The COVID Relief Bill, Questioning Origins of Coronavirus

24-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1582 with Alex Berenson.

  • Why don’t they help me I’m drowning and the irs said I made to much this year I have 0 in checking and 2.70 give me my stimulus

    Erich DavisErich Davis15 daqiqa oldin
  • Joes so better off with money that he doesn’t realize nor can grasp about how serious this is and there’s no time to investigate these conspiracy’s dude people are dying getting sick under Pressure but you in a room with air conditioning calling back because you can’t go out bowling.

    AlexAlex27 daqiqa oldin
  • imagine ppl voting for Biden?

    Roll Tide till I dieRoll Tide till I die29 daqiqa oldin
  • Wasn't it caused by Randy Marsh and Mickey Mouse?

    Olwyn SkyeOlwyn Skye37 daqiqa oldin
  • It made in Maryland and the China bought !

    Matthew GassettMatthew Gassett39 daqiqa oldin
  • All will be revealed. The Woke cult are the locusts from the pit. The highly popular man that comes back to placate all after Biden is arrested and civil war starts will be the Antichrist

    Thesearcher1964Thesearcher196452 daqiqa oldin
  • The Wuhan Virus, get it straight. We have always labeled viruses by where they originated from! Why change now? Also it's an "untested Experimental vaccine" get that right too. Coronavirus vaccines have always failed and for good reason. Some of the previous vaccines were deadly!

    GemcorGemcor59 daqiqa oldin
  • Bats and what? Penguins? I cant understand him

    Tilen KosiTilen KosiSoat oldin
  • Term limits. Biological Warfare

    Lori Pauter TavaresLori Pauter TavaresSoat oldin
  • Well Trump said he just wanted a 1 page bill that said relief checks to the people. But apparently he's the corrupt monster.

    Nick JamesNick JamesSoat oldin
  • Lol

    Sean DunderdaleSean Dunderdale2 soat oldin
  • Zacts 👌🏽

    Nina brownNina brown2 soat oldin
  • This guy doesn't know how to answer a question; the most circuitous self aggrandising answer I've heard

    Edan RobertsEdan Roberts2 soat oldin
  • They didn't sneak shit. They did it on purpose... To show you that you'll put up with anything. Period.

    Snider 23Snider 232 soat oldin
  • Dana White right now... 👀

    LucekLucek2 soat oldin
  • There is no questioning, its from Wuhan Lab China. The one and only question is, if it spread from there accidentally or intentionally.

    RicardoRicardo3 soat oldin
  • To suspect that the virus came from that lab in Wuhan is totally reasonable, for me. To totally dismiss the simple possibility, like so many people do, is what seems absurd to me.

    Jornada MentalJornada Mental3 soat oldin
  • I'm really irritated when people, usually potheads, equate alcohol with weed. One or two drinks do not put you out for the count the same as just one hit of skunk does. It also does not lead to psychosis like weed does. Yes there are people who take too much alcohol and wind up alcoholics, they are the few not the many who enjoy a social drink. Just stop with this nonsense.

    tamsinthaitamsinthai3 soat oldin
  • The first videos of people getting the corona virus was hysterical. Like fuckin B movie level hilarious

    J PeezieJ Peezie3 soat oldin
  • Omnibus bill sends aid over seas not the covid 19 relief bill

    Matt CarneyMatt Carney3 soat oldin
  • Released by China? I thought this virus, like bird flu, swine flu, Spanish flu, H.I.V. and all other diseases like this and viruses are all about humans relationship with animals, poverty and bush meat. Hygiene and humans needing to eat food.

    Miguel RamalhoMiguel Ramalho3 soat oldin
  • Those people are monsters should storm dc for that instead of bullshit left vs right propaganda

    bob dylanbob dylan3 soat oldin
  • It's called gain of function research I encourage people to look it up.

    The Soma Alchemy PodcastThe Soma Alchemy Podcast3 soat oldin
  • Let's also look into who was funding the research. I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S was helping. The news media dropped this within the first weeks of the pandemic. The W.H.O was to be a big blame in beginning, but now is not important

    Pheonix CornellPheonix Cornell4 soat oldin
  • And 700 billion dollars for defense. It's a war machine funding bill.

    SuperPowderpigSuperPowderpig4 soat oldin
  • How does this guy always manage to work in his hate for weed and shilling of his book? Why does joe allow a person on his program that openly advocates for the removal of his rights in a passive aggressive way?

    The Computer JanitorThe Computer Janitor4 soat oldin
  • Put Rogan back on UZworld. I haven't watched his shit in months because Spotify is shite.

    morgan macdonaldmorgan macdonald4 soat oldin
  • I think the virus came from North Korea. It wasn’t coincidental trump met their leader. They have no in OR out in their country. Idk conspiracy but still

    Sara LorinSara Lorin4 soat oldin
  • U know that usa been funding chinas rise for fuk knos how many decades, to have industrial competitor right? Virus and wuhan lab are no different

    Inter NullInter Null4 soat oldin
  • Joe, you finally put a smart guy on your show. good job

    Eldorado TexasEldorado Texas4 soat oldin
  • and the reason they are favorites, is they get their pockets lined by kick backs or they just write a check!!

    Lorie MckinstryLorie Mckinstry4 soat oldin
  • There is no logic to it. It's corrupt shadow government with their own agenda. People used to call them geeks. Now they want revenge.

    Chris ClausenChris Clausen4 soat oldin
  • They're not investigating it because of their wallets!

    Vbr Video ProductionsVbr Video Productions5 soat oldin
  • Each politician has a friend that needs help for whatever reason so they write up a bill and put it on their desk. They keep doing this until they have a pile of papers on their desk. Now all those congressmen, senators, people of power. Hear, hey we're going to fund something So that all run. Like students heading over their papers for an assignment to the teacher. So they all hand in their papers. A whole stack of them. Hundreds of political figures handing over papers. There's your bill, with the name on the cover page. But filled with unnecessary hand outs that's how it turned into 5000 Pages overnight. They get you the fund the bill AKA purchase the book with a name that has nothing to do with the subject matter.

    addie1775addie17755 soat oldin
  • WHO is currently investigating the origins of the virus in Wuhan

    Robert CantspellRobert Cantspell5 soat oldin
  • Bill Gates knows where it came from. Threaten him with a vaccination to get the answer

    Milli VanilliMilli Vanilli5 soat oldin
  • I’m glad you’re noticing. This is the way it’s always been. Pass a bill and put in all sorts of sinful extras. And no line item Veto.

    JohnJohn6 soat oldin
  • The coronavirus is man’s fault. Either they made it in the lab and it’s our fault or we treat other people in the world so much like garbage that it’s our fault. In China they make our toys in our gadgets and our iPhones and other things we are materially obsessed with. We pay them trash and they eat trash. If they have to eat bats and rats to survive and we are their biggest seller, we aren’t paying them enough. Either they made it in a lab or a thorough treatment of people and animals that are causing things like Covid, swine flu, bird flu, etc.

    JohnJohn6 soat oldin
  • i agree i feel like we have jus brushed off that the chineese let it get out but yet they arnt penalized for it 💯

    6 God6 God6 soat oldin
  • Covid is fake. They’re piggybacking off of a stage four flu and lying with to you with statistics.

    I drink Commie tearsI drink Commie tears6 soat oldin
  • joe must not seen the UFO part of the covid bill that says the government has 180 days to release what they know about UFOs

    matrix2030 morpheusmatrix2030 morpheus6 soat oldin
  • I’m not interested in Spotify regardless if it’s free. What is the point of this teaser? It’s all conjecture and that pisses me off because it didn’t used to be that way. JRE has sold out folks!

    Amy ErwinAmy Erwin6 soat oldin
  • And they wonder why people are getting more and more angry with our government. They are shady as flip. We just want Americans put first. But we get the shaft.. I'm poor, I don't want to pay for illegals. I miss Trump already.

    Arc StaticArc Static6 soat oldin
    • Communist china is not our friend. Now, its becoming the U.S. government is also, not our friend.. It hurts me, because my family has generations that has given mind and body fighting for our country.

      Arc StaticArc Static6 soat oldin
  • The facts are the virus was created in China and it was released from there. China locked down their country from travel within but let anybody that wanted to leave the country leave no questions asked. So China made it they let it out and they let it get out of the country and they infected the whole world. Time China was held accountable and they need to pay for this atrocity.

    Craig ScottCraig Scott6 soat oldin
  • Covid wasn’t an accident it was a plan. Create a problem use it to bankrupt a country to poverty and implement mail in voting to out a president, and then offer a solution that is questionable in itself

    YUM YUMSYUM YUMS6 soat oldin
  • This is what Nancy P likes to do with our stimulus money which is why she holds up the process.

    AA6 soat oldin
  • We dont need to be ruled

    R 369R 3697 soat oldin
  • Thought questioning covid result in banning from google now?

    smart phonesmart phone7 soat oldin
  • This has BEEN going on right under our noses. They don’t tell us because if we ALL did come together then they would be outnumbered. So they keep us seperated and tell us what They want Us to think. Well I am sick of just taking it!!

    The Crazy FamilyThe Crazy Family7 soat oldin
  • Ok

    Melanie HarmonMelanie Harmon7 soat oldin
  • What? Joe woke up this time!? Yeah, it’s going on, it’s been going on.

    Joseph LJoseph L8 soat oldin
  • Joe Hogan so loud at the end.

    J SilaoJ Silao8 soat oldin
  • Speaker of the house admitted she sat on the relief bill for partisan purposes....America the voters have spoken and now they will be punished!

    Frank BFrank B8 soat oldin
  • It’s simple. To drum up support you need to do things for reps who would otherwise oppose the bill. That’s where “pork,” comes from. Monstrous maybe, but not uncommon.

    CashmereT84CashmereT848 soat oldin
  • This coming from the biggest shill on Earth.

    IndigoIndigo8 soat oldin
  • Ofcourse it was the Chinese!!!!! Pathetic that the media won’t look into it!!!!!!!

    TaggsR85TaggsR858 soat oldin
  • Eh... I don't really think the Trump Supporter thing is true. I'm not a Trump supporter but I would like to know more about this and for sure agree that something seems odd.

    Mossy SparksMossy Sparks8 soat oldin
  • Th enemy of an enemy is a friend. The left wing media hates Trump therefore supports China. Wake up, people.

    P SP S8 soat oldin
  • I can’t wait till the people that don’t believe rona is completely bullshit find out the truth as the new world order sets in. The evidence is all over the internet, if you want to look for it. Smh, sheep.

    MadisonMadison8 soat oldin
  • "Totally free on Spotify" Spotify: Unable to play this video in your area 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ 🖕🏼✌🏼

    ShizNickShizNick9 soat oldin
  • 5:33 Hello

    KoincidenceKoincidence9 soat oldin
  • The person whom runs the lab in Wuhan where COVID-19 was developed, is the BIOLOGICAL Weapons Lab for Chinas military, worked in the US at a University for 10 years learning how to create the CORNA VIRUS.

    Jeff BerensJeff Berens9 soat oldin
  • The libs bought and shelved poor joe and he don't even realize it.

    multitoolishmultitoolish9 soat oldin
  • So the USA develop a version of a virus send it to China (all these documented) and in China accidentally being released. Should break the Chinese economy but it isn't. Then information leaks that they had the virus in Italy before, where there are serious economic issue and an election...all these before China and makes you wonder. Italy together with EU countries prints money like no tomorrow and collapsing governments suddenly have an escape goat called "COVID". From Italy the virus comes to New York. Then your neighbor fall from the roof and regardless of his broken spine the cause of death is covid. All covid dies down but politics are not finished so a new strain this time not "China Virus" but "Africa Virus" emerge from South Africa and exported fast to UK who spread it all over the world overnight. All this on your face.

    Jon SnowJon Snow9 soat oldin
    • You are right. People rather suffer than accept reality that takes them out of comfort zone, they don't want to see enemies where they live so they prefer to find them in foreign countries. Scary fucking world.

      CorvinusCorvinus9 soat oldin
    • People think it's left and not. It's a small particular western elite Vs population.

      Jon SnowJon Snow9 soat oldin
  • the WHO has sent inspector at Wuhan

    Sylvain Chartrand CDSylvain Chartrand CD9 soat oldin
  • Don't forget the bill has a timeclock for UFO disclosure by July 2021.

    Richard SmallRichard Small9 soat oldin
  • We should set up a go fund me to get a lobbyist for weed legislation

    Seb Turner-bennettSeb Turner-bennett10 soat oldin
  • Rogan 2024 🇺🇸

    Ezekiel 963Ezekiel 96310 soat oldin
  • The truth about what happened in 2020 will come out eventually. And all that weird pregressive propoganda people were brainwashed to spread on their social media will be used against them by the same media companies. If you read any of the articles, it never contained any falsified facts. They were opinions and fluff with a misleading title and picture that made people assume the worst to confirm their biases. The fooled would rather walk away and forget it every happened rather than admit they wrong and tricked into an assumption.

    Michael MaMichael Ma10 soat oldin
  • Take a person from birth raise them never allowing them to be wronged by anyone when they reach the appropriate age introduce weed and that person will never have a negative thought because one wouldn:t be present. If you allow a person at a young age to have weed and their brains will be effected since it's still very young and growing on top of that if that person is wronged by anyone they might have a tendency to show a violent side and if they cannot control it or themselves they could end up in trouble. It doesn't cause psychosis it amplifies it nothing more. Most humans are to mentally weak for it due to society and the corruption in government across the board.

    Doosh BeaggeDoosh Beagge10 soat oldin

    Hamilton Massey IIHamilton Massey II10 soat oldin
  • Soldiers protecting the rotten deep state anti-American criminals..... that stole the election.... and that will soon send them in NEW ENDLESS WARS, to be maimed, even killed !! Demonrat deep state operatives in the US institutions, looking down on every soldier ...calling them dogs and stupid useful idiots ! Traitor demorats installing, with the help of communist china, a totalitarian regime !!! .. ...

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski10 soat oldin
  • lookin swoll joey

    MrPyriloMrPyrilo10 soat oldin
  • Joe you know it's a biggest history

    thailand smilethailand smile10 soat oldin
  • The CCP monsters and Bill Gates at work

    Michael ValenteMichael Valente10 soat oldin
  • I’m neither a republican or democrat.... joe:WHAT ARE YOUU??? A independent.

    izzy 608izzy 60810 soat oldin
  • China has been trying to destroy us for decades....from buying American businesses, our debt, farmland to selling us modified Fentanyl and Carfentanil (100 times more deadly), that could fly under the illegal redar, so we can kill ourselves......but NO they didn't create covid 19..... they couldn't be that evil...the sooner we accept that China has very strategic plans to take down our Democracy the soon we can take steps to defend ourselves.....and why are we depending on the news media to tell us the "Truth" about the out a matter and trust your intuition......Grow up Children!

    Ur DadUr Dad10 soat oldin
  • Check your facts. It took 4 YEARS not 4 months to find the original host for SARS.

    Sam WellsSam Wells11 soat oldin
  • Why does someone with no legal experience ask questions they wouldn't understand the answer to?

    Secard420Secard42011 soat oldin
  • These days there is no such thing as a good reporter stop talking shit

    batman slapped tf out of supermanbatman slapped tf out of superman11 soat oldin
  • This is true, this virus is made in a lab

    ungoogleableungoogleable11 soat oldin
  • So why do we follow these laws...

    reggie edwardsreggie edwards11 soat oldin
  • we always give pakistan and israel money so they dont attack their neighbors

    NeoSilvanusNeoSilvanus11 soat oldin
  • You have to stop Using it. Uninstalling spotify and learning a new way to enjoy music is the most efficient way to show that company they did something bad. but we wont (almost like we cant) and they are betting on it.

    Dee JayDee Jay12 soat oldin
  • Yes completely right!! Clearly agenda here .... nature is key and family!! The MSM are a drug to the minds like what ever thay want !!! Notice everyone who agrees with our type opinions is strong and alert !! Not a sheep!! I've said why is China been avoided!! On the virus!! And what about the environmental discussion and stopping carbon footprints!!! Well! Well well!!!! The Chinese have the worst record on endangered animals!!! Ohh n all the plastic fake fur is !!! Not biodegradable!! So clearly population is a problem!! So why would you want mass imagration ect!! Lies n more lies !

    Stephen HollinrakeStephen Hollinrake12 soat oldin
  • Alcohol is the only drug you can die from coming off in detox!!

    Paul Pagano Cutting edge HonemeisterPaul Pagano Cutting edge Honemeister12 soat oldin
  • Bat because of interferon . . . You can experiment on them.

    Dan MedinaDan Medina12 soat oldin
  • Dummies. It’s not a covid relief bill with a bunch of weird extra stuff in it. It’s a regular government spending bill with a bunch of covid19 stuff in it. People have no idea how to read.

    King of the Wicker PeopleKing of the Wicker People12 soat oldin
  • Weren't they separate bills bundled together into an omnibus bill-covid relief,foreign aid(which trump approved before covid crisis), defence, federal spending etc

    Robert Roberts 3rdRobert Roberts 3rd12 soat oldin
  • Joe doesn't get that two bills were put together. Not saying it's right, but do your research, bro.

    J CastroJ Castro12 soat oldin
  • thanks joe

    tiMStatiMSta12 soat oldin
  • Joe... you need to have a molecular biologist to cross reference this guys ideas. 🤔 Guarantee he will shut most of it down. I give you a 👎 for this clip. Side note.... completely agree with junk added to the bill.

    SalinasBMWSalinasBMW12 soat oldin
  • Covid-19 did not come from bats... or exotic meat eating how many years have ppl in China been eating exotic meat and not gotten the whole world sick .... my opinión and theory is that we made this virus ... we love to play god and make and experiment with shit if you guys didn’t know scientists go to antártica and drill holes and when they bring up the ice from those holes they have air bubbles from thousands of years ago and in those air bubbles a virus like Covid could be in there and we awake them by experimenting with them ... I think the United States and China were plying god with these viruses and some how one of the scientists got it and he or she was patient zero from there Everythinh went out of control

    Gggg OoooGggg Oooo12 soat oldin
  • I’ve been saying this about bills forever I do not understand why each one of them doesn’t have their own specific laser focussed agenda why in the world are they adding things I have no relevance only because they know if they propose those irrelevant proposals would never pass on there own

    Olesha’s BBL journeyOlesha’s BBL journey13 soat oldin
  • Are u kidding...there has been a release of biological material into the evironment or stolen an average of 1x every 3 days for the lsst 7 years. They dont care.

    lionel martinlionel martin13 soat oldin
  • One claim is that the binder they used came from an HIV virus.

    that one againthat one again13 soat oldin
  • Why would Alex Jones ban some of his customers from commenting on his websites ? Then refuses to explain why he's doing this ? Many Email communications are available as proof.

    Miles MooreMiles Moore14 soat oldin
  • The Corona Virus is less dangerous then the common flu. Who cares where it came from ?

    Miles MooreMiles Moore14 soat oldin
  • You a couple of weeks late on this story......Where you been as our country is stolen?

    Benjamin RBenjamin R14 soat oldin
  • The 2020 bat quarters are my favorite

    mike mossmike moss14 soat oldin