Looking Back on Charlie Sheen's "Tiger Blood" Interview

7-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1590 with Phil Demers.open.spotify.com/episode/6JDZgjywtlxWXO7V5NOjOg?si=0MzSW79HSUWAO4W2qCPlwg

  • If I was a rockstar from mars, with tigerblood, I would also party hard before the virus killed me...

    Tom NikolaisenTom Nikolaisen9 soat oldin
  • Instead of complaint that your favorite creator moved to Spotify why not celebrate that he’s rich now

    Cruz BautistaCruz Bautista13 soat oldin
  • Gold

    Hunter KlippHunter Klipp15 soat oldin
  • ‘’3 years ago he was looking good’’ ‘’what is happening" nothing is happening Joe, is normal for people to getting older, it happens to everyone.

    Andrei U201Andrei U20119 soat oldin
  • Prefer his old stuff anyhow

    m3l od1em3l od1e19 soat oldin
  • 4:17

    MDMA88MDMA8819 soat oldin
  • 4:18, lmao

    Adrian CAdrian CKun oldin
  • Joe "where is my cigar" Rogan

    Bardan DewanBardan DewanKun oldin
  • "And that wasn't that long ago, that was like 15 years ago"

    Patrick PfeifferPatrick PfeifferKun oldin
  • @4:18 thats me when Im high 🤣

    Lumed7Lumed7Kun oldin
  • Charlie Sheen is over!! Nobody wants to deal with him

    Michelle ReneMichelle ReneKun oldin
  • Just seen him promoting a rehab place. It was pretty good. Good for him.,

    George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonKun oldin
  • Anyone else wonder why Joe cut off Dave Rubin, like a specific reason? The only thing I can seem to find online is that Rubin (although he claims not to be an intellectual) mispoke a few time or something. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like we could do with his input right now

    George HennonGeorge HennonKun oldin
  • I get it this dude is in love with a walrus but. he sounds like he's in love with rogan A lot more ha ha

    VitoVitoKun oldin
  • rip jre

    Rasmus FrederiksenRasmus Frederiksen2 kun oldin
  • 150 episodes after two and half men!! Anger management

    Simeon ReynaudSimeon Reynaud2 kun oldin
  • I’ts fallen and I can’t find my blunt

    Billy BBilly B2 kun oldin
  • Charlie also put out a message thinking that he was gonna be the one to talk down Christopher Dorner.

    Theodore McLaughlinTheodore McLaughlin2 kun oldin
  • Spotify fuckin BLOWS! IT WAS NEVER COOL!

    Jessie Con37Jessie Con372 kun oldin
  • Who hasn't been able to watch a single episode of the JRE on Spotify? There is no freaking play video button. Also if you click play to listen to the podcast all I get is 35 minutes of Joe Rogan telling me to buy shit! I haven't been able to listen or watch one episode of the JRE on Spotify. Fucking UZworld and their stupid censorship. I miss Joe Rogan on UZworld. I think and now that it's such a big fucking production and he's literally and some UFOs vagina it makes it Hollywood. I miss that man cave podcast room. It's helped so much more organic. I miss Joey fucking Diaz!

    Jessie Con37Jessie Con372 kun oldin
  • Why are you only making clips now?

    Chris RadfordChris Radford2 kun oldin
  • It’s super sad to see how far Charlie Sheen has fallen. I don’t know if he was a really bad guy or anything I just know he liked to party hard.

    Top TenTop Ten2 kun oldin
  • Joe dropped the blunt, y'all know what that mean.. 👀

    BackendsBackends2 kun oldin
  • lol i lost it when the cigar jumped out of Joes mouth and he couldn't find it 😂

    subozorsubozor2 kun oldin
  • hahahaha the cigar falling out of Joe's mouth is great. Always fun to see something silly happen to someone I have so much respect for.

    Mix ItMix It3 kun oldin
  • Wtf. Why not? It's like not that hard.

    Ryan McNallyRyan McNally3 kun oldin
  • It’s his “Winning” interview but okay

    kartinmarl .7kartinmarl .73 kun oldin
  • Spotify is much better

    Landon RogersLandon Rogers3 kun oldin
  • When are y’all gonna stop talking about Spotify in every fucking comment section damn we get it

    Mansur RahmanMansur Rahman3 kun oldin
  • I'm glad Joe found his cigar. That's how fires get started...

    Andrew BoydAndrew Boyd3 kun oldin
  • Modest Malibu apartment. Right then.

    Brandon HurstBrandon Hurst3 kun oldin
  • 3:41 3:42 3:43 3:43 3:44

    LeonLetrelLondon SkywalkerLeonLetrelLondon Skywalker3 kun oldin
  • How much Cocaine can Charlie do in one sitting?! Enough to kill Two and a half men!

    Patrick DebellefeuillePatrick Debellefeuille3 kun oldin
  • 7 gram boulders

  • Clearly - Joe had Sheen on the burner here - This was not organic rant -

    El Sucio FederaliEl Sucio Federali4 kun oldin
  • So many adds on Spotify it’s crazy ion even think you can skip them like 5 mins of ads before the podcast

    Diego PedrozaDiego Pedroza4 kun oldin
  • he got fired because he knew opened his mouth (9/11)

    Life is GoodLife is Good4 kun oldin
  • "This is difficult to watch"... hits a blunt

    Keith NievesKeith Nieves4 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha the fucking Cigar jumped outta his hands 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thugzie69Thugzie694 kun oldin
  • Beyond the law was his best movie check that out

    Moose BrandonMoose Brandon4 kun oldin
  • Joe that wasn't cocaine that was bath salts

    Moose BrandonMoose Brandon4 kun oldin

    StoneconStonecon4 kun oldin
  • Fuck Spotify ... use to watch everyday... no more 🥲

    Eugenia GenevaEugenia Geneva4 kun oldin
  • Know who also questioned 9/11 as being an obvious fraud? Joe Rogan

    Ninth Hell TVNinth Hell TV4 kun oldin
  • Fucking Joe drops the blunt; party faul man he is gonna burn down the new studio right after they built the damn thing

    Daniel StrainDaniel Strain4 kun oldin
  • I've always liked Charlie Sheen, it seems like he just got fucked up from too much money and fame, I would love to hear his story on JRE though.

    Quintus BatiatusQuintus Batiatus4 kun oldin
  • LOL! Joe drops his blunt

    D DiverD Diver4 kun oldin
  • Joe almost burned the new studio hahahaaaah

    عبدالعزيز الحربيعبدالعزيز الحربي4 kun oldin
  • "Carrying the torch" for the people he infected... wow

    Katy MacCoyKaty MacCoy5 kun oldin
  • Amazing how people think Joe Rogan cares about their stupid comments on his Spotify deal

    Rigsby 1Rigsby 15 kun oldin
  • stunning impressions of Alex Jones and Gary Busey lol!!

    EtherealEthereal5 kun oldin
  • Hes got Jesus charlie will be fine

    sugar titssugar tits5 kun oldin
  • Going on spotify is like retiring and becoming irrelevant

    Carol BaskinCarol Baskin5 kun oldin
  • So sad, but hopefully gets better. GOD bless him!

    Alex BelonogovAlex Belonogov5 kun oldin
  • 4:18

    Akshit PushkarnaAkshit Pushkarna5 kun oldin
  • Can I be the next JRE interview? It seems he’s taking random drawings

    Yoyo12 OYoyo12 O5 kun oldin
  • Man Joe sounded jus like Alex Jones when he did his impression

    Cordarro CurtisCordarro Curtis5 kun oldin
  • The Alex Jones impression is spot on lol

    Clay DroidsClay Droids5 kun oldin
  • Does this mean we should pull out of his Wall Street sequel

    SlickSlick5 kun oldin
  • Charlie Sheen: Can we please forget about Tiger Blood Joe Rogan: Jamie bring up Tiger Blood

    lordofmidgetslordofmidgets5 kun oldin
  • I did making to a poopy

  • Charlie roast was hysterical

    matai Turnermatai Turner6 kun oldin
  • Lol when joe dropped his cigar 4:25

    bassbloom420bassbloom4206 kun oldin
  • Idk why but I wss getting a Bojak Horseman vibe

    Still DubStill Dub6 kun oldin
  • 4:17 lmao

    RollingstoneRollingstone6 kun oldin
  • comments about the content 2000 likes

    Thomas PowersThomas Powers6 kun oldin
  • Cameo's like the male star OnlyFans when they need some extra coin and some relevancy.

    Tom InghamTom Ingham6 kun oldin
  • What’s that t shirt.??. I need one!

    Marcin LacfikMarcin Lacfik6 kun oldin
  • bro thats kaitlyn jenner in a charlie sheen mask

    colinmalcolm22colinmalcolm226 kun oldin
  • 1:52 looool joes reaction

    OFFICIAL jardain woodroffeOFFICIAL jardain woodroffe6 kun oldin
  • I hate UZworld but Spotify sucks

    Zack BonneyZack Bonney6 kun oldin
  • You shouldn’t have sold out man Spotify is gay asf.

    Wreckless MethodsWreckless Methods6 kun oldin
  • "Tiger Blood" .......... is that what were calling it now ? ......... I just call it HIV Jokes aside I feel bad for Sheen , (or any one actually) that catches that fukin HIV

    Dn ByDn By6 kun oldin
  • SPOTIFY MY ASS LOL. Let me know when Joe has made enough MILLIONS, and back on YT.

    miSc _dkmiSc _dk6 kun oldin
  • spotify sellout

    christopher parkchristopher park6 kun oldin
  • damn charlie

    mike Bmike B6 kun oldin
  • Did not like seeing Charlie looking so frail and sad in that recent clip. All you Hollywood connected people reading this, reach out to Charlie and throw the guy a hand please. He is a legend and deserves some help. Give him some parts. Let the man feel like he is paying his way and working. It will bring him back his confidence and self esteem. Please pass this comment to someone who can help, if you can't. Thank you. 007

    007stopjockin007stopjockin6 kun oldin
  • Just post more clips on YT.

    TheRamsesIITheRamsesII6 kun oldin
  • How come they didn’t bring up Charlie sheen raping Corey haim

    Rey BarosRey Baros6 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks . Deleted 🖕🏽

    BigbuneroBigbunero6 kun oldin
  • Who else has watched a joe rogan podcast until now? Hey joe ... you made your money but you lost your audience . Hmm

    BigbuneroBigbunero6 kun oldin
  • 4:18 Boink 😂

    FireoncityyFireoncityy7 kun oldin
  • Anybody else laugh when Joe's cigar shot out of his mouth ?

    Michael ChadwickMichael Chadwick7 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if Spotify is ever going to support video on the freaking smart tv's. Shees! This sucks

    MCMMCM7 kun oldin
  • He's really trying to sell that closing plug but apparently the comments section ain't buying.

    fred smith- king of the lunaticsfred smith- king of the lunatics7 kun oldin
  • I love how he talks about Russell like no-one else knows who he is🤣 Some random friend of yours joe that's never been in the public eye.

    fred smith- king of the lunaticsfred smith- king of the lunatics7 kun oldin
  • Haters say Joe fell off.. HOW nigga, my last podc-... oh

    YuniQ9 GamingYuniQ9 Gaming7 kun oldin
  • Im bi winning

    lulu bellelulu belle7 kun oldin
  • Who else refuses to watch spotify?

    Jeff OmalleyJeff Omalley7 kun oldin
  • 4:18 lmao

    Kyle KKyle K7 kun oldin
  • Invite Mr.Sheen Joe!

    batka6255batka62557 kun oldin
  • LAST 🤬💩

    Scott SimonScott Simon7 kun oldin
  • Get Charlie on the podcast

    Sask EditzSask Editz7 kun oldin
  • The Spotify app sucks. It randomly stops playing and you can't turn off the autopay for podcasts, only music.

    Russ TRuss T7 kun oldin
  • 4:16 rocket ship takes off

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude7 kun oldin
  • Is this recorded in Deadpool's apartment?

    MFLMFL7 kun oldin
  • Sheen was Trump before trump

    Eric KennedyEric Kennedy7 kun oldin
  • 5:00 joe exposes his closet for a good 20 seconds strait lol I mean 20 seconds long ,, awkward!

    Faith DuperronFaith Duperron7 kun oldin
  • Tiger Blood cures Aids.

    No NoNo No7 kun oldin
  • Joe's Alex Jones impression is very spot on I have to say.

    Dylan EsterDylan Ester7 kun oldin
    • 7:25

      Dylan EsterDylan Ester7 kun oldin