Moxie's Harrowing Story of Almost Drowning

1-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1572 with Moxie Marlinspike - Now exclusively on Spotify -

  • Sounds like a 🧢

    5050 Fishing5050 Fishing2 kun oldin
  • 0:21 one learns to operate a sex den by studying Epstein

    HobbsHobbs6 kun oldin
  • Hilarious ending! I love Moxie!

    acoustic61acoustic617 kun oldin
  • Maybe I’m lost or something but I thought @JoeRogan wasn’t to be on UZworld anymore or am I bugging out somebody help me out here

    Lamaar PLamaar P16 kun oldin
  • Theory - He died and his mind continued to live, we are all just extensions of his imagination

    Denis GriffeyDenis Griffey18 kun oldin
  • Ahh a Hard Lesson to learn about the ocean,that once your in it you ARE NOT in control and shit can go south in seconds....Always be prepared for the Worst....

    Melkor MorgothMelkor Morgoth21 kun oldin
  • the shouting add for Spotify at the end is really fcking annoying

    Justin JacksonJustin Jackson23 kun oldin
  • This was a great story. Not as good as cowboy Cerrone’s but still pretty good

    Donald WoodDonald Wood23 kun oldin
  • I myself have got many stories, would love to be on this show just to nightlight mental illness.

    ChrisChris26 kun oldin
  • This dude don't know shit

    alvin curtsalvin curts26 kun oldin
  • "it's a long story" well, yeah, the way you tell stories. what a bunch of useless information. down to the dialogue during the purchase of the boat.

    Melanie JeckerMelanie Jecker27 kun oldin
  • I will not support Spotify. RIP JRE

    wild smoothwild smooth28 kun oldin
  • White people are gonna white people

    david Barnesdavid Barnes28 kun oldin
  • 3 major mistakes!!! 1. you went to buy a boat for 500$. 2. You took out a boat that went for sale to for free from methheads! 3. It was a sailboat!

    209brandon B209brandon B28 kun oldin
  • Is his friend still rowing the boat

    FreziFrezi29 kun oldin
  • Gonna miss the toaster oven. Hashtags wickedsadkid

    Leap YearLeap YearOy oldin
  • Why does he have to yell at the end?

    Billy MechBilly MechOy oldin
  • Glad to see even after joining Spotify, Joe still doesn't listen to his guests' stories.

    B WB WOy oldin
  • Gotta have more offshore sailors on

    ge0rd1e _ge0rd1e _Oy oldin
  • “Uncertainty is the most unendurable condition” 👏

    Serena TrenchSerena TrenchOy oldin
  • I guess I’m not the only one who’s bummed Joe left UZworld!!!! I watched a podcast on Spotify and got bummed when I realized there’s no comment section!!!!! It’s not the same

    steve Osteve OOy oldin
  • 🤦‍♂️

    Konstantin VoloshinKonstantin VoloshinOy oldin
  • If he was feeling embarrassed after being rescued, I'd guess he didn't come that close to dying... 💭

    ATK 86ATK 86Oy oldin

    ShashShashOy oldin
  • Wow, that statement about the false comfort of wanting to give up in a life threatening situation.. that's damn powerful

    dedballoonsdedballoonsOy oldin
  • The "Red Pill" studio of more of a Barney and Friends purple now.

    Siege LifeSiege LifeOy oldin
  • My GOD - this guy is extremely annoying.


    neil Parkinneil ParkinOy oldin
  • rip JRE

    Jeremy OchsJeremy OchsOy oldin
  • I prefer the clips

    The NigglerThe NigglerOy oldin
  • guys what happend

    Tarzan SupermanTarzan SupermanOy oldin
  • He's loud as fuxk at the end.

    Adam LeeAdam LeeOy oldin
  • This is so trash

    Momo ShikikikikikikikilikiploppMomo ShikikikikikikikilikiploppOy oldin
  • The Rock Paper Scissors thing before this was funny as fuck. Too bad it ain't on UZworld. #ripJRE

    Daniel CasalinovoDaniel CasalinovoOy oldin
  • Serious problem with SPOTIFY: does not play offline dowloaded JRE episodes... anyone knows the solution?

  • Sell out

    The FinchThe FinchOy oldin
  • How do I get on the podcast? I have some stories that are relevant to this guys experiences, especially in relation to the data surveillance stuff in the other clips.

    Bradley AthertonBradley AthertonOy oldin
  • Am I the only one not going to Spotify to listen to Joe?

    Shawn SalterShawn SalterOy oldin
  • Kent Hovind next guest please

    TooCuteToShootTooCuteToShootOy oldin
  • This dude sucks

    Drew BombsDrew BombsOy oldin
  • Im a stubborn mf.. dont get forced in any way.. still admid this is one of the closest ive been pushed to some end Ever.. But will cencairy miss the complete talk. Guess ill have to trace some steps back, and find a backroute😂

    LaW NevarLaW NevarOy oldin

    wannab billionarewannab billionareOy oldin
  • just wanted to say i am still watching this podcast on spotify now and want to point out at 22 minutes in u are asking him if he could have an option of choosing an IPHONE which is made by SLAVERY(TODAYS IPHONE 12) and the one which is NOT ofcourse we go for NOT SLAVERY phone if we had an OPTION . BUT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR VEGANISM DEBATE WITH HUNTING when u HAVE AN OPTION OF ETHICAL WAY of satisfying your hunger BY CHOOSING VEGANISM INSTEAD OF MEAT why not choose THE FOREMER and not go HUNTING ELKS AND ALL SORTS OF MEAT THERE IS A SAYING ....EVERYTHING IS NOTHING BUT GRASS SO WHATS IN MEAT IS IN VEGANISM AS WELL KINDLY TAKE IT AS A CONSTRUCTIVE AGRUMENT OR CRITICISIM CUZ I STILL LOVE YOU AND YOUR VLOGS A FOREMER MEAT EATER TURNED VEGETARIAN AND TRYING TO BE VEGAN

    wannab billionarewannab billionareOy oldin
  • these tech dudes need to lay off the addies

    VBC RecordsVBC RecordsOy oldin
  • 👁🐍🤫🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨🤫🐍👁 JOE ROGAN SACRIFICED BRYAN CALLEN & CHRIS D’ELIA FOR SPOTIFY. I believe that the reason why Bryan Callen & Chris D’Elia suddenly lost EVERYTHING to some random females (who quickly disappeared) is because JOE ROGAN IS IN THE ILLUMINATI & HE SACRIFICED THEIR FAME FOR HIS GIG ON SPOTIFY. (He tried to take down Joey Diaz as well) All of them in his inner circle. Notice how he has done nothing to support their innocence? He has all of this influence and yet he won’t mention them or do anything to try and help their careers. And these guys are his best friends? Notice how many of Rogan’s guests are also in the Illuminati? (such as Elon Musk) Look at the timing of Rogan’s jump to Spotify and the sudden fall of Callen & D’Elia who were both doing exceptionally well. Do a deep dive on Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is in the Illuminati BLACK-EYED CLUB.

    Julee CarpenterJulee CarpenterOy oldin
  • Spotify doesn't have a comment section, that was part of the JRE experience. RIP gang

    VikingFitnessVikingFitnessOy oldin
  • This outro is not for me unfortunately

    Wyatt RobinsonWyatt RobinsonOy oldin
  • I listen to Pop Smoke on Spotify and watch JRE on UZworld, thats just how it is. It can't be changed.

    MariusBMariusBOy oldin
  • Hope jre starts using h2 and shares the magic of the 2020 japanese lourdes Hydrofix premium, Cant believe he doesn’t share the amazing science behind it!

    UPRISING 144K The Hydrogen ManUPRISING 144K The Hydrogen ManOy oldin
  • Better read these comments Joe

    J JohnJ JohnOy oldin
  • found it hypocritical that Joe Rogan wasn't willing to accept the bet to have Moxie manage his show for a week, if he lost. His reasoning, he won't allow anyone to tell him who he'll speak with on his show. He invites those he wants to speak with. Yet he denies Twitter and Facebook the same privilege or rights. Why shouldn't Twitter manage their platform in the same way?

    Jadid HerreraJadid HerreraOy oldin
  • The show has not changed despite what some people might say, and real fans will continue to watch on Spotify. Is it that hard to download a different app and watch jre there?

    Austin DeHavenAustin DeHavenOy oldin
  • 🕉Hey Joe.. have Professor Richard Wolff on, I big dog dare you! 🐺🕉

    zamingoldzamingoldOy oldin
  • My uncle who I got named after drowned, he was quite young and living in the bush (outback Australia) at the time and he was riding his horse but he either accidentally or deliberately rode the horse into a water channel- which he may have thought was more shallow than it appeared, and unfortunately both him and the horse drowned and he couldn't get off the horse because his foot had gotten caught in the stirrup- and it was really traumatic for our whole family even my father decades later was traumatized by it (to the point of naming me after him), my grandmother (his mother) devastated right till the day she died. RIP

    anony mooseanony mooseOy oldin
  • His voice triggers my asmr.

    panda jizzpanda jizzOy oldin
  • OMG what a savage. I feel like he is an inspiration to my life. Kardashians move aside!

    Fillmore HillmoreFillmore HillmoreOy oldin
  • I don't like how "enthusiastic" joe is during this new Spotify ad... while we all [on UZworld] painfully watch this die.

    Michael in AweMichael in AweOy oldin
  • Drowning isn't too bad. It took me about 10 years before I could describe it to someone when my friends asked about it (and my parents) and all I could remember is that it's noisy. I just kept saying it was noisy but I couldn't describe what it was before I blacked out. You can feel it go in and fill up the chest and then noise in your ears. I don't remember trying to get it out. No pain but then it was warm bath water with nothing in it. It goes dark. You see a lot of light; not like a tunnel or anyting like that and then there's this tearing sound like something being torn apart like a piece of paper if you tear it slowly. This happened when somebody tore a piece of paper near me and it just suddenly came back. My eyes were open but you can't see much but it's all moving. It's not painful but you do feel all this burning sensation all over but that's about it. Then you come to exactly like you've woken out of anaesthesia and somebody has been jumping on your chest and you can't speak for quite a while. I think mine lasted about a day. I've talked to salt-water drowners. It's a lot worse so try to avoid swimming far out into it if you're not sure why you'd ever want to do that.

    Darren SmithDarren SmithOy oldin
  • Look at all the liberal ducks ignoring the liberal censorship that drove rogan away from UZworld

    Ry MoRy MoOy oldin
  • I'm really not going to go Spotify to listen to one podcast with even more ads and no funny af comments to read, or able to make my own. Just not worth the effort or service to me.

    ExoticGrundyExoticGrundyOy oldin
  • How to find Joe in spotify app? That's damn impossible

    Sergei SSergei SOy oldin
  • I mean on one hand there needs to be an alternative for youtube... we know how bloated and toxic youtube to content creator... On the other though... its spotify basically the same type of company... I rather joe archive his video/audio podcast on his own site.

    Fenrir ABFenrir ABOy oldin
  • The new studio grew on me

    Operator MidnightOperator MidnightOy oldin
  • Damn dude, I really wanted to listen to your podcast

    AndrewAndrewOy oldin
  • I feel betrayed

    Marce DasMarce DasOy oldin
  • Cannot believe Joe sold out.. and there was me thinking he did this for the power of conversation and freedom of speech.. Spot-a-lie has him now.. RIP Podcast King #Gutted

    Rob O'SullivanRob O'SullivanOy oldin
  • either Spotify needs to make video available on ALL PLATFORMS or allow video to be uploaded/viewed ANYWHERE...

    littlepatlittlepatOy oldin
  • My heart physically aches hitting the unsub button.

    Raquel RenoRaquel RenoOy oldin
    • Wait it out like a good soldier.

      ExoticGrundyExoticGrundyOy oldin
  • I hate goodbyes

    Dan SeymourDan SeymourOy oldin
  • This got shit quick

    Mac CLRSMac CLRSOy oldin
  • JRE will not be the same. Sorry it’s been a great ride but good things never last. Not going to listen to a ton of ads and pay for premium. Never thought Joe would be a sell out but here he is...

    bigtuck999bigtuck999Oy oldin
  • RIP Joe Rogan RIP this podcast

    RIP Joe RoganRIP Joe RoganOy oldin
  • "the secret is to begin" (breaths out of nose loudly and makes eye contact) Bro stop. Just stop. Stop acting while you regurgitate a quote you read on a refrigerator.

    PeterPeterOy oldin
  • I can’t believe It has to fucking END. Can’t men have their media without these people pushing their fruity agenda onto us?

    GabrielGabrielOy oldin
  • Not paying for another membership(Spotify). Thanks for the time Joe. It's been good

    Dane RDane ROy oldin
  • Just put the whole show in clips.

    TimchukTimchukOy oldin
  • uh... spotify only? ... see yas!

    Robert MorselliRobert MorselliOy oldin
  • never going to spotify. i have no money. I'll cycle through the old videos endlessly. Nice of them to leave those tho!

    Sean Patrick RichardsSean Patrick RichardsOy oldin
  • you know what's fucked up even more than him moving to spotify??! go back into the video history, they started removing selective podcasts down. You can see the thumbnails go like #1545 > #1546 > #1553 (example). They are taking huge chunks of the existing podcasts off youtube. WTF

    DizeliunDizeliunOy oldin
  • Joe “copious amounts of money is more important than my fans” Rogan

    FriviaFriviaOy oldin
    • I hate it as much as you, but lets be fair... We both would ve taken that deal... Im hating it reaaaaal hard! But its so hypocritical to deny that...😓

      LaW NevarLaW NevarOy oldin
  • Goodbye Joe it was fun while it lasted

    Youssef saadYoussef saadOy oldin
  • It's amazing that Moxie's John Doe is "Ken Thompson"

    RathRathOy oldin
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    frank schroomsfrank schroomsOy oldin
  • Cya Joe , I don't like Spotify - not going

    Rowan TatmanRowan TatmanOy oldin
  • This dude definitely banged his shipmates, when hes talking about making them do things they were too shy about

    MrAhuraMazda187MrAhuraMazda187Oy oldin
  • A lot of people are giving Joe crap for moving to Spotify but honestly I completely understand it. He said it perfectly when he said it's good to have a company that's invested in your future. With UZworld censoring and banning dissenting opinions more and more every day, would you trust the future of his content on UZworld or rather a company that's happily putting a HUGE investment into him and his content?

    Jordan BatesJordan BatesOy oldin
  • Does this dude really call Himself moxie ?

    honeydewbunsonhoneydewbunsonOy oldin
  • The people lost

    Leighton HarringtonLeighton HarringtonOy oldin
  • I thought you had thst fear factor money. Why sell out?

    Growmie GreenthumbGrowmie GreenthumbOy oldin
  • Joe, get the comments up on Spotify. I miss interacting with random strangers online 😞

    Meow🐈Meow🐈Oy oldin
    • Im down, what do you want to argue about?

      Nothing BurgerKingNothing BurgerKingOy oldin
  • IDIOT lol

    Queen Dany TargaryenQueen Dany TargaryenOy oldin
  • I hope UZworld buys Spotify and just merges it into their platform. Talk about a win-win.

    Justin ManshipJustin ManshipOy oldin
    • Amorphous blob owns it, i mean gugle

      Nothing BurgerKingNothing BurgerKingOy oldin
  • sailed out of vision hmmmm

    danP8411danP8411Oy oldin
  • It's been a pleasure gentlemen sharing this comment section with all you savages...but it's another dark day in 2020..An end of was fun while it lasted...but in the end all good things must come to an end🤧

    G manG manOy oldin
  • Where’s the fugging videos?!!!!

    Timothy DaviesTimothy DaviesOy oldin
  • Joe " I sold out to Spotify" Rogan

    Ramza StrifeRamza StrifeOy oldin
  • Once I saw how long the ads were I said screw it not going through all of this sad that Joe Rogan podcast came to this 🤷‍♂️

    Abel S550 GTAbel S550 GTOy oldin
  • Loved you JRE. Not enough to download Spotify. But I loved yah. Good luck in your journeys. It's entirely possible.

    Thomas SolesThomas SolesOy oldin
  • Ain’t no one switching to Spotify Rip JRE

    Andrew SilvaAndrew SilvaOy oldin
    • @colin tuft unless you pay you deal with ads , which was not the way its intended to be listened too.

      Mac McLovinMac McLovin25 kun oldin
    • Pendejo, its free... 😒

      Nero TheGreatNero TheGreat27 kun oldin
    • It’s free? Why wouldn’t you if you enjoy jre

      colin tuftcolin tuft28 kun oldin
    • I did lol way better

      noel homiebronoel homiebro28 kun oldin
    • I'm sure he'll be fine without ya lmao

      burnerburner28 kun oldin
  • when someone says yes and shakes there head no... they're full of shit

    Irish HeroIrish HeroOy oldin