Michael Keaton Might've Been the Best Batman

30-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1586 with Tony Hinchcliffe. open.spotify.com/episode/0GteMiPRUHne5DbZ605sFM?si=KTiSKJNiTIWtb_8Zm62A6w

  • Fun fact his real name isnt Keaton. He liked diane and chose it because of that. Forget what his real last name is.

    Nicholas LashNicholas Lash12 soat oldin
  • Just give Batman back to Tim Burton...

    Christopher RossChristopher Ross19 soat oldin
  • People trying to shame Joe should be embarrassed by how much they know about Batman.

    Uie BattlesUie Battles21 soat oldin
  • Keaton had the best face and voice of batman, at the very least.

    Christopher FChristopher FKun oldin
  • Michael Keaton was in Gung Ho, Mr. Mom, and Johnny Dangerously. He was pretty popular even before Batman.

    Ex VisuEx VisuKun oldin
  • Rogan is totally right. Keaton probably is the best Batman and Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale is up there, but for me Michael Keaton always played the most believable tortured soul. And for as much critique as it gets, the Christian Bale growl, whether you admit it or not is iconic now. And yes, Ben Affleck isn’t believable as Batman, because it’s just Ben Affleck in a wig. And no Kevin Conroy was just a voice actor, so he can’t be the best real world interpretation

    Mitch JrMitch JrKun oldin
  • Michael Keaton did a lot of stuff and had a name waay before Batman. I mean Johnny Dangerous, Mr. Mom and Night Shift are classics. He may have been the best batman. You could make the case of Christian Bale but he had a better and more serious script. Michael Keaton killed his character because the Batman character wasn't so much about brawn but using his brain and compensating not having super human ability. And, don't talk shit about Adam West. Dude is a legend. RIP.

    James HendersonJames HendersonKun oldin
  • Christian bale imo

    BatmanBatman3 kun oldin
  • Batfkect is the best ffs

    Inglourious BatmanInglourious Batman3 kun oldin
  • He was the Best Batman because he actually KILLS THE JOKER! Rather than just beat him up and tie him up......only to have him escape and murder more people! 🤣🤣🤣

    Why NotWhy Not4 kun oldin
  • Worst is definitely Clooney and val Kilmer

    Joey Two ChinsJoey Two Chins4 kun oldin
  • This conversation hurt me. And I don't hurt easily. Batman is my fictional role model...

    Jake MemmottJake Memmott4 kun oldin
  • Perhaps his most controversial opinion

    Octopus SmasherOctopus Smasher4 kun oldin
  • Let's get 2 people in a room who are clueless about Batman, and have them talk Batman. Nice.

    Tim NydellTim Nydell5 kun oldin
  • Come on... Christian Bale is by far the best batman...

    happy facehappy face5 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan is clearly higher than the Batsignal in this video.

    Geek LegendGeek Legend5 kun oldin
  • If the Michael Keaton Batman movies released after The Dark Knight trilogy, people would think they’re straight garbage.

    Aidan MohrmanAidan Mohrman6 kun oldin
  • Listening with my headphones.... Had to come to the comments to know I'm not the only one who thinks this convo was straight Booty 🤣

    Lo LivingstonLo Livingston7 kun oldin
  • Ben affleck is the best batman fighting wise

    Terrence RayTerrence Ray7 kun oldin
  • This clip was so inaccurate on so many levels. Isn’t there a fact check guy there?

    M VM V7 kun oldin
  • He was the best Batman and those were the best Batman movies

    None YaNone Ya7 kun oldin
  • Keaton without a doubt was the best Batman. Bale did a good job but Keaton was far better. Also Nicholson was the best Joker. Him and that 357. Magnum with the Pole Barrel that shot down the Bat Plane was awesome lolol

    Michael PaivaMichael Paiva8 kun oldin
  • Still can't figure out how to find Joe on Spotify

    Dick South PHUBDick South PHUB8 kun oldin
  • It's not Might have been he was the best Batman.

    vtwintoravtwintora8 kun oldin
  • Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck were all 3 great as Batman. I would say Keaton and Bale are tied for 1st place along with Kevin Conroy.

    Sam LoomisSam Loomis9 kun oldin
  • Keatons a Beast....always has, and always will. Love him in nfs

    Thunderball McgillicuttyThunderball Mcgillicutty9 kun oldin
  • Excellent BATMAN

    tigerdojo7tigerdojo79 kun oldin
  • Bale was the best Batman.

    Brian FirlieBrian Firlie9 kun oldin
  • It did not play on Adult Swim!

    Alan SolaresAlan Solares9 kun oldin
  • Rip Adam west

    Paul GeorgePaul George10 kun oldin
  • Cant see what you’re looking at on the monitor?!

    Rah MayRah May10 kun oldin
  • Where is full episode?

    Rah MayRah May10 kun oldin
  • The christian bale batman movie's were cool, but christian bale batman voice was the worst one ever. It sounded so much like he was forcing the voice too much.

    frost hiphopfrost hiphop10 kun oldin
  • I disagree, I think Robert Pattison will be a good batman.

    B2359B235910 kun oldin
  • Ben Affleck is the best Batman. Too bad his movies aren't as good.

    Spawn1993Spawn199311 kun oldin
  • Not only was he the best batman he had the best batmobile

    jon smithjon smith11 kun oldin
  • Without a doubt? Umm...No. Keaton was decent in a Burton environment but Bale was hands down best being in a trilogy, continuity, the duality of the roles, interactions with villains, best storyline to work with etc etc.

    No NameNo Name11 kun oldin
  • Keaton as a old Batman in a Batman Beyond TV Series or a Batman Beyond Movie would fit so well...if it was upto me a Batman Beyond TV Series would get the greenlight it's long over due and it's the only way to explore a future Gotham better in a TV Series...though DC has been hesitant on doing anything with Batman Beyond becuz well it's a huge money risk but I hope they eventually come around and give the Batman Beyond arc a chance.

    Amethyst SapphireAmethyst Sapphire11 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia makes Keaton the best Batman for me forever.

    Isaiah SeeleyIsaiah Seeley11 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dangerously bastages.

    Edwin HughesEdwin Hughes11 kun oldin
  • For some reason the character of bojack horseman reminds me of Michael Keaton. Like Bojack just seems like if he was a human he would be Keaton.

    Gonzo LonzoGonzo Lonzo11 kun oldin
  • I'm guessing all fans are disappointed. I really can't believe he dropped UZworld. So what happens when someone offers him a better deal but the show will be transcribed in a magazine? he would probably take it... The way jre has been amputated by not being able to watch it is disappointing. Thinking it will be the same is ridiculous. Joe might have gained a bunch of new listeners on spotify, but he has lost many original ones.

    the Radethe Rade11 kun oldin
  • What Micheal keagan was beetle juice?

  • Val Kilmer was just as good if not better

  • As much as I like joe it hurts how little he knows about Batman 😂

    steveo Csteveo C12 kun oldin
  • #1 Michael Keaton #2 Christian Bale #3 Robert Pattinson #4 Val Kilmer #5 Ben Affleck #6 George Clooney #7 TV Batman Villains (not including George Clooney’s Batman movies and Tommy Lee Jones’s 2face) were all spot on in my opinion

    erfansvideoserfansvideos12 kun oldin
  • Noticing that Pattinson was in twilight is not a good argument.

    NMEdroneNMEdrone12 kun oldin
  • I am the best batman

    Michael CadileMichael Cadile12 kun oldin
  • We should of had Scott Adkins as Batman. He would of been fucking amazing

    GCTFilter snakeGCTFilter snake12 kun oldin
  • Nah Christian Bale sorry Joe

    Mathew AndristMathew Andrist12 kun oldin
  • clueless but cute

    What is RealWhat is Real12 kun oldin
  • Michael Keaton IS Batman.

    W WW W12 kun oldin
  • They just get on here and say things, not a care in the world. Just saying and talking.

    Handsome JackHandsome Jack12 kun oldin
  • Calling Robert Pattinson "that guy from Twilight" is such an insult to his excellent performances in The Lighthouse, The Devil All the Time, and Tenet. There may be some I'm missing, but I thoroughly enjoyed each of these movies and his performances were all incredible.

    Jared DukesJared Dukes12 kun oldin
  • Good god the dorky stench of people lacking vitamin d in here is nauseating.

    EvEv12 kun oldin
  • Keaton had the benefit of have Tim Burton direct both movies, but more importantly Ben Affleck must be stopped!, first (DAREDEVIL) then (BATMAN) & now (FLASH), up with this bullshit i will not put!, i let "Gigli" go, "Surviving Christmas" came out & i said nothing, BUT THIS MUST STOP NOW!, it could be potentially worse then the Holocaust!

    Anthony BadessaAnthony Badessa13 kun oldin
  • Joe probably only know Pattinson from twilight ,clearly hes not uptodate with pattinson has become

    studmuffin 30studmuffin 3013 kun oldin
  • Keaton is the best and coolest Batman, period. Tim Burton had a lot to do with that too. The Burtonverse Batman series was the best. It is such a shame they never got to make another movie after Batman Returns.

    no hassleno hassle13 kun oldin
  • Joe "Keith Ledger was the best Batman" Rogan

    G moneyG money13 kun oldin
  • Michael Keaton STILL IS the best Batman!!!

    QuantumLink MediaQuantumLink Media14 kun oldin

    Rahat KhanRahat Khan14 kun oldin
  • How high was he

    CicadaCicada14 kun oldin
  • To quote Archie Bunker, Joe Rogan is a “Meat Head”

    Spinning ArtSpinning Art14 kun oldin
  • Michael Keaton is the best Batman, and Ben Affleck was the worst.

    Nick HallNick Hall14 kun oldin
  • Jack Rogan

    Paul JamesPaul James14 kun oldin
  • The original Batman tv series was ahead of its time and over the audience's head, campy adult-humor packaged and marketed as a kid's show 😅

    smozelle82smozelle8214 kun oldin
  • Adam West was charming and funny and I love Keaton and Bale the most in live action, Ben had the most badass live action fights, & curious to see what Robert does, But Kevin Conroy will always be the GOAT DEFINITIVE Batman lmao its crazy how when ya read a comic ya hear his voice, or watch a cartoon or play a video game & he's more than likely the voice they got cause He added so much to Role. Nothin but respect to that man.

    JaxBladeJaxBlade14 kun oldin
    • Yeah I know the feeling, I grew up on BTAS and I hear him anytime I read the comics, same with Hamil for Joker.

      Brad MilesBrad Miles9 kun oldin
  • 😂 Bro Micheal Keaton’s Batman doesn’t come even a bit close to Christian Bales😂 Like not even kinda...😑

    Jacobee StricklandJacobee Strickland14 kun oldin
  • Here for the Nolan nerd rage

    NE One Here FromNE One Here From14 kun oldin
  • It all over Joe..shitify..

    Andrew faheyAndrew fahey14 kun oldin
  • Affleck is better then bale or Clooney batman

    Matt HeavenerMatt Heavener15 kun oldin
  • What I learned from this is that Joe thinks that Batman actors only need to be "jacked."

    Joe SteinerJoe Steiner15 kun oldin
  • Come back to the other platforms

    M RobinsonM Robinson15 kun oldin
  • Both Batfleck and Keaton will be in the flash movie. The flash movie will be introducing the multiverse to the DCEU. Ben Affleck one of the best Batmen.

    Bryant GamezBryant Gamez15 kun oldin
  • It's been confirmed today, Michael Keaton is coming back as bad as Batman .

    TacTac15 kun oldin
  • Give it a few years and batman will be a black asian female

    JBA512JBA51215 kun oldin
  • This feels like 2 ppl talking about football , and they know nothing about football...

    VivekVivek15 kun oldin
  • Yup Ben the worst so far

    Cubswschamps MosleyCubswschamps Mosley15 kun oldin
  • joe rogan and young jamie, holding court. yes, the founder was awesome flick

    kamalmanzukiekamalmanzukie15 kun oldin
  • Hands down the best, yes, there could have been tweeks, but overall, Keaton was the best, I was at the best age for them too maybe, like with ghostbusters, we were lucky compared to people today, the long wait to see new info, hunting thru news papers for photos, all of it added to the prestige of movies, now movie of potential get rushed, or just bad ones more so for me these days

    spikeysyco81spikeysyco8115 kun oldin
  • Val Kilmer kind of sucked.

    Ray58ableRay58able15 kun oldin
  • the best batman - michael keaton the worse batman -its a tie between kilmer and clooney

    marcbronze1marcbronze115 kun oldin
  • AGREE!!! I was just saying this the other day at home while watching the dark knight rises

    marcbronze1marcbronze115 kun oldin
  • Ben Affleck was no way the worst Batman, George Clooney and Val Kilmer was the worst. End of

    Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson15 kun oldin
  • Definitely best Batman of all time.

    DeReeDeRee15 kun oldin
  • If you enjoyed Batman in the 80's/90's than yes Keaton is the best. You had nothing else.

    BrotherhoodBrotherhood15 kun oldin
  • Fuck yea he was. And he didn’t need to put a fake voice on that was just his own

    Lisa BoothLisa Booth16 kun oldin
  • Contrary to them and some people's opinion. My top 3 batmen are 1 Michael Keaton 2 Ben Affleck 3 Christian Bale

    Rom AlvarezRom Alvarez16 kun oldin
  • I'd say christian bale and then michael keaton as 1 and 2

    JD SJD S16 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure christian bale did the batman voice and i don't think any other actor has done that

    JD SJD S16 kun oldin
  • Michael Keaton is the best Batman I grew up watching those movies as a kid, the Christian Bale Batman a very good as well but his Batman voice is horrible.

    Roberto Abaunza Jr.Roberto Abaunza Jr.16 kun oldin
  • No might be. He is. Plain and simple

    mtorngren15mtorngren1516 kun oldin
  • "Working stiffs" Joe Rogan laughs 😂😂😂

    cody gipsoncody gipson16 kun oldin
  • West was more muscular than Keaton

    selfie kroosselfie kroos16 kun oldin
  • Ben Affleck was the best Batman, Joe!

    Pigs Are As Intelligent As DogsPigs Are As Intelligent As Dogs16 kun oldin
  • Kevin conroy will forever be the GOAT

    Arjan SinghArjan Singh16 kun oldin
  • 2:30 I love Batffleck Too

    Rene SalinasRene Salinas16 kun oldin
  • Stupid conversation .. WTF happened to Joe Rogan?

    Rel SciRel Sci16 kun oldin
  • No way Michael Keaton isn't the best Batman it's that other guy with the deep voice

    TheonlyonestandingTheonlyonestanding16 kun oldin
  • Christian bale is tbh

    SoulzyAUSoulzyAU16 kun oldin