Joe Rogan on "The Color of Money"

28-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1585 with Michael Kosta.

  • Haven’t seen/listened to jre since the change... i do kinda miss it

    Jake ClarkJake Clark2 kun oldin
  • Cruise was SO good in the color of money. great movie!

    rachrachfyirachrachfyi3 kun oldin
  • Kind of hypocritical of joe to criticize big money when he chose to give Spotify a monopoly over his audience instead of prioritizing the reach of his podcast. Now we have to go to this one company to get certain information instead of before, where that information was available on UZworld, apple, etc. He’s already rich, why need the extra millions. What’s next? If someone offers him $500 mill is he gonna change his views, maybe only have certain guests? He should make free discussion available on all platforms, not just on one.

    .m..m.3 kun oldin
  • Walter Tevis wrote Queen's Gambit, The Hustler, and The Color of Money.

    crowncitycoreycrowncitycorey4 kun oldin
  • Sport?

    Michael LittlewoodMichael Littlewood5 kun oldin
  • I like the color of Money ok. but that movie as a pool player made me fucking hate Tom cruise. He is such a douche in the movie But on the other side of the coin that is a sign of a good actor.

    jeremy edwardsjeremy edwards5 kun oldin
  • Joe needs to bring Keith McCready on the podcast

    Gabriel BoyceGabriel Boyce8 kun oldin
  • Les Grossman best Tom Cruise role lmao

    Nena TNena T10 kun oldin
  • Oh no Joe.... don’t play down chess lol

    Leonardo CruzLeonardo Cruz10 kun oldin
  • Color of money is a classic, Cruise has a filmography better than almost anyone.

    J TJ T10 kun oldin
  • They are both terrible candidates, I wish people would protest over that fact alone. Instead of picking sides. As for these conspiracy theorists, they all believe Biden is worst for his team promoting this fake virus scamdemic (which doesn't even highlight the immune system). Than I hear about Biden's ties to China & that sounds too boring to research. Yet USA is a nation of sell outs, so maybe. Trump is a prop, not sure if he endorses the virus propaganda or not, seems to not, it's all a show still. I don't like what Trump represents, a big business man setting up hotels with his stupid name on it, I hate what hotels represent, non-sustainability. However Biden's been a politician for decades, his ways are so outdated, plenty of time for corruption influences, it's ridiculous. Overall one thing is clear, people are revolting over politics, a false sense of options. Yet not the real danger = 50 trillion, the 1%'ers, already own your lifestyles over with (conformity is the name of the game, not freedom). Which isn't even counting stolen resources from other countries, gold hoarded, or off-shore bank accounts. Hunger games for the next thousand years. How insane is that. Unless people figure out who the real villains are, dismantling extreme greed across the planet. Not even honoring it at all, ever again, the new way. I vote for French revolution style guillotining everyone who owns more than 200 million - whom isn't promoting the awareness of dismantling all greed across the board. For sustainable options available to the public for free, or nearly free. 400 million americans using creativity to figure that out, instead of going to their gosh damn monopoly jobs / parkinglotville. That gives back to the next 10 generations, ahead of time. Land, housing, gardens, activities, solar trains, wifi hubs, eco showers, marble plaza's, aqueducts, you name it - 50 trillion dollars will redistribute for it. That's what a REAL MILITIA is for.

    baron whitebaron white11 kun oldin
  • Of course the story of a FEMALE chess player is pure fiction. There's never been a top level female chess player. It's a totally male dominated game. Men are just better at strictly mathematical and analytical games. But Hollywood has to pretend it's just 50-50....

    Mick ObrienMick Obrien11 kun oldin
    • And the worst top level pool player will whoop the best female in history.

      Mick ObrienMick Obrien11 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks!!! I never missed an episode until the platform change. I hate that clunky app and everything about it. I miss The JRE!

    Tony PTony P12 kun oldin
  • Sad I don’t even watch anymore because joe lied to us and switched up

    Carlos TrujilloCarlos Trujillo12 kun oldin
  •! Truth for the people!

    riverphinoxzzzriverphinoxzzz12 kun oldin
  • for whatever reason, its just not the same on spotify come back joe

    Sonny Singh DC - The Back of the HouseSonny Singh DC - The Back of the House12 kun oldin
  • Joe, you got a Tad in your cue collection?

    kevin costellokevin costello13 kun oldin
  • They're some aggressive bags under Joe's eyes hes not looking good at all

    Dale AndoDale Ando13 kun oldin
  • btw, Paul Newman won an Oscar for his acting in "The Color Of Money"

    Omar EOmar E13 kun oldin
  • Gleason was hustling pool for decades

    David HojDavid Hoj13 kun oldin
  • 90 is NOT a good number at golf. 🤣😂🤣

    MrFoziBMrFoziB13 kun oldin
  • They don’t even pick up on the fact that the author of the Hustler and Queens Gambit are the same

    Michael FlemingMichael Fleming14 kun oldin
  • This guy thinks it's weird to not be a socialist/communist. Came here to dislike. Worst part was he was boring, boring, boring. I have no idea why Joe kept talking with him.

    NotHeisenBearNotHeisenBear14 kun oldin
  • It’s weird the comparisons they are doing between because in pool you can exactly predict and know your opponents strategy whereas in chess you have no idea what you opponent is thinking.

    David PetruicDavid Petruic14 kun oldin
  • The thing with pool, if you are kinda good and your pool mates are kinda good, it can be fun. If someone is winning and someone is loosing. It is not fun. Games are fun if you win and loose. Games are not fun if you loose all the time. It is not fun to loose.

    Jay StrockJay Strock14 kun oldin
  • Joe, you should ask Dave Paulides missing 411 on your pod cast.

    Jay StrockJay Strock14 kun oldin
  • Pool is checkers. Snooker is chess

    SneakzwithHeatSneakzwithHeat14 kun oldin
  • Alright so I’m just gonna say it. Joe is not a good comedian. He also says he doesn’t want to learn chess or how to play an instrument. Not because of any other reason than those things require actual talent. Joe is just an ordinary guy who got lucky with a podcast.

    Biggdaddy KingBiggdaddy King14 kun oldin
  • Join us! Become a moderator on the JRE experience fan page! (Competition)

    Reece SReece S14 kun oldin
  • Of course "Queen's Gambit" is a real story! - Just wrong gender...... 🤣

    J. BugzJ. Bugz14 kun oldin
  • If you can break 80 at golf you can play.

    BB14 kun oldin
  • see that in red dwarf were the ships ai is still playing chess by mail with another ship ai and its millions of years in the future and the human race is gone

    Dan MDan M15 kun oldin
  • Joe with his own equipment, shooting pool, of course he was good. Look at that cue ball on his neck. His not fouling, not even at a bowling alley. Man you won't fit that in a table pocket, you'd struggle to fit it in Pocket Virginia. He could get approval from Kentucky to lay there while playing in Virginia I guess.

    FromThe3021FromThe302115 kun oldin
  • I have not watched a single full episode since joe left youtube, spotify doesnt have the comment section and unless he post something on his social media i have no idea when a new episode is uploaded anyway..i knew this was gonna suck

    Maker makes PajamasMaker makes Pajamas15 kun oldin
  • Love the fact Joe talked about pool on his podcast... Hate the fact he didn't like pool hall junkies 😂 PHJ is another classic if you ask me. 👊 I remember around 02-03 Mike masse came to New Zealand to promote this movie while he was on tour here.. this was at waikato snooker and 8 ball club in Hamilton at the time. We all got a copy of the movie. Hhhh good times.

    Mighty JoeMighty Joe15 kun oldin
  • This doesn't make any sense. Rogan hasn't done an episode of his pod since November 27th!!!!!!

    Dave JoeDave Joe15 kun oldin
  • What's the purpose of wearing the headphones? Seriously, not a rhetorical question. Aren't they about six feet apart?

    Luke JacksonLuke Jackson15 kun oldin
  • Chess is nothing more than memory sequencing of moves (regardless to the opponent). I can memorize two pack of cards and move back and forth within my mind in each one of them (but multiple duplicates can cause me to get stuck if I'm in a complex sequence of them (and I think I'm at the beginning than the end)*. But I can remember without fault about 70 cards in less than a minute (remembering sequentially as a store about 20 cards at a time every second to memory); and beat you pretty thoroughly at Chess if you have problems memorizing 20. Grandmasters rely on breakpoints or at the very least, breaking the opponent; so none of their opponents'* fixed moving to defense reliance does anything but predictively destroy their own game.

    Darren SmithDarren Smith15 kun oldin
  • John PlumleyJohn Plumley15 kun oldin
  • Snooker is the best “Long Form” game ever invented.

    Y2KazanY2Kazan15 kun oldin
  • 1:51 "The Hustler" is great, but it's very depressing. "The Color of Money" is more enjoyable and I think it's Scorsese's best.

    Don DraperDon Draper15 kun oldin
  • NEVER call chess a sport...what the fuck

    Jeff AndersonJeff Anderson15 kun oldin
  • interview with Mike Mew, he discovered a method to make himself attractive (and correct dental problems) with the "MEWING". It consists of putting the tongue on the palate to direct facial growth

    era gonera gon15 kun oldin
  • Joe "I could run racks" Rogan

    Alex DelgadoAlex Delgado15 kun oldin
  • I think if its one thing that's becoming more obvious, lots of sports are rampant with drug use lol. Its just who has the better drugs to get through testing

    vTECiN6THvTECiN6TH16 kun oldin
  • @UZworld buy spotify help a brother out

    Robert SugrueRobert Sugrue16 kun oldin
  • Paul Newman is the man (and I was born in the 80s)

    JohnJohn16 kun oldin
  • Joe looks about 6"4 in that white shirt

    Robert SugrueRobert Sugrue16 kun oldin
  • my buddy used to brag he was a "bar room" athlete. Good at pool, darts and drinking beer.

    Papa BearPapa Bear16 kun oldin
  • Back in my day Joe wasn’t recording inside of a dogs pecker.

    Stillwhitetrash IGStillwhitetrash IG16 kun oldin
  • He liked pool so much his head became a cue ball.

    primary sonprimary son16 kun oldin
  • This comedian is cute 🥰

    Lynkys HillLynkys Hill16 kun oldin
  • I'd love to play Rogan. Great game with great convo. Nothing beats that.

    Adam TuckerAdam Tucker16 kun oldin
  • Chess isn’t a sport, it’s a board game..

    Heroin PeteHeroin Pete16 kun oldin
  • Me and a few of my co-workers back in the day got obsessed with ping pong. Had a table at work and we were staying 3 hours a day extra after work just to play ping pong

    Omar ScruggsOmar Scruggs16 kun oldin
  • i like this clip, the bald guy should do a full episode one day

    Morne PretoriusMorne Pretorius17 kun oldin
  • I never hear of let's play pool and lets get high! 🤔

  • i started playing golf when i was 15 and shot around 100, now im down into the 80s, im 25 y/o. ive spent aloooot of time out there with my dad.

    Billy RichardBilly Richard17 kun oldin
    • @Andrew Parker nice man. im thinking about getting new vokey sm8 wedges. i just got a new cobra driver and 3 wood as well as a new mizuno m craft putter. invested in a nice range finder for consistency with distance. de lofted my driver to keep the ball down. after dumping a few thousand in my bag has helped my score tremendously and im super excited to get out there once the cold weather breaks. i live in Pennsylvania so we have a rough winter. No people my age on the courses i play EVER

      Billy RichardBilly Richard15 kun oldin
    • started when i was 12, im 32, now i can take 4 months off and shoot 80 or pisses my friends off. short game is key, keep at it man.

      Andrew ParkerAndrew Parker16 kun oldin
  • Screw Spotify, I'll just watch these clips. Then again, screw youtube and their demonitization BS. Upload this shit to PornHub or something? 🤔

    Random JoeRandom Joe17 kun oldin
    • ear porn

      Andrew ParkerAndrew Parker16 kun oldin
  • I don't know why but I really enjoy these clips gets right to the point.

    aneesallaneesall17 kun oldin
  • Joe" If I could practice 6 months, I could be pro" Rogan. lol ok rogan

    BaghuulBaghuul17 kun oldin
  • Joe! Get Jimmy Dore one your show! This is important! Now!

    Sun SebSun Seb17 kun oldin
  • Joe"spotify" Rogan lol

    Caroline DuplantierCaroline Duplantier17 kun oldin
  • Billiards sucks and darts.

    2DEEP2MUCH 4202DEEP2MUCH 42017 kun oldin
  • "Spotify is absolutely free"(?) What??

    lucho skatelucho skate17 kun oldin
  • Joe you’re literally the dumbest alive

  • I don't understand the ending to Color of Money. Tom Cruise got the girl the money and further in the tournament. Yet they're going to act like nice guy Eddie hustled him somehow. Can somebody explain how fast Eddie got over on Tom Cruise

    Matthew BrownMatthew Brown17 kun oldin
  • Do they both not realize that William Tevis wrote the Queens Gambit?

    Maarten KranendonkMaarten Kranendonk17 kun oldin

    William IrwinWilliam Irwin17 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan became a Sellout, so sad. Sure the pandemic fucked up his finances and he needed money

    Rob CrusoeRob Crusoe17 kun oldin
  • Mr. Beasts next video: "First person to quit playing pool loses"

    Flamed65Flamed6518 kun oldin
  • Sorry Joe, Efren Reyes is the G.O.A.T. not Mike Siegel

    FHIX 4223FHIX 422318 kun oldin
  • fooseball was HUGE til arcades

    wheelmanstanwheelmanstan18 kun oldin
  • Spotify is actually good once you stop giving a shit what people think.

    Sean GSean G18 kun oldin
  • Joe "I sold my soul for Spotify bux" Rogan

    A MA M18 kun oldin
  • You can't even cast the video on your TV with spotify. The roku spotify app doesn't have video. They had millions to pay Rogan to make it exclusive but can't make the app work right? Ridiculous

    A MA M18 kun oldin
  • Invite Trevor Noah to your show!

    TobyToby18 kun oldin
  • Obviously planned conversation. Gross

    Dustin hDustin h18 kun oldin
  • Chess isn't a sport nerd

    Dustin hDustin h18 kun oldin
  • Joe "completely free on spotify" Rogan

    The Yeti ClutchThe Yeti Clutch18 kun oldin
  • Fun guest but for some reason he thinks Los Angeles was discovered before concrete. Either that or he made a bad joke.

    hagestadhagestad18 kun oldin
  • Fuck spotify

    Riley ReganRiley Regan18 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Joe and Bud Crawford ever played pool if so who won

    Chris BChris B18 kun oldin
  • We have no control so enjoy what you can. About selling out. You eventually get to the point where your spending more then your making. This pandemic. I mean, come on guys. We can speculate but we don't know shit regardless. Being honest what I just said about money is probably bullshit. Idk wtf I'm talking about. I've never had a podcast but it sounded good didn't it?

    Taylor DickensTaylor Dickens18 kun oldin
  • Love ya Joe. Fuck spotify. Get that money though.

    Magnus StormcrowMagnus Stormcrow18 kun oldin
  • So now we do not have full episodes because of stupid Spotify?

    Xmark MusicXmark Music18 kun oldin
  • What happened? No new episodes? Only teasers? Am I missing something?

    Xmark MusicXmark Music18 kun oldin
  • No more full episodes on UZworld sucks ass.

    Cesar CabreraCesar Cabrera18 kun oldin
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    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski18 kun oldin
  • why are there no longer full episodes here.

    Nicole McdanielNicole Mcdaniel18 kun oldin
    • I want to be able to watch it not just listen to it

      Nicole McdanielNicole Mcdaniel18 kun oldin
  • I’m seeing a whole lot of FF’s in these comments. Watching on Spotify is literally no different. Who gives a fuck about comments. I’m tuning in to listen to interesting people converse. Couldn’t care less about what YOU dorks thinking 😂 JRE is alive and well

    Jordan GrantJordan Grant18 kun oldin
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    Inh UstInh Ust18 kun oldin
  • He became to big & had to be censored. Id do the same thing for 100million, that's generational wealth.

    Bryan DaughertyBryan Daugherty18 kun oldin
  • Joe chooses more money ( which he already had ) over his audience. I guess maybe his "consultants" told him to make the leap because he was losing the audience. Basically a huge money grab before the downfall of the show

    Lui De LunaLui De Luna18 kun oldin
  • Wheres the full eps gone? This is a disaster, no podcasts, no utube vids. I have spotify but its shit for podcasts

  • Ok Joe I signed up free with the devil/spotify and just to hear you I hope I don't regret this. But there is no comment section wtf!

    Fred ShredFred Shred18 kun oldin
  • Spotify is going to destroy JRE. I’ve been a long time listener having and introduced dozens of people to the JRE. All of my friends refuse to join Spotify. If little ol me knows over a dozen of people who bailed over Spotify (being trash) how many is it global?

    Ken CarterKen Carter18 kun oldin
  • I live in the home town of Minnesota fats

    John GasselJohn Gassel18 kun oldin
  • it's so hard for me to get over the prune look everyone has from the color of that set. That's what happens when you don't have someone helping you when you make decisions

    Dante DiegoDante Diego18 kun oldin
  • The best full movie or game or anyting about pool I ever saw was Peter Sellers a shot in the dark...???

    K 2K 218 kun oldin