oldin
    • Even if I were to grant you everything you said, that theory doesn’t hold up since knowledge about space and celestial bodies existed well before NASA. Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, all predate NASA. This might surprise you but anyone can look up at the sky during any clear night. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter , and Saturn are all visible with the naked eye at certain times during the year . The Andromena galaxy is also visible with the naked. Not to mention every star you see which are all light years away. This is well documented in all the ancient civilizations from the Mayans to the Romans. Humans also knew a good chunk about space even before we sent our first probes there due to theories, our understanding of the laws of physics and advanced mathematics.

      Diego VelazquezDiego Velazquez23 kun oldin
  • What you call getting shot at while trying to break orbit, with a single object traveling 5 miles a second: conjunction. Sentences have conjunctions.

    ali rahmatali rahmat24 kun oldin
  • The way a dog doesn't understand a television is the same way humans don't understand the universe. We don't have the capability to understand it. We're not nearly as smart as we think we are. We won't understand it until we create super intelligent A.I.

    ShenmueShenmue24 kun oldin
  • The funniest thing about this video is, scrolling through the recommended videos. All similar JRE topics but each with a different thumbnail of Joe looking stupid.

    timmy dtimmy d25 kun oldin
  • Quantum vaccum. Virtual particles.

    Jeff GarbarekJeff Garbarek25 kun oldin
  • So did some shadowy entity pay Spotify under the table to sign Joe and effectively shut him up by decimating his audience?

    John RossStarJohn RossStar26 kun oldin
  • The Sirius Mystery Revisited | Prof. Robert Temple | Origins Conference Get Temple on the show.

    LX UAE'sLX UAE's26 kun oldin
  • 1:50 i love when Joe is “whaaa, HUHHH?”

    I CI C26 kun oldin
  • Apple Music forever 🍎

    Charley ShawCharley Shaw26 kun oldin
  • The universe may not be infinite, but, space is.

    TrendkillerTrendkiller26 kun oldin
  • I've been thinking and theoritising this topic for couple of years now. I've always knew someone, somewhere was thinking about it as well. Thanks Joe!

    DanDan26 kun oldin
  • i switched over to spotify when i heard it was gonna have JRE but i can’t stand their video player. just not listening to JRE anymore until it’s on youtube or spotify has a good player

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  • Looking for other’s opinions on this guy because I thought this episode was fascinating only to find everyone bitching about Spotify. Feels bad man

    cobrafan427cobrafan42727 kun oldin
  • A recent discovery: [Guitar in Evolution]

  • Are atoms expanding aswell? As in would quantum one day get bigger. I know that sounded dumb and I know what I mean but I’m not sure how best to explain lol

    Wrestling News Results and Reviews WNRRWrestling News Results and Reviews WNRR27 kun oldin
  • if it is expanding, whats getting smaller?

    Curtis JordanCurtis Jordan27 kun oldin
  • This guy sucks. Worst astronaut interview ever.

    BrianBrian27 kun oldin
  • Anxiety right off the bat lol

    Jimit _UpJimit _Up28 kun oldin
  • No Joe you won't see the fabric of cosmos if you are on DMT.

    Dhruv MohanDhruv Mohan28 kun oldin
  • I won’t be using Spotify

    Brian PatrickBrian Patrick28 kun oldin
  • My belly just came from nowhere

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  • "As above, so below"

    Thepupp ProviderThepupp Provider28 kun oldin
  • I have spotify, but still i have forgotten all about the JRE

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  • Get Billy Carson on this show

    Steven BakerSteven Baker29 kun oldin
  • If quantum physics can’t even be explained we have no right to make a quantum computer it will be the death of us all

    Markus gordonMarkus gordon29 kun oldin
  • Joe, you should have Dr. Zach Bush on!!

    jdnpl3jdnpl329 kun oldin
  • I've been listening to JRE for over 10 years, but I am not in a hurry to switch to Spotify. Nothing against Spotify, but that is just not a place where I spend much time. It also feels like they hijacked my favorite podcast and are holding it for ransom behind a sign-up screen. I can feel the buzz of the ads behind that screen waiting to burst out and beat me to death with repetitious coercion.

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  • No smoking dope. Someone graduated D.A.R.E 😂

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  • How many subs this acct lose lol?

    Jimmy MurphyJimmy Murphy29 kun oldin
  • Ask Justin Trudeau about quantum computers. He can tell you.

    vmwindustriesvmwindustries29 kun oldin
  • Spotify Sucks! No comments!

    vmwindustriesvmwindustries29 kun oldin
  • Terry "Right" Virts

    Cap DineroCap Dinero29 kun oldin
  • what he is saying, given the lack of understanding you humans have about the quantum physics these concepts are possible within that realm of unknown, not that it has been observed or that its even likely, just how much you humans lack understanding of the fundamental quantum physical laws it may or may not be one given how little you humans know.

    Danny FergussonDanny Fergusson29 kun oldin
  • ▒...Read, The Vaccine Papers, by Janine Roberts."%^&*▒..]

    The Tin Foil Hat ChannelThe Tin Foil Hat Channel29 kun oldin
  • Fu ck spotify!

    Dusan IlicDusan Ilic29 kun oldin
  • Is this guy a creationist?

    Marko TuralijaMarko Turalija29 kun oldin
  • This is exactly the “woo woo” Firas Zahabi was talking about 🤣

    NayeemNayeemOy oldin
  • But creationism is definitely way out of the question.

    Arthur Hendrickson IIIArthur Hendrickson IIIOy oldin
  • Is that sacred geometry ?

    sterling furysterling furyOy oldin
  • Sounds like bull to way they can say anything they say is fact it's a theory they dont know wat will happen at all... lol.. it's hilarious how they call this science

    Never Ashamed Again MinistriesNever Ashamed Again MinistriesOy oldin
  • I don’t think a whole ass person would appear, i think its just virtual particles.

    dima .askarovdima .askarovOy oldin
  • Why is the Spotify ad so loud?

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  • What a load of crap

    Doctor Floyd HayworthDoctor Floyd HayworthOy oldin
  • I truly hope Joe's podcasts becomes bigger in Spotify, Idk how many people don't use Spotify; me included.

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  • I will never get spotify

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  • What if space is fake and the earth is flat? Big bang theory is likened to a tornado tearing through an airplane junkyard and assembling a fully functional 747

    bmx2c4mebmx2c4meOy oldin