Joe Rogan Experience #1444 - Duncan Trussell

19-Mar, 2020
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Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. Look for his new show "The Midnight Gospel" which starts streaming April 20 on Netflix. @Duncan Trussell

  • i have been saying this for years ONE LOVE ONE WORLD.

  • Why does it look like I can see Joe's eyes or is that some reflection

    Redking 85Redking 855 soat oldin
  • Dr Joe dispenza says 4am is great for meditation as this is when the pineal gland is most active.

    Karen SullivanKaren Sullivan7 soat oldin
  • 2 days before my mum passed she was talking about stuff that I think was from her childhood as though she was back there at that time. It is common for people near their physical death to speak to deceased family or friends. It's fascinating.

    Karen SullivanKaren Sullivan8 soat oldin
  • 9 minutes in, joe accidentally discovers socialism

    Alex De CorteAlex De Corte17 soat oldin
  • Why are they wearing costumes?

    Angelina NguyenAngelina Nguyen22 soat oldin
  • Joe is such a fake ass loser. Glad he’s living at Spotify now.


    The Odder OtterThe Odder OtterKun oldin
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    Molly YoungMolly YoungKun oldin
  • "If this was avian flu..." fast forward to 2021 avian flu's in Asia

    Katy MacCoyKaty MacCoyKun oldin
  • Joe 'this is legit sage' Rogan

    j9beauchj9beauchKun oldin
  • 1:21:26 love that

    JosephJosephKun oldin
  • Satanist Joe comments on atheists

    vincewallettvincewallettKun oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius HuangKun oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius HuangKun oldin
  • Idris Elba should be the new James Bond

    sonoftakeshi sansonoftakeshi sanKun oldin
  • Duncan is the only comedian that has food banks named after him in England.

    sonoftakeshi sansonoftakeshi sanKun oldin
    • amazing to think we are Code in a really smart computer programme, created by an advanced civilisation. The purpose of the programme will be to discover something locked away to the super civ. So if we are all just npc's, who is the player?

      sonoftakeshi sansonoftakeshi sanKun oldin
  • Gonna miss these :/

    Gregory BiancoGregory BiancoKun oldin
  • The best intro so far.

  • Anyone have the time stamp of Duncan talking about the Cacophony Society or is that another JRE

    LL HLL H2 kun oldin
  • okay but why is duncan wearing a ghillie suit

    Kieran StephensonKieran Stephenson2 kun oldin
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    Marcus and MatMarcus and Mat2 kun oldin
  • imagine all the 5g satellites coming down after a fuckin big solar flare :O

    felix mikolaifelix mikolai2 kun oldin
  • It's okay to zone- Duncan Trussell.

    nick gnick g2 kun oldin
  • I think there is an STD that makes you abnormally promiscuous.

    nick gnick g2 kun oldin
  • The time theory of waking up at 4am has to do with the fact that most people are asleep so more of the collective consciousness is available for use. Similar to bandwidth use in one house. If your still enough at sunrise or using enhancements like lsd at sunrise you will be able to feel the pull of consciousness as the sun starts waking people up and they "re-gain" consciousness...this theory dips into the realm of hive mind and mob mentality as well...try it.

    nick gnick g2 kun oldin
  • Joe your right about the systems. If you look at orangutans now in the amazon, they are straight up spear fishing. Not smashing sticks on the waters surface but literally sharpening sticks and accurately throwing them into the sides of fishes necks. So whose to say they're not going through their own version of the stone age ? Maybe when we were at that point a millenia or two ago there was an advanced hominid species trying to get into the stars themselves. Breakaway civilization theory.

    nick gnick g3 kun oldin
  • It's a recorder joe not a flute. Lol

    nick gnick g3 kun oldin
  • Meerkat manor.

    nick gnick g3 kun oldin
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    Wyatt McCaffertyWyatt McCafferty3 kun oldin
  • 45:10 You're a pussy if you dont drink the firewater.

    Camo MooseCamo Moose3 kun oldin
  • I mean they say we did “upgrade” in consciousness and that if people will start to follow more and more.

    Glum CherryGlum Cherry3 kun oldin
  • I need Duncan Trussel to do his own pod

    Cosmos DemonCosmos Demon3 kun oldin
  • Joe needs to get in touch with rockstar and come up with a joe rogan channel on gta6 radio.

    Kevin HughesKevin Hughes3 kun oldin
  • Niiiiice burka 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤔 it fancy dress and came as a sniper 🤯👍

    art of war on 2 wheelsart of war on 2 wheels3 kun oldin
    • It's a ghillie suit.

      Thomas CarlingThomas Carling3 kun oldin
  • By far the weirdest starting 5 minutes of a podcast ever !!! 😂😂

    LonelinessLoneliness3 kun oldin
    • I feel like i was apart of a ritual

      LonelinessLoneliness3 kun oldin
  • 1:15:10. Were in the middle of it now

    Wyatt CastroWyatt Castro3 kun oldin
  • Midnight Gospel is the best

    sonoftakeshi sansonoftakeshi san3 kun oldin
  • The mongolian humming tho

    Tyler olsenTyler olsen4 kun oldin
  • This is a fever dream and I love it

    Chas EllisChas Ellis4 kun oldin
  • This just makes me wanna smoke weed

    JL_BrokerJL_Broker4 kun oldin
  • I had a dream that the moon blew up and the moon crashed down on earth and it looked like a big ass sand storm coming my way and as soon as it hit me I instantly woke up and walked out of a high tech pod and it was me and all the other people that died looking around like wtf just happend and where are we.. then I woke up. So I guess when we die we go straight into another demention

    DawDawDawDaw4 kun oldin
    • anyone ever experienced this?

      DawDawDawDaw4 kun oldin
  • miss the old studio

    Amir KazemiAmir Kazemi4 kun oldin
  • Joe rogan needs to be on midnight gospel

    secko 5064secko 50644 kun oldin
  • I need a link to buy the flight suit that joe is wearing.

    Brendan StephensBrendan Stephens4 kun oldin
  • best start ever

    Scott BraatenScott Braaten4 kun oldin
  • Man, we still fighting for those checks.

    Ruby SelahRuby Selah4 kun oldin
    • Ruby QT

      Esau AppanaEsau Appana4 kun oldin
  • Ok I am new to Jo Rogan, why is the guy wearing all that camo stuff?

    Nathan BakerNathan Baker5 kun oldin
  • The problem isn't people like Hunter S Thompson, Richard Feinman, Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol, Joe Rogan, Terrence McKenna, etc. The problem is everyone else. Anyone who can unbiasedly view the research on psychedelics would conclude they are a basic human right. Outside the west everywhere has people still using psychs as religious sacraments. We just never hear about it until JRE has like some random shaman from South America or something 😂

    White Rose ProjectWhite Rose Project5 kun oldin
  • Nah... Demons can stay... Come ohn man... No racism...😝

    Righteous AggitatorRighteous Aggitator5 kun oldin
  • The crazy thing is.. This is in fact the first Joe Rogan podcast I have ever listened to. I watched every episode midnight gospel beforehand and have now look for everything related to Duncan Trussell I can find! He truly has a lot of forward-thinking ideas. Im a Looooooong term believer of people thinking for themselves and looking inward to fix problems rather than pointing fingers. They r the best together!

    Evan JacksonEvan Jackson5 kun oldin
  • Duncan is one of my favorite souls on this earth. love these 2 together

    BASED BreezyBASED Breezy5 kun oldin
  • i cant find the episode where they talk about when trump tweeted about taking stimulus checks away from the people who used #notmypresident

    elias Garciaelias Garcia5 kun oldin
    • In fact its definitely that one

      Cameron WalkerCameron Walker4 kun oldin
    • Might be Lois Theroux where they talk about Scientology forever

      Cameron WalkerCameron Walker4 kun oldin
  • someone get this podcast to 100k likes

    SuffocateOnMyNutSuffocateOnMyNut5 kun oldin
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    Darius HuangDarius Huang5 kun oldin
  • "Apocalypse"?? "Book of John is Cool to read on Acid"? Who is this born again Comedian? (I was given "Acid" by Stanley Owsley III - which is just to say, I've had REAL L.S.D.!) That's ALL mind-control-based, contrived theology. Billy Meier wasn't bullshitting! Jesus was 50% E.T. No "Son of God" - "Miriam (Mary) had sex with an E.T. so that Jesus (Emmanuel) could be born with the abilities he had - stopping storms, on water, raising the dead, multiplying fish/bread, controlling spirits, etc. The "Gods" spoken of in all those religions were E.T.'s......Even the "Bodhisattvas"' were Lyrians ...... just E.T.'s at a higher level of awareness who stop by here to assist us. But we have bought into a false reality, false history, false Archaeology, etc........all control stuff, to keep us dumbed-down! It has worked like a charm - but thanks to Joe and others, (Graham Hancock and many others) the truth is on its way out ............ Human emotions are OUT OF CONTROL. Buddhism is all about transforming our emotions which can become, once transformed, the qualities of a Buddha (an "awake" person.) Jews, Christians, and Muslims all have a rude awakening coming, when they realize that the founders of their religions were contacted by E.T.'s - who they mistook for "Angels"...or "God"! Sorry, but Hinduism is also from E.T. contact....BUT, they at least know that meditation is key. Like Buddha said, "You must tame your mind". Control of the mind comes from meditation - not asking for things! (prayer)! The idea that anybody can be saved by some man's crucifixion is ludicrous! Read Billy Meier's "Talmud of Emmanuel"! Jesus moved to India and died at over 100! Higher awareness is "an inside job"...self responsibility is the true path. Nobody gets a "Get out of jail free" card! It amazes me HOW STUPID people are! Here's a (true) tidbit : The pyramids were built 74,000 - to 75,000 years ago! Put that in your pipes and smoke it! Did anyone - even ONE, read this...and know it's ALL true? Poor lemmings!

    Brad BryantBrad Bryant5 kun oldin
  • I literally thought this was a chick until I googled Duncan trussel

    Devin JohnsonDevin Johnson6 kun oldin
  • This fucking podcast fuck

    Raheim LambRaheim Lamb6 kun oldin
  • I dont think covid was a reset button, im pretty sure its the power button. :/

    Austin EvansAustin Evans6 kun oldin
  • Well , first of all , all movies about A.I. have said not to do it , yet people try to make one that’s better , yet safer... and now they are making ones that shoot ( pretty damn accurately) and I think if your going to make something sentient, don’t treat its pre- sentient being like shit cause they mig he kick your ass

    JrTuberJrTuber6 kun oldin
  • I cannot wait for joe to invite sadhguru on this podcast. Enjoyed this one too!

    Ashish ChopraAshish Chopra6 kun oldin
  • Trip out man!

    Rufus DufusRufus Dufus6 kun oldin
  • This aged very well.

    christina crandellchristina crandell6 kun oldin
  • Duncan- I'm freaking out, how do I deal with the anxiety Joe - The flu kills 90k, this is way worse. 1 million people or more. 1 million plus are going to die. It's an invisible boogeyman coming to kill your grandma Duncan - JOE! I asked how to deal with the anxiety. This is worse!

    LogicLogic6 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when u mess with LSD

    Craig DavisonCraig Davison7 kun oldin
  • Now look what happened... 🚮

    PathFinder 101 MyceliumPathFinder 101 Mycelium7 kun oldin
  • Talking about People using their Phones 📱 too much But about 95% of people are watching this on their Phone

    Michael RoccoMichael Rocco7 kun oldin
  • 3:01:12

    Jordan JaeJordan Jae7 kun oldin
  • This is FKCin amazing! ClapClap

    TheDogFatherTheDogFather7 kun oldin
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    Danny mDanny m7 kun oldin
  • 1:02:23 sounds like they are already here

    Tobias RickertTobias Rickert7 kun oldin
  • Duncan Trussell should be the next joker. Perfect laugh

    Tim NoseworthyTim Noseworthy7 kun oldin
  • "King James version that's the best! My favorite one to read on acid!" Lmao that's out of this world

    Dalton WagnerDalton Wagner7 kun oldin
    • Hhhhh crazy shit bro

      Arabic Anime TvArabic Anime Tv13 soat oldin
  • I watched most episodes stoned with my girl and it was the best experience I had in 2020 besides couple other stuff i did with her, but Midnight Gospel is one of my best memories for sure

    Bruno GuilhermeBruno Guilherme7 kun oldin
  • i like this guy, he seems to be crazy, but when u trow him the ball, he trows back nicely

    lucianosschlieperlucianosschlieper7 kun oldin
  • That's the guy from Jack ass stevo I think 😂

    Ray GRay G8 kun oldin
  • Yo, as I was listening to this I realized I’m going to turn 20 soon.. WHAT?! What does that even MEAN?!!!

    Nathan BrawleyNathan Brawley8 kun oldin
  • How much DMT you think Joe is on for this episode?

    Roll Tide till I dieRoll Tide till I die8 kun oldin
  • Dab Pen in one hand Albuterol inhaler in the other Killing time before work

    Kenneth WebsterKenneth Webster8 kun oldin
  • Yo...they should do a Midnight gospel version of this....just saying clancy...just saying.....

    Madres Secret SpaMadres Secret Spa8 kun oldin
  • They need to just have sex with each other with dresses on, because the sexual tension is way to strong!! Joe rogan in real life is a wierdo and would hate his fans!! He cant even pretend to like half of his guests!!

    Matt LongeneckerMatt Longenecker9 kun oldin
  • Me: wanting to shut off my phone and never look at it again Also me: finishing the rest of this 3hr podcast on a app I can’t close

    Lana MacLana Mac9 kun oldin
  • Hiya he did a documentary on British TV I think BBC about MMA fighter carry on the good work

    Pandit KumarPandit Kumar9 kun oldin

    Gavin KramerGavin Kramer9 kun oldin
  • he is dressed up like he is going to gratefull dead concert...

    Lipi19821Lipi198219 kun oldin
  • What is the name of the animal thats always staring at the sky looking for hawks? Duncan mentioned it at 34:00

    Jakob KrajnčanJakob Krajnčan9 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ant StrengthAnt Strength9 kun oldin
  • I feel stoned and I’m not even stoned

    Lee ThompsonLee Thompson9 kun oldin
  • Expected to Dunkin to disappear in the first five seconds of the video...dammit, I life on earth would be much better

    Ky PlummerKy Plummer10 kun oldin
    • By the way I never go past three minutes when I see this moron on the show.

      Ky PlummerKy Plummer10 kun oldin
    • Yes they say they believe in no a God but believe in a freaking computer simulation some great man built this place it’s absurd!

      Ky PlummerKy Plummer10 kun oldin
  • Joe "bling bling bitches" rogan

    jeromee 99jeromee 9910 kun oldin
  • This was f u c k i n g awesome 👌🏻👍🏻 thank you guys.

    KamilaKamila10 kun oldin
  • thats steve-o

    FZK PublicFZK Public10 kun oldin
  • OMG. Great episode. These two are 100% on shrooms or some shit!!!!!

    Josie PJosie P10 kun oldin
  • Bud be sounding like stevo

    Will ParkerWill Parker11 kun oldin
  • Girls : Omg my boyfriend is cheating on me ! Their boyfriends :

    A.G.GA.G.G11 kun oldin
  • The only two teachers I ever had. What you say makes sense to me AND IT MAKES ME LAUGH. I LOVE YOU JOE AND DUNCAN! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

    Courtnee NoblesseCourtnee Noblesse11 kun oldin
  • I love that Duncan is high enough that Joe gets a chance to get a lot of his thoughts and opinions about out current state of the world and existence out. I love all of the guests that come on the show and the information they deliver, but it’s really nice to hear all of Joe’s thoughts as well. Not to say he doesn’t normally speak his mind but some guests just put Joe in listen mode for most of the talk.

    Joshua SchoppJoshua Schopp11 kun oldin
  • Wait does no one notice that at like 2:10:00 ish Duncan does a laugh that sounds almost exactly like the laugh in the beginning of Gorillaz - Feel Good

  • If my phone could eat to charge im sure things would be different

    ClarenceClarence12 kun oldin
  • Dude is Steve-O.

    Maria GreenleafMaria Greenleaf12 kun oldin