Joe Rogan Experience #1453 - Eric Weinstein

3-Apr, 2020
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Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital. His new podcast “The Portal” is available now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. @Eric Weinstein

  • 2:30:20 This idea is not new, and was anticipated by Wordsworth (The Tables Turned).

    NineTinesNineTines8 soat oldin
  • chris benoit nancy and kevin sullovan in wcw is talked about

    Joris Van der SteenJoris Van der Steen16 soat oldin
  • Has covid killed everyone yet?

    dexterous187dexterous1872 kun oldin
  • 13:12 the moment joe got the idea to move to Austin and buy a ranch outside of town for comedians

    The COVID-19 CoronavirusThe COVID-19 Coronavirus3 kun oldin
  • Joe is not a comedian, he's not even funny

    krischanBleibtNormalkrischanBleibtNormal5 kun oldin
  • People have been drilling holes in their heads for millennia. But you’ve probably heard that fact by now.

    Hope AlgeoHope Algeo6 kun oldin
  • Lmaoooo @ Joe thinking we were going to open back up in July

    Gods childGods child6 kun oldin
  • We need you Eric, it's Jan. 9 2021. Your voice is needed

    Michael TrevinoMichael Trevino8 kun oldin
  • The doctor's have been offing people the last few years.

    Sabrina RicheySabrina Richey8 kun oldin
  • We as american's will survive. It doesn't matter if they shut down our economy fuck them. Thank you Eric it's been real. I live in a ghost State. It's in a great location too. Higher in the mountains and yes as a minority we have plenty of drop offs and are considered the most dangerous place to live in America. We will be closing our pacific boarder's and understand why the energy company has burned our state up. We also see south of us get that money. Also a new railway proposal through our state. We can wait for it.

    Sabrina RicheySabrina Richey8 kun oldin
  • Listening to this January 8th, 2021... Eric: “We need to revolt”

    Garrett MackGarrett Mack9 kun oldin
    • Hahaha I had to come revisit this podcast just for that

      Michael TrevinoMichael Trevino7 kun oldin
  • Just show the fucking videos fuck UZworld you have 100 million dollars.

    fightwarwithweedfightwarwithweed10 kun oldin
  • I dont like how this dude talks sometimes. Seems like hes going way out of his way to appear more intelligent. I have an associates in chemical engineering and this dude is sorta talking in way to vague and roundabout ways about an idea that doesnt seem to make much sense or have a purpose. Other than that, freat episode lol. Basically, dont feel stupid listening to this guy.

    John LancasterJohn Lancaster12 kun oldin
  • Eric says “oh I’m in it with them” the portal. Don’t miss out. A dedicated man we don’t deserve but need.

    T RileyT Riley13 kun oldin
  • It's going to come down to it, you know. It's going to take another French Revolution. On a much grander and more horrifying scale.

    Daniel HathawayDaniel Hathaway15 kun oldin
    • I don't think we have the spine for it. Yet.

      Daniel HathawayDaniel Hathaway15 kun oldin
  • End of July 2021

    Brian TuryomunsiBrian Turyomunsi15 kun oldin
  • Jan 1st 2021, and look at us now

    Nope No wayNope No way16 kun oldin
  • At 13:00 joe tells us how he really feels about you and me. the normal working class he looks down upon.

    seahawkseahawk17 kun oldin
  • Nexes

    Paul BurrellPaul Burrell18 kun oldin
  • Crispr may have unleashed Frankensteins Monster.

    XxoaxXxoax18 kun oldin
  • Trumps Tweet was a finger in the eye of legacy media.

    XxoaxXxoax18 kun oldin
  • Was operation choke point the big bang of Bitcoin.

    XxoaxXxoax18 kun oldin
  • Yes if you build it. They will come. True

    Purusha OnezeroeightPurusha Onezeroeight19 kun oldin
  • We are shifting to that

    Purusha OnezeroeightPurusha Onezeroeight19 kun oldin
  • You are not. Crazy.

    Purusha OnezeroeightPurusha Onezeroeight19 kun oldin
  • “It is also time to lead”

    Purusha OnezeroeightPurusha Onezeroeight19 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one clicking on this thinking he is a relative of Harvey?

    Ben Ali ChanteBen Ali Chante20 kun oldin
  • This is the second time I've watched this podcast,we're now the 27 th of december 2020... ( Joe, you should come back to UZworld ). My point is this, even after the presidential election, I don't see much improvement from april 2020 and this late in the year as far as how things are being handled by govermental autorities, in regard to the pandemic. I still don't feel I can trust our institutions. Both Bret & Eric Weinstein should go on your show now, to see what the have to add on this subject.

    Big Bad WolfBig Bad Wolf21 kun oldin
  • Distancing doesnt make sense if it were our final breaths..

    Jo͞onJo͞on25 kun oldin
  • Lol July? Ju lying sack of shit🙂

    J ValenzuelaJ Valenzuela25 kun oldin
  • this guy is my new leader

  • i’m ready for the uprising I will fucking take my mom‘s gun she will give them to me and I will go out and do the street caping cops in the hood

    • hed

  • 1:40:37 “I wanna revolt.” 😂😂

    sh4rk b4itsh4rk b4it28 kun oldin
  • Hong kong flu?

    smt rmsmt rm29 kun oldin
  • Interesting to hear what is Weinstein's call on Modi

    Trial InstanceTrial InstanceOy oldin
  • he never said what the discord server was called /:

    -ジョージロペス-ジョージロペスOy oldin
  • Eric’s “ who are you” just brought me to a frighting singularity in my being.

    Snack PackSnack PackOy oldin
  • It's refreshing to hear from someone who understands the times we are living in and knows what to do. This guy gets it.

    Jeffrey YoungbloodJeffrey YoungbloodOy oldin
  • This is a pandemic but it's a very weak pandemic. It's not like the Black Plague. I don't think you have to worry if you're healthy. It has a less than 1% fatality rate. It's not worth destroying the economy.

    JohnnyTango111JohnnyTango111Oy oldin

    neil Parkinneil ParkinOy oldin
  • Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand is only 40 and she's doing a wonderful job with COVID, and the country trusts her. And she listens to the scientists who know more than her about

    Everyone has an opinionEveryone has an opinionOy oldin
  • I love how eric is calling joe to lead. he needs to hear more of that

    MatthewMatthewOy oldin
  • Once again they seem unaware of Taiwan’s excellent handling mod the CCP virus.

    Bill SuggBill SuggOy oldin
  • “How long till we’re normal” Basically going to the next year with it

    Mark DavisMark DavisOy oldin
  • Blaming poor optics on Pelosi and DeBlasio didnt age well.

    czarnick123czarnick123Oy oldin
  • I cant believe Im 2 hours in & just now realized that I actually already watched this one, but I was just as entertained & still learned things I missed the first time around.

    Dan PDan POy oldin
  • WHO is infested with pro China employees in key positions.

    Anders AskAnders AskOy oldin
  • Fuck donald trump

    m urphym urphyOy oldin
  • oh yeah fuck CovRig 2020

    # Hopkinz# HopkinzOy oldin
  • watched Joe go from badass open minded guy to tryin to force his feeling of global warming 2 a young female and denying his own feelings bout 9/11 to a critice to bowing to who ever the fuck is putting shit stain all over his newer show's but I am high af and I can't even remember what got my rant started so sry to Eric and I'll still be a joe Rogan fan

    # Hopkinz# HopkinzOy oldin
  • Im tired of being sprayed with lysol by masked people. Sadists!

    RobertBobby PelletreauJrRobertBobby PelletreauJrOy oldin
  • 1:51 I left off

    Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinOy oldin
  • Darwin awards.

    Wescott LLCWescott LLCOy oldin
  • Just great. 8 months on and it's still in the mark. Except for " this virus could kill 200,000" 290,000 and rising

    Lindsay ForbesLindsay ForbesOy oldin
    • If we can even have a clue what the real numbers are...

      Jeffrey YoungbloodJeffrey YoungbloodOy oldin
  • I remember Hong Kong phooeyi used to get that every week for 2 years when I was 6....

    dubtownmandubtownmanOy oldin
  • 1:25:23

    DavzardDavzardOy oldin
  • I have a Samsung s5 still watching

    doug borgesondoug borgesonOy oldin
  • How do you know that. *offended* What!?

    Brian BradleyBrian BradleyOy oldin
  • 8:28 yeah nobody can compute the consequences... but anybody with half a brain can compute lockdown = middle/lower class will lose. This was never about a virus and they weren't thinking "short term".

    Phillip Oliver HoltzPhillip Oliver HoltzOy oldin
  • This podcast could have went on forever and I would have kept listening

    Toby RiggsToby RiggsOy oldin
    • At 13:00 joe tells us how he really feels about you and me. the normal working class he looks down upon.

      seahawkseahawk17 kun oldin
  • Eric is right about politicians resigning. They were mostly saved by the media making it all about the election and Trump. He’s not excused, but the blame is glacial and spread. Oh and fuck ya to Tulsi.

    JP PennypincherJP PennypincherOy oldin
  • there is no one more inauthentic on earth than Harris

    Robert LuryRobert LuryOy oldin
  • I support Trump..because everyone else are members of a criminal organization.. competing criminals....both sides in the establishment are against Trump... so. That’s good enough for me.. I want to see someone take that power away from the establishment.. and Trump is that person

    Robert MakiRobert MakiOy oldin
  • Anyone who might have thought it was all real must be a Democrat... of course it’s staged... but they still take a beating

    Robert MakiRobert MakiOy oldin
  • 🌃🌃

    Plex GlobalPlex GlobalOy oldin
  • It fun to watch and look back to see who thinks what is going to happen.

    Paul’s Pods and Marine OrnamentalsPaul’s Pods and Marine OrnamentalsOy oldin
  • you tube rules

    Andrej DrameAndrej DrameOy oldin
  • Joe SPOTIFY is shit,in SLOVENIA EU don't work properly

    Andrej DrameAndrej DrameOy oldin
  • Amerikkka is terminally retarded.

    abe presumeabe presumeOy oldin
  • Kamala Harris’s husband comes to the forefront and declares he is Zion Jewish not Orthodox. Kamala, when asked during her campaign, makes no declaration of what faith she is. Scary

    Sir MamSir MamOy oldin
  • I am more concerned about Kamala Harris becoming president if something happens to Joe Biden. Not so much Kamala but her husband who lurks in the background. He was a lawyer for Merck and also Walmart until campaigning for Kamala who he married in 2014. Hummm Notice how the Jewish card is played in his profile. Who cares what religion he is? Douglas Craig Emhoff[1] (born October 13, 1964) is an American lawyer and the husband of U.S. Senator and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. He was a partner at DLA Piper from 2017 until 2020, when he left the firm. He is set to become the first second gentleman and the first Jewish spouse of a U.S. vice president.[2]

    Sir MamSir MamOy oldin
  • The Dems give us Hillary Clinton and then Joe Biden and wonder why we vote for Trump?

    Linda PayneLinda PayneOy oldin
  • Brilliant attempts at analysing a system from inside itself. Without any reference to anything beyond itself. This way a system can only recreate itself, at best with reshuffled parts. Here are two people, a one-way mirror between them. 😄 One can look in, the other can’t look out nor see itself nor know that this is so.

    Tatjana D.Tatjana D.Oy oldin
  • When they brought up Inglorious Basterds.That was pretty spot on and great.

    AdraidoAdraidoOy oldin
  • Its DEC 05, 2020 and this episode is still on the Tuuuube?!

    P. SchmidtP. SchmidtOy oldin
  • The unaccountable emery intralysosomally describe because step-aunt intrestingly return below a ruddy salad. screeching, instinctive vermicelli

    E PiffE PiffOy oldin
  • this guy is a whack job

    dave gtdave gtOy oldin
  • Jesus Christ, My No.1 Break Glass in Case of Emergency People.

    Miguelo McdougallMiguelo McdougallOy oldin
  • "Community of comedians"? You mean Army Infantry? You ever seen an entire 7 man group of soldiers, taking cover under enemy fire, small arms and indirect fire, laughing uncontrollably 🤣, nonstop, for about 10-15 minutes, because one of them ate shit and faceplanted while taking cover🤣😂🤣😂. Yea, we entertained each other during the worst of times 🇺🇸

    Dominick RomeroDominick RomeroOy oldin
  • Would love to see a show where they speak post Biden getting elected..... Biden being elected is a major step towards the end of the American age and will give further rise to China. So sad

    Stephan MarxStephan MarxOy oldin

    ajhatti2011ajhatti2011Oy oldin
  • Yeah I just wanna magipo

    Random PersonRandom PersonOy oldin
  • Joe, that you think that Fauci is doing is best tells me how little you know about Fauci.

    Eddie SchneiderEddie SchneiderOy oldin
  • Eric and Brett's podcast is on youtube too.

    sinjis75sinjis75Oy oldin
  • Joe is losing his mind

    Joe BernadoJoe BernadoOy oldin
  • fuck this windbag! I've read a ton about this Covid shit and the death rates for the last ten years have not been statistically changed it's not 1918 so wake the fuck up.

    Joe BernadoJoe BernadoOy oldin
  • What about the swine flu under Obama? Were you paid extra not to mention that bungling?

    Mr. White NowMr. White NowOy oldin
  • Joe: you dont even smoke pot Eric: what...!?!

    mr bigglesworthmr bigglesworthOy oldin
  • Azw

    Roman CastanedlaRoman CastanedlaOy oldin
  • The only way to replace cheap labor is with free labor. Enter robotics.

    jp JPjp JPOy oldin
    • @jp JP yes i see many humans working to keep robots in tune and improving them to be and look more human - who is then... the robot? ;) It will be fascinating to see how the world adapts to having robot partners, bosses- all the adaptations. I won't see it I'll be dead but our movies and tv series along these lines are no accident.. they tell the future. I digress but it was fun and yes I get what you were saying.

      KatyKaty24 kun oldin
    • @Katy relatively free is my point. For the people who own the businesses. Expensive to begin with to be sure but over the long term, hard to contend with. And still creates American jobs because of the technicians whereas right now there isn’t even that.

      jp JPjp JP24 kun oldin
    • oh, it won't be free. we'll pay one way or the other.

      KatyKaty24 kun oldin
  • Joe rogan is a terrible comedian

    Alex TaylorAlex TaylorOy oldin
  • Genarian; add that one to the vocabulary

    The spirit Of 76The spirit Of 76Oy oldin
  • Joe "I know what seat belts do" Rogan

    The spirit Of 76The spirit Of 76Oy oldin
  • I would say the reason MSM is still MSM it's because internet media is considered to be fake

    The spirit Of 76The spirit Of 76Oy oldin
  • Listening to this for the 3rd time. It is difficult to believe where we are now.

    Bella DoraBella DoraOy oldin
  • 7 months ago we were gonna hug in a hug jubilee.. but now we are staring down a hot civil war

    Clem EverlyClem EverlyOy oldin
  • 7:55 "These people need to resign"... I wonder how he felt when Trump caught covid and told people to go out and live their lives

    REBELimgsREBELimgsOy oldin
  • THE GUYS A NAVY SEAL. He is 24-7.

    Josh PolceJosh PolceOy oldin
  • Good shit

    Jay boogieJay boogieOy oldin
  • I love you bringibg on this wonderful guy... Hes really one of the greatest thinkers.,..

    Andrew NoyesAndrew NoyesOy oldin