Joe Rogan Experience #1439 - Michael Osterholm

10-Mar, 2020
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Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota. Look for his book "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs" for more info.

  • Literally one of the most highly anticipated returning guest. Joe. Come on man! Bring him back!

    Mo MentumMo Mentum16 soat oldin
  • Get this guy back in 2021 Joe.....

    Iain AldezIain Aldez3 kun oldin
  • I thought the south park episode where the women were doing faecal transplants was a joke the way im crying its real??? ksjdfgasjdhmgfbkdjhsad

    Melak Al-hryshawiMelak Al-hryshawi4 kun oldin
  • Michael Osterholm is the real Brad Pitt in WWZ.

    Shoedi LShoedi L5 kun oldin
  • The thought police are gonna come for Joe soon enough. If you like his content I'd recommend downloading it before Google wants more woke points and silences him too from UZworld just like Alex Jones.

    jldude84jldude846 kun oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius Huang6 kun oldin
  • As of today (10 months after this video) there are 370,000 deaths in the US. In the video he predicts this virus "will be 10-15 times worse than the regular flu." and will kill "up to 480,000 people in the next 3-7 months". I double checked and he is talking US only. As you can see the actual death rate is FAR less than he projected. Nobody ever talks about this fact. It is important since the governments initial response to the pandemic (shut-down) was based on this faulty assumption that has never been revisited. Joe Rogan needs to bring him on for an update and to specifically compare what we know now, with what he originally projected.

    Chedd ChanchoChedd Chancho6 kun oldin
    • He has an hour long podcast called the Osterholm update each Thursday morning. He’s been both bold and accurate in many of his predictions along the way. Also he’s been very humble and compassionate as well. You can tell that he really loves humanity and hates Covid. He also started a fund attached to it that raises money for the schooling of the children of healthcare workers who have died from Covid (I think it’s at like 2 million now). When some people were predicting things were going to calm down and a winter spike was overblown he predicted the recent spikes almost down to the week back in august. He’s still the real deal.

      Rigel HolmesRigel Holmes4 kun oldin
    • Well he is a scientist.. not a fortune teller

      Gally GGGGally GGG4 kun oldin
  • How accurate his prediction was is actually kinds scary. He's good at his job

    Christopher ChuauhangChristopher Chuauhang7 kun oldin
  • You should start doing title topics

    Prompt2kPrompt2k8 kun oldin
  • This podcasts should be removed. This was a total lie. The dood wants to sell books.

    kdoeonekdoeone8 kun oldin
  • This guy scared and panicked the entire JRE audience, fooook this guy

    Ben777Ben77710 kun oldin
    • he was right

      Ⰽⱆⱃⰰⱌ ⰒⰰⰾⰰⱌⰍⱆⱃⰰⱌ Ⱂⰰⰾⰰⱌ7 kun oldin
  • Xlear is the correct spelling

    paulina coccozpaulina coccoz12 kun oldin
  • Use the nose spray called Xclear. It has the ability to clean out the sinuses where the virus first enters. Go to This a small step for huge results. There’s truth behind the saying “keep your nose clean”

    paulina coccozpaulina coccoz12 kun oldin
  • Scared. You were there.

    wtrbbwtrbb14 kun oldin
  • If only they know....(1/6/2021)

    Lucas PimentelLucas Pimentel14 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe, can you bring him back for evaluation?

    Erik PrastErik Prast15 kun oldin
  • Get this guy back on! He was spot on...Intelligent, eloquent, authoritative, a leader and a man to trust! GET HIM BACK ON JOE, THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR FROM HIM!

    mwnciboomwnciboo15 kun oldin
  • Bring that guy back in the show. Ask him some things. Update.

    P EpsilonP Epsilon15 kun oldin
  • I would love to hear from him now in January 2021 as we see this mutating and not necessarily getting any better. Would love to hear his point of view.

    Sandra LujanSandra Lujan16 kun oldin
  • Second time listening 9 months later

    AliAli17 kun oldin
  • Notice how this guy starting getting excited when Joe started talking about the pro-vaccine talk? sounds like a Jumpstart for electroceuticals

  • Ten months later!!!!......

    nathaniel Gattsnathaniel Gatts18 kun oldin
  • Our Healthcare System is at risk of collapse. Staffing is short. Suicide rates among Nurses & Doctors are worrisome. There are many ways to manage this thing... until most of us can get access to any vaccines. Even Dr. Greer [E.R. doctor], recognizes the realities. However you think, you [or a loved one] need access to a hospital...🙏🏼

    SEA QUEST-RSEA QUEST-R18 kun oldin
  • This doctor is a pro, you can say he has this passion on his field, he's awesome. Put him back in your podcast Rogan.

    May PresiyosssMay Presiyosss19 kun oldin
  • I love the part at 36 min. I think we will look back on this whole thing and realize that the best thing we could have done is let the strong go on to live life. Yes that is cruel, but nature is cruel. It is so funny that people embrace Evolution until they are not the "fittest" but just want to continue eating poorly and drinking alcohol.

    TimmyTimmy19 kun oldin
  • @58:04 someone farted

    Keenan NeighborsKeenan Neighbors20 kun oldin
  • I have shared this several times on FB to help spread the word but after getting laughed at, ridiculed, and told this is just political I finally just stopped trying . So now as these people slowly catch it I love to laugh and say '' I told you so'' fucking retards . I like to call them ''the FB medical team,they know everything''

    Keenan NeighborsKeenan Neighbors20 kun oldin
  • This aged poorly. So many things he said turned out to be wrong. No corrections from Joe! Stop giving us these "experts" they are WRONG

    Brad OneillBrad Oneill21 kun oldin
    • 7:53 Joe : "I see people walking around with masks on wearing gloves .... is that nonsense ?" Medical Detective : "largely ...."

      MindscrewerMindscrewer18 kun oldin
    • Wym? I remember him saying at least 100k deaths in US by october or something before most people started caring about the virus

      serdar uzunlarserdar uzunlar21 kun oldin
  • rewatched and this guy is spot on.

    APPLE 1APPLE 121 kun oldin
  • Joe would love this nanotech-meets-ayurveda cure for COVID:

    John UlmerJohn Ulmer21 kun oldin
  • Well he was very full of shit 🙄 Joe get someone on your show that doesn't tow the party line

    Kevin WalshKevin Walsh21 kun oldin
  • Ya bill gates has no fucking right to speak on the vaccine. Were not paranoid were cautious because of all the bullshit that we've been seeing the past year.

    James FineganJames Finegan22 kun oldin
  • Joe: "It seems like we're not really prepared for somethinglike this" Osterholm: "You know, we are, Not prepared at all."

    Jimmy HodumJimmy Hodum23 kun oldin
  • This man is a treasure trove of information. Please bring him back!

    Iris loves lifeIris loves life23 kun oldin
  • On November 9 he was named a member of President-elect Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board

    sunny binningsunny binning24 kun oldin
  • I also don’t dismiss the fact that the federal government didn’t fund research when this man wrote his books. Plus the criminalization of sending our protection and jobs out of the US to Foreign countries for medication and PPE. Here is a huge industry that would provide work for the unemployed. Plus not pay low wages. The US corporations are so greedy. The federal and state government misuse our tax money. The last twenty years we should have been stockpiling PPE and research on vaccines. As a kid the Cold War was taken much more seriously than the real enemy, viruses. Thank you Mr Rogan. This country is so out of control.

    Kimi MinorKimi Minor24 kun oldin
  • I’m still angry with Chris Wallace sitting on info with Trump tapes and the timing of his stupid book.

    Kimi MinorKimi Minor24 kun oldin
  • Revisited and think it should be re-aired

    Kimi MinorKimi Minor24 kun oldin
  • False propaganda, build health notices not scare tactics

    Luwen MoodleyLuwen Moodley25 kun oldin
  • This guy is on the ball!

    Roar ManRoar Man26 kun oldin

    Jacob YatesJacob Yates27 kun oldin

    Jacob YatesJacob Yates27 kun oldin
  • Listened to this when it was first broadcasted and never stopped sharing it, I suspect very few actually watched it.

    Geoff ChownGeoff Chown27 kun oldin
  • Hydrogen water helps: I think people just need to understand hydrogen better. There is not a lot of good info out there. The place where I learned the most is from Hydrogen Man. He is the main portal for most people who, like most of us, are trying to get educated on hydrogen water, how to take it properly and the form of hydrogen that actually works to benefit the body.

    mxa256mxa25628 kun oldin
  • All this information on Lyme disease is compelling. I have known people who contracted Lyme and like he’s saying, most doctors charge a lot of money and are really not qualified to treat Lyme. A cocktail vaccine for Lyme is desperately needed.

    Carreen BogdenCarreen Bogden28 kun oldin
  • But Joe, the issue is not the vaccine the issue is how many steps they skipped to rush the vaccine. There are many examples of bad outcomes in the past regarding vaccines that were rushed.

    Cay MannCay MannOy oldin
  • I manage at a liquor store, the owners have lost 2 relatives back in India. 3 customers have lost relatives..... But who cares!?,!?! They're all old people!!!!! No one is asking you to bunker down for 2 years, just don't have parties and wear a mask. That simple.

    Jared CodalataJared CodalataOy oldin
  • Trumps brother

    stevenstevenOy oldin
  • I like how this guy before he answers gives you a little history of what he does and what he knows about the subject and how he Acquired his knowledge before he answer the question. Right on

    Lil chippy D Tss tssLil chippy D Tss tssOy oldin
  • ask the expert questions dont lecture to him it sounds silly

    thebannanabrosthebannanabrosOy oldin
  • Joe

    thebannanabrosthebannanabrosOy oldin
  • Guy's this dude is part of the problem. Covid is over sensationalized. Don't let anyone fool you. It's a 0.5% death chance, the weakest pandemic ever.

    Kenny Michael AlanyaKenny Michael AlanyaOy oldin
    • @Kenny Michael Alanya we didn't survive those other pandemics by doing nothing

      Greg SGreg S15 kun oldin
    • @Jared Codalata it's about 3% if you include 3rd world countries . You have to realize a lot of the people in the world are malnourished, have little access to good water, some don't have good health care coverage or cannot afford a good diet. Of course the death rate would be increased significantly because of this. Yes a lot of people will die. But guess what? It's not going to cause a big dent to humanity . We're still going to exist . We've survived worst pandemics. So you don't have to be fearful of this virus . Wear your mask and take the vaccines or Ivermectin/Doxycycline. You can do that. I just don't want big Pharma bossing people around convincing them that the vaccines are the best when there's alternative medicines around.🙄 .

      Kenny Michael AlanyaKenny Michael AlanyaOy oldin
    • 1.5%. What is that of 10 million you dumbass. But who cares?!?!? They're all old so fuck em!

      Jared CodalataJared CodalataOy oldin
  • 작곡하는 년은 다 죽어라

    somi parksomi parkOy oldin
  • Did you know hospitals receive 36000 dollars for every Coronavirus recorded death. Heard this from a care physician.

    kurtis kennedykurtis kennedyOy oldin
  • Hey check out what the annual average international death toll for the common cold is.

    kurtis kennedykurtis kennedyOy oldin
  • Wanna watch something that'll blow your fuckin mind watch Dr james Giordano. Not some fuckin dweeb talking about the common cold.... 0.004%mortality rate.... Btw... If those stats are even accurate... I speculate even lower than that...

    kurtis kennedykurtis kennedyOy oldin
  • Why is this in Jay Alvarezz' "Teenage Years" playlist on his channel

    Rishi DasguptaRishi DasguptaOy oldin
  • I live in a town of 3000 people and I spend most of my time in the woods when I'm not at home. I really hope Joe drops Spotify and comes back to UZworld. Between the election, Biden's impending incompetence hearing, Covid19 shutdowns, and everything else going on, I feel like I'm really missing out

    Christopher SullivanChristopher SullivanOy oldin
  • Howard Stern got big by being insane and dirty. Joe Rogan has exploded by being real.

    Christopher SullivanChristopher SullivanOy oldin
  • So masks are BS. Get it.

    Alexander ZhivkovAlexander ZhivkovOy oldin
  • Most his predictions were wrong and he said masks are nonsense and don't close Schools. Now he's a Biden politico and pushing narrative.

    blown35thblown35thOy oldin
    • He's continued to say that masks are not a substitute for distance. Plus he's correct that kids don't spread this virus more. His predictions have been very accurate. He predicated cases over 100k would occur weeks before it did for example

      Pop LandPop LandOy oldin
    • Do you realize why epidemiologists told the public that masks were unnecessary back in early 2020? There were shortages of masks for doctors and nurses. They didn't want the public hoarding masks. It's pretty simple.

      Mike AbelMike AbelOy oldin
  • Russians invented Sauna..... Oh Joe No *Finland*

    John DoeJohn DoeOy oldin
  • HEY! I play handpan would love for you to check out my music and have a nice chillout

    Greg MatchettGreg MatchettOy oldin
  • Glad to hear this guy is a COVID advisor to Biden now

    skittlebeapeskittlebeapeOy oldin
  • This was the first JRE I had ever watched. I didn’t realize how short it was 😅

    Meditation MayhamMeditation MayhamOy oldin
  • Silverdollar is the more reliable way to calculate the cost of purchases..

    Maira RasoolMaira RasoolOy oldin
  • It's that contagious a bit of breath can transmit it but they have to insert a swab to the pit of your soul just to find it.

    lee cocumlee cocumOy oldin
  • MKingston 8 months ago BUMP 00:10 Intro 0:40 How bad is Coronavirus 4:00 Is the virus an "old persons" disease 5:18 Incubation period 7:50 What can be done to prevent infection 13:45 Drug shortages 15:20 Sauna use effect on infections 18:00 Was Coronavirus man-made 22:00 American Wild Deer diseases and Prions 32:00 Is Corona seasonal 35:00 Corona could be 10 times worse than the flu 35:25 Corona will stay around for months 36:10 Coronavirus vs Spanish flu 38:30 How can we prepare our immune system 43:20 Do hand sanitizers and masks work 50:00 We stockpile weapons more than medical goods 54:30 Will people panic if they are told the truth 56:00 Vaccines 1:02:00 Why a virus would originate from China 1:11:30 What to do if you get the flu 1:15:45 Lime disease and ticks 1:23:00 Effects of fire suppression on ecosystem 1:30:00 Vaccine for Coronavirus

    Chex2331Chex2331Oy oldin
  • My sister was diagnosed with Lime Disease 🥺

    Justin MicletteJustin MicletteOy oldin
    • Justin Miclette I have Lyme disease too. It's a horrible disease. Pls get her to see a Lyme Literate Doctor it's the only way to have a chance with this.

      free bearfree bearOy oldin
  • It was the Finns that invented the hot to ice water thing, and there should be a warning: if you have a slight heart condition it will kill you.

    Stellar WindStellar WindOy oldin
  • Did anybody else hear M.O. say the worlds population will decrease by 54% in the next 3yrs behind the Corona-Covid19 virus? Thats about 3.3 billion of us. WOW!!! I hope Im not one of em.

    Mr. SOB69Mr. SOB69Oy oldin
  • He predicted 480 thousand deaths in the coming months it’s now December and the death total is 283 thousand deaths 8months later yet we are still going into lockdown 😡

    MadBusker ‘MadBusker ‘Oy oldin
    • To be fair, I thought he meant that many would die without mitigation strategies.

      Pop LandPop LandOy oldin
    • @MadBusker ‘ yea I agree, I understand there’s a balance between economic freedom and health restrictions. I think it’s also significant that in some places hospitals are filling up

      skittlebeapeskittlebeapeOy oldin
    • @skittlebeape I’m saying it’s around half as bad as they were saying it was in the beginning. Death rate in the US is .6% and even the WHO is advocating against cycling lockdowns. It makes no sense to close everything over a death rate below 1%. Not saying they shouldn’t do anything, not saying it isn’t real I’m saying the government response has been piss poor. Obviously 200k is a big number but the millions of Americans facing eviction poverty and food insecurity is a bigger deal. The fact the government gave 5 trillion to the wealthiest business in the world and we only got a 1200 dollar check is absolutely ridiculous.

      MadBusker ‘MadBusker ‘Oy oldin
    • Are you saying “but there’s only 283k deaths” as if that isn’t significant

      skittlebeapeskittlebeapeOy oldin
  • It's almost the end of 2020 PLEASE get this guy back on

    greasyArchetypegreasyArchetypeOy oldin
  • So his predictions turned out to be all wrong. 99.97 survival rate average age of death depending on who you read 79 to 82 years of age give me a break people.

    Raphael MoraczewskiRaphael MoraczewskiOy oldin
  • Now he wants a 4 to 6 week lockdown of the whole country when he gets into power with Joe Biden Camilla Harris they think they've gotten away with a coup not going to happen

    Raphael MoraczewskiRaphael MoraczewskiOy oldin
  • The value of silver dollar is pagged at 1.00USD

    Drama SerialDrama SerialOy oldin
  • Hopefully lessons can be learned. Don't rely on any one country for medications.

    Dave PitreDave PitreOy oldin
  • Covid is utter bull shite

    G ManriqueG ManriqueOy oldin
  • Are you worry about inflation, don't waste your time & buy silver dollar.

    Maira RasoolMaira RasoolOy oldin
  • Need to get Dr. Osterholm back on.

    AZWingsAZWingsOy oldin
  • He was wrong , just another hack

    Ty BriggsTy BriggsOy oldin
    • What part is he wrong about? I'm just rewat hung this after months ...

      Cliff Knickerbocker, MS DDFCliff Knickerbocker, MS DDFOy oldin
  • mr joe rogan wth what in the world are you doing?? compromising yourself!?? this man is the director of the what!>>?? center for disease research and policy? hmmm something fishy is going on here ..stay tuned making a video in which i write a letter to mr. michael osterholm...lets see where this goes...stay tuned be up by the end of the day.

    Single ZeN TakenSingle ZeN TakenOy oldin
    • omg i hope people do their research before they start falling in love with someone do your reconnaissance before you unknowingly put all your trust in someone . ok so the world health organization and cdc are both government based and run. inflated numbers inflated information about the PANDEMIC ;that of which we are all living through right now. what most dont understand is that this whole thing is to control the population. and they are in it together. I am on no biased side of the political spectrum nor do i ever want to be . just am a fan of humans and people being harmonious with each other. stay informed and meditation is key.

      Single ZeN TakenSingle ZeN TakenOy oldin
  • To say that I have a negative opinion of the current president is to minimize it. However, I am very disturbed as to the problematic deceptions that are occurring in all coverage of whether the amazing chain of coincidences means that this coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab, which was coincidentally sending the "bat lady" all over China to collect coronaviruses from caves located far from Wuhan (without protective equipment for some collectors, if published pictures are correct.) See See Google Peter Daszak. See which states ""Peter Daszak is a British zoologist and an expert on disease ecology, in particular on zoonosis." He is NOT a virologist and thereby is no more competent to make pronouncements on this virus's origins than your dog. He also has a clear conflict of interest. See from the same article the following quote: "He is currently president of EcoHealth Alliance...On July 8, the NIH informed EcoHealth that Daszak's multimillion-dollar grant could be reinstated conditional on EcoHealth fulfilling seven demands, which included obtaining a sample of the SARS-CoV-2 from EcoHealth's partner in China, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Among the other demands, NIH wants EcoHealth to arrange for US federal officials to inspect the WIV." If the virus came from the Wuhan lab that his entity worked with, he or his entity might be blamed. His conflict should be emphasized before he is presented as a supposed expert. Most news reports never do that. This is journalism? I doubt it. I can appreciate that getting the opinion of Jeffrey Dahlmer's relative/best friend, for example, might provide useful insights. However, would a legitimately independent journalist really fail to disclose that relationship in a news report, without citing conflicting opinions? In one word, no. See and See Only less prominent, less lauded publications are disclosing more key facts. See Key facts and relationships are being withheld in most media, most of which would be embarrassing to the CCP. See; see; and see See One more little point: it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to isolate out one out of the hundreds of viruses that infect humans and say this is the particular virus that causes a particular disease. If you find six viruses in your samples, how can you be sure that one particular one causes the disease? It takes a long time to isolate each of the viruses with the best equipment. That is ignoring how difficult it is to separate out each of the viruses in human blood and then grow them in sufficient quantities to get their DNA, which is what has to be done to get enough DNA to sequence it with current equipment. Moreover, as the 60 minutes report points out, supposedly, this lab did not even have the coronavirus in its stock. See See Thus, how this "bat lady" supposedly isolate this particular coronavirus and its DNA within days and know that it caused the Covid 19 disease. These claims fail the smell test. See See "Improbable" claim that it is improbable that this virus escaped from the Wuhan lab, usually by China or Wuhan lab-linked scientists, is itself improbable, because viruses have previously escaped from this very Wuhan lab and viruses have regularly escaped from other super-secure laboratories. See and See and See and It is a shame that presstitutes do not want to offend the CCP (with whom the 15 billionaires that Forbes magazine reported own US media do business), so they do not even report readily, publicly known, documented information, such as China's intentional causing of this coronavirus pandemic in other countries by allowing Wuhan travelers to go to foreign countries long after it locked down travel from Wuhan to other parts of China. See They knew that this coronavirus was highly infectious to humans in or before December 2019 (indeed it has been reported that it preferentially infects humans over other animals, so it must have been created using human cell cultures) and kept it a secret. See and; See Audaciously, they even complained when Australia, the USA, etc., closed their borders (the USA only partially) to Chinese nationals due to fear of the coronavirus: see;;

    Mi MMi MOy oldin

    Dimetime thompsonDimetime thompsonOy oldin
  • Don't take a deep breath In texas if ur lungs can't handle breathing 110° air wtf

    Virtual Soldiers Inc.Virtual Soldiers Inc.Oy oldin
  • The fact that this guy went in-person with no mask and no gloves and without testing should tell you everything you need to know about what's true and what's false about this virus and masks.

    John AlberJohn AlberOy oldin
    • Dipshit

      PorkChopThePigPorkChopThePigOy oldin
  • that sauna section was awkward

    Gaurav SharmaGaurav SharmaOy oldin
  • I love when scientists come in and debunk like 6 straight months of bullshit joe has been reading.

    acevedoa89acevedoa89Oy oldin
  • masks don't work! Fuck you to every governor and mayor across the country mandating masks.

    MattMattOy oldin
  • Silver Dollar is best amount of money in the whole world.

    Maira RasoolMaira RasoolOy oldin
  • He is now on Biden’s Covid Task Force!

    journeylvrjourneylvrOy oldin
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    Faith SundayFaith SundayOy oldin
  • This is why we should of listened to the pros with qualification. not those teenagers in basements who call themselves as 'QAnon'

    MAGA LosersMAGA LosersOy oldin
  • Covid “is 10 to 15 times more deadly than seasonal influenza”. Not true and not even close. He "conservatively" estimated 96 million cases 48M hospitalizations, with 480,000 deaths in 3 to 7 months. This was his the best case scenario, which turned out to be far worse than what actually happened. The response to Covid was so far out of line to the threat. We can't make this mistake again. Ever.

    RendoniamRendoniamOy oldin
    • @Pop Land Yup

      RendoniamRendoniamOy oldin
    • @Bruce Hauge It's over fucktard. We're moving on

      RendoniamRendoniamOy oldin
    • Was this prediction based on no mitigation strategies?

      Pop LandPop LandOy oldin
    • Dipshit, the pandemic hasn't even come close to it's peak. This was on March 10.

      Bruce HaugeBruce HaugeOy oldin
    • Bingo.

      Chika TikahChika TikahOy oldin
  • Well, he was right about deaths for sure, but the cases aren't as high, which means the death rate is higher than they predicted.

    CryptidianCryptidianOy oldin
    • The CDC lists these deaths as "involving" Covid, not "from" Covid. The reality is the vast majority of people died from other, more serious conditions and Covid was allowed to be put on the death certificate. Most likely due to extra payment out of the CARES act.

      RendoniamRendoniamOy oldin
  • After all these months this guy has been right on the money on Covid-19

    HCaulfield115HCaulfield115Oy oldin
    • @Jack well now you have and it’s from the dictionary 😉

      HCaulfield115HCaulfield115Oy oldin
    • @HCaulfield115 Never heard of the guy.

      JackJackOy oldin
    • @Jack n obviously you’re a Fuhrer Fuckface Von Clownstick fan, what did he get wrong?

      HCaulfield115HCaulfield115Oy oldin
    • @Jack yup

      HCaulfield115HCaulfield115Oy oldin
    • huh? did you watch it? Or just hear Biden likes him.

      JackJackOy oldin
  • Joe...while vaccinations are an amazing advancement...and yes i get mine and my children get theirs every year...but the biggest advancements in healthcare through the ages have all been in hygiene. even though it takes years and years for advances in hygiene to be adopted they are the biggest advancements. washing our hands, taking a shower, plumbing that takes the waste away from our houses rather that just dumping it in the street. understanding we need clean water, washing and cooking our food. I do think that the take away from this whole pandemic is going to be a better understanding of nasal hygiene and washing our nose and airway.

    Nathan JonesNathan JonesOy oldin
  • So the whistleblower from Hong Kong about the Wuhan virus is lying Mr Osterholm?

    Jon LJon LOy oldin
    • That psyco bitch just want a Green Card...Hong Kong University already disputed her claim.

      luckyyu2004luckyyu2004Oy oldin
  • why're they saying bye to each other lmao

    Curtis HanCurtis HanOy oldin
  • It hurts to watch Joe process that saunas aren’t the panacea

    Liz MarzecLiz MarzecOy oldin