Suzanne Santo Performs "Save for Love"

16-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1579 with Suzanne Santo & Gary Clark Jr.

  • what is capo

    the real johkothe real johko3 kun oldin
    • i'm sorry for making fun of joe, i should have spent my comment on saying how amazing that performance was. so beautiful.

      the real johkothe real johko3 kun oldin
  • You can just hear in the first couple of seconds she got it🔥😮

    M DM D8 kun oldin
  • Never going to spotify lol

    Darren TurcotteDarren Turcotte11 kun oldin
  • 😂 I know your pain Joe.

    TheMaintGuyTheMaintGuy12 kun oldin
  • So beautiful

    MMA GoodsMMA Goods16 kun oldin
  • that was good singing actually

    Wait WhatWait What16 kun oldin
  • Not one top comment saying how beautiful that song is. Smh

    Villainous VexVillainous Vex17 kun oldin
  • Damn this lady is great!

    Oddun BOddun B17 kun oldin
  • Fuck Spotify.

    Paul AlvesPaul Alves18 kun oldin
  • I wish I could watch everything on UZworld.

    Paul AlvesPaul Alves18 kun oldin
  • man, honeyhoney wrote better songs. her single stuff suuuucks.

    Chief MachoChief Macho18 kun oldin
  • Amazing voice amazing song

    Nathan HorneNathan Horne18 kun oldin
  • Great song. Great voice

    Joey AdesJoey Ades18 kun oldin
  • I wish this song was on spotify

    Jax CranwellJax Cranwell19 kun oldin
  • Jesus. This song is too good.

    Justin DubuhyouJustin Dubuhyou19 kun oldin
  • miss you joe!!!!! please come back, just saying. I would have probably taken the money too though...

    HexacarbideHexacarbide19 kun oldin
  • Have you guys seen this old school Joe vid? Thank me later! 😂😂😂

    Virginia PayneVirginia Payne20 kun oldin
  • Came to listen to an artist... stayed for joe’s performance

    ace_ lopez924ace_ lopez92421 kun oldin
  • So good. Song gave me goosebumps. much love!

    Fortified MindFortified Mind23 kun oldin
  • Kool pod. Kool chik. Kool music n kool vibes. 2 all ✌🏻. For all I don’t & all I c. Keep kool 4 u. & I’ll 4 me. Much love. Keep pushing. ✌🏻🍀💚

    coolbluvuducoolbluvudu23 kun oldin
  • I listen to jre sometimes when I go to bed and I woke up like a few minutes before this started playing but that morning I decided to rest in bed so I was half asleep and listened to this, most beautiful song I’ve ever heard

    Ryder ThibodeauRyder Thibodeau24 kun oldin
  • Ok marry me

    Saigo TakamoriSaigo Takamori24 kun oldin
  • I can actually here this in the background of some type of modern western movie

    99 Overall CommentCreator99 Overall CommentCreator24 kun oldin
  • Lol is this how the spotify deal works jeez.

    steppa moneysteppa money24 kun oldin
  • Whats up with the dislikes?

    Jorge S.Jorge S.25 kun oldin
  • Joe needs to have a conversation with Rick Beato about perfect pitch.

    Stephen DouglassStephen Douglass25 kun oldin
  • 3:44 is when she actually starts performing the song.

    Trevor RogersTrevor Rogers25 kun oldin
  • That was incredible!

    Dermot GarlandDermot Garland25 kun oldin
  • "The BASe NOTesss"

    hrishikesh chikehrishikesh chike26 kun oldin
  • she's a gem, loved that entire podcast

    Taco TacoTaco Taco26 kun oldin
  • Trash

    Nael PadilloNael Padillo26 kun oldin
  • This show sucks now.

    Joaquin OrtizJoaquin Ortiz26 kun oldin
  • nice guitar

    James CJames C26 kun oldin
  • damn

    James CJames C26 kun oldin
  • So many hateful comments, about a song literally saying that nothing will help, save for love. *sighs* I love her, and i love that song.

    deejaynoizecphdeejaynoizecph26 kun oldin
    • @ihateusernamesgrrr Fair enough, you`ve got a point, most of the comments are about Joe - and he doesn`t read comments :) I just don`t get why people would spend the time commenting on him, instead of praising her. Each his own i guess.

      deejaynoizecphdeejaynoizecph23 kun oldin
    • I literally see no hate towards her, only towards Joe lol.. Then again if you are reading a comments section on UZworld expecting not to see trash talking then you're already doing it wrong 😂😂

      ihateusernamesgrrrihateusernamesgrrr24 kun oldin
  • Well done!

    Jason DonelsonJason Donelson26 kun oldin
  • You would think after being on the biggest podcast on planet earth 5x and still no one likes your music would be a pretty strong sign to pack it in

    jacob wilsonjacob wilson26 kun oldin
  • Joe learns what a tuner is lol that's great

    Adriano CampbellAdriano Campbell26 kun oldin
  • Dear lord Joe, is a tuner lol.

    81gts81gts26 kun oldin
  • Please have Jimmy Dore on soon!

    The Chess ClubThe Chess Club27 kun oldin
  • if u were honey honey, seeing that after all these appearances on JRE, STILL hasn't taken off... would u quit or not??? I definitely would.

    Just SJust S27 kun oldin
  • I'm getting used to these clips already, looking forward too getting more shit done....

    John TimmonsJohn Timmons28 kun oldin
  • Joe "I need money" Rogan

    firavefirave28 kun oldin
    • Joe could retire today and live like a baller for the rest of his life.

      DiederikDiederik15 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to make a count on how many times this chick said “Like”! Sometimes two or three times in the same sentence. She really needs to delete this word from her vocabulary LIKE now!!!

    Julian ValdezJulian Valdez28 kun oldin
    • Shut up you absolute clown hahaha

      liam kellyliam kelly13 kun oldin
    • Shut up boomer

      Sam GreeneSam Greene27 kun oldin
  • 7:47 kinda creepy but i see what he was going for

    Commander RusselsCommander Russels28 kun oldin
  • This is righteous. 🇺🇲

    Bad Element Distortion BoxBad Element Distortion Box28 kun oldin
  • Love this girl, her energy, her mind, she seems to have a great heart and so fun to hang around with. She talked about the struggle to find someone, but damn.. if I lived in the US man, I'd be chasing her down, I'm kind of falling in love by listening to her 3rd JRE appearance 😅

    Tony BTony B28 kun oldin
  • Like a much more country version of Agnes obel

    Carpathian HermitCarpathian Hermit28 kun oldin
  • Gorgeous voice even though she´s "rusty".

    Liam JobeyLiam Jobey28 kun oldin
  • Suzanne and Young Jamie sitting in a tree, Google S E A R C H I N G.

    Jon BonJon Bon28 kun oldin
  • Jamie can you pull up how long this song is?

    JB SmoovJB Smoov29 kun oldin
  • Dam what a song

    Tara McCoyTara McCoy29 kun oldin
  • Why does joe rogan look so bummed out 🥺

    TecnoTecno29 kun oldin
  • Instantly learned this on guitar as soon as I heard it such a good song! Please put it out on Spotify!!!

    Avery HawthornAvery Hawthorn29 kun oldin
  • Please do more songs with just you and guitar

    stuart orrstuart orr29 kun oldin
  • She is amazing 😻

    Chris EneimChris Eneim29 kun oldin
  • How about a real guitar player like Steve Vai???

    Nicole BlackNicole Black29 kun oldin
  • She's amazing I love how talented she is... That's why Joe keeps having her on

    Nyana Ka'LuvoNyana Ka'Luvo29 kun oldin
    • @Tecno and you wonder why SJWs scream and make things worse? It's creepy shit like this.

      AmbyAmby15 kun oldin
    • Oh he haves her alright...

      TecnoTecno29 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan Tiny Desk Concert

    Joe DaMoreJoe DaMore29 kun oldin
  • I hate spotify...WTF no video for this podcast there. hard dislike. Spend your money Joe, this is a dead end...

    David BurnsDavid Burns29 kun oldin
  • She looks so cool.

  • No one is born with perfect pitch. No baby comes out of the womb knowing our arbitrary choice that Middle c is 262hz.

    Peter GartinPeter Gartin29 kun oldin
  • She sounds better quiet

    Steadno 2006Steadno 200629 kun oldin
  • Honey honey!

    English for Sri LankaEnglish for Sri LankaOy oldin
  • Whatever it is that Joe took before the show he took too much of :D

    Mitch ThibeauMitch ThibeauOy oldin
  • Joe I don't know what a capo is Rogan lol Seriously??

    Samuel FoxSamuel FoxOy oldin
  • Let me just say this gonna be akward

    Bobby HillBobby HillOy oldin
  • Beautiful song thank you

    Steven DeckerSteven DeckerOy oldin
  • joe doesn't know what a tuner is?!!?

    Ryan LubinskyRyan LubinskyOy oldin
  • Iam in love with you Suzanne

    H.Hikato ShoheH.Hikato ShoheOy oldin
  • Why the fuck is there no video on the spotify xbox app

    Music GuyMusic GuyOy oldin
  • Refuse to even listen to this crap anymore. Just here to comment. Joe Rogan is a slimmy corrupt political sleaze ball to sit back and not even address the fraud that is being perpetrated to overthrow this republic. Joe use to get millions of viewers now he is lucky to get a quarter million. I hope California takes all your spotify money with retroactive tax laws you coward.

    Chas BurnsChas BurnsOy oldin
  • Excellent song

    nirmalevanirmalevaOy oldin
  • ♥️✌️

    Pepe handzPepe handzOy oldin
  • What a cool girl. Love her

    Pepe handzPepe handzOy oldin
  • Joe “Im thinking about being a judge on the voice” Rogan

    Sun God PharaohSun God PharaohOy oldin
  • Something bout a girl with a guitar hits hard and different..

    Jacob WarburtonJacob WarburtonOy oldin
  • gavin newsom would approve!

    Industrial Waste-ManIndustrial Waste-ManOy oldin
  • Beautiful voice and chemistry. Thank you

    TommyTommyOy oldin
  • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

    alialiOy oldin
  • Was wating for when this was gonna get akward.. But i likes The song and her performence.

    FreddeFreddeOy oldin
  • Joe Rogan high "Wow, amazing. The way you pluck the string with your fingers, its like they have their own mind"

    Stefan AgiovlasitisStefan AgiovlasitisOy oldin
  • Are you in my city???

    Nicole TaylorNicole TaylorOy oldin
  • Joe wants to smash her so bad

    Ivan ChavezIvan ChavezOy oldin
  • FUCK spotify

    jayce kefferjayce kefferOy oldin
  • Why done all the big conservatives, Libertarian and center right joined forces somehow Maybee a new breed of news. All of them combine would steam role all media!

    ryan clarkryan clarkOy oldin
  • There are sages, seers, and Santos the Siren

    Patrick DeZeeuwPatrick DeZeeuwOy oldin
  • Beautiful

    H RH ROy oldin
  • I dreamt about joe Rogan cuz he's literally the only person I would want to meet. I was at my house and roe jogan was there and I was trying to make him laugh or make him listen to my deep talks (I was trying to be like him lmao) but he just got annoyed by my need for his validation so I asked my cousin what is the meaning of life and did she know about jfk assassination and monkeys who took psychedelics and I finally caught his attention and he seemed sort of interested but still not that much (he was talking with other people). He was talking with other people including some skinny girl who I believed was his gf; he was trying to be all cool in front of them idk, then. I was kind of sad because he dismissed my attempts to speak with him about cool stuff and I felt unimportant and sort of sad lol. After being noticed by joe rogan, when he was about to leave he saw that I was sad he gave me and cousin a small gift like some sort of candy because he had heard our talks (I was like yay he did notice me). The gift were trollies worms with drugs in them LMAO cuz joe Rohan always spoke about drugs (the title was like "trollies drug edition"). I was like what the heck lmao. I didn't try them and my cousin was so stoked and crazy and wanted to eat the edibles all. Idk what she did with them but I went upstairs to my cool mansion and opened them (they didn't have sugar but they were clearish with two colors like the candy worms) and I tried 2 and didn't feel anything then I was trying to hide the worms and The house was weird like a futuristic 2 story house with big window but. I went to another house and they said could I have some but I gave them the real candies that weren't drugs. I went outside in this weird world were there was a tree and like a sandy path. Me and renee we're trying to look for ways to hide the candy (my mom almost knew), and we saw a rattlesnake come right at us. I went to the tree and started digging up dirt to put the worms in the dirt and on the tree. There were a lot on the tree so some kids accidentally ate them when they saw them on the tree. then I woke up and now I hate joe Rogan for giving me some drugged up candies in another reality lmao, jk I wish I could spend more time with him 😪

    O AhO AhOy oldin
  • She's hot with red hair

    A R C A N EA R C A N EOy oldin
  • Song of the year 2020

    Corey SethmanCorey SethmanOy oldin
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    El PresidenteEl PresidenteOy oldin
  • I dont understand all the hate. Y'all negative af.

    Jacob DayhuffJacob DayhuffOy oldin
  • Meh not too good

    Frank ReynoldsFrank ReynoldsOy oldin
  • Joe is freaking old lol

    Dennis KozorezovDennis KozorezovOy oldin
  • So you take away our full podcasts and then only give us two boring ass songs and 1 small clip? You're killin me Joe, more and more each week, you're killin me!

    AdamOS RetroAdamOS RetroOy oldin
  • please stop playing ads for this.. i dont care..

    Konrad CisekKonrad CisekOy oldin
  • So this is Spotify’s angle, live performances.

    kevin perrykevin perryOy oldin
    • She's been on a few times while Rogan was still solely on UZworld.

      English for Sri LankaEnglish for Sri LankaOy oldin
    • @Wubbed found the offended roganite lmao. Dude didn't even criticize anything. Here's some criticism for ya... rogan is a sell out and always has been!

      Abhorsen, TheAbhorsen, TheOy oldin
    • you don't watch a lot of jre if you've never seen a live performance before. therefore your criticism is bullshit :)

      WubbedWubbedOy oldin
  • DUDE she's tuning the guitar with the capo on it. THE CAPO BLOCKS THE STRINGS !!! CRINGE!!!!!!

    GiuseppeMGiuseppeMOy oldin
  • 0:58 she doesn't know what a capo does? WTF

    GiuseppeMGiuseppeMOy oldin