Joe Rogan Experience #1492 - Jocko Willink

16-Iyn, 2020
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Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His podcast, The Jocko Podcast, is also available for download via Apple Podcasts & Stitcher. @Jocko Podcast

  • "Cops are suppose to be referees" I think Jocko is naive to the reality that most cops are anything but. Most are there to just collect a pay check and have no problem following orders, or they blatantly abuse their power. Either way, they are all complicit for what is now a culture of police abuse, and militarization.

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  • Watching in January 2021 like 👀

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  • Full. Bodycam leaked shows completely different story. They were mad it was leaked. Riots killed 48 people, tons of property damage, and it was media manipulating us.

    Jon SwebiliusJon Swebilius10 soat oldin
  • I've seen a really terrible combat unit deployed and never once thought you know what will prevent them from getting killed? Let's lower their budget.

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  • Jacko once chewed up ten oak trees and spit out a house.

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  • The cop did nothing wrong, in fact it was not even a race motivated action. We now know everything was a lie, George Floyd was on narcotics and died from a heart attack due to the drugs.. NOT ASPHYXIATION. The cop did nothing wrong because the cop did not kill George Floyd.

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  • The worst thing about this is thinking that the democrats and republics have both not tried to talk to eachother. They have, the republicans do. The democrats unanimously say no

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  • this is some of the realist shit i’ve seen in a minute

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  • Police Academy is 6 months. FTO is 4 months. Everyday is a training and learning day. We have mandatory continued education, 24 hours a year, that requires 4 hours driving, 4 hours arrest control and 4 hours firearms, then 12 hours of any other training. Just depends if you want to continue your education. The physical standard is gone after the academy. I would prefer to win my fights. Jocko is correct. We don't train enough and we are constantly thrown into one fucked up thing after another for 8 to 12 hour shifts. Some days are good. Some days are bad.

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  • I agree with the fact that most government people have never owned or operated a business because being in government and staying there is their business.

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  • Joe's opinion on this didn't age well considering that the officer didn't kill George, the drugs he swallowed did.

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  • HOLYYSHITT; JUSTT smashhedd my PR DB Chest 'Flies to DIS 'Cast and the "Good" #attitudechanger #GAMECHANGER 8^)

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  • I feel like Jocko doesn't drive he just pulls his fucking car

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  • Jocko invented spinach

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  • All lives matter might as well be a democratic socialism statement. It can fit democratically. For example in Scandinavia where racism against blacks is almost non existant compared to America.

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  • Yes, Jocko is big on DMT. Developing Mental Tactics

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  • I like how Joe Rogan is the guest on his own podcast

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  • He was speaking truth about most of the folks in the Sandy lands were good people living regular lives and only care about taking care of their families

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  • Jocko the Bronco

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  • Jocko looks like Matt Damon, if Matt never skipped head day.

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  • Can’t believe the cops shot at a guy standing by gas pumps. Could’ve lost way more lives! But I wasn’t there so you never know , maybe it was worth it IDK , but still just the thought of a “quota hire” cop shooting at gas ⛽️ pumps

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  • how are you supposed to plan to storm the capitol if you dont have the time to see if your right wing enablers support JOe RoGAn???? if i saw a bunch of people on the internet being put on a platform that i thought of as a reason alex jones #jordan peterson, ben shapiro, dave the wounded antelope rubin, and their ilk, werent given a f##ing platform to spew their vitriol with only low key push back and overall high fives... wow, who woulda thunk it?!?!?!?!if i farmed rightwing cuckdom for a living, i might ask joe for advice

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    • The fuck are you even saying LOL. You want everyone you don't like to be completely censored?

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  • Lol...when people say teaching is the most noble profession. 🤣

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  • never been a fighter till a guy booted me in the nuts then swung on me a few times. im big so i bear hugged him and suplexed him onto the curb XD dont always need to be good standing up if youre a good grappler

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  • Uhh in

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  • The fucking comment section LMAOOO

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  • When Jocko takes a shit, the toilet takes his shit.

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  • It's not skin color, it's magic color. There are white cards that are black people in the art and vise versa. Whoever wrote that article didn't have what you call the brain cells.

    Brandon DollarBrandon Dollar5 kun oldin
  • Why would you do that? "Because it's fun to watch people fight to the death." 😂

    Ancient Mysteries & Modern InnovationsAncient Mysteries & Modern Innovations5 kun oldin
  • JOOEEE!! Love the podcast my friend! I think Henry Rollins would be an awesome guest on the show if you could get a hold of him!!

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  • Jockos words really helped my chess game for some reason thanks Jocko

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  • Literally no one was trying to cancel MTG they were pointing out how mtg had racist artists making racist cards and wizards just banned those cards and stopped producing them no one was saying that mtg itself is racist and to cancel mtg itself

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  • Joe advocating for the reach-around

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  • Jocko made Chuck Norris join Antifa

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  • So very very relevant for where we are. RIGHT now. The clear path IS talking to each other.

    Kitsune YureiKitsune Yurei5 kun oldin
  • This was the biggest circle jerk I’ve ever seen.

    Terry NelsonTerry Nelson5 kun oldin
  • Love your show Joe! Jocko is the role model this world needs! Great episode!

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  • Jocko is so spot on... thx brother🙏💜🙏🤪

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  • joe rogan starts off with Magic the Gathering #powerful

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  • He looks a jacked Mat Damon, hes the real born identity

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  • Jocko built Rome in a day

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  • The Spanish Inquisition didn't expect Jocko

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  • Jocko has my vote!!

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  • I was a cop for 5 years right outside of Pittsburgh. We trained for 8 months and had to do major training 5 times a year. I started in 2007, started at $8.50 an hour, was part time and had to work at 3 different departments just to TRY and make ends meet. My very highest paying job was $14.50 an hour. Why does THAT need defunding?!

    Pittsburgh B3nnyPittsburgh B3nny6 kun oldin
  • 22:30 That would never happen the kids will never go on a ride along’s with the cops because they would be afraid of being label to snitch it would never work I’m telling you that’s not the way it works in Baltimore

    Mark KelehanMark Kelehan6 kun oldin
  • America! Please bring it! Jocko and The Rock!!!

    Jim BoJim Bo6 kun oldin
  • I think I just heard a good Presidential Candidate speak.

    Matt MatthewsMatt Matthews6 kun oldin
  • I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the new and improved Chuck Norris 2.0 here is busy at work.

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  • I wonder what Jocko thinks now of the George Floyd case. I get the superficial analysis, it's human. But nobody was panicked or scared beside George Floyd. The video tells another story.

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  • i need that card so bad i have so many mixed race friends and theres so few light brown casters xD

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  • Jocko is a smart dude

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  • A couple of rich guys talking about how nothing should fundamentally change. How profound. Alternatively, imagine Jeff Bezos and some other impossibly rich dickhead talking about reforming cartels with better education in business. Fuck right off.

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  • Great common sense you may as well throw it all out the window

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  • to the point right around the 23 min mark about relations with cops I've always said to people should stop disrespecting the job of a police officer and encourage their kids to wanna become a cop so they can police over their own neighborhoods.... u feel alot more comfortable around a cop uve known since u were kids or who has been in ur neighborhood for years

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  • Jocko 2024

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  • DJ and Jocko 2024.. all day.

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  • Man i think the comments on jre are almost as good as the podcast "jacko like a evolved Pokemon of joe" had me dead because i can see it

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  • This comment section has blessed my eyes

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  • They just got the wrong name, Joe is not gonna be president Jocko is.

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  • All these stupid ass comments about Jocko, how about we talk about what they’re saying. The media is a problem.

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  • I think if Jocko was at the top of the police food chain, this country would be much better for it

    Fenton TuckFenton Tuck7 kun oldin
  • oh yeah jocko.. the Only way to control some one is crack there skull 7 times.. ?

    7th Sine7th Sine7 kun oldin
  • I love these comments. They are funny as hell, but what Jocko is saying is so smart, wise, and intelligent.

    Iain BronsonIain Bronson8 kun oldin
  • My guess is he probably had a boogeyman status amongst the insurgent community during his time in Ramadi . Guy his size with his team, sweeping in during the night & just swooping on a stronghouse, splintering doors off the hinges. The average insurgent stood next to him would be like a boy stood next to his adult uncle.

    Peter GPeter G8 kun oldin
  • Joe just sold his buddy out to the outrage mob.

    Octavio HerschbergOctavio Herschberg8 kun oldin
  • Man I hope they read some of these😭

    Lochlainn FegleyLochlainn Fegley8 kun oldin
  • who here is part of the 4am club?

    Cesar GCesar G8 kun oldin
  • Jamie's balls grew by 5% after being in a room with this much testosterone

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  • come on boost this common s sence you could

    tony belltony bell8 kun oldin
  • Jocko wakes up at 3:59am to turn on alarm for 4am because he forgot the night before

    Uroš LukićUroš Lukić8 kun oldin
  • This guy should be chief of police 😆 he nailed these issues

    WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRyWaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy9 kun oldin
  • There's so much testorone in here I hit puberty twice.

    Cyrus TiongCyrus Tiong9 kun oldin
  • This is were the South African police Was good for they had the same training as the SA military but since Zuma became president it went down hill and when Cyril became president the shit hit the van and everything went off the cliff

    Fluffy WanhedaFluffy Wanheda9 kun oldin
  • Jocko answers questions you wish you'd asked

    trellabortrellabor9 kun oldin
  • They would literally raise everybody taxes!

    Positive ConveyPositive Convey9 kun oldin
  • yesss, policy & reform can change this mess!

    Positive ConveyPositive Convey9 kun oldin
  • I had to shut this down about the 1 hour mark when they started talking about presidential candidates. Joe is calling obama a statesman, wtf? Obama was well spoken but he was a articulate bad actor who used the IRS to illegally shut down his political opponents in 2012 after they successfully flipped a bunch of seats in 2010 making him lose the majority. He conveniently floats past this little fact or that the obama used the FB-fucking-I to spy on a presidential campaign, that of one Donald J. Trump. Both of these acts are highly illegal but Joe calls him a statesman. I mean this is stupid. If he and jock had used the same objective approach that they were using on the defund the police issue they would have came up with a better explanation of obama. Obama was a highly controversial and corrupt individual who began to break many laws. Then they got to Tulsi Gabbard and joked about how she can't be picked because she was too straight and not corrupt. I know they are joking but how about talk about it in the same serious manner, again as you did when discussing the defund the police issue, that was excellent discussion about what to do and never shied away from the truth, and that was that that cop was bad apple killer and the police don't get enough training. But they just joked about Tulsi being not corrupt enough for the democrats and then moved on. Why not at that point have a serious meaningful conversation about what that says about the democrats? Discuss why they the democrats couldn't pick Tulsi, because she made too much sense and was not corrupt and then delve into that. That would have made more sense and stayed with the middle of the road tact that they took for everything else. Instead they joked about it and moved on. I was out after that. Obama a statesman and Tulsi not corrupt for the dems... ok let's move on. NOT. Wow.

    KnuckleheadKnucklehead9 kun oldin
    • Trump is responsible for sedition and insurrection. Can’t say that’s better than Obama.

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama8 kun oldin
  • Fix the home, fix the nation!

    Don QuihoteDon Quihote10 kun oldin
  • 🇫🇷 Jean Charles Skarbowsky vs John Wayne Parr 🇦🇺 👊🏼

    Nick JarmainNick Jarmain10 kun oldin
  • Joe really didn’t do his research on the examples he used.. yikes 😬

    DiamondDallasDiamondDallas10 kun oldin
  • Jocko speaks words of wisdom. I've learned a lot from him. Assessment of a situation is so important along with being collected. Good stuff.

    Jonathan RiveraJonathan Rivera10 kun oldin
  • Love u guys

    m carpenterm carpenter10 kun oldin

    m carpenterm carpenter10 kun oldin
  • Bruh any video with Jocko automatically has the funniest comments

    Bamboozled NoodleBamboozled Noodle10 kun oldin
  • You know what’s funny he’s just speaking common sense and people will look at him like this stuffs amazing. I admire him and respect him for having his head on straight because now a days that not common. Facts over feeling we need to get our big boy pants on and listen instead of gestating into our feelings

    David SandersonDavid Sanderson10 kun oldin
  • I'm with joe. Jocko and the rock 2020!

    Joe PinagliaJoe Pinaglia10 kun oldin
  • Ok you lost me at "Vote for the Rock" hahaha please no... just no! XD

    James BarnesJames Barnes10 kun oldin
  • we already had a gay man in the whitehouse , obama , hello.

    thomassherman61thomassherman6111 kun oldin
  • Jocko and the rock!!!!!!!! Duuuuuuuude that is the new America

    Jon WormJon Worm11 kun oldin
  • Nobody could win running as a independent in this country. As much as we would want an independent to win. The country only knows the two parties. Rock should run as a republican if he wants to win.

    John StoverJohn Stover11 kun oldin
  • 38:13 Cocoaine Cowboys -Documentary

    Jackie ChunJackie Chun11 kun oldin
  • "Your basically getting hit in the head by the world" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH shit had me dying

    Aljawan LittleAljawan Little11 kun oldin
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  • 32:35 "it seems like theres forces that are trying to prevent [dialogue] this from happening" yeah its called the

    Jeffted CraigoryJeffted Craigory11 kun oldin
    • baha

      GandaBaerGandaBaer8 kun oldin
  • I'm at the cop what about it scumbag. Oh well he died of a fentanyl and meth overdose

    Rick MorenoRick Moreno11 kun oldin
  • When Covid-19 tested positive for Jocko, it was down for a month.

    Connor KuhlmanConnor Kuhlman11 kun oldin
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