Joe Rogan Experience #1488 - Andrew Schulz

9-Iyn, 2020
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Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian, actor, and host. Check out his podcasts "Flagrant 2" & "The Brilliant Idiots" co-hosted with Charlamagne tha God. @The Andrew Schulz

  • didnt know rogan had ears until now

    MicahAMicahASoat oldin
  • Subliminal manipulation through non verbal expression

    Dream ChannelDream Channel16 soat oldin
  • He talks exactly like AOC talks off camera

    Quarter LoreQuarter LoreKun oldin
  • Cause schulz is dope.

    ronald munozronald munozKun oldin
  • Ivan hear Schulz swallow his saliva watch and listen

    Octavio AlvarezOctavio AlvarezKun oldin
  • How many times Schulz said "YEAH"...

    Earl WrightEarl Wright2 kun oldin
  • One of my junior high friends sister killed her baby because her boyfriend didnt want to be a stepdad. Stacey Hall. This happens more often then media portrays but hey.. #believeallwomen

    aries 34aries 342 kun oldin
  • Every time andrew says yeah take a shot

    Quentin BukoskiQuentin Bukoski2 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young3 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire3 kun oldin
  • I agree with him on Trevor Noah...I can't stand that guy.

    Benaiah WrightBenaiah Wright3 kun oldin
  • Them talking about the pandemic did not age well 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Oh NoOh No3 kun oldin
    • @K W them saying it’s not that serious and is going away

      Oh NoOh NoKun oldin
    • What didn't age?

      K WK WKun oldin
    • Always a risk when you spout off on shit you know nothing about.

      joe hernandezjoe hernandez3 kun oldin
  • Why would you give money to BLM? Have either of you even bothered to do a little research about what that group truly represents? Cuz the sure as hell don’t care about black lives. C’mon guys, seriously?

    Chad VartanianChad Vartanian3 kun oldin
  • At the time of this writing, its 7 months after this interview, yet we are still in panic mode.

    mark warlickmark warlick3 kun oldin
  • Anyone watching this in January 2021 amid all the shut downs again listening to this thinking what the hell are we shutting down for again?

    Bradley DBradley D4 kun oldin
  • “Like a terror plot” is the best line in that sabotage relationship discussion

    A_Real_Ass NiggaA_Real_Ass Nigga4 kun oldin
  • I hate Joe's views on Cosby.

    Benaiah WrightBenaiah Wright4 kun oldin
  • 29:10 LMAOOO the ben shapiro part is funny af

    n guemarn guemar4 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young4 kun oldin
  • 14:58 😂😂😂😂

    Jake Ryan MusicJake Ryan Music4 kun oldin
  • 3 months? you mean 1.5 years? just to save people that buy lottery tickets and buy tapioca soup? Anyone that has ever worked hates old people. I work at circle K, and literally only old people buy powerball and megamillions. lines are out the door. why do old retired people need so much money anyways? to me they are pathetic.

    Ihate GoogleIhate Google4 kun oldin
    • let me get some lottery tickets, they are idiots.

      Ihate GoogleIhate Google4 kun oldin
  • I’m LDS (Mormon) and I’m skeptical about a lot of things actually. I do a lot of research before into believing into something and yes I did do my own research on my own religion. There may be some who are gullible but not everyone just like in any group and culture of people

    Priceless PavPriceless Pav6 kun oldin
  • Pick up girls at the mosque...I'm fucking dead

    Raymond EnnoRaymond Enno6 kun oldin
  • As far as comedians on Joe's show. He's definitely one of the most entertaining to listen to and I've listened to a shit load on Rogan. Witty and knows shit across a broad spectrum of subjects. Gonna search his comedy shit now see how funny he is.

    Alex RendonAlex Rendon7 kun oldin
  • Opening up next month LOL....

    John DoesitJohn Doesit7 kun oldin
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    darek klichdarek klich7 kun oldin
  • When I found out Tom Hanks wax alive after Philadelphia.. I stopped using condoms🤣

    Jose415waterburyJose415waterbury7 kun oldin
  • And the answer to that is their 2nd amendment RIGHTS... What did lapierr say: good guy with a gun...

    Frankie J. EnnoFrankie J. Enno7 kun oldin

    Frankie J. EnnoFrankie J. Enno7 kun oldin
  • Shultz is a freak full of conspiracies that make you think...jodi arius, Casey anthony

    Frankie J. EnnoFrankie J. Enno7 kun oldin
  • well, this podcast didnt age well... it definitely didnt just go away...

    Agostinho DiasAgostinho Dias9 kun oldin
  • I’ll just say it. I don’t find that Adriana Lima chick attractive. I just don’t. Makeup and starvation makes her career

    Mikela MatayoshiMikela Matayoshi9 kun oldin
  • #SpaceIsFake

    Kenneth GriggsKenneth Griggs10 kun oldin
  • Hm perfect example Amber Heard. Distorted the truth on several stories from JD hitting her through to donating 7 million an not. #Me too Rose McGowan nuts

    Prcdguy AustraliaPrcdguy Australia10 kun oldin
  • I need to see a podcast with Joe, Andrew, and Tim Dillon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kenneth GriggsKenneth Griggs10 kun oldin
  • It was the way Andrew died a little more each time Joe had another primate video pulled up for me

    Jennifer CainJennifer Cain10 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young10 kun oldin
  • Wtf dude actually predicted future at 43:30

    Jahangir RozmetovJahangir Rozmetov11 kun oldin
  • I think me too was mishandled. Almost every man would be up for exposing these men who took advantage of women like that. My wife has told me awful stories from when she was a teenager and working, and I'd live for them to pay for what they did, but when they came out and were sayin all men were evil bastards I checked out.

    Julian SJulian S11 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young11 kun oldin
  • Это БАЗА

    Igor BerezovIgor Berezov11 kun oldin
  • Dude's shitting on science and saying dumb shit with no data and absolute confidence. Nice!

    Mudwalker El Viajero GalacticoMudwalker El Viajero Galactico11 kun oldin
  • Defund school

    Redhot PheonixRedhot Pheonix11 kun oldin
  • All I heard was “yeah”

    J HallJ Hall12 kun oldin
  • Big cities receive a TON of money every year to help relieve poverty stricken neighborhoods. However, the democrat politicians who run those cities (most of whom are black) know that happy people don't vote democrat, so naturally, they do everything in their power to ensure their voting base never experiences happiness and they keep the money for themselves and their pals. Baltimore is indeed a perfect example. Democrats never stopped being the home of racism and clearly they never really gave up on keeping black people as slaves either. The only difference is that old chains were made of metal, new chains are made of welfare checks.

    Yankee The RebelYankee The Rebel12 kun oldin
  • yes Epstein got his money through criminal enterprises and ponzi scheme and black mail he blackmailed wexner so he applied his craft to sexual pyramid ponzi scheme

    Damian WildfongDamian Wildfong12 kun oldin
  • 1:13:43 - Andrew, buddy, that's not a winning philosophy xD the amount of measures and laws we have that were passed by people with good intentions that end up doing so much more harm than good is overwhelming. Vote for the guys with the right ideas even if it's the biggest asshole who only wants to become richer

    overdriveoverdrive13 kun oldin
  • The president of Australia? Wtf hahaha

    Spring TimeSpring Time13 kun oldin
  • omg joe rogan nazi reported

    Bad Company BobBad Company Bob14 kun oldin
    • sneed

      boomstickboomstick13 kun oldin
  • 30:00 LOL.

    Jessica MarieJessica Marie14 kun oldin
  • One of the best episodes, like Lemmy said If you loose your sense of humor you might as well bite the bullet Roll Tide

    Cody HoldenCody Holden15 kun oldin
  • 2021. 4k dead a day. some days in.

    jlg329jlg32915 kun oldin
  • The whole cop scheme should be re assessed to the most definite as Rogan and Shultz said. I think it’s what everyone thinks too honestly

    0Mvnte k0Mvnte k15 kun oldin
  • Miss you joe

    Hammad JahangirHammad Jahangir15 kun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly Young16 kun oldin
  • Why can't a fucking host ask some fucking questions to their fucking guests instead of talking about themselves all through it.

    casalaguna22casalaguna2216 kun oldin
  • holy shit I'm crying 1:39:27

    Austin RheaAustin Rhea16 kun oldin
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    Cornelius SkylarCornelius Skylar16 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: coptic Egyptians are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Sorry hotep people they were not black.

    Tyler HillTyler Hill16 kun oldin
  • You mean grettas handlers give her a script and put her on the stage. cabal freaks, such a shame to learn so many of our favourite entertainers are pushing this agenda.

    tings that make you smiletings that make you smile16 kun oldin
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    Cornelius SkylarCornelius Skylar16 kun oldin
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    Karson DukesKarson Dukes16 kun oldin
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    Jr ArzadonJr Arzadon16 kun oldin
  • 1️⃣4️⃣8️⃣8️⃣

    AlexTremo DelNorteAlexTremo DelNorte17 kun oldin
  • Jennifer laurance is good " friends" with Harvey winestine

    Kevin FrederickKevin Frederick17 kun oldin
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    Asanurkhan MetaersonamAsanurkhan Metaersonam17 kun oldin
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    grade abstractgrade abstract18 kun oldin
  • Main media monopoly needs to be shutdown: ABC, NBC, CBS is propaganda

    SJ DK FLSJ DK FL18 kun oldin
  • The Bush family owns box or the older brother runs or something like that look into who owns these companies cuz those are the people pulling the strings.

    Salvador PortilloSalvador Portillo19 kun oldin
  • Keep goin

    Will KennedyWill Kennedy19 kun oldin
  • Why he gotta say RIGHT or YEAH after every single fucking thing Rogan says.... The new interview is even WORSE somehow....

    Evan LongEvan Long19 kun oldin
  • 33:45 SO True

    CM3 Vids72CM3 Vids7219 kun oldin
  • Andrew "Yeahhh" Schulz

    Mario SisinniMario Sisinni19 kun oldin
  • Underrated episode. Should have more views.

    Will ParkerWill Parker19 kun oldin
  • I actually got my shit together during covid. lol

    Roundhouse RadioRoundhouse Radio20 kun oldin
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    Mc.NiallerMc.Nialler20 kun oldin
  • My 94 year old grandma kicked COVID in two days

    Sam MartinSam Martin20 kun oldin
  • 7:45 the liberals: I know let's lock everyone in so they can't exercise or get adequate sunlight then blame Trump for everyone be fat losers!"

    Oliver CarneyOliver Carney20 kun oldin
  • 47:25 for my reference

    Shrivatsavan SShrivatsavan S20 kun oldin
  • If we would stop giving money to all these foreign countries as if we owe them somehow, we could save these small businesses through the pandemic.

    Rekiz HavekRekiz Havek21 kun oldin
    • Yeah like investing billions in afghan and putting shit in Syria, iraq and also giving 3.8 billion dollars to Israel for weapons 10 million per day

      selangor- 7selangor- 719 kun oldin
  • Who else is still holding out on Spotify?

    DrWizzlesDrWizzles21 kun oldin
    • Me. Feel like my gf has run off and giving the goods to someone else.

      Miles PicoMiles Pico15 kun oldin
  • Is anyone else still stuck on how one of the “friends” cast is working with trump as a republican lmao RipPheobe🤣🤣

    JiggsJiggs22 kun oldin
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    Marcella WeissMarcella Weiss22 kun oldin
  • Andrew Schulz reminds me of Pat from the movie Goon.

    D G M M G DD G M M G D22 kun oldin
  • he is so right new york so is going to be so much better since al the non new yorkers moved the fuck out

    Trevor VaughanTrevor Vaughan22 kun oldin
  • 29min I would regret bringing him in as a guest

    brokenthoughtsbrokenthoughts22 kun oldin
  • fuck, the virus went away back in june and trump was right? i don't think the rest of the world got the memo.

    Melanie JeckerMelanie Jecker22 kun oldin
  • "That guy would fuck a jar of warm peanut butter, he's a savage" I screamed

    Limor GLimor G22 kun oldin
  • This didn’t age well

    Jack RobinsonJack Robinson23 kun oldin
  • Sending my love to you too great men happy New year!

    David Oz OswaldDavid Oz Oswald23 kun oldin
  • I can't believe this content is FREE

    Majid EMajid E24 kun oldin
  • "Keep going" Andrew Shulz seems like such a nice guy.

    RC LeeRC Lee24 kun oldin
  • aye dawg if i could get it in at the comedy store, i would have gotten it in with Mitsy bruh

    RIP DUCKRIP DUCK24 kun oldin
  • Schulz is blowing up because he crosses the line that most people won't and we love him for it. I just hope he never stops. More people need that now than ever.

    Joshua GoudieJoshua Goudie24 kun oldin
  • Omg how come no one is talking about the monkey , chimpanzees!! Made my stomach turned

    Shannon CrossShannon Cross24 kun oldin
  • why is everyone so agro about that Gretta girl? what is she wrong about?

    Wizard's Mind BombWizard's Mind Bomb24 kun oldin
  • this is a really good duo, i like listening to this. Schulz is fucking genius too

    ed00red00r25 kun oldin
  • " I can make food in my living room " haha -fuck climate change, schulz

    ZachZach25 kun oldin
  • what a dissapointing and superficial discussion about the me too movement. you take out of context the saying "believe all women", to ignore the issue at the heart of the movement. 1. you talk about the epstien case- where thousands of 14 and younger girls were assulted for years, pressed charges for years, and quickly move to: how can we believe every woman complaining. even the epstien clear cut case was ignored and the system left victoms unprotected. and usualy in these cases there's no one victom, there are usauly dozens. so we can believe the dozens. it's not an automated "i believe you" - you follow the pattern. 2. it is not a fair, equal, fun, short-cut transaction to "give" sex for a roll. like a matt damon type actor, women would like a fair audition for a part. no women likes to be rapped for the door to be open.

    rotem simonrotem simon25 kun oldin
  • Joe where can I be paid to be an lsd or anything close Guinea pig? I'm a 35 year old epileptic with 3 kids and lots of family that has to watch me go through seizures.

    Clarence HintonClarence Hinton25 kun oldin