The Fakeness of the Cuomo's Bothers Tony Hinchcliffe

30-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1586 with Tony Hinchcliffe.

  • Hint: The AP isn't neutral and just explaining facts anymore. But it's true that CNN is just "an entertainment program about the news". Perfect.

    Mika OtisfieldMika Otisfield5 soat oldin
  • I am so confused abput where to watch a whole show...the sponcer lead in on Spotifi is so frickn long..Where are you Joe Rogan show?

    Cory HaywoodCory Haywood8 soat oldin
  • Tony is such a small dude bad DNA for a man. Chris would rip him in half just with a look.

    SlickyRickySlickyRicky10 soat oldin
  • It's a scary thing to think that we really do live in a time where comedians provide us with news and the news provides us with comedy...

    299SHREAD299SHREAD16 soat oldin
  • “How do you live in NYC stacked on top of people and not get it”?....easy hater....Masks. Please stay in Texas with the rest of the racist, old fashion, fanatical, extremist, entitled haters.

    David From New YorkDavid From New York23 soat oldin
  • They are both a 'Fredo'!! Dumb and dumber, just don't know which is which!!

    Solo LeonSolo LeonKun oldin
  • I'm a South African I think both the comou brothers are cringe.. They honestly make me vomit inside with they fakery 🤮🤮🤮

    forex billionaire maniacsforex billionaire maniacsKun oldin
  • The AP is “just the facts”? Lol... okay, fine... the AP lies less than CNN. I’ll give you that. But the AP lies by omission and false framing much more, and more effectively. In a sense, bc of how good they are at it and how much more insidious they are, the AP is more dangerous than CNN. At least with CNN, literally everyone knows it’s fake news. Even if they don’t admit it, they know it.

    Ncar LsonNcar LsonKun oldin
  • Tony hinchcliffes voice annoyong as fuck amd he isnt funny

    benjaminbenjaminKun oldin
  • A certain amount is co-ordinated? A massive amount!

    Joe ScottJoe ScottKun oldin
  • Lol the AP is neutral? They just explain facts? Damn Joe, pull your head out of your ass bro.

    Under GodUnder GodKun oldin
  • I feel like iv woke up in a parallel universe where a pandemic is the main talk of the day and you have to go on Spotify to watch Joe Rogan podcasts

    Jake GittesJake GittesKun oldin
  • Bro Rogan AP no longer non biased they were sold a few years back and know lean left

  • guys, tv station like that is a propaganda arm of a political party.

    benz500rbenz500rKun oldin
  • If the AP is neutral then consider me Miles Davis!

    Bo BernhagenBo BernhagenKun oldin
  • Propaganda is what CNN is lol. If u want to see what goes on watch hours of whatever live govt. hearings/meetings u can and you can judge our elected officials for yourself.

    Michael SchnitzerMichael SchnitzerKun oldin
  • "trying to read stuff thats just the facts" yeah show me that site bruh cnn does not have a disclaimer : this is an entertainment program its literally called cable news network, dont know about the protective words there joe

    tiMStatiMStaKun oldin
  • Why is joe trying to defend the brothers

    Dave DaneDave DaneKun oldin
  • This podcast has become so negative

    Robert CantspellRobert Cantspell2 kun oldin
  • It’s a show.

    AristophanesNowAristophanesNow2 kun oldin
  • AP is not neutral

    Aaron BesawAaron Besaw2 kun oldin
  • I can’t stand the way gov cuomo talks.

    Lady WhartonLady Wharton2 kun oldin
  • Haha Tony is based you can tell

    john doejohn doe2 kun oldin
  • oh yea i remember when chris cuomo cought that super deadly virus that'll kill you instantly is unrecoverable from and worth shutting down the entire world for

    nemesisnick66nemesisnick662 kun oldin
  • AP is fake news too. Look at Joe selling out

    KevyogKevyog2 kun oldin
  • ... 'Are you a freak?! ... Who are you?!' 😆

    Andrew AlexanderAndrew Alexander2 kun oldin
  • Cuomo and Diblasio destroyed the city, no restaurants no theater and the Cuomo brothers think they saved us.

    Frank BFrank B2 kun oldin
  • Can’t explain facts with lies!

    Ira Brownridge JrIra Brownridge Jr2 kun oldin
  • Just say it CNN is and has always been CIA propaganda.

    Stephen NeeStephen Nee3 kun oldin
  • Joe and all his followers have nothing else better to do than troll everybody on the left. Get a life Joe.

    Stephanie JordanStephanie Jordan3 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or has joe gone more sympathetic to the left since going to Spotify

    flecktarn1000flecktarn10003 kun oldin
  • Joe's a Scamdemic believer...(?) Is he doing his podcast from inside a giant penis-shaft now?!?

    Paul ReverePaul Revere3 kun oldin
  • So you have to be a PHONEY to get a job on CNN..... Who would have guessed???

    jsmctchjsmctch4 kun oldin
  • Entertainment propaganda

    Graham BowGraham Bow4 kun oldin
  • Remember when everyone thought covid was a killer... remember when we are remembering about how it wasn't as bad as we said initially... remember when we remembered while we survived the 99%.7 survivable virus.... yeah I member

    SlayThat PussySlayThat Pussy4 kun oldin
  • Go to hell CNN

  • Dude's just a hater

    MythicalMiningMythicalMining4 kun oldin
  • Same thing happened in Michigan! Seems like a lot of people don’t know that the US Census put out a paper in 2018 that by 2030, the number of elderly folks will outnumber the number of kids in the US for the first time in history. That will cost the government a lot of SS money. So all of the sudden in 2020-2021, the elderly are hit hard... 🧐

    Mindy SnyderMindy Snyder4 kun oldin
  • People like the Cuomo brothers get away with their BS cuz people like Rogan make excuses for them

    Rod AmosRod Amos5 kun oldin
  • Gilbert started a tiktok account last summer with his children. He was at a house which didn't look like he was in the city.

    Charlie BrownCharlie Brown5 kun oldin
  • Joe "to defend the Cuomos" Rogan

    aakusteraakuster5 kun oldin
  • Fuck em both

    Motion ScreenMotion Screen6 kun oldin
  • I’m with Joes guest on this one. Chris is by far the douchiest out of both brothers. Forget about his horrible personality , anyone who actually buys and uses fake weights must be a serious sleez bag. And yes Joe, FAKE WEIGHTS. Stop making excuses for people because they share your same ancestry. I like this guy, “I’m italtian but I hate those fucks” good for him. Just had to make a double edit because I literally walked in on my dad watching a Jeff Cavalier infomercial on TV!! These fake weight mofos are literally EVERYWHERE!!!

    Mia ForaMia Fora6 kun oldin
  • The deaths in the nursing homes were not from COVID. Those ppl were murdered. First they get them to sign DNR forms, then they test them for COVID. Once they get a positive result or symptoms, they put that person on nil by mouth and take them off any antidepressants or other medications they are on. (They say this is so that they can put the patient on a ventilator if needed). Starving, with no food or drink and no medication, the patient starts to deteriorate. At this point an independent doctor is called to evaluate the patient. This doctor prescribrs morphine and end of life care. The end. Our elderly were murdered.

    bradda01bradda016 kun oldin
  • Coumo drinks dons lemons juice

    fastguitarfastguitar6 kun oldin
  • AP= Associated Propaganda

    Swiftus MaximusSwiftus Maximus6 kun oldin
  • everyone is fake according Tony. hes a clown that talks ish for a living. Also you notice how rogans q-rating has dropped. Needs to reinvent himself before he turns into a has been.

    Soonjo SoonjoSoonjo Soonjo7 kun oldin
  • Obama said Fox was entertainment and the reich wingers lost it.

    Googoltagon InfineuronGoogoltagon Infineuron7 kun oldin
  • I give this episode a Mr. burns “excellent”

    Chief ExecutiveChief Executive8 kun oldin
  • The real Phony-Provoloney is de Blasio

    Lew CROWLEYLew CROWLEY8 kun oldin
  • Have you read AP pretty much opinion pieces

    Michael ElsierMichael Elsier9 kun oldin
  • "CNN is an entertainment program about the news"

    David OldenburgDavid Oldenburg9 kun oldin
  • It was a mini genocide when Cuomo put sick covid patients back in nursing homes...

    David OldenburgDavid Oldenburg9 kun oldin
  • Sadly though half the state of Washington believes CNN is real news.

    Brent zBrent z9 kun oldin
  • Funny that Tony is talking about someone being fake

    K MK M9 kun oldin
  • No Joe, Andrew is not a big guy, he's smaller than Fredo...he's just closer to the camera in that picture.

    j. s.j. s.9 kun oldin
  • Fredo Cuomo is a fraud

    Ed EdwinsEd Edwins9 kun oldin
  • True reality of what this show use to be.

    Mr. KMAMr. KMA9 kun oldin
  • NY loathes Emperor Cuomo and all his accomplices.

    M FM F9 kun oldin
  • There is no virus. It’s a PCR-Test scandal.

    MatoMusic805MatoMusic8059 kun oldin
  • Wait, the media isn't reporting something??

    atlas cormacatlas cormac9 kun oldin
  • Calling a Democrat “fake” is just repetitive.

    ATLhickmanATLhickman10 kun oldin
    • @Đeath Vader wow your that dense??

      B-BOP EddieB-BOP Eddie23 soat oldin
    • Smackin that 8th grade dropout of a smirk off a face is just repetitive

      Đeath VaderĐeath Vader3 kun oldin
  • It's funny how Joe was realigning the people, then he got offered, more like subtlety, the platform change and it made just a big enough difference to ungalvanize the citizenry.... An unknowing pawn

    SoloCloneSoloClone10 kun oldin
  • Joe rogan has slowly become a trump supporter and it's quite disturbing. ...

    Steven stjonatSteven stjonat10 kun oldin
  • Man I know exactly how this guy feels when he describes the feeling he gets from these fake brothers and CNN....they're trash bags

    Sir BabzSir Babz10 kun oldin
  • Those Cuomo dog's.

    Rozwell JonesRozwell Jones10 kun oldin
  • I’m a simple man: UZworld is for videos, Spotify for music.

    Fernando del CuadroFernando del Cuadro10 kun oldin
  • When Chris had that encounter with the bicyclist, he threatened the man and ended the meeting with “you will meet me again over this, you haven’t seen the last of me.” What is this guy, a Disney villain? The two are walking Italian stereotypes.

    ALLY SALLY S10 kun oldin
  • The AP is biased as shit

    Percy MiltonPercy Milton10 kun oldin
  • Dems behave like fascists these days

    Percy MiltonPercy Milton10 kun oldin
  • Damn calm down. They just people

    Hamzah SamanHamzah Saman10 kun oldin
  • I think he's mixing Fox News up with CNN, Fox News actually used the "not real news, just opinions" line in court to defend themselves from getting sued😂😂 There is no debate anymore about this

    bang bangbang bang11 kun oldin
  • Someone should tell joe the AP is just as biased as CNN

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden11 kun oldin
  • T R U M P 2 O 2 O

    Amian LioneAmian Lione11 kun oldin
  • That quarantine was annoying. CNN is fakest shit on television

    NBK AcademyNBK Academy11 kun oldin
  • I’ve always thought they were douche bags

    Questions2020Questions202011 kun oldin
  • How many people have died at the hands of the Cuomo's?? Fredo is a joke...

    Thayer DavidThayer David12 kun oldin
  • LOL The only think Italian on Tony Hinhcliffe is his first name. F'in Loser

    Mad ScientistMad Scientist12 kun oldin
  • Joe: in his defense, Me: no, Joe. There is no defense for the Cuomos

    Music and Books and Other StuffMusic and Books and Other Stuff12 kun oldin
  • Biggest sociopath liars out there are the Cuomo brothers. Chris never had covid... never. He was seen out by multiple people while he was supposedly in his basement.

    Neil CognitoNeil Cognito12 kun oldin
  • “In his defence”?? Man, Rogan taking that Spotify D deep.

    erfansvideoserfansvideos12 kun oldin
  • I come here for information not CNN..😂

    Mario FuscoMario Fusco12 kun oldin
  • I’m so with you Tony. I have a visceral reaction when I hear either of their voices I can’t stand them so much. Just such douche bags of the highest order. And those idiots keep voting that prick back into office.

    Francisco OctaviusFrancisco Octavius12 kun oldin
  • Good information! Thanks JRE!

    T TowlerT Towler12 kun oldin
  • Texas is going to ruin Joe's liver 😂

    Milo JacksonMilo Jackson12 kun oldin
  • Wow joe sure has gone full trump. Studio is still ugly af too.

    GoonieGoonie12 kun oldin
    • It would appear that Trump was right after all....

      Thayer DavidThayer David12 kun oldin
  • Cuomo bros are TERRIBLE, they both need to resign.

    ChristopherUSAChristopherUSA12 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know CNN was a television show? I thought it was the news 🤔

    damsel72damsel7212 kun oldin
  • for those of you who don't know Governor Cuomo had it state ordered that Covid-19 Infected patients we're to be treated at the elderly retirement homes in the state. Knowing the elderly are those most at risk..

    UFOsUFOs12 kun oldin
  • I don't think that a brother should be able to cover another brothers politics on cable news. I don't even dislike them I just think that there has to be such a huge bias to the point you can't even consider it a real valued piece of journalism

    Gonzo LonzoGonzo Lonzo13 kun oldin
  • They give me the creeps.

    anonomyssy mymyanonomyssy mymy13 kun oldin
  • Trump sent in the medical ship to New York and they didnt use it . Instead they sent sick patients back to the nursing homes to spread it to all the other elderly .

    Bryan waggonerBryan waggoner13 kun oldin
  • Bothers millions.

    William BookingWilliam Booking13 kun oldin
  • CNN is trash

    John McClaneJohn McClane13 kun oldin
  • Fuck Joe with his bashing of the left the last years his subtle attacks.. I Will stop listening the podcast . Ciao

    Winston SmithWinston Smith13 kun oldin
    • Save your tears for your boyfriend...

      Thayer DavidThayer David12 kun oldin
  • Sinning CNN Sinning CNN. Sounds the same to me!!!

    DerredmaxDerredmax13 kun oldin
  • They’re phone asswipes

    Mike HawksteelMike Hawksteel13 kun oldin
  • ... well... It's a program...

    MAGOOMAGOO13 kun oldin
  • Spotify joe is a gay

    ben schben sch13 kun oldin
  • Unprofessional not to correct title of clip in this length of time. Shoddy.

    Chris BurbankChris Burbank13 kun oldin