The Mystery Behind the Death of Jamal Khashoggi

11-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1592 with Bryan Fogel.

  • This guy talks to slow and staggered for me

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  • The title or caption "The Mystery" is going the way of the velasa raptor in the fact that folks minds are already at the conclusion before reading it. Like an interconnected galactic experience we all gave Epstein 3 days and like a bible verse " on the 3rd day he wath senteth to the father for judgement of his misdeeds. There are no more mysteries.

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  • Wow Ed Norton doesn't age

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  • If you want to watch a great film with all of the details watch The Dissident. It just came out.

    annette bakerannette baker2 soat oldin
  • This moment where I stopped watching 1:03 and no one believes the CIA, we understand he is killed and whom ever killed him is in jail and sentenced.

    Abubakr Hussein Bin MahfodhAbubakr Hussein Bin Mahfodh2 soat oldin
  • there is no mystery.

    Habiba AbuduHabiba Abudu2 soat oldin
  • Lol that boi trump snitched 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Fucking Netflix! Ruled by murderes

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  • I can't listen to this guy cause he talks to slow.

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  • 2.5 hours into a 3.5 hour conversation from a past interview with Jordan Peterson the app crashes and doesn’t save the spot. I have had an interview restart in the middle 4-5 times. Spotify, stick with music. Your branching off is pissing me the fuck off...

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  • Boring......

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  • I like the comments, because I cant form my own opinion on the guest and need some one to do it for me.

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  • Sounds like this guy was participating.

    Major Allen EspyMajor Allen Espy5 soat oldin
  • this dude is a clown CIA documents prove that MBS didn't order anything. Yes the murder of Jamal is horrible so as spreading lies.

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  • Why aren’t you talking about millions your government keeps killing around the world?

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  • More people need to see this

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  • Anyone who said MBS killed is so stupid , yes Saudi officials did it but it was proven that they did it but it has no ties to the prince , we have what we call a fifth line it’s like a deep state and it’s been ruining Saudi Arabia for quiet sometime now MBS came with determination to cut this bullshit which is now have been existed for 40 years and time will tell who’s right.

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  • That guy died in vain

    Christian WilliamChristian William8 soat oldin
  • Is he crying

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  • It's weird how he just looks like a regular person.

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  • He went to get a divorce so he could get remarried. He was a moron.

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  • Theres a lot to be learned from that story.

  • That’s a bullshit, MBS is innocent.

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  • I think I just fell asleep from his soliloquy

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  • favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

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  • Epstein didn't kill himself.

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  • No question killing of Jamal was horrific, but this guy is talking out of his a** and doesn’t know sh** about Saudi Arabia. Case was tried in court and MBS has nothing to do with it, except he made sure people involved are tried and punished for their crime.

    Nassir AlharbiNassir AlharbiKun oldin
  • Muslims btw

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  • Man he put a clerk in jail and his charges read not saying good things about him ((MBS)and not mention him in his prayers. This is infuriating his wife dies and has a 3 year old girl living without her dad because of this bull, after he killed Jamal he gave his condolences to his son 😮second-generation brat comes emotionless, shameless,heartless

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  • not proven

    Rook Kaiser89Rook Kaiser89Kun oldin
  • Of fucking corse mbs did. Come on Rogan. What is wrong with you!!!

    Thias JohannesenThias JohannesenKun oldin
  • What's is absolutely mind baffling is that US government has a $460 billion arms deal with these monsters.

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  • there's always two sides to a story and then there's the truth

    Shehab AlameryShehab AlameryKun oldin
  • Trump also called the killing as a failure of a cover-up. That means that he doesn't even give a shit that it happened, just that they should have done a better job covering it up.

    Zaid GZaid GKun oldin
  • Trump is the biggest friend of Muhammad bin Salman and has done more to strengthen him than anyone. The west is also a huge supporter of saudi arabia's regime because of oil interests. Don't ever forget that.

    Zaid GZaid GKun oldin
  • I haven’t watched it nor will I and this dude sounds like most of the U.S. worrying bout shit that isn’t any concern of his str8 weirdo

    Stephen HardStephen HardKun oldin
  • also isnt it ironic how we can talk about "freedom of speech" being our "strenght" when it comes to the terrorist attacks that have been taking place in france recently - but we can't openly discuss the BLM movement having marxist values when you visit their website and look at their media. ???

    sephsephKun oldin
  • Why do we allow this?? I dont think anyone on the "right" wing of politics should be actually pleased we're basically the back ground in a god aweful 60's b-roll movie as far as world politics goes. capitalist work with the saudis.. the chinese.. anyone.. these type of people aren't the best ones to have "running the world" but we let them do it out of what? apathy because they tell us it is how it is? why in the fuck are we in deals with yee-oldee-style actual kingdoms that supress women because they can't keep their dicks in their pants and will openly rape any woman not fully in "shame attire".. and fucking full blown open communists?? because of a profit line?? If theres one thing thats clear about unfettered caplitaism is that is has no integrity. zero fucking integrity of these people... eh, its such a boring melodrama to watch play out - especially since the internet is now a thing and we really should be questioning this as a society.. but hey. memes. cats and karens. you got zucc'd son' Fucking James Bond films in the fucking god damn 60's had that comical over the top manical bad guy - and thats exactly who we are making trade deals with like its all just ok. our house isnt on fire... To those in power that thought "oh lets let communist china build 60% of our infastructure over the last 20 years" had a fucking morsel of care or sense then we wouldnt be in this dawning mess of china on the rise. NO.. you gave them all our fucking money for the last 40 years for cheap plastic shite and substandard products and more importantly the enslavement and death of millions, and the death of democracy in places like hong kong all while focusing on the orange man... fuck me, china is a burning pile of human waste that we keep throwing money at in return for nothing but sub-standard plastic shit and a wasted enviroment whilst also emboldening their autocracy at the same time - its actually been insane to watch over the course of my life time. Thank you caplitalism for giving rise to communism for bottom level production qualities. Products used to last 5+ 10+ years. now its 1-2 at the most, so along with souring everything to do with the benifits of our success as a society captialistic mentalist also funded its actual "enemy" the whole time too...

    sephsephKun oldin
  • I’m confused.. in the last 15 seconds... So I go to Spotify? And it’s free?.. so Spotify and search JRE.. and it’s free? That sounds so simple, Spotify, JRE and it’s free? And I don’t need a premium account, because it’s free, so looks like I’m going to Spotify and searching JRE! And the best part.. ITS FREE!

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  • Anyone else wonder why Joe cut off Dave Rubin, like a specific reason? The only thing I can seem to find online is that Rubin (although he claims not to be an intellectual) mispoke a few time or something. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like we could do with his input right now

    George HennonGeorge HennonKun oldin
  • great man!

    fan Zinfan ZinKun oldin
  • Netflix showed the paedo-movie about young girl dancers. But they are not showing this great documentary that reveals truth. Netflix seem to have a warped moral compass.

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  • This could well be a second Oscar for this guy.

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  • They killed him in the way that exceeded the expectation of Hollywood

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  • Guy was butchered. UIghurs are being massacred in a genocide. Ex-presidents on human trafficking islands, We have heroes in Snowden and Assange in exile or on trial. There are1 type of law. one for the increasingly irrelevant and controlled workers and none for the elite. I see poor ignorant people advocating for continued corporate rule. Crazy

    Steve SetzerSteve SetzerKun oldin
  • I don't care about his death. America and other countries bombed so many innocent people why is jamal more special

    Tariq zkTariq zk2 kun oldin
    • @Tariq zk liar.

      Autoclearance ukAutoclearance uk20 soat oldin
    • @Autoclearance uk I might be. But we shouldn't be pointing fingers when we're not that different. Obama alone launched 26 thousand bombs in 2016 killing countless innocent lives, but somehow MBS is mentioned all the time and has been demonized more than obama has ever been.

      Tariq zkTariq zkKun oldin
    • Sociopath

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  • Did everyone stay awake through this guy talking? Zzzzzzzz

    Ian HamiltonIan Hamilton2 kun oldin
  • The prince obviously ordered the killing of kashogsi and when the word got out he started panicking and trump got paid by the crown prince to cover up for the dirty bastard

    GuitarZMasterZGuitarZMasterZ2 kun oldin
  • Mystery?

    TD 4YDTD 4YD2 kun oldin
  • I have not watched Iccarus. I don't care, I have bills no time for fun. I'm a very dull boy, zombie Zach. Watching a movie doesn't make one an activist my friends. Lovey!

    Zach GZach G2 kun oldin
  • 8:24 These are the moments that I appreciate Joe as an interviewer as opposed to the meathead broseph that he easily reverts to. I don't envy Joe for his fame, riches, talents or connections. I do envy Joe that he gets to sit face to face with people with exceptional intellects or experiences and hear first hand their personal expressions of their most profound moments. Joe's one of the humans who gets to directly experience from the people who were there almost the entire breadth of modern human experience. Special experience in and of itself. (I used to drop acid regularly with one of Joe's semi-regular physicist guests and I never get the in depth explanations that Joe gets when I ask for a breakdown.)

    Yoon H. KimYoon H. Kim2 kun oldin
  • jesus christ this guys talking is nauseating

    Gonkosan RobertoGonkosan Roberto2 kun oldin
  • Aye we finna be in the USSA in 48 hours

    Allaan SnackbarAllaan Snackbar2 kun oldin
  • I watched on Amazon. And paid $20 for the Rental. Its worth every pennyto see the Dark Truth about not just Saudi Arabia. But America as well both Country are very evil. Meaning the Governments. Not the Average Citizen.

    Pirate SmurfPirate Smurf2 kun oldin
  • First of all, Saudis are never known for killing their Owen citizens, Jamal was a soccend person in intelligent minister and he flip and if you focus on his family name and where they come from, Turkey has plan to bring an old empire back ( Othman empire) alignment with Muslim brotherhood. Last not least this is a baaaaaad operation and I believe if CIA agent flip you guys will do the same he know a lot and he flip against the government, what happen to him really shame and disrespacting to us as Saudi Cetizen.

    AbdullahAbdullah2 kun oldin
  • There is no mystery everybody knows what happened.

    AbdelhakAbdelhak2 kun oldin
  • I don't like spotify. I miss joe.

    Alan HeaveyAlan Heavey2 kun oldin
  • Qatar is the Evil

    محمد الحمودمحمد الحمود2 kun oldin
  • Joe, This is not "Do we trust the CIA and Brit Intelligence" It is about understanding the way things work in Saudi Arabia. There is NO WAY this would have been given the green light without MBS's approval.... Not a chance! They got caught with their pants down, Trump let them off the hook and then we had a global virus.... and the focus on this faded. The footage should be made publicly available and we go from there! People need to start being honest... if it's uncomfortable for someone... too bad!

    Jake HarrisonJake Harrison2 kun oldin
  • Line from spiderman...

    Gundam117Gundam1172 kun oldin
  • Not sure how but this clip managed to bore me

    john klattjohn klatt2 kun oldin
  • i aint never seen or heard of your movie cause you limited it to only netflix if you want the whole world to hear your message maybe dont sell it to just a single business

    nemesisnick66nemesisnick662 kun oldin
  • This guys has had way too much Botox 🤣

    Rico 246Rico 2462 kun oldin
  • No mystery...the king wanted him dead. Yet, he an American Allie?

    K BroK Bro2 kun oldin
  • Khashoggi worked for Jeff Bezos but he did nothing because of business interests in Saudi. Spineless billionaire

    ApolloApollo2 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of kiki camarena. The DEA agent the CIA killed.

    phuckphuck2 kun oldin
  • You're gonna want to put this on 1.5x speed

    C GC G2 kun oldin
  • This guys needs to get back on the juice

    Darren FlettDarren Flett2 kun oldin
  • You should google NSO and the Equation Group. Thank me later. And yes we know how it was bugged. What hack was used and so on.

    Gaulin DidierGaulin Didier2 kun oldin
  • What’s the time stamp of this in the actual Podcast??????????

    Jord’n SmithJord’n Smith2 kun oldin
  • He knows about 50% of the story, the other half is straight out of his ass.

    Khalid AlnahdiKhalid Alnahdi2 kun oldin
  • This guy actually sounds natural at 1.25x

    Stanky DankoStanky Danko2 kun oldin
  • Pot calling the kettle....

    T TT T2 kun oldin
  • There's no mystery Saudi king buys 400 billions worth of weapons from the U.S of As in return they use their influence to help him get away with the crime !

    Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin2 kun oldin
  • Change the playback to 1.75 and he sounds like Ben Shapiro at normal speed.

    flyinguitarsflyinguitars2 kun oldin
  • 💔😭

    S MS M2 kun oldin
  • This is a mystery the same way reporters disappearing in China is a mystery. Obvious to everyone, but people feel its inconvenient to do anything about it.

    RatherPleasentRatherPleasent2 kun oldin
  • Rogan better not talk bad about the Saudis in Texas since we America and we love the Saudis!

    Stockton DuckStockton Duck2 kun oldin
  • Very short sighted - we have a lot more to be concerned with the US govt than a saudi who got the shaft from his govt.

    adh0522adh05222 kun oldin
  • Never again

    Coinguy AmericanCoinguy American3 kun oldin
  • This guy loves himself more than any other!

    The Unknown CitizenThe Unknown Citizen3 kun oldin
  • and US is buddy buddy with saudy arabia, the literall KILLERS of US ppl. i guess you can buy anything for oil

    Oh WyywyOh Wyywy3 kun oldin
  • Anyone who talks this slow is lying

  • Khadijah was his Turkish handler and his wife lives in the us she is palastenien and why didn’t he talk to his sons?

  • All people in power kill people for a living, it's just what they do...

    LMAO0O0O0LMAO0O0O03 kun oldin
  • Did anyone mention that khadhogji was a retired intelligence officer who went rouge?

  • Dude took too much xanax before the interview

    Han SoloHan Solo3 kun oldin
  • Even if this was true it doesn't make him more cruel than any other world leaders. Western leaders are dropping bombs and killed innocent men, women and children and easily said they were collateral damage. They destroy the whole countries and stole their resources. I don't support any dictators. Just saying.

    redsox789redsox7893 kun oldin
  • An Arab here. Arabs know with 100% certainty that Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) is directly responsible for the murder. He issued the orders by himself. Turkey's attorney shared the info with the CIA and the CIA shared it with Trump, but he refused to act like anything except a dirty complicit. Till when the US is going to protect those savages in Saudi and UAE for oil?!

    Lee MoeLee Moe3 kun oldin
  • He quoted Spider-Man,smh.

    Andre G. BoucheAndre G. Bouche3 kun oldin
  • Sounds like Italian mafia movie scene.

    Anthony SalvadorAnthony Salvador3 kun oldin
  • This guy sucks so badly. Have some coffee, bro!

    Remy W.Remy W.3 kun oldin
  • Kashoggi was a New York Post Journalist ? wtf

    Black SwanBlack Swan3 kun oldin
  • There is no mystery. There are many documentaries about this murder. The Saudi's killed him.

    Clutch 14Clutch 143 kun oldin
    • The Saudis have trump in their pocket

      Miguel De La RosaMiguel De La Rosa17 daqiqa oldin
  • Is this guy medicated ?

    Larry FazenLarry Fazen3 kun oldin
  • nah they are definately not going to show this on netflix lol. NETFLIX too woke and scared to be called "racist".

    Jeff BourkeJeff Bourke3 kun oldin

  • Very sad what happened to Jamal awful!!! but what happened to the kids kidnapped by Israeli soldiers???

    M KM K3 kun oldin
  • Mystery? The guy was executed on the order of the Crown Prince. It really isn’t much of a mystery.

    Michael RobertsMichael Roberts3 kun oldin
  • 1:06 there, right there, where the bullshit starts..

    MuMu3 kun oldin