Joe Rogan Experience #1531 - Miley Cyrus

2-Sen, 2020
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Miley Cyrus is a singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer.

  • miley voice is kinda like a cologne. cigarettes cocaine and pop

    Andrea CultreraAndrea Cultrera3 soat oldin
  • she dribbles so much shit for a 6.5/10

    Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson5 soat oldin
  • i used to think she was trash...... i feel so ashamed of myself.

    Jev jonesJev jones7 soat oldin
  • Miley’s voice makes me feel all tingly when we used to climb the rope in gym class! 😍😍😍😍

    Xander Cody CodyXander Cody Cody15 soat oldin
  • Ms. Miley is an epic soul, I must admit I am guilty of misjudging her because of the type of light that was shone on her talents. I stand in gratitude for you monsieur, for showing us madame outside of her pop culture

    Laurraine-Marcelle GereigeLaurraine-Marcelle Gereige15 soat oldin
  • is it just me or her pupils are heavily dilated lmao

    theotheo18 soat oldin
  • Sheesh, that young and already a bad tobacco voice.

    n0u4nn0u4n20 soat oldin
  • You can tell Joe purposely avoid to comment about the drag queen show...

    QlassicrepresentQlassicrepresentKun oldin
  • Don’t drink, don’t take drugs, period, live to your full potential. Alcohol and drugs is a weakness

    Rizaan JappieRizaan JappieKun oldin
  • I feel like Miley has finally found like her real self... I like she doesn’t care how she looks. Why is he mad over weed when he like praises and condones LSD alllll the time....

    Elaine MarieElaine MarieKun oldin
  • Queen of my heart

    ICON CyrusICON CyrusKun oldin
  • Nothing breaks like a Voice

    Trick ardoTrick ardoKun oldin
  • The voice can tell a story. Like how you went from a nice person to an absolute piece of trash. Prime example right here.

    adam2Oadam2OKun oldin
  • Not sure how i felt about her before this interview. Now i feel like she is more down to earth than 99% of people , let alone famous people. I think I judged her , and thought she was going the way of the the Olsen twins. It makes me happy that she is so cool.

    Dan EllisDan EllisKun oldin
  • Really enjoyed this video thank you very much

    sungirl99sungirl99Kun oldin
  • Miley has a brain. What ever you think of her songs or whatever, she is a very smart woman.

    Don DondonDon DondonKun oldin
  • “Worst parents award”

    sungirl99sungirl99Kun oldin
  • Yes people put people in boxes which is wrong to do and I can’t stand that. Everyone is unique in their own ways and they have their own experiences and gifts to share with other people. That’s why we are here. God gives us special gifts to share with others that raises awareness and vibrations to a higher level. There is a larger plan that we all have a part in. Choose to play an active part in! You only have one chance.

    sungirl99sungirl99Kun oldin
  • I’m obsessed with Miley

    Cheyanne bolluytCheyanne bolluytKun oldin
  • Everyone is on their own learning path in all different ways. Watching her parents raise was a disaster watching her mother use her to be around famous people. I think she is growing up and seeing how she affects other people.

    sungirl99sungirl99Kun oldin
  • I never mistake her voice with anybody’s

    HaMa -AHaMa -AKun oldin
  • There has to be something said for the level of truth.The willingness to openly share.

    Todd ZmijewskiTodd ZmijewskiKun oldin
  • She sounds like a dude

    FitnessFitness2 kun oldin
  • lord, can we please be friends wtf i wish i had friends like this in my personal life. also would like to point out that i am a water sign miley lol

    Margie SchechnerMargie Schechner2 kun oldin
  • she should have had the role of terminator in the last movie

    M zareerM zareer2 kun oldin
  • The average SPECT/CT scan is equivalent to 2-years background radiation. I wonder how many she's having done?!

    Stuart KustaStuart Kusta2 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan: you, you, you and you're. Miley Cyrus: I, I, I, me, I and myself.

    Renan GaldinoRenan Galdino2 kun oldin
  • Keeping talking. She is ending herself. So arrogant over and over

    Aaron GottfriedAaron Gottfried2 kun oldin
  • Oh man when she was talking about her herendous dogs butt needing to were a diaper on set then starts in on the dog having something called cherry eye my brain was going in a totally different direction I was like oh god poor fucking dog what the hell then realized she was talking about something totally different cracked myself up really bad. Thanks Miley. So funny I'm still giggling. I did not care for her or her dad much I dont like achy breaky heart was tortured with that song everyday on the school bus. Plus dont care for Disney princess shit but I was so wrong she is awesome I love the voice and the attitude. I'd really like to meet Miley Cyrus right now I just think we would click. Rock on Miley I think your going in the right direction carry on. peace

    Liam BraytonLiam Brayton2 kun oldin
  • lol, I'm so excited about RuPaul now!.

    S.JS.J2 kun oldin
  • 1:32:00 “arrree u sure about that”

    Yolo ClapperYolo Clapper2 kun oldin
  • Why am I obsessed with Joe's shirt?

    Bill ZieglerBill Ziegler3 kun oldin
  • Wow, she’s a lot more with it than most people give her credit for.

    Nick HallstromNick Hallstrom3 kun oldin
    • @Lunera Scura aye monsieur Scura, a lot of blood was spilt to convey the secrets of wonderland, I do pray you retained from it, far better than that

      Laurraine-Marcelle GereigeLaurraine-Marcelle Gereige9 soat oldin
    • @Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige Alice in Wonderland taught you drugs open the mind? It was the byproduct of a little girl's games and an adult man using her world to satire people he knew. Neither of them used drugs to create the elaborate story so it is odd you inferred this theme. Seems more like a modern interpretation and a projection of your own life style.

      Lunera ScuraLunera Scura10 soat oldin
    • @PoloDownSnipa Can you repeat the question

      Nick HallstromNick Hallstrom10 soat oldin
    • @Nick Hallstrom hahaha😐 yk what bro was talkin about

      PoloDownSnipaPoloDownSnipa12 soat oldin
    • @Katie Gronberg I believe drugs can help open or close the mind, this is what Alice in Wonderland has taught us; let us give credit to the person that has taken agency of her life, once the ends of the journeys we take, find their beginnings

      Laurraine-Marcelle GereigeLaurraine-Marcelle Gereige15 soat oldin
  • I didn't realize how much I liked Miley Cyrus until watching this. She's so down to earth!

    Gabrielle McIntyreGabrielle McIntyre3 kun oldin
  • I actually wanted to watch it and here's the brutal truth.. She is beautiful and talented but just another whiney rich girl with a dozen issues who needs an army working for her and supporting her. And this Joe man needs a reality check! Sitting there praising her like a god while she literally threw at least two shades at him. I wish people went out into a real world and saw who actually is a "strong powerful survivor" but defo not this! Once people realize this, their lives will change..

    ZN 94ZN 943 kun oldin
  • Total put off, Miley sounds like an 80yr old drag artist looks like a transvestite. I'm really disappointed.

    king Kongking Kong3 kun oldin
    • god damn

      Bryan SepulvedaBryan Sepulveda3 kun oldin
  • A high IQ mixed with ADHD has amazing results

    Sisekelo SihlabelaSisekelo Sihlabela3 kun oldin
  • Doug Stanhope seems weird in this one.

    Matt RaposoMatt Raposo3 kun oldin
  • 33 minutes

    LI OVAVLI OVAV3 kun oldin
    • 58 minutes

      LI OVAVLI OVAVKun oldin
  • I can’t get over how good she’s looking in this and how I didn’t see this when it came outttttt

    LeelaLeela4 kun oldin
  • OMG Miley had sooooo much in common w me. And then she mentioned her flexibility and shoulders slipping out and all that. I tried to be vegan for years too. MILEY HAS EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME

    Becca SharitsBecca Sharits4 kun oldin
  • WTF did she do to her face. Her upper lip is killing me to watch her talk. Her natural body was beautiful and she is so young its not necessary.

    Stephanie SchollStephanie Scholl4 kun oldin
  • Miley's sister is a kkk member with calling Candace a nappy the tide rolls both ways. She seems real unintelligent... And super young.

    YNVYNV4 kun oldin
  • Someone should tell Miley Cyrus about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Gavin BainGavin Bain4 kun oldin
  • Me: "It's crazy how normal she is" to my husband Next sentence in video Miley: Peoples first response to me is that "you aren't crazy"

    Andi KrsticAndi Krstic4 kun oldin
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, Miley has depth and the interviewer is perfect 👌🏻

    LOVEDLOVED4 kun oldin
  • 10/10 would help publish these books!!!!

    Math MagazineMath Magazine4 kun oldin
  • Uh oh I fell in love again

    Dangerous MistakeDangerous Mistake4 kun oldin
  • Jeeez, this woman talks a lot !! :-D

    Cooking with YardaCooking with Yarda4 kun oldin
  • Malibu the live UZworld video is my favorite 💕💕🖤💫

    Hill CousinoHill Cousino4 kun oldin
  • She’s hot.

    brett hatfieldbrett hatfield4 kun oldin
  • Everyone: Oh goodness, what is Miley going to wear. Joe Rogan: Watch this.

    freespeechisdead isdeadfreespeechisdead isdead4 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young5 kun oldin
  • Joe is wearing the shirt David Choe gave it to him during their last podcast together

    tbay.otbay.o5 kun oldin
  • I've always loved her. She seems so down to earth and just like everyone else. But, she does seem high in this interview.

    Elaine SchoofElaine Schoof5 kun oldin
  • Camel non-filters....what - 1, 2 packs a day? Hehe

    NorCal IT ConsultantsNorCal IT Consultants5 kun oldin
  • I like how real she is. Definitely a smokers voice.

    K CK C5 kun oldin
  • Joe really tried to make that conversation go smooth :D

    Denis GochevDenis Gochev5 kun oldin
  • This is Therapy 1 on 1.

    RenataF NedabRenataF Nedab5 kun oldin
  • 1:19:00 it's like the person she ate spoke from her stomach . Just for jokes, we love her

    Hello MeloHello Melo5 kun oldin
  • What the hell is wrong with her voice

    CasualGamerCasualGamer5 kun oldin
  • Sounds like a man to many bjs

    James WrightJames Wright5 kun oldin
  • i think the thoat surgery doctor made her deep voice. Ciggarettes can only do so much.

    Antonio Angelo VIIIAntonio Angelo VIII5 kun oldin
  • Billion dollars mullet

    Dan EasterwoodDan Easterwood6 kun oldin
  • "I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it." Trump

    anti- ismanti- ism6 kun oldin
  • hannah montana was the show and im an 18 yr old boy

    frog hellfrog hell6 kun oldin
  • her pubils are mad dialated

    Blanket HairBlanket Hair6 kun oldin
  • "You get this voice naturally by talking too much oh and by smoking oh and by vocal surgery"

    Ed FindlayEd Findlay6 kun oldin
  • 1:20:36 😂😂

    Ante DomjanovicAnte Domjanovic6 kun oldin
  • Can we all talk about how Miley can rock a mullet more than any dude can and still be stunningly beautiful!?

    Cannon Baller2020Cannon Baller20206 kun oldin
  • The breezy sister-in-law tellingly burn because rock cranially strap amidst a drunk mailbox. alive, unique band

    Queence WongQueence Wong6 kun oldin
  • This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński6 kun oldin
  • Partied out....

    Tom STom S6 kun oldin
  • The lord of the flys is a good children’s book...

    KnottyashiKnottyashi6 kun oldin
    • The Tongan castaway was the real outcome tho

      KnottyashiKnottyashi6 kun oldin

    Depressie ViRgODepressie ViRgO6 kun oldin
  • I don't want to puke up seals she's pretty funny and interesting. I had the wrong impression.

    alex barylskialex barylski6 kun oldin
  • Put Joe with a bee in a room and he will make her talk.

    OG xOG x7 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this

    John SheaJohn Shea7 kun oldin
  • Her voice sounds like a female steve -o

    Gray GunterGray Gunter7 kun oldin
  • She's Lovely crazy - her vocals ! -- says She doesn't read Internet comments /what's the point in all the interviews, then ?

    Paul OketchPaul Oketch7 kun oldin
  • Her voice changed because she's really a dude, lol!

    John A. StaceyJohn A. Stacey7 kun oldin
  • Lemme guess, Virginia Slim?

    SerenityNowSerenityNow7 kun oldin
  • Who else thinks that miley was talking awfully fast?........ like ON and ON and ON and god woman is anyone else thinking that she is high on some kind of stimulant????

    Bradley SimsBradley Sims7 kun oldin
  • Her symptoms, especially when talking about the plane, sounded kind of like fibromyalgia.

    Brandon GentryBrandon Gentry7 kun oldin
  • jesus she sounds 40

    Morendie91Morendie917 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young7 kun oldin
    • Agreed and when Ed Nelligan placed the figure 4 on Frankie Williams amid a wet squared circle is when Cebula went to the back room. The second one...

      Robert SmithRobert Smith4 kun oldin
  • Joe you NEED to interview a doctor or someone who created the new rona vaccine. I trust your opinion so much and my family truly truly wants to know your take on it!! Can you please do a podcast on it, xo the Palafox's

    Mariah Ashley CampbellMariah Ashley Campbell7 kun oldin
  • queen

    Cemile YenayCemile Yenay7 kun oldin
  • She s awesome

    Paul DeatheragePaul Deatherage7 kun oldin
  • I love the fact that joe dressed like a dad for this interview. Definitely thought this interview through.

    Kiran SinghKiran Singh7 kun oldin
  • This was Excellent, Insightful Viewing. ThankYou so much Joe Rogan you really got into it here with Miley, She's Spectacular and You are Brilliant, loved it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😃💯

    Stuart ChapmanStuart Chapman7 kun oldin
  • The sour drive intraorally recognise because climb untypically allow amid a relieved thermometer. light, dark second

    Mike BarbatoMike Barbato7 kun oldin
    • Yet Cebula, Nelligan and Mr. Zisch were the polar opposite of 180 degrees...

      Robert SmithRobert Smith4 kun oldin
  • I kinda have a crush on her now after watching this

    B CromartieB Cromartie8 kun oldin
  • Mylie talking with David goggins for awhile or going through SERE she will be more unstoppable

    AustinAustin8 kun oldin
  • lol this is therapy for me too

    Delilah RoseDelilah Rose8 kun oldin
  • What a doll you are Miley! Don’t be so hard on yourself 😅 you’re beautiful inside and out! You don’t have to explain or defend your bad ass self! Enjoy your talent and uniqueness and be your beautiful make people of all ages happy with your talent and you are refreshingly real along with your talent 😉🤗 Life flies by enjoy every minute 😉

    Lisa CarLisa Car8 kun oldin
  • She has big pupils

    Larry FishermanLarry Fisherman8 kun oldin
  • Good on Joe for putting Miley on the show! I could see many reasons to not put her on the show, but gotta love joe rogan for putting people on his show anyways!

    William HockWilliam Hock8 kun oldin
  • is it weird that this is the first time i found Miley atractive hahaha seemed so genuine now and a very good sense of humour lol !

    Hazardous GamingHazardous Gaming8 kun oldin
  • Why is Rogan back on UZworld? And what the fuck is that shirt lol

    tossed but not sunk sstossed but not sunk ss8 kun oldin