Spielberg Based a Character in Closer Encounters on Jacques Valle

4-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken form the Joe Rogan Experience #1574 with Jacques Vallée & James Fox. open.spotify.com/episode/3cuW6TuyRnZxBNaQJeH2Ce?si=lTDbced8Reau4daQs2U6OQ

  • There is no way for me to watch JRE since Spotify is not supported in my country,im wondering if joe knew that millions of his fans will not be able to watch..........F-Spotify

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  • I can't find the full episode, anyone else have this issue?

    Wizard's Mind BombWizard's Mind BombKun oldin
  • Anybody else notice that episode #331 with Steven Greer is completely missing on UZworld and on Spotify? On Spotify you will see episodes 330 and 332 but 331 is nowhere to be found!! Did someone make them remove it?? 🤔 👽

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  • Spotify sucks. I've basically stopped listening. Pausing while using gps or getting phone notifications.. like fuck off

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  • Wish Rogan could have Interviewed Riley Martin...that would have been something 😂😂😂

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  • I'm listening to the full episode and this Jacques guy really seems like a bullshit artist. He keeps casually mentioning things that seem like they'd be very important and then doesn't want to talk about it when pressed. Like the part where he mentions the airforce shot at one of these ufos and recovered a piece of the craft. Joe keeps pressing about where that piece ends up and Jacques went on some other tangent about something else. Joe pressed again and Jacques just says "I shouldn't talk about that".

    Alex FoutAlex Fout5 kun oldin
  • Where is a full 3h video from #1574 podcast with Jaques Valle and James Fox? Why was it removed from channel?

    Trism EosTrism Eos6 kun oldin
  • Spotify video is pathetic and no comments

    adam tubeadam tube7 kun oldin
  • They should have let James fox speak more . Jacques spoke in circles and it was like watching a soap opera . You think you gonna get the juicy part but end up waiting 3 years

    Faraz HFaraz H8 kun oldin
  • Jacques is frustrating right now, so is James. Please stop referring us to this film and just tell us what you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Official Sidney TravisOfficial Sidney Travis10 kun oldin
  • James = Jeremy

    Official Sidney TravisOfficial Sidney Travis10 kun oldin
  • Man this guy is a classic old man... Joe-“so when did they shoot at 🛸s” James-“oh man that time over the White House, tell him” Old man-“well in 1956 I ate a sandwich and I was working on power plants and I liked fishing back then so I used to be at lakes and I made a nuclear Facebook equivalent and I loved cheese. Japan had a law in the 80s that didn’t allow information to leave Japan.. and big hair rock bands” Joe-........... soooo

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  • Thx for posting on YT. Can't comment on spotify. This is my comment. lul

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  • In 2018 United States naval Engineer gets approved patent for inertial resistant craft a.k.a “antigravity” via which creates a bubble of unaffected spacetime. And hints towards what has long been known and the Ether/Aether by many legends of electrical engineers and physics such as C.P Steinmetz and J.C Maxwell rebranding it as the term “Quantum Vacuum Plasma (QVP)” patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/de/4c/43/62c585ccc936cc/US10144532.pdf

    J _J _12 kun oldin
  • I’m coming to this video on UZworld to comment ‘cause Spotify doesn’t have a comments section. Half way through this episode and it’s hard to not take everything with a truck full of grains of salt. I want to believe but all these guys that are allegedly trying to disclose the truth, can’t provide straight answers and if Joe Rogan insists, they say “Watch the movie” or “Read my book”. I understand they’re trying to make a living but sometimes they seem like they’re there just to promote their work. Conflict of interests, big time.

    Atwa JesperAtwa Jesper13 kun oldin
  • Please, please I beg you if you invite a French guy to talk about ufo please invite Jean-Pierre Petit he is old and don't have much time to live, he speak English, he is a scientist that have studied propulsion regarding ufo like Bob Lazar did. If you read this check him out and please like this comment so that Joe or Jamie can invite him

    Ramdom GuyRamdom Guy14 kun oldin
  • When this episod will available on UZworld ?

    Mr. Fly HighMr. Fly High14 kun oldin
  • Watched the whole thing on Spotify. I was almost as frustrated as Joe by Jacques' rambling and inability to answer direct questions. Give me Bob Lazar and George Knapp over Vallee any day

    The GeoffThe Geoff14 kun oldin
  • Spotify better get them comments . Cheers from Boston 🥃🍀

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  • Quake 2 walls =)

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  • Hey joe you should try to have Jaime maussan on the show ! He’s from Mexico and a UFO researcher !

    Israel DavisIsrael Davis16 kun oldin
  • Why won’t you post the story that James fox told about the craft coming out of the ocean in front of the Navy SEALs who took videos on their iPhones, we need to get this out

    Christian LombardiChristian Lombardi17 kun oldin
  • Too bad you cant see the fucking episodes. This spotify shit blows a big load.

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  • fvck dat Rogan guy^^

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  • Jaques- We get it. we will buy your book. If you come back, please answer Joe’s questions without talking about what you want to talk about for 20 minutes. Trust that he knows what HIS listeners want to know. I went out of my way and spent 3 minutes of my life to provide this feedback. - TY

    carl hartwickcarl hartwick19 kun oldin
  • every time jacques turns away from the mic while talking, you can hear jamie sweating

    Jonathan SokoJonathan Soko20 kun oldin
  • Jacques does the same thing to the audience/Joe that he’s “fighting” the “government” over... he won’t directly answer some of Joe’s questions about the metal... exhausting. (Full interview 1574 around 160 minutes)

    Brian KnispelBrian Knispel20 kun oldin
  • Jacques is the most profoundly important researcher, historian and witness on UFOs .... Ever! He has been involved since the beginning in almost every big case, spoken to the witnesses, spoken to government and officials like j Allen heineck,, project blue book generals, the Robertson panel, Colonel Corso, and thousands of others including scientists and military people and intelligence officers who were in a position to know. And what we are left with is an undeniable pattern of evidence both physical evidence and radar imaging evidence and eyewitness testimony that constitutes undeniable extraordinary proof.

    Millennial FalconMillennial Falcon21 kun oldin
  • guys lets be real, Jacques is old, and actually im not sure that his « anglais » is perfect, im sure that sometimes he does not exactly understand the question... i found Joe a bit closed and seemed not used to interview old french people ;-p it’s a shame cause I have a super documentary with him in french but with no translation... the « all new picture » is that the pattern he is talking about (to learn something to a monkey) and which is very used in human psychology is that you have to multiplicate the experience by 2 every time... every 2 years then 4 then 8 then 16 etc.... In the french documentary (which is super serious) they say the next big ufo sightning will be there in october 2035... if it follows that pattern. (My english is not perfect either sorrry)

    Harald MarlotHarald Marlot21 kun oldin
  • Jacque talks alot but actually answers very little, sounds like a bloody politician half the time....

    Brent StrongBrent Strong26 kun oldin
  • God this guy is boring to listen to

    Jasper AndrewJasper Andrew27 kun oldin
  • Where in the flying eff is the whole interview???

    Rod WalkerRod Walker28 kun oldin
  • Where is the full video

    John RedCornJohn RedCornOy oldin
  • I need a place to vent my frustration damn. Jaques Valle is practically incapable of giving a straight answer to a question like a damn politician. And no I'm not giving him a pass for English being his second language because he has no problem with comprehension and expressing what he wants to say. Joe per usual asked great questions and pressed him for answers, but it was like pulling teeth to get a straight answer from him. Like Jacque, this is the biggest platform you'll ever have to talk about your life's work. Can you provide a fucking straight answer about your opinions on it or even stay on the topic of the damn question? I'm talking about the entire Spotify interview - not this clip

    Patrick BegerPatrick BegerOy oldin
  • Solution: Watch on Spotify, Comment on UZworld, at least until Spotify app introduces the comments feature.

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  • See spotify. See spotify run. Run spotify run.

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  • Listening to the full pod is painful. Very frustrating guest.

    Harng LeeHarng LeeOy oldin
  • Respect the ones who come from skies, ancient

    Yash SethYash SethOy oldin
  • The ufo that joe said is entering the clouds...is not clouds...it is the sea... this ufo enter the sea and then divides in two....amazing...

    Ninurta SumerNinurta SumerOy oldin
  • When the glaciers melt we will know the truth. And the world will be how it was millions of years ago.

    Mr VaultedMr VaultedOy oldin
  • Jac was irritating me throughout the podcast; Joe would ask a question and jac would lead to talking about something else and not answering Joe’s question.

    Denizthemenace42Denizthemenace42Oy oldin
  • We’ll stick to these clips until you come back to youtube @powerfuljre , money changed you smh

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  • I believe. But Grandpa Simpson here is a total fucking bore. If you listen to the entire episode he rambles on with blathering nonsense for 80% of it. I swear at one point he talks about the time he tied an onion to his belt.... (which was the style at the time) :)

    diablomixdiablomixOy oldin
  • The hand scanner is interesting in the film same one as Bob lazar described ,only he said it was in the 80s but the movie came out in the 70s hmmmm

    Mark LennonMark LennonOy oldin
  • Serious problem with SPOTIFY: does not play offline dowloaded JRE episodes... anyone knows the solution?

  • Bring Travis Walton on!!!

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  • Why they keep taking down the 3hr video of this ??

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  • In Zimbabwe, you ask “why contact children?” Simple, they are innocently curious, impressionable telepathically, they can’t be accused of being on drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol, they aren’t worried about reputation, and they don’t carry weapons. It was not accidental.

    Sean AllisonSean AllisonOy oldin
    • Finally, one comment from reason.

      PeetPeet13 kun oldin
  • Amazing audio balance quality...waw.. i wonder if mic's tend to work better in California's moisture. I guess i understood about 30% of what was said in this video and to make it even better guest's english didn't help a whole lot much at all...i wonder whats the point on spendind huge amounts of money on top microphones and condensers ir order to get one one of shitiests audios i 've "heard" on a podcast. ...waw

    R dMR dMOy oldin
  • This will be a long story, but I’ve always wanted to tell it to a relatively large amount of people. About 7 years ago there was supposed to be a meteor shower, but I had missed it. It was about 2 AM I look up in the sky and I see these 2 bright lights sitting still, but they stuck out from the stars because of their brightness. All of the sudden one of them just blasts off to the east, faster than anything I’ve ever seen, the other slowly descends to the ground. Now I know it could’ve been meteors from the shower that had happened, but I’ve never seen anything like it before. Also I live pretty close to a large Air Force base, which the light that flew off fast went towards. I never really told anyone. Years later my friend asks me, “ have I ever told you the time I saw a ufo?” And he tells me the same exact story that I had saw, 2 lights, one flew off super fast to the east, the other descended slowly to the ground. Idk what that means or if it’s the same sighting, but it really tripped me out him telling me that without knowing that I had seen the same type of thing. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Hope this was an interesting story, maybe someone who lives in Oklahoma has a similar story. Edit: Any similar story from anywhere in America or around the world please let me know.

    JDiggyJDiggyOy oldin
  • Pp

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  • imagine not having spotify

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  • Does spotify have the Video? I went there but only could find the Audio?

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  • Kent Hovind next guest please

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  • I pay for youtube to make it like Joe is tryin' to sell it, "use it seamlessly in the background" and all that, precisely because I enjoy youtube content. I don't like spotify, free or not free I don't care for it.

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  • Hello from Guatemala. Great interview Mr. Joe Rogan. Congratulations!. I admire your work very much Mr. Jacques Vallett. We are eager to learn more about this kind of phenomena. I think that we should not be afraid of this type of events. I hope some day, this phenomena will be a new subject to be analyzed and studied at schools, universities and churches of all creeds, because fear is the result of ignorance. God created the infinite Universe or universes and who knows how many dimensions....... and the message of our creator is to love one another. There shouldn’t be any problem with any religion. I am catholic and this kind of phenomena hasn’t changed my faith. In our Universe, everything is interconnected like a spiderweb. If a tiny particle touches one filament of the web, the spider, wherever she is, knows exactly where this particle is. “ We are part of a whole”. That’s why aliens, if they really are aliens, or unknown earthly species, are really concerned about our nuclear weapons, and that’s why they appear more often than before. They want to be seen. Maybe they live among us since millions of years ago, and they will be also affected if a nuclear war starts. Let’s take care of our beautiful planet Earth, our neighbors and ourselves. Thank you for for your wonderful work !!!

    Katherine Marjorie von Ahn de MolinaKatherine Marjorie von Ahn de MolinaOy oldin
  • Why isn't every 1 talking about ex Israeli chief of space force . Confirmed us and israel have contact with aliens!!! Joe come on . Get on it!!!!

    Carlos NavarroCarlos NavarroOy oldin
  • I can't believe Rogan abandoned me like this :( #Sellout

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  • Spotify sucks ass! Never had to sit through advertisements with UZworld red now even with a spotify subscription had to sit through four advertisements from Joe

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  • The French guy gave no straight answer to any of the questions. He is full of sh*t..

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  • L'ufologie est un mythe progressiste technocratique ... C'est la religion transhumaniste ... Le phénomène ovni n'a besoin de personne pour être censurée, les ufologues se débrouillent très bien tout seul. Le sujet derrière ce phénomène monté de toute pièce médiatiquement c'est l'intrication quantique et l'expérience de Young. L' idée que les êtres vivant sont en intrication avec leurs espaces environnant et introduisent dans celui ci des potentialité de réalités manifestés dans leurs esprits. Voilà pourquoi le phénomène ovni est un mélange de high tech, de folklore, de mythe religieux ect... Le but de cette propagande étant d'introduire dans la pensée des gens la religion du progressisme matérialiste et asseoir l'évolutionnisme cinématique dans le subconscient du collectif. Le but étant de faire accepter aux gens l'idéal transhumaniste comme quelque chose d'incontournable pour une civilisation "avancée" mais ayant à la fois une intrication avec les mythes religieux. "Exemple les nuées de satellites bidon de spaceX, des signes biblique annonciateurs version moderne ... Ect ... ect" C'est un piège savamment orchestré pour que notre monde se transforme en l'idéale des propriétaires illégitime d'un univers hideux dont nous serions leurs esclaves volontaire. L' explication la plus simple sont les harmoniques et les ondes de formes. uzworld.info/player/video/jJKyrrKuedSnhWc&ab_channel=AndyElliottCraft%26Creations odysee.com/@MickeBZH:a/haute-technologie-pr%C3%A9historique-sacsayhuaman:b

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  • This was a tough interview I'm not going to lie 🤦🏻‍♂️, waiting for Rogan to get Richard Dolan on.

    edwardo Dejesusedwardo DejesusOy oldin
  • Jacques really like to talk he goes off on crazy stories that have nothing to do with the original question. My god man lol

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  • What happened to the full clip?

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  • “Nothing will change , everything will be same DONT worry “ Begins with “we have to introduce you two because we don’t have an intro like we used to have “ cool Joe. It’s different on Spotify he used to read ads and then immediately talk about who’s he having on and then the intro will play

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  • Jacques Vallee Is in the Illuminati Bill Cooper called him out years ago. Wake up it’s deliberate attempt to distract us from election fraud

    Cecil MillerCecil MillerOy oldin
  • 👁🐍🤫🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨🤫🐍👁 JOE ROGAN SACRIFICED BRYAN CALLEN & CHRIS D’ELIA FOR SPOTIFY. I believe that the reason why Bryan Callen & Chris D’Elia suddenly lost EVERYTHING to some random females (who quickly disappeared) is because JOE ROGAN IS IN THE ILLUMINATI & HE SACRIFICED THEIR FAME FOR HIS GIG ON SPOTIFY. (He tried to take down Joey Diaz as well) All of them in his inner circle. Notice how he has done nothing to support their innocence? He has all of this influence and yet he won’t mention them or do anything to try and help their careers. And these guys are his best friends? Notice how many of Rogan’s guests are also in the Illuminati? (such as Elon Musk) Look at the timing of Rogan’s jump to Spotify and the sudden fall of Callen & D’Elia who were both doing exceptionally well. Do a deep dive on Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is in the Illuminati BLACK-EYED CLUB. uzworld.info/player/video/h4C7ktmAkavEn4g

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  • I disagree with the aliens not wanting to talk to the Government. If you were to study Ants, after watching and abducting regular ants, you'd stray your attention towards the queen eventually. Also, fuck Spotify.

    JakeJakeOy oldin
  • Didn't realize Leslie Nielsen had an alien encounter

    BMacBMacOy oldin
  • They removed the full episode from youtube? Cant find it anymore, i dont like spotified or whatever it is

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  • James fox made the movie but Joe only wanted to talk to the french guy (sucks at telling stories)i wish we got to hear more from james...

    Real TalkReal TalkOy oldin
  • Annoying...2 more fakes pushing their products.All I keep hearing is,watch my movie,buy my book and read it.Blah blah blah.Nothing new,and no proof brought to the table again.Sad.

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  • "why would they go to a government"--that quote aged so bad, so fast

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  • Joe I'm not going use Spotify

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  • Bro every ufo researcher so stingy with information.

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  • No Way!! Judge Describes money scam how gold and silver is the only way😡😀👍uzworld.info/player/video/iHC3hdNoqbmklHw

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  • I can't believe how easily y'all gave up on Joe. All those hours of his life he gave y'all and now that he is getting what he worked for y'all desert him. Y'all should be ashamed and don't even call yourself part of the community. Now let the excuses begin.

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  • JR is awesome, but ofc I won't start using Spotify just because of him.

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  • God i wish I could watch the full episode

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  • I went to spotify no video yet I came back I will catch it here sorry Joe I like the video versions better

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  • Who else hasn’t went on spotify to watch JRE podcasts

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  • having Jacques Vallee on was a waste of time and a disappointment, he appears to deliberately avoid or just not answer questions, and just rambles on about things that have nothing to do with the direct question. I gave up watching after 40 mins as it was so frustrating Joe asked him the same question 5 times, and he never answered it lol

    adam o'neilladam o'neillOy oldin
    • @R R doesn’t change the fact he avoids simple questions

      adam o'neilladam o'neillOy oldin
  • Comment of the beast

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  • there’s a comment section coming to spotify, i can rest easy

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    • Fake news

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  • Can he talk about silicon valley more he barely mentioned working with silicon valley

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  • Where’s the full podcast

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  • I will miss the podcast. I would realy, realy like to listen on spotify. I have tried, but for now the app is just way to inconvinient: - syncing between devices is working very poorly if at all - no autodownload function - and sometimes it woun´t start playing, even if I have downloaded the podcast, because it has to load the video I will check in again in a few months to see if anything is fixed. I hope for the best.

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  • Where is the full vid

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  • Bullshit.... spotify has so many fucking ads not even worth it

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    • you can skip to the end of each one to speed things up :-)

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  • Where's the 💸💸💵💵💸💸💵?

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  • bye bye spotify

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  • Frank drebin in the flesh

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  • I knew spotify would ruin UZworld... still prefer youtube

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  • There were 'extras' on that set. Common knowledge. Spielberg may be under question with his regard to our humanity, but he is familiar with the articles of other dimensions - not to a large extent - he's a neophyte but he astro travels when he can find someone to do it with. I was one. He also has numerous blocks of his own making & is a bit too big for his britches. He does pretty good for an amateur.

    L.A. F.L.A. F.Oy oldin
  • true story when i was a kid i was a disc at night i was, going to my grandmas house which it was 4 houses away i looked up it was disc with different light but i really dont talk about it cuz no one really believes me somethings i think i dreamt it but i know it was real! stay bless everyone !

    kevin cardonakevin cardonaOy oldin
  • Wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why joe moved it to Spotify is to get away from all the freeloading idiot zealots always comments nonsense lol

    freestyle 7000001freestyle 7000001Oy oldin
  • Wonder how much of a audience he just lost by going to Spotify?

  • I sculpt the Devil's Tower into my mashed potatoes every Sunday night 👍 Is this normal?

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  • yo Joe Rogan, your Spotify videos are NOT working on my computer, i can play songs, no worries. i can play your Spotify on my phone, but not on the computer. im just a fan, giving you a heads up cheers

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