Joe Rogan Reviews Recent UFO News with Jacques Vallee

4-Dek, 2020
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  • Common guy has a dupper delight smerk on his face.

    Paul De MeloPaul De Melo4 soat oldin
  • "Take me to your dealer."

    Elvin DeGuzmanElvin DeGuzman11 soat oldin
  • The smoking man has the authority.

    xeperxeper17 soat oldin
  • Off world vehicle...the arrogance of that statement

    TJTJ18 soat oldin

    Nerdy White GuyNerdy White Guy20 soat oldin
  • wtf

    daddy bennydaddy bennyKun oldin
  • Anybody else notice that episode #331 with Steven Greer is completely missing on UZworld and on Spotify? On Spotify you will see episodes 330 and 332 but 331 is nowhere to be found!! Did someone make them remove it?? 🤔 👽

    ewfd813ewfd813Kun oldin
  • Have you heard about the front page of the New York Times?

    Ethan PorterEthan PorterKun oldin
  • This crappy UFO footage has been around for awhile. It's not breaking footage! It's old and not worth watching more than once.

    Troma 333Troma 333Kun oldin
  • This is amazing. Looking forward to humanity's evolution out in the stars.

    Paiden EasleyPaiden Easley2 kun oldin
  • 2021, where we are going to casually talk about aliens like it’s everyday business as usual.

    Constance SkaleckiConstance Skalecki2 kun oldin
  • Woah wait a second man, I'm having a serious Mandela Effect here. I was SURE Jacques Vallee died like 15 years ago back in the Art Bell days. What is going on here?

    Demonic SweatersDemonic Sweaters2 kun oldin
  • 7:46 very few people pay attention to this. The real shape is unknown. This is just the radiating parts.

    Lee MoeLee Moe3 kun oldin
  • I lived in San Diego for 9 yrs. On Thxgiving 2017 between 10:15-10:20 pm. I was outside with my dog, thought I saw a shooting star. When I focused... It was a Triangle with “soft blue” lights, and it moved across the sky at a speed l can’t even describe. It was heading west to East, like it was coming from the ocean. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I grew up literally 1 mile from Plant 42/Skunkwerks in Palmdale, Ca. In the hey day, when the SR-71 was still flying a bunch and the stealth planes were just being made known to the public. I’ve been to the EAFB AIRSHOW a bunch of times, I’ve seen stuff fly at all kinds altitudes-this thing was high!! But it darted through my field of Vision like it was low!! Never seen anything move like that before. Not a peep either. Not from the craft or the sound barrier. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Larry ScattagliaLarry Scattaglia3 kun oldin
  • They would never inform a sitting president of this information as it wouldn't be considered a permanent enough residency in the government. In my opinion this would be high ranking staff members that will be there for their entire lives.

    Cheffrey4Cheffrey44 kun oldin
  • Joe" people find out that ellen's mean" rogan

    Caran ColeCaran Cole4 kun oldin
  • bs

    Lidija BacicLidija Bacic4 kun oldin
  • So there are beings flying through "our" airspace and this has likely been the case for millions or billions of years and because we now know what some upper level Gov officials know, it's time to freak out? Great show but this is olddd.. Anyone else interested in what can be found from looking within ones self?

    govis fishygovis fishy4 kun oldin
  • We've shared the planet with these folks since the start. They evolved and we, barely have.

    Marie-France LaportMarie-France Laport4 kun oldin
  • Which article are Joe and Jacques discussing?

    Adnan AliAdnan Ali4 kun oldin
  • Almost no sound , what sound are they making

    anthony cardonaanthony cardona4 kun oldin
  • looks like a fly on a screen

  • Pretty sure they pulled this episode down off spotify. Not sure why.

    R SchultzR Schultz5 kun oldin
    • @Rizzo93 on spotify??

      R SchultzR Schultz4 kun oldin
    • They didn't i'm watching it right now😅

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  • It's the default cube.... delete it!

    caribbeanchildcaribbeanchild5 kun oldin
  • Greedy joe won't let you watch the whole interview if you live in uk.

    High Plains DrifterHigh Plains Drifter5 kun oldin
  • Those are the chariots of the Lord.

    Russell DaleRussell Dale5 kun oldin
  • And he was right

    Bren McFarlandBren McFarland5 kun oldin
  • If that German Werner van Braun was telling the truth to that women. America and all other world powers are plotting something. I’m no conspiracy theorist but hot damn I’m seeing everything this women said come to light 😭 the moment Trump announced a space fleet i got the chills because they said it would be the beginning of the end 🤯🤷‍♂️

    Alfredo EnriquezAlfredo Enriquez6 kun oldin
  • lmfao

    whytboywhytboy6 kun oldin
  • Joe "I act like i dont know" rogan

    Chris AngelesChris Angeles6 kun oldin
  • Still haven’t downloaded spotify

    Connor ScheweConnor Schewe7 kun oldin
  • Arsene Wengers moved onto UFO blud

    zabawaj handsomezabawaj handsome7 kun oldin
  • Dajjalic event

    Waris DarWaris Dar7 kun oldin
  • until they show me an alien or a spaceship and i can know for sure, id say eddie bravo is more convincing when he says they are planning to stage a fake alien invasion. i think that is FAAAARRRRR more likely than there actually being real alien spaceships in military possession lol... i dont think they are staging an alien invasion either

    Tony MontanaTony Montana7 kun oldin
  • this guy looks like sylvester stallone and papa john did the fusion dance

    Tony MontanaTony Montana7 kun oldin
  • Maybe the Supreme Court is the one who is responsible for these safekeeping of UFO and managing the information that the citizen has for this sightings.

    Gerald PinedaGerald Pineda8 kun oldin
  • What are those glasses😂

    on ur lipon ur lip8 kun oldin
  • Looks like a soul to me

    Dalvin NutterDalvin Nutter8 kun oldin
  • Is no one going to question this guys source? How many fucking titles does that guy have?

    DpsyplGamingDpsyplGaming9 kun oldin
  • Why do aliens only ever seem to go to America our planet is huge yet America seems to be the only place they’re interested in🤔

    R35R359 kun oldin
  • Still not downloading Spotify bro 😀 sorry.

    Jeremy FelixJeremy Felix10 kun oldin
  • hi im from salinas puerto rico and i live 20 minutes from a military base here in Salinas and theres always weird lights in the sky over the base but always really late at night

    Actor NautzActor Nautz10 kun oldin
  • What's next.... Alien Sex?

    Ukraine JamesUkraine James10 kun oldin
  • Who else comes here to comment for the full actual podcast

    Aron GarciaAron Garcia10 kun oldin
  • Don't be Blinded by ignorance, and over come by EGO

    Invad3rDizInvad3rDiz10 kun oldin
  • We were never alone DO your Research..... Search Erich von Däniken Official...... Search Brien Foerster....... Search UnchartedX.... Search Praveen Mohan,, then come back too me.

    Invad3rDizInvad3rDiz10 kun oldin
  • that fcking UFO was Moving Through water, and fcking also it came out out of water and split in too You forget too mention that jeeziz fcking Christ man

    Invad3rDizInvad3rDiz10 kun oldin
  • For fuck sake people that want to find out the truth. THEY HANG OUT BY nuke sites of all sorts... put up a giant array of linked cheap dead cellphone cameras or whatever dome cam up on a hill and fucking start pounding the data into some cheap hard drives. Does anyone have a brain. I know how to build the damn thing but could use some cash. They spend billions on worthless shit every day. Give a penny to a real scientist today and stop giving it all to the sociopaths and leeches.

    Eric LawrenceEric Lawrence10 kun oldin
  • Are the photos out??

    Eric LawrenceEric Lawrence10 kun oldin
  • I hope one day Joe will interview Cory Goode and David Wilcock.. that will be AMAZING!

    Sammy LopezSammy Lopez11 kun oldin
  • This guy has the ability to talk about such a fascinating subject and make it seem incredibly boring

    sonny blacksonny black11 kun oldin
    • @Cordell Smith he's got one of them voices and a way of speaking that make you instantly get bored of what he's saying

      sonny blacksonny black7 kun oldin
    • At times it was hard for him to answer joe questions and when he did it was with long dry answers

      Cordell SmithCordell Smith8 kun oldin
  • Anyone watching this should watch Exposing the Deep National Security State and Cosmic False Flag videos on UZworld. These were presentations by Dr Steven Greer. This subject matter is of the most importance, and should be discussed openly and without fear.

    Clint JeffriesClint Jeffries11 kun oldin
  • Did someone just mention UFO's?!

    OpineOfMineOpineOfMine11 kun oldin
  • just a new drone

    D.A.T.D.A.T.11 kun oldin
  • Who got this ufo video link

    Jacob WithersJacob Withers11 kun oldin
  • jacques is lying. and i dont even belive in ufos

    Benedict BadmintonBenedict Badminton11 kun oldin
  • Find them aliens joe!!! Get them on the show. Lol

    South side garageSouth side garage11 kun oldin
  • Joe: Hello Mr Fnrkfnrak and welcome to the podcast. So, why earth? Fnrkfnark: Well, me and a buddy got drunk one night and went to play hide'n'seek with some of your boats..

    Broken soffaBroken soffa11 kun oldin
  • You list Jacques Vallee as the primary guest, on this clip, and he say like 3 words, seriously?!?!?

    Arizona JAMArizona JAM11 kun oldin
  • Having watched the documentary (especially the ending) as someone interested and acquainted with the history of the phenomenon yet from a scientific background, I dare say this was one of the best documentaries on the subject. The ending at least for me spoke volumes because I didn't expect to see any new\ surprisingly less well-known cases, yet I was taken back. I rarely comment but felt the need to recommend this documentary to those curious, skeptical, or uninformed of the matter. Great work.

    ArthArth12 kun oldin
    • Where did you watch it?

      noeggarcia19noeggarcia197 kun oldin
  • Well I drone does just that. Ever seen the drone racing championship

    Joseph AJoseph A12 kun oldin
    • What about the vehicle rising from the sea? Is that a drone?

      Julie ChrisJulie Chris10 kun oldin
  • The fact that the president of the United States doesn’t even have access to this information is literal proof of the deep state’s existence.

    ShiestyShamusShiestyShamus12 kun oldin
    • Ofcourse there's a deep state!!! The president is just like the high school president dosen't mean shit the principles call the shots! Its like we never left school were all still manipulated

      Free El ChapoFree El Chapo10 kun oldin
  • I think the title of this one should be " Some other dude talks for ages about UAP and alleged alien craft while Jacques Vallee listens and says 'No' at the end". Not so snappy, granted.

    Thomas LairdThomas Laird12 kun oldin
  • The question is how do people not discuss this on mainstream news...

    James MJames M12 kun oldin
  • Ayo he got the superman cut g 👶

    James MJames M12 kun oldin
  • Didn’t joe have an navy pilot on his podcast with video of ufo off the east coast?

    J DJ D12 kun oldin
    • yes it was both west and east coast plus next to puerto rico in the 90s

      Actor NautzActor Nautz10 kun oldin
  • Joe's new set looks like they're on a spaceship

    Sand HanitizerSand Hanitizer12 kun oldin
  • Probably China. Kidding probably Elon Musk trialing some new shit

    Drop Kick Murphy00Drop Kick Murphy0012 kun oldin
  • Isn't it odd how absolutely no one knows who is REALLY in charge. Who are these faceless people?

    tom tomtom tom12 kun oldin
  • My mom and I both saw a shiny triangular object over the ocean in Florida. Quick darting movements, then just disappeared behind a cloud. We couldn't even say anything until it disappeared. We just stood there staring stunned.

    tom tomtom tom12 kun oldin
  • I am not sure about aliens but I have seen a UFO.

    James CameronJames Cameron12 kun oldin
  • Check out the newest one in Hawaii huge blue triangle UFO.

    OPOP12 kun oldin
  • Kiss means pussy in Arabic

    AbdulrhmanAbdulrhman12 kun oldin
  • Zag means shit in Arabic

    AbdulrhmanAbdulrhman12 kun oldin
  • UZworld is getting really comfortable with these 2X adds

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  • Add a public comment...

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  • I'm feeling supersonic give me gin and tonic. But in all seriousness, this is so awesome!

    Marcus MeadowMarcus Meadow13 kun oldin
  • Hi joe , spotify is not available in my country , i can not get access to the podcast from spotify....

    larrylarry13 kun oldin
  • I only ever listen to music on Spotify.. 🤷‍♂️

    Douglas WaresDouglas Wares13 kun oldin
  • They wobble as if they are riding a natural current of energy.

    Cs GenoveseCs Genovese13 kun oldin
  • Which episode is this Nd how do I find the full podcast?

    Davis WarrenDavis Warren13 kun oldin
  • I think dude got those glasses from alien contact cause they don't look like they are from this world!

    Joe WaddellJoe Waddell13 kun oldin
  • Atleast now we can see what these guys are watching.

    Vikas Vijay BishnoiVikas Vijay Bishnoi13 kun oldin
  • Can't have religion rule the world if life exists on other planets

    skeet shooterskeet shooter13 kun oldin
  • The US military is WELL aware of the "mismatch" he spoke of in this video. This is the reason the infamous They, the branch of the Dark Gov we really know nothing about, has been reverse engineering the tech they have discovered at a multitudes of crash sites from around the world. That is why several, if not most of the big Governments have made pacts with ET's. You may call it conspiracy theory, but if you think logically it all makes sense. After the 47 Roswell crash our technology began developing at an exponential rate, and then 19 years later we landed on the moon! As to the question of who could release the info.....I would bet the Queen of Merry Old England could, I mean David Icke believes she's one of the lizard people anyway. Could you please have Alex Jones back to speak on this, and David Icke if you can get him! Can you imagine them together on one podcast? That would be sick!!! Love the channel!

    Speed RacerSpeed Racer13 kun oldin
  • That letter sounds like bs

    skeet shooterskeet shooter13 kun oldin
  • In the morning you see it like a mirror reflects the sun but you can see that there is something on the sky 😮🤫🤥🤣

    asad Al-Mashariasad Al-Mashari13 kun oldin
  • Bruh what if the aliens send a Von Neumann Probe to every single possibly Life bearing Planet, and its been here for millions of years and was set out to be triggered once life reaches some technological threshhold or something...

    Milan MeyerMilan Meyer13 kun oldin
  • Anyone see the new vid of the blue ufo that crashed in the ocean? I wish it happened before this podcast i would have loved to hear them talk about it and hear their opinions

    purplepackspurplepacks14 kun oldin
  • Has Joe ever apologized to Tom DeLonge? He basically called him a crazy person for what he was saying about UFOs, now he's having all these guys on that say the exact same thing that Tom has been saying for almost 20 years. He said no one was talking about this stuff in 2004, but in all honesty, tom was...

    PLBIVPLBIV14 kun oldin
  • One: These "crafts" bend space around themselves so that even when they are in a planets atmosphere they are essentially flying through a vacuum. Two: The crafts propulsion system operates on the manipulation of gravity. They lock on to any large object & "pull" on them at varying strengths to speed up or slow down. To make a right turn, they lock on to an object in the direction they want to go, release the "pull" on the former objects & "pull" on the new one. The objects they "pull" upon are moons, stars, asteroids, etc. The speed of light does not apply in this process. The "craft can lock on to any object instantaneously no matter how far away. Three: The "crafts" are solid state GAI. There are no pilots. The "craft" is it's own pilot. Four: The entities that emerge from these "ships" are avatars of minds stored in the "ship's" data banks & are "printed" at need. I know this is all pretty "woo-woo", but is as close as I can get to explaining it all. Adequate words & concepts to accurately explain all this do not exist in our languages...yet.

    Ray DavisonRay Davison14 kun oldin
    • @doeme80 In part, yes.

      Ray DavisonRay Davison13 kun oldin
    • 5D

      doeme80doeme8013 kun oldin
  • Man I hope I get to experience other intelligent life forms in my lifetime 😔

    saintvictoriesaintvictorie14 kun oldin
  • 2022 Aliens: "thank you for having us we've heard a lot about you" Joe: "So, if you guys ever heard of dmt?"

    ESFitnessSavageESFitnessSavage14 kun oldin
  • That’s not a bird

    Tagh CuskellyTagh Cuskelly14 kun oldin

    anya so gamesanya so games15 kun oldin
  • Why is this episode not on Spotify?

    Farren2007Farren200715 kun oldin
  • Ellens mean lol

    NEW ERANEW ERA15 kun oldin
  • Joe "come on what the hell is that?" Rogan

    Tyler NotaroTyler Notaro15 kun oldin
  • whats the link of the site he is showing?

    KRP_MediaKRP_Media15 kun oldin
  • This video is being suppressed. Just search "Joe Rogan UFO news" in UZworld and you get nada for results. Why is UZworld hiding this video. Why indeed. Just wait til Trump declassifies all the ufo stuff

    Jack BauerJack Bauer15 kun oldin
    • Nah man, it was literally the first link in my google search.

      Jason DavilaJason Davila15 kun oldin