Joe Rogan Experience #1535 - Tim Kennedy

11-Sen, 2020
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Special Forces operator and retired UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is the founder of Sheepdog Response, a training program aimed at giving law enforcement, military, and others the tools they need to quickly and effectively respond to violent threats.

  • you two need to hang out more.

    WeBuildWeBuild6 soat oldin
  • the Hawaian shirt is representative of a anti government group not white supremists

    Matt KrystoMatt Krysto15 soat oldin
    • coded big luau

      Matt KrystoMatt Krysto15 soat oldin
  • 52 minutes left: no disrespect JRE but Joe Biden fumbling his words and losing his train of thought shouldn't be shocking to you... clearly Trump is blind as a bat!... but who's gonna tell POTUS DJT, "hey you're way off message here" because he can't read the teleprompter and he's too proud to admit that he can't see clearly. I don't believe anybody in there f***inf 70's should be allowed to run our country. Do we allow people in their 70s to do anything else in this country?... no because rational people in their 70s don't want to hold power and the other people in their 70s who are competent to run something as big as the USA, are wierd. Do we want people who are born prior to the interstates or jet travel making decisions on infrastructure and space travel.

    Steele SuttonSteele SuttonKun oldin
    • Name me one person in power over the age of 70, in the world... CEO, general, news anchor, baseball announcer, etc.... excluding owners of pro sports franchises and titans of industry who won't relinquish control of their empire. Who in their 70s is actually in power in a meaningful capacity?

      Steele SuttonSteele SuttonKun oldin
  • Just watched this today...what an absolute shame that every American wasn’t urged to watch and listen to this podcast with an open mind before November 2020... one of the very best podcasts I’ve ever listened to...such intelligent and wise answers to amazing questions... thank you Joe Rogan

    Bob GuyonBob Guyon3 kun oldin
  • The asshole game has been around for at least 40 years we played it when I was in boot camp and beyond

    Chad DuplantisChad Duplantis3 kun oldin
  • When dude said cops touch the back of the car so that there is evidence of him being there isn’t all true they touch the back of the car to make sure the car isn’t running now maybe some cops think that way of leaving evidence of them being there but doing that is a waste of a thought being the cop car has a camera recording everything and now days most cops are wearing a video recording device on them. I think he met a cop who told him that and he took it to the bank as in every cop dose that and that’s why but sorry not the case they only were doing that to make sure the car isn’t running so that they don’t get ran over when they walk up to the window and the dude wants to take off!

    Craig RivermanCraig Riverman5 kun oldin
  • I'm a patriotic Red-Blooded American, but when Tim said, "fuck you and your extremist ideas, I'm going to find you". Even through the phone, my butthole puckered up. I'm so proud to be on the side of the USA, I'm so proud of America's best and brightest men and women that selflessly serve our country. Not enlisting in the US Army is the only regret I have in my life. I was going to join when I was 18 in '08, I wanted infantry, both of my parents BEGGED me not to go, so I relented. If I had a time machine, I'd have slapped myself and enlisted. Thank you Tim, you're an American hero. Thank you to every man and woman who as served our amazing country and protected our values and way of life. We have our flaws, but there's no place on the planet that I'd rather be from.

    Evan PimentalEvan Pimental6 kun oldin
  • Gotta love Mr. Kennedy!

    Ezekiel HookEzekiel Hook6 kun oldin
  • Lol so yall got the fool as presidentwith trump the racist on the way out and all governments the crow and were locked inside still and white Amerikka stormed the capitol its jan11 wtf 😳 hope you got your freezer full of elk Joe lol not we on the mend white people going to jail more then anybody just now and if used properly the next 8 yrs could either make or break north America let's find common ground and prosper

    9sincere99sincere97 kun oldin
  • Deplatforming mean what they have done to Trump now?

    Karen VaughnKaren Vaughn7 kun oldin
    • I wish Rogan would have Tim Kennedy on again since the President ‘elect’ Biden is going to be in office on January 20th. Or, it looks like it.

      Karen VaughnKaren Vaughn7 kun oldin
  • 911 was an inside job

    Anja BeukesAnja Beukes7 kun oldin
  • How relevant is this conversation now huh!!?

    Luke PerryLuke Perry7 kun oldin
  • Nicholas Irving should be next on the podcast

    Jacob JunioJacob Junio8 kun oldin
  • Tim Kennedy predicted the 2020 election?

    Anthony PAnthony P8 kun oldin
  • fake news about Russians

    Matvey PitkevichMatvey Pitkevich10 kun oldin
  • Hahaha living with three woman will make anyone crazy. Dated three girls from all girl family’s and the dad was always fucked

    bigbusiness87bigbusiness8710 kun oldin
  • The upside down OK sign below the waist has been a big part of my childhood in the UK

    One Punch FlanOne Punch Flan10 kun oldin
  • BLM doesnt matter

    Lee GainLee Gain10 kun oldin
  • Crazy how his bit on delegitimizing the election around 1:32:00 is incredibly relevant here in January as the capitol building is being stormed

    chknpotpie my3favoritethingschknpotpie my3favoritethings11 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else have really bad video quality?

    Bart RabiejBart Rabiej11 kun oldin
  • No bro Baltimore is fucked ...its people trying to hold food in there mouths

    Sam SliverSam Sliver12 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is Joe’s sound low

    DopeboyVidDopeboyVid12 kun oldin
  • Omg guns

    kyle leitekyle leite12 kun oldin
  • Everything tim said about the election came true

    Caleb WhiteCaleb White12 kun oldin
  • Can humans please go back to doing mundane jobs so they don’t have time to create all this bs to fill the void in their lives ?!?!?

    Dita ValerioDita Valerio13 kun oldin
  • Tim Kennedy is such a nice guy but he is utterly brainwashed, hey Tim since according to you we fight for freedom in the middle east care to tell me what are we doing is South America?

    Jack TenrecJack Tenrec13 kun oldin
  • Let's focus on the main issue, joe rogan was gifted a modified fn509 compact from tim kennedy himself. A situation, a pleasure any of us would praise. Pen to paper, be glad that man is on our, side of any fight.

    Christopher WillichChristopher Willich14 kun oldin
  • idk tim kennedy is just not very likeable, maybe its just me though

    iloveshenaegrimesiloveshenaegrimes14 kun oldin
  • Tim Kenedy is what Jake Gyllenhaal would look like if Matt Groening drew him for an episode of the Simpsons. More yellow ofcourse.

    Shey ShahShey Shah14 kun oldin
  • Those other Americans don't believe in the same thing as me Tim, progressives wholeheartedly adopted Marxist principles and that cancer is not going away bc you offer hugs.

    The Rational RiflemanThe Rational Rifleman16 kun oldin
  • Thanks for calling out Tim on the hypocrisy on open carry.

    The Rational RiflemanThe Rational Rifleman16 kun oldin
  • Lol the boog bois are a radical libertarian group not a white nationalist movement.

    The Rational RiflemanThe Rational Rifleman16 kun oldin
  • Woke culture is flat out retarded

    Jonathan WhiteJonathan White16 kun oldin
  • Oh shit think I gave thumbs up to my weighters in Greece 😂

    Eoghan NolanEoghan Nolan18 kun oldin
  • Am i the only one who saw a Ganesh idol inside the studio?

    Mausam ChetriMausam Chetri18 kun oldin
  • Lol " were talking about people who are volunteering for war, so they're not right" as a combat vet that struck me.

    Gizelle SmithGizelle Smith18 kun oldin
  • Isn’t this the guy who admitted to killing women and children at war on Facebook a few days ago??

    Jack FahyJack Fahy19 kun oldin
    • @Keaton Craft damn, I only seen it yesterday ha! He’s no joke

      Jack FahyJack Fahy16 kun oldin
    • Yeah I mean it was in 2016. But yeah.

      Keaton CraftKeaton Craft18 kun oldin
  • 35:00

    gus busgus bus20 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one on spotify who coudn't fuc@&ng double fuc@&ng click on that full screen icon thing forty fucking times or what? edit: couldn't * and some of the fuck$ng

    D4hc 3Ihct1RD4hc 3Ihct1R21 kun oldin
  • He should have the leader of the proud boys on there

    J.F.MJ.F.M21 kun oldin
  • The progress happening on the African continent has very little to do with American intervention ,

    _ genova_ genova22 kun oldin
  • Tim Kennedy is the biggest wanker

    James ThomasJames Thomas23 kun oldin
  • I thought most of the hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia🤔

    Julian WaddellJulian Waddell23 kun oldin
  • I have just had brain surgery from having an aneurysm. I'm having trouble remembering things and words in conversations and my speech is totally screwed. I would be an idiot to run for any leadership. Biden should have retired.

    s maries marie24 kun oldin
  • Honey...Austin ain't Texas. Way too liberal.

    s maries marie24 kun oldin
  • In 3 years I plan on moving from Eugene Oregon (born and raised 35 yrs) to either San Antonio Texas or Dallas Texas. I'm sick of the politics in Oregon that have ruined it much like California and Washington State. I can't wait to go to Texas. Done with liberal states.

    Mini Bike MorganMini Bike Morgan24 kun oldin
    • Aye I’m right down the coast from you literally like 3.5 hours away and I feel the same Oregon use to be a great state but lately it’s been ruined and turning into more like cali

      xx_EONS_xxxx_EONS_xx23 kun oldin
  • Tim "Wake Up Your Eyes" Kennedy

    GaylebGayleb25 kun oldin
  • Funny ? Y'all put me to sleep, half intelligent

    No one special ummNo one special umm26 kun oldin
  • Tim Kennedy has for sure pissed in a punch before, and definitely performed an upper decker.

    James StewartJames Stewart26 kun oldin
    • champion.

      James StewartJames Stewart26 kun oldin
  • As a Canadian. I can say confidently that Texas sounds pretty cool

    R U M H A MR U M H A M27 kun oldin
  • I remember doing the OK finger symbol game in highschool

    The MurphThe Murph28 kun oldin
  • If you want to see dark humor go hang out with some EMS personnel for awhile they will blow military out the water

    Tony CarvalhoTony Carvalho28 kun oldin
  • I have always been critical of Tim Kennedy, but I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. That lasted until about 36 minutes in when he referred to the guy who got killed open carrying an AK47 at the BLM rally as "a neat kid". He was a dumbass who fucked around and found out. I support 2A for all, but be smart about it. You're not a "neat kid" when you point your AK at an uber.

    Ascension ProjectAscension Project28 kun oldin
  • I lean Left politically. I've been arrested and taken to a cop's house where he beat the shit out of me while I'm in cuffs, only 15 years old. And I think defunding the Police is a terrible idea. We should be talking about where the funding is being spent and I'd say in many cases, increase funding. Without making an officer's long week any longer, we should be funding one of their work days each week to be spent in a classroom, updating their skills. Like how to deescalate situations involving mental illnesses, addictions, PTSD, etc. We should be investing in ongoing emotional support for officers because no one calls the cops with good news. They should have time to discuss the inevitable, unavoidable stresses they experience and do so without it being detrimental to their success in their career. We should fund a couple days a month for officers to get involved in their communities, to get to know the people in their neighborhoods by building jungle gyms and basketball courts, helping out in their community so they have a chance to see the good in the people they protect and for the community to see the good human inside of them. Defunding will only exacerbate a volatile situation. Both political extremes are dangerous in their own way and if we don't smarten up, we will destroy ourselves.

    Jason LeBlancJason LeBlanc29 kun oldin
  • tim kennedy is truly a master at parroting some second-hand talking points looking like someone who's proud of his basic literacy. good jaahb tim.

    arson nautarson naut29 kun oldin
  • ROGAN you are so lucky! FN 509!!!!!

    Scott ThrallScott Thrall29 kun oldin
  • At -236 into this podcast. Yes yes yes. There it is. For we need that. Across the board for all of us. Thank you thank you thank you. Better than that. That’s where better starts. And more better and more better more and more.

    Purusha OnezeroeightPurusha Onezeroeight29 kun oldin
  • I benefit

    Blayne WhiteBlayne White29 kun oldin
  • I just wanna say again I love you both

    Blayne WhiteBlayne White29 kun oldin
  • I love you both

    Blayne WhiteBlayne White29 kun oldin
  • Holddd up Young Jamie is not as young as I always imagined him to be lol

    Braulio DuarteBraulio Duarte29 kun oldin
  • Tim Kennedy is the best

    WhoDatBoy95WhoDatBoy95Oy oldin
  • The artist previously known as the athlete, Bruce Jenner.

    A ParsonA ParsonOy oldin

    One Man Went To MowOne Man Went To MowOy oldin
  • I look at this man.... Its like jake Gyllenhaal and Liam Neeson had a fckn baby.

    Arnold HernandezArnold HernandezOy oldin
  • SOOO weird to see a person give another person a gun...! In Sweden it takes 4 weeks to get a licence for it haha...

    Isac WetteroIsac WetteroOy oldin
    • That’s ‘merica for ya.

      SunnySunny13 kun oldin

    neil Parkinneil ParkinOy oldin
  • circle game not a military thing... just a thing - probably a school boy thing from years gone by - I played at school when I was like 10, in the UK

    DanSoloDanSoloOy oldin
  • Why do 8.2k people dislike Tim Kennedy?

    Liberty Outdoor AdventuresLiberty Outdoor AdventuresOy oldin
  • Mr. Kennedy my name is Patrick I live in Washington and I am pleading you to reach out! Please tell me how I can gain access to program

    Dad DadDad DadOy oldin
  • Young Jamie strapped the fuck up.

    Pants Up don’t lootPants Up don’t lootOy oldin

    Mark SelzerMark SelzerOy oldin
  • I can tell you right now the thumbs up is NOT considered rude in Greece. Who ever came up with that article has their thumb truly up their backside.

    Panagiotis IliadisPanagiotis IliadisOy oldin
  • Dead naming is retarded. Your past is your past, u can't hide from it or change it. My reality should NOT be subjected to YOUR DELUSION!

    Vonn KilluCoVonn KilluCoOy oldin
  • Ya know what I find absolutely insane? Military members in and chanting along the defund the police crowd.

    Kelly McLenKelly McLenOy oldin
  • Someone please count the amount of times the word 'freedom' is used, it must be near 300 at least lol

    Dan SmithDan SmithOy oldin
  • Tim Kennedy is using some really bad analogies in order to justify the presence of U.S. army in so many countries.

    Laurentiu StoicaLaurentiu StoicaOy oldin
  • russia admited they wanted trump to win. Now trump gave to them what they wanted and made people lose faith in our democracy. Im glad you pointed it out tim.

    T SilvaT SilvaOy oldin
  • Wasn’t feeling this guy at all. So phoney or just extremely stupid. Why would you say you would be in prison..... huge difference between him and Colin nior

    E money bags The donE money bags The donOy oldin
  • The Hawaiian shirt is a joke as to what you are going to wear to the apocalypse. Look up burt grummer from tremors it started because of him lol.

    Bloodied BeserkerBloodied BeserkerOy oldin
  • I always loved r rated stand up comedy. Im mexican and i love hearing the mexican jokes idgaf. Its comedy. After hearing tim kennedy talk about how military dark humor is a way to get thru certain shit, i can somewhat understand it now. I just thought those dudes were being dicks unnecessarily. Weird ass sense of humor though.

    Alexandro SandovalAlexandro SandovalOy oldin
  • 35:50 to all the idiots that think open carrying is cool lol

    Landon PLandon POy oldin
  • Kennedy's comments about how "Antifa targets the poor and uneducated" is quite possibly the most ill-informed statement I have heard from anyone in Special Forces. Antifa is not an organization, it is an ideology. They don't "recruit" or "target" any groups for "membership." Ugh.

    Justin OheaJustin OheaOy oldin
  • Tim Kennedy is legit

    UMUMOy oldin
  • Zub

    London HicksLondon HicksOy oldin
  • Thumb-up in Russia??? Bullshit.

    Artyom ZinchenkoArtyom ZinchenkoOy oldin
  • People who carry guns in public are morons

  • 47min.. ITS LIKE A GAME OF CHESS NOT CHECKERS. But ppl don’t see that! I love you Joe (no homo) 💯👊🏼

    4x4 Rebels4x4 RebelsOy oldin
  • Tim got on the JRE just in time

    Funky RoosterFunky RoosterOy oldin
  • The Jenner skit is funny 🤣

    c lightc lightOy oldin
  • Wow. Awesome.

    J SvalinaJ SvalinaOy oldin
  • Okay Jamie

    andrew720511andrew720511Oy oldin
  • Tim f..... Kennedy. Is back. Let me win millions. This guy will be my ops guy

    JOE DJOE DOy oldin
  • Christ christ. Tim K. F..... Tim k. The scariest human in the world. Gi joe. The superman. The black ops king. The f..... Ninja ghost boy. Timmy boy is the Mib boys and girls. Yes the mib merc. Scary dude. Rogan be nice. Lolllll

    JOE DJOE DOy oldin
  • I was a kid playing the asshole game 30 years ago. It’s laughable that it’s controversial.

    justin gilgjustin gilgOy oldin
  • America never funded insurgencies in the middle east, America protects the democracies in other countries

    MrRitsartMrRitsartOy oldin
  • Tim ,right on.

    Richard HullRichard HullOy oldin
  • When Tim gave Mr. J his first gun, I teared up. In both eyes. JS. "Don't California My Texas!" done right!!!

    Sean BeckerSean BeckerOy oldin
    • Gay

      TTC TexasTTC Texas17 kun oldin
  • Thats not how the balls game works

    TellYouWhat 95TellYouWhat 95Oy oldin
  • Thumbs up in Greece is thumbs up. Bs the article that said otherwise.

    Άγγελος ΙωάννουΆγγελος ΙωάννουOy oldin