Marianna van Zeller Infiltrated a South American Cocaine Operation

9-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1576 with Mariana van Zeller.

  • Joe “I _have_ never done cocaine” Rogan

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  • He uses the term gangster like it’s a good thing. Booo! @joerogan

    Rudy FigueroaRudy FigueroaKun oldin
  • Is she on Spotify that's why you selling this shit so hard at the beginning Rogan ? You sold out man and you both done cocaine don't be a child we all know that , but I know you have to say that so you deal with Spotify is not canceled

    Marc Pavl LebenicMarc Pavl Lebenic5 kun oldin
  • I love how we all know that Rogan was doing or still doing cocaine but he is denied it so many times so he can get that deal with Spotify

    Marc Pavl LebenicMarc Pavl Lebenic5 kun oldin
  • Yooo joe a lot of your videos and podcast do not play?? I keep getting an error message

    noel huertanoel huerta6 kun oldin
  • That was a fantastic episode. Never knew how much goes into making that stuff.

    Warrior JWarrior J6 kun oldin
  • Joey diaz has never done cocaine either. He smelled it once tho

    Corey HinkelCorey Hinkel7 kun oldin
  • The way she uses curse words is cringe.

    reeserreeser9 kun oldin
  • “Infiltrated” probably gave enough punana away till she got to that pure white.

    SlickyRickySlickyRicky10 kun oldin
  • She isn’t the first person to do this reporting genius What solutions does she have for these maggots?

    Jason RoczniakJason Roczniak10 kun oldin
  • I just saw Wonderwoman 1984 and I cant stop thinking that this is the kind of character a hero should be. Not that crap that hollywood tries to push down our throats.

    VikotnickVikotnick11 kun oldin
  • If it’s mainly white people buying things from the black market shouldn’t we change the name to white market?

    9Jefe Bell9Side9Jefe Bell9Side11 kun oldin
  • Feel like I’m listening to an ASMR video whenever she talks 🤮

    scubatuck94scubatuck9412 kun oldin
    • That's not a bad thing

      Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson3 kun oldin
  • why doesn't Joe have an actual tv show instead of a podcast? I know he is on spotify now I think his youtube channel is always filled with great content however the fact that people can comment and discuss the show is awesome I think it's the next level for tv/streaming to be 100% live with no commercials

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  • Coke make you fell Like a champ :) but at a price

    Mikkel AagaardMikkel Aagaard12 kun oldin
  • You know why joe rogan is afraid of cocaine his going talk so much hes going to end up in a dog pound and receive the shocking collar and get adopted by meth heads lol🤣

    mark veniciomark venicio13 kun oldin
  • Journalist are the scum of our society

    YouNeedM3YouNeedM313 kun oldin
  • Joe needs to get Stacey Dooley on she’s the English version of Mariana van zella think she would be a great guest 👌🏻

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  • There are backpacker tours of all the shit she has done and all the places she's been. Joe is a rich guy who is out of touch with sth American tourism for 20 year Olds.

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  • Why did jre stop on UZworld

    TheFirst HumanTheFirst Human15 kun oldin
  • If you believe that sniffy Joe Rogan has never once snorted even a bump of coke, I have a bridge to sell you...

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  • I wanted to like this series of docs but the style they chose was boring

    xrpfelinexrpfeline19 kun oldin
  • Have you guys seen this old school Joe vid? Thank me later! 😂😂😂

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  • I miss your old background... it was so joe rogan

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  • Pam Beasley? Wtf

    Jerry The BerryJerry The Berry23 kun oldin
  • Drugs should be decriminalized. Waste of taxes. Legalize cocaine.

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  • Face it Blonde white chicks make the best spies

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  • "infiltrated" lmao okay! Trafficked is a boring and weak show that is a copy of every other show by every other dumb reporter that tries to act like their showing you real criminal activities! The show is so stupid and overly dramatic it's comical! The only thing this woman infiltrated is the huge list of shit reporters!

    The Bearded ChefThe Bearded Chef26 kun oldin
  • it's almost 2021, I think we've all seen coco being processed...dull

    Ask MiNameAsk MiName26 kun oldin
  • I lived on a coffee farm for a couple months in Colombia. South west Colombia. Nearest town was La Plata / Pital, and that was about 1 hour away through dirt roads. I'm from the UK and my girlfriends family owns a few coffee farms so we decided to pay a visit and give that way of living a try. There i basically just one road which goes through the mountains, dirt paths littered with huge rocks, everyone owned motorcycles because cars just wouldn't make it through. My girlfriend's family owned a Toyota Hilux which was used to carry all the coffee beans down to the nearest town. Every now and then, there would be a convoy of brand new all blacked out Toyota 4x4's which would roll through the mountain. No one would comment on why and what they were driving through for. My only guess is that it was cartel owned? Every weekend I would take the dirt bike and go explore the mountains and rivers. The houses people inhabited there were beautiful and all hand built over many years. But every now and then you would come across a huge mansion with massive gates and security. Also, a cool little story. I visited Cali by myself and got talking to this guy at 4am at a bar in the Grenada district. He wanted to take me to a strip club called La Mansion. This guy was Colombian but lived in Miami and was just visiting family/friends. Hence the trust as you can't trust anyone in Colombia let alone take you somewhere at 4am. We finally go there, but it was the quietest street, no one about and it was all just ran down typical Colombian houses. Got to this metal gate/door. He knocked and 2 security guards opened it, searched us and let us in. Walked through the first corridor and what was 4 run down attached houses. Suddenly opened up to this absolutely stunning marble living room. With a huge marble swimming pool in the middle with water falls pouring water into it. about 20 - 30 women all in bikinis and probably just me, my friend and a couple other guys.. I see why they called it 'La mansion' now as the inside was literally something out of a movie. Turns out it was a drug house owned by members of the Cali cartel which got sold. Looks shit from the outside to divert attention but the inside was like a millionaires palace. I'd love to know if anyone else has heard of this place. Thanks if you made it this far as well

    Lewis GoPro AdventuresLewis GoPro Adventures26 kun oldin
    • I've heard of the place but never had the balls to go. We locals are scared as hell of these people, even tho they won't do anything to you unless you mess.with their business, it's still scary. Don't do that again, don't take it wrong, but if something had happened to you, our whole tourism industry would've been hit.

      waNErBOYwaNErBOY21 kun oldin
  • Boots on the ground

    J Al ComicsJ Al Comics26 kun oldin
  • Can u not watch video on spotif9??

    Kurt MccowanKurt Mccowan27 kun oldin
  • Wonder how many people cbf to make a spotify acc

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  • God i loved this episode

    zaldarezaldare27 kun oldin

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  • If spotify finally starts working, I'll go there. trust me I tried. Always stuck playing and ends up in an adds loop

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  • Joe, I just can’t watch or listen to the podcast on Spotify in my location man. It always says playback failed. Really annoying. Please do something.

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  • Nope..Most people wouldn't hurt other people for Profit. That's what makes that dude a douche bag that belongs down south lmao

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  • Bad gringo.

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  • Joe: my hands were sweating Me: That's the cocaine Joe

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  • sub to airrack

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  • I wonder how she found the connect over there I would love to go over there and while I'm over there to do some cocaine with the connect

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  • Did Joe just meet his ACTUAL soul mate

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  • Joe "I watched that episode on cocaine" Rogan

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  • Joe Rogan watches the documentary and calls it research again

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  • No story is worth a life? Tell that to Snowden.

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  • Joe is acting like a wimp

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  • lol they both sounded suprised that the other hadn't done coke.

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  • "Infiltrated" some white lady in the jungle. Ha!

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  • Listening atm on Spotify, yay. For free btw, yay. Download the app and use a free account, no ads for podcasts, yay. Don't be a douche, and get a premium, yay. If you want to, yay. Well, bye, yay.

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  • how has she not done cocaine

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  • Yea right she’s never done cocaine. I call bullshit

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  • Please interview David Beriain

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  • These clips save me a lot of time. I get 10 hours back a week.

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  • Joe is a sell out Viva la Lex Fridman

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  • Does joe seem like he's on mdma in every show lately??

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  • When did Pam become a journalist?

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  • After the podcast they smashed.

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  • SPOTIFY: it's over! ME: and quickly go here to comment:

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  • Joe " Ive never done Coke" Rogan!!! Bahahahahahahaha. I call B.S on that

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    • I thought the same. I've never done a line or smoked but I'll sure pound some beer and wine.

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  • She’s got nothing on our Stacey Dooley

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  • this lady is on some serious spin atm. yiyeeeee

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  • Fuck spotify :)

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  • I’d marry her

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  • @ PowerfulJRE , I downloaded Spotify for you. Thanks for making work go by so fast.

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  • I spent 5 mins trying to find the full podcast. Smh ( -_\

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  • I used to love cocaine, I thought nothing could beat it, then I came across powder heroin and that was it....

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    • @Monad yea they do, but nothing compares to the first heroin high you take

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    • They go well together

      MonadMonadOy oldin
  • They have already done this before, she's is not the first and more so not the last. But she women and knows how to publicize her report t

    Emitt HoffmanEmitt HoffmanOy oldin
  • 00:10 look at eyes light up. She loved that, do people not realise she's just like a Logan of the journey world, they don't make differences there like Indiana Jones, and I know he was an archeologist but I'm just she's not breaking new ground either the real narcos on Netflix, that's all that needs to be said. She's looking cover something that will get attention. Hat does views being, money.

    Emitt HoffmanEmitt HoffmanOy oldin
  • You know joe you might not care if people keep watching you since you got paid but the hundreds of no name guests you have had on that would never get the exposure they deserve bc of you are gonna miss us...

    Tate RobertsTate RobertsOy oldin
  • Pam went blonde?

    Sanghoon LeeSanghoon LeeOy oldin
  • Can you please tell Spotify they need to put closed caption for the deaf community

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    • Huh?

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  • They’re gonna legalize it so they wanna normalize it, a put a human face on it. 2021 coca leaf smuggling challenge, who’s in?

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  • i'm here because i thought the title said marijuana

    Joel SchmiererJoel SchmiererOy oldin
  • for 150mill i dont blame him... but im not going to spotify

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  • where is the full podcast this is sad, fuck you spotify

    Himani MalhotraHimani MalhotraOy oldin
  • Coke is dead.Quality is shit these days.

    • You need a new source.

      Etac BroEtac BroOy oldin
  • 'no story is worth a life, we minimilize the risk'. We film the whole thing in a Mexican film studio

    David WardDavid WardOy oldin
  • WTF is going on with this new clip shit??

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  • Ugh. I don’t want to go to Spotify

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    • Then don't

      Brazilian Jef _It's just what it isBrazilian Jef _It's just what it isOy oldin
    • yeah I'm done- no Spotify for me

      Faerie DreamsFaerie DreamsOy oldin
    • Nobody does. Only Joe Rogan does because he made a hundred million dollars to do so...

      7 ten7 tenOy oldin
  • Moving to Spotify makes no sense. Doesn't this guy have enough money already? If he doesn't like UZworld, why not move to BitChute or some other service that values free speech? I thought he was doing these podcasts because they were important to society.

    Björn MorénBjörn MorénOy oldin
    • @Björn Morén yep and he lived in California so they took 55% so there's that...

      7 ten7 tenOy oldin
    • @7 ten Before the Spotify move, he was making tens of millions per year from his podcast. Add to that his commentator gig at UFC and his stand-up comedian shows.

      Björn MorénBjörn MorénOy oldin
    • @Björn Morén I think you misjudge the amount of money he has. He is not as rich as you think he has a family to take care of kids to put through college that stuff adds up fast a hundred million dollars after taxes is probably just enough to put his kids through college.

      7 ten7 tenOy oldin
    • @7 ten Most sane people who already have enough money for a lifetime would pass on a deal like that, and instead try to figure out how they can make a difference in the world. But maybe I misjudged Joe's character.

      Björn MorénBjörn MorénOy oldin
    • No he started doing them out of boredom and kept doing them because they made him money. Spotify offered him 100 million dollars to leave UZworld for Spotify. I don't care how rich you are a hundred million dollars is not something to turn your nose up at.

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  • Please do a podcast with the guy from Enlight University 🙌🏼 His videos will blow your mind!

    Keeping it SavvyKeeping it SavvyOy oldin
  • I will never make an account with spotify

    wesleymcbobwesleymcbobOy oldin
  • I'm going to do cocaine off of my phone while this is playing ...not really, because I don't have any cocaine, buuut if I did haha

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  • The other format way better , log on JRE and just listen for couple hours not these

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  • Just here to relieve my comment addiction

    This Existence HCThis Existence HCOy oldin
  • Did he just say he has never done cocaine..../ ummm there were so many fights that we used to watch joe and mike on ufc that we were like oh look how is they are all messed up on coke again... so to hear that statement.... I dunno... don’t think I believe it..... !!!!

    Ashley SullivanAshley SullivanOy oldin
    • He never done cocaine in this new studio

      Etac BroEtac BroOy oldin
  • JOE, ive used spotify for exactly 22 minutes in my entire life... thats how long it took spotify to lose a lifelong viewer. spotify video is crap, bullshit that i cant watch my favorite show ever anymore

    ryanryanOy oldin
  • joe has said way too many he has never done coke.😂😂

    Dan BreenDan BreenOy oldin
  • Someone tell her to take a drink of water.

    Boss HogBoss HogOy oldin
  • I call B.S. Gordon Ramsey also flew there and help chop it up and he tasted pure , pure !!! Liquid cocaine ( I know it probably not called that yet, in this state but you know what in mean) weed trimmer to grind it up then squeezed the pure juice out of it and gave her a taste ! Boom !

    TheAndy331TheAndy331Oy oldin
  • Is anyone finding that if you try to watch JRE on Spotify using Windows 10 platform, there is a very bad buffer problem???

    Nico C.Nico C.Oy oldin
  • Joe "my hands are sweat" rogan

  • Did this batch just say it's WHITE SPREAD or wide spread. 😂 maybe BOTH

    Davie DoodDavie DoodOy oldin
  • I wonder how joe is going to fall. He will fall. What goes up must come down

    Austin Coleman from tomah WisconsinAustin Coleman from tomah WisconsinOy oldin
  • Stop watching this trash, guys. Joe sold out. Dislike.

    TysonTysonOy oldin
  • One more thing Joe, it was all about freedom and now it's Spotify or nothing you cunts. I'm not happy with this Joe Rogan. Long time fan, at least there is other podcasters out there.

    Sence Of Unknown LifeSence Of Unknown LifeOy oldin
  • They both never did blow, ok.

    DarrenDarrenOy oldin
  • Look at those big stimulated eye balls when she's upright.

    JJ JonesJJ JonesOy oldin