Pinky And The Toe Moment - JRE Toons

21-Dek, 2020
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Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience #1530 with Duncan Trussell - Now Available exclusively on Spotify -

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    Rodrigo LopesRodrigo LopesSoat oldin
  • Message from the Community Galactic

    Entities NothingEntities Nothing3 soat oldin
  • OMG! I am a pinky toe! Guess I picked the wrong week to stop smoking weed.

    tvsinesperantotvsinesperanto18 soat oldin
  • Hey my pinky kinda holds his own against my thumb. But pinky’s aren’t useful if you have to lose a finger chose a pinky.

    Ismail GIsmail GKun oldin
  • Way to turn this one around Toe Rogan.

    Yosef PermacultureYosef PermacultureKun oldin
  • Haha...

    Lady Ava PertoLady Ava PertoKun oldin
  • most bizarre non sequitur I've ever heard.

    GregGregKun oldin
  • R

    DaBrodie StrizzDaBrodie Strizz2 kun oldin
  • Please interview WhatsApp Founder Brian Acton Who Now Owns Signal. I want the whole story. How do we know they won’t bend over to the NSA Again?

    D WD W3 kun oldin
  • I call bs i tried it and my pinky is about as strong as my thumb

    Jerry StandeckerJerry Standecker3 kun oldin
  • Joe "Babys are stronger than your baby toe" Rogan

    Alexander SchirmerAlexander Schirmer3 kun oldin
  • Please!? Toes? That's not comedy! Try cowlicks! Damn things never lay down!

    Sheri CSheri C4 kun oldin
  • Sub to Matt silly lol 😂

    Matt SillyMatt Silly4 kun oldin
  • DA FU**?

    Jay R Jr Jay R JrJay R Jr Jay R Jr4 kun oldin
  • Can we get Joe Rohan to talk about Iboga??? That would be dope

    Nick M.Nick M.4 kun oldin
  • Good luck with moving to Spotify, somehow i know why this is, and i can understand why you did. Have fun Joe Rogan !

    David WilsonDavid Wilson4 kun oldin
  • get more plates more dates on the podcast.

    M DM D4 kun oldin
  • The stink joe that is what the pinky is for.

    My ThoughtsMy Thoughts5 kun oldin
  • Duncan voice sounds like a screechy lesbians’

    GrayGray6 kun oldin
  • Love Duncan

    Cindy SueCindy Sue6 kun oldin
  • Why won't you have david paulides on?

    Alyson BancroftAlyson Bancroft7 kun oldin
  • Don’t worry people Don Frye and Dan Severn start recording there own podcast February 6 in Tucson Arizona. “Dan and Dons Toxic Masculinity Podcast.”

    ICE MANICE MAN7 kun oldin
  • i’ve broken my baby toe twice hurts like a bitch... this is the first time i’ve lol at Rogen in a while

    Darin ShahriDarin Shahri7 kun oldin
  • 10.2 million subs that no longer has content

    Ronald BulfordRonald Bulford7 kun oldin
  • Joe you should host Derek from more plates!

    Sean FitzpatrickSean Fitzpatrick8 kun oldin
  • Love you Joe here's my new song...

    Capitole DCapitole D8 kun oldin
  • Toe Rogan

    Optimistic NihilistOptimistic Nihilist8 kun oldin
  • Joe u should get timbuktu on the freak Mitchel cast, Eh not the country it's a swedish rapper, not confirmed he's from timbuktu, he rocked the reggae scene, great smile and is currently hustling some swedish talk shows Taste: it smells like smoke / det luktar rök - timbuk Shout out long necks ft. Thesaurus

    pot stovepot stove9 kun oldin
    • Bump

      pot stovepot stove9 kun oldin
  • Dunno why but I fucken hate this animation

    N BN B10 kun oldin
  • I just feel lately we've been between the toes of humanity...

    lyubo antonovlyubo antonov10 kun oldin
  • Please channel ko subscribe kijiy

    Aacharya devAacharya dev10 kun oldin
  • The pinky is for picking your nose to get those hard to reach boogers

    J WillisJ Willis10 kun oldin
  • Dude, I'm so laughing about that cartoon, it's so you.

    Scott BorrorScott Borror10 kun oldin

    Lance ReidLance Reid10 kun oldin
  • Back on point. Funniest one since the Aztec death whistle.

    Target Focus - Competitive Shooting by Trevor S.Target Focus - Competitive Shooting by Trevor S.10 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan I fucking love you dude, since fear factor. Please kind Sir, do me a shout outtt!!! Whoooooo!!!! 🍻

    Thee Irish MexicanThee Irish Mexican10 kun oldin

    Thee Irish MexicanThee Irish Mexican10 kun oldin
  • Little yor gives balance. Try cutting it off. You'll know then

    Jason WrightJason Wright11 kun oldin
  • I mean opposable thumbs is why we’re bad ass. Maybe talk about how amazing having a thumb is 😀

    Horsemouth FatHorsemouth Fat11 kun oldin
  • Joe get FPS Russia on the show plz 👏

    Isaiah RichardIsaiah Richard11 kun oldin
  • Become a guitarist!

    Morf MusicMorf Music12 kun oldin
  • This is great!! Helarious

    DIYTechnicianDIYTechnician12 kun oldin
  • If you lost your pinky you would lose 40% of your hand grips strength ironically you'd be weak without it

    jack hahnjack hahn12 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of Karl pilkington cartoons 🤣

    K9K912 kun oldin
  • Alone, your pinkies are weak but our pinky finger is actually responsible for the mojority of grip strength and without your pinky toe you'd never be able to walk in a straight line.

    Nick KorotayevNick Korotayev12 kun oldin
  • Is anyone even watching Joe Rogan on Spotify? That would be the only reason for me to go over there. Aint gonna happen

    Joe SmithJoe Smith13 kun oldin

    Joshua MerwineJoshua Merwine13 kun oldin
  • This but full episodes

    da quigleyda quigley13 kun oldin
  • If you lost your pinky you would lose 40% of your hand grips strength ironically you'd be weak without it

    jack hahnjack hahn13 kun oldin
  • My favorite or one of my favorite episodes .

    Jakub EscañuelaJakub Escañuela13 kun oldin
  • Having this visual makes me realize how high they sound having this conversation 😂😂 Duncan Trussell nailed it though, we honestly are probably the pinky toe of the universe.

    Michaela EllisMichaela Ellis13 kun oldin
  • LOL

    swanclipperswanclipper13 kun oldin
  • Bro I literally held the phone the whole time between thumb and pinky realised when I finished a video.. so its a cap pinkis do shit 😂 occasionally

    CoProDeucesCoProDeuces13 kun oldin
  • From playing Guitar, your pinky actually gets quite a bit stronger.

    Julian HuberJulian Huber14 kun oldin
  • OMG I’m dead

    Dennis MontalvoDennis Montalvo14 kun oldin
  • Jesus this shit is getting so much worse

    Luke DixonLuke Dixon14 kun oldin
  • BROOOOO I LOVE THIS HUMOR,,,YOU AND DUNCAN ARE SO out of this world with your thought and humor.

    Nick LeipardNick Leipard14 kun oldin
  • So you're just saying let me be by myself and everybody else can be by themselves p.s. it's not me it's them they say they do that I o help it's not

    Almost ShouldofAlmost Shouldof14 kun oldin
  • What is the problem with the pinky the brain and now if that brain was copied or let's just say was not your actual thoughts but this is we're supposed to be your thoughts

    Almost ShouldofAlmost Shouldof14 kun oldin
  • Great content, I like it 👍 I'm always open for feedback, and would be grateful, if someone would check it out.

    Travel DroneTravel Drone14 kun oldin
  • This concept is amazing, having a visual representation just adds to the interest and comedic value!

    Jack SmithJack Smith14 kun oldin
    • Justin Lehman I pay for it anyway for the music lol😂

      Jack SmithJack Smith12 kun oldin
    • Enough for you to pay for spotify premium?

      Justin LehmanJustin Lehman13 kun oldin
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  • Joe you just found a new calling and source of income get on it bro make that mula

    Ethan ReichardEthan Reichard15 kun oldin
  • It may be weak but it's there for a reason

    River PheonixRiver Pheonix15 kun oldin
  • Joe che7ck her out !

    peter eglitispeter eglitis15 kun oldin
  • I love this. That's hilarious.

    HeliumNinjaHeliumNinja16 kun oldin
  • Thought this was gonna be a jab back at Owen Benjamin and his Joe the Toe shit and got excited. It wasn't but I'm still fulfilled :)

    jakethesnake2024jakethesnake202416 kun oldin
  • I know it's a little late to ask but I hope someday that JRE and Paulytoon would do something with the trailer Park boys, from Canada and Nova Scotia

    Brad FraserBrad Fraser16 kun oldin
  • You'e little baby toe gives you balance, derp

    Isha BoyeIsha Boye16 kun oldin
  • You can not hold a stick or for example a sword properly without a pinky. It is there to balance, just like your toes when you walk. You may know the yakuza thing, where they cut their pinky to earn their respect back. That tradition goes a long time back, where they basically give up their ability to hold a sword or a knife to fight.

    Mameshiba-samaMameshiba-sama16 kun oldin
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    Illuminati SocietyIlluminati Society16 kun oldin
  • Joe,Interview with Mike Mew, who discovered a method to make himself attractive (and correct dental problems) with the "MEWING". It consists of putting the tongue on the palate to direct facial growth. He has a youtube channel called ORTHOTROPICS

    era gonera gon16 kun oldin
  • Joe you need to have Devon "Hannibal the Deathdealer" Nicholson on your show!

    Biggest Richard CraniumBiggest Richard Cranium16 kun oldin
  • dam duncan is back....

    For Comment PurposesFor Comment Purposes16 kun oldin
  • My little toe nails are fucked up ...looks a like a Kestrel's Beak

    p low-bp low-b17 kun oldin
  • Please Invite SABER from AWR

    Black DropBlack Drop17 kun oldin
  • Joe, (or who ever moderates this for Joe) please look up unstoppable Morgan’s latest video. She gives you a shoutout and I don’t think it’s too much to say you saved her life man.

    Diamonds & RustDiamonds & Rust17 kun oldin
  • Sumo wrestlers have exceptionally strong pinkies

    Desuburger34Desuburger3417 kun oldin
  • One of your best. When Joe moves in close to discuss the deadly power in his fingers, 😂. That’s a thing of beauty.

    Robert BlackmoreRobert Blackmore17 kun oldin
    • Thanks

      paulytoonpaulytoon17 kun oldin
  • The OB experienced one can OB invert Like the guy from star wars, but real? Idk what's real?

    The Jackd LifeThe Jackd Life18 kun oldin
  • Jre should have a podcast with sadhguru please we want to see

    parash Gajmerparash Gajmer18 kun oldin
  • I can't listen or watch the podcast on Spotify because Joe Rogan is not available in KSA, it was soo much better on youtube,

    Faizan Abdul HameedFaizan Abdul Hameed18 kun oldin
  • RAD 😎

    The_Tessa_Marie YoungThe_Tessa_Marie Young18 kun oldin
  • sword fighting needs your pinky

    Michael MurphyMichael Murphy18 kun oldin
  • I know u have a thing for UFOs so this is my take on the topic. I live on Oahu and we saw a UFO on New Year’s Eve. I think it might be connected to the fireworks. Like u said in previous podcast, u think they’ve been coming down due to nuclear subjects. Well, what else is sort of in that field, fireworks. I feel like Hawaii had so much fireworks that “something” has been watching. Idk what it was but what’s ur take on it??

    Kulia KawaiKulia Kawai18 kun oldin
  • I use to like Joe but he become a bad sell out he to far under elite control I hope the little batty boy reads this

    Michael WalkerMichael Walker18 kun oldin
  • This small clips makes me realllllllllllllllllll fuckingggg angryyyyyyyyyy

    Kaale PaapaKaale Paapa19 kun oldin
    • I ask for help!

      World EventsWorld Events17 kun oldin
  • motorcycling makes my pinky strongo

    kanyediankanyedian19 kun oldin
  • I realized, since you switched over to Spotify, I never watch you anymore. Your podcast doesn't fit since I only use Spotify to listen to music, not podcasts. I enjoyed watching your videos on UZworld and I hope for your eventual return to full length podcast on UZworld.

    DeffnoDeffno20 kun oldin

    diamondparadigmdiamondparadigm20 kun oldin

    diamondparadigmdiamondparadigm20 kun oldin

    diamondparadigmdiamondparadigm20 kun oldin
  • Cartoons make everything funny lol

    Ryan NolinRyan Nolin20 kun oldin
  • Favorite one so far! Hilarious!

    Don EdwardsDon Edwards20 kun oldin
  • Wow what a rant! 🤯😂

    Don AntoineDon Antoine20 kun oldin
  • PowerfulJRE with no JRE 🤔 Joe took the money and ran. I'm not saying anyone else wouldn't have done the same 100m is the ultimate carrot but you don't get to have your cake and eat it. If you remove the gold from your channel your channel deserves to fade away. UNSUBSCRIBE

    martin greenmartin green20 kun oldin
  • I’d forgotten about Joe

    316SR316SR20 kun oldin
  • Too fucking funny 😆

    Erik francoErik franco20 kun oldin
  • Discount CokeLogic

    John LemoineJohn Lemoine20 kun oldin