Joe Rogan Experience #1527 - David Blaine

18-Avg, 2020
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David Blaine is an illusionist, endurance artist, and extreme performer. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance and has set and broken several world records. His new special "Ascension" premieres on UZworld live on August 31. @David Blaine

  • Awsome how humble David is praising other magicians

    mark warnemark warne56 daqiqa oldin
  • 2:00:50 thats good if u like sushi😂

    Fred GaratiFred Garati7 soat oldin
  • You can tell this dude totally loves what he's doing. He turned what he learned and loved into money, he didn't love money and learn to do something.

    Alex KlassingAlex Klassing9 soat oldin
  • David Blaine! THE MEN!

    kamen ninovkamen ninov14 soat oldin
  • We NEED A Sequel.

    InfantGoose6565InfantGoose656515 soat oldin
  • 19:08

    tilopslicertilopslicerKun oldin
  • Dislikes are from people who do not know how to swim bro

    Zouhir BoukhariZouhir BoukhariKun oldin
  • Even the most basic magic tricks makes Joe uncomfortable. WTF?

    Wilbl777Wilbl777Kun oldin
  • David Blaine : Doctor Stephen Strange

    RexEverythingRexEverythingKun oldin
  • Imagine living through the holocaust experiencing thoose horrible conditions watching your friends and family die one by one and finally it's over your saved and then a candy bar kills you or your friend,imagine how bad a soldier would have felt afterwards even though he did nothing on purpose that's just so sad.

    Jake BrassardJake Brassard2 kun oldin
  • When David talks about the breathing technique in the beginning he’s talking about the Wim Hof Breathing technique

    Ryce SheekRyce Sheek2 kun oldin
  • Jet fighter pilots before going on top, will do this sort of breathing technique to stay conscious in heavy G's. keeping the blood and oxygen in control through the body. Not sure about holding oxygen tho.

    Davey BoiDavey Boi2 kun oldin
  • not sure of hitting 1M on his ascension video ... blaine youre at 22M views btw

    patrice vecerapatrice vecera2 kun oldin
  • So great full for David as a human being, really showing us what the mind and body are capable of and how with a lot of passion and practice we can achieve so much more.

    Mr NyeMr Nye2 kun oldin
  • Joe is smoked out

    jack Duplechainjack Duplechain3 kun oldin
  • I almost fainted during the ice pick part. I never get affected like that. And I think it's because David Blaine is such a nice and genuine guy that I empathized the shit out of myself.

    Taig Mac CarthyTaig Mac Carthy3 kun oldin
  • Greatest magician of ALL TIME!

    Mah ryte NatMah ryte Nat3 kun oldin
  • There’s nothing really to say about this guy. There is no word or are no words to describe him.

    Bobby DBobby D3 kun oldin
  • I love how excited he gets over all the tricks, pure joy in his voice, that makes me so happy

    RadyRady3 kun oldin
  • F*ck me. How fascinating is David Blaine?!

    Fern DSFern DS3 kun oldin
  • You can be a great magician too if you're willing to throw away your life.

    GodspeedheroGodspeedhero4 kun oldin
  • David has never been so excited in a interview! Joe he is a kid talking to an idol.

    Samuel ParsonsSamuel Parsons4 kun oldin
  • one of the best jre podcasts of all time, what a pleasure to watch and listen.

    denis sundenis sun5 kun oldin
  • @21:10 I think Joe is talking about Kaizen

    TRD Turbo IS300TRD Turbo IS3005 kun oldin
  • I am a 40 year diabetic and have had my share of low blood sugar events. I want to see how low Blaine can get without going into a coma.

    me,myself,&Ireneme,myself,&Irene5 kun oldin
  • Do do that.ha

    J ElliottJ Elliott5 kun oldin
  • His stomach has to be pretty expanded to drink 8 waters and not puke it up

    Damion ScarberryDamion Scarberry5 kun oldin
  • 4 plus minute breathhold is crazy

    Nick BadryNick Badry5 kun oldin
  • I remember watching that Fox documentary about the ice stunt with the double growing up as a kid on AXN and this made me realise my life was a lie also David is straight up the greatest magician to ever live

    Devyn KumarDevyn Kumar5 kun oldin
  • I wonder who are the 5k people that didn't like it....

    Michal SMichal S5 kun oldin
  • 55:06

    Box CultureBox Culture6 kun oldin
  • I don’t believe him either 🤣🤣🤣 it was magic🤣🤣

    fluffyfeetbmffluffyfeetbmf6 kun oldin
  • David: I held my breath for a day joe Joe: But have u tried DMT?

    Andrew AddisonAndrew Addison7 kun oldin
  • i thought david blaine was amazing...i thought chris angel was a dick for putting him down..never liked chris angel after that

    mike brodiemike brodie7 kun oldin
  • I love this video. David is a beautiful Soul.

    Halocyberparts CoHalocyberparts Co7 kun oldin
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    Darren HodgkissDarren Hodgkiss7 kun oldin
  • He is so fckn dope. But that throwing up was ughhh ...and that sticking the thing through the arm...was ouch.

    TC thirdeyeTC thirdeye7 kun oldin
  • My favorite part was Joe talking about something very seriously and you just hear David throwing back a bottle of water

    Jonah HoversonJonah Hoverson8 kun oldin

    LurkerAnonymousLurkerAnonymous8 kun oldin
  • I don't think the corals "talk" to each other. I believe they entire species is "programmed" the same way, hence the synchronicity for the entire species no matter the distance and why each species has it's own date & time.

    LurkerAnonymousLurkerAnonymous8 kun oldin
  • Great interview. David is a great salesman, ability to get people engaged and excited about his plans etc.can see how he manages to pull off these stunts. talented dude.

    Heart manHeart man8 kun oldin
  • Joe, 19:10: "So, how did this kill him?" David: (expression of disbelief at the question.) L M F A O ! ! !

    rhymeswithteethrhymeswithteeth9 kun oldin
  • 1:02:00 A couple minutes into the balloon story, where Joe wants to see pictures. David should have just dropped the curtains behind him and they're already up in a ballon, "Why don't you see for yourself, Joe Rogan."

    Servo MatadorServo Matador9 kun oldin
  • Magic is science 🤘🏽

    Bryan ScarboddiBryan Scarboddi10 kun oldin
  • Science is magic 🤘🏽

    Bryan ScarboddiBryan Scarboddi10 kun oldin
  • When I got choked out in Jiu Jitsu practice, I literally started dreaming and when I woke up, I thought I was at home in my bed, I was actually wondering why all my friends were in my bedroom standing around me.

    Benito FranklynBenito Franklyn10 kun oldin
  • Dana White a good card player? Really Joe, you really that lost or kissing ass? Dana is rich enough to chase bets you goof! Bet a million and lose... oh well you lost, bet 2 million! Oh I lost, bet 3 million! Oh look, I won 6 million... I am the greatest!!!

    Jason GJason G10 kun oldin
  • Joe got suckered into the old-time "coral tangent'. No worries, we have all been there.

    mark m.mark m.10 kun oldin
  • Blaine works on total distraction.

    mark m.mark m.10 kun oldin
  • I thought they took all the full length videos from us

    Mac GyverMac Gyver10 kun oldin
  • David trying so hard to act like a normal human

    MorsvMorsv11 kun oldin
    • coming down to joes level

      v gv g6 kun oldin
  • Oklahoma REPRESENT

    JustWatchingJustWatching11 kun oldin
  • this podcast confirms that his live performances were fake

    Christopher SmithChristopher Smith11 kun oldin
  • Probly one of the most intense people alive. So much respect to this man

    Mythki11erMythki11er11 kun oldin
  • What happened to the JRE comment section?? I've only been gone for a bit and it's all semi wholesome crap now...what happened to the arguements about drug taking chimps damn it.

    MoochbagMoochbag11 kun oldin
  • "I've blacked out underwater a lot."

    Mite O DanMite O Dan11 kun oldin
  • Steve Erwin DID NOT pull the barb out of his chest/heart. The barb does not detach from the sting ray

    Kenny RogersKenny Rogers11 kun oldin
  • I used to think Blaine was truly amazing but also a mystery. After seeing him clearly like this and explain a couple things I’m still as lost as ever and even more amazed. The man is a testament to human limitations and demonstrates beyond any regular “magic”, he breaks barriers exposing the potential of the human ability. I know others have done similar to what he has because it’s where he gains inspiration from but he is definitely an innovator who brought the seen to the public and that in itself is pretty original. Which is why i appreciate him. Amazing as always.

    TonyLaGhostTonyLaGhost11 kun oldin
  • Knowledge is power and acquired with sleight of a hand you get some beautiful things, then to manipulate your breathing etc ... Really great interview, this was insightful

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows11 kun oldin
  • idk man, with the frog he leaned behind the table just beforehand and switched buckets. Could've easily done something there instead of bringing it up from his stomach.

    David TDavid T11 kun oldin
  • Woah okay jamie is a great audio/visual technician, that transition around 1:30:16 was so well done

    Cahleeb Jamisn'tonCahleeb Jamisn'ton12 kun oldin
  • David is one in a billions awesome guy

    Asad AliAsad Ali12 kun oldin
  • D’s energy is so strong in this. Love it Happy new year yt 2021 woot

    Halloween LettHalloween Lett12 kun oldin
  • Bill Donahue said once in a video it's the pineal gland that tells birds when to fly where at the seasons time.

    Eric PortilloEric Portillo12 kun oldin
  • We wouldn't have David Blaine without librarians. 😮

    Carrie ParsonsCarrie Parsons12 kun oldin
  • David: I'm always late Joe: You were early David: Perfect

    Russell MccuneRussell Mccune12 kun oldin
  • Damn that was actually deep " there's horrible people but with everybody they're still a kid inside that lost their way" I didn't picture him being how he is.

    Jason DrennenJason Drennen12 kun oldin
  • He didn’t have a full recovery the kid who was under the icy water for 45 minutes had extensive rehabilitation the last I heard he had made a full recovery but it took nine months

    IRON60 BITCHIRON60 BITCH12 kun oldin
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    Ernesto SeldersErnesto Selders13 kun oldin
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    Ernesto SeldersErnesto Selders13 kun oldin
  • One of the most spectacular records held by Stig Åval Severinsen is his fantastic static dive of exactly 22 minutes. The dive took place at a diving school in London in 2012 where the water had been cooled down to 0 degrees, and up to the dive he inhaled 100% oxygen via a mouthpiece. The record has since been broken by Aleix Segura from Catalonia, he managed to hold his breath for an impressive 24 minutes and 3 seconds.

    peter jorgensenpeter jorgensen13 kun oldin
  • I luv his personality...Good peeps.all the WAYYYYYY...

    Bee KleinBee Klein13 kun oldin
  • Man I love David he’s so cool.

    Adam PasqualeAdam Pasquale13 kun oldin
  • I once went 50 days without eating also. The physical pain and mental commitment is extreme! I also didn't shit for 52 days. God damn if I wasn't concerned about a residual rock! Luckily all good. Lol

    Shannon KShannon K14 kun oldin
  • mullica died from a hernia surgery with complications

    Not YouNot You14 kun oldin
  • 19:13 The dude died at like ~70 years old.

    C JC J14 kun oldin
  • How you know you are listening to an incredible mind, when they can go from one story to another, to another, link it all together and make it all make sense painting a vivid picture, thats a person who understands themselves on a different level

    George PGeorge P14 kun oldin
  • Do you think the frog pooped or peed in his stomach or mouth?

    Summit Kaiju InternationalSummit Kaiju International14 kun oldin
  • Wow Joe’s head is sooooo shiny

    mohammed ahmedmohammed ahmed14 kun oldin

    Raleigh DentonRaleigh Denton14 kun oldin
  • I woke up this morning and this was playing and all i see is some guy throwing up profusely like nothing is wrong.... Wtf happenned here 😂

    Anthony LitteriniAnthony Litterini14 kun oldin
  • this is one of my go to's. Magic✨ in words

    Matt VibesMatt Vibes14 kun oldin
  • Fuck the air drop , show Blaines phone!! Please

    Bill NeilssieNBill NeilssieN14 kun oldin
  • 1:21:16 This is how David Blaine dies. Don't do it David!!! Wear the parachute under a jacket or something!

    Rodney KingRodney King16 kun oldin
    • But he didn't die.

      Evral JonesEvral Jones15 kun oldin
  • Last thing ima blow up the comments with, the coral thing seems like the genetic/biological clock. Like Tuna or bird migration en masse

    TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
  • P.S. I know a guy who can shotgun a 6pack the way Jamie mentioned the water bashing thing.

    TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
    • (Takes a big hole)

      TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
    • I could shotgun a beer in like 3 swallows. He was on can 4 before I started 2

      TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
  • Anyone else see the slighly masochistic lip bite when Joe had the pick halfway through the second time? Making a strong man cringe too. Maybe it wasn't, and it was more about that power? Heck maybe he gets slightly aroused doing the thing he loves or bites his lip like biting down on a bar so you don't break your teeth by clenching. No clue. Bit his lip tho.

    TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
  • I like post as dude, he seems like he's fairly nice. However, he doesn't believe a David Blaine air stunt, but acted like a kid in a candy shop of truth on the "Zak Bagans: Ghost Adventures," episode in which he featured.

    TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
  • Sleep deprivation hallucinations. Ahhhh. Home. Ever seen grass breathing?

    TharpinUpTharpinUp16 kun oldin
  • Any Shavenger?🤔🤔🤔

    Ishraq AhmadIshraq Ahmad16 kun oldin
  • what a legend

    MattheyouMattheyou16 kun oldin
  • Joe you have grown :) think you 🤔

    John john The PhenomJohn john The Phenom16 kun oldin
  • He woke up and found him dead lol smh

    Ghost ToastGhost Toast18 kun oldin
  • David is soo cute 🥰

  • What an interesting person.

    Andre CatenaniAndre Catenani18 kun oldin
  • 1:16:59 Joe "Thaaaaat motherfucker" Rogan

    MoonFlipMoonFlip18 kun oldin
  • 58:27 😂😂😂 WTF Roe Jogan

    MoonFlipMoonFlip18 kun oldin
  • David Dobrik and David Blaine have such similar voices

    Kathleen WilliamsKathleen Williams19 kun oldin
  • This shit had me at the edge of my chair the whole time and im trippin on acid. First ever jre podcast too.

    killerkhalsa27killerkhalsa2719 kun oldin
  • he's an alien! no he's just on a path

    Conor HennellConor Hennell19 kun oldin