The Story of Phil Demers & Smooshi the Walrus

7-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1590 with Phil

  • IDK what it is, love the walrus, and it's a really sad story. but there's something that I can't put my finger on about this guy that I really don't like. He seems real phoney to me. Maybe I'm just an A hole

    Stan DarshStan Darsh57 daqiqa oldin
  • Lol this is hilarious

    Jonathan CattaneoJonathan Cattaneo16 soat oldin
  • This is sad. Damn, just let him see his walrus

    Coach NinCoach Nin20 soat oldin
  • Look with peace and love, i hope he finds his whale an all, but he's so annoying, its not feel herpes or whatever, its just obnoxiousness

    wdarkfenixwdarkfenix21 soat oldin
  • Fkthesystem

    AndruClau MihaAndruClau MihaKun oldin
  • This guy is in love with a walrus and has never been laid. That being said, f marineland

    KevinKevin2 kun oldin
  • The hypocrisy of this episode! Let's save these marine animals and get fake sad, but carry on murdering and eating animals that are also sentient. Unbelievable!!!!

    Helen MHelen M2 kun oldin
  • The hypocrisy! Crying over walruses orcas and dolphins which is great and needed while eating other animals who are treated worse? Oh yes, vegans are weird.

    Subhajit MSubhajit M3 kun oldin
  • So strange that in the same hour joe can laugh at deer being slaughtered outside a shop while simultaneously almost start crying over other animals. Compartmentalisation is a real thing.

    eazyrateazyrat3 kun oldin
  • It’s good how Joe is promoting good welfare and freedom of these marine animals, however some parts were a little confusing. He teared up about the dolphin being force fed which is fair enough, but promotes foie gras which heavily involves force feeding ducks and geese in exactly the same way. He said he loves these animals because of their intelligence level, but pigs are in the top 5 most intelligent animals in the world and he promotes their slaughter. He doesn’t want these animals to be captured or treated in such a way and compares it to slavory, while simultaneously condoning and promoting animals being contained their whole lives, being forcibly impregnated in which they must be held down because they don’t consent, having their children stolen and slaughtered in which they cry out for days and sometimes weeks for them, being mutilated with no pain relief such as having their teeth pulled out, tails cut off and beaks sliced (this is done because their living conditions cause insanity so they begin to cannibalise on each other, a behaviour which is never seen in the wild), blending millions of male day-old chicks alive because they won’t produce eggs, slaughtered against their will, etc... He says he doesn’t like factory farming, but the planet simply doesn’t have enough land to support a world of meat eaters. It’s impossible to have the animal product intake we have today without factory farming, so if he really dislikes it, he should still be promoting a plant-based diet. He doesn’t want marine mammals to be enslaved, hurt or killed at all, but finds it weird and laughs that vegans want the same thing but extend this compassion to all animals. Little bit hypocritical Joe. What’s the difference between these animals that justifies your different treatment of them, being crying for one and promoting the suffering and slaughter of others?

    AnwenAnwen4 kun oldin
  • You need to get David Attenborough on here with you 100%

    Adrianna RufflesAdrianna Ruffles4 kun oldin
  • Too bad pigs are only roughly as smart as a 3-year-old, if 3-year-olds were smarter joe would not advocate for their imprisonment and death. “The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being?” - Jeremy Bentham

    Mesterjakel HansenMesterjakel Hansen4 kun oldin
  • Just steal the damn walrus all ready we got your back

    Phuck YouTubePhuck YouTube4 kun oldin
  • This dude is psychoooo

    CTKCTK4 kun oldin
  • This whole podcast is just each of them patting each other on the back lol egoooo

    Pete WarnePete Warne4 kun oldin
  • You know it's ironic that you guys sit there and talk about how you help animals like Walruses and Orcas, and yet you kill elk and other animals. Endangered or not, death is death and you both are utter hypocrites, it doesn't matter which animals are smarter than people because if that was the case we should use the mentally disabled for slavery. And then you go on to criticize vegans and fast food chains for creating meat alternatives, and yet they don't cause animal death, or take up much land or water. As I said, you both don't have a leg to stand on in the argument of animal welfare. One right, doesn't make up for a lifetime of wrongs unless you change what you eat and buy.

    Enrique GarciaEnrique Garcia5 kun oldin
  • Everyone can go to Netflix website and suggest they add The Walrus and the Whistleblower

    Alex KitakisAlex Kitakis5 kun oldin
  • #fakeCry

    Rya NRya N5 kun oldin
  • I went to MarineLand, maybe 2years ago, and my god it was a very sad place 😞

    Mr. Fly HighMr. Fly High5 kun oldin

    Scott RichardsonScott Richardson5 kun oldin
  • Sounds like he facilitated the walrus behavior to match his own need of being wanted like a mother

    James JacomeJames Jacome6 kun oldin
  • snitches get stitches

    Jay SimJay Sim6 kun oldin
  • This is whack to think but does anyone think that the walrus lived passed its life expectancy because it’s hoping to see him again :(

    Sammy BSammy B6 kun oldin
  • Phil fatigue is REAL!!!! I have it. I admire what he’s doing but I’m tired of listening to him talk....about anything

    Mike McKennaMike McKenna6 kun oldin
  • Mothers have egggs.. Moms n kids getchu feelings.. Lmao

    Charky IcenhourCharky Icenhour6 kun oldin
  • Phil Demers is a hero. Pure and simple.

    James LawsonJames Lawson7 kun oldin
  • This guys tendencies seem to be a bit off it’s a walrus not a endangered species and your not it’s mother

    Ali XxAli Xx7 kun oldin
  • Walrus man

    Ali XxAli Xx7 kun oldin

    View ArcadeView Arcade7 kun oldin
  • My parents refused to take me there (20 years, or more, ago) I was always so mad-glad they never got a penny of our immigrant money

    Ana DragoslavicAna Dragoslavic7 kun oldin
  • You can tell he’s really sad about this bless his heart

    asb GBCasb GBC7 kun oldin
  • Spotify is cool and all but some people like to watch the video part of it too!

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle7 kun oldin
  • Spotify is cool and all but some people like to watch the video part of it too!

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle7 kun oldin
  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

    Ethan WrinkleEthan Wrinkle7 kun oldin
  • He seems genuine but caught feelings with a walrus bruh...

    BIG ERNBIG ERN7 kun oldin
  • This dude is arrogant as f

    kristpuncherkristpuncher7 kun oldin
  • I'm mad. We need to go to marine land and free this walrus from prison!!!

    StarspriteStarsprite7 kun oldin
  • 10:03 Strange for this guy (former employee of Marineland) to say this about former employees of Marineland. This guy gives me massive ego vibes, like he wouldnt be doing all of this if he wasn't the face of the movement and being the one getting to go on Joe Rogan to shed a tear

    Jonty RosenowJonty Rosenow8 kun oldin
  • I don't blame the police for coming and talking this guy. I'm not sure if it was the walrus or the guy that imprinted because he's got that obsessed ex-boyfriend look. Here's some unpleasant information that 15 25% of guys are cuckold which means it might not be your walrus child you might be raising someone else's mochi

    Connor CConnor C8 kun oldin
  • So this is basically like Twilight but with walruses...... Not vampires?

    Connor CConnor C8 kun oldin
  • Great work saving marine animals in captivity folks! Lets just extend this compassion to all other animals and we are on to a winner!

    The Vegan MooncatThe Vegan Mooncat8 kun oldin
  • freak-show!!!

    scrambledwitscrambledwit8 kun oldin
  • This is the very same reason a person can go to africa rescue one chimp and end up staying and rescuing chimps for the rest of their lives, the relationships and understanding you can have with animals you just can't get with people, or atleast it feels so different because they need a parent with a child, only everyone has children, hardly anyone is saving chimps and walruses.

    Josh The MediocreJosh The Mediocre8 kun oldin
  • Smooshi is a figment of this dudes imagination.

    A KA K8 kun oldin
  • Joe: so what was the second time the police came to your home Phil: she was pregnant but there were no male walruses

    Francos FarmsFrancos Farms8 kun oldin
  • I rented the documentary.. I love the cause. Bad documentary tho.

    ayy_Dren Perezayy_Dren Perez8 kun oldin
  • yo, rt where tf is smooshi?

    Perry PlaysPerry Plays8 kun oldin
  • The ol’ Falling in love with a walrus story never gets old 😢

    Johnny GutierrezJohnny Gutierrez8 kun oldin
    • Like the story of how my parents met

      Watching live-pd HighWatching live-pd High3 kun oldin
    • You’re right, it’s fucking stupid. A grown ass man obsessing over a walrus lmao. This dude is so self righteous and it’s pretty weird to see how he always compares acts of endeavor to things that he has apparently done.

      RB KempRB Kemp7 kun oldin
  • #wherethefuckissmooshi

    ewolyewoly8 kun oldin
  • Had to turn this off when he started to doubt that his daughter walrus got pregnant. She thinks of me everyday...

    jchristsujchristsu8 kun oldin
  • This dudes fuckin nuts holy shit

    BillehTheKid _BillehTheKid _8 kun oldin
  • Ok so this guy is being over dramatic, which makes me think he is faking it to hide the fact he was part of the abuse. Also if anyone starts questioning my reasoning, he is probably being sued by the people because he did something horrible and they don't want to be associated with his abuse towards the animals. I mean come on, BlackFish pretty much leveled the field here hello! That came out years before this flake, all zoos and aquariums are terrible. To say he was shocked come on. Second no one who works for those places are even remotely certified in any capacity as animal biologists. Marine biologists. He probably barely has a high school diploma. He's just mad they fired him for trying to bang a walrus and now is coming out with this crap. Also when a wild animal imprints itself on a human that is very bad. He should know better. Just cause you like chimps doesn't make you it's mommy or daddy. Doesn't qualify you to raise it or take care of it properly in nature. And yes everyone doing the Tusk jokes lol yeah he probably is.

    Nemo mortisNemo mortis8 kun oldin
  • damn where all joes friends been lately

    Matthew HauserMatthew Hauser8 kun oldin
  • I wonder why this isn't made into a movie from Disney....🤭

    alan 777alan 7778 kun oldin
  • Yo, one time I lost my Megatron action figure at the park when I was like 6. That dude thinks about me everyday too bro.

    Chris HoutermanChris Houterman8 kun oldin
  • Weird how joe got emotional about a mother being killed in front of her baby Oh he must only have those feeling for marine life /// HYPOCRITE

  • I’m crying laughing, my husband is staring at me like a freak thinking I have ODd on my anti depressant. husband: what are you laughing at me: a walrus named smushee,

    HartleymollyHartleymolly9 kun oldin
  • Hey ummm Phil what's happens to walrus when their moms are killed in the wild. Sorry bro but I think you are projecting your issues on a dumb walrus. I don't believe that wild animals should be put in zoos. But you talking to a guy that's a hunter. Who probably the whole time was thinking how big of a freezer he would need for a walrus and what it taste like. I could see joe drooling.

    Francos FarmsFrancos Farms9 kun oldin
  • This guy is talking about a walrus right ?

    Francos FarmsFrancos Farms9 kun oldin
  • I went LIVE TODAY at a BLM PEACEFUL PROTEST. Lol nothing on the news about it. How do i get Joe to see this??

    Chett SteddmanChett Steddman9 kun oldin
  • This is so sad. Poor smooshie. Taken from her mom and family TWICE. This captivity has to stop worldwide. It’s too destructive.

    Mason ParisMason Paris9 kun oldin
  • “Where the fuck is Smushy” lol

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano9 kun oldin
  • I'm a hunter and I agree (mostly) that zoos and places like marineland are not great. I'm not a fan of keeping wild animals on captivity. When I moved to the city I remember feeling bad for the big dogs people keep in their tiny apartments.

    James CrockettJames Crockett9 kun oldin
  • Make a movie about this. Have Ryan Reynolds play him. It’ll win an Oscar and spread more light on this.

    Taj PetersonTaj Peterson9 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was fucking that walrus.

    Joe Bidens ConscienceJoe Bidens Conscience9 kun oldin
    • remember he said she was pregnant and there were no male walruses in marineland

      Francos FarmsFrancos Farms8 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire9 kun oldin
  • Not best person to sit down and listen to a story from lol

    Bret EverhartBret Everhart9 kun oldin
  • manipulating her with what chocolate and flowers lmao,I mean fish and shrimp lol

    peace keeperpeace keeper10 kun oldin
  • Please everyone follow Phil on Instagram or twitter. We have to increase his platform to help spread awareness for these animals!

    NateNate10 kun oldin
  • Wonder what is the brand of shirts he is wearing thats the second one with the devil horn hand symbol

    Doctor SmythDoctor Smyth10 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who sees Bryan callen looking at this guy in this episode?

    mathew baldemathew balde10 kun oldin
  • Joe sold out... sad day.

    theIllitistPROtheIllitistPRO10 kun oldin
  • I live right by marineland. Its a sad place

    LUV. jpg MusicLUV. jpg Music10 kun oldin
  • 20 bucks this guy has fucked at least one walrus in his life.

    Stephen HillStephen Hill10 kun oldin
  • This guy is on meth or Adderall

    God Is goodGod Is good10 kun oldin
  • Donate to this guy. What a good human!

    bmawbmaw10 kun oldin
  • My bday is also March 21st, I'd be heartbroken if I lost access to my fac critters on my bday, but, then again, I've had only very FEW bdays that weren't entirely tragic & w/o dysfunction, upset, heartbreak, etc. I'm so sorry for your loss & for the harm inflicted upon poor Shmooshie throughout her sad, brutal, neglected life!!

    Laura LeaLaura Lea10 kun oldin
  • Dude I dont know what it is I totally agree with this guys view and I loved the documentary and agree they need to stop this animal imprisonment all across the globe but this guy is really unlikeable, I cant tell what it is he just seems really strange and like he has a different secret agenda or something, maybe its just me but something doesn't feel right with him.

    craig keoghcraig keogh10 kun oldin
  • Where the fk is smoothie

    Julie.An. NalleyJulie.An. Nalley10 kun oldin
  • how many times you going to say spotify is free? we know it sux tell them to fix the video format, and add comments and ill go

    Weird FilesWeird Files10 kun oldin
  • Hi Jamie, I don't know how else to contact you, but it would be very cool to see Vitalik Buterin on the show. He is the creator of Ethereum and an extremely intelligent guy. Check out his interview with Lex Fridman

    ajcut 5ajcut 510 kun oldin
  • I AM THE WALRUS!!!!!!

    Alain MontoyaAlain Montoya10 kun oldin
  • When he’s older he will be the villain in the movie Tusk. Kevin Smith where are you!?

    Rmasters08Rmasters0810 kun oldin
  • I wonder what it would be like to be a zookeeper and then get put in jail your first time

    Cody HoldenCody Holden10 kun oldin
  • waste of time

    Delusion_SamaDelusion_Sama10 kun oldin
  • So stoked for this episode ❤️ keep fighting the good fight

    BeckyBnycBeckyBnyc10 kun oldin
  • We should all pester marine land in every way possible for this walrus, and to do the right thing.

    To SamsTo Sams11 kun oldin
  • Super douch

    Dustin hDustin h11 kun oldin
  • This guys annoying as fuck. I hate people that try to stretch out the story and beat around the bush. Get to the point

    Dustin hDustin h11 kun oldin
  • This guy looks so distressed. He clearly loves these animals. Poor man and poor Smooshi :(

    Taytay QueenTaytay Queen11 kun oldin
  • This guy must be super empathetic. Bless him

    UnholyspiritUnholyspirit11 kun oldin
  • Legand 😎

    Jamie JonesJamie Jones11 kun oldin
  • Bro im on acid and im like no way is this the 1st time I seen this lol

    mical2greatmical2great11 kun oldin
  • Is this guy a narcissist? Every answer every topic revolves or comes back to him. I'm out!

    moosic2imoosic2i11 kun oldin
    • He's heart broken... "She thinks about me everyday, I know she does." It's not about him, he's truly hurt because he wants her to know that he's ok.

      DammitJoeBanditDammitJoeBandit7 kun oldin
    • @RB Kemp yes. I do not see how a truly selfish person can waste their life over a job they left years ago, especially if its for a good cause like this guy did.

      Chris HarrisChris Harris7 kun oldin
    • I agree

      Rupert PupkinRupert Pupkin7 kun oldin
    • @Chris Harris have you actually listened to him for longer than 10 minutes?

      RB KempRB Kemp7 kun oldin
    • How could he possibly be a narcissist but continue to fight an 8 plus year battle. Wasting hundreds, thousands of hours on these lawsuits. Countless thousands of dollars.

      Chris HarrisChris Harris8 kun oldin
  • Did this man have intercourse with smooshie????

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family11 kun oldin
  • Write ur Marineland review on Google. Justice for Smooshi. Also, that picture of the seal from a They drugging these animals for suree

    RIP RooraRIP Roora11 kun oldin
  • Joe: I have a whole freezer full of walrus...I can send you home with some.

    itzybitzyspyder tvitzybitzyspyder tv11 kun oldin
    • Bravo

      smashtoadsmashtoad2 kun oldin
    • hahaha

      axemurderer010axemurderer0108 kun oldin
  • He clearly still loves Smooshie. The name of the documentary is "Tusk".

    itzybitzyspyder tvitzybitzyspyder tv11 kun oldin
  • Where the fuck is smooshie.

    Andrew HallidayAndrew Halliday11 kun oldin
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    Naveen KumarNaveen Kumar11 kun oldin