Rogan & Burr Discuss the Legendary Steve Martin

7-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1575 with Bill Burr.

  • Bill Burr is kind of an idiot.

    AL- BOTAL- BOT2 kun oldin
  • Lots of negative feedback to the Spotify switch but you guys gotta realize UZworld is actually garbage and would have probably shut Joe down completely sooner or later.

    Josef GordonJosef Gordon2 kun oldin
  • The studio he had in LA with the American Flag 🇺🇸 was perfect. Now looks like they are « podcasting » (can we still call it that) from inside an amplifier in the trunk of some teenager’s civic. Also Joe seems less genuine and way more careful about the way he talks to guess, the question he ask, as if he was squeezing his but cheeks, looked over by suits. Smoking weed and drinking whisky with old Musky will never happen again.

    Simon DouvilleSimon Douville4 kun oldin
  • I'm the same age as Joe and Bill. Steve Martin was the shit. His King Tut skit was hilarious!!

    David O RodriguezDavid O Rodriguez5 kun oldin
  • The Jerk determines who your friends are, who you sleep with, and most importantly who is your enemy. The Jerk is Steve Martin's Dark Side of the Moon...and if none of you get that then you should probably die from being stupid.

    Lucifer JonesLucifer Jones5 kun oldin
  • Steve Martin is just not funny to me. Sorry. Everything he does is awful.

    Justin BruscinoJustin Bruscino7 kun oldin
  • These new uploads suck wat happened the the whole fucking podcast

    kyle leitekyle leite7 kun oldin
  • The man with two brains. So good. Kathleen turner was great in that too. “Get that cat outta here!”

    Cyle BennettCyle Bennett9 kun oldin
  • I know one thing joe rogan is not funny.

    Paul GrennanPaul Grennan9 kun oldin
  • You know why this podcast works.........

    Ayerox JapacoAyerox Japaco9 kun oldin
  • Friend just sent this !! Look at this!! 😳 Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCain's being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on..... These are Clinton’s emails: Index file! Send to everyone you can as fast as you can! 😎

    kjvstreetpreacherkjvstreetpreacher9 kun oldin
  • MY BLUE HEAVEN! Such an underrated gem

    A LLegendlyA LLegendly9 kun oldin
  • Steve Martin=The Goat. The Jerk was so far ahead of its time, such a perfect movie. Imagine that movie getting made today. “Get away from these cans! He hates the cans!”

    A LLegendlyA LLegendly9 kun oldin
  • Some people say "too big to fail"

    BeeznitchioBeeznitchio9 kun oldin
  • I still have his book "The Cruel Shoes"

    dan9393100dan939310013 kun oldin
  • Arugula is a ve -ge-table . I loooove my Blue Heaven!

    Jairus OtienoJairus Otieno16 kun oldin
  • Check out his stuff on Johnny Carson's show

    roger edwardsroger edwards18 kun oldin
  • Not getting spotify. So long Joe. Fun while it lasted. The comments were part of the fun

    Human Phillip'sHuman Phillip's18 kun oldin
  • My god has joe fallen off

    RobRob19 kun oldin
  • steve martin was never funny sorry

    tiMStatiMSta20 kun oldin
  • it's just unwatchable on spotify. Starts and stops constanstly

    neverpresentneverpresent20 kun oldin
  • Have you guys seen this old school Joe vid? Thank me later! 😂😂😂

    Virginia PayneVirginia Payne20 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire22 kun oldin
  • joe haas become an expert about comedy... hmmmm

    ScupaciumScupacium24 kun oldin
  • @JRE you could feel you were somehow signing a deal with the devil when you did the Spotify thing, no matter how close you looked at the contract, no matter what questions you asked. How else can they give you that kind of money without taking something away?’ll never actually USE 90% of that money LOL-You’re going to have to be working most of it into tax shelters, and to lawyers to go after ppl who were supposed to put your money into tax shelters. Brah..., just sayn-might wanna re-check that contract real quick before you start seeing a bunch of those little bobble-head figures of yourself on top of car dashboards. Only $49.95. Be clear that you’re gonna start dressing as a transvestite lap dancer on all shows for anything less than 40% of the bobble-head deal. PS: Chapelle can give you some good tips on getaway places in Nofugginweer, Africa btw.

    Your MomYour Mom24 kun oldin
  • Planes, trains and automobiles is one of the best holidays movies ever.

    irregular manairregular mana24 kun oldin
  • I thought Joe stopped podcasting because of no new vids. Now i see he is on spotify only. I guess he has retied from podcasting. Love your shows and been following for years but no way im going to support left leaning spotify. Good luck with your future shit. Ill watch ur clips elsewhere.

    Andrew DAndrew D25 kun oldin
  • Steve Martin's comedy albums did not age well. I first heard him in 1977 or 78 when hid debut album came out, I was 11 or 12, so of course that's the funniest stuff you ever heard at that age, then his next album was good too, then he sort of lost it. His funniest movies are The Jerk, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, and The Man With Two Brains. Then he went soft in my opinion. I've always loved him but I can only watch the three movies I listed. All his other ones are too cutesy and limp. Well, The Lonely Guy is alright.

    YouTube-tiedYouTube-tied26 kun oldin
  • I had to read that book for a writing class in college. I loved every page. Take that from someone that reads picture books at a third grade level.

    BussinANutBussinANut27 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks

    machmen1000machmen100027 kun oldin
  • Watched JRE before it even was a podcast.. Guess it is all over lol.. not going to spotify..

    Mr SpankingtonMr Spankington27 kun oldin
  • I’m picking out a thermos for you Not an ordinary thermos for you But an extra special thermos With vinyl and trim And maybe a barometer too

    Alexander NagelAlexander Nagel27 kun oldin
  • Say NO to Spotify

    urONEdadurONEdad28 kun oldin
  • Thank God Spotify downloaders exist.

    Simon TurnerSimon Turner28 kun oldin
  • I wish the entire podcast wasn’t removed from UZworld.

    Otabek IlhomovOtabek Ilhomov28 kun oldin
  • Are you guys still here or am i alone on youtube.

    durrani khandurrani khan28 kun oldin
  • Joe is a better podcaster than comedian

    Harry MohanHarry Mohan28 kun oldin
  • Im not on Spotify.. I don't blame Joe for leaving for the money.. but its simply not the same.. the room is whack lookin.. can''t be as free with herb and the way things were.. sure , things change.. but he was doing fine and growing before..

    vidbybillvidbybill29 kun oldin
  • New single out now

    Timothy DaughtonTimothy DaughtonOy oldin

    meesalikeumeesalikeuOy oldin
  • Steve Martin asked for more time with Gordon Keith during a stupid movie promo interview. Genius recognized genius.

    progrocker2112progrocker2112Oy oldin
  • Arugula, It’s a Vegetable- My Blue Heaven so Underrated

    Danielk KnauerDanielk KnauerOy oldin
  • so does the podcast no longer have video since its on spotify?

    Mitch CumsteinMitch CumsteinOy oldin
  • Check out Sgt Bilko and Bowfinger. hilarious

    J 521J 521Oy oldin
  • UZworld are evil, evil people so how come I can't be bothered getting spotify?

    SMacCuUladhSMacCuUladhOy oldin
  • bill burr went to texus, dude

    Patriotic SardinePatriotic SardineOy oldin
  • Was anyone able to find 'The Stand Up Guy' anime bill was talking about?

    GabrielGabrielOy oldin
  • To all these people on here saying "I'm not going to spotify etc . . " blah blah blah - Joe DOES NOT CARE - he got $ ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. AND he was ALREADY super rich. GET OVER IT. NO ONE CARES. MONEY rules the day.

  • My Blue Heaven is also a classic!!

    VH 5150VH 5150Oy oldin
  • Well, at least he created a big enough circle that most of these guest end up on the podcast of someone else we likely watch. I feel you've kinda turned your back on those that helped you get where you are. Especially in these trying financial times, not everyone has extra resources to throw around currently. It is what it is...your life, your podcast, your choice.. Thanks for countless hours of entertainment and the massive amount of knowledge gained JRE. It was a good run. I agree that we all should seek alternatives to UZworld but Spotify, in my opinion isnt the answer. Especially without a comment section which is one reason I struggle to break away from UZworld. Comments are vital.

    Deemster ACDeemster ACOy oldin
  • Bow Finger is one of my favorite Movies staring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy

    ron rocaron rocaOy oldin
  • can't find it on spotify, link leads me just to home page

    John WongJohn WongOy oldin
  • Tiger King was pretty silly

    Scooby MiKEScooby MiKEOy oldin

    Jeremy OchsJeremy OchsOy oldin
  • Joe cashed out and it feels as if he will go down the road of Howard stern, exclusivity is a tough sell to people who use UZworld, or Apple podcasts at work, I doubt this will be good for him long teem

    xwers1234xwers1234Oy oldin
  • I spotted Let's Get Small and another Martin comedy record from my uncle Ron when I was like 12 ...was the first comedy album I ever experienced...loved the King Tut bit as a kid

    PROD: TeRd FeRgUsonPROD: TeRd FeRgUsonOy oldin
  • I have that record Let's Get Small, and it's awesome.

    wItH ThE hUnDrEdwItH ThE hUnDrEdOy oldin
  • Steve Martin doesn't age

    FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worstFIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worstOy oldin
  • LOL I had to listen to three 30 second ads 5 times before I was able to listen to the podcast on Spotify wtf is this?

    Amin AmirkhaniAmin AmirkhaniOy oldin
  • He was great until the early nineties then starting turning out yuppie comedies like Father of the Bride.

    steve connsteve connOy oldin
  • time to get steve on

    JeremyJeremyOy oldin
  • These two have great chemistry, no hair splitting between them.

    c4rlosc4rlosOy oldin

    Mark SelzerMark SelzerOy oldin
  • My Blue Heaven “I’m wit chu “

    Justin ThomasJustin ThomasOy oldin
  • Why i can’t find the whole podcast ?

    M MelhemM MelhemOy oldin
  • I prefer redbar/scarsclub! When will he get his due??

    Evan W. CraigEvan W. CraigOy oldin
  • How do you even watch spotify videos on an android phone? I don't have the option to do so inside the app or browser. I miss this show tbh and I really hate that I can't just "change the tv station" but I have to "turn off the tv and turn on the radio"

    AlbertoAlbertoOy oldin
  • 3:42 *Hard pass*

    The HhThe HhOy oldin
  • Grandpa bought a rubber

    Short-legged turtleShort-legged turtleOy oldin
  • Damn, I guess this is it for JRE...

    The HhThe HhOy oldin
  • “All I need is my dog. Grrr! I don’t need my dog!”

    Sombojoe CSombojoe COy oldin
  • Middleditch and schwartz is that silliness but like modern

    Dylan DriggersDylan DriggersOy oldin
  • I have Spotify and you can watch full episodes but I'd still rather watch it on UZworld 🙄

    Keith RichardsonKeith RichardsonOy oldin
  • He hates these can get away from the cans

    Bill HewlettBill HewlettOy oldin
  • You guys talk like he’s dead!??

    KiloshidogKiloshidogOy oldin
  • is the full episode even o spotify i notice it cuts off after an hour and 30min

    E BE BOy oldin
  • where are the full videos? we like to watch actual human interaction without masks..

    SeedsOfSolitudeSeedsOfSolitudeOy oldin

    Chris MineoChris MineoOy oldin

    Chris MineoChris MineoOy oldin
  • So wait now you’re only on Spotify the actual fuck man I just started being a fan after cancelling my Spotify because I only watched your pods while driving. Oh well. Imma watch the old ones, fuck em

    Mikhaw LogginsMikhaw LogginsOy oldin
  • Who's Jerry?

    X SX SOy oldin
  • Joe sold you out!

    BababaBababaOy oldin
  • it's not even accessible on countries without spottify

    Chamindu KavindraChamindu KavindraOy oldin

    Lidia SLidia SOy oldin
  • I seriously do not like that I can’t watch this on UZworld anymore

    Julisa ValenzuelaJulisa ValenzuelaOy oldin
    • Doesn’t bother me, all I ever watched was the clips anyways.

      A LLegendlyA LLegendly9 kun oldin
  • First time I saw Steve Martin was on Carson in early seventies, he was virtually unknown and he walks out with arrows in his head! Then he says, "here's something you don't often see", proceeds to grab the sides of his mouth with his fingers, starts jumping up and down and screaming like an idiot! I kind of "got it" before most people, I was telling everybody I knew how funny this guy was but I was a bit ahead of the curve. Turns out I was right and then some! To this day one of the top five comedians of all time.

    Jay KayJay KayOy oldin
  • Spotify sucks.

    DexusDexusOy oldin
  • Loved Steve Martin since 'The man with two brains' watched as a kid , loved him since , so funny th guy'ss a legend all the best from the UK

    mark griffmark griffOy oldin
  • Cleared the episode off you tube no respect what a damn shame the jre became

    Fat MunchFat MunchOy oldin
  • Bill Burr is my favorite comic, I’ll admit he’s the second best stand up comic for the last five years.

    Bud FoxBud FoxOy oldin

    Koofey McDonald McDonaldKoofey McDonald McDonaldOy oldin
    • Navin R Johnson...sounds like a typical bastard

      Ben LadikBen Ladik2 kun oldin
    • I still have trouble telling shit from shine-ola

      little_montylittle_monty11 kun oldin
    • Haha. Yes. Crazy funny

      ArseneWengerArseneWenger12 kun oldin
    • The Jerk is one of my all time favs aswell

      PorscheGT1PorscheGT120 kun oldin
    • Yuup

      Alex GlembinAlex Glembin22 kun oldin
  • Spotify is shit. And not the good kind of shit.

    Andreas M.Andreas M.Oy oldin
  • "Do you mind if I smoke?" "I dunno, do you mind if I fart? It's one of my baaad habits." Simple, silly and brilliant.

    Jay LucienJay LucienOy oldin
  • I want to watch the entire discussion not just listen to it. Where is the whole thing? I can’t find the videos on Spotify, only the podcast.

    Dana NourieDana NourieOy oldin
  • fuck spotify

    John BowdenJohn BowdenOy oldin
  • I’m 19 and I’m glad to have known of this legend

    Sixth GearSixth GearOy oldin
  • When will Joe Rogan interview Woody Harrelson????

    Spying OnMyKeystrokesSpying OnMyKeystrokesOy oldin
  • joe never connected to his audience he dont got loyalty for us he dont get it. his entire show is inauthentic now. spotify is using him to boost their own name.

    wolfshield xwolfshield xOy oldin
  • it's why i love conan. just silly. only silly.

    Sam HolderSam HolderOy oldin
  • So no more full shows here? Trying to force people to Spotify?

    Ivaylo IontchevIvaylo IontchevOy oldin