Joe Rogan Experience #1525 - Tim Dillon

14-Avg, 2020
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Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast “The Tim Dillon Show” is available on UZworld & Apple Podcasts. @The Tim Dillon Show

  • The JRE is now exclusively on Spotify... except when it isn't.

    MetalShredMaddNESSMetalShredMaddNESS11 soat oldin
  • John Cena(!) *also* speaks fluent Mandarin, who would've thunk?

    Faladaen 1009Faladaen 1009Kun oldin
  • He proved a very good point that most ppl dont even realize what firefighters do. Most assume its getting cats out of trees but in my 14 years never gotto. Firefighters are completely overlooked atleast where im at bc after all those years I cant even get help for the PTSD I now have. One of the biggest life lessons I had to learn is you can help thousands of people and save lives but in the end theres no help coming and only time will tell if it gets me to a better afterlife

    NazurathNazurathKun oldin
  • Tim, if you read these, if you still do mortgages, can you do a refi for me?

    Thomas JDMThomas JDM2 kun oldin
  • Admittedly I’ve never heard of Tim before this episode (could you believe I barely started watching Burr too lol) but GOD this guy is hilarious 🤣

    JohnnyDebtJohnnyDebt2 kun oldin
  • Rapper Young Dolph’s name is Adolph

    BlakeBiundoBlakeBiundo3 kun oldin
  • One of the best Joe Tim is just so fuckin brilliant and clever an lots of inciteful qualities

    Orla GrahamOrla Graham3 kun oldin
  • Tim dillon for president ! This guy is awesome

    Robert VargasRobert Vargas3 kun oldin
  • damn is prophet lmao watching this again in 2021

    germx xgermx x4 kun oldin
  • 35 40 kamala wants your guns

    William TAWilliam TA4 kun oldin
  • can tell joe loves his company with pure ease

    ten4ten44 kun oldin
  • zuker is a robot, mandrin programmed into him

    ten4ten44 kun oldin
  • Tim has no idea what he’s talking about. Typical liberal.

    king6eor6eking6eor6e4 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon is hilarious

    HayabusaRyuHayabusaRyu4 kun oldin
  • “Just kill me” is probably the worst thing you can say right now lol

    Gods childGods child4 kun oldin
  • I don't like this guy's eyes. There's something wrong there.

    Vlad EnacheVlad Enache4 kun oldin
  • Gods battle ax and weapon of war! Whoooo! Joe 😂 thank you needed this today

    Rocks RollRocks Roll4 kun oldin
  • How right they were regarding the election.

    Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!5 kun oldin
  • 37:18 i think its funny joe exited the article to rather read the tweet.

    RickyGatzIIIRickyGatzIII5 kun oldin
  • Joe biden is gonna do the three month mask then magically covid will be over and we all can thank uncle Joe yayayayayyay get the fuck out of here

    Ev 12Ev 125 kun oldin
  • Wtf Tim are you talking about kamala is not centrist

    Ev 12Ev 125 kun oldin
  • that doctor story he keeps telling is fake

    NeoSilvanusNeoSilvanus5 kun oldin
  • We need Tim back on! It’s 2021 mid jan... time to have fun recapping the last yr and the hilarious start to this yr, with a funny prediction! Lol

    Say it How it is!Say it How it is!5 kun oldin
  • Im right and harris is the worst.

    havelpantshavelpants5 kun oldin
  • The wayJoe kinda blows over the Vegas /Ellen connection.

    Roving FireRoving Fire5 kun oldin
  • This aged well . 25 minute mark

    Becko 714Becko 7146 kun oldin
  • 🤔🙄🤔🤔💥🙄🤔🙄 *PLEASE READ* I feel if your going well amour continue to make room to help others Zer J.R ... he's all set for him his children and his children's children... But some men like Tim D or anyone else coming down this " older pike* like that's about 20 years younger than Joe....are not going to have the same abilities as they once was..or just catch the last "cusps end" The Next Generation after that I'm really scared for the next millennium babies ...that don't have millionaire parents and to keep in your millions and your kids ... Comfertable kotoi will have to help society out by returning your good luck back to the makina better communities get to live your life a lot less stressful and fearful. .other people around you just as comfortable ...Cuz it's not like they're going to be very happy for you or to your children if they having nothing and you do..yes despiste you world harderfor it ..but that not the porter /power incomes zer..they work harder to for they money maule even longer and more physical no gainezka in they in a way it's not your job to babysit people financially but you can found give way way or another.... To pull off a equality eveness to this. So in some ways it is a responsibility of all to help keep a communities from total unfairness...lack of being without center food medical help.. dick of only the finidi if the fittest..thats do not be a day cat..and just dit back and alow other to do all the work but do not out or placeall the heat on yourself either.. We want to protect them because they could get nasty back at you.and take what you built for a fortune for yourself..Well in your life and the OTHERS* Joe Smoe* is barely getting anything...lost his jon+ his family and trying to get back.on track. all should not be forgotting ... About *The Average Joe* Still snarter then you know!!! Always hold on to him in your soul !! *Never forever to stay HUMBLE*

    Lee JG AndersonLee JG Anderson6 kun oldin
  • "He eats pizza with a fork" 😂😂😂

    Jacob GholsonJacob Gholson6 kun oldin
  • *🍀💖💔💖🍀💖🍀💖 Gardening still a natural as you can get for a "Hobbie*" farming/animals Making furniture from hand other Tools also smith knittingcr/crocheting sewing reading /books writing painting Baking/Bakers/ Music medical/medic in natural + Homepathic Cleaning/organizing. 🍀💖🍀💖🍀💖🍀💖🍀💖🍀

    Lee JG AndersonLee JG Anderson6 kun oldin

    praxis veritatispraxis veritatis6 kun oldin
  • This guy is the gay version of me

    Eric LoydEric Loyd6 kun oldin
  • The immense ticket sequentially decide because foot previously drip unlike a ashamed rainstorm. gullible gusty, meaty trick

    uoym eoeuoym eoe7 kun oldin
  • I love this clip

    GrayGray7 kun oldin
  • What’s kind of tests does Joe give them? Rapid test?

    May M.May M.7 kun oldin
  • Vaccine just came out few days ago!

    Edward TrinidadEdward Trinidad7 kun oldin
  • I mean this as a compliment. I never thought we would have another dude comparable to Chris Farley, Artie Lange, John Belushi, well Will Sasso wasn't as good. I feel Tim has taken on that persona, but has put his own genius spin on it. If he would do SNL I would watch again and they would have another series of golden years. Feel free to agree to disagree, but I'm sticking with this 1.

    Akashic RecordAkashic Record7 kun oldin
  • Joe is soooo annoying post 2016

    TheDonGorkTheDonGork8 kun oldin
  • Tim is on adderall fer sure.

    bustindustin959bustindustin9599 kun oldin
  • Turns out it was the radical right that turned shit into terminator. Real shocker

    Thineus ThaddeusThineus Thaddeus9 kun oldin
  • Eat at mels in Palm Springs Tim my uncle owns that name is George!

    colin Millercolin Miller9 kun oldin
  • That 165,000 that died from the virus is a made up know the amount of people that have died in 2018 is the same as 2019 pretty much. And the number of people that have died In 2019 is pretty much the same as the number in 2020...just more suicides

    Fear No EvilFear No Evil10 kun oldin
  • Viruses die out eventually because they have to adapt to each host they invade...after they adapt to the various kinds of people they invade, they dont necessarily lose their strength...they actually become a different strand of the original because they're goal is to survive..and that is the only way they can survive. People eventually become immune that it finally dissolves and disappears

    Fear No EvilFear No Evil10 kun oldin
  • 39:48 made me spit reese's puffs all over my computer.

    John WinchesterJohn Winchester11 kun oldin
  • *Eating Pizza with a Fork.* Joe- "WHO TF DOES THAT?!!" SLOWLY PUTS DOWN FORK.

  • 59:35 "they don't want the give the old man soup"

    Jonathan ZunigaJonathan Zuniga11 kun oldin
  • These two have tons of $ and don't worry about anything more than you worry about Ethiopians running out of food

    Wesley HallWesley Hall11 kun oldin
  • Rogan pays NO attention. Dillon says the thing about young kids in china needing jobs or whatever and joe says 'yeahhhhh'.

    Wesley HallWesley Hall11 kun oldin
  • Diary farmer been drinking raw milk my whole life

    Jack LynchJack Lynch11 kun oldin
  • 1:09:40……......joined the CIA 😂

    War LordWar Lord11 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon only has this one Shirt.

    Master ChiefMaster Chief11 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillons take on Kamala Harris is fucking beautiful and so true lmao

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows11 kun oldin
  • What drug?

    Matson JonesMatson Jones11 kun oldin
  • How do I get eyes looking like these fuck ups

    Matson JonesMatson Jones11 kun oldin
  • It sucks that Tim had to dumb it down for Joe. You can tell Tim holds back because he doesn’t want to insult Joe’s intelligence. And we all know Tim doesn’t think Joe is even a little funny. But Joe’s the king so we’re all kissing the ring.

  • Joe on Bill Gates attire needs a re-do, he looks like any other 50plus tech granddad

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows11 kun oldin
  • Look back to see where we are going.... your freedom is incrementally being removed by that device in your hand

    jason lovelljason lovell12 kun oldin
  • Tim was right. Second wave is hitting now we bout to go back down for a months or two

    GreenblissGreenbliss12 kun oldin
  • I listen to Tim at 2x speed - the only way

    Maxim KindMaxim Kind12 kun oldin
  • "I trust Warren Buffet because I feel like he's in Omaha just eating eggs." 🤣

    Scott HarrisScott Harris12 kun oldin
  • "I don't believe in generalizations" is a generalization.

    TropicalFrogTropicalFrog12 kun oldin
  • Ivanka is the real Trojan horse. Theyre gonna sell her well to the trump fans and thats how theyre gonna keep the status quo going after trump is gone

    José Carlos BarandaJosé Carlos Baranda12 kun oldin
  • Hahaha like Rap that started in the East Coast and by the time it made it to the west, "cases were up" and it was "ruined" LOL

    Cut Da NyfCut Da Nyf12 kun oldin
  • Anyone hear joe Rogan say he thinks child molesters are a normal part of what humans do

    Joel RobinsonJoel Robinson13 kun oldin
  • Love Rogan n Tim together. Their energy meshes well

    gabengaben13 kun oldin
  • Does America realise how pathetic they are

    james keaysjames keays13 kun oldin
  • The bent wine clearly breathe because dew bizarrely mess up underneath a evasive sneeze. straight, tired bridge

    Molly YoungMolly Young13 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon the young GOAT 😂

    CHRIS POP TVCHRIS POP TV13 kun oldin
  • Let's get tim and alex back on here lol they are my favorite on here fosho and let's talk about in 180 day discourse of UFOs

    Craig HeimboldCraig Heimbold13 kun oldin
  • "Next spring" is looking correct

    JasonJason14 kun oldin
  • Sometimes the President sends me secret notes!

    Samuel EmirovSamuel Emirov14 kun oldin
  • With hot pizza...I DO EAT PIZZA WITH A FORK LOL. sorry dude

    detroitforeverdetroitforever14 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon is awesome! I love that he’s a big guy that does not talk like a big guy.

    Elijah ThomasElijah Thomas15 kun oldin
  • I had covid back in February, I was sick as hell for 2 week. I thought I was going to die. I never went to the doctor, I just smoked weed and ate soup when I could. Now I am back to 100% health.

    damn it Chadwickdamn it Chadwick16 kun oldin
  • Tim reading a website had me fucking dying. This dude is hilarious

    Will BeardWill Beard16 kun oldin

    2 Tone Say2 Tone Say17 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon is way funnier than I expected.

    TrajanTrajan17 kun oldin
  • Isis and adolf as the most beautiful and strong names , is a Slippery Slope.

    Quiet TrashQuiet Trash17 kun oldin
  • Overweight theo von is back bitches

    your faceyour face18 kun oldin

    adebayo xadebayo x18 kun oldin
  • @joe rogan please ask your guests if they think 1 before the virus trump was doing well 2 do u think joe Biden would be the presidential elect If Corona virus didn’t come about and 3 finally has the US moved ten steps back regarding racism .?? These are genuine questions not based on my opinion

    Joeseph HawkinsJoeseph Hawkins18 kun oldin
  • 1:28 when the "telephone game," goes awry, it's YOUR FAULT for not confirming what was said. Let that sink in.

    Will HazlettWill Hazlett18 kun oldin
  • President Trump ..... Open up America for business !!! IT HAS GOTTEN TOO FAR !!! AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED BEFORE OUR EYES !!!! Please go full Lincoln mode ........the left and their rino's will always play false !! Arrest the traitors !! Prove the steal once and for all. Send in the army ! Kick all chinese spies out of the USA !! Good move ...with rejecting the treasonous covid-relief bill.....paying for global socialism/communism ..selling out America. Expose these deep-state-status quo-traitor-bastards pelosi/mcconnell !! MAGA 2020 2024 2028... Throw all these marxists out, take away their US citizenship and send them to lovely shithole china .....that they love so much !!! IT HAS GOTTEN TOO FAR !!! AMERICA & THE WEST ARE BEING DESTROYED BEFORE OUR EYES ! let us unite and take the despicable davos reset criminals down !! Hunt these psycho elitist bastards, who have cause the planned covid misery, down . Let's have a citizens court ...and put these anti-human globalists of the davos event 21 in the distopian-slave-labor camps they planned and prepared for all of humanity !!!

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski18 kun oldin
  • Q anon is so moronic, they have a E guy now too lol

    Thecornerstone 33Thecornerstone 3318 kun oldin
  • Milk + cookies = Heaven

    DES1B1OODDES1B1OOD19 kun oldin
  • The Joe "The Universe is you Experiencing The Universe" listening to Tim Dillon Experience

    SkippingRhymeSkippingRhyme19 kun oldin
  • With everything going on in the world Eddie sounds the most reasonable in the room.

    jack's awesome shirtjack's awesome shirt19 kun oldin
  • I don’t agree with everything Tim says, but god damn is he funny 😂

    Justin ArthursJustin Arthurs19 kun oldin
  • So I went ovuh to " spotify " only to find no video, just audio ! ? Bad move Joe ?

    SidbreDeRoulesSidbreDeRoules19 kun oldin
    • there is video on spotify lol

      PlamlerPlamler19 kun oldin
  • Whoooo! Whooo....weapon of war..what?

    Chavius RandallChavius Randall19 kun oldin
  • Amway is a Michigan company....

    Jason VJason V19 kun oldin
  • 1% of people pay 50% of taxes same 1% that owns what 88% or 90% of wealth. I think the more money someone has the more tax they should pay right ? If not how is the lower income people going to survive. If the wealthy cared about the nation and people they spread the wealth.

    Hentsy DesignsHentsy Designs20 kun oldin
  • 1:09:00 funniest joke of the whole episode but Joe missed it

    F AndF And20 kun oldin
  • Joe is relentlessly stupid any time Chris Cuomo comes up. Literally bends over backwards to defend his lying. Really bizarre to see, and I wonder what Joe’s real motivation is.

    Ab AbAb Ab20 kun oldin
  • Joe " homeless people in tents are junkies " rogan

    khazakhaza20 kun oldin
  • Tim Dillon is my only source of news since June I have now developed habbits I'm not proud of hehe

    Rich GoldenRich Golden20 kun oldin
  • st8 moved to Texas because he was afraid. cmon Joe, you can beat up 90% of people in LA and you run away

    Edo Mujezinovic OFTHECUFFEdo Mujezinovic OFTHECUFF20 kun oldin
  • Come to the Pit with Tim J Dillon

    Big JuiceBig Juice20 kun oldin
  • Raw milk but more importantly single herd organic and grass fed.....otherwise it’s a problem

    Davina TestDavina Test20 kun oldin
  • OMG! Tim Dillon is fantastic....

    Davina TestDavina Test20 kun oldin
  • Joe once again is ignorant of what he is talking about in re the Floyd case. Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, the knee had literally nothing to do with it.

    Charlie WatersCharlie Waters21 kun oldin