Joe Rogan Experience #1510 - George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell

17-Iyl, 2020
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George Knapp is an author, speaker, and the chief investigative reporter at KLAS TV in Las Vegas, NV. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.

  • because of religion they hide the truth, religion, the biggest lie of all.

    Mr Leo SMr Leo S34 daqiqa oldin
  • This Corbell character has been proven multiple times to be a self interested asshole who doesn't really care about this subject and is only using it for money and fame.

    King GingerKing Ginger43 daqiqa oldin
  • Me: wondering what I’m gonna do today Proceeds to spend 13 hours watching alien podcasts

    lionsmanexxlionsmanexxSoat oldin
  • We are like the base model , aliens get us and transform us into what they want ,, a human robot kinda ,, they can take control of us and add things to us

    Harley boys CraigHarley boys Craig3 soat oldin
  • Pure ignorance and lies

    Randy Savage’s SonRandy Savage’s Son3 soat oldin
  • It’s in the movie. Ok do you have evidence? Absolutely!! After the show.

    Kimberly BarnumKimberly Barnum5 soat oldin
  • I dont know why but i just skip the video every time jeremy speaks

    Joseph BaderoJoseph Badero10 soat oldin
  • why the hell is Trump paying attention to Tucker Carlson ridiculous Joe? WTF?

    Southern StackerSouthern Stacker11 soat oldin
  • "Contemporary artist"? If UFO lore needed anything, "artists" is it! How, did ANYBODY decide to involve somebody as minor as an artist in the UFO game? Lazar, Knapp... the list is solid, why involve such nonsense as art?

    Dan TylerDan Tyler11 soat oldin
  • I’d like to see Jordan Peterson in this group!

    Zabatiel CastellanosZabatiel Castellanos13 soat oldin
  • Its got me stuffed how the hell you guys never mentioned Linda Moulton Howe who has for years, studied and written about cattle mutilations and also been present and witnessed something like 1600 hypnotic abductee sessions. I personally would love government disclosure that"We Are Not Alone"

    ฟ้าใส ใจจริงฟ้าใส ใจจริง14 soat oldin
  • The whole ufo business is completely made up. Why would ufo would only be in america. Why not germany. Sweden. Why not uk or china. Many other scientifically advanced, powerful and rich countries. Why did they come during recent times. Why not during the powerful roman empire. Or the WWll. People like gossip thats all. The only possibility is that there is government business their which they wanna keep it secret and that is normal.

    Shahzad Bashir AhmedShahzad Bashir Ahmed15 soat oldin
  • Interview Trump! He started guardians of the galaxy AKA space force! I heard Trump is sleeping with an extraterrestrial named Alienana and made her sign a non-disclosure!

    The TruthThe Truth15 soat oldin
  • Not Jeremy The Narcissist, again.

    KDMeowmmyKDMeowmmy16 soat oldin
  • My mom was A cna for 30 years I remember she told us as kids that she was taking care of this man who was a government scientist. he told her he remembers being able to walk into the sides of mountains.

    amore groveamore grove16 soat oldin
  • is joe wearing a pavlok watch?

    BaconPancake327BaconPancake32716 soat oldin
  • 00:40 puberty

    mike whelanmike whelan17 soat oldin
  • Kinda looks like George Lucas

    cash hensoncash henson18 soat oldin
  • They can be also the master of covid 19 behind the curtains replace our leaders including the pope who are not acting like they were supposed to do.

    Martin ChagnonMartin Chagnon19 soat oldin

    Aaron MooreAaron Moore20 soat oldin
  • The funny lier immunocytochemically fit because perfume perceptually knock aside a thankful pie. tearful, box

    Ignatius DipilatoIgnatius Dipilato22 soat oldin
  • I am an Aeronautical Engineer with M.Sc. title, thats why..

    Mellobot XMellobot X23 soat oldin
  • By far one of my favorite episodes

    AbacotAbacotKun oldin
  • ohhh the tape is lost! oh no! hahaha... bob might be a little fibber eh?

    XenophonXenophonKun oldin
  • Does seem a little too convenient he lost the only video proof of an element that can change the path of light.

    John JarrettJohn JarrettKun oldin
  • Skinwalker Ranch is one of the most interesting phenomena I've ever heard. Can't get enough of hearing the stories there

    Paul JamilkowskiPaul JamilkowskiKun oldin
  • Rogan Swallows

    michael dudleymichael dudleyKun oldin
    • Swallows what?

      Greg BerryGreg Berry17 soat oldin
  • Every military ozonization has an “S4” It’s the name of their logistics cell. It’s nothing special. Jesus. Ignorance breeds sensationalism

    King Greco RomanKing Greco RomanKun oldin
  • I think Joe Rogan hit it on the nail, we're coming back from the Future 2 give us steroids so that we can evolve faster because in the future we already know when the next meteor is going to hit and send us back into the Dark Ages. Maybe these aliens are aliens and know that an asteroid is coming and they're trying to beef us up so that we can hurry up and get off the planet technologically so that our species can survive, That's a good theory put forth by Joe Rogan you heard it here.

    Butch CassidyButch CassidyKun oldin
  • The theory of changing our skin and our physical features because are old skin wasn't any good is an old Theory put forth a long time ago. The theory goes like this and that in the future we done changed our genetic so much that we cannot produce any more. So we're going back in time in order to get are genetics back and that's the only way to save the human race. The theory is that these aliens are us from the future that are coming back to get a genetic stockpile because we done changed our DNA and genetics so much that we're not even recognizable as humans anymore and realized of the mistake we made.

    Butch CassidyButch CassidyKun oldin
  • Everybody push like if you want Joe Roagan to check Alien Races book

    Laurynas VabalasLaurynas VabalasKun oldin
  • And what about Chtulhu?

    Seph GeodynamicsSeph GeodynamicsKun oldin
  • I feel that if Bob Lazar was being completely honest he would have already disappeared by now that's the only reason I'm skeptical but honestly most of the stories he tells have credibility or at least could be possible

    Camden DarnellCamden DarnellKun oldin
  • Joe Calm down

    eric Varelaeric VarelaKun oldin
  • The podcast with dan akroid was not the podcast I needed to listen to while falling asleep lol

    Brendan LemmingBrendan LemmingKun oldin
  • I think futureama solved this mystery and the “propulsion” system for these craft works by not moving the object itself but moving everything around it

    Armando GomezArmando GomezKun oldin
  • I believe him

    Ross JacksonRoss JacksonKun oldin
  • I'd listen to another 3 hours of those guys tallking..

    Craig PardyCraig PardyKun oldin
  • Anybody else notice that episode #331 with Steven Greer is completely missing on UZworld and on Spotify? On Spotify you will see episodes 330 and 332 but 331 is nowhere to be found!! Did someone make them remove it?? 🤔 👽

    ewfd813ewfd813Kun oldin
  • I remember when Joe had a show debunking everything. While I do think the bar needs to be high for this kinda stuff, at any moment Joe may decide its all BS again.

    Andrew DuddyAndrew DuddyKun oldin
  • wait, what? lazarus is responsible for the world knowing about area 51? good fuckin' grief, how out of touch are these people?

    CaputoCaputoKun oldin
  • knapp is from a generation when you believed people at face value, he's a con artist's dream, heart in the right place, just duped....

    CaputoCaputoKun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 another fish story🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ STOP FALLING FOR BS!!!!

    Trust your GutTrust your GutKun oldin
  • as soon as George said we are an agricultural product I instantly thought of the episode from The Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man" "'s a cookbook". Anyone.....anyone....Bueler....Bueler....?? : ) how about that one?

    Kaiser SozayKaiser SozayKun oldin
    • That episode scared the crap boutta me as a kid.

      Cryo JudgementCryo JudgementKun oldin
  • Antonio Razzi al JRE incredibile!

    AndreAndreKun oldin
  • His wife: Honey, wheres the ketchup? Him: its in my movie.

    Geovani HernandezGeovani Hernandez2 kun oldin
    • @Kimberly Barnum this comment is so underrated lmao

      BaconNDCheeseBaconNDCheese5 soat oldin
    • 🤣

      Kimberly BarnumKimberly Barnum5 soat oldin
  • Jeremy would make a great politician everything but the question hes asked.. i felt joes pain dealing with him

    Andy StarAndy Star2 kun oldin
  • Seen ufo!

    Merot LilypotMerot Lilypot2 kun oldin
  • 2:22:22 5G-covid shit haha

    Colonel AngusColonel Angus2 kun oldin
  • 1:51:20 joe pointing out big bang why but made me laugh

    Colonel AngusColonel Angus2 kun oldin
  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Harry K AnsteadHarry K Anstead2 kun oldin
  • I’m into all of it minus skinwalker ranch. Sounds like bs

    K. DanielK. Daniel2 kun oldin
  • 3:10 Lol Joe: "Bases on the moon. aliens are there right now.... hahahaha" Well joe, All true, and if you do your research they have images taken by NASA of the dark side of the moon and they are clear bases and if their bases someone is running them and it cant be us so, aliens. Thus Bill copper would be 100% right. doubt me. simply type in "Basses on the moon".

    Dennis BDennis B2 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe, could you post those files? as a Engineer involved in the physics UFO community, I'd like to read them

    cejurler1cejurler12 kun oldin
  • This guys fucking crazy

    Max BlackerMax Blacker2 kun oldin
  • Corbell is not made for interviews. He is so repetitive and like a deer in headlights when he talks

    Jamie O SullivanJamie O Sullivan2 kun oldin
  • Shouldn’t Elon pour all his money into making 115

    Benyamin MillerBenyamin Miller2 kun oldin
  • joe needs to get to the point. they told him repeatedly that the clip doesn't show anything. he ignores the guy and keeps asking for the clip while the guy is saying that it doesn't show anything, then when he sees it complains it doesn't show anything. all he had to do was listen and ask why it was put in the movie..... dude is wild,

    KING ROSSKING ROSS2 kun oldin
  • Joe doesn’t like Jeremy. And I understand why. There’s more then one reason. One is his overly manicured facial hair.

    Cells For CheapCells For Cheap2 kun oldin
  • I miss this studio, and I miss this format. Spotify sucks

    ASMR BirdieASMR Birdie2 kun oldin
  • When they include the mind they will propel quicker and vaster. Include the mind and break through.

    David AlexanderDavid Alexander2 kun oldin
  • @PowerfulJRE Read a Scientific Article couple weeks ago where they used a pair of diamond anvils to simulate pressure at 75% earths core applied to a material they made of three elements and have found it is a superconductor that functions without exceeding 64 degrees (room temperature). Fits in with Lazars claims.

    shawn svancarashawn svancara2 kun oldin
  • i think they just like to have a steak every once in a while... why not ?

    dave gtdave gt2 kun oldin
  • corbell is clown and there is no any tape

    BDHCBDHC3 kun oldin
  • The guests: here’s a small side story that’s pretty compelling and believable with detail but there is no evidence whatsoever Joe: where’s the evidence

    Jacob RJacob R3 kun oldin
  • This is when Joe loses me. I know he likes to explore all subjects, but COME ON! This guy is ridiculous. Everything he’s saying sounds like normal, everyday bs stories told by people who wanna believe what they believe.

    Croscar MelloseCroscar Mellose3 kun oldin
  • Beard guy.... Nope

    Yacob FiscusYacob Fiscus3 kun oldin
  • White on a thermal is hot The hotter a object is the brighter it is feom black grey to white. He's has it backwards.

    Tyler Roberts T-RobTyler Roberts T-Rob3 kun oldin
    • Thermals can be set to white hot or black hot. Us pilots use whichever helps more for the given conditions and target, often switching back and forth to get the best contrast

      LtRiotLtRiot3 kun oldin
  • Plot twist? >He operated the "UFO" so he now knows all the details so he is allowed to share due to confusion tactics.

    Llama Dhali GLlama Dhali G3 kun oldin
  • what if bob is barry and real bob still working in S4

    Anuj SharmaAnuj Sharma3 kun oldin
  • Men never fan boi out like this guy did its unbecoming!@13 sec.

    Carlton HarrisCarlton Harris3 kun oldin
  • What if Bob Lazar is the alien

    Jurassic ParkJurassic Park3 kun oldin
  • I cant for the life of me remember who it was but i heard the story george told about being at the old army guys house where his wife says, ur not gonna show him that stuff, are you? And that sucks because I trust george and from what i remember, the other guy wasnt some schmuck either. Wont bother with tools...

    Jim SullivanJim Sullivan3 kun oldin
  • They should talk about Phil Schneider’s story. He’s dead on about designer virus’ decreasing the population by the 2030.

    robzillianrobzillian3 kun oldin
  • I’m not gonna lie the story about the ranch and what they were going thru rly creeped me out

    Michael DMichael D3 kun oldin
  • The guy that says aliens see Joe 🤣 when they take DMT is the funniest thing I've heard this year. So funny 🤣😄🤣🤣 thanks 😀 🤣 for the laugh 🤣

    Brendan MarcuzBrendan Marcuz3 kun oldin
  • The ufo talk is such a waste of air, it’s beyond what you think!

    Dude StuffDude Stuff3 kun oldin
  • Oh great Bearded Guy

    ItsJustGradyItsJustGrady3 kun oldin
  • Joe the day you get videos on Spotify ill switch

    Danny HyatttDanny Hyattt3 kun oldin
  • Thunbnail made me think it was George Lucas lol

    Hi ThereHi There3 kun oldin
  • Joe: Jeremy,....put your helmet back on... Jeremy: its in my movie Joes voicemail: hey..its eddie a copy of that movie??

    Nick GenreNick Genre3 kun oldin
  • The retired former Secretary of Defense of Canada has written a book documenting that Rogue Elements of the US Government have flying saucers that are armed to use against Americans. There was a UZworld video by him..don't know if it still up.

    Bruce WilsonBruce Wilson3 kun oldin
  • Attention everyone look up Philip Schneider underground alien bases.

    Mj JessupMj Jessup3 kun oldin
  • Corbel annoys me for some reason

  • The victorious asparagus intuitively spot because sled corroboratively stroke as a ethereal stop. nosy, colossal carp

    Darius HuangDarius Huang4 kun oldin
    • Are u ok? I think you had a stroke midsentance

      LtRiotLtRiot3 kun oldin
  • pair of con working for a living!

    Pigeon BoxingPigeon Boxing4 kun oldin
  • 2:11:42 what is the glitch in the matrix? "tricky"

    No OneNo One4 kun oldin
  • Everything is crazy till the government declassifieds everything ,then everyone suddenly jumps on the wagon.

    Deivi PonceDeivi Ponce4 kun oldin
    • Yeah it's crazy how that works. The government lies to us all the time.

      Benaiah WrightBenaiah Wright32 daqiqa oldin
  • So no evidence of anything unexplainable at all. These are all just stories without evidence.

    Taher AhmedTaher Ahmed4 kun oldin
  • what a nut

    Pigeon BoxingPigeon Boxing4 kun oldin
  • I wish Joe would stop interrupting. I want to hear the guests finish their thoughts and stories. Love this channel but that drives me crazy.

    Producer DudeProducer Dude4 kun oldin
  • Joe is too kind to stop both of them from some of bullshit.

    Vikas Vijay BishnoiVikas Vijay Bishnoi4 kun oldin
  • How do these ufos get through the firmament? Just curious

    Jamie McCaugheyJamie McCaughey4 kun oldin
  • 19:27 well sus defo imposter shit going on

    DaveDave4 kun oldin
  • Dont shit on Bill Cooper RIP

    DaveDave4 kun oldin
  • joe get lou elizondo on,if you have already i missed it but that guy is a fountain of knowledge.MORE UFO CONTENT JOE!!!!

    JsinisterJsinister4 kun oldin
  • Turns out the laugh is on you guys Joe and George Bill Cooper was right and you got your heads up your but both of you

    William DragertWilliam Dragert4 kun oldin

    Aaron RuizAaron Ruiz4 kun oldin
  • nobody:... Jeremy: iTs iN mY mOViE.....

    Akamjot SinghAkamjot Singh4 kun oldin
  • Where does he say you can see ufos in Utah? Lost my place in the video

    Zandalf The BlueZandalf The Blue4 kun oldin