Joe Rogan Experience #1518 - David Choe

31-Iyl, 2020
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David Choe is an American painter, muralist, explorer, adventurer, podcaster, graffiti artist and graphic novelist from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Joe need to listen to matisyahu one day cause it is his whole motto

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez3 soat oldin
  • Suicide has completely consumed my thoughts the past few days. After losing my job due to covid and now being on the verge of the lights being turned off and losing my place.... this interview popped back up even though I watched way back. I'm thankful. Thank you, Mr. Choe! The way you opened up in the beginning with insights into your struggle with "self" has me thinking maybe giving tomorrow a try won't be so bad.

    Jack RippzzJack Rippzz4 soat oldin
  • this guy had been through so much stuff in his life, the amount that hard to deal with..., crazy... satisfying... interesting... , i just can't get enough of his story...

    rizal manoputrarizal manoputra7 soat oldin
  • please bring this guy again on the show! i can relate so much... fuck that covid bullshit we all gonna die anyway...

    sub bassmentsub bassment7 soat oldin
  • 1:55:22

    kevin6t9kevin6t911 soat oldin
  • 39:55 holy fuck this is so powerful, thank you so much.

    JoeJoeKun oldin
  • seriously tho a true artist and legend..

    Rx HymnRx HymnKun oldin

    Rx HymnRx HymnKun oldin
  • straight in the heart.

    Ben SaundersBen SaundersKun oldin
  • Wé need a Jamie cam and his reaction to complements. Everyone always complements him 😂🤘 kill that shit Jamie

    BrandonBrandonKun oldin
  • I feel so bad for this guy. So much mental pain.

    Andrew MirandaAndrew MirandaKun oldin
  • I get were hes coming from but in Korea i found them to be the most racist people i ever met towards blacks.

    b kb kKun oldin
  • and Joe actually wears the shirt - that's so sweet.

    JoyJoyKun oldin
  • Nice to see a male talking about his real feelings and experiences.... Choe is awesome human being!

    Jane DoeJane DoeKun oldin
  • Hey David Choe, if you ever read this message please. I've seen many of your UZworld clips and believe what you've been looking for and your way is to find your true self. If you ever go to Korea, it would be very beneficial to visit a Zen Buddhist temple and participate on the Zen meditation retreat. Or there even would be Korean Buddhist Zen meditation centres available in the US as well. It will definitely help you with your life journey and sufferings in life. Really wish you could read this message. Thank you, Dave.

    장명순장명순Kun oldin
  • I could listen to this guy talk about his life for hours. And I did.

    Tastic GamingTastic Gaming2 kun oldin
  • This podcast different

    Tomorrow’s TeacherTomorrow’s Teacher2 kun oldin
  • I uh watch a lot of clips of this so now I'm just gonna plow through the whole thing

    Beesley’s WorldBeesley’s World2 kun oldin
  • Dave has had too much therapy

    winslow wongwinslow wong2 kun oldin
  • this is like my 10th time watching this and I don't know why

    DRSZTDRSZT2 kun oldin
  • Such a good story teller! Very captivating

    Kamin8rKamin8r2 kun oldin
  • I feel exhausted after this podcast. Rough one...

    Влад КолобковВлад Колобков3 kun oldin
  • this is like my 5th comment throughout the video. i seen him cry rn and that was a justifyable reason to cry man. no need to say sorry. if youre reading this david, high probability youre not, but if you are, we are glad youre stil here and strong enough to not take yoru life away. good job man. stay strong

    CerealMilKCerealMilK3 kun oldin
  • the way he says "fuck you" is so powerful. poor guy man. hope he finds himself. i can see hes almost there. good luck dave lol

    CerealMilKCerealMilK3 kun oldin
  • I didn't want this to end!

    Arturo El ChurroArturo El Churro3 kun oldin
  • What I fucking weirdo

    hunter suggshunter suggs3 kun oldin
  • David: (Trump) “He is inciting violence” Joe: “I don’t think he’s that incite-full” 2021:

    JayNsilentBoomJayNsilentBoom3 kun oldin
  • bro i watched the congo clip and thought he was a cool ass guy. he is a cool ass guy and his mind is so open wide but holy shit he is lowkey crazy. talking about the butt plug and someobyd in his mind kidnapped him. omg idk what to say lol

    CerealMilKCerealMilK4 kun oldin
    • @Christian M I agree but MAYBE his way of helping himself is letting it out to the world. I think that would help honestly if he just lets everybody know and screams it out to the world. I wish the best for this guy. He’s working on himself like he said and this is way for him to help himself

      CerealMilKCerealMilK3 kun oldin
    • He has alot of issues for sure. In some respects, I value his open honesty and candor about the demons he is struggling with. However I don’t think that it is a great idea for him to put himself out there on such a public platform and act out when he desperately needs professional help. His behavior/emotional state of being is out of control. There is no need to broadcast that to the world for the sake of entertainment. David Choe’s stories were fascinating to listen to but his mental breakdowns during the podcast was disturbing af to say the least.

      Christian MChristian M3 kun oldin
  • HOW THE F!!! HAS JOE NOT HAVE ALEX GREY ON HIS SHOW.................... ILLUMINATI 1000000000000000000000000000%

    greg merrickgreg merrick4 kun oldin
  • This video needs WAYYY more views

    D1rty B3ardD1rty B3ard4 kun oldin
    • Thousand percent agree.

      Christian MChristian M4 kun oldin
  • Wow. I have never heard of David Choe. What a fascinating and profound guy. Great show.

    boochy115boochy1154 kun oldin
  • great dude incredibly honest. saw myself in the struggle he described several times

    Dutch fpsDutch fps4 kun oldin
  • my favourite of all time(until 2021 taht is maybe he will appear again on JRE)

    CajvaCajva5 kun oldin
  • He’s so much different to his last few podcast with joe great episode

    GeorgeGeorge5 kun oldin
  • yo it breaks my heart to hear dave's racist stories. That shit isn't ok who does that? I'm a christian conservative. most of us arent like that.

    AverageArdvarkAverageArdvark6 kun oldin
  • I was raised Pentecostal and remember my grandmother speaking in tongues plenty of times

    Tyler LTyler L6 kun oldin
  • David is a really interesting guy, I love this eposode.

    Joshua AgustinJoshua Agustin6 kun oldin
  • That racism is aLA thing not a Trump supporter thing. Im Asian and don't have a problem with racism.

    Joshua AgustinJoshua Agustin6 kun oldin
  • 💗

    Alexander SchülpenhorstAlexander Schülpenhorst6 kun oldin
  • joe “that’s intense” rogan

    vo .corruptvo .corrupt6 kun oldin
  • The butt plug part was a very strange turn.

    Marshall TenbearsMarshall Tenbears6 kun oldin

    jay dharajay dhara7 kun oldin
  • Dude, what the hell happened to the older vids with Choe? I don't see them on youtube anymore

    BoneSaw Is ReadyBoneSaw Is Ready7 kun oldin
  • damn this was the best Podcast of 2020 , awesome!

    Alaaeddine DebbichiAlaaeddine Debbichi7 kun oldin
  • The day JRE died

    Jonas LeonJonas Leon7 kun oldin
  • You need 2 devices to watch really get the joe rogan experience 1 just watch it anf the other to look up the shit they talkin about

    Ram CamRam Cam7 kun oldin
  • Damn this looks amazing

    Byakuya IchigoByakuya Ichigo7 kun oldin
  • 2:00:09 you come from the stars Joe rogan : oh mah gewd thats heavy

    Byakuya IchigoByakuya Ichigo7 kun oldin
  • If you look up joe rogan chang this comes up.

    UstedPacUstedPac8 kun oldin
  • I loved the short clips of this dude so I said fuck it and had to watch the full one . Joe Rogan for life dude

    Strech BucketsStrech Buckets8 kun oldin
  • David is a cool dude

    Daniel CarterDaniel Carter8 kun oldin
  • This was amazing

    Jeroen LJeroen L8 kun oldin
  • I've been checking JRE for about 2 years and this one was the best I've seen. Thanks for the amazing content Joe and David

    ImplexityImplexity9 kun oldin
  • That empty hole he can't fill is his search for a "why". He can do many things well but lacks a reason to really do anything outside of the high he gets from it

    Roger CovinRoger Covin9 kun oldin
  • make Choe Rogan happen

    Ralph From MNRalph From MN9 kun oldin
  • I wish he wore the choe shirt on the podcasts more often. Like next time he gets duncan on

    ChibesChibes10 kun oldin
  • Get David choe back on 2021 baby let’s go

    PHINEX B LITPHINEX B LIT10 kun oldin
  • im living through him, have the same curse of waking up hating myself and constantly keeping busy to make it fade away, my heaven would be chaos to most. I just wish i was as good at projects as David is. They dont have 50 dogs though, that would starve everybody. feel he might get carried away with stories, maybe the embaressing artist pouring out.Joe needs to know with the elephant is because they kill the parents and keep the young elephants. Theres so much awful shit there if you care to look into it.

    Arran FitzgeraldArran Fitzgerald11 kun oldin
  • Best podcast I have ever watched period.

    Nova_UKNova_UK11 kun oldin
  • we need the video of the Baboon hunt!

    L the JusticeL the Justice11 kun oldin
  • Man it’s sad hearing choe thinks about himself like that,only if he were to know how much his advice changed my life,I would give anything to have a convo with him

    William HolshueWilliam Holshue12 kun oldin
  • Love love love this podcast.....thoroughly entertaining!! I want some more Cho Rogan action, hahah. 😆

    Hailey PetersonHailey Peterson12 kun oldin
  • What’s the name of the porno he watches?

    Ryan FallonRyan Fallon12 kun oldin
  • 1:01:30 The best universal comeback is "what's wrong with you?"

    xlaythexlaythe13 kun oldin
  • Okay... so this ended and I'm kind of bummed out. Joe really didn't vibe or... didnt follow David. He wasn't following and really off set the momentum of several points Choe was tryng to get at .... even repetitively side tracking him and trying to talk about helping him when choe was using an example of past shit to make a point of how far he has come as a person. Such an absolute waste of a unique opportunity. If you can't keep up at least have the common courtesy to be chill and stop the therapy session bullshit. Let the guy get it out. That's therapy. Not understanding him and constantly doing that annoying thing of trying to talk him up really killed the podcast for me. I'd like to talk to him for another 4 hours lol. Yeah, Joe, we know... you are tired. Fail. I really wanted more. It got to me on several levels. Just could have been deeper bit maybe that could have been too much .... yeah, maybe joe was pumping the breaks... I would have let him go on forever. I want more.

    Brian DedmonBrian Dedmon13 kun oldin
  • deep

    chubby kidschubby kids13 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan playing ignorant to Trumps Racism because he has so many nutjobs that listens to him is pretty shitty. Damn Joe

    Ezechial TaylorEzechial Taylor13 kun oldin
  • Hey Dave you don't know me but I'm a fucked up person in my own way too. I'm human just like you. I want you to hear this from another person. I appreciate you. You too Joe. Thanks for being real.

    Mark CeroneMark Cerone13 kun oldin
  • Joe and his team needs to have a VR 360 view. So we can see a first person view experience. Like if we are there with them. This will be incredible!!

    TheOnlyOneTheOnlyOne13 kun oldin
  • This interview hits different when you accidentally fall asleep to it then start lucid dreaming.

    Bj1515Bj151513 kun oldin
  • "fuk him, beat up his kid in front of him...." omg hahahahah

    Andy BruceAndy Bruce14 kun oldin
  • I started this 2 weeks ago. Between work, holidays, kids and what not I was 1:05:00 in. I'll comment back when I finish it 😅

    A VaughanA Vaughan14 kun oldin
  • Listening to this for a second time, David Choe is amazing

    Chase PritchettChase Pritchett14 kun oldin
  • David Choe is one of the realist people out there that are famous, respect! *coming from a rando on the internet*

    Just a MuffHuggerJust a MuffHugger14 kun oldin
  • 3:07:10 This re: Vegas seems unexpected yet makes complete sense. Is it true and if so, since when?

    RIP George KirbyRIP George Kirby15 kun oldin
  • I agree 100% with what he said about 6 minutes in. Joe Rogan is an amazing person and I wish I could meet him someday he's in my top 10 for sure. Along with Ryan Reynolds

    Bomb BrosBomb Bros15 kun oldin
  • this was the wrong episode to try and fall asleep to

    booty banditbooty bandit15 kun oldin
  • Why’d you stick A nestle pure water bottle in your mouth

  • david...i like your shit. ✌

    howard cunninghamhoward cunningham16 kun oldin
  • Wow 😳

    James HollowayJames Holloway16 kun oldin
  • So soaked into his story at the moment, how he lived his teens is awe-inspiring traveling the world without anything. Births some adventure lust in me

    EleusisEleusis16 kun oldin
  • that was something

    karmawakeupkarmawakeup17 kun oldin
  • Jeremy Corbell couldn't even ruin this podcast

    Rusty SRusty S17 kun oldin
  • I fucking feel David 100%

    Daniel SalgadoDaniel Salgado17 kun oldin
  • Man I relate so hard to David's self-consciousness and self-loathing... Minus the success. And HE thinks it's bad???

    Beat GrinderBeat Grinder18 kun oldin
  • Best jre podcast guest. Love the story's and hes relatable

    goku447_8goku447_818 kun oldin
  • I think Joe described what's wrong with me. Fucked up bullshit life, things never worked out for me, lots of abuse in childhood, alcoholic mentally ill parents. I thought I was a wrong fit for our society, turns out my brain is broken. Fuck.

    none of your businessnone of your business18 kun oldin
  • This was an amazing therapy session for David Choe and us.

    yabigitisineyabigitisine18 kun oldin
  • Aww come on, show the damn pictures!

    Maria E. LabbeMaria E. Labbe19 kun oldin
  • 27:25 gotta b the funniest shit ever brooooooooooooooooo

    Peso NunezPeso Nunez19 kun oldin
  • lmaoooo this guys hilarious

    Peso NunezPeso Nunez19 kun oldin
  • True happiness and a full heart only comes from the grace of God. Only the sacrifice that Christ made sets you free. The punishment of sin is death. God became man lived a perfect life free from sin and did not deserve death, so he took our sin and paid our fine. Now when I go before the JUDGE my punishment is paid in full.

    Cooter 64Cooter 6419 kun oldin
    • Surprise! God hates you. For real.

      Beat GrinderBeat Grinder18 kun oldin
  • I agree with the empty soulless stare when someone says something stupid. Empty stare than continue with your day.

    Cooter 64Cooter 6419 kun oldin
  • How do you know it's not an alien characteristic tho Joe? Have you met a alien 😂

    Winterfell26Winterfell2620 kun oldin
  • Choe is a vampire

    Jeremyk 541Jeremyk 54120 kun oldin
  • This guy is awesome. Such a different type of person. Definitely needed in this world

    Take ActionTake Action20 kun oldin
  • When he was talking about the Congo rioting and destruction I thought he was talking about blm

    kong c5kong c520 kun oldin
  • Man I really liked him till I heard him get all anti trump. I dont know anyone who dislikes Asians. If anything we envy them and their industrial hardworking nature. He instantly blames trump for one idiots insult. China the country is a horrible nation. Its the reason he's here and has been so successful. Trumps not saying anything against Chinese ppl. Its against the ones running the nation that infected the entire planet killed millions and ruined millions more. And stole time and memories we can never get back.

    Mr.eastcoast GrowMr.eastcoast Grow21 kun oldin
    • @Beat Grinder coming from a sheep that believes everything CNN and the media tells you thats rich. Lmao. Trump ignored the pandemic? Putting a travel ban up when everyone called it racist and said the virus wasn't a threat? Or sending red cross navy ships to the city's that needed help? Or doing operation warpspeed and getting a vaccine in record time witch every liberal media outlet and democrat said was impossible. I dont agree with everything trump says or does but he is bringing attention to the corruption thats going on in our government and elections. The fake covid bill disguised as a Democrat wish list is the perfect example of how they don't give a damn about us on both sides of the aisle. Trump wants a 2k payout to Americans with none of the other foreign aid. We cant afford to help Americans but we can afford to send 700million overseas. Get a clue man.

      Mr.eastcoast GrowMr.eastcoast Grow18 kun oldin
    • Yeah, the US never did anything of the sort... Neither did Trump ignoring the pandemic this whole goddamn year. You're truly someone that narcissists and sociopaths (like Trump) spot in a crowd and prey on and I don't say that to be insulting; you're incomprehensibly gullible.

      Beat GrinderBeat Grinder18 kun oldin
  • I was addicted to bfp4f and flying jets. I got so good and so addicted I didn't know what to do when I couldn't play it.

    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson21 kun oldin
  • I wanted to hear about shauni the kudu slayer and joe cut him off.

    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson21 kun oldin