Joe Rogan Experience #1567 - Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chappelle

19-Noy, 2020
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Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on UZworld and most podcast platforms. Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian and actor. Look for Chappelle's Show now streaming on Netflix. @Donnell Rawlings

  • they breake there legs and shit :D

    Duaa abu sadaDuaa abu sadaSoat oldin
  • GREAT SHOW. LOVE YOU GUYS. then joe blew it @ 2:59:35 Chappelle asked: the Vaccine. are you taking it? Joe: i'll take it. huh ! WTF Joe???!!!!!!!!!!. what makes you believe in whatever shit that come out of the Doctors mouth ????!!!!!!!!!!!. sometimes you're sharp and smart. and other time you're ....... whatever.

    BENTLEY GTBENTLEY GT2 soat oldin
  • I'm looking forward to that Dave Chappelle post Inauguration podcast.

    Gabriel NejahGabriel Nejah6 soat oldin
  • He'll be back ..they always come back

    Lefty BronsonLefty Bronson12 soat oldin
  • How come an African American can call the white person a n word but it can’t be both ways out of conflict. If you don’t want people to use a term related to slave owning then don’t say it

    Brandon LeechBrandon Leech13 soat oldin
  • He should take his own advice about media. Whether he was really shot or not. The media could “wrap a thumb in gauze” and say they got shot.

    Brandon LeechBrandon Leech13 soat oldin
  • On Trump winning the first election I was a sore loser about a corrupt and incompetent person taking control of soo much power, that being said I already knew it’s all corrupt because the poorest people get shafted the hardest everyday, I also quickly realized along with a large majority of the left that nothing actually had to be done about him because Trump IS his own worst enemy and eventually made himself look terrible as well as his followers, absolutely no one had to stand in his way to make him fall over his own feet. Yea there’s toxic people maybe trying to cheat but for Trump supporters to think that only democratic supporters cheat is extremely ignorant of your own base not doing the same. Sooo they are arguing about who cheated without the evidence to prove that they themselves didn’t cheat they’re a walking talking joke of a conundrum lol

    M GellerM Geller15 soat oldin
  • Not to be that guy but ive been a subscriber since he first came to youtube

    magic carpmagic carp15 soat oldin
  • Please stop using the N-word Donnell!!!

    Michael PetrieMichael Petrie16 soat oldin
  • I’m rich BIATCH!!

    Omar G.Omar G.18 soat oldin
  • Totally shot himself!

    Overland Autism AdventuresOverland Autism Adventures21 soat oldin
  • Dave comes at 2:20:00

    Guilherme BittarGuilherme Bittar21 soat oldin
  • 2:20:00 David Chappelle arrives. You're welcome

    Eric SchlindweinEric Schlindwein21 soat oldin
  • I am 2 hrs in and Donnell hasn't let Dave talk once...

    JDP CreationsJDP Creations23 soat oldin
  • Chappelle joins at 2:20:03

    2HHB2HHBKun oldin
  • Ever thought of doing one with Phil Jackson? The guy is one of the best man managers in sports history

    YogiYogiKun oldin
  • Fuck Spotify

    Dylan CrowderDylan CrowderKun oldin
  • Not a fan of this guy. Seems racist. Big time.

    Patrick MurphyPatrick MurphyKun oldin
  • freakin love Dave Chappelle dude should have his own show

    Suho PakSuho PakKun oldin
  • It's been a month and I still haven't finished this whole interview lol

    Andy RiveraAndy RiveraKun oldin
  • uau, JRE with the propaganda speech, passes so fast from i to we, time for taking the masks down init. don't take the vaccine guys, are all the evil behind it

    cure ankylosingcure ankylosingKun oldin
  • The only reason people watched this one was to see Dave. Not his fat uncle

    Peter SmithPeter Smith2 kun oldin
    • Wrong Ashy is funny

      Tha4704Tha4704Kun oldin
  • Soy is bad for humans especially men

    Balthazar's Sports FanaticBalthazar's Sports Fanatic2 kun oldin
  • First one is one of those entitled karens where everyone is racist to them :D For first 10 mins It was funny. But later.. cringe. Who watches his show??

    Rederis MangustaRederis Mangusta2 kun oldin
  • Joe, you got a retriever, it is breeded to retrieve things you shoot. They are great at finding your smallgames and birds. Hunting with a dog is magical. You get a total new relationship with your dog and it will become even more engaged and emotionally tied with you when you hunt with it.

    Gfors85Gfors852 kun oldin
  • 02:30:30 Back today looking forward to the 'Dave Chappelle Joe Rogan inauguration podcast' coming soon! "Yellow Springs, the Bernie island in a Trump sea." - Dave Chappelle. (my cat would beat up Donnell's dog)

    nunya binisnunya binis2 kun oldin
  • Joe and Maggie reminds me of Lenny and the squirrel. Put the dog down Joe lol

    Aaron TrottAaron Trott2 kun oldin

    YouTube Can eat itYouTube Can eat it2 kun oldin
  • Donell killing the vibe😔

    Noah HernandezNoah Hernandez2 kun oldin
  • I just saw Oran "Juice" Jones The rain music video because of these two lmao.

    Pablo Tejada JrPablo Tejada Jr2 kun oldin
  • Donell low key buggin on here, man. Homeboy seemed like he was high maintenance.

    JamesJames2 kun oldin
  • Put serj tankian on the podcast

    Jalen PearsonJalen Pearson2 kun oldin
  • Like one hour of chappelle not in off

    eddybest Beddybest B3 kun oldin
  • So where is chappelle dont waste my time with who the hell is gonna learn anything from this joe rogan is amazing though

    eddybest Beddybest B3 kun oldin
  • I feel like Joe and Dave are Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon and Donnell is the annoying little Leo who won't shut up. 😆 You can sort of see Joe and Dave give each other a look like FFS there he goes again.....

    Jolene OTooleJolene OToole3 kun oldin
  • Dave is emotionally intelligent and humble, can't wait to see him back again.

    Jolene OTooleJolene OToole3 kun oldin
  • RIP JRE youtube

    The All American Bad BoyThe All American Bad Boy3 kun oldin
  • Dave man.. he enters the room and everyone is a sub, everyone is in his shadow.

    FRENETIC11FRENETIC113 kun oldin
  • Oh snap! That’s why in the Player Haters Ball he was calling Phic Yui, “a dog eating MF!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hale CesarHale Cesar3 kun oldin
  • Whether u believe me or not ,donnell is my cousins friends boy ,he was bit by the mother of the dog he has,no joke...DID NOT GET SHOT

    Tupac SavesTupac Saves3 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure dogs know tones not are words joe. For an example you could say to a dog "I hate you little bastered ruined my whole marriage" and as long as you have a nice tone that dog well smile and all that.

    The one true ColbyThe one true Colby3 kun oldin
  • It’s mind boggling to me how uneducated donell

    Alex LoyaAlex Loya4 kun oldin
  • What happened to the Michael Imperioli/Steven Schrippia episode? You removed it from YT and Castbox, I know you want people to go over to Spotify but you lied about keeping this channel as an archive, not cool Joe.

    Martin ProductionsMartin Productions4 kun oldin
  • What kind of dog is Maggie ???

    tjtank20tjtank204 kun oldin
  • SOoooo are full episodes of JRE just not posted on youtube anymore after this? because that would suck.....

    HoochHooch4 kun oldin
  • Biden appoints a guy who's destroying the earth for profit and all Donnell can say is BLACK GUY BLACK GUY? So fucking weak, what a clown. Skip to 2:22:04 for Chapelle's section.

    FBFB4 kun oldin
  • “Joe’s Korean buddy who was an MD and national taekwondo champ...what did he do besides those hobbies?” - Jonny Kim

    Gus LevyGus Levy4 kun oldin
  • This dude looks sooooooooo stupid!!!!

    Dennis GeppnerDennis Geppner4 kun oldin
  • These guys clearly have some sort of beef. Mad props to Joe for keeping this podcast a peaceful intelligent conversation!!!!

    Dennis GeppnerDennis Geppner4 kun oldin
    • I’m literally signing off now bc this dude is so stupid!!!!!

      Dennis GeppnerDennis Geppner4 kun oldin
  • we were talking about self discipline ....

    Mr. FredricksenMr. Fredricksen4 kun oldin
  • Thought I was watching the ufc at 2:30:00

    Kevin YangKevin Yang4 kun oldin
  • Ma brother people allready dying by the 100 000 and 1 000 000 every day by all bullshit plus there is deaths that we dont count and know about...

    Ronny zarateRonny zarate4 kun oldin
  • We get rapid test at work that gives results in 10 mins , and we get tested every week

    Mr NyeMr Nye5 kun oldin
    • Wonder how accurate they are

      D4G13D4G133 kun oldin
  • Joe is looking super buff

    Mr NyeMr Nye5 kun oldin
  • Deep into jan 2021 and UK in month end in sight

    Super NovaSuper Nova5 kun oldin
  • Gross national happiness..i thought it was Japan.. Or is Japan highest levels if suicide ?

    Super NovaSuper Nova5 kun oldin
  • No evidence that asymptomatic transmission occurs, dont spread the lies.

    ste willsste wills5 kun oldin
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Dean DavidDean David5 kun oldin
  • Just.. regular?

    Cameron ChristianCameron Christian5 kun oldin
  • flying headlights are cool, but if the car drives itself, are they really necessary?

    Carl HollandCarl Holland5 kun oldin
  • People always say "I want to know " how the election machines work, but don't take the time to learn. If there are "shenanigans" there have been shenanigans forever. Trump planted a thought and people who want to believe it, believe it.

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson5 kun oldin
    • Right. Which is the argument I make. If this election was fraudulent, then so was the others. That same so called rigged system won him the election 4 years ago. It's either been free and fair with minimal computer and human error or the elite have been picking the presidents.

      Evral JonesEvral Jones4 kun oldin
  • Joe should really be the next President :)

    OpenMindedSensesOpenMindedSenses5 kun oldin
  • Add in Bill Burr next time just so the bald effect gets more extreme.

    scahoscaho5 kun oldin
  • THATS IT IVE HAD IT, THATS THE REAL DAVE CHAPPELLE, that other goofy terminator looking cat was his "world view man" Real Dave was incognito while clone did stand up return , interview. I bet he paid millions of his current and future earnings to pull this off. I took screenshots from 2 different podcast with him wearing same shirt , the poise, mannerisms, and speech is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, it's like a haunting feeling in the back of your head when you know something is off. Yo WTF bruh

    Seerculio kaynSeerculio kayn5 kun oldin
  • Is this guy just a random bitter youtuber. Always disagreeing and negative, can never continue a conversation without interruption.

    Alex EhrhardtAlex Ehrhardt5 kun oldin
  • It sucks not being able to watch the podcast. For those two to sit there and say we do what we got to do. They could stay home for the next 20 years , and not have a worry financially.

    day 2 dayday 2 day6 kun oldin
  • Once they started talking about Alaska I knew they would bring up 30 days and Insomnia.

    YouTube Can eat itYouTube Can eat it6 kun oldin
  • That boy donnell is kinda slow no disrespect but damn bro no wonder he isn't really heard of. He is annoying af

    PEK16PEK166 kun oldin
  • They actually use smaller pit bulls for fighting because of stamina

    Trey FenneeseeTrey Fenneesee6 kun oldin
  • Dave really needs to help his homeless bastard son that lives in Seattle. Guy is losing it

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson6 kun oldin
  • ... nway Remember the end of the Truman Show when Truman finally leaves and those two security guys are like: Well, what else is on tv?

    Simon DouvilleSimon Douville6 kun oldin
  • The studio he had in LA with the American Flag 🇺🇸 was perfect. Now looks like they are « podcasting » (can we still call it that) from inside an amplifier in the trunk of some teenager’s civic. Also Joe seems less genuine and way more careful about the way he talks to guess, the question he ask, as if he was squeezing his but cheeks, looked over by suits. Smoking weed and drinking whisky with old Musky will never happen again.

    Simon DouvilleSimon Douville6 kun oldin
    • I went back and listened to them all from the start, I'm on number 841, I'm not looking forward to getting to this number haha

      Troopy LifeTroopy Life5 kun oldin
  • Chappelle shows up around the 2:20:00 mark.

    Frank WagnerFrank Wagner6 kun oldin
  • I love Dave! And u too Darnell. 😆

    Felicia WilliamsFelicia Williams6 kun oldin
  • 2:04:51 THIS 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼

    Kouzina SophiaKouzina Sophia6 kun oldin
  • AHAHAH Mate Joe... you are EVERYTHING. I just watched this and was CRAZY funny. Donnell #ambitious Dave ahahaha is EVERYTHING!!!

    Kai JankovicKai Jankovic6 kun oldin
  • how is there 10k dislikes

    jotas productionsjotas productions6 kun oldin
  • Omg he got Dave on he was saying he didn't know if he would be able to in an older podcast ask cool man I haven't even watched it yet

    Alfie JordanAlfie Jordan6 kun oldin
  • I was made unemployed during the pandemic. I created this channel believing for better for myself and the world 🌍

    Life Is My Opportunity - ChannelLife Is My Opportunity - Channel6 kun oldin
  • I saw Seth Meyers do stand up in Las Vegas several years ago and it was genuinely funny. I think I spit up water when he was talking about trying to find porn as a kid lol

    Rotisserie fried PandaRotisserie fried Panda6 kun oldin
  • Slamming the ads in during dave chappelle because they know he keeps asses in the seat

    Joshua PowellJoshua Powell6 kun oldin
  • Why am I still listening to Joe Rogan? He literally just repeated Chappelle's line about life's metaphor right after Dave and Dannell said it. Then he finds out on air how many feet are in a mile. 🙆🏽

    Diego PonsDiego Pons7 kun oldin
  • “We had the recipe, but just didn’t have the ingredients” Pin this so they remember.

    Sam LashellsSam Lashells7 kun oldin
    • hahahhahaha fu

      sean chasean cha5 kun oldin
  • Donnell is the clown that acts like a wise man. Dave is the wise man that acts like a clown.

    swadey 2.0swadey 2.07 kun oldin
  • Donnell is Arrogant AF Son!!!

    Ryan BrownRyan Brown7 kun oldin
  • the first podcast i fast forward to get to dave

    Michelle RandanMichelle Randan7 kun oldin
  • I hope RZA goes back and Donnell ain’t there.

    Ozias Third EarOzias Third Ear7 kun oldin
  • Sigh this was the last youtuber I watched anymore :( I hate spotify

    instagram: tiny2turnttinstagram: tiny2turntt7 kun oldin
  • Donnell is insecure asf

    Johnny NietoJohnny Nieto7 kun oldin
  • Whyd this get so weird at the end

    Johnny LearyJohnny Leary7 kun oldin
  • Our lives are entertaining when you're rich, glad you both agree on SOMETHING. I cannot believe this. Its gross the way you guys spat around like its a joke. Youre rich, we arent and have to fight for our rights which you deem ridiculous. Is this fair? Not really, is life in general? No. Stop talking about us little people and trying to put words and politics in our mouth!

    Michelle LloydMichelle Lloyd7 kun oldin
  • Adore Leon bridges

    Jimmy GamezJimmy Gamez7 kun oldin
  • Thought there was time stamps... Nope, just weed left on my phone from the bowl I loaded 🤣

    A VaughanA Vaughan7 kun oldin
  • The future of vaccines

    Jas WasJas Was7 kun oldin
  • I'm amazed... it's over a month and I haven't heard of this podcast until just now.

    Jericho 1444Jericho 14447 kun oldin
  • Donnell needs to calm down, he don’t talk he yells, Dave and joe just chillin and donnell breaks their peace

    Axell ChavezAxell Chavez7 kun oldin
  • They fucked up!!! Its awesome!

    Corey SheetsCorey Sheets7 kun oldin
  • Seems like Joe was the most sober one...

    SoyaSoya7 kun oldin
  • Dave @ 2:20:00

    Jabir DadhiwalaJabir Dadhiwala7 kun oldin
  • Kanye’s episode was more entertaining than this.

    Theo GTheo G8 kun oldin