Joe Rogan Experience #1494 - Bret Weinstein

18-Iyn, 2020
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Bret Weinstein was a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. He is now hosting "Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse Podcast" available on Apple Podcasts and UZworld. @Bret Weinstein

  • JUST DRUNK!?!!??!!?? How many deaths are there because of drunk driving!?!?! What happened to if we can save one life!?!?!?

    Patrick ParkerPatrick Parker7 daqiqa oldin
  • Hey Bret, why do they create bullets? To kill. Why do they (enhance) a virus? Same reason. See the truth bro.

    T ByrdT ByrdSoat oldin
  • Joe "I'm an expert on choking people" Rogan

    Verónica AbreuVerónica Abreu3 soat oldin
  • A nice guy... ?????? He was drinking and driving, that’s a felony PERIOD. He then disarmed one of the officers and ran with the weapon. You think he is a good guy, don’t worry he dint cause an accident and kill a family due to driving impaired THIS TIME. As good as your show may be, I see you cower before the mob and ignore logic. He broke the lay, he went critical trying TO RUN AWAY BECASE HE COMMITTED A CRIME. He got gunned down running away from a crime in possession of a officers weapon. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. Hope the mob burns you out.

    KraBKraB5 soat oldin
  • I am curious. Living in a Legalized State (I do not), are medical patients offended when they are referred to as "Stoners?"

    Marguerite HudsellMarguerite Hudsell7 soat oldin
  • Continuing Education is Required in both Medical and Legal. Is it required for law enforcement? Psychological, community building, new techniques can all be addressed by required continuing education.

    Marguerite HudsellMarguerite Hudsell7 soat oldin
  • Joe is a freakin idiot sometimes.

    D CooperD Cooper15 soat oldin
  • has anyone rewatched this recently?

    charliecharlie16 soat oldin
    • @Igor Bogdanoff ha ha.......not sure but seems like self fulfilling prophecies coming true like a bad 80's horror film.

      charliecharlie16 soat oldin
    • Yes Who is Brett talking to?

      Igor BogdanoffIgor Bogdanoff16 soat oldin
  • This is great to listen too..a very informative video thanks guy's

    Liz HamLiz HamKun oldin
  • Brett has some radical opinions, just dont ask him what they are

    lazarusledd91lazarusledd91Kun oldin
  • A 2016 study showed the average wealth of a white male was around $160,000. The average wealth of a black man was around $16,000. Any questions?

    Chicken PowerChicken PowerKun oldin
    • Interesting. Can you provide the source?

      Igor BogdanoffIgor Bogdanoff16 soat oldin
  • Couldn't have been more right!

    Kel WalkerKel WalkerKun oldin
  • When conservatives are agreeing with liberals and liberals are saying conservatives aren't the enemy and getting lynched by the mob. That should concern EVERYONE!

    keanumaikekai skeanumaikekai sKun oldin
  • This has aged well so far.

    Koven BinionKoven BinionKun oldin
  • Its simple ! Put a gun and give that person the right to be right ! Bad cop should set the level higher to be a cop the goods cop know who are the bad cops!! And that makes the good cop as bad as the them

    John SmithJohn SmithKun oldin
  • The problem is, you cannot force people to choose education & discipline to facilitate opportunity.

    Random FemaleRandom FemaleKun oldin
  • Why are the convos being censored 30 mins in?

    dillon cummingsdillon cummingsKun oldin
  • Ben Askren is a time traveller.

    Irish JosephIrish JosephKun oldin
  • What if he had hit someone with his car and killed them? Does that make him a criminal? Terrible way to look at it!

    heafis59heafis592 kun oldin
  • Covid discussion starts at 1:52:52

    mcafeex311mcafeex3112 kun oldin
  • Why is there economic despair among so many that leads to this confrontation ? The hollowing out of the middle class. This leads to the disparity between the haves and have-nots and the chief problem which is the disillusion of families (fatherlessness). Look only to the corporate and political relationship with China. It is propping that country and hollowing out of middle America. That's the nut of America's problems.

    Craig WillmsCraig Willms2 kun oldin
  • Joe. Umm, being drunk and having care and control of a car, which entails having access to the vehicle and the keys and also being in the vehicle is against the law ( put the keys where they won't be found and claim that they're lost). Also, the big deal here is assaulting police, compounded by drunk in public, drunk driving, evade police, leaving the scene, and several other infractions. Considering that the police were called to the scene by concerned citizens and the fast food restaurant in which the car was peculiarly parked, thats where the police lost the ability to show leniency. The phone call to dispatch is recorded, and when several individuals call with concern for safety, police must act to remedy the problem and report their actions and charges levied against the drunk driver. If the police had come apon the driver sleeping in his car, they may have been able to be more lenient because nobody has complained to dispatch.

    shovington67shovington672 kun oldin
  • ANSWER the fucking question Bret !!!

    SladeofdarkSladeofdark2 kun oldin
  • At least trump us helping black people by sending money to their schools. Tell me what Biden’s done?? I’ll wait! 🕰 🛌

    What's UP POPZ!What's UP POPZ!2 kun oldin
    • Biden wrote the crime Bill!

      Elon TuskElon TuskKun oldin
  • I'm getting angry with this guy.

    Karen SullivanKaren Sullivan2 kun oldin
    • You would be Karen..

      Dill pickleDill pickleKun oldin
  • 7:00 joe that is stupid. the guy was breaking the law and he was going to be punished just like anyone else then he did something bad. the cops didn't do anything wrong.

    Sleepy DoctorSleepy Doctor2 kun oldin
  • I believe myself to be a liberal and rational human being. It’s lovely to listen to Bret speak about observations and concerns that I share.

    Dan MDan M2 kun oldin
  • Conversation to the mass...with almost only good Is and will only be the substance available to sustain humanity. Negatives will also construct the positives. Period

    sean keansean kean2 kun oldin
  • Things are unfortunately on a path that can not be reversed. I personally wouldn’t want the responsibility of what you are asking. I’m not sure if their is anyone on earth capable of doing what you’re describing. For all our sakes, I pray there is

    jon casavantjon casavant2 kun oldin
  • As a black person listening to this interview I was up and down I agreed and I disagreed I think he needs to talk to somebody who is a professional in the things that has happened to black people but other than that I really enjoyed the interview and it's funny watching it 2021 now in January and so many things have changed so much more information has came out but overall I definitely enjoyed the interview even though I've watched it three times now

    Arlando AMB67Arlando AMB672 kun oldin
  • Did Joe really say that counterfeiting money is not a serious crime?

    J HutchJ Hutch3 kun oldin
  • Service to us...a group of people. Is infact starting as an individual but also concerning the fact of upholding the group. We are not broken but so many people are lost. 😒

    sean keansean kean3 kun oldin
    • Keep it simple stupid myth that should be derived as looking after the individual ..but upholding people. Humanity.. it's to the point. Start #$@_&_ simple stupid. As most of us are. 😒

      sean keansean kean2 kun oldin
    • It is reflected in almost in every song or video you see although very subtle. People need!!¡!....and want to work together. For unity...and more importantly survival of everything we know. Including wisdom or know how. Show some understanding and try to reach a civil agreement even though personal studies or perceptions lead you to believe "we" can't. History is repeating itself. Period

      sean keansean kean3 kun oldin
    • Are lost. 😒***

      sean keansean kean3 kun oldin
  • All this talk of coups recently ... and I arrived to this episode about 6 months late. But Weinstein was trying to get momentum behind some treason this episode ... am I right? Lol

    David SeligmanDavid Seligman3 kun oldin
  • Its not an enemy its totalitarianism, working within the systems for the same outcomes it doesnt matter what anyones intent in their job is lol. You do it to yourselves because you refuse to look in the mirror.

    MrLoobuMrLoobu3 kun oldin
  • Commenting on Democrats got him banned.

    Bwh3200Bwh32003 kun oldin
  • Bret is the only person who has ever made a reasonable case for why "racism" is a continued problem of opportunity in America to me.

    XeogtXeogt3 kun oldin
  • How should a cop de-escalate someone who refuses to de-escalate??

    Carni 48Carni 483 kun oldin
  • Ummm, America sacrifices black people to the prison all fucking day!! BRET WAKE THE FUCK UP! Black people do not get convicted based on proper justice! If I could slap your face right now I would! The court does not give black people a fair day in a court of law! America's courts are corrupted in so many ways.

    Melissa GutshallMelissa Gutshall3 kun oldin
    • Please put the indoctrination down. It looks good on no one.

      Elon TuskElon TuskKun oldin
  • Still have not been permitted to go into Wuhan and investigate the virus.

    Melissa GutshallMelissa Gutshall3 kun oldin
  • Jocko and The Rock presidential ticket.

    fluffyfeetbmffluffyfeetbmf3 kun oldin
  • 1:36:00 Eric describes the 2 people I have been saying should run together for 2 YEARS.......DAN CRENSHAW AND TULSI GABBARD!!! Republican and Democrat, both heroic, brave, selfless, smart, well spoken, honorable....These 2 SHOULD be the future of this country!! With an agreement that they switch roles in the 2nd term!! Not kidding! (Edit: HOLY SH*T I typed that part about switching roles before I heard him say that.....I love this idea!! This gives 2 independants 16years to HEAL this country!!)

    KevinWood44KevinWood443 kun oldin
  • How does one remained kneeled on someone's neck for 8 minutes without cramping up?!

    Linda GraceLinda Grace4 kun oldin
  • Wrong the cops moved his car and tried to let him go 3 times with a warning . But he kept running his mouth and getting in the cops face.

    Jason LesherJason Lesher4 kun oldin
  • The harder the police push us everday folks, the harder we are going to push back. We work hard, we contribute, we put our best foot foraward everday. We are somebody's hero. Every one of us and we support the police, untill they make themselves, or us the enemy.the police are getting more aggressive, more vindictive, and more disrespectful when its just not called for. They are pissing off the wrong people.they are losing our support.

    Ray PreseauRay Preseau4 kun oldin
  • you guys sounded so stupid, studies show free and born-free blacks were in the same economic status after a generation 20 years

    Joshua MonroyJoshua Monroy4 kun oldin
  • Okay, love Bret, but he lost me at wearing a bandana... that don’t do shit

    Garrett C. PhillipsGarrett C. Phillips4 kun oldin
  • Funny how the guy doesn't believe what thousands of people saw to be the only truth.

    Hentsy DesignsHentsy Designs4 kun oldin
  • What happens if drives away n kills a family?

    Larry KoronaLarry Korona4 kun oldin
  • It is so frustrating that the victims of racism are so often called upon to prove racism occurred and know how to fix its effects.

    Zen VibeZen Vibe4 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan: just because somebody gets killed in an action to somebody takes, doesn't necessarily make it murder. It could be manslaughter. Or second-degree murder excetera. Just saying bro

    Jesse AndersonJesse Anderson4 kun oldin
  • The dude was drunk driving. That's illegal no matter what. What if he hit someone before he got there but you gave him an uber cause he was nice. Then later you find out he killed someone. Hmmmm. I think if you are caught with a dui then just deal with it. Not freak out and fight the cops cause you don't want to get arrested.

    Mathias RauschMathias Rausch4 kun oldin
  • And yet here we are, the world's still turning. BLM hasn't beheaded the police chief. Right wing extremists terrorized the federal capital building. And conservatives are still shivering in their britches in fear of being called a racist for defending police brutality. You can almost see the gears in their heads turn as they wonder "wait... are we the bad guys?" I have answer for you. "Probably"

    Tanner MadisonTanner Madison4 kun oldin
  • If you shut down STEM and ACADEMIA then what you end up with is a The Law of the Jungle where the strongest rule. We go back to Neanderthal thinking and shut down our frontal cortex and we will be ruled by our limbic system. Perfect way to defeat The greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the Earth. Our enemies are enjoying the banquet! I wonder if this all being driven by AI we just don't know it.

    Mario SanchezMario Sanchez5 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Joe actually saw the full video.... I think not.

    Mark LMark L5 kun oldin
  • Just to clarify when he says "anarchist" he means red and black anarchists or "anarcho"-comunists.

    Joseph NobleJoseph Noble5 kun oldin
  • Even though I would imagine Bret and I belong to opposite political parties, I will say that Bret Weinstein may be the most reasonable guest that I have ever seen on Rogan. Bret you are a "Gentleman and a Scholar"

    jordan simmonsjordan simmons5 kun oldin
  • What the fuuuck dude, this guys and his predictions 🤔

    FingMETAL420FingMETAL4205 kun oldin
  • The problem Joe is that the guy fucked up and got drunk. The problem is that fuck up could kill a innocent people sharing the road with this drunk driver. He seemed like a nice guy Joe but a person’s true colors come out when they need to man up to their consequences. Brooks chose to assault police and it look where Brook’s actions caused him. Personal responsibility.

    Geoffrey DesiGeoffrey Desi5 kun oldin
  • This guys knows alot. But also "don't know" alot. 👐

    Kolt CKolt C5 kun oldin
    • You and I both buddy! But I would rather get information from two people having an open, unedited conversation for three hours than a thirty second edited news clip that is biased and framed to sway opinions.

      Eric GatesEric Gates4 kun oldin
  • Where is a sucky job to been a doctor.? Some smart people I sucky people.

    Mario MurgasMario Murgas5 kun oldin
  • hey bret, how did you see jan 2021 back in june 2020? spot on lol

    Wolfgang J FlywheelWolfgang J Flywheel5 kun oldin
  • I’ve watched the Floyd video only once. And that was straight up murder. Don’t need to over think that one. I do agree with his view in the virus looking to be man made. Interesting guy.

    Matthew JimenezMatthew Jimenez5 kun oldin
    • I just watched the videos, minus the body cams. Give them a fair trial. Good luck Chauvin, you're gonna need it.

      Doctor GigglesworthDoctor Gigglesworth11 soat oldin
    • I’ve also watched the video. The officer should have called for an ambulance. If you can speak, you can breathe, that you learn in medical training. So, there was something terribly wrong when he said he couldn’t breathe. Of course, now we know from the autopsy that Mr. Floyd was dying from a drug overdose and could have been saved probably if those officers had just called for an ambulance.

      Sandi SpragueSandi Sprague2 kun oldin
  • I don't like this guy. He seems racist. How can you justify a man of 180 lbs or whatever kneeling all of his weight on anyones neck for over 8 mind. He will die if you kneel the right way for prolly one min or less ffs. It don't matter what the rules are for how long a cop can tryin kill someone that ain't even fighting back. He knew him so he should a have known what to do or how to arrest him without killing him while knowing he was being filmed ffs. Its unimaginable really but it happened..he fuckin killed him bottom line... I could have had a full cigarette and ate a sandwich in the time he was kneeling on his neck. Imagine..

    Shawn WhiteShawn White5 kun oldin
  • We live better right now in the United States than 99% of people that I’ve ever lived. America IS great!

    RadioFreeAmericaRadioFreeAmerica5 kun oldin
  • As long as they Burn Loot and Murder then I don’t want to hear what they have to say

    RadioFreeAmericaRadioFreeAmerica5 kun oldin
  • So, yeah - a one party system with no term limits. Theirs a name for that, buddy.

    Chris BChris B6 kun oldin
  • People forgot about the prison system. The USA hold 1/3 of all the prisoners in the world. Reagan even said prison should be meant for punishment not rehabilitation.

    S BS B6 kun oldin
  • The national level is not the root of political problems its local culture that will drive the change.

    Jesse PennerJesse Penner6 kun oldin
  • In America when you can’t do your job it typically means you are replaced. We don’t have this attitude with police, who have taken it upon themselves to terrorize the black community. I think white American allows this because in their minds this is in fact the job of the police & the people in these communities simply deserve injustice. Defunding and abolishing the police is in fact the answer to ending police genocide, but we’re dealing with a country that approves of police genocide and performs any necessary mental gymnastics to justify said genocide.

    Trey AlfordTrey Alford6 kun oldin
  • I lost faith in this guy when he explained defund the police - defund the police means invest resources in things that help solve problems (that police unfortunately are dealing with but poorly equipped to do)

    Shuaib AhmedShuaib Ahmed6 kun oldin
  • You wanna know what is interesting...none of it matters. Recall that covid-19 was initially"leaked" surveillance footage of people trancing and then convulsing and they pushed the zombie fear. That's what caused the shutdown fears. Turns out...their plan worked, and we're all no effectually complacency programs perpetuating the Chinese falsehood. All fake. All control. And it worked.

    Jarrod LespreanceJarrod Lespreance6 kun oldin
  • It's 2021 and it's still Defund The Police.

    David PachecoDavid Pacheco6 kun oldin
  • And some impeccably accurate predictions occurring on this podcast as of 2021

    The COVID-19 CoronavirusThe COVID-19 Coronavirus6 kun oldin
  • This is by far the stupidest argument against black lives matter

    Blooded TaureanBlooded Taurean6 kun oldin
  • Claims the system is nothing to do with modern racism whilst also stating the patterns of distribution continue as an echo of slavery and racism? Interesting....

    Uncle MeshUncle Mesh7 kun oldin
  • The policy? When someone is dying, yes, you have exceeded the policy. 🤯

    Julie WolfeJulie Wolfe7 kun oldin
    • Also within the confines of the LAW. Im with you

      Kolt CKolt C5 kun oldin
  • 1:11 Yes, and... George Floyd also deserved to go to trial in a court for whatever you think he did 😡 not be tortured to death in the street! Send chauvin to gen pop. 👿

    Julie WolfeJulie Wolfe7 kun oldin
  • Joe "Im an expert on choking people" Rogan.

    Aaron DobbsAaron Dobbs7 kun oldin
  • He’s not a bad guy... Na my man was just sat drunk in his car obviously drink driving and Joe is just happy for an Uber to come pick him up to take him home. Fuck off.

    dylan stevensondylan stevenson8 kun oldin
  • Unlike Jordan Peterson, I very readily agree with everything Bret says and love his temperament. JP sometimes is a little too sure of himself, although I see the internal logic in his worldview. Also my name is Bret so I feel a special connection to Weinstein :)))

    NerdsNerds8 kun oldin
  • Weinstein is off base. It does not mean abolish the police. It means putting funds into social programs that prevent crime, instead of giving the police military weaponry they do not need.

    profanepersonalityprofanepersonality9 kun oldin
  • Bret's point at 30 minutes kind of sucks because he's implying that taking a single day off and recognizing systemic racism is "Hobbling" science or "giving away America's scientific advantage" when in reality, money has allowed our technology advantage to be surpassed by simply being sold to foreign countries and reverse engineered, foreign military/business/financial people being educated in American universities, American government giving tax breaks and bailouts to billionaires/auto companies/failing small businesses instead of educating citizens for free, all of these things could be said to have a much bigger impact on "America's technological advantage" than universities showing solidarity with a protest about civil rights issues with a damn Twitter hashtag.

    tatwood93tatwood939 kun oldin
  • I am no fan of the IDW but this guy makes a lot of sense.

    Dylan DrakeDylan Drake10 kun oldin
  • I'm white, family has been white for a long time BUT my grandmother from 7 gens back was half black and half native. If the ridiculous idea of reparations happens wouldnt I and the test of my now white family be owed?

    ThisGuy10cThisGuy10c10 kun oldin
  • I believe it's because they are not held accountable for their mistakes because they are backed by the government and cannot be sued directly the government funds them.

    Sabrina RicheySabrina Richey10 kun oldin
  • I found it difficult to listen to this podcast. But it is very well informed and this guy knows stuff I don't understand. This is the conversations people need to hear comprehend and understand. Thanks

    Jacqueline EzeJacqueline Eze10 kun oldin
  • Drunk drivers murder people every day with their blatant disregard for others safety. Zero tolerance

    ThisGuy10cThisGuy10c10 kun oldin
  • This Bret guy back tracks so many times when he’s talking about George floyd.

    Taylor CusimanoTaylor Cusimano11 kun oldin
  • looks like facebook , and twitter , want to run for presedent as they are in control , right......? certainly have more power than elected presedent, soz , i am wrong they are aiming higher, like chinese system maybe ....

    AlanthecatAlanthecat11 kun oldin
  • Seriously? 8 mins of torture? You of all people should know his oxygen supply was fine. He was yelling he can't breath which means he could! His death was caused by his poor health and drugs. Heart Attack! Now the cops should be definitely charged with not providing aid.

    red rangerred ranger11 kun oldin
  • 1:24:30 - I've heard something similar from other speakers but never presented in that way. But the most powerful statements are: Why are we not having that discussion? What I'm watching is a train wreck…There really is a problem and what this movement is doing is it is advancing a phony explanation and bad policy. And on the other side…everybody who's not going along with this are thinking these people are just crazy; they're complaining about something that doesn't exist.

    corina borsukcorina borsuk11 kun oldin
  • "i dont want to bore u with the details". try us dude, were almost 3 hours in...

    Austin SellersAustin Sellers11 kun oldin
  • The people had 17 other options WE chose Trump

    evan morletevan morlet11 kun oldin
  • Trump has done more for the black community than Obama and pretty much every other president beside Lincoln , google is free

    evan morletevan morlet11 kun oldin
  • I like his point about having a person from each side run together. My choices would be Dan Crenshaw and Tulsi Gabbard though.

    Jerry KingJerry King11 kun oldin
  • 1:35:00 this should be clipped for the future. I don’t know why people vote the party line when they don’t agree with most of the ideas or extreme of the ideas

    Primitive PrimatePrimitive Primate11 kun oldin
  • I volunteer for joe to try to kill me the way George Floyed died.

    John NicklowJohn Nicklow12 kun oldin
  • The autopsy joe talked about was commissioned by the family and the doctor only watched the video.

    John NicklowJohn Nicklow12 kun oldin
  • Police make $36k to start in my state. Would you do that job for $36k?

    robert cochranrobert cochran12 kun oldin
  • No good paying jobs? No problem! Crime pays! It's all about survival and people in United States are trying to survive and thrive.

    robert cochranrobert cochran12 kun oldin