Rogan & Schulz on Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

18-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1580 with Andrew Schulz.

  • I don't like Mayweather but your talking utter nonsense. Mayweather will just toy with logan for a few rounds then end him.

    APM MAPM M11 soat oldin
  • I like how joe begins talking about how talented Logan is but then at the end is like "he's no where in that league" lol hes obviously in some league because he's boxing a champ

    Pepsi ManPepsi Man15 soat oldin
  • “Yeah”

    Prescott WarshawskyPrescott WarshawskyKun oldin
  • The fight is arranged before it even starts

    Randy FloresRandy FloresKun oldin
  • That fight is only about money it’s completely bs

    Lance SimonLance SimonKun oldin
  • I don't want to see it. Logan is nobody in boxing Floyd shoukd be fighting Paquio again

    Marius YoungMarius Young2 kun oldin
  • Than Hawking is at Science😭 bed time for Schulz

    Dan ScrivensDan Scrivens2 kun oldin
  • Logan thinking this has validity is like libraries thinking they can dethrone the internet because the feel like they are worthy of it.

    Red Canvas LTDRed Canvas LTD2 kun oldin
  • shane was 39 years old.....what would happen to floyd if they fought at both 25? you cant imagine floyd ever losing a decision to jake lamota? well i cant imagine delahoya taking sugar ray to a split decision

    eli paveli pav2 kun oldin
  • Schulz is a Schmuck

    Mr WalkerMr Walker2 kun oldin
  • Floyd vs castillo the first fight! Floyd lost. Watch the whole fight and tell me otherwise. Three fights he got hurt my ass.

    Carl PetersonCarl Peterson2 kun oldin
  • Floyd will pwn him.

    G WormG Worm2 kun oldin
  • I love Floyd but please Joe don't ever compare Sugar Ray Robinson with Floyd again. That was a whole different era full of legit murderers cold killers.

    MonchoMoncho2 kun oldin
  • So If Logan hit Floyd with everything that he's got, it wouldn't knock him down? I'm ignorant to boxing. I just think that if a much bigger guy did connect, it would do something. Comment below on what you guys think will happen.

    Sledgehammer ArcherySledgehammer Archery2 kun oldin
  • If it was mma Logan would win 100% but since it’s boxing Floyd would win

    Ryan AlonsoRyan Alonso2 kun oldin
  • The thing that floyd definitely understands is white dudes will pay to see him get knocked out by a white dude lol get that money floyd. Lol

    Bobby mooreBobby moore2 kun oldin
  • Michael Jordan is the greatest great of all time.

    legofan1799legofan17993 kun oldin
  • At the very end, “I want Logan to get the money”.... Wait WHAT? Some fuckin UZworldr who has no business getting this opportunity he’s getting on top of no business making the kind of money he makes.. What a ridiculous person to hope gets money

    Bob RossBob Ross3 kun oldin
  • They weather isn’t the best ever. Best defense of fighter but not his offense.

    Black Sheep RaveBlack Sheep Rave3 kun oldin
  • Yeah didnt floyd beat his old ladys ass

    Justin ChapmanJustin Chapman3 kun oldin
  • floyd is so danm good.. its a joy to watch..

  • I think Logan has a better chance beating Floyd than he did beating KSI cause Logan couldn’t do anything against KSI cause he wasn’t boxing he was just swinging wildly but Floyd actually has a boxing stance and boxes like a actual boxer so does Logan so I think Logan has a good chance against Floyd

    LIL JJLIL JJ3 kun oldin
    • What drugs you on

      Anthony CottoAnthony Cotto2 kun oldin
  • I’m so tired of fucking dumb ass is Mayweather is phenomenal but he is not a top 35 all-time great do you the history read up on it learn the sport you sound like a fucking idiot when you say Mayweather is the best ever he’s not a top 35 by any boxing historian ever it’s absurd

    Walter WhiteWalter White3 kun oldin
  • I’m not taking no advice from a white dude about boxing.

    SSChicagoSSChicago3 kun oldin
  • Who's come close to mayweather? lol behave yourself Mr amnesia

    HeliosHelios3 kun oldin
  • MGTI stock

    ram rodram rod4 kun oldin
  • 1:15 he said 4 names. not three.

    Thomas BeersThomas Beers4 kun oldin
  • Only way anyone is gonna beat Floyd is if they just go for body shots he’s super fast your gonna miss but will have a way better shot then hitting his head.

    Oklahoma OverlandOklahoma Overland4 kun oldin
  • Logan vs Floyd is like if you made Cash Nasty 1v1 Kevin Durant

    Wayne PettryWayne Pettry4 kun oldin
  • Day 131 and it’s still fuck Spotify

    Nv MEENv MEE4 kun oldin
  • Good guest

    happy dayshappy days4 kun oldin
  • Dam bro you know better

    jorge santiagojorge santiago4 kun oldin
  • Floyd spars with big guys

    Perry RichardsonPerry Richardson4 kun oldin
  • He can still get AdSense from the vids and get Spotify money

    Draeyvo CarsonDraeyvo Carson5 kun oldin
  • Floyd couldn't beat me for sure. If Logan Paul loses I would love to fight Mayweather. I respect Floyd but I don't think he could win in a match with me.

    Matthew NewbernMatthew Newbern5 kun oldin
    • Found the internet tough guy

      Anthony CottoAnthony Cotto2 kun oldin
  • Watching these videos consists of constantly pausing the video to go look up the fights they keep referencing...

    Parker HardyParker Hardy5 kun oldin
  • New studio SUCKS . 2021

    JordanWillpianoJordanWillpiano5 kun oldin
  • It's crazy to me how joe ignores the correlation between peoples' body type and the different angles/leverage it gives you in boxing. The amount of power DC can generate in the clinch is because of his shorter arms and stature. When it comes to dirty boxing, normally the shorter guy has the advantage.

    Chase BalesChase Bales5 kun oldin
  • I hope no one pays for this shite, god stop talking about it.

    ssdmcleodssdmcleod5 kun oldin
  • 4:35 sums it up 😂

    Jacob TraccJacob Tracc5 kun oldin
  • Joe giving Logan a chance making up ridiculous possibilities. Just about as ridiculous as when Brendan Schaub was talking about "MMA angles" for McGregor x Mayweather.

    PtWhiteBeltPtWhiteBelt5 kun oldin
  • I'm happy with clips over anything Spotify ☺

    Gino CundariGino Cundari6 kun oldin
  • How about Luis castillio that beat the shit out mayweather.

    Ray SanchezRay Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • I love Floyd Mayweather Jr. but he is nowhere near being the greatest boxer of all time... Sam Langford, Mickey Walker and Harry Greb were all about the same size and weight as Floyd and those guys went on to have serious success in the Heavyweight division.

    JohnDaWhale3JohnDaWhale36 kun oldin
  • Not wasting my money on this fight! Logan has a punchers chance like the other 50 PROFESSIONAL boxers far better then him did. Any boxing fan knows that his is a joke.

    John ArispeJohn Arispe6 kun oldin
  • If Logan Paul lands a good punch he puts out Mayweather, too much, too much weight difference.

    Domenico D'AzzoDomenico D'Azzo6 kun oldin
    • @Donwan not saying he s gonna achieve land one. But if they clinch and Mayweather take a shot... I mean the guy is more than 200 pounds...

      Domenico D'AzzoDomenico D'Azzo6 kun oldin
    • Keep dreaming dude. Logan is 3x slower than the dudes floyd spars with on the daily.

      DonwanDonwan6 kun oldin
  • He's a whole ass 6 inches taller... But he's gonna be a whole 6 feet under

    LiamLiam6 kun oldin
  • Calzaghe could out box Mayweather if they was the same weight class Calzaghe would out box Mayweather. Saying mayweathers the greatest boxer is a big claim.

    J o n a t h a nJ o n a t h a n7 kun oldin
  • Who’s come close? Really? Weather lost some fights, but was given to him,

    CASoundCASound7 kun oldin
    • De la hoya came the closest to beating mayweather, 2 judges to 1

      DonwanDonwan6 kun oldin
  • FWIW, Canelo offered to go down to 152 to get that fight.

    Sean DavisonSean Davison7 kun oldin
  • Never going to get spotify

    Cody SmithCody Smith7 kun oldin
  • Logan who ,,you have a super pro vs a UZworld nerd ,,I’ll fight that nuts for no money

    Ed HernzEd Hernz7 kun oldin
  • Floyd is an amazing boxer... for someone in the same weight class as 11 year old girls.

    Stacey GramStacey Gram7 kun oldin
  • I cannot understand how someone can think that Floyd could lose.

    Emmanuel Avila PianistEmmanuel Avila Pianist8 kun oldin
    • Theyre 12 year old logan paul fanboys what do you expect lmao

      DonwanDonwan6 kun oldin
  • Floyd got a boxing lesson from Jose Luis Castillo , this guy is saying mayweathrr is goat but doesn’t even know what weight he fought lol

    David BobadillaDavid Bobadilla8 kun oldin
    • He sure did loose that fight against jose luis Castillo but they knew if he would had lost the fight he would rank down and and loose his popularity jose luis Castillo won more rounds it was 115 for castillo and 111 for Mayweather they stole the fight from castillo to keep his undefeated record

      Carlitos GonzalezCarlitos Gonzalez7 kun oldin
  • I don't know who this guest is but his boxing analysis is awesome

    Paul DPaul D8 kun oldin
  • I would love to see logan tko floyd 💯

    Kevin MichniewiczKevin Michniewicz8 kun oldin
    • @Donwan na boxing nowadays is all about pay days bruh

      Kevin MichniewiczKevin Michniewicz6 kun oldin
    • You can try imagining it in your dreams

      DonwanDonwan6 kun oldin
  • Does anyone listen now he’s on Spotify?

    Tom FlanaganTom Flanagan8 kun oldin
  • If Logan lands a heavy shot done deal

    Prince AmaniPrince Amani8 kun oldin
  • Btw logan's gonna get paid 200 k upfront and 5% of all sales according to a leak so essentially logan is looking for some clout and relevancy.

    Hyper DeathsHyper Deaths8 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan keeps comparing people like DC and Canelo to Logan Paul as if he is the modern day Muhammed Ali

    Faze Clan MemberFaze Clan Member8 kun oldin
  • The greatest boxers are the heavyweights without this weight restrictions stuff. Floyd is obviously brilliant against other little dudes

    columkenncolumkenn9 kun oldin
  • "Big kid" key word there.. kid

    Valthe1st GamingValthe1st Gaming9 kun oldin
  • Reruns are better than Spotify

    Bill RoadsBill Roads9 kun oldin
  • Floyd is running out of money again, another cash grab. A tale as old as time.

    Zachary JaworskyZachary Jaworsky9 kun oldin
    • Lol running out of money thats funny

      DonwanDonwan6 kun oldin
  • If you pay for this fight your a sucker!

    O OO O9 kun oldin
  • If Tyson Fury fights for 5 - 7 more years he can be one of the greatest too.

    Ashutosh GargAshutosh Garg9 kun oldin
  • "I want logan to get the money" tf? Why is his house not big enough and his super cars not nice enough lol

    BrandoBrando10 kun oldin
  • Muhammad Ali is the greatist

    Moe FrankMoe Frank10 kun oldin
  • 🇺🇸

    Vincent WoodsVincent Woods10 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry but this other dude beside joe doesn’t know shit on what he’s talking about. Trying to name the times Floyd got hurt. 1. Maidana rocked mayweather like 5 times in that fight even Floyd said he’s the hardest hitting mother fucker he has ever fought. 2. Forget to mention when Floyd lost against Castillo but was clearly robbed. 3. Delahoya with like 20 body shots in a row that hurt Floyd. 4. Cotto hurt his ass and made mayweather respect his jab. The others he mentioned were the ones highlighted and most famous. Mayweather has gotten hurt multiple times in his career just nobody can capitalize on it because he’s so damn good at recovering and covering up. This other guy doesn’t know shit about fighting so why talk about fighting if it’s clear you don’t know shit. Hell even mcgregor hurt him a few times in that fight he gave him a uppercut that rocked Floyd even Floyd acknowledged it and the body shot that some say illegal or legal hard to know but it doesn’t matter it clearly hurt Floyd as well

    Frappe Xd_Frappe Xd_10 kun oldin
  • i cant believe you are even discussing this insult to my intelligence of a fight.

    GarchaFPVGarchaFPV10 kun oldin

    MossFactorMossFactor10 kun oldin
  • If floyd get d a dq he cab losse

    Renzo Van montfortRenzo Van montfort10 kun oldin
  • that's joker show. All the thickhead 11yr old can watch that not me

    Sourish SahaSourish Saha11 kun oldin
  • no offence but logan throws extremely slow punches

    jack nicelyjack nicely11 kun oldin
  • I know dayum good and well Joe Rogan ain’t giving Logan Paul a chance🤦🏻 this fool took his $100M spotify check and went crazy

    CoatomcCoatomc11 kun oldin
  • Kinda shocked. On a lighter note I dropped 80 pounds in 7 1/2 months , removed 9 medications and over came some crippling medical symptoms. Even thought I had Covid !

    Matthew BuckMatthew Buck11 kun oldin
  • think schulz forgot when ricky hatton made mayweather wobble

    SamchaSamcha11 kun oldin
  • "My dad is a complete expert in boxing, shadowed boxed with Ali... WTF does he know?? hes old and old is bad new is good."

    aracknidoaracknido11 kun oldin
  • This episode is currently not playing on Spotify. My guess Spotify is doing this on purpose because of racy comments that Joe and Andrew made in this episode. Really hope Joe’s team investigates the issue

    Sergey EfuniSergey Efuni11 kun oldin
  • Do these guys mix up the Paul brothers? Jake is not as big as Joe makes it seem. Logan is big tho

    RafaelTopgunStudiosRafaelTopgunStudios11 kun oldin
  • Is it me or Joe starting to look like Dana White..

    Jo KapsalisJo Kapsalis11 kun oldin
  • To the people saying the clips get way more views than his spotify, just google his monthly downloads and then come back here. Ill save you the trip, its 200 million+ downloads a month. I like how people think he just signed for the biggest check and didnt pay attention to his demographic and where most of his viewers come from. As much as you dont want it to be true, he gets far more attention on Spotify and anyone thats listened to enough Joe knows that he HATES youtube comment sections so im sure hes thrilled to be rid of it. Yall act like its the best part of JRE, but we all know its just a bunch of cancerous arguments about politics and celebrities and such. Theres like one funny comment as the top comment and the rest is just pure aids. Paragraphs and paragraphs of aids and Joe knows this

    Frank ReynoldsFrank Reynolds11 kun oldin
  • Leo Messi is the greatest great, a savant

    Brendan HorrocksBrendan Horrocks11 kun oldin
  • Paul logan is the man that will put mayweather to sleep,100%sure

    Yuan MarquezYuan Marquez11 kun oldin
  • It's like two little girls talking about their crushes

    The only China I like is WhiteThe only China I like is White11 kun oldin
  • Canelo was 20 years old when he thought mayweather I wonder what it would look like in there primes

    Cal 99Cal 9911 kun oldin
  • I honestly lost all respect for mayweather. Like i understand its all about the money for him, but come on does this guy have no love for the sport that he is willing to give a fucking clown like logan paul everything he wants

    31415926 !31415926 !12 kun oldin
  • Didn’t wanna fight Pacquiao in his prime and lost to Maidana in the first fight. Look at Floyd’s face after the fight with Maidana. Couldn’t believe it. P.S. fuck Spotify

    Tony HuertaTony Huerta12 kun oldin
  • My thoughts, Logan is gonna get sooo knocked out

    WeedNoseWeedNose12 kun oldin
  • Einstein

    billybrooks1billybrooks112 kun oldin
  • Nite Nite logan 😴🥱

    Julio MendesJulio Mendes12 kun oldin
  • Jose Luis Castillo beat Floyd. He got robbed how come no one ever talks about that fight

    Ramon GarciaRamon Garcia13 kun oldin
  • Floyd could knock him out in 5 seconds, come on this is a non discussion.

    Roter FuchsRoter Fuchs13 kun oldin
  • Damn I need to watch more of Schulz because not only he is funny as hell but the guy seems proficient as hell with quite a few subjects across the board.

    hHarVvhHarVv13 kun oldin
  • Boxing has become a sucker's sport. It's not a good sign if you have to stoop to celebrity exhibition matchups for attention. It's pathetic. It's a corrupt 'past-time' with all sorts of archaic bylaws that encourages the general public to avoid it. They could easily fix it, but greed compels them otherwise. Sad, because they could absolutely revitalize it.

    Ryan McAllisterRyan McAllister13 kun oldin
  • Fight goin to be a joke not worth the paperview dont waste your money to help them make more for a junk fight

    nick brierenick briere13 kun oldin
  • Why Andrew look like teofimo Lopez 😂

    Efren RiosEfren Rios13 kun oldin
  • Pacquiao nearly won bruh, Pacquiao even felt like he won the match, how many can say that after fighting floyd.

    Ebrahiem •Ebrahiem •13 kun oldin