Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk

20-May, 2020
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Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

  • Tony hawk is awesome and no disrespect, but Rodney Mullen created skateboarding and almost everything in it today. Tony popularized it for sure but I would love to see Rodney Mullen on the show joe!

    Austin HamptonAustin Hampton18 soat oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius Huang2 kun oldin
  • The great skateboarding depression I lived it ,love it and we all suffered for the greater good .

    JoffreyJoffrey2 kun oldin

    Joshua PowellJoshua Powell2 kun oldin
  • I disagree wholeheartedly that skateparks are a healthy form of exercise. Road cycling is safe, sensible, healthy and focussed on physical performance. Skateboarding is a dangerous, frivolous toy. Skateboarding is almost guaranteed to cause permanent damage to kid's bodies, whether through rolled ankles, wear and tear on knee joints, or CTE. Aside from that, Tony has said it himself, skateparks attract delinquent kids. Stacey Peralta, the man who sponsored young Tony said "If you want your child to grow up liberal, buy him a skateboard". I would add to that, if you want your kid to grow up a degenerate waster on drugs, buy him a skateboard. Skateparks are full of graffiti, drugs, nihilism, delinquency, and kids with bad attitudes, and it is extremely irresponsible for councils to build them everywhere, responsible parents should protest their construction. Take your kid to a running, cycling, or swimming club instead, avoid 'cool' sports like the plague. The extreme in extreme sports stands for extremely stupid.

    Purple PoliticsPurple Politics4 kun oldin
  • I love Tony hawk and skateboarding

    BubblegumBubblegum4 kun oldin
  • I had a weird dream last night Tony Hawk killed his wife and then went into hiding. I literally have the most depressing dreams ever.

    BubblegumBubblegum4 kun oldin
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    Cornelius SkylarCornelius Skylar4 kun oldin
  • Tony Hawk sounds like if David Spade became a skateboarder

    BearZerkerBearZerker4 kun oldin
  • Damn tony hawk was in high school with his own house and im 18 and i still haven't gotten a job lol

    Candy ManCandy Man5 kun oldin
  • I have a copy of gleaming the cube Tony signed for me in 92 when I spent two weeks with him. Original VHS. Probably one of the only ones on the planet.

    scott genovesescott genovese6 kun oldin
  • the masks are doing more harm than good. It's not debatable.

    Brian JacobBrian Jacob6 kun oldin
  • I'm watching this in 2021 and laughing while they talk about hoping covid will be gone by August 2020.

    KreativeKornerKreativeKorner6 kun oldin
  • The amount of views this video has is the amount that Tony hawk says “um”

    MikeydeeMikeydee10 kun oldin
  • "you're stinky feet doesn't get you sick" Well I beg to differ people like to suck on toes.

    The Pumpkin KingThe Pumpkin King11 kun oldin
  • Skateboarding trying to emulate surfing makes so much sense.

    PosiTiff LightPosiTiff Light11 kun oldin
  • Please get Travis pastrana on here!

    Devin PelphreyDevin Pelphrey11 kun oldin
  • I love how Tony Hawk talks, he fits the stereotype of a skater perfectly. His video game on the PS1 is what inspired me and my friends to skate all of our childhood. Your the best Tony!

    Randy MarshRandy Marsh11 kun oldin
  • The conversation about CTE has me terrified about Tony's and other skaters future health

    XoldnewsXXoldnewsX12 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up if Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 brought you here

    Alexander ZarateAlexander Zarate12 kun oldin
  • “ that’s how it usually goes with haters” -slaps table dying,,,, “I’m sorry”

    Chochy ChiefinChochy Chiefin15 kun oldin
  • Interview rodney mullen

    Kellen BennettKellen Bennett17 kun oldin
  • Who?

    Josh BloomfieldJosh Bloomfield17 kun oldin
  • Hawk on hot ones was a good one.

    JP O'KeefeJP O'Keefe17 kun oldin
  • Matt hoffman pro bmx

    Joe Jose aguilarJoe Jose aguilar18 kun oldin
  • He’s been 18 for the past 32 years.

    Aidan MunsonAidan Munson19 kun oldin
  • Tiny reminds me of e musk

    Atom beeAtom bee19 kun oldin
  • Had to fast forward past the scamdemic portion.

    Jeff TathamJeff Tatham20 kun oldin
  • I grew up watching Hawk. Glad to see he's still in the biz!

    Fox TashikataFox Tashikata22 kun oldin
  • Old ignorant tony hawk... smh. Wearing a mask has everything to do with politics. Must’ve got your head 1 too many times.

    Keaton SpenceKeaton Spence24 kun oldin
  • He wouldn’t have learned the kick flip without Mullen everyone forgets about him hees the true god father of skate

    tyler GOODALLtyler GOODALL24 kun oldin
  • Joe: dude, do you train? Tony: No, im not an athlete, im more like an artist. Joe: *Fake smile and laugh making it clear he dose not understand.. 5mins later Joe: dude, do you train?

    Pushy SlayerPushy Slayer25 kun oldin
  • Damn Tony has that Alfalfa single strand

    NAMED2WICENAMED2WICE26 kun oldin
  • This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński26 kun oldin
  • YEESSS!!! this is the shit!!!

    Joshua PeriJoshua Peri28 kun oldin
  • I always pause JRE interviews to look up topics they bring up in conversation. I skimmed through a UZworld video of X-Games 1995 and saw young Tony doing his thing. There's even footage of him directing the cameras in the camera booth! It's actually really neat and I suggest checking it out! I wish Young Jamie would've pulled it up really quick while they were talking about it. I would've loved to see Tony's reaction. I know there's copyright issues that would need to be worked out, but that can be done after the fact. Right? 😅. I mean even the X Games UZworld channel commented on this video! Seriously go check out the video! I honestly think some of those sports would be *EPIC* in the X Games today! Kayaking, Rock Climbing, *Sky Surfing*, and *Bungee Jumping*!? C'mon, that would be so sick!

    Matthew ReisMatthew Reis28 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young29 kun oldin
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    Broo_shBroo_sh29 kun oldin
  • im from finland and (250°F = 121°Celcius we normaly keep Sauna in 90 to 110 Celcius overe 110 there is no point to go so high becauce lower heat do same stuff put your body to swet all dirts out

    Broo_shBroo_sh29 kun oldin
  • i wanna go outside and skate now but it's cold so i'm not gonna xD

    Enrique BustamanteEnrique BustamanteOy oldin
  • Every 90s kid hero. If you skated or not you knew the original birdhouse gang

    Jose WantonJose WantonOy oldin
  • you giving me bad vibes hawke

    akwardpolo1akwardpolo1Oy oldin
  • Fuck a mask

    RomvlanRomvlanOy oldin
  • This guy has the same voice as Dana Carvey.

    crcaccountscrcaccountsOy oldin

    Draggin' WagonDraggin' WagonOy oldin
  • All these years dealing with large corporations has turned Tony into a master at explaining skateboarding to those who know nothing about skateboarding.

    416Skateboarding416SkateboardingOy oldin
  • We want rodney mullen!!!! The king

    Carlos FergusonCarlos FergusonOy oldin
  • Rodney mullen is creator!!!!!!!

    Carlos FergusonCarlos FergusonOy oldin
  • Tony is a cold blooded he didn't mention the man who made up the kickflip RM

    Carlos FergusonCarlos FergusonOy oldin
  • 36:00 as a fellow sauna dweller myself, I DEFINITELY would love a 250 degree (or more) sauna. I could lounge in there for hours

    mg19calmg19calOy oldin
  • 7:00 is that the reason for the Tony hawk underground Tampa level where your character checks pro instead of a amateur?

    Dan The ManDan The ManOy oldin
  • I remember when I first signed up for a lifetime membership with Jack LaLanne I used to go into the sauna and that sauna of a b**** was pretty hot but I can remember after 25 minutes in there I could take a nap for an hour and a half easily

    Arlen MargolinArlen MargolinOy oldin
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    Arlen MargolinArlen MargolinOy oldin
  • I know I'm way behind the Loop but I just started watching this podcast first one was Wiz Khalifa's this is the third episode and that's all just today love this shitt very informative very entertaining thank you Joe thank you everybody that works on this

    clark blakleyclark blakleyOy oldin
  • Stacey peralta?

    Ennui's GirlEnnui's GirlOy oldin
  • Me and Tony both only needed 4 credits in our senior year, so why can't I skate for shit.

    Darth TiznipDarth TiznipOy oldin
  • Joe has given into the twitter mob it’s so obvious

    Konner RossKonner RossOy oldin
  • Yo Tony, I still have my Per Welinder black/blue hammerhead deck on Indy trucks. While not a longboard, it does look gigantor by todays standards. Bones for life \m/.

    Diem TurnerDiem TurnerOy oldin
  • Rip Dylan Rieder

    Jay GJay GOy oldin

    Dylan BDylan BOy oldin
  • I childhood is mostly Tony Hawk games! I bet those games got a surprising amount of people skating.

    Ashley SnaithAshley SnaithOy oldin
  • I love hearing them talk about everything re-opening soon in July now that it's December.

    Jake TaaylorJake TaaylorOy oldin
  • sometimes he sound like Faber xD

    Aiman AzlanAiman AzlanOy oldin
  • I never skate yet I’m very impressed with myself for understanding everything Tony Hawk is talking about

    JacobJacobOy oldin
    • Same here bro

      Lil chippy D Tss tssLil chippy D Tss tss19 kun oldin
  • Can’t believe people disrespected Vert style skaters. That shit is fucking scary.

    JacobJacobOy oldin
  • Tony is such a cool guy

    Juan MontejoJuan MontejoOy oldin
  • I'm 44 and yes this dude is timeless 🙄🤜🏾🤛🏾

    louisiana1! THIRDlouisiana1! THIRDOy oldin
  • Would be awesome to listen to Rodney Mullen in one episode

    Flavio AraujoFlavio AraujoOy oldin
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    frodo Martinezfrodo MartinezOy oldin
  • For a second I thought it said Tony Stark JOE INTERVIEWS IRON MAN

    Jay DyerJay DyerOy oldin
  • Well i knew everything is bigger in USA, but why these headphones? Its an interview! There are Mics to clip on your Tshirt, they have good quality too...

    Barfuess YannikBarfuess YannikOy oldin
  • I met Tony in the early 90s dude is the nicest Man in the world, I lived for skating, could not ask for a better role model, and what a crazy talent. He deserves every penny he was ever paid.

    Christian PriorChristian PriorOy oldin
  • Not a single Kickflip was done.

    Steve SingletarySteve SingletaryOy oldin
  • Do your research joe sheesus

    Thineus ThaddeusThineus ThaddeusOy oldin
  • 818

    DNZ 1014DNZ 1014Oy oldin
  • in the thumpnail he looks like NF

    sohib mohamedsohib mohamedOy oldin
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    Travis HoodTravis HoodOy oldin
    • Wtf???

      shamus248shamus248Oy oldin
  • Just waxing everything and clearing stairs always better than a skate park lol

    Syn0psis 1Syn0psis 1Oy oldin
  • One upper cut BOOM!

    Syn0psis 1Syn0psis 1Oy oldin
  • How did Tony not bring up his massive concussion after his 360 ramp attempt?

    Joe RiceJoe RiceOy oldin
  • How weird is the rules about covid now shows the Projections were wrong as the experts say they were wrong

    ParabolaParabolaOy oldin
  • 25:20

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • mat hoffman is the tony hawk of bikes

    averagezombie1averagezombie1Oy oldin
  • Tony hawk is the oldest teenager ever.

    Manuel Alonso Domínguez VázquezManuel Alonso Domínguez VázquezOy oldin
  • Tony Hawk now looks like Tony Hawk on PS1.

    Flame PFlame POy oldin
  • hear my sound!

    MarquioriMarquioriOy oldin
  • So thankful to have someone like Tony to represent skateboarding. He definitely does a good job of explaining and is humble

    BenNarNar44BenNarNar44Oy oldin
  • Anyone else here after watch "Skate Stories"?

    joshjoshOy oldin
  • When Joe asked Tony "you had a coach?" Tony should have spent more time explaining how legendary his coach was and who Stacy Peralta really was. without Stacy Peralta there would be no skateboarding today

    Brian FedericoBrian FedericoOy oldin
  • Tony Hawk on skateboarding being called an extreme sport: Extreme sports ? I skateboard ! Also Tony Hawk: i've got 3 or 4 heavy concussions. *That man is a mad lad*

    Chaos ConvergentChaos ConvergentOy oldin
  • Love Tony but how can he not bring up Rodney Mullen with all of the street skating talk?

    Anthony WhippleAnthony WhippleOy oldin
  • I freaking loved this! A legend 🙏🏼 it’d be cool if you could get Shaun white to do the podcast!!

    Mariah SmithMariah SmithOy oldin
  • tony hawk and bob burnquist they changed the world...

    Bruno RodriguesBruno RodriguesOy oldin
  • Imagine Kurt Cobain on the podcast

    Andrew_Jeffers 301Andrew_Jeffers 301Oy oldin
  • 1991: “you’re a dinosaur” Hawk: “this isn’t even my final form”

    James BondJames BondOy oldin
  • People:”Skating’s not cool, and you’re not cool in skating” Tony Hawk “Hold my ps1 controller”

    James BondJames BondOy oldin
  • Tony Hawk is such a great human! Love the birdman!

    Rodrigo FernandesRodrigo FernandesOy oldin
  • Rogan reminds me of Owen Wilson in this episode “Wow..”

    Garrett CrossGarrett Cross2 oy oldin
  • Joe should have listened to his buddy Alex Jones about the rona.

    GingerJabberGingerJabber2 oy oldin
  • "North County San Diego, Carlsbad" thats the local description of the northern towns in San Diego County. Tony Hawk is a local AF! Fellow North County local here and Tony Hawk is a God over here

    Luis OregonLuis Oregon2 oy oldin