The Profound Experience of Seeing Earth From Space

14-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1577 with Terry Virts.

  • I need that shirt

    Jack MehoffJack Mehoff4 kun oldin

    BlackburnBlackburn8 kun oldin
  • I bet joe regrets this Spotify shit... haha nobody listens to that shit

    Alan DavisAlan Davis9 kun oldin
  • If the earth is spinning, why can’t they observe that from space?

    Ace 1Ace 112 kun oldin
  • I have a podcast... So don't check it out cause it's not kool to comment about yourself... So sorry but I do have a podcast but it's Kool don't klick my profile... Sorry bye now have a good Year!

    J Cross ExperienceJ Cross Experience15 kun oldin
  • well the view of space from earth kinda sucks these days...

    RandomtologyRandomtology16 kun oldin
  • Space is so magical. I cant get enough. I have videos in a playlist on repeat. Even watch it sometimes and listen to music I like imagine me travel the space fast feel driving the racing car with rokk music deltaparole tool foofighters nirvana and other.

    enoughmonsterenoughmonster16 kun oldin
  • Damn they really dumbed down Rogan. That $100mil shut up money real

    JJ16 kun oldin
  • U should have brang Eddie with him

    Tamim Al ThaniTamim Al Thani18 kun oldin
  • 4:00 "You're literally living together on a postage stamp" ?

    Marcus LangendorffMarcus Langendorff22 kun oldin
  • All PROOF OF GOD.everything is to specific,the sun is to big for it to just happen by mistake,if it was in the wrong spot just a little hotter or closer the world wouldnt be here.the moon is the same it was created for a reason & put in a specific place.if it is not completely perfect it wouldn't work.the way the human mind works is another example that GOD created what couldn't happen just by got to be really dumb to ignore that the father of JESUS CHRIST doesn't exist.

    Forrest FillmoreForrest Fillmore22 kun oldin
  • Hey let's all stream Spotify to UZworld somehow

    Nick PNick P24 kun oldin
  • Omg flat earthers tho are literally the dumbest human beings

    Nick PNick P24 kun oldin
  • Has anyone ever asked an astronaut if looking back at earth, does it look exactly like cgi films we have of an astronauts’ POV? Does the earth look larger or smaller than one would imagine?

    Reacha D'Creador DaSilvaReacha D'Creador DaSilva24 kun oldin
  • I always feel like home in foreign countrys too, and than i got US visa denied got rly mad for not being allowed in some place of my home

    Matheus GrimmMatheus Grimm24 kun oldin
  • They tell us that there are plans to "cull" the population "of the third world. Now, given the revelation of the former Israeli defence minister that "aliens" exist and some are from such thing described as "the Galactic Federation" (they come in peace...I saw that movie), however, our old notions of that that be the "third world" is Africa and such must be revised...planet Earth is the third planet from the sun (AKA: The Third World).

    Trivial TruthTrivial Truth25 kun oldin
  • Joseph is looking jack3d

    whiskeyechoechodeltawhiskeyechoechodelta25 kun oldin
  • I can just see Eddie with his skeptical eyes watching this...

    sonnyblack0870sonnyblack087025 kun oldin
  • Why does this Earth require Spotify?

    sonnyblack0870sonnyblack087025 kun oldin
  • He feels like he's home no matter where he is, that's some deep shit right there.

    Toolband42OToolband42O25 kun oldin
  • Still not watched JRE on Spotify

    Books I LikeBooks I Like26 kun oldin
  • left eyes memory, right eyes imagination or partial truths. simple as finding jre on Spotify :D free lol

    Ⅎaceᖘalm TheᗯoяldℲaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld26 kun oldin
  • Omg this guy is unbearable

    cjr1881cjr188126 kun oldin
  • Why do you look so young?????

    cristian nievescristian nieves26 kun oldin
  • When you go to a dark sky park you will get the same feeling but obviously not the same but still puts your thoughts into perspective.

    Eddie RagsEddie Rags26 kun oldin
  • I just bought a new car.....yay! Now I can drive it for FREE!! This ad brought to you by Spotify.

    gutiegutie26 kun oldin
  • He is a 5G liar, earth is flat, henceworth he is lying.

    Mikko AlanenMikko Alanen27 kun oldin
  • Every politician should go into space to force them to see things in perspective. See them that we all live on this mud ball.

    Tristan BackupTristan Backup27 kun oldin
  • This guy looks like a alien

    Jalal KousiJalal Kousi27 kun oldin
  • 2:34 Joe lookin like he needs to lay off some of that elk steak, not all of it's going to straight energy

    Brooks GasserBrooks Gasser27 kun oldin
  • I got annoyed at his intelligent design bullshit.

    Rank1Rank127 kun oldin
  • Flat butt...

    Zope manloyZope manloy27 kun oldin
  • 💚💙🧡💛 This guy saw Aliens but the Higher ups said if he tells anyone they'll "off" him 💚💙🧡💛

    sommisommi28 kun oldin
  • wow ! profound perspective.. i have similar thoughts on mind altering drugs at a young age. things are going to be getting better. @TheVenusProject

    MeisWhoIbe ThaReal1MeisWhoIbe ThaReal128 kun oldin
  • Thru miles measured from inner space to Earth - its been said by other space station people that your too close to see 🌎 in its entirety. So can or can you not see the entire planet?

    JA GJA G28 kun oldin
  • The other astronaut he had on said it was underwhelming! 😂😂

    Jake ColeJake Cole28 kun oldin
  • Joe must have forgotten that the last astronaut he had on, Garret Reisman, said the view was "meh". So not all the astronauts say the same thing.

    HybeHybe28 kun oldin
  • This man is a very bad liar

    First LastFirst Last28 kun oldin
  • Rogan is sometimes so naive it’s chocking.

    Danny PopeDanny Pope29 kun oldin
  • @2:31 😪

    cassius padillacassius padilla29 kun oldin
  • If space isnt real this guy is lying to our face.

    Uukura TaongaUukura Taonga29 kun oldin
  • The thing I hate about the Spotify switch is the 15 minutes of ads I'm forced to listen to before even starting each podcast

    Vaisiius NAVaisiius NA29 kun oldin
    • @Josh Williams yeah its bad

      Vaisiius NAVaisiius NA6 kun oldin
    • Does this really happen? I haven’t used Spotify once

      Josh WilliamsJosh Williams6 kun oldin
  • I went spotify and only adds would play ?? No video ?? Wtf I'm going to miss. J.R.P. .. 😢

    TheAndy331TheAndy331Oy oldin
  • You cut me I bleed red, I cut you, you bleed red. I want my children to live, laugh and love and it’s a safe assumption that you want the same. The way we change the world is to realize this sooner rather than later. You take one leader from one side of a war and make him attend enough funerals of the “enemy” and talk to their family and friends and the war takes on a whole new perspective. As crazy as it sounds I’ve always had a daydream of talking to the UN . lol

    Jorden ChunJorden ChunOy oldin
  • im surprise no Flat Earthers here.

    Dragoon TVDragoon TVOy oldin
    • Im one. Notice how giggles when talking about being in "space"

      Make Germany Great AgainMake Germany Great Again28 kun oldin
  • Every flat earther I know is dumber than a bag of bricks. I set up my telescope once when the ISS was flying over and my friend told me I was projecting it onto the lens of my telescope and when I said no to him disassembling it, he said that proved he was right 🤦🏻 I mother fucker. I’m not letting you tear apart my expensive piece of equipment.

    RGM RGMRGM RGMOy oldin
  • The Sirius Mystery Revisited | Prof. Robert Temple | Origins Conference Get Temple on the show.

    LX UAE'sLX UAE'sOy oldin
  • Spotify killed JRE

    Rah MayRah MayOy oldin
  • Why joe always yelling in the ads

    Fabbricato PersonarealeFabbricato PersonarealeOy oldin
  • Does he mean from Space studio set in Hollywood 🤔😩😆

    AceAlvarezNYCAceAlvarezNYCOy oldin
  • trump did his 5th piece deal in the middle east. he's on pace for peace in the middle east before his second term

    redbloodedrepublican trumpsupporterredbloodedrepublican trumpsupporterOy oldin
  • He is one of a handful that has the knowledge that can teach that feeling at home because of what he has seen in a physically a 3rd person view and even deeper his shallow reasons before his 1st viewing of our planet. This is Gold video it is priceless for the ones who understand what im saying.

    dish125dbdish125dbOy oldin

    Jamie GregoryJamie GregoryOy oldin
  • Lol what a load pf crap

    Arthur RapsonArthur RapsonOy oldin
  • "The Earth abides forever"

    El RamEl RamOy oldin
  • Joe Rogan has two watches on? That's that Spotify money. 😉

    The Reign ManThe Reign ManOy oldin
  • Any real Rogan fan would simply get Spotify or stfu. Not whine about the JRE community all day. It's actually better on Spotify. People don't miss the Joe "insert stupid comment" Rogan UZworld commenters that ruin the experience.

    Broadcast MafiaBroadcast MafiaOy oldin
  • wait so does he not post on youtube anymore?

    twitter at realsamariotwitter at realsamarioOy oldin
  • Earth is flat. Don’t believe the lies

    Ashley TaylorAshley TaylorOy oldin
  • The Profound Experience of missing the Spotify thing. Sad story.

    Stefan von PStefan von POy oldin
  • He was an alien in space

    Luis CruzLuis CruzOy oldin
  • The planet will be here, but we might not with climate change causing more fires, super storms like hurricanes/typhoons, floods, animals going extinct everywhere because they don't know to move.

    vmwindustriesvmwindustriesOy oldin
  • He saw some aliens

    Randomly RelatableRandomly RelatableOy oldin
  • Still waiting for a real picture with the trillions of dollars funded in "space travel" ... I believe the earth is round but can't prove it with fake pictures, since all the damn pictures are computer generated... Look at the debates that physicsyst have with these flatters... The damn physicyst cant even prove it to these clowns.

    Ole BillyOle BillyOy oldin
  • after 3 years listening to Joe, here's what I just encountered: I find this clip, listen to Terry, and then me thinking, cool, I want to watch the whole podcast. I look on Joe"s channel, can't find the podcast, and then came to the realization it's on Spotify while hoping I wouldn't have to sign up to anything. Nope.. now I have to signup to ANOTHER service. As if I already don't have enough services. sucks...

    Alec LeighAlec LeighOy oldin
    • Bout 10 years for me, not doing spotify though.

      Toolband42OToolband42O25 kun oldin
    • Same thing I did !! I got to spotify and only adds would play !! WTH how does it work ?? No video . Let me guess you have to pay 😢

      TheAndy331TheAndy331Oy oldin
  • but was it flat doe?

    Matthew StreetMatthew StreetOy oldin
  • Word gotta be so humbling to see it like that it , the size is probably unthinkable

    Smoke big KushSmoke big KushOy oldin
  • I respected this guy until he injected religion into the episode and started parroting lame creationist arguments 😂

    Katy LeanneKaty LeanneOy oldin
  • Joe "I need money" Rogan

    firavefiraveOy oldin
  • I still cant understand how the Kardashians are famous, wtf did they do. who are they why do people keep talking about them.

    Banks consilioBanks consilioOy oldin
  • I already feel that way ,I’m not where I’m from . Despite the bull shit that stops us from going Places but the world is my home and I can live wherever I want

    Half Way UpHalf Way UpOy oldin
  • Really sucks that Spotify had to ruin this podcast by moving it. It was a 100 million dollar deal there’s no way it’s coming back here lol

    TPS SpaceTPS SpaceOy oldin
  • Too bad space is fake.

  • Joe got scammed, ruined the show.

    Bill BillBill BillOy oldin
  • Wow I’m really high up. Boringggg

    Hey BlinkonHey BlinkonOy oldin
  • People fight over resource, land, sovereignty, not just because they haven't had some fucking kumbaya moment. Good luck with your enlightened perspective when the next guy eats your lunch.

    VeryNiceVeryNiceOy oldin
  • I checked my blood under the microscope today and I saw I had Covid. But then I took a step back and it just looked like blood and I realized wow why was I worried about COVID this is just blood between some glass. Really makes you think.

    VeryNiceVeryNiceOy oldin
  • Joe has been compromised.

    KaLAkaBeatzKaLAkaBeatzOy oldin
  • Where's Eddie? Has he been on since joe moved to Texas??

    Johnny MarquezJohnny MarquezOy oldin
  • Pro Liar

    Jamie DimondJamie DimondOy oldin
  • It's too bad we didn't have the ability to give everyone a quick ride up to see the view at like 16 or 18 years old as a right as a US citizen. Maybe it would give us some perspective on how insignificant we all are and resolve some differences. (Probably not because humans are selfish and suck)

    Kyle 7KKyle 7KOy oldin
  • Still not gonna download fucking Spotify

    paraspective1paraspective1Oy oldin
  • I just want the FULL VIDEO

    DeZiioDeZiioOy oldin
  • Hey politicians ! Now if you would be kind enough to just step into this airlock...……..

    perrin6perrin6Oy oldin
  • Islam gives you this perspective without having to go to space

    Rizaan JappieRizaan JappieOy oldin
  • Spotify bought Joe's soul

    • Jesus

      Dave TheIronworkerDave TheIronworkerOy oldin
  • 1:45 - this is just beautiful and inspirational.

    F. M.F. M.Oy oldin
  • Uk 🇬🇧

    Kayle ClancyKayle ClancyOy oldin
  • What is gonna takes to space DEMOCRACY OR MONEY

    Eldin LivaricEldin LivaricOy oldin
  • Why try to reason with a christian, or any religious follower...

    Sheldon PurdySheldon PurdyOy oldin
  • Refuse to even listen to this crap anymore. Just here to comment. Joe Rogan is a slimmy corrupt political sleaze ball to sit back and not even address the fraud that is being perpetrated to overthrow this republic. Joe use to get millions of viewers now he is lucky to get a quarter million. I hope California takes all your spotify money with retroactive tax laws you coward.

    Chas BurnsChas BurnsOy oldin
  • Left to joe all leaders should take psychedelics, eat elk and go to space..... and I agree with him 😂

    Ndonyi 92Ndonyi 92Oy oldin
  • This guy who's literally been to space: "I dont have the faith to be an atheist." Fat neckbeard on reddit: "Akchtually..."

    IveGotToastIveGotToastOy oldin
    • Lol. See what I mean? You guys literally cant help yourselves.

      IveGotToastIveGotToastOy oldin
    • UZworld loser who's belief in gawd is validated by ONE astronaut who's also been fooled: "Akchtually..." Other Astronauts and majority of Scientist: "Actually..."

      Lucky LucianoLucky LucianoOy oldin
  • So Joe has just given up on coming up with actual questions to ask?

    Michael GibsonMichael GibsonOy oldin
  • JRE on Spotify is not available in most countries(Russia, Some parts of Europe, the Middle East, Most of Africa, and Asia and central and South America)(it was available everywhere before Spotify). Here is a petition to make Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify Podcasts available to everyone everywhere

    alialiOy oldin

    Harvey SpecterHarvey SpecterOy oldin
  • Fuck spotify joe sold out and had to wear free Mason shirts and subliminally hail satan at least once a week

    yvda vgyvda vgOy oldin
    • Um, what? Proof??

      MalabarMalabar28 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan got a 100M check he doesnt care about a youtube comment section. Lol just saying

    Nick the StampedeNick the StampedeOy oldin
  • Imagine shrooms in spaceeeeee

    Kya MobasheriKya MobasheriOy oldin
  • How do they train to lie so insidiously?

    Wilhelm DeckerWilhelm DeckerOy oldin