Richard Rawlings Announces the End of "Fast N' Loud"

16-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1578 with Richard Rawlings.

  • Ngl I’m going miss watching fast n loud 🥺

    Dyl501stDyl501st4 soat oldin
  • the thing i liked about fast and loud was there was little to no cussing, most car shows the morons think they look cool when they cuss and what happens is they are bleeped out, it's like listening to an ambulance backing up

    Mrs HudsonMrs Hudson6 soat oldin
  • Richard "I'm a BIG free agent" Everyone "nope, you're not"

    Shawn HShawn H7 soat oldin
  • KFC should look him up as the new spokesman for a new spicy chicken called the fast and loud

    Evan CampbellEvan Campbell8 soat oldin
  • the show became more about richard drinking beer and getting paid than building cars. season one and two were great, then the show went to crap.

    krazi77krazi7710 soat oldin
  • No. how bout when Aaron left everybody quit watching. and that is the truth.

    Texas Basement BuildsTexas Basement Builds15 soat oldin
  • He is so erogent

    the future is grimthe future is grim16 soat oldin
  • It was a good show but as a car show they killed it . I still ain't seen every episode

    SonOfDrTitoSonOfDrTito16 soat oldin
  • everyone below me whos trying to say they thought the show had ended 3 or 4 years ago is talking pure bullsh*t

    barry shawbarry shaw21 soat oldin
  • Aaron didnt do it for me, didnt like his personality, kinda glad he's not there anymore, love the rest

    barry shawbarry shaw21 soat oldin
  • Fast N' Loud was my favorite show ever. Thank you Richard, Aaron and all the crew for everything. Good Luck!

    pelon95pelon9522 soat oldin
  • Arrogan... jerk.. all his workers started leaving.. 🤣🤣🤣

    Adan vald ContrerasAdan vald ContrerasKun oldin
  • I have to admit that the ever increasing "product placement" was gettin' out of hand, distracting....

    James HaytonJames HaytonKun oldin
  • My camera phone.. 💯✨🤳 3:13

    Right Eye BlinkRight Eye BlinkKun oldin
  • Too bad Richard is too much of a clown

    nickybullvol82nickybullvol822 kun oldin
  • Wow he's aged 😱

    Karl HeathKarl Heath2 kun oldin
  • Things went downhill with Aaron leaving and the run in with big chief. Richard seemed to become more arrogant then ever and looked like his ego was well out of control and show suffered because of it

    Mask ManMask Man2 kun oldin
  • There's only so many times you can put the spark plug leads on the in the wrong order before starting the engine for the first time and claim to have a "major" problem with the motor

    Andy SimkinAndy Simkin2 kun oldin
  • This actually came to an end about 18 months ago. I had a friend who worked on the production crew for the Fast & Loud show. I remember when he got laid off because the show had ended. He told a few friends because it was obvious he was out of work. But we that knew pledged to not reveal it on any of our social media. The show was well past its expiration date anyways. Once Aaron left, and Gas Monkey took on a more "corporate" feel, it was no longer the same show we had come to love.

    Island Joe 45Island Joe 453 kun oldin
  • Anyone else watch Dennis Collins on You Tube? He is the holy grail savior and litterally a walking encyclopedia when it comes to cars.

    DD PNDD PN3 kun oldin
  • His head is bigger then his market

    MidnitesilverrunMidnitesilverrun3 kun oldin
  • Between Rawlings and Rogan they could probably rule the World

    Peter BuzayPeter Buzay3 kun oldin
  • He’s a business man what he should do is start his own network he’s been very successful with his own place and with helping others improve their business. I’m sure he’s going to do something big.

    Stephen RussellStephen Russell3 kun oldin
  • Whatever you will be doing Richard everyone will will follow you and watch you!.....wwwwwoooooooo!!!!!👉🏻👉🏻

    Keith WeihsKeith Weihs4 kun oldin
  • For some one who drives nice cars gets pissed and has a laugh ain't done to bad in my opinion

    GaryGary4 kun oldin
  • Richard Rawlings.... Keep doing what you do! Love it! 😂

    Earl BigodEarl Bigod4 kun oldin
  • Why did he age 15 years since the show.

    RavioliBanditRavioliBandit4 kun oldin
  • Wait, Fast N' Loud was still on TV? Who knew? Who cared?

    JunkBoxHeroJunkBoxHero5 kun oldin
  • Aaron, and Tom were the best

    Sinister SilveradoSinister Silverado5 kun oldin
  • Duncan Trussell in an alternate reality.

    Cameron TaylorCameron Taylor5 kun oldin
  • It was kewl 😎 1st couple/few seasons but...? Others have said it but...ONCE certain characters leave and you are just doing the same sh.t OVER n OVER and you gotta CHANGE stuff COMPLETELY around "to KEEP IT FRESH???" IDK 🤔 IS WHAT IT IS.... THERE ARE a couple others "cough/cough" (Graveyard/Iron Resurrection) THAT DO SEEM to keep it interesting doing the SAME thing so....? TBH? I just am NOT a fan of RR much at all, otherwise I'd wish him LUCK on his new adventures, however? Lol. I'm SURE he'll do just FINE without without my best wishes though LOL! 😆 NUTHIN BUT $$$ with that guy.......

    Jim ConcannonJim Concannon5 kun oldin
  • I used to love watching discovery. OTC was cool, Monster Garage along with Jesse James WEst Coast Choppers documentaries, Crab Fishing, Now they seem to have gold mining 15 different ways. Alaskan Bush People, who don't even live in AK and got arrested for not living in AK long enough to be eligible for dividend checks. Street Outlaws who are not outlaws because they are not breaking any laws. They were renting a road to race on and now the show is on an actual racetrack. It's turned into "Pinks" without the pink slips, been there done that. Naked and afraid, give me a break. I hardly ever watch what used to be my most favorite network. Just like History Channel it's all dumbed down.

    Paul Bahre AKA CrashPaul Bahre AKA Crash5 kun oldin
  • I always enjoyed watching the show Even after Aaron Kaufman left Aaron Kaufman he was an awesome mechanic going to miss the show can't wait to see what the new stuff is going to be

    Dean JohnsonDean Johnson5 kun oldin
  • Damn he lookin fat and alcoholic. He doesn’t own GAS MONKEY he just ran it. He was the personality and face. That’s it

    policeofficer94policeofficer946 kun oldin
  • Thank God.

    clifwilksclifwilks6 kun oldin
  • Rawlings is such a cheese dick. It’s unfortunate that he was given such a lofty pedestal to feed his unjustifiably huge ego.

    Slim PickeringSlim Pickering6 kun oldin
  • Good luck Richard, 8 years is a long run, your a winner! Loved your show.

    Tony WagonerTony Wagoner6 kun oldin
  • The TV show was all that "kept" the Gas Monkey name semi relevant. In a year it'll be Gas Monkey who.

    Trebor SllawTrebor Sllaw6 kun oldin
  • They need to let Aaron be the new man in town and call the show..."FASTER AND LOUDER!"

    Randy JacksonRandy Jackson6 kun oldin
  • Well i am glad its over he just scammed people and did mediocre restorations and is so full of him self

    Steve SmithSteve Smith6 kun oldin
  • 👌

    D00MEDD00MED6 kun oldin
  • I think Richard is a little nervous

    JPJP7 kun oldin
  • What about garage rehab

    Randy ShawRandy Shaw7 kun oldin
  • S*** I thought he bought Discovery Channel

    Randy ShawRandy Shaw7 kun oldin
  • people talking shit about the show dying when Aaron left. No show without Richard. He made it happen. Aaron couldn't keep his own show going for more than a year. Go develop an idea, get it picked up by a network. find out how hard it is. the show ran for four more years without him. eight years in total. pretty damn successful if you ask me.

    Eugene MeyerEugene Meyer7 kun oldin
    • True. It's still a fact that plural for Richard is Dick and he lives up to his name. I started watching Count's Kustoms long ago way before Aaron even left Gas Monkey garbage and haven't missed the show one bit all hail Danny Koker.

      Slap Ur MomSlap Ur Mom2 kun oldin
  • Aaron made the show a lot of talent.

    TheGhoochTheGhooch7 kun oldin
  • no one cares aron MADE THE SHOW

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez7 kun oldin
  • Podcast huh, who wants to listen to Richard yak anyway ?

    Michael TyreMichael Tyre7 kun oldin
  • Stopped watching several years ago. Just a used car dealer after all is said and done.

    Oldies Soul Mix MadridOldies Soul Mix Madrid8 kun oldin
  • Yeah the show did go down hill after Aaron left. Richards mate Dennis has great episode's on here and fb to watch. Love watching all his stuff and highly recommend it. Get on board guys, Dennis Collins

    Alan LuddingtonAlan Luddington8 kun oldin
  • Whats the new show gonna be called. (When Tattooed guys do muscle cars) ' SIMP My Ride' :D

    Sunil CunninghamSunil Cunningham8 kun oldin
  • I build classic cars for my personal hobby, not financial gain. But shows like fast and loud made it nearly impossible to get a fair deal on a project car. Every rust bucket I find now, the sellers believe they're holy grails.

    TOM CATTOM CAT9 kun oldin
  • Personally I miss the show. For me, Aaron didn't make the show, but I appreciate what he contributed. He is however a master craftsman, and no one including me can take that away from him. I'm loving the brotherhood between Joe and Richard though. Two of my favourite American celebs.

    Dave GrayDave Gray9 kun oldin
  • There is a God,

    Captain Jack KayCaptain Jack Kay9 kun oldin
  • Rawlings tried hard to be the alpha in any group he was in. A for effort taterchip.

    Oldtimer f7Oldtimer f79 kun oldin
  • Show sucked

    Peggy LavellePeggy Lavelle9 kun oldin
  • Coming soon to Amazon Prime 😏🤔

    Bil PatBil Pat9 kun oldin
  • It died when Aaron left

    Zuma ZoomzoomZuma Zoomzoom9 kun oldin
  • It was over when Aaron left..

    John TroupJohn Troup9 kun oldin
  • That show was supposed to be called the bearded wonder. When this guy’s head grew bigger that his body could handle and he was really rude to his homie. I knew the show was over. I love how chief beat his ass on the race strip even when this guy cheated 😂😂😂

    Mr. SharpMr. Sharp9 kun oldin
  • This was actually a sad interview, you can tell he is desperate for fame and drinking himself into a hole...I think joe realized this fast and was kinda diggin into him

    Samuel GaldieriSamuel Galdieri10 kun oldin
  • Now maybe car prices will come back down. Too many “car guys” think their garbage is worth $20,000

    Debra StarkeDebra Starke10 kun oldin
  • Jesse James punked him 😂

    B MB M10 kun oldin
  • Hated the show. Never was a true car show for enthusiasts. Can’t believe it was on so long. Show was big on egos, cars were always 2nd banana.

    Zeke SkylarZeke Skylar10 kun oldin
  • I'll save y'all some time reading the comments, " the show wasn't the same when Aaron left and Richard is a tool" you're welcome

    Gerald McmahonGerald Mcmahon10 kun oldin
  • It used to be a great show until it became the Richard Rawlins show that’s why Aaron and Casey left it’s A shame used to be about building cars🤦‍♂️

    Ken RichardKen Richard10 kun oldin
  • Good they suck !

    Jim SheltonJim Shelton10 kun oldin
  • Thank god

    One Last Cast FishingOne Last Cast Fishing10 kun oldin
  • Companies like Monster transmission made alot of money off Fast and Loud regardless of how bad the company is.

    Del RoyerDel Royer10 kun oldin
  • Without Discovery, Gas Monkey Garage would still be a nothing hole-in-the-wall. You have no place to even think about talking shit about Discovery.

    T00LF00LT00LF00L10 kun oldin
  • I cant get spotify to work on my FIREFOX no matter what I do!

    r burnsr burns11 kun oldin
  • "...that was back in my single days, I'm married now.." ~ PURRR-LEASE!!! ... _You've been married 38 times, and never let it stop you once_ ...

    TeressaTeressa11 kun oldin
  • Who cares ...

    Boo RadleyBoo Radley11 kun oldin
  • Thank fuck for that he was gradually disappearing up his own arss

    Steve marshSteve marsh11 kun oldin
  • He stop the shop because anything he puts his name on Breaks, Crashes, or is a big ole P.O.S.

    William BakerWilliam Baker11 kun oldin
  • I laughed my ass of when he wrecked that Hellcat at the track and he always claimed he could drive. He always got on my nerves with whoooos every 2 mins.

    midnight savannahmidnight savannah11 kun oldin
  • Good...... go away...... you’ve always been a putz.....

    Scott AbbeScott Abbe11 kun oldin
  • Richard couldn't change a 4cyl spark plugs.

    Donald CothernDonald Cothern11 kun oldin
  • Fast and Loud was about more than Gas Monkey Garage. When Richard stick forced every employee, especially Aaron, to work late nights, over nights and seven day weeks, he and only HE screwed the workers and lost my Loyalty for ever. America hates a bully.

    Ron WadeRon Wade11 kun oldin
  • We cared about the person who did the work (Aaron), not the financial backer. Bye richard!

    Randy RodriguezRandy Rodriguez11 kun oldin
  • Aaron better be on that Podcast !

    PJPJ11 kun oldin
  • I know all Richard's guys left one by one but they wouldn't of been known if it wasn't for Richard

    50 Channel50 Channel11 kun oldin
  • Him and Aaron together made the show.

    Brandon PottsBrandon Potts11 kun oldin
  • The bloke is the biggest wanker in the motoring world.....Period.

    Mick TeasdaleMick Teasdale11 kun oldin
  • That's a good way of explaining it. I reached the top of the mountain. Couldn't be more right there's only so many things you can do with to keep the people interested and at the same time something original

    Allen byerAllen byer11 kun oldin
  • MotorTrend!!!! I know they have episodes of F&L, but Idk if they have to budget to carry the show on their own or any of Richards ideas

    Greasy StyleGreasy Style11 kun oldin
  • This was announced early 2020

    Tec DesignsTec Designs11 kun oldin
  • The guy is a dbag, that's why the show was ended.

    Dill PickelDill Pickel12 kun oldin
  • Nobody likes Richard Rawlings Aaron is the reason for his Success Richard is a Douche

    Todd bobTodd bob12 kun oldin
  • I knew it was over when this jack wagon thought a $200,000 SEMA Buick Riviera was a great Idea. The Riviera was perfect from factory in 1972,1973.

    Chris GossmanChris Gossman12 kun oldin
  • I LOVE Fast N' Loud

    siKCOneVEVOsiKCOneVEVO12 kun oldin
  • Been reading some of the comments about Aaron leaving the show, like Aaron was the only one that did anything there. Jesus there is a whole bloody team that works on the building and fabrication of those projects, give them some credit, takes more than one guy to make a team. As far as Rawlings concerned after the second season his true narcissistic self revealed itself. Most of the drama on these shows is almost all planned and rehearsed, after while it’s just the same old shite, would love see an actual show where there isn’t so much BS. I think the guys at that shop are very talented and make some pretty awesome rides.

    Ryan DucharmeRyan Ducharme12 kun oldin
  • Im in shock that it was still on.

    the last chancethe last chance12 kun oldin
  • Most fans thought gas monkey garage closed years ago with his restaurants.

    OzSeattleOzSeattle12 kun oldin
  • Aaron seemed fixated oh air bags and 20" wheels. Both bad ideas. It has been a better show without him. The crew is now allowed and encouraged to think for themselves.

    Gregg CollinsGregg Collins12 kun oldin
  • It was still on? I thought it was cancelled a long time ago. Stopped watching after Aaron Kaufman left. Yeah.....

    Billy RoqueBilly Roque12 kun oldin
  • Richard Rawlings is a super sized with extra salty fries douche bag.

    96t5wagon96t5wagon12 kun oldin
  • Now Spotify owns Joe

    J IJ I12 kun oldin
  • Aaron left the show died. The End

    J IJ I12 kun oldin
  • Show ended when Aaron left

    rodney storickrodney storick12 kun oldin