Signal Founder on Shadowbanning, Social Media Companies "Curating" Information

1-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1572 with Moxie Marlinspike - Now exclusively on Spotify -

  • If this the guy behind signal i cant imagine signal being much better - happy to be educated

    78hooman78hoomanKun oldin
  • social media are platforms, should not moderate or curate. they are just platforms like phone companies that cannot regulate

    Maxx_thor GamesMaxx_thor GamesKun oldin
  • This is another instance of confusing being able to publish content with controlling how it gets distributed. What is totally different here is that people can publish their own content easily, but it is Twitter, Facebook, UZworld etc that are controlling how far and wide this content goes. These companies are controlling who will be targeted for this content, creating echo chambers of people with similar interests and further polarising the community.

    D JD J2 kun oldin
  • I hope this guy doesn't fkup signal like others did..🤞

    M JM J6 kun oldin
  • plz pass on the message, you need ads! Please! How can you keep your operation running with no ads!😭😭😭 I really like signal!

    AP WongAP Wong6 kun oldin
  • "Is Singal safe and does Twitter own Signal? Now coming to the main question. Does Twitter own Signal? It is a big NO. Yes, Jack endorses Signal and urge people to use it over WhatsApp. Yes, those who are suspicious that he has to do anything with the app have the right to be suspicious because of his dubious history. But in a nutshell, Signal is safe, and the Signal Technology Foundation is registered [PDF] under Brian Acton’s name. At least for now. We cannot be a hundred percent sure what the future has stored for us. Tech giants often take over smaller companies to use their technology. Hopefully, the case will be different when it comes to Signal. For heaven’s sake, the digital presence of the President of the United States is entirely gone! You cannot see that coming, and you cannot be a hundred percent sure about anything tech-related. But, for now, if you see a post that claims Twitter owns Signal, please ignore it and move on. It is entirely up to you if you want to stick with WhatsApp or you want to shift to Signal. However, please make sure, if you are leaving WhatsApp, remove your account properly. We will publish a detailed and easy-to-understand post on how to delete your WhatsApp account very soon." -

    mboikomboiko8 kun oldin
  • Communism starts with cutting off communications. Sound familiar Americans?

    HaiDereHaiDere10 kun oldin
    • oh hey look we're communicating! crazy!

      rbr4nrbr4n4 kun oldin
  • Joe sold out... sad day.

    theIllitistPROtheIllitistPRO10 kun oldin
  • Stipe Miocic and Teddy Atlas could have given you a more concise answer.

    Adam HoltAdam Holt14 kun oldin
  • It's been one hell of a ride JRE! Listened to it from day one, for a decade straight, but I don't any longer. And to be honest, it wasn't solely because of the Spotify move. JRE started dying quite some time ago. No important topics touched, playing along with the liеs, and many more reasons I don't watch it anymore. "Sold out" is a very basic summary but it's true, that's what happened. They bought Joe. He could gather an army and do so much, but he settled for a big contract. It's alright though, Joe has given us a thousand priceless episodes which I'll cherish forever. Thanks for the good times.

    DavronDavron15 kun oldin
  • Well I think, you know, like..... Well, I think... you know, like.... *rinse and repeat*

    DavronDavron15 kun oldin
  • ya know, its like, ya know, I just like ya know, can't like ya know listen to this guys, like, voice anymore, ya know.

    How To Be A ManHow To Be A Man17 kun oldin
  • The most uninteresting man in the world....

    LibertyHillBilyLibertyHillBily19 kun oldin
  • Twitter make things trend in the first place. isn't "natural".

    David AspinallDavid Aspinall19 kun oldin
  • I've been watching Tim Dillon's podcast more that Joe's on Spotify. The comment section was part of the fun.

    NexToronto WordPress & Internet MarketingNexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing20 kun oldin
  • 4:58 we have what we wanted. It was just brought up differently and is still being brought up and processed until we shape it

    Alex BrockAlex Brock20 kun oldin
  • Social media should be held accountable for fake news and banning content that doesn’t align with their narrative

    Truong Thuy MaiTruong Thuy Mai20 kun oldin
  • Who gives a fk about Twitter?

    Antonio MaceoAntonio Maceo21 kun oldin
  • Ppl are so butt hurt that Joe is on Spotify.

    Ezekiel 963Ezekiel 96322 kun oldin
  • 100 million usd is a good chunk of change tho right?

    KnifymolokoKnifymoloko22 kun oldin
  • Signal is my favorite trap app.

    Heels2CheezusHeels2Cheezus23 kun oldin
  • This dude reeks of Starbucks and tofu. Hiding from the real question, talking around what joe is really asking.

    Brandon GiddensBrandon Giddens23 kun oldin
  • Anything MSM or Big tech doesn't agree with = Conspiracy theory...that's the problem they created their narrowed defined rules to control the dialog...

    CoolnetworksCoolnetworks23 kun oldin
  • This guy is a liar

    P DP D23 kun oldin
  • He said “like” 300x in this video. What a clown

    P DP D23 kun oldin
  • This guy says he doesn't remember but then he tells us what Twitter was going through when it was happening with Bieber that's hilarious

    Coinguy AmericanCoinguy American23 kun oldin
  • i know you dont read this joe but this is the last time i will listen to you. thanks for everything but now this is over. good job on killing your free form media.

    Gudmundsson66Gudmundsson6623 kun oldin
  • Lol, if the Twitter is having issues with spam, imagine the nsa requirements if the future, you think they can see the signal from the noise with everybody yelling at each other.

    Lloth SedaiLloth Sedai24 kun oldin
  • i hate ads thats why youtube is better with brave browser now i gotta have 5 ads or more every video on spotify really its not free when you gotta pay for no ads just saying

    MM24 kun oldin
  • Joe is over his head with a $100M contract with spotify he cant deliver on. At some point they're gonna want their money back. It was the youtube JRE community that made this channel successful, not only Joe.

    Krubbe KKrubbe K24 kun oldin
    • They cant get there money back. Spotify made over a billion dollars the day Rogan signed.

      Clout DemonClout Demon21 kun oldin
  • Like ah ... you know like ..... ahmmmmmm ....i think ahhhmm....

    Walter Kai Yuen PangWalter Kai Yuen Pang25 kun oldin
  • Its scary to see how disconnected someone who actually works with social media can be...

    RobDMRobDM26 kun oldin
  • The "policy makers" need tarred & feathered.

    Diana SUNSHINE WulfDiana SUNSHINE Wulf26 kun oldin
  • Justin Verlander

    Robert LeeRobert Lee26 kun oldin
  • What i wanna know id was you threatened whats the deal with all you people side stepping what everyone is seeing so at this point this company is activly trying to hamper down our right and every other venture that has gave humans meaning and pleasure they want mindless sheep who will vote no matter what all possible off our tax money

    Shane ManeShane Mane27 kun oldin
  • Pushing the blame I think the real problem Is when a big company tries to prevent us from learning about a laptop that has information that the American people should know And it's not just big companies the CIA doesn't want us to know it either you think it's a badd thing for regular people to be news casters Why so that you guys can f******* hide everything

    micahel schmidtmicahel schmidt27 kun oldin
  • The thing I like about the parts (I can't get thru a whole JRE these days) with these assumed maniacal app ppl is realizing they're just regular gay hippies, nothing to fear.

    oliver twistoliver twist28 kun oldin
  • Hes Jewish

    Zak OthZak Oth28 kun oldin
  • 7:02

    AppAnswersAppAnswers28 kun oldin
  • It seemed like he spoke for over 7 minutes and said nothing

    Car KultureCar Kulture29 kun oldin
  • This was an extremely painful episode to watch. Joe struggled to understand very basic ideas about motives and incentives. Like how a system can appear to be incentivized by the personal motives of individuals when in reality there is meta level system driven by its own motives that is actually incentivizing all that behavior. This concept was explained, re-explained, simplified, and eventually put into a form that even a middle school student could understand but all Joe could say was, "But mah shadowban? Mah free speech?" Not understanding that HE IS LITERALLY THE LIVING EXAMPLE OF AN ALGORITHM INFLUENCING BEHAVIOR. It doesn't matter if Republicans are getting censored, what matters is that people are talking about it.

    John DoeJohn Doe29 kun oldin
  • Dont like the dark room background. Previous studio background was much better !

    Deepak ShrivastavaDeepak Shrivastava29 kun oldin
  • Uhhhhh, what, the, fuck 😞

    claire Kclaire K29 kun oldin
  • Joe getting his money once he gets his money he’ll be back

    Mason HMason HOy oldin
  • What a useless conversation.. Screw this.

    bgu205bgu205Oy oldin

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireOy oldin

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireOy oldin
  • Sorry Joe will not support you in Spotify. You lost a long time listener and also I pay for youtube red.

    kolton ruvalcabakolton ruvalcabaOy oldin
  • Going to miss this podcast 😢

    John DuarteJohn DuarteOy oldin
  • I might get rid of my spotify now. I'm gonna miss episodes on you tube. It's not the same just listening. Guess it's more lex fridman. He takes pride in the experience being filmed.

    fight2 keepfight2 keepOy oldin

    neil Parkinneil ParkinOy oldin
  • People who link everything they say with "like" are the worst kind of moron.

    unkl munkyunkl munkyOy oldin
  • rip JRE

    Jeremy OchsJeremy OchsOy oldin
  • Spotify deal was to make Joe Rogan disappear...Nobody does spotify. Not really. Rogan became INSTANTLY irrelevant the moment they stopped posting full episodes on youtube. 100 million to make him go bye-bye

    SKARHEAD 75SKARHEAD 75Oy oldin
    • interesting theory... since joe left ive been watching a lot of tim pool videos. also sometimes eye opening like JRE but gives me a head ache... i hope i can go back outside sometime soon....

      Krubbe KKrubbe K24 kun oldin
  • I miss seeing all the discussions on these poddys HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THE MINUTE BY MINUTE TOPIC TITLES?? And also how do I know I'm not alone in picking out things that bothered me in the podcast Ie. The guy refusing to play rock paper scissors with Joe

    Iam ChichIam ChichOy oldin
  • This is not an honest man.

    j randj randOy oldin
  • Lil Dickey is aging!

    Don't Quit PersevereDon't Quit PersevereOy oldin
  • Moving to Lex pod - catchya Joe

    Young CharismaYoung CharismaOy oldin
  • I know from joe’s perspective, he gives no shits about what his audience wants. He has 100 million from Spotify and he can talk to some of the most interesting people on the planet. But since he’s off UZworld, I don’t think he’ll be getting the same amount of viewers

    Bruggs 56Bruggs 56Oy oldin
  • Thick Progressive, surprising.

    DesignDesignOy oldin
  • This guy is being banned: UZworld and msm is supressing stories about the election problems and the fact that none of the evidence has been presented before yesterday in wisconsin. They hope corrupt judges will strike it down and people will be none the wiser. If people saw, they would begin asking questions and demand fair justice.

    Will SwiftWill SwiftOy oldin
  • spotify sucks

    Pablo V. ViteriPablo V. ViteriOy oldin
  • Serious problem with SPOTIFY: does not play offline dowloaded JRE episodes... anyone knows the solution?

  • It's clear to me. He signed his soul over and then went back on his deal. He will be dead at 27 like the rest

    Game TrollerGame TrollerOy oldin
  • Nice clickbait title . . . Losing faith in Rogan.

    Tom HamrickTom HamrickOy oldin
  • This twerp should be shadow banned for being dull.

    BigRobboBigRobboOy oldin
  • I'm going over to Spotify. But only because of JRE

    Tony ZitoTony ZitoOy oldin
  • joe rogan is the next howard stern

    Slick RickSlick RickOy oldin
  • Men who talk like this annoy me. This monotone & low voice, just like Jack Dorsey. 🤮 They are usually the most passi e aggressiv.

    whitexchinawhitexchinaOy oldin
  • This guy is making no sense. Dancing around the question, bullshit

    Bowman BowmanBowman BowmanOy oldin
  • Where can we watch the videos of entire episodes? I never listen to just the audio, I watch the video versions of Joe's podcast. I have a Spotify account, but I only see the audio versions.

    Dave7777Dave7777Oy oldin
  • Everything’s a curation...Joe’s a curator or topics and experts to speak to them

    Dave ShiromaDave ShiromaOy oldin
  • Why TF does signal allow screenshots? Fix that please. like this shit so there’s a chance he sees this

    Pan- ShotPan- ShotOy oldin
  • On spotify premium you literally have to fast forward thru 5 ads before it begins. Lmao fuck that

    Cornelius FudgeCornelius FudgeOy oldin
  • anti vaccine people are like flat earthers - Moxie Marlinspike signal founder. The type of people joe should NOT have on his show

    james garretjames garretOy oldin
  • gay hair on this guy

    cj dubcj dubOy oldin
  • Such a hypocrite, you had peoples respect joe, you would host these controversial figures because you knew it didn't mean you were associated - now look at you, bending and deplatdorming milo and gavin and in the same breath saying how terrible it all is 🙄 hypocrite, that Spotify paycheck must feel good

    Oscar yeOscar yeOy oldin
  • Don’t my like Spotify, so no thank you. Free or otherwise is if no importance. I’ll miss you

    David BealDavid BealOy oldin
  • Holy fuck this guy is smart.

    Otto HedlundOtto HedlundOy oldin
  • His podcasts on Spotify are so glitchy for me. I miss UZworld so much.

    kyle mikeshkyle mikeshOy oldin
  • Joe, thanks for everything. I wish you the best. I'm not going to Spotify so this is goodbye.

    Fuck GoogleFuck GoogleOy oldin
  • He is stealing shit frome me

    James StegallJames StegallOy oldin
  • Came here for the comments, spotify sucks

    I Heart BeerI Heart BeerOy oldin
  • Take a shot every time he says "like" I dare you

    Christ Reloaded: Revenge of the MessiahChrist Reloaded: Revenge of the MessiahOy oldin
  • I won’t be going to Spotify, now I know they are filled with SJWs and rip off music publishers.

    Liquid LogicLiquid LogicOy oldin
  • Loved your show while it lasted, rip JRE.

    FreedomFriesFreedomFriesOy oldin
  • Maybe the exclusive Spotify deal was partially a fuck you, pay me if you want the traffic to youtube and the like.

    lg2285alg2285aOy oldin
  • I've noticed the guests have been super boring lately

    Eric JohnEric JohnOy oldin
  • that guy is an ass

    Town of JezzaTown of JezzaOy oldin
  • "nothing will change at all" except that you can't watch the show anymore....

    Zachary LoweZachary LoweOy oldin
  • wow how did this guy talk for 8 minutes and say nothing?

    EthanEthanOy oldin
  • Moxie made kind of a weird point about "science isn't about truth, it's about utility", but its utility is based on how close it comes to the truth, newtonian equations for gravity work perfectly for most normal human cases, it's only in like distant outer space where quantum science and relativity are going to skew the numbers... he refers to old timey wacky science as though it's the same as what we use today, ironically the proof of the scientific truth is in the computers and devices he's using to even broadcast his disdain for it... oh and he ends with "do you know what's trending on Signal - nothing" well, yeah it's not a social platform, in fact it's the opposite it's specifically designed to keep communications private - this guy is oddly smart then really dumb

    ytubeanonytubeanonOy oldin
  • So censorship of free speech is ok as long as it serves a “good purpose”. Then he bashes capitalism for 30 mins. Seems like this guy would rather be in a China or Russia.

    John WayneJohn WayneOy oldin
  • It’s been a pleasure tuning in with the gentlemen over the last 5 years

    Joshua DandridgeJoshua DandridgeOy oldin
  • Who knew Sully Erna was in tech?

    Jason WilsonJason WilsonOy oldin
  • Spotify is great but there is no comment section. other than that its fine. You dont need the app

    ProjectileProjectileOy oldin
  • This would be a really interesting watch, if the audio wasn't alternating between ejecting your speaker cones and almost completely inaudible.

    Jimmy BJimmy BOy oldin
  • Fck this dude. I'm hurt for real. It goes against everything the show stood for man.

    Patrick SeminarioPatrick SeminarioOy oldin
  • “And that like”

    J PedroJ PedroOy oldin
  • this guy is full of shit, and i wish joe called him out on it. He's saying were ok with you posting on our platforms as long as we agree with what your saying, if not we delete it.. cool gotcha