Joe Rogan Experience #1485 - Krystal & Saagar

3-Iyn, 2020
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Krystal & Saagar are the hosts of Rising, an American daily news and opinion web series produced by Washington, D.C. political newspaper The Hill. @The Hill

  • I kno a few politcal scien e professor that are firmly left vote for trump because they wanted to see what would hhapen to jeffery epstein...

    hur jinhur jin44 daqiqa oldin
  • To the ether....

    hur jinhur jin49 daqiqa oldin
  • Couldn’t get over Krystal annoyingly trying to talk over everyone. Other then that, good podcast

    Burn The MachineBurn The Machine4 soat oldin
  • Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton lmao

    Carlos MontesCarlos Montes17 soat oldin
  • They say what is scripted. Often like you Joe.

    Ulric SeilerUlric Seiler23 soat oldin
  • Its kind of surreal to go back to this podcast after Jan6

    The Graceful SavageThe Graceful SavageKun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is a trumper; not worth the time. He plays and caters to both left and right; but he loves Trump for sure.

    Joseph TowersJoseph TowersKun oldin
  • How long do we need to wait for the election fallout before Joe can bring back Krystal and Saagar?

    The Graceful SavageThe Graceful SavageKun oldin
  • the boomers bribe and threaten ANYONE who stands in their way, who threaten their right to destroy the planet without remorse in the search of more pennies to squabble over. they are an impediment to human survival. they must retire. immediately.

    Kevin WardKevin WardKun oldin
  • wanna know whats increasingly bipartisan? nuclear power.

    Kevin WardKevin WardKun oldin
  • There were a lot of good points made in this interview but it was hard to hear over that bit of hair screaming at me!

    Roar ManRoar ManKun oldin
  • Krystal isn't allowing anyone else talk. Big surprise --Not!

    Bitchin' BevBitchin' BevKun oldin
  • i love these two, i just discovered them but i hope they keep on rising, no pun intended

    Karl KnotoffKarl Knotoff2 kun oldin
  • Krystal and Saagar have a more candid side, I love this interview.

    Ian SlaterIan Slater2 kun oldin
  • What saagar says at the end about joe and creating the space is my sentiment exactly. Like sam harris said " i believe dialog to be the only tool we have to move humainty forward and create progress" something like that.. Young informed honest passionate people taking up the mantle and carrying the tourch in a civilized, calm, measured, informed, AND HETERDOX way is huge. No more taking head hyperbole driven, amygdala pandering, rhetorically circular, irrational, substanceless, black and white false dichotomy driven nonsense. Empircism, humble heterodox conversation grounded in logic, the virtues of the enlightenment and the principles our democracy will lead us ever forward towards truth. People of quality do not fear equality. Hands up not hands out. If market capitalism is the religion of the nation, at least incentivise the social issues that are going to lead to sustainability. No more printing trillions to go fight wars over finite resources that end up in the hands of a few people, leaving our country with endless unwinable wars, a stain on our reputation, trillions in debt and growing inequality. This is not sustainable. If a dollar was a mile, wed be past the nearest star in debt. And what did we do with all that money? Placated society into a %.01 gop megarich and everybody else. Bernie proposes the green new deal and drops out the same week of the lockdowns, then the cares act passes the same week and trillions go to big banks while the rest go under. We should promote globalization through modern monetary theory at this point, and print money globally to address needs globally to build jobs programs for the next life time centered around efficient sustainable green energy projects. Healthcare is a right. We should open up new options where immunotherapy costs next to nothing and can cure all kinds of stuff. Instead of a perverted incentive driven market medicine approach leading to big pharma corruption and billions of dollars in inequity while people die. Its all ass upside down. I would love to be on any of these shows. And thanks for your efforts. Mad love and respect.

    Nick kingNick king2 kun oldin
  • Krystal has clearly got it for Joe lol

    Joshua JamesJoshua James2 kun oldin
  • Screw these traitors. Tried to pass themselves off as non partisan.

    John CossackJohn Cossack3 kun oldin
  • Twenty minutes in they explain why I don't use Twitter.

    deathmetaldouglas69deathmetaldouglas693 kun oldin
  • Who is this lefty?

    BLaCkKsHeEpBLaCkKsHeEp3 kun oldin
  • i think im in love with Krystal

    Jacob HunterJacob Hunter3 kun oldin
  • Oh yah, but my wife hated being my answering machine! Lol

    timothy saucedotimothy saucedo4 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe once I went 2years without a cell phone on purpose and my life was so much More fulfilling and life slowed down to the point that all my relationships with friends and family grew more healthier! And I used my wife's cell like a answering machine like back in the 80s. My life wasn't sooo tense and in a state of enjoying just talking to people with a much deeper attention to every word or expression that everyone did or said. Bottom line if I could do it so can everyone. Puutt down the damn cell phone people!

    timothy saucedotimothy saucedo4 kun oldin

  • Very beneficial watch ty so much

    bbktorresbbktorres7 kun oldin
  • I hope Joe will have these guys on again.

  • "One thing my friends immortal technique brought up".... ok Joe Rogan name dropping immortal tech is the man, he's great at opening people's eyes.

    JimmyJimmy9 kun oldin
  • Football is a great sport, fun to watch but Joe Rogan is right about the injury but it's not just head injuries, yes the head injuries are a huge problem later in life. My dad played not pro but he played for years in his 20d and now he's in his mid 60s and all his joints are sht, there are a days where he can't walk without a cane

    JimmyJimmy9 kun oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius Huang9 kun oldin
  • so fake

    cagey guycagey guy10 kun oldin
  • Why can't Krystal let either of them finish their thought before interrupting? Really fucking annoying when you're trying to actually hear something

    Seth RudfeltSeth Rudfelt10 kun oldin
  • UZworld is sensoring freedom

    jeremy benoitjeremy benoit10 kun oldin
  • Balling Krystal featuring Buck Sexton .....? LOL

    And Another Thing, with DaveAnd Another Thing, with Dave11 kun oldin
  • She is sexy AF.

    ViolentViolent11 kun oldin
  • Twitter= chatter of the twits

    Mark CeroneMark Cerone12 kun oldin
  • These guys are honest? LOL

    cfgvdcfgvd12 kun oldin
  • Damn Krystals fine...

    JimmyJimmy13 kun oldin
  • Krystal needs to learn how to shut the hell up and quit interrupting. I agree with a lot of her talking points but damn she acts entitled!

    Matt HollandMatt Holland14 kun oldin
  • I can sum their show up.. "remember the Democrats are corrupt and bad bit the right is even worse.. vote democrat at a minimum and bernie sanders if you can"

    Daniel TaitanoDaniel Taitano14 kun oldin
  • These too endorsed biden... Hate the elites but in the end let's come together and vote the elites in

    Daniel TaitanoDaniel Taitano14 kun oldin
  • I dont like krystal

    tshtsh14 kun oldin
  • 8:05 Get ready for some pandering bullshit

    fdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsafdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsa14 kun oldin
  • hot and crazy really do go hand in hand

    Wip3ou7Wip3ou715 kun oldin
  • This lady has very strong opinions about "bad policing" and abusing "military force" when she has ZERO experience about those kinds of situations. Tell us ZERO EXPERIENCE LADY how you handle it. Because all I hear from you is let them loot and burn you think that is DEESCALATING and not just setting the new standard for how these situations unfold.

    Chris RoosterChris Rooster15 kun oldin
  • I like podcasts and this is too longspoken for me lol

    A.L Streams ChannelA.L Streams Channel16 kun oldin
  • She actually thought the Right didn't care about businesses being destroyed by the Corona response???????? That was one of the core arguments against the extremist response from the get go. She clearly doesn't research.

    warchant59warchant5918 kun oldin
  • 1:00:00 I like Krystall but I feel her comments didn’t age super well on this one.

    Franc DollarFranc Dollar18 kun oldin
  • There’s times I respect Joe for his open mind but he should also stop trying to cram a square peg in a round hole on some things when he’s just off base to wrong

    Franc DollarFranc Dollar18 kun oldin
  • This lady is an insufferable *@!! Completely disconnected from anyone not far left or an apologist.

    Luke HelleksenLuke Helleksen18 kun oldin
  • Joe tryed and tryed to explain that he agrees with peaceful protesting but is absolutely against looting. Krystal is so closed minded and obviously ignorant to the fact that looting it's going to just stop... She is an idiot if she thinks that if law enforcement just stands down and let's them loot, they will all of a sudden stop. I see Joe trying to agree and understand Krystal. But just like 99.9% of people from the left, Krystal wants it her way ans only her opinion is correct. The mentality she has is why this country hasn't made progress to get past this chapter.

    Dustin GuinnDustin Guinn18 kun oldin
  • shes trippin

    John GulottaJohn Gulotta18 kun oldin
  • Where I lived in 2016, people began to back Trump due to the health care maltreatment / medical rape issue that no one is talking about. If Biden/Harris would do something about this, they'd get a whole lot more cooperation

    Stefanie RedfieldStefanie Redfield18 kun oldin
  • Being a performer today must be like being Lenny Bruce

    Stefanie RedfieldStefanie Redfield19 kun oldin
  • The like to dislike ratio is too nice to ignore or ruin

    Orby boschOrby bosch19 kun oldin
  • I wonder how much the legalization of marijuana has hurt marginalized society.

    Stan MannStan Mann19 kun oldin
  • This must be before Spotify. Can't wait till Joe gets out of that shit.

    R RR R19 kun oldin
    • Huh?

      Ahmed AhmedahirAhmed Ahmedahir9 kun oldin
  • There were no peaceful protestors

    trump magatrump maga20 kun oldin
  • She came in strong, showed intelligence.. and then the more she spoke the more you saw her faulty logic. She is indoctrinated and she cant even see it, how sad. The young gentleman is on the right path with formulating his own opinion rather than letting someone do it for him. It is a shame, the more I hear Rogan talk about Trump, the more I see his idea of him is also a preconceived notion like everyone else who hates on the man.. but at least he still posseses rational thought and dialogue. Krystal however... cant be swayed. the more she rambled on the more you could see the cognitive dissonance take hold. She couldnt even look at him in the eyes when she would defend her statement or point of view. and how she basically was blaming trump for shooting rubber bullets at "peaceful' protesters like it was some direct order from Trump himself and lets not even mention how she was acting like it was happening all throughout the country like a damn epidemic damn near. Broken intellectuals like her are the problem with societal advancement. That "logic" is detrimental to learning and growth, both on a individual and societal level.

    Adam CrawleyAdam Crawley20 kun oldin
  • It's probably in here, but around 24 minutes in Krystal references B.F. Skinner, & she means Pavlov. I take time to write this because I believe in Journalistic Standards.

    Nick SondyNick Sondy20 kun oldin
  • To assume that anyone in the world has to accommodate you is narcissistic and self-aggrandizing. NO ONE has to accommodate you in this world. If they CHOOSE to, that's great, but ultimately the only person that owes you anything - is YOU.

    JP RattieJP Rattie20 kun oldin
  • These three are vibing real nice. I feel like I'm listening to a private convo

    john connerjohn conner20 kun oldin
  • Krystal says, "Whether you're a standard down the line Democrat or a standard Trump Republican, no one believes these people are really shooting straight with them. Everyone sees the partisan cheerleading that is going on in the normal cable news networks..." Oh, I beg to differ. I routinely have arguments with friends who have drank the Kool Aid. They're hook, line, and sinker. Lost a handful of friends over this actually.

    Joshua FrickJoshua Frick21 kun oldin
  • they never explained what a shibboleth is. if you wanted to know it means a sort of code word that you can recognize friendly people by

    Sid ArthurSid Arthur22 kun oldin
  • Joe has always Had a good guest This is why I like this Podcast so much

    Rodney j meeceRodney j meece22 kun oldin
  • What we need are people like these two with new ideas. There are to many old folks running the country with the same old ideas. We need a complete turn over.

    Nancy RamanNancy Raman23 kun oldin
  • Crystal: Trump using tear gas on peaceful protesters... Um, tell me when Trump did that.

    Clubbed SandwichClubbed Sandwich24 kun oldin
  • The what right? The new right? You mean fascists?

    Nicole TNicole T24 kun oldin
  • Man these two only buck the stigma of traditional "left"/"right" pundits because the bar is so impossibly and pathetically low.

    Timothy GreeleyTimothy Greeley25 kun oldin
  • This woman has no answers for the rioting, looting but just knows Trump is to blame.....

    Daniel ADaniel A25 kun oldin
  • I've always had a crush on Krystal 😆

    Moninn YemMoninn Yem26 kun oldin
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    Leary 20Leary 2026 kun oldin
  • Joe is leaving Fox news out of the full of shit category. They are all full of shit.

    wil franciswil francis27 kun oldin
  • Floyd overdosed-Fact

    jo johnjo john28 kun oldin
  • Take the knee?! No. No. No. No. Its people like her that have allowed this horrible shit

    J Hewes.J Hewes.28 kun oldin
  • "We believe in wars". Enough said really.

    J Hewes.J Hewes.28 kun oldin
  • Great conversation. I think we have to be careful about what we mean or define as infringing on our rights. Is requiring Americans to pay taxes infringement? What about common sense gun laws? Would it be infringement if the DOL required employers to pay employees time and a half for hours worked over 50 during the week rather than 40? I do not believe setting a curfew should be considered infringement so long as it is done in good faith by our government and or designed to save lives.

    SeedSixSeedSix28 kun oldin
  • Joe is such a left-wing sell out, nothing but a liar!

    Jack MeoffJack Meoff28 kun oldin
  • Man, do I miss the old studio. way cooler

    Jonathan ThurstonJonathan Thurston28 kun oldin
  • Krystal is literally obsessed with me ( i wish lol)

    willzy75 Rivero Rangerwillzy75 Rivero Ranger29 kun oldin
    • 😂

      LegionLegion12 kun oldin
  • You lost me at peaceful protest, and honest in the same sentence

    Kendon CurtisKendon Curtis29 kun oldin
  • Andrew Yang literally makes up statistics and numbers on the spot sometimes. I wanted to like him, but he's just as full of it as the rest of the left I think. He wants to get elected based on "I'll give you free shit". Nothing really new there, and it's still not good for the poor, or the country as a whole. And idk why these guys are spewing "white nationalist" left and right as if that actually means something. My Dad's white, and he's a nationalist (he loves America). Wtf does that even mean? These people are supposed to be unbiased reporters and they still spout that shit about Trump and Charlottesville? They quite clearly lean left, just because they call out the left on their worst lies doesn't make them non-partisan. Saying that the majority of the violence comes from the police is ridiculous. They don't even know what they're talking about in regards to the Insurrection Act which is specifically for activating The National Guard, not the US Military. They are conflating the two. It specifically puts state militia aka National Guard under the control of the President. Krystal is stubbornly naïve throughout this conversation. You can clearly see in the videos that people were throwing bottles and shit at the police in front of the White House. The President of The US was trying to go somewhere and people were getting violent. She's totally swallowed the leftist narrative. Police didn't roll because everyone was being nice. Someone did some stupid shit and they got lit up. Right around the 21:00 minute mark in this video you can see them chucking shit, and then hear people at the front of the line screaming for people to "stop throwing shit".

    Daniel GregsonDaniel GregsonOy oldin
  • This botch is crazy. Keeps calling them protestors. Riots, looting and arson is different than a protest.

    James ScottJames ScottOy oldin
  • I like krystal. I really do, shes great with the many different areas of news but she needs to shut up!!! Zip that lip. Wow. Your answers/reasons are dumber then shit.... When it comes to anything out side of politics. Maybe know what your talking about. Keep to election fraud stuff. Your good with that. But policing and how the real world works. Isn't for you sweetheart 🤘 (this really isn't shit talking, I do like her)

    Kyle B.Kyle B.Oy oldin
  • Rogan is completely wrong, young people are the ones who understand hardship the most, we were raised through 9/11 and the war in iraq, the financial crisis, covid and the second collapse of our economy. What a boomer take

    Anthony ParilloAnthony ParilloOy oldin
  • Just makes me sick that now if a black man resists arrest and has a weapon they go from criminal to saint in the lefts eyes.

    Kenneth MaplesKenneth MaplesOy oldin
  • Krystal is far too idealistic and naive about stopping the violence. They needed to come down hard on the violent individuals immediately. They ALSO need police funding, training, restructuring and opportunity. But you must have law and order and many black people recognise the truth of all this. You have to go for the truth and ignore the bullshit and do fast outreach and community leadership programs immediately, but you must make violence unacceptable. Make an example of police that overstep he mark.

    New Dawn For AllNew Dawn For AllOy oldin
  • Hey I am also glad I am across this clip I didn’t know it existed but I’m glad I found it. It is good to have these conversations we need it.

    Mike LukeMike LukeOy oldin
  • Bringing out the National Guard did not help deescalate the violence that only helped it increase. Just saying you can’t stop violence with adding more violence. Also just something that needs to be fact checked. The violence didn’t start with the protestors. The violence started because police officers started attacking protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets, mace, pepper spray and firecrackers. So Joe you are incorrect there I had to point that out. You also had an undercover cop impersonating as a protestor in Minneapolis. That was proven to be true. Like Saagar said we can agree that violence and looting is bad. However you have to condemn violence on all sides not just one side. Stop blaming the protestors they are just there to create change.

    Mike LukeMike LukeOy oldin
  • OMG I haven’t seen this interview. I know I’m 6 months late but Krystal was spot on way to put Joe in his place!!!

    Mike LukeMike LukeOy oldin
  • we printed the 4 tril if we do that to help the iner ciry we will do a germany

    sean gaskinsean gaskinOy oldin
  • bing bong

    Jeff TyndallJeff TyndallOy oldin
  • its like she just truly believes the protesters and looters were the same exact people, and she literally couldnt make distinction between them.

    Autumn Roxie lynnAutumn Roxie lynnOy oldin
  • George Floyd died from a heart-attack. He says he can't breathe before he gets in the squad car. He asked to lie down. He is held for a moment, perhaps 10 seconds, not "eight minutes". Then he turns to his side. He unfortunately died before EMS arrived. Don't believe me? Watch the videos.

    BobBobOy oldin
  • Krystal has a great profile

    pablo ragespablo ragesOy oldin
  • Lol Joe doesn't talk about chimps for three hours, it's such a weird take on the crazy variety of topics joe has talked about with the guests.

    Nick McDanielNick McDanielOy oldin
  • “Peaceful” protestors lmfao

    ShariSocialShariSocialOy oldin
    • Truth hurts you huh

      Anthony ParilloAnthony ParilloOy oldin
    • You do realize that adding guards increased the violence and the cops started the violence with tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. All protests have started peaceful until you add stuff like that to escalate situations.

      Mike LukeMike LukeOy oldin
  • Saagar "which is that" Enjetti lol great interview still 🔥👏

    sarah siddiquisarah siddiquiOy oldin
  • saagar: the free market is good no! It's not! the free market, when it's working as intended, it WILL fuck over workers. i am so frustrated that he doesn't understand this. he said free market good because we had buisnesses building ventilators which that's not the free market! the free market is the dude who bought up all of the hand sanitizers and then tried selling them for a huge profit. he is right wing but he has to keep justifying these stupid ideas.

    justicejusticeOy oldin
  • OMG, this video big time *opened my eyes* about the main stream media!

    cat -.-cat -.-Oy oldin
  • How many of you started watching Rising bc of their appearance on JRE?

    Lyonel LaverdeLyonel LaverdeOy oldin
  • Please do a podcast with the guy from Enlight University 🙌🏼 His videos will blow your mind!

    Keeping it SavvyKeeping it SavvyOy oldin