Suzanne Santo & Gary Clark Jr - "Fall for That"

16-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1579 with Suzanne Santo & Gary Clark Jr.

  • to many elk shit haha just joking love you joe

    CollinsomCollinsom6 soat oldin
  • this was the first time someone ever played in JRE, shit ... to many ufo stuff

    CollinsomCollinsom6 soat oldin
  • why does joe film podcasts with these cockamamie guitarists, we want weird shit, not white girls getting off on their voices

    Stefan IvicStefan Ivic9 kun oldin
  • seriously such a fucking good song I love these two together

    EseerEseer11 kun oldin
  • Love Gary

    N PN P12 kun oldin
  • That was beautiful

    Corin kirklandCorin kirkland14 kun oldin
  • That was an awesome piece 😁👍

    Yeah RightYeah Right15 kun oldin
  • Also Gary Clark jr. probably one of the best guitar players alive

    connor fischerconnor fischer16 kun oldin
    • @Brandon Walsh also if you haven’t checked out Michael lemmo on guitar of the day at Norman’s rare guitars I highly reccomend that. He’s an amazing artist

      connor fischerconnor fischer11 kun oldin
    • @Brandon Walsh honestly don’t think there’s much music I don’t know about atm on guitar

      connor fischerconnor fischer11 kun oldin
    • @Brandon Walsh I been seen all billy strings stuff

      connor fischerconnor fischer11 kun oldin
    • @connor fischer I still recommend you check out Billy Strings - Dust in a baggie!

      Brandon WalshBrandon Walsh11 kun oldin
    • @connor fischer Hahaha, I did ask! This is just the response I was hoping to get originally, thank you kind sir! 🙏

      Brandon WalshBrandon Walsh11 kun oldin
  • Hit the like button if you’re actually a guitar player watching this

    connor fischerconnor fischer16 kun oldin
  • That 12 string is sick

    connor fischerconnor fischer16 kun oldin
  • This is great, music on Rogan. Just need to get spot video working or full eps on UZworld

    Chuck FieldChuck Field16 kun oldin
  • Music videos on the jre its already starting.

    Larbear 25Larbear 2519 kun oldin
  • Loved this episode. I just wished Gary talked a bit more in the three hours they were on.

    jihadjoejihadjoe21 kun oldin
  • Gotta love the awkward musician “how should we start” phase

    Levi KendrickLevi Kendrick21 kun oldin
  • So in the latter part of this episode this wonderful woman musician whose name escapes me, said something that hit me and was very profound for me personally. She that sometimes she feels like she’s in the way. like she gets the feeling that shes bothering people when shes being herself. Like what you say is either really awkward or it just inconveniences those around you. For me, i think; especially for some people, I’m hypersensitive to what they are thinking. Usually because they have gotten angry at me before and couldnt figure out why. So im hyper aware of the consequences of my words or actions. when the truth is probably closer to their day to day reality and they are tired or just dont really care what i’m sayin. Which is ok. I dunno why we sometimes assume annoyance or anger even when its not there. Anywho... i loved this podcast. They are free on spotify folks

    Drew and CharlieDrew and Charlie22 kun oldin
  • Damnn

    Hammad JahangirHammad Jahangir23 kun oldin
  • She is playing his wide sky... lucky girl!!!

    Fv EFv E23 kun oldin
  • We got no fucking Spotify here joe

    Adnan ShahAdnan Shah23 kun oldin
  • Beautiful voice great song

    Rychard HarrisRychard Harris23 kun oldin
  • Whoa. Little Janis in there

    KevinKevin24 kun oldin
  • Great.

    P.h.i.L D187P.h.i.L D18724 kun oldin
  • wow this song is better live than on the recording. impressive.

    Matthew J. PerryMatthew J. Perry25 kun oldin
  • What's up with the dislikes on this? She's really good.

    Emil GoubasarianEmil Goubasarian25 kun oldin
    • because they wanted to hear Gary singing! At least I know I wanted too

      Rameka TamakiRameka Tamaki25 kun oldin
  • Very zeppelin

    Dan GDan G25 kun oldin
  • Very nirvana

    Dan GDan G25 kun oldin
  • This is giving me assassins creed odyssey vibes.

    Jayesh BapodraJayesh Bapodra25 kun oldin
  • 5:27 Joe just yelling to come over to Spotify. Can't say I've watched one of his episodes yet. I think if Joe really wants to get a wave of people over to the platform he's going to have to try and get Trump or even Obama on at some point.

    Keegan WebsterKeegan Webster26 kun oldin
    • im on spotify and have listened to one. the platform aint doin it plus theres no comments, which is a lot of the fun. that's my 2c for anyone who cares and i'm sure plenty of others feel the same. 1st world problems while we're still a first world..

      Joe BillJoe Bill23 kun oldin
    • @Keegan Webster they? It's the people from here that went over. It's just a select few of you weirdos that are waging a war with an app for whatever reason

      Dash22Dash2225 kun oldin
    • @Benjamin Deckard Never said he wasn't. And ya they do have alot of people on there platform. I never said they didn't.

      Keegan WebsterKeegan Webster26 kun oldin
    • You realize he has millions of listeners on spotify right? He's the number one podcast out there...

      Benjamin DeckardBenjamin Deckard26 kun oldin
  • That was good, but Gary Clark jr. is great.

    Gerry GarciaGerry Garcia26 kun oldin
  • Joe, you should have Dr. Zach Bush on!!

    jdnpl3jdnpl326 kun oldin
  • Shout out Wide Sky guitars

    GobearfootGobearfoot27 kun oldin
  • These two are goooooood. Thanks to HDMI and my Chromebook I now listen/watch the show again on my TV using Spotify.

    Primate BehaviorPrimate Behavior27 kun oldin
  • man i wish i could play guitar on better than this

    SEAshleySEAshley27 kun oldin
    • @Chachillie yea...ahhh lol

      SEAshleySEAshley27 kun oldin
    • Alot of players and singer/songwriters are. I feel your pain

      ChachillieChachillie27 kun oldin
  • Love this! Gary Clark Jr. A beast

    SkyBoss99SkyBoss9928 kun oldin
  • PowerfulJRE has never been so powerful

    Chronic SpiritChronic Spirit28 kun oldin
  • Dumb ass song

    fernando guzmanfernando guzman28 kun oldin
  • 3:24 Am I the only one that hears the DOOM them in that song?

    CannibalWarthogCannibalWarthog28 kun oldin
  • Mahn I'm a metal fan... But I get goosebumps when she sings and I appreciate their guitar skills.. Amazing band

    Nyana Ka'LuvoNyana Ka'Luvo29 kun oldin
  • Wait, what? They cut to ads or something during the episode??? Back from what?? I’m not following Rogan to Spotify, people are all “but it’s free”, but I refuse to be part of them making money off me. Pretty average move to remove all the full eps from UZworld.

    Abra CadabraAbra CadabraOy oldin
  • Beautiful

    H.Hikato ShoheH.Hikato ShoheOy oldin
  • I love Mr Clark. Wish the hip-hop community would embrace his sound. No, it's not a beat. It's a feeling that I feel that people don't know how to feel anymore. Dude has an underrated, unappreciated sound

    trish 2885trish 2885Oy oldin
    • I completely agree!

      SkyBoss99SkyBoss9928 kun oldin
  • Refuse to even listen to this crap anymore. Just here to comment. Joe Rogan is a slimmy corrupt political sleaze ball to sit back and not even address the fraud that is being perpetrated to overthrow this republic. Joe use to get millions of viewers now he is lucky to get a quarter million. I hope California takes all your spotify money with retroactive tax laws you coward.

    Chas BurnsChas BurnsOy oldin
  • This is like a computer that kicks out faux, historonic Americana in a bunker after a nuclear blast with said occupants still competing having learned nothing.

    Harold the BarrelHarold the BarrelOy oldin
  • gavin newsom would approve

    Industrial Waste-ManIndustrial Waste-ManOy oldin
  • Where's the BETA?

  • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

    alialiOy oldin
  • The 2 definately have the stink face in the bag. Other than that not very impressed.

    Don JoeDon JoeOy oldin
  • Are you in my city???

    Nicole TaylorNicole TaylorOy oldin
  • Has a Nirvana riff."About a Girl" vibe.

    Barry HemmyBarry HemmyOy oldin
    • Definitely....... Not!

      Alan ReadAlan Read26 kun oldin
    • Definitely

      Zac ChoateZac Choate26 kun oldin
  • One thing I hate about musicians. Always gotta try to show out lol. Have a convo with Joe not some awkward jam session

    Dennis NouansavanhDennis NouansavanhOy oldin
    • Dennis Nouansavanh They are promoting their music. It is like a trailer to a movie for an actor.

      fay guledfay guled29 kun oldin
  • I dreamt about joe Rogan cuz he's literally the only person I would want to meet. I was at my house and roe jogan was there and I was trying to make him laugh or make him listen to my deep talks (I was trying to be like him lmao) but he just got annoyed by my need for his validation so I asked my cousin what is the meaning of life and did she know about jfk assassination and monkeys who took psychedelics and I finally caught his attention and he seemed sort of interested but still not that much (he was talking with other people). He was talking with other people including some skinny girl who I believed was his gf; he was trying to be all cool in front of them idk, then. I was kind of sad because he dismissed my attempts to speak with him about cool stuff and I felt unimportant and sort of sad lol. After being noticed by joe rogan, when he was about to leave he saw that I was sad he gave me and cousin a small gift like some sort of candy because he had heard our talks (I was like yay he did notice me). The gift were trollies worms with drugs in them LMAO cuz joe Rohan always spoke about drugs (the title was like "trollies drug edition"). I was like what the heck lmao. I didn't try them and my cousin was so stoked and crazy and wanted to eat the edibles all. Idk what she did with them but I went upstairs to my cool mansion and opened them (they didn't have sugar but they were clearish with two colors like the candy worms) and I tried 2 and didn't feel anything then I was trying to hide the worms and The house was weird like a futuristic 2 story house with big window but. I went to another house and they said could I have some but I gave them the real candies that weren't drugs. I went outside in this weird world were there was a tree and like a sandy path. Me and renee we're trying to look for ways to hide the candy (my mom almost knew), and we saw a rattlesnake come right at us. I went to the tree and started digging up dirt to put the worms in the dirt and on the tree. There were a lot on the tree so some kids accidentally ate them when they saw them on the tree. then I woke up and hate joe Rogan for giving me some drugged up candies, jk I missed him lmao

    O AhO AhOy oldin
  • Dope

    Muhammad Abby LoveMuhammad Abby LoveOy oldin
  • Jamie’s thoughts: Alright they’re playing music let me finally make this podcast a PRODUCTION.

    TJBEATS97TJBEATS97Oy oldin
    • What’s with spot video?

      Chuck FieldChuck Field16 kun oldin
    • He clearly grew lol 100 million dollar contract I would say it grew.

      Casey StevensCasey Stevens18 kun oldin
    • @David G lmao wtf is Harris sayin

      KevinKevin24 kun oldin
    • Harris Afridi people like you just shouldn’t comment

      David GDavid G25 kun oldin
    • As a production, you wanna grow.

      Harris AfridiHarris Afridi29 kun oldin
  • I wish they showed jamie more!!

    Thug LifeThug LifeOy oldin
  • this song mkes me feel like a cowboy riding with my gang of outlaws like Arthur Morgan

    alex gioskosalex gioskosOy oldin
    • @alex gioskos yea I totally agree. At the time it happened I hated it.

      edreedsonedreedson20 kun oldin
    • @edreedson well he isn’t in the first game so it wouldn’t make sense for him to live on, Arthur dying gives the game a higher replay value because u want to go back and do all things again with Arthur

      alex gioskosalex gioskos20 kun oldin
    • Why they gotta kill off Arthur tho? I hate that part

      edreedsonedreedson20 kun oldin
  • Hey is anyone else having issues with spotify video player being shit? It continually lags for me on all my devices.

    2CanSam10002CanSam1000Oy oldin
    • I works fine for me. But sometimes the video is a little out of sinc. But I listen a lot more then watching it so it’s not that big of a deal for me

      Jim HeerenJim Heeren24 kun oldin
  • GOD DAMN fiiiiiirrreeee 🤘🏼

    Matt FoggMatt FoggOy oldin
  • Suzanne Santo, seriously, so talented & so incredibly hot

    Darren McKeeDarren McKeeOy oldin
  • So joe is ditching his fans to go to spotify. Pay up people.

    jimmyjam700jimmyjam700Oy oldin
  • Come on Joe, put Jimmy Dore on!

    IGTIGTOy oldin
  • Go Listen To Fly Again🦅🦅 By J.Bad210🔥 Produced By SANTANA MTB 🎧🎶🎶 Out Now On All Platforms 👀🎶

    Oralia ArmendarizOralia ArmendarizOy oldin
  • Damn they are talented

    Brandon GrangerBrandon GrangerOy oldin
  • Moooooor musiiiiiiiic Joe

    Jason MartinJason MartinOy oldin
  • Should have ray lamontagne and the pariah dogs on

    Yooper ManYooper ManOy oldin
  • should be more of this like funny interesting singers jamming and talking drinking and whatever... damn fun things

    Fun stuffFun stuffOy oldin
  • The fuck is this shit? He's taking being on Spotify too literally

    dropdeadalinadropdeadalinaOy oldin
  • I'm diggin this chick

    Keith LewisKeith LewisOy oldin
  • Fire Jamie! He didn't even mic the fucking guitars!!!! AMATEUR!!!!!

    dickfarkweeddickfarkweedOy oldin
  • Gary I've I found you while listening to Tyler Childers, found complete adaptation of Jimmie Hendrix. Y'all are amazing and on Rogan

    daystar1933daystar1933Oy oldin
  • Her guitar is out of tune... very disappointed with these two, I've heard so much about Gary then he shows up and cant hear when his girl's guitar is out lmfao

    Anand BeilfussAnand BeilfussOy oldin
  • if any of you is able to watch the new ep. 1580 with Andrew Schulz on Spotify feel free to comment on the link below, no need to wait 2 days for these official clips to appear in order to post a comment for #1580:

    Franco NeroFranco NeroOy oldin
  • Oh those vocals!?!? Lyrical vitamins for my ears Is she playing a Wide Sky? Gary could play a clothesline stretched over a rake and I’d listen.

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    Hilary SamHilary SamOy oldin
  • This show will not be the show without Jamie boi got a hard job and makes it look easy lmao

    Zach oneillZach oneillOy oldin
  • Gives me peaky blinders vibes. Slomo shot of tommy freacking out after shooting a horse out of mercy.

    TiTo_MakaniTiTo_MakaniOy oldin
  • Thought is was a Nirvana cover for a sec

    Jack GallivanJack GallivanOy oldin
    • iiiiii need an easy friend

      joe hundertmarkjoe hundertmarkOy oldin
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      Hilary SamHilary SamOy oldin
  • Spotify gliches out on all of the recent episodes.... its pretty sucky

    Aaron DickensonAaron DickensonOy oldin
    • That's why they call it "Sucky Spotify"

      Miguel ParraMiguel ParraOy oldin
  • Funny how podcast is not available in Russia anymore

    VslowVslowOy oldin
    • Idk, this is funny, because it was meant to be a step forward. I only see it as a step back. It is sad as well of course.

      VslowVslow28 kun oldin
    • Why is that funny

      lessonslearned1lessonslearned128 kun oldin
    • Vslow Purchase all your microdosing products such as LSDs,DMT,MDMA and several others with;

      Hilary SamHilary SamOy oldin

    Chikato 710Chikato 710Oy oldin
  • That was great

    Sean GSean GOy oldin

    PSYCHO 24PSYCHO 24Oy oldin
  • great voice

    Andy LongAndy LongOy oldin
  • Can someone please say to Joe Roger to his face. What do those Bill Gates millions taste like.

    Shspurs1Shspurs1Oy oldin
    • Shspurs1 Purchase all your microdosing products such as LSDs,DMT,MDMA and several others with;

      Hilary SamHilary SamOy oldin
  • #1580 - Andrew Schulz is released if you can watch it on Spotify feel free to coment here:

    Unchiul XUnchiul XOy oldin
  • Why is it impossible to get the video to pull up on my Spotify now?

    Joey MedinaJoey MedinaOy oldin
  • That's was words..... Good..

    penrite01penrite01Oy oldin
  • Those transitions.. they deserve an oscar

    Brazilian Jef _It's just what it isBrazilian Jef _It's just what it isOy oldin
  • god that was brutal

    f wamf wamOy oldin
  • This is great, really wanna get into playing the guitar

    Themba , The iMMiGrantThemba , The iMMiGrantOy oldin
  • Is he doing musical acts because he's on Spotify now!?

    Mental DeviantMental DeviantOy oldin
    • @Chikato 710 they’re a pretty good band idk what your talking about.

      Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner29 kun oldin
    • No he always had this "friend" of his called Honey Honey it's a horrible band... Joe needs to take his hang out sessions with these people offline... everytime they're on they get the most dislikes. OH WAIT SPOTIFY DOESN'T HAVE RATINGS OR COMMENTS OR VPNS

      Chikato 710Chikato 710Oy oldin
  • 15M 10M 7.9M 32k

    Mysteryself - Fallout 76Mysteryself - Fallout 76Oy oldin
    • It’s the subject, if it was about chimps high on DMT inventing an elk farm using nothing but lions bones and tendons it would be the same as other videos

      King SLKing SL29 kun oldin
    • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

      alialiOy oldin
    • right haha JRE viewership is in the tank the transition to Spotify is garbage!

      Chikato 710Chikato 710Oy oldin
  • I never thought I could almost forget about the JRE podcast, but with the move to Spotify I certainly have. Wtf is going on here? This is a little awkward. Are they serenading Joe and Young Jaime?

    NVNVOy oldin
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      Hilary SamHilary SamOy oldin
  • She’s beautiful

    The Mind of JamesThe Mind of JamesOy oldin
    • @coveringfish I can't think it through for you.

      Trollop 7Trollop 727 kun oldin
    • @Trollop 7 wtf? What kind of bullshit is this response

      coveringfishcoveringfish27 kun oldin
    • That's exactly what they hope you'll think.

      Trollop 7Trollop 7Oy oldin
  • Siiick

    jacob sandersjacob sandersOy oldin
  • since to move to spotify i have been protesting the move but after this I may have to sign up now. fucking JRE got me.

    Phillip CanoPhillip CanoOy oldin
    • hahaha fuck honey honey and the transition has been garbage... they don't allow VPN's so what advertisers can catch all my internet traffic fucking garbage.

      Chikato 710Chikato 710Oy oldin
  • You should have dr dirty john valby on your show. Very funny.

    Rick SmithRick SmithOy oldin
  • Spotify basically took away the entire community of JRE

    Key EpicKey EpicOy oldin
    • Every video you paste the same crap. Who cares, comment section is cancer

      Brazilian Jef _It's just what it isBrazilian Jef _It's just what it isOy oldin
    • Good. UZworld's comments are a cess pool. Joe's said this himself many times.

      Andrew FenderAndrew FenderOy oldin
    • Community of normies

      DefundIceDefundIceOy oldin
  • Not only is she super funny and interesting and so hot i can bake an egg on my screen, Shes a truly amazing singer as well. Cd sold as soon as i find one i can get in my country..

    PathwandererPathwandererOy oldin
  • How many people only watch the clips because the Spotify app drops the podcast (even downloaded) when you’re driving so you don’t listen anymore?

    Chase H.Chase H.Oy oldin
    • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

      alialiOy oldin
    • I only watch the clips bc the hell with spotify, but honestly all the episode lately have been boring and terrible anyway

      Bobunga UrmomsBobunga UrmomsOy oldin
    • I thought I was the only one

      Keith LewisKeith LewisOy oldin
  • thank you JOE for making all of your Subscribers suffer the most pathetic video player I have seen in decades. Good Show Spofify 😂😂😂

    No ExpertNo ExpertOy oldin
  • Take that, Spotify! 😅🤣

    Bodhisattva DaltonBodhisattva DaltonOy oldin